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‘TABLE OF CONTENTS, Page | of 61 AcesPIR: Gre; ACELENCUN ‘AGEULICUND: AGFUP, ACGCCGRI filey/C)\My Documents\cesa SSRILESSSARESE, TABLE OF CONTENTS AUTOMATIC CALL oISTRIBUTION, 2 ABBREVIATED DIALLING. x ae IALARI FUNCTIONS. 2 AGOUNT Cone, : ta ea : Se nc as Sa roa ciao cco Beene Belobo Beas sa Heer Oe NO DATA FUNCTIONS. INTERCEPTION SERVICE: ISDN TERMINAL REY SYSTEM FUNCTIONS. TTOADING ADMINISTRATION FUNEVIONS: LEAST COST ROUTING. EASY cost Routh ie F BAY. Unt sivitcH FUNCTIONS. Wwovem GROUP Netiony Hanoi Fie NUMBER ANALYSIS. Nae IDENTITY Stare seitwermaneny cone cio START FUNCTION SIGNAL Gener ATOR Sypoite Siena waifes ‘SIGNAL TRAGE FUNETIONS. Voice conpaession, par VoIce Mal Func ons PROGRAMMING FROM PABX OPERATOR a 2% AC AUTOMATIC CALL DISTRIBUTION (CURRENT STATUS PRINT. FUNCTION END FUNCTION INITIATE, FUNCTION DATA PRINT GROUP CATEGORY CHANGE GROUP CATEGORY PRINT ‘GROUP MEMBER CHANGE (GROUP MEMBER END ‘GROUP MEMBER INITIATE GROUP MEMBER PRINT GROUP INTIATE GROUP END. PARAMETER CHANGE PARAMETER PRINT 1ENK_BC92.HTM 26009903, ‘TABLE OF CONTENTS ACONUM 44 ACDVAL acto abe ctr OSo0 cust ist on. co-s9000 GRP 0-89000, reuINo 0-15 iw 8 PRI abe oc a 5 gue ‘abedetohi Se abece » : ee serv abe » ‘ ‘sort a TRAE 045 DIR 0-99099 00:98000 laoTyP. 2 ‘ Li 1-124 FRA 126 Page 2 0f61 [ACD parameter number ACD parameter value 0 individual selocton . 1 toad selection ‘average conversation ta Constant (10-300 time in seconds) Clerical time in seconde tustomer number for ACD group rectory numberof group member ‘rectory number of ACD grou Information computer uni individual tivenumber a2 incividual quevelselecton priority forthe member GRP the common quevelselecion prionty defined for tho ACD group “queue nlcator channel 3" inaivdual number 48 Indicator incivcual queue handing Selection category typo of searching O sequential searching 4 Searching according to fee .e.the incvidual who has been free longest ume is tobe selected frst handing of internal calle, 0 intemal cals towards the group shall NOT be queued 4 internal calls towards the group shall be queued vortow category, 8 overfow i pormitios 4 overiow is NOT permited when there are NO avaliable members 2 overfow is NOT permitted when the queue is fll 53 overfow is NOT permiled ternal overfow low me (06-83 max number of simultaneous cals an external destination ‘service ealagory rect indialing afc Othe ACD-greup number is blocked for direct ncialing traffic 1, the ACD-group number Is open for drect indaling trac, characterises for DID Swiss MC 0 ‘the A-subserber will be charged and NO A-numiber information is requested 1, the A-subseribor wil NOT be charged for the call t answer 2 the A-numberiformaton is requested tobe displayed atthe B-parly music on wat 1'NO musie-on-wait shall be provided 41 musto-on-wait shall be proved 2 music-on-wait shall be provided only i recorded announcement has been provided (NOT applicable Yor extendad or transferred call CTigroup 0 The ACD group is NOT classified as a CTI group 1 The ACD group is classified as C7! group sorting method humeral order 1 Inlistos order traffic category AD ABBREVIATED DIALLING COMMON NUMBER DATA PRINT COMMON NUMBER END ‘COMMON NUMBER INITIATE INDIVIDUAL DATA PRINT INDIVIDUAL NUMBER END INDIVIDUAL NUMBER INITIATE, INDIVIDUAL POSSESSORS PRINT Call number for a common abbreviated number Call rumber for an individual abereviated number Class fo common abbreviated number 10.NO printout ofthe counter value 4 Prmauto tho counter value, 2 Printout and reset ofthe counter value Directory number for PABX operator Djroctory number for extension ‘Type of individual abbrevated number NN" Normal number AU Autmonzation code 20 Account code RA Regional authorization code Une number Gharactors 0-9,A-E A represents * B represents # hhormal PTS. tme-out occurs the sending of digits are continued ‘uth the same typeof register signaling as before timeout D PTS followad by DTMF sending of agi. Iftme-out cours the sending of cigs are continued wit DTM roaster signaling : E PTS followed by BTM sending of digits, I ime-aut occurs 'NO more digits willbe sent and the tunk ine is disconnected fileiC:\My Doeuments\cesar2\ENK_BC92,HTM 260903, TABLE OF CONTENTS Page 3 of 61 AL ALARM FUNCTIONS AUDIBLE INPUT INITIATE ‘AUDIBLE OUTPUT INITIATE AUTOMATIC PRINTOUT END. ‘AUTOMATIC PRINTOUT INITIATE CLASS PRINT DATA REMOVE OATASET DISTRIBUTION PRINT EXTERNAL INPUT END EXTERNAL INPUT INITIATE EXTERNAL OUTPUT END EXTERNAL OUTPUT INITIATE. EXTERNAL PRINT FAULT CODE PRINT HEART BEAT END J INT= FOATE=; HEART BEAT INITIATE INDICATION OUTPUT INTIATE ALIRK: INDICATION OUTPUT RECEIPT INTIATE ALLPLALLcLAe USTPRINT ALLOPL{CLARI,GRP=]}; Lo PRINT {iSo0e : t ALREW ALP) RECEIPT INTIATE four ALSILEPO: ‘SERVICEMAN INPUT INTATE ALULP: UPPER LIMIT PRINT ALULS.cLA=NOF=; UPPER LIMIT SET au 116 alarm board input dlicre = at ‘alarm board input group AUcA Yes {Sorimout bath acto ad systm acknowledged alarms Ato 3 sam board output ae ‘25s, larm positon Pos shes board postion 2 1524 Et namber 5 0.3 MAGAZINE number 2 7 (Boare poston é oa) cua oa ‘arm class number Eobe Taul code Sate YXYY-MM.OD Starting date or heart beat FOATE mooaet >? te mat SDNY day month year MMODYY moth day Year YYNIMOD Year monty aa FLe 134 fie name (aenumens characters) FORMAT ASCH ——_alarmmessage formal RP abe glorm group SES ‘operating and maintenance alarms [ACS cio communication alarms BGS data communication alarms EXT extemal alan 15-1440 ‘interval between hoert beats a ‘ently of 10 port (alphanumeric characters) 24 Uittnumber 1254 umber of faults es tecoptflename ‘alarm class number after system receipt is text information abed ‘starng me for heart beat (HH-MM) AQ ACCOUNT CODE AQCOE-ACO: ACCOUNT CODE END AOCOLACO™ ACCOUNT CODE INITIATE AOCOPACOS ‘ACCOUNT CODE PRINT Aco. 145 ‘account code (1-15 dit) AS APPLICATION SYSTEM PARAMETERS, PARAMETERS CHANGE PARAMETERS PRINT SEC DEF, —_ EXPLANATION Es 0 femal cals for extension internal calle 4 extemal eas <> intornal cals 2 external ells pubic <> external calls private network 2 oseres 1 30” time belore recall to PABX operator fom © parked pay file/C:\My Documents\cesae2\ENK_BC92.HTM 26/0905, ‘TABLE OF CONTENTS, 2 0.32768 36 8 answering Hering 4a 45 6 ar FileiC:\My Documents\eesar2\ENK_BC92,HTM 1 32768 032768 032768 032788 04 032768 032768 032768 032768 032768 ‘0-100 30-100 1610000 ‘50.8000 25.258 is oa oa oa oa os 30-180 on 1.255 10 +1800 1 30 0 120 6 “3 120 Page of 61 max time for PABX. operator to answer a recall 2 supervised party who has become foe ‘max time for call waiting inated from a dracti-daling route ‘max time for eall wating nitated from an extension max rng time for daliig:n cl to extension max rng time fr intornal cll toa voice extension Finging sig for diversion on NO answar ("ring signals sent fo divertee positon only 4 ting signals sent to dvertes position and tothe frst addresses recall'e OPI fom a call extended to 3 busy extension Feeall1o OPI from a call extended o fee extension ‘max parking Ume fr cal parked by extension max me Before anewer ona recall due Io unauthorised transfer belore answer ‘max caling time on call extending before answer time before a eal in te common operator quoue is indicated by afashing common queue counter on a PABX. alphanumenc “operator console botore calls in te individual OPI-quaue are delayed {ime before OP! is off duty by automatic cal acceptance time before OP! is of duty by call unanswered lime befora cal to OPI is incieated by continuous tone uff igtebooking a call ack Sfx cigitanswering cals by individual call pick-up Suitx igtcinaioatng call wating Sufx dgtintatng conference. Suffx igtentiatng inusion Suffx igtcntatng paging Gigi for etum to orignal party after inquiry all waling characterise fr Munk line eieoming external trafic O'iniusion and reception of call waiting lone NOT permed 1 intrusion and recoption of eal wating tone permite time before automat cal-back to extension fs cancelled time before automatic cal-back to rue s canceled ‘max time before answer to automatic callback {ype of ene mossago to th caling pty flere PABK operator has ctended a call to a busy extension 1'NO tone messages s be sen tothe caling party 4 ang tone t be sent othe calling party max queue time to OP, internal group number and common bell {one message before diversion oh NO answer ONO tone message Is tobe gonorated {alone mossage i lo be goneretad PABX operator eal extending by means of oop Keys or parking buttons on the alphanumeric or symbole consoles, respactvely 0 OP lis NOT alowed to extend cals by means of tha logp eys/parking buttons + OP is alowae fo extend cals by means ofthe loop Keys/parking butions. ‘automaticmanval ecal ofthe PABX operar after parking an ‘externa eal 0 the PABX operators NOT recalled automatically 4 the PABX operalor Is recalled aulomateally {psi oman extension ana party who hs a call wating Intusion from an extension ona party who hae call waitng for him is NOT allowed 1 intrusion fom an extension on a party who has a call waiting forhim is alowed. Intrusion rom an extension or @ PABX operator on a party wth an ‘external eal © niusion from an extension or an OPI ona party with an ‘external calls NOT allowed 1 nisin fom an extension or an OPl on a party wit an ‘ternal call is alowed time before a direct dang in calls rerouted on NO reply ‘max timo where extension is busy after conversion {ime betore OF is recalled an NO reply, when a Ts extended toa poged extension before reply ‘max time during which OP! can Keep an extension in reserved tats ‘ax oaling time fo wunk before B-parly answers ‘ime before feel to OP an superviced extended call checking of traffic group category of the answering party on call pick-up 0'NO checking of Pathe group category ofthe ary on cal pou 1. checking of trafic group category ofthe party on call pick-up ‘ecoutingirecal on NO reply en's cal toa public or private extemal ine 0°NO reroutingirecall on ‘NO reply on a cal o'a pubis orprvate tunk ine 4 on NO ropiy‘on a call fom a private unk 2 onNO rept on a call fem public unk 5 en NO reply on a call both fo a private or public tunk ‘iso intorval in which "message walling Is tbe repeated ype of signaling towards voice mal machine 0 Continuous signaling 4 decontinuous signaling ‘max ringing bme for Internal call toa data extension 260903 TABLE OF CONTENTS: ge gas 28 55 a 6 a a 6 m n m 15 6 7 nm rm 20 a 83 4 85 88 4.255 28 255 oa768 on oa on oa oa 02768 0.32768 o-2768 015) oa on oa oa on os oa oa oa oa on 1 1 1 Page $ of 61 18 maxweithme before data transfer on extemal tun cal 4° duration time of sending expensive route warning tone 420 nar supersen te of &anewer whan cling Won daa exension extemal ine 0 “time before rerouting on direcin-aing call © paging equipment 1 calltachg on malisous intemal calls possible S*matcous cal focing NOT po 4 malicious call tracing possible 9 ies whch sett waramsion rameters ELU-Bond shall nave 1 poof rotary dal telephones: O'memational (1233.0) 1 Oso (987.10) 2 Srogan (02.89) ‘ufc dig for ordering camp on uff dai for activation of post cating pt forced rteaso of th tra part ar an neusion call 0" OPiis NOT alowed to xceut scannecton of he thd party 1 OPlis alowed to execute dsconnocton of be third ary 90 _timptoran entonsion fo be resorved ater going ontook when Apart er 8-paty release apoles © Chaiee of date format’ on the DTS cspiay o"bonwmcovy ‘| MMOD Gavy © Conte of misrephone mute key bulton for PABX operator console O° mulingprvacy whiskey is Reldn depressed postion 4 mutingiprwscy i ogg with each sequent pressing of key 1 goat dey seni sve exchango in netark {"dayight stat of exchange contaed by presence of tocl PABX ‘operator in network 1 yiight state of exchange controlled by presence of local and Centalized-operator fr network © route optimization avalabiy (route optmzation fay Blocked 4 route optimization facity avalabie 1 __alegory heck on transfer of outgoing external calls ONG category check for vanstor of uigong external cals 1, category” check for ansfer of outgoing external calls shal tke place © states whether DTS shall be permited to nude on an external ne “and (possibly disconnect beth pares. 