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The Public Relations Society of America and Ragan’s PR Daily present:

The 2010

New York City, March 2-3

Con Edison Headquarters Union Square Best
Best Practices
Practices Summit
Delivering measureable results in the digital and mainstream media world
No theory. Who should attend? That’s easy:
• Public relations professionals
No pie-in-the-sky advice. • Crisis communicators
• Employee communicators
Just proven strategies • Media relations executives
straight from the PR front lines. • New media professionals
• Social media novices and experts
Join us in New York City for the first-ever Who will be speaking?
Media Relations Best Practices Summit •B  usinessWeek
from PRSA and Ragan Communications! • Child’s Play Communications
• Co-Communications, Inc.
We’ve assembled the biggest media relations professionals for a day of • Con Edison
training that will give you hundreds of ideas, tips and strategies for your
• Dow Jones
company, your agency and your career. Here’s what you will learn:
• Edelman New York
• How reporters want to be pitched (Hint: It’s not your father’s tried-and- • General Motors
true pitching formula. It’s a new age for media relations pros, and we’ll
• Ketchum Global Research
give you the latest proven strategies for landing huge coverage in
traditional and mainstream media) • Perkett PR
• Phoenix Suns
• How to use Facebook and Twitter—the two hottest tools in PR today—
• PRBreakfastClub
to pitch the media, build relationships with reporters and bloggers
and get ahead in your career • RLM Public Relations
• Ruder Finn
• How to prevent your company from going up in social media flames. It
• Shel Holtz
was the “Year of Living Dangerously” for many Fortune 500 companies.
Think Domino’s. Express Jet. Amazon. We’ll show you how to prepare for a •U  SA Today Weekend
media relations crisis on YouTube, Twitter and other Web 2.0 platforms
Four ways to register:
• The biggest media relations success stories of 2009—and the stinkers
Call 800.493.4867
• The best media relations ideas of 2009 packed into a 30-minute, rapid-fire
idea-jamming session. Get your legal pad out because you’ll be filling it Fax the registration form to
with ideas from our star-studded panel of media pros 312.861.3592
HOST SPONSOR: PRESENTED BY: Mail the completed registration form to:
Ragan Communications
111 E. Wacker Drive, Suite 500
Chicago, IL 60601
Pre-Conference Workshops: Conference, March 3, 2010
Tuesday, March 2, 2010 8 a.m. – 8:15 a.m.
Arrive a day early and attend our value-packed Welcome/Introduction
pre-conference workshops! Michael Clendenin, Director of Media Relations for Con Edison
Mark Ragan, CEO, Ragan Communications
9 a.m. – noon
The 10 biggest trends in PR measurement 8:15 a.m. – 9:15 a.m.
and ROI: How to build them into your Keynote: Crisis communications at General Motors:
communications plan Make social media work for your media relations
Don’t wait until the end of your media relations campaign to think How does one of the world’s largest automakers respond during
about measurement. Build them into your plan at the beginning. a financial crisis? It embraces social media channels—lots of
Ketchum’s Dr. David Rockland will show you how to design your them. Find out how General Motors uses Twitter, YouTube,
own measurement program inexpensively. wikis and more to immediately respond to media inquires,
You will learn how to: handle crisis communications and monitor the blogosphere.
• Create the most cost-effective way to conduct media measurement GM, one of the early adopters of corporate blogging, blazed
• Set goals and ways you can measure them a trail for PR professionals and communicators to follow. The
• Manage brand tracking and corporate reputation management automaker continues to set the standard for how companies
research can take advantage of inexpensive social media tools to
• Isolate the impact of PR engage with an online community.
• Measure social media Go behind the scenes with GM and see how it:
• Breaks news through its FastLane blog
• Find ROI measurement in five easy steps
• Connects with millions of people through the GM wiki with
• Know when to call in the measurement pros and what it
stories about favorite cars, career highlights and other news
should cost
to reach the media and retirees
• Plus! A do-it-yourself measurement budget
• Uses its resources effectively with Twitter, blogs and other
Dr. David Rockland is the Partner and Managing Director of Ketchum’s
research business, the largest in the industry with staff in Asia, the U.S.,
social media channels
Latin America and Europe. He also oversees Ketchum’s measurement • Takes advantage of YouTube to reach a wider audience
consulting business. He is the former Chairman of the IPR Measurement • Knows when and how to respond to comments
Commission, and was recently appointed as the first agency director to Christopher Barger is Director of Global Social Media at General Motors, and
