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Brandy Ashland

5030 W. 132nd Street

Hawthorne, CA 90250
Hm. Phone #(310)675-0807
Cell Phone # (562)824.0344
E-Mail Address:

Educational History:

Hawthorne High School: 1988 – 1992 El Camino Junior College: 1992 – 1994
College Prep Courses Music Major

Employment History: 1
Jacobs Field Services North America Inc 07/2007 – 2/18/2010
18020 Broadway t
Carson, CA 90248
(310) 538.1822 Supervisor: Fred Weisinger

Position: Field Office Manager

Representative assignments include:

• BP Carson

Special Fields of Knowledge:

Administrative Supervisor:

 Office Manager, BP/Jacobs Smartbuy Alliance, BP Carson Business Unit, Carson,

I am currently the Field Office Manger, coordinating all moves to and from the site
including the mobilization and demobilization of trailers, phones, computers, etc. I
manage the administrative staff on site. I am also responsible for coordinating all
logistic issues including parking, badging and other security issues. I am also
responsible for the Site Monthly, Weekly and Subcontractor reports. I have an active
role in the Jacobs safety committee. I continue to remain active in assisting in the
development of new policies and procedures within Jacobs and with the client as
Brandy Ashland
5030 W. 132nd Street
Hawthorne, CA 90250
Hm. Phone #(310)675-0807
Cell Phone # (562)824.0344
E-Mail Address:

Employment History: 2

Southwest Administrators Inc. 12/18/1995 through Current

1000 So Fremont Ave. Bldg. A-9 West
Alhambra, CA 91803-4737
(626)299-5862 Supervisor: Nancy

Starting Position: File Clerk Current Position: Assistant Supervisor

Position Details:

Title: Assistant Supervisor Contract Review Department

Job Description: To assist in all areas of the department, to be able to troubleshoot,

and substitute at any position when needed. My soul purpose is to
contribute to a seamless and efficiently run department by
performing the following duties:

Job Summary:
1) Supervisory Duties:
a) Compose business correspondence
b) Oversee daily operations in the absence of the Supervisor
c) Communicate with other area offices to maintain Employer Pension
d) Oversee the completion and accuracy of Pension contract & Withdrawal
e) Offer suggestions and brain storm with Management in order to improve
work production
f) Handle special projects when necessary
g) Efficiently and expeditiously complete tasks to the position
h) Issue written and oral instructions and delegation of work assignments
i) Perform or assist staff in performing duties
j) Back up or substitute at various positions when needed.

2) Training of New Personnel: Responsible for training new employees, explaining

and giving direction on procedures of the department.
3) Contract Review: Initial review and distribution of new and renewing labor
Agreements in accordance with Western Conference of Teamsters
Pension policy.
Brandy Ashland
5030 W. 132nd Street
Hawthorne, CA 90250
Hm. Phone #(310)675-0807
Cell Phone # (562)824.0344
E-Mail Address:

4) New Accounts: Creation and billing of new accounts that wish to participate in the
Pension Plan.

5) Withdrawal Procedures: Collection and updating of information regarding

withdrawn accounts, ownership changes, etc.

6) Asset Sales: Sorting through the information when a transfer of ownership and labor
Agreement takes place. Getting the New parties to assume the current
Collective bargaining agreement currently in effect for the old owners.

7) Past Employment: Assessing the eligibility of participants in the plan for past service.
Calculating the years of service while uncovered. Informing the
Claims department of the form of past service employees are
eligible for, and following up ro be sure members employment
records are updated as instructed.

8) Reports: Daily, Weekly, Monthly, and Quarterly reports of productivity and

account status in the Plan.

9) Research: Collecting research of the historical collective bargaining agreements for

The Claims Department.

10) Delinquencies: Assisting the collection attorneys in the acquiring necessary

Information to take delinquent employers to court

11) Tech duties: Managing the upkeep of all office machines

a) Troubleshooting the PC’s for Accounting and Contract Review
Departments when possible.
b) Maintenance of the Xerox machines
c) Maintenance of printers and fax machines

Personal Assets:

I have over 15 years experience with the following: Microsoft Office, Work Perfect,
TRACS, TRACS2, Internet experience, Travel planning, Database management, Filing,
Record management, 10 key by touch, Typing 60 wpm, Multi-line phone experience,
Secretarial experience, Multi-tasking, and organizational skills, I am very detail oriented,
excellent writing skills, I am well spoken, able to manage, delegate, and work hands on
with others in a team setting. I am also currently a shop steward were I play the role of a
mediator in Labor / Management disputes. Most importantly I have common sense and
an outstanding work ethic.
Brandy Ashland
5030 W. 132nd Street
Hawthorne, CA 90250
Hm. Phone #(310)675-0807
Cell Phone # (562)824.0344
E-Mail Address:

Personal Statement:

It is my goal to offer my services to an employer that will challenge as well as appreciate

the skills and experience I can bring to the table. I am self motivated and willing to work
to make myself a vital part of any company. I have been employed at Southwest
Administrators for almost 12 years. In that time I have been promoted from a file clerk,
to a clerk typist, to an Assistant Supervisor in my first 5 years of employment without
ever applying for a promotion. Due to my willingness take the initiative to undertake
more responsibilities and my ability to learn quickly and retain multiple policy and
procedure changes for the Benefit Plan. In a job market where common sense is to often
over looked for degrees, I believe I offer a package of intelligence, common sense, and
work ethic, which can only come from real world experience.

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