0° TS permed oitrude on external ine 4 BTS NOT perited to intrude on extemal line 1 troughypullng permission for analogue extension "trough pulshg NOT permit 4 rough pulsing permitted 60 bmebetore oule optimization starts when allemative outing has Demented cpcaion a 10 ""'tme Before route optimization starts when transfer, extending ete has boon oxonited 2 0. ""” time belors restart of route optimization when the request was denied 5° number of etlempts to execute route optmzalon when tho roqvest was dene 2 Gallback to busy route faciy avalable or NOT O'all back o busy route faci is avalae, Busy tone 1 callback to busy route facty is NOT avaliable, NO-progress tone, 1 intrusion category conta or NOT a By passing of version from extension Gruen calogry shal NOT boasted (Sodan) 4 intrusion category shal be tested (UME) 1 request for eampson busy tacit for speator cals over public ISON O°omp-on NOT requosteg { Gampron requestes 1 tre datapory check at diversion and fllow-me O°NO tate extogory cock tobe parormed 4 atte category check to be performed 1 trctcategory check at version on NO answer O rae cefegory chock shell NOT be pecormed 1 trafic catogory chock shall be performed 1 extensions permission to dal message diversion service codes {extensions are NOT permited to dia message service codes. 4 Stlonsions are permited to dial message service codes Imax umber of repeated stomps a solocton of ro external ine ‘onfimation tone after suscesetul ordering or cancelation of cl hack Oda one (new register), 4 verfieaton one = + gonfmation tone eter successful cancaliation of al ordered facies 6'dal one (new roaster) feat a snonet Confirmation tne ater successtul programming or cancellation of ‘ngs! abbreviieg umber "9 0 dal one (new rxister), & Verteaon one 1 Confrmation ore after success ordering r canceallaton of Temporary night-swtching number 0 dialtone (now oaistor), 1 Worteaon one Terouting of incoming call beore a complete intemal number hae bean raceved 0 rerouting NOT permited, NO-progress tone 1 recut permite 1 peat Teh analysis after extending to external Ino OTD catogey 8! PABX operator shal be used ater extencing 4 TED catagory of te exondod party shallbe used afer extending file:iC:\My Documents\cesar2\ENK_BC92.HTM 26109103, ‘TABLE OF CONTENTS 87 89 0.32768 20 SEraess sent 101 102 (ows) 103 104 105 106 107 108 108 am 14 118 116 04 : os . 32768 032788 on oszes 1 on : oa oa on oa 4 8 on24g 041.24.8,1632- 600 09 058,18 {le:/C:\My Documents\cesar:2\ENK_BC92.HTM Page 6 of 61 cofthook queuing availatility (LCR) 0 ofFhook queuing s allowed 4, oft hock queuing is NOT allowes hole of ntieaton of message walt G'ring signal used to natly extension of message waiting 4 Special dal tone is used fo notify extension of message waltng uration ime when a DTS has parked an extomal ine ‘stalos max numberof participants n a canterence call timo for raseriag an extemal ne to be able fo do MCT lime for supervision of answer fo callback m private network ISDN call diversion mode 0 diversion of SON calls i vali for viooe calls only 4 dversion of ISON cals fs Valid for data calls only Imax tme Before answer on eal back to supervised party in a private network states if one for verflaton of malicious call tracing shall bo from ov exchange or public exchange 0 tone sending exchange, own recommendad value 4 tone sending exchange, public Choice of whether inva Secount codes shall be accopted when LIM fr ‘ode verifeation i Blocked © Invali account codes shall be accepted 4 invalid aecount codes shall NOT be acceptod length of account codes fal alvays should be accepted wl NOT be done automaticaly 1 setuaon lb dane somata ramming an authoration soge a an inci Programming 8 “apbrevtod sumber © programming is NOT alowed 5 rogramming i alowed choloe of clock format on the PABX alphanumeric operator console ‘and DTS dipay. O° 12-hour clock format 1 2i-hour cock format manuallautomatc ringing ftom the PABX symbolic operator console ‘and operator workstation (0 manval ringing is 1 automatic nging record dalled number or translated LCR number in Ci, 0 record called number in GIL 1 record transiated LCR number in Cl braceed-o-gond sional tobe sent or NOT to user in connection with TGR ERWT or FRLITCM foatsres TNOPTS-signal tobe sent to the user 1 PTS-signal fo bo sent to the user automate aetvaton of diversion at NO answer °aatvation wil NOT be done automaticaly 1 activation wil be dane automatically traveling ease mark fo be checked fh awn exchange or NOT O'NO check of traveling class mark n own exchange 4 check of traveling class mark in own exchange, {ime supervision for ofthook quoulg (LCR) lime supersion for on-hook queuing (LCR) ‘ime supervision for recal at execution of OPI at execution of on- ‘nook quuing queuing to already paged individual queuing to paging is NOT allowed 1 queuing © paging is alowed recorded announcement diversion selection ONO announcement shall be sent io A-paly at any ofthe versions below 1 ‘announcement shall be sent to A-party whon B-party has actvated 2 OLLIE arc en on ay ts : ‘announcement shal be sent lo A-prty when B-party has activates DIRECT DIVERSION ta another extension 4 announcement shal be sent to A-parly when DIVERSION ON, ‘BUSY to anather extansion wil lake place 8 announcement shal bs sent Arparly witen called hi EXTERNAL FOLLOW ME recorded announcement paging diversion selecton O°NO announcement shall be santo A-party at any ofthe ‘versions below 1 announcement shall be sont io A-pary when called extension has cvatod FOLLOW ME to paging equpment 2 announcement shall be sent Apart) sthen called extension has ‘ctvated DIRECT DIVERSION to paging equipment. 4 Snnouncoment shal be sent to Aparty when ONVERSION ON 8 ctvated BUST to papi equipment wi ake place annotncoment shale sen to Apary wen BNERSION o foging equpment AT NO ANSWER recorded annauncement saling party s0loton. PARVAL isthe sum aftgte cere ere anaucaret sagen 8’ NO ennouncenent shal be provided Yo any pay at versions +3 ‘calls to a acre ae aa Stnouncement Shab provided iA pati an oxension nora call for calls to PBX-group | vd 2 announcement enafbe proved when the A-pary isa publ tunk tnator cals to PBX sroup 2600903, ‘TABLE OF CONTENTS. 120 121 122 123 124 125 126 wa ‘extension 128 129 10 431 132 133 134 135 17 138 139 140 aa wae M3 a5 files/C:\My Documents\cesar'2\ENK_BC92.HTM on on 0.2088 6022400 6032400 6032400 6032400 0.9909 03 oF o7 o7 on on os 0-180 01,24.8,18;32- “BBB Page 7 of 61 4 announcement shall be provided If Apart s a teline for calls to PEXgroup follow meldversion 8 announvoment shall ba provided if A-party isan analogue or digital xlonsion intemal eal at Tollow maldivers.on 16 announcement shall be provided if Apart fs a public trunk ine ‘3 folow malsiversion 32 announcement shal be provided if Apart isa tiene at follow meldiversion automatic anewer Fom OTS when caling party isan extemal ine 0 automate anewer fom OTS s alowed when caling party external ine 4) automatic answer from OTS fe NOT slowed when calling party ie txteral ine max numberof chanings of network diversion that are allowed Slates whether one second or six seconds resolution i selected in ‘ation ime fe for CIL 1 ONE second resdkiton is galectes 6 SIX seconds resolution is eelacted Selection of call selup version a network call back towards a user in ‘an ISON network "version 1 must be used for cll getup at execution of network Cal back towards a user in an ISDN network 1 Version 2 must be used for call sotup at execution of network sal tack gvacs ager in an SDN neve max ringing time athe party on executon of -tal back owas busy route ‘on-nook quauing “network cal back 7200 ime supervsion of @ network call back mission in originating ‘exchange, mibated when the caloe party i busy 7260 time supervision ofa network cal back mission terminating ‘exchange, inated when the called party is busy 7200 tme supenision of @ network call back mission n originating ‘exchange, iniisted when NO answer Is rocowed from called 7260 _tme supervision of a network cal back mission in terminating 120 ‘oxchange,inllated when NO answor from callod party ost por charging pulse ‘ofa value used i third party's IPL can NOT be fetches ‘authonty code vereus customer number (customer number forthe exinsion Is used inorder to permit ‘uigang tate 1 customer number forthe authorty cade is used in orger to permit Suigeng wate IDNX service selection value for PABX operator consoles O IDNX service template 0 4) IDNR servies template 1 IDNX service template 7 IDNK service template 7 IDNX service selection valve for data extensions OIDNX service template 4) IDNR servies template 1 IDNX service template 7 IDNK service template 7 states whether ADNs LED shall have an indication when an ACD ‘member's unavailable in an ACD group 9 NO indication on the LED at unavellable 4 The ADN's LED wil have a steady indication when an ACD ‘membor is unavailable nthe ACD group states whether iL shal ros, trough a conion code, rmalcous eal racing 9 do NOT record specif colton code in Cl. cll evoed for MCTeals 4 ecard specific condition ode In Clt-callrocord for MCT calle AGP group membarquove daplay on DTS ACB agent's NOT alowed to invoke memberiqueue dieplay feature 17 ACD agente alowed to invoke memberiqueue Seplay feature ‘ime Belore false’ B-answer is sent to cooperating exchenge 10 prevent imeoui when queuing towards ACDIPBX group recorted voice annauncemant option for queue 6" NO announcement shall be sen to PABX operator qeueu 4 announcement shall be sent party isin re PABX-OF! qoueu 2 Somplato voice message shall be provided when a PABX-OPI ‘answers the cal and Arparly ls receiving a recorded voice message 4 complete voice message shall be provided when a ACDIPEX-goup Individual bacomes foe and A-paty Is rocehang a recorded queue ‘oles meseage 88 Abusy tone shal be provided when recocded announcement “doo mnune for some reeson 8 NOT avalabi for ACDIPEX group ‘6 Abusy fore shall be provided when recorded announcement machine fr somereasons NOT avaiable for ACDIPBX-goup {queue announcement messages "32 ACDIPEX-group music on hold special message shall be provided voice announcement number (value 0 is NO announcement Voice announcement number (vale 0 fs NO announcement) Voice announcement number (value 0's NO announcement voles announcement number (vale O's NO announcement) ‘mement for cal information wansfor t a voles mall systam Othe exchange sol send cal ivoematon rectly air nging seemayt tc el system The vice mal system answers thecal aker 2609908, TABLE OF CONTENTS. 