the Board of the International Association for Measurement and Evaluation leads the company’s social media communications efforts. He is responsible
of Communication. Rockland will be joined by staff members who will for setting General Motors’ communications strategy in emerging social media.
help facilitate this interactive learning experience.
9:30 a.m. – 10:30 a.m.
1 p.m. – 4 p.m. Session 1: Secrets from top PR pros, journalists
Using social media to score coverage, build and media relations experts
relationships with traditional and new media, Join us for an interactive panel with top PR professionals,
and extinguish social media firestorms journalists and media relations experts.
Moderator: Michael Sebastian, Editor, PR Daily, Ragan Communications
Media relations pros face a whole new world. Gone are the days Panelists: Todd Ringler, Executive Vice President and Managing Director
when knowing how to write a good press release was all your of National Health Media at Edelman New York
job demanded. You need to master Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn Diane Thieke, Marketing Director for PR and Corporate Communications,
and a dozen other social media tools you have barely had time Dow Jones
to consider. In this session, you’ll learn how to: Shirley Brady, Community Editor for
Everett Potter, Editor-in-Chief of Everett Potter’s Travel Report, columnist
• Find the most powerful reporters and bloggers online and for USA Today Weekend magazine
learn what to do when you find them
• Engage the media and become an indispensable resource to them 10:45 a.m. – 11:45 a.m.
• Use the new social media press release to keep down costs Session 2: How the Phoenix Suns use Twitter
and score coverage
and other social media platforms to extend its
• Prepare for a social media firestorm (Don’t wait until it’s too late!)
Shel Holtz is principal of Holtz Communication + Technology, which he
brand and grow its fan base digitally
founded in 1996 after nearly 20 years in the corporate world, including stints Widely considered a leader among NBA franchises in terms of
as communications director for two Fortune 500 companies. He is the author technology, has been named the top team site in the
of several communications-themed books, most recently co-authoring league twice by the Sports Business Journal. The Suns operate
“Tactical Transparency.” He blogs and co-hosts the first communications- eight Web sites, including a corporate blog, an official social
focused podcast, “For Immediate Release.” network and a site for their fans on Twitter.
You’ll learn how the Suns are engaging fans through social Richard Laermer is an expert in marketing and media, CEO of world-renown
media. With seven players and more than 20 front-office execu- (and provocative) PR firm RLM Public Relations. Laermer’s latest book,
tives on Twitter, the Suns are once again setting the standard for 2011: Trendspotting ( is the sequel to 2002’s acclaimed
Trendspotting, which remains a top e-book seller. Laermer co-runs Bad
how professional sports franchises utilize digital channels to
Pitch Blog (
communicate and interact with its audience. You will learn:
• The strategy behind the Suns’ social media efforts, including
3:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m.
MySpace, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter
• The exploration and evolution of, the Suns’
Session 5: Con Edison reports: Boost your media,
official social network, featuring more than 14,000 “citizens” customer and employee outreach with social media
• How departments within the Suns’ front office use Twitter From baby steps to big steps, Con Edison has taken the plunge
into the world of social media and is now part of the conversation.
• How the Suns generate revenue through its social media platforms
New York’s largest utility manages a Facebook page and engages
Jeramie McPeek is Vice President of Digital for the Phoenix Suns. Currently
enjoying his 18th season with the Suns, Jeramie oversees the organization’s
with fans, tweets green tips and responds to followers, and
digital and social media initiatives. launches fun and engaging efficiency videos as well as home-
made “flip camera” videos for its Web site and YouTube page.
Noon – 1:30 p.m. You’ll learn how a conservative company like Con Edison
approached the social media world through:
Session 3: Lunch panel • Branding new initiatives/programs within your company while
30 ideas in 30 minutes: The best social media strengthening your corporate brand
ideas of 2010 from young PR pros • Enhancing communication with the public by showing a “softer
Have you ever seen conference attendees scribbling ideas so fast side” of your company
that their hands cramp? No? Well, you’ll experience it during this • Targeting a new demographic of customers by exploring the
tip-packed best ideas session. The PRBreakfastClub is a network world outside of the conventional press release
