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Alexina Cenan

Social Media
Community Manager vs. Social Media Manager
By Dan Spicer: Hootsuite
A community is a social unit of any size that shares common values, behaviours and
artifacts whereas social media is the social interaction among people in which they create,
share or exchange information and ideas in virtual communities and networks.

Though these two may differ, still there is social connection that appears to take place. A
community manager sees and connects with his people face to face on a daily or weekly
basis. On the other hand a social media manager uses technology to connect with his fans
or customers rather. Even though this may be the case, social media has opened doors for
a community manager through Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube etc.

A community manager relates with his customers since he/she can visit the places of need
and try to fix or improve the situation, there is advocacy of support personable (making
of the brand), moderation (making sure the rules are enforced) and insights (which is the
delivery of both the products and also the messages at hand to prominent personnels. A
community manager through all these, they inspire, educate and at the same time

A social media managers responsibilities are to make sure there is a strategy and flow of
ideas, the results are effective, there is action taking place, content which is the creation
of more ideas and points that guide the whole program and give explanation as to why
such and such a thing is taking place and finally making sure there is security on all the
pages. One other thing with social media management as compared to community
management, one has to have password which a way of protecting oneself from scams
and also stalkers.

In both of these managements, listening is the main key. This helps the managers figure
the problem out, find the source and try to fix it or at least stop it from happening again.
This is one way of earning loyalty from the customers or the fans which then will build
growth which together with attrition are the key performance indicators.

A community manger skills include communication (friendly and comfortable with the
people and how to share and what to share), personality and culture and understanding
human behviour and the attributes include people person, empathizes with them and is
self-aware of the occurrences and symptoms of himself and the people he is managing

A social media managers role skillfully is to communicate through (Facebook, Twitter,

Tumbler, Instagram etc), listen, and be creative and public speaking. The attributes are
mainly to be passionate, be resourceful, be able to hold a conversation and also have a
thick skin because words cant harm anyone but they can destroy ones image especially

in social media. And both the community manger and the social media manger need to be

The key takeaways are:

A community manger; building a community is a discipline

-The voice of the customer and relationship builder
A social media manager; understanding hoe social media supports business goals
-has to curator, creator and news junkie

All these two are both very important to the community for they both feed us with news
and in whichever way we receive it, it is helping shape and build the community.

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