146 var 150 fractions 153 158 161 162 165 188 169 170 m 5 176 Td 179 180 181 se 188 184 188 186 17 file:/C:\My Documentscesar\2\ENK_BC92, HTM oa oa on on24 02 0-132 oa +120 30-300 1-180 os 25 oa on ona osi2 m4 18 40 18 10 Page 8 of 61 4 fhe exchange shal send cal nfomaton ater the vice ma sstim sending of S-answer signal when rerouting fo answer positon a call {5 vacant numoor © ‘shall be santas normal 4 shal NOT be sent false Branswer lo extemal ino when 2 cal is placed in queue to ‘ACDIPEX group, 0 felse Beancwer NOT sent 4 false Banswor fs sent ater ime setin PARNUM 158 has elapsed the cost per charging puse consists of fractions Oe Coat” per charging pulse consists of NO pov 1 goat per thang pse core of atone swumber request and A‘ubsrber sharging Yor calle To data ‘ntension and BABX opersior © NO A’number iormation foquest and the A-party wil be charged on call 1 Bepary wil NOT be Sarged on cal to PAX operator 2 pany wil NOT Be charged on calf data extension 4 Rumbor information requost ‘umber of music on hol outputs por TMU board 6'NO masioon hold outputs 4) one music on hold outputs 2 vo music on hol ou ‘ten the gelscton for tending of folzo B- anewer to an extra Eno before te RVA is provided O° NO sending of aise answer 1 Meline 2 Paling 4 Sand false B-answor before diversion message 8 Send false B-answer belo diversion pag message 1 send false B-ancwor before PBXIACD group weleame message 32 send flee Banswer before PBNIACD group queue message 4 Sond flee B-anewor before extemal follow ma message 132: send false S-answor beter operetor uous messan® Slates the selection for staring an external alow me eal 0 process extrnal flow me call altar RVA mescago is compoted 4 process extaal flow me callie RVA message spaying Tanringing imo on an ACD estansion Slates ima bowen te recording announcements epeate for 'ACDIPBX group message stales quedo ime bolore connecting to recording announcement dotnes the owest TCD category alowed to perform deaul ines the west TCD category allowed to pecorm dela outing ‘rom he LCR feature ACD call qualfeation code lant fates whather BADX operator Gan extend a cal oa busy extension wing al waitng calsgory D'PABX operatar Gan extonéa call o a busy extension without call wating calogory 1 PABX operat can NOT extend a call fo a busy extension without call waling eatogory typo of supar/sion or a parked oxtoral cll on a DTS. Only externa cls with NO cleat avalabty, parked by OTS are “uipentead. At bm out te cl ie esconnectod 4 altexteral cals parkec by a DTS are supervised Eeclcton af one stead of extemal muse on hols 0 extomal input to 3 ar usod for oxomal musi on hold 4 onneat one instead of extemal music'on hold or chanel 4 2 Sennoat ona ntoad of external musi on hai for channel 2 4 Sonnect one instead of exterel music on had for channel 3 ‘min number of digs in reponal authorization code lype of authorization code used for functon keys on DTS O'Gentral auhorizaton code | reponalauhorang cose the anguage used in te name feature for converting characters 2 Spanish 4) French 2 Swedish 3 coms iorweigan 5 Danish. 6 Inaratona length of delay me in delayed hotsine choles of ringing signal cadence for diverted calls to extension 0 verted cscanes alowed 1 diverted cadence NOT allowed DISA wih or without autharzation code 0 'contalauthorizalon cade is naedad on DISA calls 1 regional authorization coda is needed on DISA cals 2 rogional or canal authorization code s needed on DISA calls 5 authorzaton cose is NOT neaded on DISA calls ‘efault curency Went © be used in private ISON network for ‘advice of charge. ‘updating of IDP from interception computer O°IGS version information rom intreoption computer wil be stored in |DP 41 IGS diversion information fom interception compuler ill NOT be ‘stored in DP. selection of codes to be updated at night routine fr simplified intercepton service. (ONO updating of simplified interception service 2610903 TABLE OF CONTENTS Page 9 of 61 codes 1, update intercoption service code 0 Pee pdate nlercoption sence code 1 4 Update intercopon serve code 2 8 Update interaption service code 3 18 update interception service code 4 32 update ntrception service code 5 4 update interception service code § 128 Update interception service code 7 256 Update interception service code 8 512 Update ntereepion service code 9 188 oop0-2369 0015 ‘Start me for night routine for simpiied interception service 4e3 oO 1 type of B-paty controlled release "normal 8 contoled release 1 APB contrled release AU AUTHORIZATION CODE FOR EXTENSION AUCOEAUT AUTHORITY CODE END AuCOFAUTH (ECK=}cLc0D=cx AUTHORITY CODE INITIATE AUTHORITY CODE PRINT Lous 41-9980999 authorization code 063 common estagory code YESINO “check connection between CILCOD and orignating directory number 0.999099 Code for call informalton aging v1 istomer number 00-39809 directory number for extension BL BLOCKING FUNCTIONS BLDBE:BPOS=ALLFME|; DEVICE BOARD END. BLDSIBPOS DEVICE BOARD INITIATE EQUIPMENT POSITION END EQUIPMENT POSITION INITIATE FAULTY DEVICE PRINT iz UM TRAFFIC END LIM TRAFFIC INTIATE yes ‘at fault marks Bb-es board positon a 17124 CIM number 8 G3 MAGAZINE number e 0-7 \board positon 6 03) OU ‘a-b-ed-ef equipment positon a S24 Unt oumber 6 G3 MAGAZINE number e 7 bare poston 6 03) et (06-31 individual on boara List 124 Lintnumber TYPE 2 ‘ype af device "modem gatevay ey systom line TL Wank ine DL. data extension ine OL PABX-operaior ine SL ISON tun ine EL analogue extension tne CA CALENDAR FUNCTIONS cacae: CALIBRATE PRINT Cabae: DATA AND SYSTEM IDENTITY PRINT PACKAGE IDENTITY INTIATE. ‘STATION IDENTITY INITIATE Tie INITIATE. YYYY-MM.DD date format bese program package revision (charactors AZ,0-9..) ‘be. ‘ation dently max 15 charactors(characters Ax. 0-9.-) Fic “time format abe program package version, Part 1 max. of 15 charactrs{characters AZ0-8../) a program package version, Part 2 max. of 15 characirs{characters A'Z0.9-/) abode Calibration BEGIN »setwhen a start time is entered from which the calibration value there ator can be caleulated END speciiod when aw calibration value is to be calculated CB COMMON BELL FUNCTIONS CATEGORY CHANGE DATA PRINT fle//C\My Documents\cesar'2\ENK_BC92,HTM 260903, ‘TABLE OF CONTENTS. (CBEL:GRP= EQU= SERV=,TRAL (CSGMIGRP= IR; GRP. QUE SERV pity EXNT. into PRIDIV Pusowv Page 10 of 1 ,cus INMATE ‘GROUP END GROUP MEMBER INTIATE 131 ‘customer number 00-39999 Girectory numberof group member at-ot-e! equipment postion 8 S528 Lin number 6 OS MAGAZINE number es 9.7 0-3 “boara positon et 0.31 individual 6n board -99999 group number $30 uous lenats| on Service cat 0 Bocked for direct ndiating 1 open for drectinciaing| ons, trae category CD CALL DIVERSION FUNCTIONS COMMON DATA PRINT ‘COMMON END PUBDIV=|; ‘COMMON INITIATE INDIVIDUAL DATA PRINT INDIVIDUAL NUMBER END INDIVIQUAL NUMBER INITIATE 2.50000 drat number rh extension S$Stéboon hades an Tassie 2 ate “Sendo PAB cpa ‘Stommon PABE spel ou, Sema grap nts 90 POX) conron El goup “aprocodur are he, Bet nostra number ihina pate nowork ype APNSSIDPNSS sme canon clo nb Pr he Bat tats win pate network Pus ale fom pic naar : "pct eter aie vis efenstns, tral gop hunting @oup(PBX) ‘and common bell groups indiana 0 aioe Sonn an ata grours «826590000 common ders ber bral eas “se exenson iio tener “36a ge “Sel PAX oper ‘Stonmen Bab oes gun ‘Sricrlpa erg 008 POX) commen El run ‘Sprocodue nr festema number wit apmatenork type APNSSIDPNSS o-s0000005 common verve nur rcs nar Pate ore “agen ouerson sae “Sea goer “Seine PA6X operat “Seonmon PASK pula group “Srila grip Rang up BX) Sonoma goa Sorcetie une he “aToniona number wana ate noworkol ype APNSSIDPNSS o-eesseas torment nr Se pl nate Seni S68 gor “Soin PAB oper “Seapmen PABX oes gum anita pep rng ep PRX) a omar al “a pcotire wire An venomel number nfbinapistenebek of ype APNSSIDPNSS CF © COMMAND FILE READ INTIATE ‘alle pathname forte command lo max. 47 careers) YESINO Printout the read commands: L ) CH CHARGING FUNCTIONS GROUP ASSOCIATION PRINT GROUP COUNTERS END 2610903, TABLE OF CONTENTS: cHoCP:GRP=: 90.99908 O25 198 ab SLFOP|;FORM=|; CLNPEFILE=): DIAL Disc DMPSIZ FE FORM LOGABN orig TIME CNBIP-BPOS: Lins BRONAM| files/C:\My Documents\cesah2\ENK_BC92.HTM abe BE" 93a! Page 11 of 6 GROUP COUNTER PRINT ‘GROUP MEMBER END GROUP MEMBER INTIATE GROUP MEMBER PRINT INDIVIDUAL COUNTERS END INDIVIDUAL COUNTERS PRINT. ROUTE COUNTERS END ROUTE COUNTERS PRINT rectory umber charging group number foate number trunk ine number 15128 Uni number 1.99 sequence number CL CALL LOGGING FUNCTIONS FORMAT CHANGE FORMAT PRINT INFORMATION PRINT ‘OUTPUT DATA END ‘OUTPUT DATA INITIATE OUTPUT HEADER END ‘OUTPUT HEADER INITIATE. TRAFFIC GENERATION END. ‘TRAFFIC GENERATION INITIATE append format information data used in GIL formatting flald poston (1-40) ald with (1-20) faléidentter A access code t 7 B access code 2 ‘access code 2 IS0N CBC 4 Secount cose. ealing number authorization sade alld number ‘ingle character condition code double character condition code rd date {al duration time porator queue time 1 Space fax pulse ‘queve time to busy extemal ine ‘ng time ISDN CBC (call by cat) ‘operator system access code Fonsitremerk solection code 1 external ine ID 1 40 digit market data t 1 to 10 digt market data 2 1 10 ‘0 charactor market data 4 10 dalled party number (B-Party) flscrmnation of ales number ‘sump size one calfoutput occasion 2 Toby i fulioutput occasion flonameAZ0-9 format FPS format {| MDFP#S format 2 Slandars format § ASBUMOFP16 format ‘toxble format. abandoned cals ‘do NOT log abandoned cal records YES log abbanconed callrocores calling parly number (A-Parly}drectory number 01-999 routs rumber 01-124 Linumber incoming external ine 01-89" extemal ine number cal uration time 0-9 hours (00-50 minutes (00:59 seconds CN CONFIGURATION FUNCTIONS BOARD REVISION INFORMATION PRINT. 20 oP yaPE=WaPN Zon ge g0 Tenuta TTS a ” gazaggalees z 5 S 0 0 6 . 03 6. ° if 03 6 6. 6. SEESeaEeeees ‘and DYTPE=5.68 : $5082. menu mterfocs Alowed ony,<-0 and DTYPESS 5 timing ° NOT used for TAU e ‘automatic cal ‘automat call dlsablog 1 Automate call enabled. Can only be used fr hot line when ‘ois o h release acknowledgement ° ‘isconnacton verification from TAU NOT required : 1 sm levi s=rnectonvrfeaton fom TAU roqured (h=t Is NOT permite i d=) 6 spiel alam eetgtecten fate data xterion aro NOT rogistered in alarm 1 figh elm tye lar are regiatted in ala fog i incoming call incicaton (apy to extnsion in Ssmde on a re yy fing indiesten enabled 4 k CTS delay 6 \dolay 105 > 106 s 0 ms in tho own TAU. 4 4106 i 10-20 ms n the own TAU. 2 406 fs 20-40 ms in the own TAU. 106 i 30-50 ms in tho own TAU, 1 Great 109, LSD (Receive Line Signal Deioc) Fused. N oTRM poate “cata anamscion category only for TAU-26607-TAU.26801S request to send. S105.” ‘controllable fom terminal 12105 __ permanent ON (a=1 is NOT permitiod if half duplex) b Gear to send B=106" *""NOT controlled by 109 1108 controled by 103 (b=1 fs NOT permitted if half duplex) ° da aot rons oT controlled by 108, is NOT permitted d=1) ‘contvolled by OTE sonbamanenty ON (4=1 fe NOT pamited e connection atematives D=106.1°" hot ine, A cal wil be automatically nitated when 108(0TR}goes oN 1108.2 8 call wil be inated wits NDC functon ywhen the DTSITAU-T ODN. “uncion keyg pressed. NOT used for extension n Save 2=108.2 NOT direct callie. some trom of fi 351082 at koybord cating, Alowed ony iH TERMT Be<>00 $1083 VSBeKoytoad dating, Moved ony. FERN Do00TERMT dot Uses 108.2 X21 cal contol procedure. Allowed only, TERMT.b00 ' timing o NOT used for TAU a automatic call o ‘Sutomatc cal disabled 1 {automatic cal enabled. Can only be used fo ht lin.when is ° h release acknowledgement ° ‘lsconnect verifeation from TAU NOT requied : “mtv Saeenneston venation om TAL equed (h=t fe NOT permite if d=t) ‘normal alam lovaidotection of faults for dala extension are file/C:\My Documents\cesa#2\ENK, BC92.HTM 2610903, ‘TABLE OF CONTENTS. DTRM ' DTRM abod-efgh-il DTRM abec-efarikd filediC)\My Documents\eesar2\ENK_BC92, Page 15 of 61 NOT rogistoradin alarm 1 Pgh ale vel larnsareragitre naar og ncoming cal indicaton (only applicable fr TAU-2680/S) ° Ting indieaton dgabled fing indian enabled 1 CTS delay ° dolay 108 > 106 ¢ 0 ms in the avn TAU, i ‘delay 108 > 108 is 10-20 men the own TAU 3 ‘Grout 109, RLSD (Receive Line Signal Detect) 9 109 convoiable 109 permanently ON “aaa ranamanon category ony fr DLU20 Fequestio send D=105 "" contolabe fram termina 42105 __pormaronty ON (3-1 © NOT permittod if half duplex) Clear lo send 5 NOT used te sotronay T contaliad by 108 Contlied by 108 ata terminal ready 2108 Control by OTE 42108. permanently ON {d=1 is NOT pemitted if e=0,c=1,h=1) connection atoratives 0=108:1°" hot ne, a call wil be automaticaly inated whon 108(DTR}goes ON 2=108 2 NOT crectcall-e.some rom of dang (e=0 is NOT permitted If d=1) timing o s NOT permitted if d=1) NOT used fufomatc cal ‘utomate cal deabied 5 Ltomate eal erable. Con only bo used fr hat ino.when is release acknomiedgarent 9 *SGlsconnest vereton fom DLU20 NOT required + mtv #oomosto veeaon Hom DLR requred f=! s NOT pened dt) Sim aa ala ea tctonol nt or tanto se GT rogitered in slarm 1 Nigh sar ost la oe registrant og incoming clinicaon oe HoT used Taupe unter 5) tne axensn wh havea OTE uncon toward the extension wil haves OTE uncon lovards a connected equipment nator) "108 be pormanenly ON but ae dott an GFF conan and Geconnect theca = 107 wl be peranenty ON rom he L020 4, delay 109-5 SOEs 1038 mainte cw TAO 2. oly 109108 2040 mein he oun TAU 3 dois 108 108\2 9080 mein he oan TAU Groat 1, RL (Recon ine gna elec) O'NoT uses ‘data transmission category only for DLUSO seavestio cena NOT used tear to sen 6 NOT used Indication Q indication NOT controlled by CONTROL Troy “2Weled by CONTROL(c=1is NOT pemitadif =) 6 CONTROL conte’ by DTE 4 CONTROL permanently ON (d=1 is NOT pemited i Connection allematves 6 Hotine. 