of young PR pros working to strike a balance between harnessing Elizabeth Clark is a Public Affairs Manager for Media Relations at Con Edison.
the value of traditional media and embracing the power of social Elizabeth launched and manages the Company’s Facebook and Twitter pages.
media amidst a rapidly evolving media landscape. Michael Clendenin is Director of Media Relations at Con Edison, which operates
Moderator: Michael Sebastian, Editor, PR Daily, Ragan Communications in the media capital of the world and, in recent years, has begun expanding
Panelists: Jess Greco, Account Coordinator at a mid-sized NYC PR agency its outreach to customers and the media through social media channels.
Christina Khoury, Conference Coordinator/Associate Publicist, Planned TV
Arts, a division of Ruder Finn
Keith Trivitt, Account Executive, RLM Public Relations 4:15 p.m. – 5:15 p.m.
Danielle Cyr, Account Manager, Co-Communications, Inc. Session 6: Kick it up a notch: Enhance your social
Kate Ottavio, Account Coordinator, Co-Communications, Inc.
Marie Baker, Senior AE/Online Marketing Manager, Child’s Play Communications
media strategies for better business results
TJ Dietderich, Social Media Coordinator Social media is the latest buzzword in marketing, but do you
know what it really takes to execute a successful social marketing
1:45 p.m. – 2:45 p.m. strategy? Beyond an understanding of the tactical tools, this
session provides an in-depth look at how to effectively develop
Session 4: The top 10 worst pitches and how you and execute campaigns that will positively affect your bottom
can avoid becoming one of them line and help you to reach your business goals.
With PR spam at an all-time high and bad pitches appearing online You will learn how to:
and off, join the Bad Pitch Blog’s co-founder Richard Laermer to hear • Provide value to any company with social media
how to keep your pitches on target and off his site. Get tips, advice
• Integrate social media into marketing, sales and customer
and case studies helping you maintain and build strong relationships
service for consistent and persistent results
through carefully-crafted pitches that are spot on and unforgettable.
• Increase your visibility and build loyalty among your audience
You’ll learn how to:
to positively impact your company’s bottom line
• Pitch on, off and in between the lines
• Keep yourself aligned with trends and not just “do releases” • Walk away with expert knowledge of how to build valuable and
productive social marketing campaigns
• Talk back to the client (really) so you can keep his and your
reputation safe Christine Perkett (@missusP) is President and Founder of PerkettPR, Inc.
Named in 2008 as “Best Communications, Investor Relations, or PR
• Listen to that voice in your head that says “Don’t Push Send” Executive,” by The Stevies: American Business Awards and recognized as
• Know when “Hollywood pitches” are not just for the entertain- “Agency Executive of the Year” by PR News. Lisa Dilg (@pprlisa) is part of
ment world the Executive team at PerkettPR.
• Attain passion for story ideas even when the product seems
cold and dry
The Public Relations Society of America and Ragan’s PR Daily present: Four ways to register:
Call 800.493.4867
The 2010
Fax the registration form to 312.861.3592
Mail the completed registration form to:
New York City, March 2-3
Con Edison Headquarters Union Square Best
Best Practices
Practices Summit Ragan Communications
111 E. Wacker Drive, Suite 500
Delivering measureable results in the digital and mainstream media world Chicago, IL 60601

Yes! I will attend. Pre-Conference workshops • $195 • Tuesday March 2, 2010
 My check for $_______________is enclosed. 9 a.m.–noon
 Charge my credit card:  The 10 biggest trends in PR measurement and ROI: How to
 MasterCard  Visa  American Express  Discover build them into your communications plan
with Dr. David Rockland
 Please send me an invoice (Make checks payable in U.S. dollars to
Lawrence Ragan Communications) 1 p.m.–4 p.m.
 Using social media to score coverage, build relationships with
Registration Fees traditional and new media and extinguish social media firestorms
Standard conference fee: $695 for one participant. Ragan customers with Shel Holtz
and PRSA members save $100 and pay only $595.
For group discounts call 800-493-4867. Conference Information
Con Edison Headquarters—near Union Square in Manhattan
Cancellations 4 Irving Place, 19th Floor • New York, NY 10003
All cancellations are subject to a $150 service fee (per attendee). For hotel and travel details please go to
Before January 29, 2010, you will receive a refund of your payment
minus the service fee. After January 29, 2010 your payment will
be credited toward a future Ragan event, minus the service fee.
Registrants who fail to attend and do not cancel prior to the event
are not entitled to a credit or refund of any kind. No exceptions.

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