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You have purchased not just a Master Course on construction claims but also
Pure Construction Claims Knowledge i.e. a means to enhance to your career in
the construction industry. Professionals operating in the construction and real
estate industry come across construction claims quite often. Therefore, it is
imperative that that knowledge is gained about how to deal with claims.
Construction claims consultants require specialist knowledge and universities do
not impart the requisite education. Furthermore, most construction claims
seminars (apart from mine!) only impart a theoretical knowledge of claims
which cannot be utilized on construction projects on a practical basis.
The Master Course on Construction Claims is designed to give optimum
theoretical and, more importantly, maximum practical knowledge. The majority
of this Master Course consists of Workshops, case studies and practical
assignments which revolve around the analysis of real world claims scenarios.
Now, I will be honest and say that this Master Course is not a Magic Bullet in
that it will not make you a specialist on claims. This will take a bit of time and can
only be achieved by working on site and on various types of construction projects.
However, I can promise you that this Master Course will put well on the path to
becoming a claims specialist and, armed with the knowledge gained from this
Master Course, you will be able to confidently prepare, defend, analyze and
manage construction claims to a reasonable level.
So, without further ado, lets get started!

You need to be connected to the Internet to view


the video tutorials.


The attached Zipped file should be copied to your PC/Mac and

extracted by using an unzipping software called Winrar. Winrar can be
downloaded from here:


After unzipping, you should see several folders; these folders are
called Modules and the Master Course is split into several Modules.
Please start the course at Module 1 and progress in a chronological order.
Please refer to the figure below:

Each Module folder will have an Adobe PDF file which will serve as


the Master Course Tutorial Document. Please start each module opening
this PDF file and this document will guide you through the video tutorials
and Master Workshops. For example, the Master Course Tutorial
Document from Module 1 is shown below :

The Master course Tutorial Document will have links to video


tutorials that are hosted on YouTube. So, you need to be connected to the
Internet to view the tutorials.

Finally, most Modules will have a workshop(s) and these are


included as MS Excel files. These workshops are also discussed in the video
tutorials (except for the Workshop assignments) and should be solved
accordingly. A solution is also included for you to check your answers. See

Double Click The Workshop Folder To See the MS Excel Files

Contents Of Workshop Folder

I really hope you enjoy this Master Course and I have no doubt that this course
will result in a significant and positive impact to your career. If you have any
queries, please send an email to and we will
endeavor to respond as soon as possible.

N.M. Raj is based in Europe and is the Principal Consultant and Managing Partner
of Prime Consulting Construction Claims and Contracts Consultants. He has over
20 years of commercial/claims management experience in the construction
industry and specialises in construction claims, FIDIC (and other major forms of
contracts) and commercial/contracts management.

Raj holds dual qualifications in Engineering and Law; He has a bachelors degree in
civil engineering and also received legal training in arbitration, contract law, law
of Tort and law of evidence from the University of Reading (UK). He is a member
(MCIArb) of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators (UK) and a registered member
of FIDIC. Raj has also held memberships with the Royal Institution of Chartered
Surveyors (UK), the Chartered Institute of Building (UK), the Association for the
Advancement of Cost Engineering (US) and the Association for Project
Management (UK).

Raj has worked or consulted on several iconic projects in Europe, Russia/CIS, Asia,
Africa, the Middle East and the Far East. The major projects he is or has been
involved with include the Burj Khalifa (the tallest building in the world, in the
UAE), Zlote Tarasy (One of the largest multi-purpose shopping malls in Europe),

Limerick Tunnel PPP scheme (Ireland), the landmark Gazprom tower project
(Russia), Media City - Egypt (One of the largest information and media complexes
in the world), the massive A1 Highway Project (Poland) and various other iconic
projects around the world.

Raj has presented several seminars on claims, is the author of various articles, and
regularly provides advice to developers, consultants and construction companies
around the world.

Copyright by N.M. Raj, 2013. All rights reserved.

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Please note that the contents of this Master Course are for general information
only and the same should not be substituted for professional advice. The author
assumes no responsibility or liability whatsoever on behalf of any purchaser or
reader of this Master Course. Any perceived slights to specific people or
organisations are unintentional.