2 call wil bs atomatealy teed hen CONTROL goes ON 2 direct cal (2=01s NOT permitiod f=") timing ° NOT used ‘utomatic cal o ‘Sutomatc cal disabled 1 {utomate call enabled. Can only be used for ht line.when eis release acknowledgement ° ‘isconnectvereaion from DLUSO NOT required “gam ov Somes verteon Fom DLO requ (1 is NOT permite 1) amal alam evetdlacton of faults dla extension ae NOT registred in alarm 1 igh alan level alameare registred in alam fog Incoming call indication 3 Ting indicarion disabled fing indation enabiod fu OTE fincbon NOT Used cut 109, RCO {Receive Line Signal Detect) ° NOT used {ata ranamisson eategory only for TAU-H roqest o snd 05105” ontotabe fom terminal {$105 __ permanent ON (ast is NOT permite half duplex) ear to send 55108 “Nor controled by 109 HTM 26109003, TABLE OF CONTENTS on oTRM DryPE QU FON elo of 61 42106 controled by 109 ¢ data set ready or" NOT controlled by 108 T2107 contoled by 108 ( ata terminal ready Controlled by OTE Permanenty ON (d=1 is NOT pomitted if e=0,c=1,h=1), connection atematives hot tine a cal wil be automaticaly nitated when 10(DTR}goes NOT direct calle. some ftom of daling (0-0 ls NOT permitted i d=1) Is NOT permitted ir half dupiox) 's NOT permitted if d=1) NOT used automatic call o ‘automatic cal disabled 4 {automate eal enabled. Can only be used for hot linwhen ‘eis h releaso acknowiodgement ° ‘iscannection veriicaton from TAU NOT required “haem oe searneetin vert fem TAU requ etfs NOT permitted If =1) 9 ‘normal alarm love; detection of fal for data ext. are NOT registered in alarm log 4 igh alarm love, alarms are registred alarm log Incoming cal caton “TAU:H dos NOT rng for incoming call ‘TAULH rings for incoming cal Sts dey 9 olay 105-> 106 ie 0 ms inthe own TAU, 4 ‘lay 108 > 106 is 10-20 ms in te own TAU 2 Selay 105 > 108s 20-40 ms in te own TAL 5 ‘lay 108 -> 106 le 30.50 me in te own TAL Galt 109, RLS (Resolve Line Signal Detect. NOT used poet “Gata vanarasioneatogor ont fr loosed ne » seavestto cond ‘NOT used esr to send ‘NOT used ie SAR used ata terminal oa S108 nla by ore ermanenty ON connection aternatves & NOT used fi Sing synchronous 113:rate between MAU and MODEM Oe NOT relevant for synchronous dala vansmission 1 synchronous 1 erate between MAU and MODEM. 20's used only ithe modem has NO interface evcuit 113. 114-ratais selected then the 114-rate must be inlomally derived from the 1 16-ate cy abe (OT used alarm level 6 normal alarm leva; detection of faults for data ext. are NOT registered in alarm log 4 Figh alarm love alarmsare registered ln alarm io Incoming call indication Bret 109, LGD Recon Lin Signa Detect) “ata oxen oe ue Tavaseos taut TAUS Leased inoeau Tae Tauge20S TAU Tava Tauro 10 DBA 708 i Bua 12 Tauzeeorr 13 Tauzeeo'S 12 (eves) usa tqupment postion ieee amber 3 MAGAZINE number 077 \ board positon 1-3 for BLUstor€LU26 boars without TAU-T oF 0 fr ELUZB wth TAU-T 012 “Yor ELUS or €LL28 bowed with TAU-T or or ELUZB without TAU-T Invgual on board OS er L030 neva 87, forDLU2O TAU-S ang TAU-S alte ELUSELU2S boar) 0-15 for TAU-S ang TAU'S ako ELU6 board) B:15. for TAU-T,TAU-Talke or TAU-208005 (ELUSIELUZS boord) 134, Kr TALT ate or TAL 208 (ELUZB bows) ticton ONS” data name seecton GRD callaveraon; on Used fr TAL-S and TAU-S ake fileiC:\My Documents\cesar2\ENK_ BC92.HTM 26109103, TABLE OF CONTENTS Page 17 of 61 WF connect when fae, ony used for TAU-S and TAU-S ake FKE feo key, to erase incton of incon key FRO feemnor al comecton, to re hat ne connecton (2M local mod NOC on dialed connection also known as hot ine connection DON Sats rectory number, alse known ae data Ino, nly weed for TAU“T sig TAU aka modem grap number 215k. rnodem group numbers 2296 fesened for ure uses 5-88. feserved for moderess groups withthe allowing telesorvies: 18 bmeLIN onghold data als 98 vigaotex 64 Rés, vssolx information service normaly provided by PTT 57 ‘eletor 64 Kos xt ormaton servi nomally prougeaby #17 9% groups teen dig 40K Gs K facao 88, Mademiose connection over dial ine wah no olservce ‘nn ctocory number ‘outing category FRLestogor) (07) calogry for Facty Restction LovelTraveling Cass Mark facity for data extension Mon ab ‘oon 00-29009 Roc 2b (eRUTeM) SERV ab service b RMT ede TAP 25808252077 262018 26007 TERMT of * sped terminal ype category for TAU sasiinal yp category ‘tecount soe category 8° Secount cove raged when cass of service for east cost routing ie groatr than 0 4 Secount coes required when class of sence for least coat routing is grestar han + 2 account code is NOT required sore calgary emergency STorgnetng tale NOT alloned when the exchange is connected fr emergency service + pen ora afc when te exchanges comecte fo eargoncy low me categor 0 ollow me NOY alowed 1 follow me alowed arity NO pty even panty od pty man pny opace par unkown party {ras fo be Oi b00) enteral 09 syncrorous 1 asynchvonous (7 data bits, 1 stop bit) 2 aeynctronovs {7 data bts, 1.5 sop Bs) 83 aeynctronous (7 data bts, 2 stop bis) 0 asynchronous (8 data bits, # stop Bi) 3 asynchronous (8 data bts 18 slop Bis) 08 asynchroncus (8 data bts, 2 stop bis) 7 asynchronous (8 data bls 1 slop bid 8 Synchronous data, 1. tp Bis) 9 aeynetrenous (9 dala Bits, 2 stop be) gaya reid ne data bt count NOT equa 0) oatcuptor 4 half duplex (G=1 NOT permitid if OTRM ‘aor b'=1) bitrate 00"110 bitsisec Of 150 bsieee 02 200 bitsieee 93 300 bisleee (08 600 bits/sec 95 1200 bissec 96 1200 bisisee 67 2400 bitssee 08 75/1200 bitsseo 09 400 bisieec 40 38400 btssec 11 8600 bits/sec 12 12000 bisisee 13 14400 Bsisee 14 19200 bisise 15 43000 bisisee 18 NOT applicabie 17 NOT appleabio Fate adaptation 0 DEC Tormat 8” NOT applicable sy eat SY Nor ured ="? Foserved (vale stated must be 0) Irina ye eatapry for TAL 2607 TAL-2980's gat 8 "No pari 4) even perty 2 ode pay 5 mane party files/:\My Documents\eesar\ENK_BC92,HTM 26109903, ‘TABLE OF CONTENTS. TERMT be ef positon 16:31 on * vedo Page 18 of 6 4 spacopaty § thknown party (arhas tobe bbe=00 oF 10) Saaora 0 synchronous &t sxyetvonas {2 aeyneroncus 5 asynetronous (7 data bts 2 stop @ asynchronous (dala bs lee Bi 5 asynetronous (8 tats, 13 stop ts) synchronous (8 data Bs, 2 stop Bis) 07 asynchronous (9 data bits, 1 stop bit) 8 aeynetronous (9 data Bis, 1.8 stop Bs) 9 asynctronous (9 data Bs 2 stop bis) “0 aulosyne (Party bits ncuded inthe dat bit count tis NOT equal to 0) os dope {hal dopex (d= NOT pormited f OTRM or 1) Strate 60 710 bitssee 8t 80 bslsce 2 200 bisisce 3 S00 bislsec 4 600 Bates 98 1200 sec 98 1600 bisises 87 2400 bisteee 8 75/1200 btieec 9 4800 Bia 40 Se40d binsec 11 op00blevser 12 Ya0odbiseoe 13 tadoo ce 4 19200 btaleee 13 48000 baie 18 58000 bisteer 47 6a000 bisses Fale aaaptaion Oo aeC mat 4 NOT epplcabie 24NOT sppteable {GEC ean be selected for ndvitual positon 8-15 on the ELU-25 board and on U2ateare) (7 data bts, 1 stop bit) 7 data bis, 13 cops) i nandshoking GTNGT haenaing fr 110 ony) - ya nansaing for OFC on) OY RSea2 coe + V36 2 x2 Feserved (value stated must be 0) Terminal {ype category for DLU20 panty NO panty ven part 58 pay mark party secaranly chinown pa data format 00 NOT alowed for DLU20 01 asynchrenous (7 data bits, 1 2 asynchronous (7 data Bits, 1 93 asynchronous (7 data bio, 2 i asynetronos (8 datas, 1 stop) 2 i 05 asynchronous (8 data bits, 6 asynchronous (8 data bits OF asynchronous (9 dala bits, 08 asynchronous (9 data Bits 1.8 stop bis) 09 asynchronous (9 data Bs, 2 stop Bs) (patty bits reutedn the dia Bt count f'''s NOT equal 0) uplex mode 0 fa eupex 1,_NOT applicable (g=1 NOT permitted if DTRM a! or bitrate 00710 bisisee 1 450 bsisec 12 200 bisisec 13 300 bslsec 14 600 Bslese 05 1200 bits/sec 1 1800 bts/see 7 2400 bits/sec 08 NOT applicable 09 4800 bislsee 10 NOT applicable 11 9600 bslsee 12 NOT applicable filesiC)My Documents\cesar2\ENK_BC92.HTM 2609003, TABLE OF CONTENTS TERMT TERMT * abodetghi Page 19 of 61 13 NOT applicable 14 Te200bteteee 18 NOT applicable 18 NOT applicable 17 NOT applicable rate adaptation 0 DEC format 41-4 NOT applicable handshaking ONG epbate 4, ah nashakng vial interice oe NOT used ‘eserved (vale stated must be 0) terminal lype category for DLU3O panty BY Ro panty 41-5NOF applicable data format 00 ‘synchronous uplex mod bit 00'NOT applicable 01 NOT applicable 02 NOT applicable 08 NOT applicable 1 600 bielese 1g 1200 bits/sec 06 NOT applicable 7 2400 bislsee 08 NOT applicable (9 4800 bislsee 10 38400 bisisee 11 9600 bis/soe 12 12000 dissec 18 14400 bisisee 14 19200 Bisisee 18 48000 bisisec 16 NOT applicable 17 NOT applicable Fate adaptation 0. DC tormat 1-4 NOT applicable handshaking 0” NOT applicable 4th paneshaking physteal intriace type BY’NOT ses. reserved (value stated must be 0) Torminal typo catogory for TAH, panty RO pari even parity ‘odd pay mark panty space pally unknown parity (at has tobe Of be=00) fata Tormat 100 ‘synchronous 1 adynchronous (7 data bits, 1 stop bit) (2 asynehronous (7 data Bits 1.5 stop bis) 08 asynchronous (7 ata Bis, 2 stop Bis) 1 asynchronous (8 ata Bits, 1 slop bi) 08 asynchronous {8 data its, 1.8 stop Bits) 106 asynchronous (8 data Bis, 2 stop Be) OF asynchronous (9 data is, + sop bt synchronous (9 data bis, 1.5 stop bts) 08 asynchronous (8 dat bis: top Sie) (parity bits included inthe data Bt count fais NOT equal to 0) plex mode 0 fl uplex or V.36 interface 41 half dopiew (d=1'NOT permited ft DTRM'a' or B=1) bitrate 00 110 bisisec 01 150 btslsec 2 200 disisec 05 300 bisisec 14 600 bisisec 18 1200 bisisee 1 1800 bislsee 07 2400 bis/ses 08 75/1200 btstsee 18 14400 bits files/C:\My Documents\cesae\2\ENK_BC92.HTM 2610905, ‘TABLE OF CONTENTS Page 20 of 61 14 19200 bistsee 15 43000 bissee 48 6000 Biss 17 64000 biseee fate adaptation 0 OFC mode 4) ECMA™ HI-SPEED (4aK, 58K, 64K) 2 DMI HLSPEED (S6k, 62k} 3 OM = MODEZ FIXED’ 4 DML MODE 2 VARIABLE handsoking "NO handshaking 4) wath handshaking physical interface ype SNOT used Teserved (value statod must bo 0) TERMT * sbodetghj terminal type category for leased line be ef Space paily Unknown parity (at has to be Di be=09) ata