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cost savings with

and Secugrid

Cost comparison
How cost effective the use of Secugrid reinforcement can

reinforcements. Many successfully installed applications

be compared to a conventional method is proven by the

show that the use of Secugrid geogrids under roads is a

following cost analysis. The comparison was carried out

real alternative to expensive conventional solutions by

on a standard road design with an asphaltic overlay over

means of soil excavation and placement of expensive

crushed gravel material in road constructions.

Fig. 1
Base course
with Secugrid

Road pavement
Secugrid base course reinforcement

Secugrid is a geogrid made of flat
extruded monolithic bars with welded
junctions. It is used for soil reinforce-

Drainage pipe

filter nonwoven


a soft subsoil with an insufficient CBR value. The tender

ment in earth works, road constructions,

segmented wall constructions, landfill and
hydraulic engineering.

Fig. 4

considered the construction of a site access road which

Fig. 2
Summary (in Euro)
of tender for considered solutions

was then turned into a classified road with an asphalt

Combigrid is a combined product of Secugrid and a

overlay (total road length 1,000m; width 9.50m). The

needle-punched Secutex nonwoven geo-

conventional method considered a soil replacement with

textile. This multi-tasking product fulfills three functions at once: separation,

Fig. 5

filtration and reinforcement.

Reference: Temporary Road in Espelkamp, Germany
A temporary roadway had to be built over a length of
1km over a soft soil with a CBR 3%. The design asked for
a CBR on the top level of the road of CBR 24%. The first
approach therefore requested a minimum of 700mm of
crushed material 0/80mm to allow this value. An alternative solution from the awarded contractor suggested
Fig. 3
Combigrid as soil
reinforcement and
separation layer for
the bus terminal
Melle, Germany

crushed gravel material, whereas the alternative method

a Combigrid geogrid

recommended the use of a Secugrid reinforcement to

and only 450mm of fill

reduce the use of crushed gravel material. The Secugrid

material, based on the

reinforcement alternative was calculated with a cost

NAUE calculation dia-

saving of 100,000 Euro compared to

gram and saved the

the conventional method, and this

owner roughly 10,000

with at least the same performance.

Euros just on the fill

The fast installation process of the


geogrids and the reduced costs

for the soil replacement material


were the main cost savings. The

For more information about our Secugrid and Combi-

cost comparison allows a clear

grid reinforcing products "4D - Four Dimensions" please

statement for the use of Secugrid

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Fig. 6
Combigrid over
very weak soft
soil (Espelkamp,