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Kiss Army Argentina interview with Bruce Kulick:

I was very excited to find these KKB tapes

Bruce Kulick talks about his new release Got to get back, the original
tapes and new recordings from his very first band called KKB.
Dont miss this great exclusive interview with Kiss Army Argentina.

Bruce Kulick with Kiss Army Argentina.

Kiss Army Argentina: We have recently received some good news regarding your career with the
relaunch of KKB, a former band of yours, with the addition of a new song called Got to get back.
Please tell us how this idea of showing the fans some of your earlier material occurred.


Bruce Kulick: I was very excited to find these KKB tapes. To able to remix them, and shine them up as
we say, and actually record a new song with guys from my early days of music was exciting. I am proud of
the results.
Kiss Army Argentina: Today, after 40 years of KKB, how do you feel when you listen to that early
stuff again? Besides, during all these years, did you keep in touch with your former bandmates?
Bruce Kulick: I really am proud of how well I was playing at 20 years old. I can hear my maturity of guitar
playing at that young age. I was in touch with Mike Katz the singer songwriter, as we would get together in
NYC, on my visits there. Guy moved to France years ago, so we didn't have as much contact.
Kiss Army Argentina: What are the most valuable memories that you have from those early KKB
days, with all the experience that you have now, and how did those experiences impact your
Bruce Kulick: I really just remember us rehearsing. And rehearsing, and rehearsing. We were dedicated.
Guy had a nice basement to jam in at his parents home. There was the usual 70's day-glo posters and
black lights on the walls!
Kiss Army Argentina: Will you be playing live some of the KKB songs soon in order to promote the
bands comeback? Will there be a special event?
Bruce Kulick: It is hard to commit to a show or event because of my GFR schedule. We have a very busy

Kiss Army Argentina: Do you think it will be

possible for the members of KKB to get
together to promote this relaunch, even if it is - 3 -for a short time?
Bruce Kulick: The promotion I am doing online and for interviews is really getting the word out on the
Kiss Army Argentina: What can you tell us about the original writing and recording process of
those songs that you are now editing again?
Bruce Kulick: Mike was very dedicated to creating complex songs, and was very clear in explaining the
parts to Guy and me. And since the songs are not very easy to play, we rehearsed a lot! We got a chance
to remixed and remaster them, with a high quality. I was so happy how well they were recorded. We added
a string quartet to "Someday" that will make you cry. Jeremy Rubolino who produced BK3, arranged them.
Kiss Army Argentina: Regarding your solo career, your latest album, BK3, was edited on 2010;
do you have any plans of working in a new album, considering the favorable reviews that BK
Bruce Kulick: I just recently offered BK3 in Vinyl! Visit my site,, to see about it. I am sad
that shipping to South America is always a problem with the postal service. If you have any solutions to
that, please let me know. I am working on songs for the next solo CD. I do want to move forward with new
BK music.
Kiss Army Argentina: Since you left KISS you have spent many years as a stable member of Grand
Funk Railroad, and you also had Union as well, and your solo albums. So the question is: have
you ever thought of forming your own solo band, with stable members, so that you could tour
playing both KISS and Union songs, like for instance, Ace Frehley does?
Bruce Kulick: Since Grand Funk is very healthy with work, and I enjoy the music and the guys so much, I
don't have that desire. I do love when I do quick trips to Australia or Mexico, or South America or Europe. I
will continue to do events around the world. But I have no desire to tour like Ace at this time.
Kiss Army Argentina: Going back to Union, many fans, obviously including us, still dream with the
bands comeback and with a new album as well, because we think the band still has a lot to offer;
besides, John Corabi proved with his participation in BK3, in No Friend of Mine (one of the
best songs of the album), that somehow, the bands feeling was still there. Considering that, do
you see any possibility of a bands comeback, or you do think that it is very unlikely?
Bruce Kulick: We all know there is chemistry in UNION. I am in touch with all the guys. Never say never.
Kiss Army Argentina: As we all know, you are close to Sebastian Gava, a great friend of KISS Army
Argentina, with whom you recorded part of his first solo album. You also visited Argentina to play
with him many times; in fact, for Sebastians second solo album (not edited yet) you have written a
song with him; it would be great to complete that with another visit to Argentina. Do you think it
would be possible?
Bruce Kulick: I would love to come back. I understand the economy is difficult in your country. Sebastian
is a dear friend and I do enjoy working with him.
Kiss Army Argentina: Bruce, once again, we thank you a lot for this new contact with KISS Army
Argentina, and we really hope to see you again soon in our country.
Bruce Kulick: Me too! I hope to come to Argentina sometime in the next few years! Allthebest,




Interview: Marcelo Garca and Diego Ferreyra (Kiss Army Argentina)

Translation: Mariana MIA Abello (Kiss Army Argentina)
June 2015