forma (panty i's neues ino data it count is NOT en 10) ‘synchronous. Of asynchronous (7 data bits, 1 stop bit) (2 asynehrenous (7 data Bits 1.5 stop Bis) (8 asynchronous (7 data Bil, 2 stop Bis) (4 asynetronous (8 data bits 1 stop bi) 08 asynchronous (8 data Bits, 1.5 slop Bs) 18 asynchronous (8 data Bis, 2 stop Bis) 07 asynchronous 8 Sata bis, 1 stop bit) 8 : 3 map j hy 3 08 asynchronous (9 data Bits, 1.8 stop bts) 09 asynchronous (8 data Bis, 2 stop Bits) ‘uplex mode ft up 4 hal duplex bitrate(upper lit for MAU according to V.28) 00 110 slsce 1 480 osleee 102 200 bsisec 103 300 isieee 104 600 Sislese 5 1200 bits/sec 06 1800 bits/sec OF 2400 bisises 18 78/1200 bteeee 9 NOT applicable 11-9600 btslsec 12 12000 bisisee 13 14400 bisisec 14 19200 bislese fate adaptation 0. DFC made 41-4 NOT applicable handshaking 8" NOT applicable 4, nang ‘hysical interface type 6” NOT uses reserved (value stated must be 0) ~ TABLE 1- speeds and modes for TAU-SA 252018.262075, i TAUS Tau.a | Tau-2sa0is|_ Tauzecors| SPEED || SYNC ASYNE SYNC ASYifC SYNC ASYHIC SYNC. AST ~ 1 7 1 1 50, 1 1 1 1 ~ 00 1 1 1 1 300 1 1 1 4 ‘600 yoafort ada 14 00 ase ete (ere Ta 00 1 1 4 1 aio F's} af tt oat a fa fa da 7511209) 1 1 i 1 oo] 1) 4) aft ata fata fa gcoo | 4) iq ot] da) tf ae fa | te 2000 | 1 1 1 1 vaaoo | 1 1 ‘ 4 somo) i} 1] 4] a} ada fs | oa e400 | az ‘as000 | 13) 13 56000 e000 Nols: 1. Standard ASBS01 to adaptation (OFC) toligh V.2} Inter 2. Nine(@) cath bits NDT supped i anicated speed 28. dBkbps supported dnly for cable lengths up to 3 meters (2.77 fee!) ‘TABLE 2- speeds and modes for TAU-H and DLUZ0 files/C:\My Documentsesar2\ENK_BC92,HTM 26,0903, ‘TABLE OF CONTENTS. ‘SPEED 4000 Note: 1, Standard 2.Nine(9} dat 5 ECMA 102 EDM mace 0 5 DM mode 1 TABLE 3- speeds and modes for TAU-T,DBA703,TAU-PC,2520/T,2620/T SPEED 300 ‘600 200 4800 2400 T1120 4800 3600 2000 ‘4400 19200 36400 "48000 156000 4000, Note: 1. Standard 2.Nine(9) dat} 3. aBkbps sup TABLE 4- speeds and modes for MAU MAU SPEED 300 600 1200 41800 2400 rsita 4800 600 ‘12000 “T4800 438200 Noles: 1. Standard TABLE 5- speeds ‘SPEED ‘600 ‘200 +1600 2800, 3 lio 50 2501 4 bite N ode 35 Tau. hi0 50 200 2501 ite N jorted SYN I110 fis0 leo0 Tau lr10 hso 00 4800 SYNC ASY (V.3s interface) 6, DMI mode 2 {V.24 interface,6 data bits, slop bit onl) 3 3 5 3 4 te adapttion (OFC) throfh V.24 interfado Jt suppoted at indicated speed 135 interface) intertace) 1 1 1 1 iS 10 adaption (OFC) theolgh V.24 intrtade fT suppoted at inticated speed ly for cable lengths up to S meters (9.77 feet) ‘ASYNC 12 adayfation (OFC) through V.24 interface des for TAU-2680/S, TAU-2680/T,DLU30 S.DBATO3 _ TAUPO. SYNC" ASYNC SYNC ASYite 1 2 4 t 1 1 1 1 fle/C:\My Documentseesar.2\ENK_BC92,HTM Tausasia]. TA TaUeHEOMA) Tau-HoMl DLu20 SYNCIASTHE SYNC ASYEC SYNE ASYNG spear _tauec | Tau2san| Tau2s20r SYNC ASYNE SYNC ASYHIC SYNC ASYAC SYN 1 12 4 IC ASYNC 21 of 61 2610903, ‘TABLE OF CONTENTS: Page 22 of 61 9600 #2000 “14400 S 19200 e400 "48000 56000 4000 Note: 1, DEC RAF 7 2.V.110 RAF (for ASYNC.7.8 data bits; 1,2 stop bis) * Nine(9) data bts NOT supported at indicated speed TABLE 6- physical Interface type for TAU-2680 Mw : “V.25bi8KED N “Transparent N X21 (Sync) X21 (Syne) ‘Note: ¥=YES, the physical interface type s supported iS 'N=NO, the physica interac type Is NOP supported 7 ‘TABLE 7- allowable DTP for TAU-2680's RAF RAF Mode Duplex Mod Handshake Full Halt Note: DTP= Daa Transmission Parameter RAF= Rate Adaptation Format TRAF ‘apedelgh trafic category 2 las for common abbreviatad number 60:03 abbreviated number trac cass for common abbreviated number. States the catagory of commen abbreviated numbers data extension may Use od TCD category night 90-14" open for curtain numbers according lo TCD data in the number analysis. 45 Tally open et ‘TCD category day 0-14" apen for certain numbers according to TCD data in the number analsie 15. Tullyopen on trate grou (00 the vafc group in the trac group matrix which ep Tab hich te daa etesion belongs ie A-parlyor Barty 44 Bolangs ie. @-paty or party 15 fully open DU DUMPING FUNCTIONS BACKUP CHECK END ‘BACKUP CHECK INITIATE. BACKUP DATA PRINT. BREAK INTIATE FREQUENCY END FREQUENCY INITIATE FREQUENCY DATA PRINT PROGRAM UNT INITIATE SYSTEM INTIAL LOAD FORMAT INITIATE ‘SYSTEM INITIATE YYYYAMM.OD date format bod Groctory (INL RELI,REL2) ‘abodely ype of dump CHANGES" dump the changes since the last system dump ALL complete dump INT 1-336 interval hours) UM. 1126 UM number BATH lable path description (max, 36 characters) ¥ PRINT ‘abodat ype of printout RESULT "only the result ofthe system dump ALL cetaled printout TIME Hema “me format UNIT program unit name ED EXTERNAL DUMP DEVICE TO FILE ASSIGN END EDDFLDEV=FILE= DEVICE TO FILE ASSIGN INTIATE. files/C\My Documentseesar2\ENK_BC92.HTM 260905, EDEQE-DEV: / EDEQIDE EDEGP: Y EDFIE FILE EDFILFILES: v EDFIP. : Page 23 of 6 EQUIPMENT END EQUIPMENT INITIATE EQUIPMENT PRINT FILE END FILE INTIATE. FILE PRINT FUNCTION TEST INITIATE INTERFACE CHARACTERISTICS CHANGE INTERFACE CHARACTERISTICS PRINT BAUOR abode transmission rate in baud 4 (300,600 1200 2400, 4800,9600,19200) vev abe ‘evice identty = a ‘ype exigent e S device onty - ELLEV ‘abe lcin interlace characteristics, (wavity ¥ OU atb-cd-ef —squipment postion ° SDN number v 5 OS MAGAZINE number 8 0-7 \beard positon Yu 6 03 et 0°31 individual on board U FE ‘bodet ——“flename (Zand 0-9) PARITY bed panly NO" No parity O00 cde parity EVEN ‘Sven panty ~ BRIO a priory (AE). PROC abe protocol - NO-NO protocol YES Protocol (ACKINACK) - TPIT a siop bits 1 op bit ~ 15 15 slop bits 2 2steppis Y worDL 63 word ienght - EM — ELECTRONIC MAIL FUNCTIONS - EMFUE:ICUIND= FUNCTION END EMFULICUIND FUNCTION INITIATE: ~ EMUP, FUNCTION DATA PRINT ~ IouIND os, Information computer unit individual, serial number x EX EXTENSION FUNCTIONS EXCACIDIR= CAT= CATEGORY CHANGE [TRAF=I[ SERV=I[.CDIV=I,ROC=] + (TRME|LADC=,ICAT=} EXOAPDIR= CATEGORY PRINT EXCCP CATS COMMON CATEGORY CODE PRINT EXDPC DIR ITYBE=[,GALALT=) EXEGC-EQU= DIR: TYPES. TRE *+LABC=],,CUST= I, ICAT: apc abodefghi / > 6 ' a filesC:AMy Documents eesar2\ENK_BC92.HTM cATTYP =}; CATEGORY CODE SET CUSTOMER NUMBER CHANGE DIRECTORY DATA PRINT. DIRECTORY NUMBER CHANGE DIGITAL POTS CHANGE EQUIPMENT POSITION CHANGE EXTENSION END EXTENSION INITIATE sERV=,CDIV= (RO additonal cates allowod bearer sehces fr teminating extension Ol peech and 3. kh auto (normal sensory 4 Geis restricted only or ELT extension) 2 64 Kbils unresticlod and 16 Kbive uwestcted (only for EL7 extension) Foquest Auber om the PSTN (0 Testicted fr extonsion 1 NOT restricted for extension (default value is 0) preseriiton of umber (OPNSSIISON-netoork ad internal) presentation NOT rostnetod orf hs foature ie NOT used in tho system 4 prosentaton restricted al moter "per route exchange) + Box extension rnaious eal racing ONO cal racing 5 cal acing paral mestago wating party 8 manual message wating NOT alowed orf is feature is NOT used inthe system 1 aged edo mani message wating fo anaheretonson uthorzaton caiagory for tansior of euigaing extemal cle SNOT permites fo aceapttanslrred orto Yanoer outgoing extemal cals rifts features NOT used inte system 2609103 TABLE OF CONTENTS. AUX, CALALT cat cattye coat bv cust OR EGU car have any networ 00.99000 06 063 12 063 _nbodefgh oe Page 24 of 1 + pormited to wanster outgoing extama cals 2 permited fo accept rensfored culgoing external cas 5 fot and above are parmited {non authorization cde is von, the extonsions directory pumbor and the uthoizaon codes Ci (cade for Cal nlrmattn Legging) 60 NOT have to match rifts feta ia NOT used nthe sym + finen authorization cove © van, the exansion directory number and the ‘authorization code Ck (cade fer Gal Information Logging) 80 have to match etworkatiabon {the doctor number fr the extension must NOT be sentto the pub exchange ‘Reommon publ directory number must be used. Ori te exchange dacs NOT 1 aft “the droctory numberof the extension may by Sento the publ exchange ‘rectory number for secondary extnsion call stmatve enor nang 2 ging eter det ging ater delay 3 oni e ret ngno pro aways mes) 4 ing par afer delay bays mate) 5 immedi a Immediate voice connection wih ona Burst, __contriled via a function key Automate Immediate voice connection with fone burst commen estogory cove iype of common category code 1 micimum CAT 2 default CAT Bintout only extension with specifed common calegory code Exlreiversion category Ferouting imiatone, ONO rerouting limitations 4 do NOT allo rerouting at call o extension when busy, congestion or at NO answer individual do NOT dletut characters O extension is NOT allowed to use the ndidual do NOT disturb feature 1 she exosion alowed owe th ind do NOT dah ese external alow me ("extension fs NOT awed to use external follow me ‘rif this feature fs NOT used in the system 1 extension i allowed to use extemal flow me diversion characterises 10 permis direct diversion to an individual divertee position, if indvidual dvertes position has boon initated ‘ot omits direct version facily to an individual or common divertee positon ‘02. ermis diversion to an ivi6ual dveree poston facity on busy, 4 ermis diversion to an individual dvertes positon on nonanswer facity 8 Bermitied to request the internal felon me facity 416 fully directory SivesionDND facil. This fact Is only allowed for ODN ‘version on ongin feature O'NOT allowed” 4 allowed ype of diversion origin is intemal extension O"dofatorfeaure NOT alowed (0) provous way 4 individual diversion postion (COIN!) 2 common cvetsion poston (COCO) 5 NO diversion to take place. version bypass Grign 's publ external ine ofall or feature NOTalowed (0) - previous way 4 Incvival version positon (CDIN)) 2 eammon aversion positon (COCO!) 5 NO diversion fo ake placa. diversion bypass rig is private extemal ine ofa or feature NO allowed(f=0) previous way 4 individual version positon(CDIND) 2 common civerion peaitonCDCO) 5 NO diversion to take place. diversion bypass, ‘customer number for extension recon rune fr extension equipment postion $528" Un number 0.9 MAGAZINE number 0-7 \'board positon 0) 0°31 indviual on board instrument category for TYPE EL6 Bearer services for anginatng extension O°speceh (default valve) 4 St kHefex machine) Teserved 6 tenhaved global lone ‘Tnormaltones (default valve) 4 enhanced global tone fs provided lo extension inquiry 0 ansion is allowed to inst inquiry (default value) 4 extonsion is NOT slowed tonite nuiry INO progress indication O norma efault value) 2 Special noprogress tone (ivays the came) The tone set with a MOP 4 Send releaue signal (urrent feed disconnect) Yo ho connect equipment wen the other party disconnects 6, sonnaciedo raat ink turk. The cont fods econected ding ide state fing signal filesIC\My Documentsicesar2\ENK_BC92,HTM 26109103, ‘TABLE OF CONTENTS. car x x x x Pa ‘ones mode ce x = cat - InypE fileiC:\My Documents\cesar2\ENK_ BC92.HTM ‘mode CAS. This means tha the valu oda cy Page 25 oF 61 © normal (default value) 8 Internal rng signal for extornal calls insvument catagory for TYPE EL? board configuration OF TLUaS LUT? 4 TLu29 /TLU76 blocking f board when slp alarm ONO Yes valusofe o123456789A8 allowed boarer services Ir originating extension speech and 31 KHz audio x x 64 Kos restricted x 64 Kbile unrestricted ou x x ‘TeKbUs unrestricted x K tones provided to extension normal tones pars x enhanced alobal tones ‘yoo iia apron ‘nullploxer 2Mbls, RSM standart signaling 1 Enescon Cardoss Swiich 2 application computer IBM dct tak 3 multiplexer 1 SMbls, 1 interface with Loop Start Cental Office signaling 44 multiplexer ibis, ®7 signaling 5 mobilty server 8 voice mal system 7 Enpax PFA 8 enhanced