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Term Paper

Introduction to Human Resource Management
(Course Code # HRM-326)

Date of Submission:30th April, 2007

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Tahmina Ferdous
Course Lecture: Introduction to Human Resource Management
Department of Business Administration
Victoria University of Bangladesh

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01. Md. Badsha Faysal
02. Md. Fazlul Karim Sajib

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Department of Business Administration
Victoria University of Bangladesh.

Badsha Faysal Nayeema Nusrat Md. Here is our Term Paper on “Human Resource Management on Grameen Phone Mobile Company” that you have assigned us to submit as a partial requirement for the course “Human Resource Management” while writing this term paper we have gone through Internet. Dhaka-1205 Subject: Submission of a Term Paper on “Human Resource Management of the Grameen Phone Company Limited”. Md. 2007 Tahmina Ferdous Course Lecturer Department of Business Administration Victoria University of Bangladesh. Please call us any further information at your convenient time and place.“Letter of Transmittal” Date: April 30. Fazlul Karim Group: B BBA Program 5th Batch Department of Business Administration Victoria University of Bangladesh. Abdul Kader Russell Md. Dhaka-1205. Dear Madam. journal and newspapers for the relevant information of the assigned topic. Yours faithfully. Masbah Uddin Bhuiyan Md. .

Victoria University of Bangladesh. She sincerely helped us and has given necessary suggestions in preparing our Term Paper. Department of Business Administration. journals and Internet and we have prepared our Assignment from the writings of them. Md. . Abdul Kader Russell Md.“Acknowledgement” We all praise to Allah for enabling us to complete our “Term Paper” with good and sound health. Course Lecturer. We are highly grateful to honorable teacher and we have gotten the information from the newspaper. Dhaka-1205. Masbah Uddin Bhuiyan Md. We would like to acknowledge our honorable teacher Tahmina Ferdous. Badsha Faysal Nayeema Nusrat Md. Dhaka. Fazlul Karim Group: B BBA Program 5th Batch Department of Business Administration Victoria University of Bangladesh.

“Table of Content” Chapter Name Name of the Points Page Number Executive Summary Chapter-01 Introduction: 1.4 Limitation of the Study Chapter-02 Human Resource Management Chapter-03 Topic of the Term Paper: 01-02 03 04-09 Human Resource Management of Grameen Phone Chapter-04 Problems & Solutions 10-11 Chapter-05 Findings and Analysis 12 Chapter-06 Conclusion 13 References I Appendix II-V .2 Objective of the Study 1.1 Origin of the Study 1.3 Methodology of the Study 1.

which is related to the course. which activities designed to provide for. coordinates human resource of an organization. We have prepared our term paper on Human Resource Management in Telecom sector of Bangladesh that tries to show a better picture of Human Resource functions. problems and the relevant effectiveness to the organizations. one of the important parts of each course is to prepare a term paper on the assigned topic. Human Resource Management. In a small firm they sometimes have Human Resource Department and for these they use only generalist or sometimes all of Human Resource functions are done by the manager. In BBA program. As a large organization the management division must need to have a particular Human Resource Department to follow the Human Resource functions effectively. The larger organizations prefer to have the specialist key person of Human Resource Management.“Executive Summary” In every organization Human Resource Management has a direct impact on its business. . Human Resource Management is one of the most important functions of an organization as it is concerned with the formal system in an organization to ensure effective and efficient use human talent to accomplish organizational goals.

In this Program. Orientation and Training. Performance Appraisal. Recruitment. The report will show the organization and their departments how they utilize Human Resources. In BBA program “Introduction to Human Resource Management” is a very important course. Documentation. .2) Objective of the study: The main purpose of the report is to show a concrete overview of an organization and their Human Resource Management. their Human Resource Planning.1) Origin of the study: We are a group of student in BBA program.Chapter-01 Introduction 1. We have prepared our term paper based on our course teacher’s assigned topic. one of the important parts of this course is to prepare a term paper on the assigned topic related to the course. Compensation & Benefits. 1. Our course teacher has provided us to prepare a term paper on assigned topic based on HRM related to the course.

