Gestamp Solar, the first European photovoltaic
developer that connects a project in Japan

• In 2014, three new projects, two in South Africa and one in Puerto Rico,
with a total of 36.7 MW have been completed.
• In 2015, the company will reinforce its activity in Japan, and will expand
its business into new markets such as Central America and Middle East,
with four projects totaling 108.4 MW.

Madrid, May 12, 2015.
Gestamp Solar, the photovoltaic solar energy division of Gestamp Renewables, has
been the European photovoltaic developer that connects a project in Japan, one of the
strategic objectives for 2015, according to the first Sustainability Report published by the
The company has a set of 55 solar farms in operation in 2014 in Spain, Peru, Puerto
Rico, USA, Italy, France and South Africa, including both own and managed for third
parties. Its priority is to continue growing in a sustainable and profitable manner. In 2014,
the company began the construction of four new projects, one in Honduras, one in Kuwait
and two in Japan, one of which is the Fukuroda plant in Japan, connected in early 2015.
The innovative project "Kishoa" in Mexico is emphasized among the activities of the past
year. This projects allows, thanks to an innovative software, a simple analysis to assess
the profitability of installing photovoltaic power generation systems in homes and small
High Quality Employement

Additionally, 89% of employees have permanent contracts and health and safety of
employees and subcontractors are a key aspect in the development of the company.
Finally, it is highlighted that in 2014 the rate of accidents among professionals has been
On the other hand, conservation and respect to environmental issues and its
preservation for future generations is a fundamental aspect for Gestamp Solar. In 2014,

thanks to the production of clean energy, the company has avoided the emission of over
140,000 tons of CO2.
Finally, the contribution to society is an essential aspect for the company, so the creation
of local wealth by spending 70 million euros on suppliers in 2014 is emphasized in the
report, as well as the payment of more than 7, 4 million euros in taxes and the job
creation. Lastly, one of the most important projects in the communities in which Gestamp
Solar operates are the initiatives undertaken in South Africa to allocate 1.5% of gross
revenues to plans for socio-economic development, such as: funding 10 scholarships for
high school students so they can continue their education in college and creating a
school of sports and leisure, an art school music and dance and a communal dining room
for 40 children.

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About Gestamp Solar
Gestamp Solar (, photovoltaic solar energy division of Gestamp
Renewables, specialized in the development, construction, operation and maintenance
of solar plants in USA, India, Japan, South Africa, South America, China, Japan, Italy,
France and Spain. It has participated in the development of over 600 MW photovoltaic
to date.