CAS interface for mobilty Table 1- value of “a for TLUAS / TLU7T board 024689A8C DEF N xxx XK Xx signaling x cas ccs puke goCn ear ee zero suppresion Poa eeaxeX a azs x xXx XK frame format SE KK x x x x ESF ko Kk Kk oM! wo KX KX KK x x Yes Danae x cas Channel Agsooiated Signaling cs Common Channel Signaling 208, Zero Code Suppresion 525, Bipolar Eight Zeo Substitution Se Stoor-Frame esr Exlensed Super-Frame OM Digital Multiplexed interface Note: Digital mutt ire MN cmon ni “ger Ought abt em" es ee sia ete ae | SSeS Sh muon ecm Peer ES oc tn tsar) Th @ ora (taut value) PRET cet en with @ MDP lstunen.ephone ype Ssee cay ean BBs 18 =BBG 631 (Bay 2831) 18 386 ge aes 2) 0% 112 =DBC 662 (Dialog 2662) 13=0BVA'5780 14=DBVA 5751 [Datavox 8117) 15 =DBVA 753 [Datavox 813") 439 =DBC 202 /0BC 212 20 =DBC 203 / DBC 225, 21 =DBC 203 / DBC 213 with one extra key panel 22 =DBC 203 DBC 213 with wo extra key panels 23 =DBC 201 /DBC 211 (Datavon 2610903, TABLE OF CONTENTS, Page 26 of 61 (DTS for Swaish PTT oni) routing elegy sealyYesreio ovel/ raveling class mark "FA. estogr for an aniogusextnson Sesines stevie reson of he use of privat network a wel as he overfow to the publeneter: Each sal ongineoris ested an PEL catagory which = teri agh tener a nator Tovey Css 3 ‘monk ce (acto vat 0) > Sorount coo catsooy & eran sosant code when lens cost routing states forbs account code catogo(0) Gros fotures NOT ued inthe sytem 1 forced ascount code von asa ens outing tate ifr he sccount code category (1) 2 loved account codes never roqured ¢ leas com routing (CCR) charcertce Stearch ree oul ce scat up to he Boshold iovel NO queuing showed: Ora! ts atures NOT wed nthe system 4 Sonrh roe oes done po he tes ieveld. Aer ek fe calls put ime the quove or soe (AS), wating fore fist hand choice fo Wacom oe. ifitdooy NOT extn serch lanes ag fom fe fst hand chace anc continues pt the oul choice marked as hrestold evel rh for ee route done up he tyeshiod level Aer thal, the cals put ino the quoue or se (AS) ating for to fot hand chee o bosom fou iitdoes NOT gor, searen started sya rom te fat hand choice and Contes up 9 telat han cles 3 Leceresiiive evel Sores Sone for al avalatle Tove choise and NO queuing sapped LR GOS (Class of Sere aated fo he alone extension and defines feleciv escton of he se of avelabe rout oie fer ogo ae oe wal as of te use of OF EHOOK gun acy “is compare wth theshos lve or OFF-HOOK quening (see parameter ADC in commande) acorangte he aoe denctbton NO dtu ave S aor authorization ype for route selection anal ateeon aoe cass 8 Sosse dss {ats eension PABX operat cass Ge FIONK servoe sotcton I used nthe system S"tempiated { tempate 2 lomplate 2 5 lomplate$ 4 template ¢ § tempat S 8 lomplate 6 3 tomate? serv cess alte ony 5 Emergency sviching characteristics BS Wakkod rita of bate or emergency evtched PABX. 2 pen fra ae for energency sutches PAB a ‘nin characte SO NCTrivooncharctestes ried nai mrsion and by paseo version Oe Bp cn andrea f eng efor rth party jovant ony any tus characterises have Yon saad) Roc 42 prlonty on intusion=3 e ireet indian characteristics O ‘Blocked for trafic rom public exchange 4 open fr Wacom puble exchange, characteristics fr Sule MEC (DID) 2" Acsubsorbe: wil NOT be charged on answer 4 number information roquest ' ‘automate callback characteristics O°NOT permite to initate automatic callback {1 permite to nate automate callsack towards another extension 2 permitted to nite automate callback towards snother extension n same exchange oF private network and towards external ine 3 pormiled fo nate automate callback towards private network and towards externa ine, witht lang a procedure (ony used by extemal devices that do NOT have to possibilty to determine when to dal a procedure to inate automate callback) on tall waling tone characterises 150: NOT permited to initiate or receive call weiting tone 11 ported tanita tranemission of call waiting tone 102 Fecepton of cal waiting tone rom another extonion permitted 14 reception of call waiing tone fom another extension and PABX operator permitted (06 teogpton of call waiting tone from another extension, PABX operator and external Ine permitted TRAF abedefgh traffic category 2 abbreviated number trafic class 0:08’ abbreviated number tafe cass fr commen abbreviated number od TCD-category NIGHT filesiC\My Documents\cesar2\ :NK_BC92.HTM 2609103 ‘TABLE OF CONTENTS. ef on Tew. os. TYPE abe FCRR: um s124 PATH daibie. Je FIDAP[ PATH= [PATH= OPT=|, FIDICEPAT cr FISCPIODEV= FIUSP, ace a chKRD ony coor bed FCAT abode FORMAT ——abede lovey ft4en, NODE 14h ort abe OWNER bed Pare late Size 64 SPATH [ate SUBFS ach, fles/C:\My Documentscesar\2\ENK_BC92.HTM Page 27 of (00-14 pon for specitic number according to TCD. data inthe number anaysic 15 ‘ally open TCD-category DAY (00-14- open for speci numbor according to TCD-datain the number analysis 15 fully open, Irae conection cla (00-14 state the trac group in the trafic group matrix o which the extensions balong 15 tullyopen ‘wansmission calegory ypetotgeting Sagem LG tne cuit fer analogue extension (standard) ELT tne cfeul CAS (Chanel Aasocats Shai) extenslone ELB line erult for POTS (Plain Ordinary Telephone Set) extensions FC FUNCTIONAL CHANGE. PROGRAM BLOCK BACK CHANGE PROGRAM BLOCK END. PROGRAM BLOCK PRINT PROGRAM BLOCK CHANGE INITIATE PROGRAM BLOCK LOAD INITIATE RELEASE CONFIRMATION INITIATE RELEASE DATA PRINT RELEASE PRELOAD END RELEASE PRELOAD INITIATE RELEASE CHANGE RELOAD INITIATE LM number path descrpton to load directory ‘hax 36 alphanumere-oh, and character | FI FILE ADMINISTRATION CATEGORY CHANGE CATEGORY PRINT ‘COPY INTIATE CREATE INITIATE DATA PRINT WORKING DIRECTORY CHANGE FILEIDIRECTORY END DIRECTORY INITIATE WORKING DIRECTORY PRINT FILE CONTENTS PRINT FILE OWNER CHANGE FUNCTION TEST INITIATE MOUNT END MOUNT INITIATE FILE NAME CHANGE OPEN FILE PRINT. SAFETY BACKUP END. ‘SAFETY BACKUP INITIATE ‘CAPACITY PRINT USER PRINT ‘20c888 authorization for fleldiractory FR roading authonzation but NOT wing authorization fra fle ‘Authorization to read the contents ofa directory W sling authorization but NOT reading authorization fora fle ‘Authorization fo oreato and erase tne conten ofa directory X_Sgarching authorization fora Broctory N__NO authorzation ‘check readingot a sublesystem copying option FILE” the operator wants to copy a flor files DIR tha operator wants copy a drecloryrectres i users category QWNER” the owner ofthe fis or the directory GROUP greup momoers OTHER Sthere [ASCII the printouts made in ASCIMormat HEX’ theprimout is made in hexadecimal format ‘ently of /0-devies fle system node pion ALLall subordinate fles and directories inthe fle hierarchy wl be printed ONE ony one fle oF dvectory wil be printed ‘onmers user dently (alphanumeric ch.) path description. size of subtle systom in Mbytes source path deseripion ame of subie systom (alphanumerie ch) 260905, ‘TABLE OF CONTENTS mod pat woesting 3 fsck dev-patn rep ipux ‘Spat ‘mount dev-pathdir-path uit mount dev-path FTTLL{ LPTYPE=]BPOS- Ql POS abes & od OU abesef ® 4 ef LesiDe ‘abe uM. 1-124 UPrype ° UNIT oR 0.9999 GRP +99 SEL abe . seRV abesetghi filevC2My Document Page 28 of 61 IPUX COMMANDS, change fle prviiges Toportfree disk space fie consistency check help TPUX logon list directory contents ‘mount a fle system leave IPUX UGamount a fe system FT FUNCTION TEST (CHECKSUM INITIATE FAULT DISCOVERING CIRCUIT INITIATE MULTIPARTY DEVICE INITIATE MULTI FREQUENCY EQUIPMENT INITIATE TONE DEVICE INITIATE. “TRUNK LOOP BACK TEST INITIATE board positon $2124 CIM number 0:3 MAGAZINE number 7 \ board positon 031 ‘equipment postion 1-124 UM sumber 03 MAGAZINE number 7 board positon 03) (00:31 individual on board logical conta sytem sce EXE exccutng contol system side SBY “sandoy contol system ede LIM number "ype of foop back test rogram unit name GD GROUP DO NOT DISTURB GROUP DO NOT DISTURB END ‘GROUP DO NOT DISTURB INTTIATE GROUP DO NOT DISTURS PRINT directory number ‘9T0up 60 not distur group number GH GROUP HUNTING FUNCTIONS .QUE=}; CATEGORY CHANGE DATA PRINT. GROUP MEMBER END GROUP MEMBER INITIATE “GROUP INITIATE customer number {recor number af grup member rectory numberof ternal grup hunting group Uii'number a queue tenet Felease tk irunk category "the group is NOT assigned for release ink unk funconality 4 the group is assigned for release ink tunk functionally 2 the group Is assigned for silent hold functionally connection with release ink Wunks. selection catevory o"sequental searching 1 searching according lo foe list, the Individual who has been trae longest is oe selected frst intemal cals towards the group shal NOT be queued 4 intemal cals tard the group shall be queued 0 diversion fs permite ener when there sre NO avaliable Tmombers of when te quove fs ful 4, dversion is NOT permed when there are NO avalablo members 2 diversion is NOT permitted when the queue is fll 53 dWversion is NOT permitted service calogory rect indaling characteristics Othe internal group hunting group number is blocked for direct incialing trac 1 the intemal group hunting group number Is open for direc Indaling wate lesar\ENK_BC92,HTM 26109103 TABLE OF CONTENTS ‘characteristics for Swiss MFS (01D) 2" Avsubscxber wil NOT be charged on answer 4 Renamber information reserved (value 00) Trusiconswalt 8'NO musleon-wvalt shall be provided 4 musie-on-walt shall be proves 2 "musie-on-walt shall be provided if recorded announcement has been provided [NOT applicable for extended or Wansterred cal) SORT e sorting metnod 0 numerical ordee 4 inated order a) TRAF trae category trafic connecton cass O:14" states to which Wafic group the intemal group hunting group belongs: 16 fully open’ GJ GROUP JUNCTOR LINE FUNCTIONS GJALLRATE: ALARM LEVEL INITIATE BLOCKING END BLOCKING INTTIATE. CONNECTION END CONNECTION INITIATE. FUNCTION TEST INITIATE CONNECTION PRINT ‘GROUP JUNCTOR LINE END ‘GROUP JUNCTOR LINE INITIATE GROUP JUNCTOR LINE FAULT LOG PRINT UNE STATUS PRINT FAULT LOG RESET INMATE RESTART FUNCTION INITIATE SIGNALLING LINE INITIATE TIME SLOT CATEGORY CHANGE. TIME SLOT STATUS PRINT cH 932 numberof channels on PCNHine a0 a‘ed-ef equipment positon in LIM a 520M number 6 03 MAGAZINE number e 0-7 \ board positon 4 03) or 0°31 individual on board EQUA ‘ab-cd-et equipment positon in LIM, A-pat a 4528 TIM number 5 03 MAGAZINE number ¢ 0-7 \board positon 4 03) or 0°31 individual on board ‘bode —squipmant positen in LIM, part $528 Tint number 0.3 MAGAZINE number 7 \board positon 03) 0.31 individual on board ed type of pantout FAN ©” Brintout of complete fans GON printout of connected ime slots BOOK Frintoutof booked time sols GsMULT a PCM lite numbor a 0-7 group Switch modulo number 6 0.30 PCH ine number essiDe ‘2 ‘group switch sido sige On group suit 4 side 1 in group switch 2 both sides n group switch uM e124 Unf number PRINT abedef choice of printout for PCMine Ae PARI PIchtines are to be printed FAULTY ‘faulty PChikinas are to be printed SIG" Signaling PChiines are tbe printed ECL deck cantoling PcMines are tbe printed (Getautt ALL) ‘alarm level $ alarms for higher bt fault rate than SxIOEE-3 4 alarms fr higher bi fault rate than Sx TOE 5 alarms for higher bi fault rate than Sx10EE-5 § arms fr her i ulate than SXIDEE-S 8 caus FUNC RATE ‘lars for higher Bt fault rate than SxIDEE 7 ‘lars for higher Bit fault ate than SxIDEE 8 Tscl abedelgh traffic type category string forthe time slot(s) e u'Losaing atic 6 53 Buffer transfor watc e D Data waite fileIC:\My Documents\cesar2\ENK_BC92.HTM 2609103 TABLE OF CONTENTS Vote trate © Gi Cal ntrmaton Login 3 NOT specified yet ae 2 NOT spect Yet 1 NOT speifed Jet, ume Sot NOT avatabo for any afc ypes GROUP CALL