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Canada 1

Cultural Interview
In the country of Canada people greet each other with a firm handshake, or if greeting
relatives or close friends a kiss on the cheek may be given. Education starts promptly at the age
or 5 or 6 and continues until graduation. Males are not prioritized over females regarding
education, all children are required to attend school. There has been a trend of higher education
amongst Canadians in the past fifty years due to enforcement of education, which has positively
affected the country. The literacy level is 98% in Canada, with female literacy at 75%. (Franklin
University Library) The Canadian school year runs from approximately the end of august to the
end of June.
The normal attire for men and women of Canada is casual dress, with the upper class
dressing more elegantly then the lower class. Canada is a constitutional monarchy with a
parliamentary democracy in which Queen Elizabeth II is the head of the country. Canada is also
considered a federation due to the fact that the governments and the federal government have
separate jurisdictions of political authority.
The major religion practiced in Canada is Christianity with a large percent of Canadians
belonging to the Catholic Church. Catholics profess their beliefs as Jesus Christ as the son of
God, and refer to the articles of the Apostles Creed as our outline for describing Catholicism.
Canadians have access to readily available technological products of all types. Canada does not
differ much from the United States in terms of being able to walk into an electronic store and
purchase merchandise. Although prices may be higher in Canada then the US.
Canadians may get married by civil or religious ceremonies, same sex marriage is legal in
Canada. The average age for marriage in Canada is early to late twenties. It is acceptable to not

French and English are both considered the national language of Canada. Canadian’s spend leisure time much like an average American. however a large percent of the population due choose to marry. going to the movies. in which he replied he enjoys living in the United States but feels safer living in Canada because the crime rate is not as high. An important figure to Jason from Canada’s past history is Henrietta Muir Edwards. A large number of single mothers with one income live in poverty. One important fact Canada practices is free healthcare. Another question I asked Jason was how he felt about . creating more blended family structures. Divorces are frowned upon in Canada. Preventative care and medical treatments are provided to the people of Canada by the government. Jason claims you can sleep with your front door unlocked in Canada and not worry about burglaries. who was a women’s right activist and reformer in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s. Canada has a high rate of divorces that have increased over the last 50 years. spending time with family. One question that I asked Jason was if he preferred to live in the United States or Canada. but are obviously necessary in some cases. Jason feels more should be done by the Canadian Government to assist those in need.Canada 2 get married in Canada. shopping. in the bigger cities such as Toronto English is used more than French. It depends on the area of Canada but usually Canadians are able to speak English and French. A key challenge that Canada faces today is doing more to help those who live in poverty. Western culture has no doubt influenced Canadian culture especially among the youth. A more recent important figure who originated from Canada is the music artist Aubrey Drake Graham known as Drake. The opportunities for Canadians and Americans are very similar.

I did not feel any biased answers from the interviewee. and the fun attractions offered there. and believe repercussions of this decision will come to light in the distant future. I cannot say I agree with the affordable care act. as opposed to the affordable care act of the United States. I appreciated the opportunity to learn interesting facts about Canada.Canada 3 the legalization of same sex marriages in Canada. Given more time I would have asked more questions about the history of crime in Canada. In my opinion the Government should assist with the cost of Healthcare for United States Citizens as Canada does. but I guess that is because of Canada and the United States being so closely related. . I felt he was completely neutral. I was surprised to learn that Canada is very similar to the United States. Going into the interview I did not think the answers were going to be so expected. I believe the most significance I took from the interview was the view on free healthcare in Canada. he replied he doesn’t condone same sex marriages but respects the rights of others to do so if they choose.

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