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Adult education for coastal residents.

Adult Education is the process of learning that organized, structured, and in any form
of the learning itself. Include formal, non formal or informal methods of education. Adult
education is also known as Andragogy, which is the art and science for helping adults learns.
There are several principles of adult learning process, and identified as; firstly, adult are more
motivated and self-directed. Adults are more often resist when others intervention their
information and ideas. Second principle; adults are like to bring their experiences and
knowledge, and they applied it into the learning process. Thirdly, adults are goal oriented
person, adults are often to involved in the learning if they know the benefit from the
experiences. For the fourth principle is; adults are relevancy oriented, which is they often
want to know achievement when they learn. The fifth principle is; adults are practical, adults
want something that involved in real situation, and they can apply it into their life experiences
and works. The last principle is adult learners like to be respected, they are likely take the
interest, and also recognizing them as a colleague.

There are three types of learning process, firstly, formal education. Formal education
is the structured, have curriculum, learning process. This type are mostly suitable for the
children. Second type is Non-Formal Education, this type also have structured but, it is more
flexible, this education, are commonly organized by some organisation. The last type was
informal education, this type of education process, is something that we learn from our
experiences, and also our observations through our lives.

For coastal Residents, the non formal education are more suitable for them, especially
for the adults. This is because, in some particular coastal community, they have their own
culture, and rules. Any intervention from other organisation that no meet their needs, always
got to be resisted. Adults and elders from some community are mostly have the best
experiences on their lives. And they actually need to gain their knowledge, in order to faced
modern world. So, if we want to introduce something new, we need to learn the culture first.

For the coastal community itself, to give the elders and adult new information, idea
and technology, certain activity can be done, such as seminar, and also talks for the villagers,
they can involve in activity, and easily to accept new idea with this method. As a conclusion,
non-formal education are more suitable for the adults in the coastal residents.