PICKUP FUNCTIONS ANSWER GROUP END ‘ANSWER GROUP INITIATE DATA PRINT MEMBER END MEMBER INITIATE (ONE GP GPAGE:GRP» alternative answer group number rectory number of member gteup number Ei namber GS GROUP SWITCH FUNCTIONS MODULE BLOCKING END MODULE BLOCKING INITIATE MODULE CONFIGURATION END MODULE CONFIGURATION INITIATE. MODULE DUPLICATION INTIATE: MODULE FUNCTION TEST INITIATE MODULE STATUS PRINT’ MODULE RESTART FUNCTION INITIATE B, reserved 8-> A. ‘one.nay connection 8 > A, reserved A> B. ‘rainary two-way connection ‘hesway connacton A> B. ‘one-way connection B > A, DSU-board psu equ 83 oar onindl sipment poston ° 28 it number e 0.3 MAGAZINE number e 077 \ board positon a O31 er 31 board on inaual 2-bci-of “cauipment postion 8 a 1928 it ndmber 2 é e EQUA ous 3° MAGAZINE number 7 tard positon cs) aa 0-31 board on individual be ext YES tum ofthe test fod i case of fault NO" dont turnoff he test od in case of fault FAULT abe faut signals YES ‘Store only faults inthe testlog NO” dont store ony fauls in the test log ex FULL abe Tulltest YES. complete function tost NO" NO complete test LAW ey law of companaing A Slaw fy NY LesiDe abe loge conta ayer ade EXE executing control eystom SBY stancby contol system uM 4-124 LM number BTR o-909 paint fo a record in the test og SIG abe. Signet name (12.0h) MG MODEM GROUP MODEM GROUP CATEGORY CHANGE MODEM GROUP END MODEM GROUP INITIATE MODEM GROUP DATA PRINT MODEM GROUP MEMBER PRINT MODEM CHANGE MODEM END. MODEM INITIATE MODEM MEMBER PRINT ‘2ccess code for modem group Sstursenes information abe (100-258 "helaing time et (00-255 slarm iit Qu ‘abcde equipment postion 524i number 5 29 MAGAZINE number e 7 \ board positon 4 03) e 0-7 individual on board MccaR ‘bedef_—_ modem group connectionelsconnecton characters modem aetvation/deactvaton a O'modem actvatoaiceactivated via OTR (108) 4 modem eonstanty setvatod Via DTR (108) n position ON 1 acivated direct without waltng for end of answer tone. State of RTS frm terminal fe madem and DSR from madem to terminal are transferred direct "activates directly without naling for and of answer tone. Stat of YS from terminal to modern and BSR trom modem to terminal ae transferred 73:20me ‘aftar end of answer tone 2 acivate after end of answer tone, State of RTS from terminal to medem ‘and DSR from modem to terminal are transferred 78:20ms after end of answer tone 2 connection procedure or modem at outgoing trafic direction ‘answer tone shall be detoctod fr stablshment of data connection ‘modem is aevated directly without waibng for and of anewer tone Slate af RTS fom terminal a modem and DSR from madam to terminal are Uransforrad 75:20me ater end of anewer tone ‘answer Ione shall be detested for establishment of data connection modem is seivated directly whhaut wailing for ard of answer tone files/C:\My Documentseesar2\ENK_BC92.HTM 260903, ‘TABLE OF CONTENTS. ‘modem Page 41 of 61 aloof RTS from terminal to modem and DSR from modem fo terminal are transferred 500:100ms activation of modem 2 answer lone shall be dotacid for establishment of data connection ‘Modem is activated after end of answer tone. lala. af ATS from terminal o madem and DSR from modem to terminal are transferred 75:20me ater end of anewer tone '3 establish data connection without detection of answer tone modem is activated Srecly without waiting for ond of anwor tone stato of RTS fram terminals ‘and DSR from mogem fo terminal are translerred dreely on connection ‘ranamission level of answer fone generator O'NO answer tone os MGN MINFO MONE. MTYPE 0.91 294 95-09 abe By 0.498 abot ab o 4) anewer tone level 2 answer tone level 5 answer tone level 4 Snswer lone level 5 answer tone level 8 answer tone level 7 answer tone love 2h ebm 8 newer lone level dm “308m “sam ‘Seem 245m 15 ebm 18 ebm Note tis parameter i used fr incoming data call dieconnect upon receiving break signal ‘NO asconnertion on break 4 dsconnection on break ‘supervision of carer Indication 0 Gisable the supervision of earir indication 4 automate disconnected is foss of carer Indication lass for 10 seconds 2 automate disconnected is loss of camer Indioaton lasts for 5 minutes modem group numbers reserved for uture uses Feserved for modemless groups wit flowing teleservices: 5 tmoLINK, long held data calls 9 videotex 84 KB's, videotex information service normally provides by PTT 97 toletex 64 Kb, text information service normally provided by PTT 98 group 4 telefax, digital 48 K In 64K Yacsruo 89 modemless connection aver digital ine with NO teleservice "modem group information modem type 50. Unknown madem type 1-15. market-onenteg values (example of CCITT dependent market) 10 another type of modem or vr 02 v.22 03 V2 bis oa v25 05 V26 08 V26 bis OF V26 ter 08 var 09 Vi27 bis $0 V.27 ter nv29 12 Visa 13 V35 14 NOT applicable 18, NOT applicable leleservice ONO teleservie requested 4 fecsimie GP 1-3 2 talotox 5 videotex ‘madem number ‘adem group type data format ‘ynenronous Ot adyncronots, 7 dota bis, 1 soo Synchronous, 7 data bit, 1 slop bit 02 ‘synch‘onous, 7 data bis, 45 sop bits ‘synchronous, 7 data bis, 2 stop bie ‘synchronous, & data bis, {slop Bit fsynchfonous, 8 data bis, 1.5 sop bits ‘synchronous, 8 dala bie, 2 stop bia synchronous, 9 data bis, {stop bt synchronous, 8 data bis, 15 stop bits synchvonous, 8 data bis, 2 stop bt bitrate 0 0 "0 bisa 180 tee 02 200 bislsec 03 300 bsieec 14 600 bisieee 15 1200 bisieec 08 2400 bisisec 57 4800 Bisieec 98 9600 Bisisee 09 75/1200 bislsee Note: cJ=00-03 a 09 NOT pert fr synchronous transmission 0 full duptex transmission 4 half duplex transmission 2 full duplex tansmisson Where circuit CTS operation is delayed in the system unt CSreut RLSD have been In ON-postton atleast ome file:/C\My Documents eexar-21ENK_BC92.HTM 26,0903, ‘TABLE OF CONTENTS Page 42 of 61 Noto or equal to 300 bps 1 Wanemiton clack source 1" seynevonous ori synchronous wanemission 114 {rorariing eek ears tous) io uses + Wrsynchrorbus veramission 11@&(vansmiing clock MAU source) is used fi seat 111fes orcs 0°77 (data signal rateseacton shall ben ONsiate 2 tas ealee vane foquony)isconvoed by te ot {soc rans equency) is controled by the tafe case 3 titisoare NOT ubtecd TRO a vate dredlon open for orgoing vac onty 4 open fer incoming tae ony 2 hen for banning en ougoing tafe only MH MEMORY HANDLING FUNCTIONS PACKING INITIATE is only permitted for asynchronous transmission and bt rates less than MHPALLIME um 1124 LIM number NA NUMBER ANALYSIS CALL DISCRIMINATION DATA REMOVE CALL DISCRIMINATION DATA SET DATA PRINT EXTERNAL NUMBER LENGTH DATA REMOVE EXTERNAL NUMBER LENGTH OATA SET NUMBER SERIES END. NUMBER SERIES INITIATE. PROCEED T0 SEND SIGNAL DATA REMOVE PROCEED TO SENO SIGNAL DATA SET ‘SERVICE CODE REMOVE NANLREXL™ SERVICE CODE SET decimal answer code answer code for group call pickup “answer code fr a common night service pasion 0.99999 “newer code far a common ball group number on TCD category 0.99999 code for cancion of direct diversion and follow me 0.99998 code for ordering of rect siversion 0-9989909909 external number for extemal analysis 1124 Citnumber a maximum external number lenght £220 max number of digits in an extornal number 89. direct through connection after min engi for stated igs Min 020 ‘min numberof ais nan external number NUM. (0-839¢000089 Sxtoral or internal numbor for analyte wth respect to TCD category NUMSE 0.99699 number series, NUMTYP ab umber yoo ac common abbreisted number ‘AD indie abbreviated number Gp ‘number tobe TeD-checked GP. commen aubie rectory mamber Be dalmononaer run Sirectory numberof data grou Di drectinward system acces, BISA eteral Gestation code wih coordinated numbering pan ED route access cade, EN onn PABX number within private network xtonson numberof oie extention using nara recor number of group huning group and recy number of Common bal Shoup 1° fae ost outing agcoea code MA modem group nemer NC nner feng ata Qc ‘Sommen PASX operator number 85 common PABK operator ume for cect indaling GE emergenay number fo PABX number Ot avd! BABX operator number PD_publicdestnaton aecoss cade va least cost routing, when certain numbers shall be barred 2G commonletra paging number Pr procosdttrsené data, (socons cal ono dat) RO foute rectory number SC. sonice cove PGA 0.99989 “Snawer cose for paging calle cpm 0.99999 “cal code for paging units with message fed Par 0.99998 Gall code for paging PGsA 0.99998 newer cade for paging calls PGs 0.99989 Call code for paging Uns wilh speech connection Pos. abe poston of proveadto-nend so cy 01-20 positon of procead-o-send signal) C.D. orF type of proveed-o-send signals {les/C:\My Documentscesar'2\ENK_BC92.TM 260903 TABLE OF CONTENTS Page 43 of 61 NC AUTOMATIC NETWORK CALL DISTRIBUTION ‘COMMUNICATION END ‘COMMUNICATION INITIATE COMMUNICATION PRINT. ‘COMMUNICATION TEST INITIATE ‘GROUP MEMBER CHANGE (GROUP MEMBER ENO (GROUP MEMBER INITIATE. (GROUP MEMBER PRINT MAXTION} GROUP CHANGE GROUP END | MAXTIN} GROUP INITIATE GROUP PRINT ‘GROUP STATUS PRINT ‘TRAFFIC END (GROUP TRAFFIC INITIATE INFORMATION CHANNEL END. INFORMATION CHANNEL INITIATE INFORMATION CHANNEL PRINT NODE-END 'NODE INITIATE NODE PRINT ‘SATELLITE GROUP CHANGE SATELLITE GROUP END. ‘SATELLITE GROUP INITIATE SATELLITE GROUP PRINT NCD 0099999 rectory number of an ANCD group, Ho 2 choiwe 153 Sequence number for altemative ICU channel communication cust 131 ‘customer number for ANCD group BistNo 11049. “Gitrbuton number to satelite group IcUIND, oa8 information channel unt Indu! INFTYe a information flow type. event driven information flow P poricdi information flow Lim se124 Lit number Mina bed maximum waiting tine 3600 "ime n Seconds Ro remove ime NODE 1-255 ‘ANCD node number ‘OFLNO 4-10.49. overflow number to an ANCD group OFLTIN abed Gverfow tme 3600 "mein seconds Re remove time, OvFLOW abe Gvertow category YES Overton permitted NO” ‘Ovarlow NOT permitted SAT 00-99999 rectory number ofa satlito group SEL @ selection celagory Onion orcer 4 rotating order 2 most ree agents 5 log sharing SERV ° service category direct indialing tatfic O blocked for DID trafic 4 open for BID wate SORT a ‘soning method O numerical order 4 nation order STRING 1-20¢ig. “information sting (ASCII format) TRAP ey trafic category 00 slates which trafic Group the ANGD group belongs. “ 18 fully open NI NAME IDENTITY INDIVIOUAL NAME END INDIVIOUAL NAME INITIATE INDIVIDUAL NAME PRINT DIR 00-99999 directory number for extension file11C:\My Documents\cesar2\ENK, BC92.HTM 2609003, ‘TABLE OF CONTENTS. cre 0.99988 rectory number for group NAME 1-20ch. rst partof the name. NAME2 4-20ch. second part of te name OPE, 00-99839 rectory number for Ievidual PABX operator PRES a presentation rules 1 iret part of name is presented 2 second part af name is presented (only wad when parameter NAME2 is entered) NS NIGHT SERVICE FUNCTIONS NSCOE; NIGHT SWITCH COMMON END. NSCOLEQI NIGHT SWITCH COMMON INTIATE NSDAP, NIGHT SWITCH DATA PRINT EQU a-t-cd-e equipment poston @ F524 Lin number 6 03 MAGAZINE number ed 0.7.03 board postion ° (0-7 inciidual on board NU NUMBER CONVERSION NUMBER CONVERSION END NUTRE:{ONVTYP=I|ENTRY=I[. NUMTYF = NUMBER CONVERSION INITIATE, NUTRLCNVTYPS.ENTRI + NUMYTP=| TRC=][, PRE=I| NEWTYP=I[,CONT=| [BCAP=)[ Fics): NUTRP{CNVTYP=],ENTRY=] NUMTYE NUMBER CONVERSION PRINT BCAP a bearer capabiity 1 speech 2S tHHe audio 3 Barieresteted 4 Be unrescted 5 UDLTA(? kr. 8 TeKoits unesticted cue a ype ol tate case Orecetved number {Sent henumber and an! connected number 2 reco Armbar and eces connect nanber err copay / igh evel compavoatyaubstibon cont 2 ‘soaren conte nclealon conversion shal NOT continuo 4 conversion continues n drestry number abla ENTRY 1.2049. _‘nimbertobe converted He 2 Tigh evel conpatiy ORO Wecortes 4 gp 2 facsimile 2 feioe 5 Ndeotox 4 orp facsimile lowx 4 8 wieoter es 4 tet 8 doo Newrrp 8 no ype of number ater he conversion 6 Unknow public number 4 intematonal number 2 atonal number 5 network specie number 4 Iocalpuble number 5 uskngum private rumber 8 local private number 4 level regional number NuWTYP ab ‘ypo at aumbor 0 unknown pubke number 4) frtematona! number 2. national number 3 etwork spect number 4 focal publ number 5 unknown private number 8 lees pve number . 