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UNIT 1: Ready for School

Introduce yourself
classroom commands
numbers 1-10
Classroom objects
What +be /questions


UNIT 2: People we love

Family members
How many + simple present
Pronouns :he /she




What do people do? Poster

What do you want to be? Poster

UNIT 3: Head to toes

Adjectives: big, little, long, short
Parts of the body
Yes/No questions + DOES
Questions: How many

UNIT 3: Our new house(pg.26)

family members
Subject pronouns
Parts of the house/preposition ( IN)
WHERE +be/questions
Yes/No questions +there is/are
proper nouns/adjectives

UNIT 3: Pen Pals

There is /there are
Chores and activities
What questions: Simple present
Has / have to + verbs/subj and predic.
What +simple present
Adverbs of frequency

UNIT 4: My town
Stores and prepositions of location
Yes/No questions / is there?
Where+can /questions(work place)
Where+ be/questions

UNIT 4: Amazing animals

Animals :Habitat
Wh - Questions with can
Yes / no question with can/do
Using Very + adjectives

Making a surprise drawing

My favorite clothes: collage

Building a house
Making a Neighborhood map

City or country Poster

Making a mobile: animals

UNIT 5: At Home
Geometric shapes
Room in a house
Daily actions: P. progressive
Questions with WHERE+ be
Questions with WHAT present progressive

UNIT 5: My busy family

Jobs and places/plural nouns
Questions with WHAT+ do/does
Questions and sentences with want
Verb be/work

UNIT 5: Rain or shine

Weather and days of the week
Question formation: What is What was
Seasons and clothes
Today /yesterday :Present /Past: Be
Subject/ verb agreement

UNIT 7: Celebrations
Ages/how old are you?
Days of the week
Yes/No questions
WHAT + simple present


UNIT 2: Helping hands

Occupations /Family members
Simple present/what-questions
Job related actions
How often /questions/ adverbs

Backpack book
Picture graph

UNIT 6: On the Farm

Farm Animals
Simple present and present progressive
Action verbs ing
Questions: What


UNIT 2: Fun and games(pg.14)

Prepositions of location
Verb like/he ,she
numbers 10-100

UNIT 1:From morning to night (pag.2)

What time is it?
Daily routines
Questions with do/does; simple p.
Adverbs: before-after
Prepositions of time : in, on , at

Making an ABC book

Making a family picture

UNIT 4: Things I wear

Clothing ; singular and plural nouns
What + Present progressive


UNIT 1: First day of class(pg.2)

Numbers 11 - 20
School actions verbs -ing
Questions with What +P. Progressive



UNIT6: Every Day

Telling time
Daily routines
when+ does/questions
What questions- third person singular
UNIT 7: Favorite foods
Articles: a-an-some
simple present/yes-no questions
Likes and dislikes
What questions- like


UNIT 6: Our five senses

The verbs of the five senses
Parts of the body
Questions with How do +sense verb
Regular and irregular verbs
Yes/no questions with did
UNIT 7:A world of Food
There is / there are
Quantities /Containers
Yes/no questions with there is /there are and
long answers.

Making a fun wheel

Time for presents

Busy puppets -jobs

Making an album my favorite food

The four seasons Poster

Making an accordion book -senses

UNIT 8: Play Time

Questions with WHERE
Numbers (11-20)
Toys: plural form
Questions with WHAT + want

UNIT 8: Fun at the Zoo

Descriptive adjectives
Possessive adjective: its/ their
Yes/No questions with DO /DOES
Yes/No questions with CAN
Short answers

UNIT 8: In shape
Helpful habits
Yes /no questions: Did

UNIT 9: At The Playground (pg.98)

Outdoor activities
Demonstrative adjectives/colors
Yes/questions with P. progressive

UNIT 9: 12 Months make a year (pg.98)

Months of the year
Adverbs: always - never
WHAT/WHEN +do/questions


UNIT 9: Puppets
Likes and dislikes /because/adjective.
What questions /Simple past
Yes /no questions: Did
Answers using because
Conjunction : and

Future tense : be going to


UNIT 1: Friends old and New

Adjectives :Physical appearance
Who/When: questions
Get+ adjective + noun clause
UNIT2: It's about time (pg.14)
Daily routines/chores
What +do/does+ simple present
How often /expressions of frequency



