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1. Animals can be better companions than humans.

basic need of humans.

Good morning to Mr Chairperson and the time keeper, the

adjudicator, members of proposition team and fellow

Effective communication is important to preserve this

audience. As for today my partner and I from the opposition

To have effective communication it begins with

listening as its top requirement.

team, strictly object the motion

I will be talking about

and my partner will

In this case, humans are better in listening one



But, unfortunately for animals they might be listening

to us but they cannot understand it.

Animals cant really communicate in a proper way, they

cannot talk and give a proper respond as what humans

interaction among each other.

need. So basically humans will obtain no satisfaction in

telling the problems to animals. The problems that the
humans have will still be there and having animals as

Move to my first point to support that human are

Companionship may be the most basic of human


Empathy can allow one to sense the emotions of their


better companion than animal which is an effective

communication is needed in companionship.

Empathy also one of a communication skill that

human have.

Point :

Furthermore compare to animals, human have sense

of empathy and sympathy.

companions will not actually solve any of the humans


Thus, human creates a good communication and

It is the ability to mutually experience the thoughts,

emotions, and direct experience of others.

Having the sense of empathy leads to sympathy,

which is a feeling of care and understanding for the

but it should not be granted at the expense of

suffering of others.

The companion may feel the sympathy to both the

So the understanding of what others are feeling arise

because we have experienced it ourself and can put

Consider that a father who wants a boy in hope of

having as a son the athlete he had never been.

Suppose the son isnt interested in sport, what sorts

of expectations will burden a child?

For that reason, parents should not be permitted

ourself in their shoes.


freedom of choice in this regard, but instead

encouraged to love their child equally, regardless of

This makes humans be able in acknowledging another

person's emotional hardships and thus can provide

comfort and assurance to their companion.


unconditional love for ones children.

Children should not be loved because of who they are,
not because they are exactly what we wanted of

communicator and the message as it is transmitted in


Freedom of choice is an important principle generally,

Furthermore child abuse among the parents is a
problem that should not have to be stopped with
gender switching. This is because the only way to

Thus the absence of empathy involves a poor sense

choose or change the gender is to alter the pregnancy

of communication that needed in a companionship.


To conclude an effective communication is the essense

of companionship.

3. Parents should be able to choose the sex of their children


Due to this, regarding to the first point from thefor

team, parents should have freedom of choice.


This relate with my first point.

Pre-selecting the gender shouldn't be allowed since

process of changing the baby's gender might harm the

After all, some babies can get ill or harmed easily

since they are so young.

Humans would not want to have a disorder baby that

is mainly caused by the process in choosing the
babys gender.

Thus this contradicts with purpose of the pre-selection

of gender which is initially designed for the prevention
of disease.

In the view of many, the new technologies are not

morally different from abortion - in all cases a
potential life is taken.

These new technologies, changing the babys gender,

are likely to make selective abortion more common.

As if they are legalised they will appear to throwing

away a human life simply because the parents would
prefer a specific gender.

With that I firmly stand with my objection towards the

issues of parents should be able to choose the gender
of their child as this process could risk the babys life.

4. All nations have right to nuclear weapons


As for team stated all nations have the right to defend

themselves, but this does not extend to the

possession and use of nuclear weapons.

They have the potential to destroy all civilization and

the entire ecosystem of the planet.

International humanitarian law prohibits the use of
weapons that are incapable of distinguishing between

- The threat of nuclear weapons falling into the hands of

terrorists increases as more countries possess them.
- There are many dangerous dictators and tyrants, many of
who covet the possession of nuclear weapons not just for
the purpose of defence, but also for that of intimidating their
- Such leaders should not possess nuclear weapons, nor
should they ever be facilitated in their acquisition.

civilian objects and military targets.

Indeed, the use of nuclear weapons could well

- Furthermore, the risk of nuclear weapons, or at least

constitute a war crime or a crime against humanity.

Just as biological and chemical weapons are banned

increases substantially when there are more of them and

weapons-grade material, falling into the hands of terrorists

by international treaty, so too the international

larger numbers of countries possess them.

community generally acknowledges the dangers of

- Additionally, many countries in the developing world lack

nuclear proliferation, which is why so many treaties

the capacity to safely secure weapons if they owned them,

are dedicated to non-proliferation.

Nuclear weapons cannot lawfully be employed or

due to lack of technology, national instability, and

deployed and there is a legal obligation to negotiate in

good faith for, and ensure, their elimination.
- Move to my first point to object the motion of the day. The
nuclear weapons might be missuse.

government corruption.
- As I said earlier, the nuclear weapons have the potential to
destroy all civilization and the entire ecosystem of the
- So, when those of dangrous weapons fall into the hand of
unresponsible people, millions of human lives are at risk and
lead to other serious problems.

- Thus, recognizing the rights of these countries to hold

nuclear weapons vastly increases the risk of their loss or

6. Ban the use of animals as objects of sports and


Regarding to the first point from the proposition team.

The proposition is right to draw attention to issues of

animal welfare but they do not need to take such an

to focus on is the zoo.


We should note that those animals are well care by their


For example, anyone who works in horse -racing will tell

enough healthy foods.


protected from habitat loss, starvation and predators.


give protection to the animals, we can ethically do

majority of cases, these animals enjoy racing and enjoy

Thus the statement using animals as objects of sports

keep the animals in the zoos.


The better enforcement of laws regarding to the

animal welfare can prevent the animals from being

The use of animals in sport and entertainment
benefits the animals itself.

The use of animals in sports is also acceptable as

long as the animals welfare is conserved.

and entertainment might hurt them is unreliable.

So, if keeping animals in zoos serves any educational

or entertainment purposes and at the same time also

Most of the animal trainers also claim that in the


Furthermore, zoos save endangered species by

bringing them into a safe environment, where they are

are healthy and happy, or else they will not perform well.
The horses are treated like kings. Get top care, feed with

This exposure and education motivates people to

protect the animals.

you that it is in their interest to ensure that the animals

People enjoy seeing the animals and learning more

about them.


By bringing people and animals together, zoos

educate the public and foster an appreciation of the

extremist approach.

One of animal-based entertainment which i am going

Entertainment can mean many things.

abused by their trainers.

Logically the animal trainer will not hurt the animal or

The animals are being feed with nutritious foods,

do anything that can harm the animal as it does not

having a good health care and being in a safer

give any benefits to them.


If they do so the animals will not perform well in the

To conclude, the use of animals in sports and


entertainment is not only for humans benefits but the

Instead the animal trainer takes a good care of them.

animals also get benefited from it as the animals can

have a better life.