They suggest us to visit the web site of their company. . We tried overview the assigned whole sector only from one company’s perspective. 1. they were not fully interested to give us full information about them & the company.4) Limitation of the study: The main limitation of the study is that when we met the company personnel’s. newspapers and class lecture sheet. We have visited the selected organization to take information from the company personnel.3) Methodology of the study: In preparing our term paper we have gathered information through both of primary and secondary resources. The whole information has been gathered from the Internet. different books.1. magazines. Most of the information gathered from the Internet for their time limitation and for negative behavior of the company personnel’s. Their behavior was not satisfactory.

traditionally referred to as personnel administration or personnel management. .Chapter-02 About Human Resource Management Human resource management is a modern term. It is concerned with formal system in an organization to ensure effective & efficient use of human talent to accomplish organizational goals. It is the part of the organization that is concerned with the people dimension of an organization. In simple word Human resource management is the activities designed to provide for and coordinate human resources of an organization.

5 million subscribers as of June 2006. Grameen Phone has been recognized for building a quality network with the widest coverage across the country while offering innovative products and services and committed after sales service. It is the leading telecommunications service provider in the country with more than 8. Therefore. we will give a concrete overview on Grameen phone and their human resource management. They are investing huge money in this sector. having completed its 9th year on March 26. one of them is Grameen Phone that largest mobile phone company in Bangladesh with having over 5000 employees and about 70000 sales representatives. the number of mobile phone operator’s is more than any other small country but in Bangladesh. mobile phone is a well-known and easy way to communicate with others. they are Grameen telecom Bangladesh and Telenor Norway. Has stepped into its 10th year of operation. About Grameen Phone Grameen Phone Ltd. their business future is bright.Chapter :03 Topic of the Term Paper “Telecommunication Sector” Human Resource Management of Grameen Phone Company Limited The telecom sector is one of the most important sectors in Bangladesh and the companies those are involved in this sector are making huge profit. Human Resource management is the most important part of an organization. Grameen Phone is owned by duel sharing company. . However. there are five mobile phone operators and another is pending. In Bangladesh. In telecommunication system. 2006.

The international shareholder brings technological and business management expertise while the local shareholder provides a presence throughout Bangladesh and a deep understanding of its economy. is a not-forprofit company and works in close collaboration with Grameen Bank. In addition to Norway and Bangladesh. Russia. which owns 38% of the shares of Grameen Phone. Hungary. Montenegro. supplies them with handsets and handles all after-sales services needed by the dispersed rural clientele. Both are dedicated to Bangladesh and its struggle for economic progress and have a deep commitment to Grameen Phone and its mission to provide affordable telephony to the entire population of Bangladesh. satellite operations and pay television services. It owns 62% shares of Grameen Phone Ltd. with the help of Grameen Bank. b) Grameen Telecom Grameen Telecom. a) Telenor Mobile Communication Telenor As is the leading telecommunication company of Norway listed in both the also and NASDAQ stock exchange. through which Grameen Phone provides its GSM services to the fast growing rural customers. The internationally reputed bank for the poor has the most extensive rural banking network in Bangladesh and also the expertise in micro finance.The Shareholders The shareholders of Grameen phone continue their unique in-depth experience in both telecommunications and developed. Ukraine. Grameen Telecom trains the operators. Malaysia. Telenor owns GSM companies in Denmark. Pakistan and Serbia. It has substantial international operations in mobile telephony. Grameen Telecom. . Thailand. Austria. Telenor has played a pioneering role in the development of cellular communications. Telenor uses the expertise it has gained in its home and international markets for the development of emerging markets like Bangladesh. manages the Village Phone Program.