7 level regional umber 0 internal dectory number when sent 1 publle network Coon ey 1 internal directory number when sent o private network 12 Internal directory number (used when search continues) PRE 4-10¢ig. “digs to insert at the Beginning of tre number TRC 020) fimber of eg fo tuneate af the beginning of the number OP OPERATOR DATA ABSENT TRUNK TRAFFIC DISTRIBUTION CHANGE CATEGORY CHANGE CATEGORY PRINT ‘CENTRAL NUMBER END CENTRAL NUMBER INITIATE CENTRAL NUMBER PRINT OPCEP Dies CALL ORIGIN GROUP PRINT OPCGRDIRS CALL ORIGIN GROUP REMOVE FileiC:\My Documents\cesar\2\ENK_BC92.HTM 2610903, TABLE OF CONTENTS Page 45 of 61 ‘CALL ORIGIN GROUP SET ‘GONWON ACCESS CODE END CONNON ACCESS CODE INTIATE. CALL TYPE DATA PRINT (GALL TYPE DATA REMOVE GALT, OACC=I, ROU], CUST= CALL TYBE DATASET OecucibiRs| ScUsT} ‘CUSTOMER NUMBER CHANGE DIRECTORY DATA PRINT DAY AND NIGHT TIME THRESHOLD CHANGE DAY OF WEEK TABLE INFORMATION PRINT OPERATOR ENO (OPERATOR INITIATE INSTRUMENT DATA PRINT INSTRUMENT STATUS SET NOTIFIED EXCHANGE END OPNEENEXGNO=( OWNID=) NOTIFIED EXCHANGE INITIATE OPNEP: NOTIFIED EXCHANGE PRINT OPRSC!ROU= STRING ROUTE STRING CHANGE Ont OPRSP RON! ROUTE STRING PRINT ops: TRAFFIC STATUS PRINT answ ° fnower ype A’attombbe onswer 4 manual answer NN neutral, selectable answer type avo a fudble incicaton ype Trane burst cat 6 eoninuous call NN Soutal selectable ype of call car a callype parameter OACC shall parameter ROU shal Be stated Be stated ° No 4 No 2 Suerte cale No 3 intemal calle No 4 manval ino Yes 5 normal external Yes 8 automatic to ine Yes 4 direct incaling Yes cENUM 99009" cermon abtrevated number fof canal answer positon HO e choice Ott choice 4 Second shoice coace 0-99990 ‘common PABX operator access code coRe ree Ea ongin group. cust 131 {istomer number oR e800 Grecia number OTME doy ime treshols HAIN date format ALL inceates tat the day status willbe setup fra day and starts fom zor hour oft day NONE. naiates that dynight status is dependent on operator Brosenesiabsonce sats Eau bed-et equipment positon 2 FeLi moor 5 0:3 MAGAZINE numbee e 0:7 \'board positon ‘ 03) or 0:31 individual on board extend a ‘extending ype automate extending M manval extonding Ni neutal, selectable type of extending lev a Tone burs eve $ slant (NO cal tone) t mutad sound ove —_ H.ormal ound Tevel a signaling moe 0" Stanca visual incicaons ony 1 standart visual inceaions plus special audible tone Mlcatione for he vicualy impaired Noa 0.99999 network central answer postion Noir ® right serves, 1; tlocl ig sown poatono arian potion N as second choice afc anater on-duly PABX operator NExGNo 0.90909 “noted exchange number NTE ‘bed night om tveahola ERIM date format ALL" indeates thatthe night status willbe al day and stats None ose ural th ay indeates that day/night stats is dependent on operator Breseneelabsence sats once 0.99999 call number o PABX operator Ocust 1t wigan caeme nner Orc : ‘operator category Common queso eer shoving th taal rumber of cals file/iCAMy Documents'eesar2\ENK_BC92.HTM 2609108 TABLE OF CONTENTS Page 46 of 6 © al cal vgn groups onthe PAB operator console + common quate counter showing te cals att individual PABX operator can answer ‘ownuo 0.99999 own exchange moor PRO . progarsming eatery Foe PABX Sperabr 6 NOT permited to program {the PABX operator i pormited we prorem sroryforcenal ansner poston toe of pry she ghost rerun pombe ‘outer ber "imped dvcson message number sertng method nunca eter 4 Gedorofiatn STRING ate ‘exten (2) se amy We aphanimerccombinatons TRAP ea “aleatagey. > {24 pra specie numbers accord o TCD dala ne number nays iy oven a ate switching las {5n1 slatos hie ale group the PABX operator belongs oto whch ‘and 8 parton he PABR operator may be comected wre 15 hiponon * Spector consol po Ospnarumere USK 3 symbote 2 Sanur standart 5 Boer 4 operate workstation (OS) Worry ate dy orteweek SUN Say FR Pay NON Monday Sav Se, TUE Taeaday Wea Wesnescay THD Tharday OS OBJECT STATUS DATA PRINT IDENTIFIER END, IDENTIFIER INITIATE. IDENTIFIER PRINT ‘STATUS PRINT SYMBOL END SYMBOL INTIATE: "TABLE INITIATE VARIABLE END VARIABLE ADDRESS INTIATE FILNO= POINT? ADDR, BITOFES LEN: \VARIABLE PROPERTIES INITIATE ADDR GEFFFEFFF variable address in hexadecimal format BITOFF or bilofiset within structured variable in decimal format DEFPR abe dating pent format DEC decimal" HEX hexadecimal FILNO, 4.258 ie number in decimal format HEADER abe. header for printout header for variable 1-30 alphanumeric ch header for object 1-40 alphanumere eh Len ob ‘arable length Fe th lonath in bits ofa subvarible (decimal format) 8:16 or 32 thelength in bs of variable (decimal forma) Lit 1-124 Lint number ‘OBvECT 4.20 ch, object dentier (alphanumeric ch.) OFF a offet to 2 variable @ data Individual 0-FF hexadecimal formal) Point ‘bed ainor to an individual na fle (0-FFFF hexadecimal formal) REFVAR 0.19) ‘ference variable number stated in decimal format REV. 1G ch product version Syma. 4-25ch, Symbol alphanumeric ch.) ADDR, fsbalefgh “Table start address in hexadacimal format (0-FFFFFFFF) TBYTES 0 table line size (cecimal format). TLEN ‘200 {abje longth decimal format VAL 085535 anumarte value (decimal format) ARNO 019 ‘arable number siatod in deomal format PA PAGING FUNCTIONS PAALEOIR ALARM GROUP CODE END PAALICCODE=OIR=; ‘ALARM GROUP CODE INMATE filesiC:\My Documents\cesar\ENK_ BC92,HTM 260903, TABLE OF CONTENTS Page 47 of 61 PAALPOIR ALARM GROUP CODE PRINT CATEGORY CHANGE. CHANNEL END ‘CHANNEL INITIATE DATAPRINT EQUIPMENT DATA PRINT PAGING END PAGING INITIATE ‘SEARCH AREA END "SEARCH AREA INITIATE, cH 063 channel number Cobe 0-9999, alarm group code cen 0.99999 Common paging number OiR 0.99999 extonsion directory number EPN 99999 Sura paging numer EQU ab-cc-e equipment positon e 2AM nimber 5 0.3, MAGAZINE number ed 0-7,0-2 board positon e (02 ingivdual on board SAR O45 most me search area PCAT abe pear etsy e pe ol paging receiver 4 eno-ey speoch 2 wo-nay spessh 4 Seay play § Onesay speech win play 8 twoway speson win dplay . § lterabves 18 also ofr a meet me facil Gepay wansmiting calogory O'R humber is be sent $ Arumbor's tbe sent 2 B number isto be sent 5 Rand 8 numbers are tobe sent e Brony fo sought recelver O"iow priory. 4 normal preity 2 high peony 5 alarm prorty REP. 0-20 numberof repetitions for 2 paging job SAR ots, search area ScD 09900 ——Searen code SSAR on8 Speech search area BL 08 Blocking time in seconds THO abodef holding timo for paging channel abe (005-300 max holding time In seconds for meet me and dsplay paging eh (005-200 max. holding tme in seconds for vorce paging vaR “S10 dig. _Signallng dagram varaton for signaling to paging equipment with E& M interface PC PROGRAM CORRECTION FUNCTIONS, ACTIVE SET ASSEMBLER END. "ASSEMBLER INSERT ‘SECTOR= ADDR=,DATAS; ASSEMBLER PRINT coNFiaM ser LOG PRINT PASSIVE SET ADDR abedelgh address (0-FFEFFFFF hexadecimal formal) ByTe 0285 umber of bytes a eh, thaname of tre program correction BATA ry data value (hexadecimal formal) ta Abedefgh Insertion address for correction (O.FFFFFFFF hexadecimal frmal) tM Tiza Lin number RA fbcdefgh return address from a correction (0-FFFFFFFF hexadecimal format) REV TiDeh- product revision SIGN ‘abod ‘he signal number, whose ENTER-statement isto be inserted (0-FFFF hexade. for) PF POWER FAIL FUNCTIONS PECOF:EQUE=, CONNECTION FOR EXTENSION TO TRUNK END PECOVEQUE= EQUT=; CONNEGTION FOR EXTENSION TO TRUNK INITIATE. PFCOPILIMS; CONNECTION DATA PRINT fileviC\My Documents\cesar2\ENK_8C92,HTM 2610903, TABLE OF CONTENTS Page 48 oF 6 DR (00.99999 directory number for extension EQue adb-ct-et —squipmant postion for extension e $724 IM number 5 OS MAGAZINE number od 97 \ boa postion ef 253 invdual onboard equt ‘b-cd-ef —_squipment positon for trunk @ 15124 LIM nombor 5 0-3 MAGAZINE number od 0-7 \ board postion 03) et 0°31 individual on board um “e124 iM number PT PROGRAM TRACING FUNCTIONS. [ADDRESS AND DATA SET DATA AREAS SET NUMBER OF BUS CYCLES SET RESULT STORE OR PRINT SYSTEM END SYSTEM INTIATE {mel CCSDE-I ADDR GATEEEFFFFF program or data adress eyctes “1.32768 number of sored bus cycles (32 K) DATA. OFF ErrEr "dota vale DSADDR = OHIFFFFF DS data address (2 Mb) Unt i124 LUM number MASK abodetgh aller (OO-4FFFEFFFF) PATH fatbi! target path description (max. 47 ch.) RUADOR —OHTIFEFFF “reload data addross (2 Mb) STORE, ‘abode stored execution mode USER "Store only user execution mode ‘SUPER _ store only supervisor execution mode TMPOFF OH IEFFEF ~ temporary variables offset (2 MD) RA —_ RECORDED VOICE ANNOUNCEMENT FUNCTIONS. i RADNP.VSIO= RADSE VSID= ANN= RAGAKGRP=| WELCOM=][, QUEUE={ EWTA=]},REPOUE P [CIDREG=|; filesiC:\My Doeuments\cesar2\ENK_BC92.HTM DIRECTORY NUMBER END DIRECTORY NUMBER INITIATE DIRECTORY NUMBER PRINT DEVICE SELECTION END DEVICE SELECTION INTIATE DEVICE SELECTION PRINT EQUIPMENT END EQUIPMENT INITIATE EQUIPMENT PRINT (GROUP ANNOUNCEMENT CHANGE (GROUP ANNOUNCEMENT CHANGE ‘GROUP ANNOUNGEMENT INITIATE, (GROUP ANNOUNCEMENT PRINT GROUP MEMBER END ‘GROUP MEMBER INITIATE GROUP MEMBER PRINT GRouP END GROUP INITIATE MESSAGE DATA END MESSAGE DATA INTIATE. MESSAGE DATA PRINT ‘announcement group number ‘announcement umber board postion 1124 Ct number G3 MAGAZINE number 07 03 board postion ‘conimon category code 2610903, ‘TABLE OF CONTENTS. cioREa 0-250 ompR abe core 4-92 oR 0.999900 ENDEV 1-100 Eau abode 6 é Wr, "65535 EWTA abe cre 0-99999 lise 1-250 Mra 9.255 QUEUE 0250 REPQUE 0-250 VAR 2 b : vsio 4-100 — Welcom 0-250 REBOLBPOS=; EEX! - RELILIM: REPUILI FRU POS bod 6 . 4 uM ‘124 UNIT [NUMACK=I( ADC=), ROUs| NUMACK=|(ADC- . Rooop'DeST=, RODNE:ROUY, TRUS] NIG= DAYS; Me:IC)\My Document\cesar2\ENK_ BC92.HTM, Page 49 of 61 customer identity request announcoment aumber ‘al ongin group ‘rectory number EE Msnaling deco umber auipmont postion for unk S329 Ut ndmber O'S MAGAZINE number hi 83 board individual estimated wating ie ximatedwaitng ime announcement request {YES an csimated wating ime onnouncement is NNO” ‘ah esbmotas waitng te announcomont ic N ‘soup number mmestage number ‘message imo in .5 second interval {queue announcement nomber pestome nr anioatnies rating Sagram varaton pela of conected€ and Mlaads inde stato ‘he Bcadis satin he same state ar te tad "both € and leads ere opan 5 Both € and Mlaads are cowed 2 Elfed is open, Hi leads closed 5 leads dosed, Meads open ep sna galing co Ee) fom perpieral pment 1 alter timeout n PABX (NO signal received on Eire) veies server board ently num ‘elcome announcement number RF RESTART FUCTIONS BOARD INITIATE EXCHANGE INTIATE Untinmare: PROGRAM UNIT INITIATE REGIONAL UM INITIATE board position 25324 Ein number G3 MAGAZINE number 0-7 \board positon 03) LIM number tunitname RO ROUTE DATA FUNCTIONS A\NUMBER PREFIX END "NUMBER PREFIX INITIATE ALNUMBER PREFIX PRINT (CATEGORY CHANGE, CATEGORY INITIATE CATEGORY DATA PRINT ‘CUSTOMER DIVERSION NUMBER END (CUSTOMER DIVERSION NUMBER INITIATE CUSTOMER DIVERSION NUMBER PRINT ‘DATA INITIATE DATA PRINT EXTERNAL DESTINATION DATA END EXTERNAL DESTINATION DATA INTIATE EXTERNAL DESTINATION DATA PRINT ROUTE DIRECTION END ROUTE DIRECTON INITIATE ROUTE DIRECTION PRINT DAY AND NIGHT NUMBER END 260903