000 villages. financial. As of May 2006. etc. the bank had 6. Human Resource Management of Grameen Phone: In Grameen Phone they have a Human Resource division for directing the Human Resource functions. Transportation Facility. 97 percent of whom were women. We will emphasis on Grameen Human Resource Department. Grameen Phone Organ gram: Management Organ gram is given on Appendix. In this division they use some energetic & well-trained specialist managers. placement and recruitment of high quality professionals and employees at different levels from CEO to junior executives. Day Care Centre. The major functions are- . development organizations. in-house medical support and other initiatives. Our clientele include some of the top names in corporate. Consumark has been operating in this market since 1997 for providing service to employers in the country and in regional centers outside of search. Group Insurance. which are serviced by 2121 bank branches all over the countryside. and Higher Education Support for employees. Human Resource division is one of the key important management division. Management Division: In Grameen Phone there are four divisions.33 million borrowers. Grameen Phone considers its employees to be one of its most important assets. Family Health Insurance. Grameen Telecom’s objectives are to provide easy access to GSM cellular services in rural Bangladesh and creating new opportunities for income generation through self-management by providing villagers with access to modern information and communication technologies. they do together the Human Resource activities or functions of Grameen Phone.Grameen Bank currently covers more than 67. Provident Fund. Children’s Education Support. GP has an extensive employee benefit scheme in place including Gratuity.

5) Orientation: In orientation of employees they provide   Orientation kit with information for employees. For these they forecast requirements through conducting job analysis.1) Human Resource Planning: Grameen Phone’s Human Resource Planning is to have number of qualified people in the right position in the right time. Organizational orientation. 4) Selection: In selecting employees they follow various steps process   Follow both the structured and unstructured interview. Finally choose right person. Departmental orientation. Prefer board interview. . Hire human resources. 2) Documentation: For documentation they use Computerized Human Resource Information System 3) Recruitment: In recruitment employees Grameen Phone follows  Use both the internal & external resources.

Rest room  Parking*  Cafeteria* * Note conditions apply. Project. 7) Compensation: Grameen Phone provides the compensation to their employee’s are    Payments & ranges. b) Safety & accident prevention:   Health facility. Holiday pay.   . Overtime. Leave personal illness etc. Tax shelter option.6) Training: Training is given to employees based on     New employees. Apprenticeship & classroom training method. c) Physical facility: Tour facility. Discount. Needs assessment. Working relation training. 8) Benefits: As a permanent employee Grameen Phone individual has the benefits area) Fringes benefits:    Insurance. Medical.

Maintain records & reporting. . Promotion. 10) Performance appraisal: Grameen Phone’s Human Resource Management and the managers are responsible for conducting performance appraisals. Needs assessment.9) Development: Grameen Phone makes development depends on    Employee survey Improve line support Changes in the management team. Train managers in conducting performance appraisal. Evaluate performance. Transfer etc. Their responsibilities are to:       Design formal performance appraisal system.

network quality and coverage needs. 3) In recruiting employees from the external resources the orientation and training take longer period of time. providing after sales service and on serving the needs of the business customers in the regions. 2) Changing Management Team occurs problems for employees to adapt the new management policy.Chapter: 04 Problems and Challenges of HR functions in Grameen Phone In Performing HR functions. .” The regional offices focus on the local market. based in the divisional headquarters. In performing such type of jobs their performance result was below than the rate.” explains Erik Aas. have been appointed with a strong mandate while the organizational structures of the regional offices have been considerably strengthened. Six regional sales managers. Grameen Phone Human Resource Department faces some problems and challenges these are: 1) At first they didn’t follow the EEO in Bangladesh and they don’t ask the female applicants to place in jobs traditionally held by men. “The regional markets are becoming increasingly more important as a large portion of the subscriber growth is coming from these places. They also allow female applicants but they motivated the male applicants for such type of positions. But when they tend to follow EEO rules they selected female employees for such positions. Problem solving: Solution-1: They followed the EEO laws to decrease gender discrimination. Solution-2: An interview with the Grameen Phones managing director about strengthening the organization and changes in management teams are given below: “Some structural changes in the company were initiated during the year with a much stronger regional focus.

500 new employers have joined the Grameen Phone family during the year. Grameen Phone is also actively participating in initiatives to create synergies within the mobile phone operations of the Telenor Group.” notes Erik Aas. Solution-3: In recruiting from external resources they prefer the experienced applicants. “Introduction of the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system was initiated during the year and it was implemented in February this year.” says the Grameen Phone managing director. “ This is a very good initiative as it enables us to share and learn from each other’s experiences. Automation is being increasingly introduced to further streamline the work processes and enhance the efficiency. “We have a skilled and highly motivated team which is very much target oriented.More than 1. .” he says.

Consider employees as one of its most important assets. Payments on ranges.Chapter: 05 Findings of the Study Grameen Phone is the largest mobile phone operator in Bangladesh. Effective management team. Have Human Resource division. . Effective selection process. Recruit from both external and internal resources. Employee survey and reporting. Train managers in conducting performance appraisal. Feel problems and solve it effectively. overtime & holiday payments. Different development programs. Training on needs assessment and project based. Above 5000 employees and about 70000 sales representative. Tend to follow EEO. Human Resource Management is one of the most important tasks to keep their position. Use Human Resource Information System (HRIS). Orientation and training given to the new employees. Design formal performance appraisal system. Human Resource Planning over a period. Higher education support for employees. Use well trained key specialist HR managers. Extensive employee benefit scheme. In analysis the Grameen Phone and their Human Resource Management the major findings are:                        Four management divisions. HR managers responsible for conducting performance appraisal. No lock out and strike faced.

Development of mobile telecommunication system of Bangladesh through the companies’ organizational goal is the prime challenge for human resource departments of the mobile phone companies.Chapter: 06 Conclusion The mobile phone operators are mainly service oriented. compensation & benefits. Human resource planning. . telecom sector five running mobile phone operators are doing their business and another operator is pending to introduce its services. should more emphasis on their Human Resource management and do their functions effectively. In Bangladesh. performance appraisal of employees. documentation. The companies depend on the human resource department for all the human resource functions. Mobile phone operators as a large organization emphasis on human resource management. In terms the local companies are merging with the foreign companies. which is a good sign of this sector. Most of the companies are doing join venture business. we would expect mobile phone operator to improve and strengthening their organization. Considering the above discussion. Human resource management impacts on company goal and the organization directly. In performing the human resource functions sometimes they faced by problems within the organization but a well effective performance and development by the specialist human resource manager could solve the problems.

. www. Ph. Professor of Management Dupree College of Management Georgia Institute of Technology. Class lecture sheet Provided byTahmina Ferdous Department of Business Administration Victoria University of Bangladesh. Ahmed Imtiaz Khan Officer Human Resource Department Head Office Grameenphone Ltd.References 1. 6. Celebration Grameen Phone Annual Report. www. www. 5. 8.2006 Grameen Phone Newsletter issued 10th April 2007 Human Resource Management (8th Edition) ByLloyd L.D.grameenphone. Dhaka-1212. 7. 3.telenor. Dhaka. Road # 113 A. Plot 3 & 5 Gulshan. 9.

Appendix Figure-1: Grameen Phone Logo Figure-2: Djuice Logo .


Plot 3 & 5 Gulshan. GSM Revenue 600 Million USD Net income 6. Road # 113 A.Figure-3: Grameen Phone Organgram Figure-4: Grameen Phone Location Map Type Grameen Phone Company Limited Founded 1998 Headquarters Celebration Point.403. Bangladesh Key people CEO: Erik Aas Industry Telecommunication Products Telephony. EDGE.8 Million Taka Employees 5000 Slogan We are here to help Figure-5: Grameen Phone at a glance. Dhaka. .