Conversation cube
My schedule poster
UNIT3: At the world's talk
Information questions with would
Yes/no questions with would like +
Yes/no questions with there is /are
UNIT 4: Take care
Illnesses/what's the matter?
Should / shouldnt (advice)
Reflexive pronouns





Place mat -country and food

Safety rules poster
UNIT 5: Animals Past/Present
Comparative adjectives -er
Wh questions :Simple past :Did
Wh questions: do/does/did/be



UNIT 1: The Family Circle

Simple Past Tense
Comparison Adjectives
Superlative Adjectives
Descriptive adjectives


UNIT 1: Amazing People

Famous People
What/who+ was/were simple past
Wh- questions simple past
Past Tense- irregular verbs

UNIT 2: Whats on TV?

Like+ infinitive
How often
Opinions :Like /think


UNIT 2: Our Stories

Present Perfect vs. Simple past
Questions using How long
Use of "For" and "Since"
Qualifiers and Intensifiers
Expressions followed by gerunds
Real Conditional Sentences

Family history
TV Viewing habits
UNIT 3: Hands On!
Arts and crafts
Could for possibility
Gerunds as subjects and objects
Question information using the simple
Present and gerunds
UNIT 4: Ill take it!
Sufficiency (too/enough)
Question formation :What/which
Comparison: more, most +adjective

Crafts around the globe

Commercial for a product
UNIT 5: Travel Trouble
Past Tense/Past Progressive
Information questions/simple past
while, when: past progressive

UNIT 6: In the old Days

Affir./neg. -Simple past :didn't
Used to + verb
Yes/no questions with did

UNIT 6: In Touch
Forms of Communication
Indefinite pronouns / simple past
S. Present; Future with "will"
and won't
Wh- questions :Present, past and future

UNIT 7: It's a Date

Days of the week/Ord. Numb./S. past
When + be going to
Yes/no questions using be going to

UNIT7: Put on your thinking cap (pg.74

Modals of speculation: may,
might, be made of
be used for

Animal sculpture
Then and now (Inventions)
UNIT 8: Hobbies are Fun
Comparison of adjectives
Regular /irregular comparisons
Good/better/the best
Bad/worse/the worst

Tips for safe travel

UNIT 8: Product and Process (pg.86)
Equative Comparatives: As As
Passive Voice: Present
UNIT 9: And the beat goes on (pg.98)

An amazing person
Identity cube
UNIT 3:Skills and abilities (pg.26)
Gerunds as objects
Expressions: Excited about,
good at, etc + ing
First conditional
Future Tense
Possibility: may, might
Causative: Have
Unreal conditional "already" and "yet"
UNIT 4: Into the Future (pg.38)
"will" and "wont" to talk about future
"May", "could", "might"
Negative Unreal conditional
Class careers book
Products of the future
UNIT 5: Space
Unreal conditional: present/ future
Real and unreal situations
Passive Voice
Comparison: more / the most
fewer / the fewest + a noun
UNIT 6: Adventures
Present Perfect :already, yet
Negative unreal conditional worksheet
Short Answers - Long answers.
Questions using "would" "wouldn't"
UNIT 7: A world of records (pg.74)
Comparison with adjectives
Can for capability
Questions with "which"
Comparison with nouns; more/fewer
the most/the fewest
Past Perfect
A space travel brochure
A class record bar graph
UNIT 8: Mysteries Past and Present
Degrees of certainty :Must/could
Active/Passive voice in past tense
Reported Speech with "be"
Reported Speech with pro-

UNIT 9: Let's dance

Opinions: think of
Adjectives to describe dance styles
Yes/no questions with would

Music genres
Adverbs of Manner: quickly, loudly in
simple past
Present perfect with ever
Would rather

UNIT 1: Please call me Beth

pag.2 - 15

Wh-questions and statements with be

Questions: what, where, who, and how
Yes/no questions and short answers with be
Subject pronouns
Possessive adjectives
Introductions and greetings
Names; countries and nationalities
Unit 2: How do you spend your day?

Simple present Wh-questions and statements

Question: when
Time expressions: at, in, on, around, early, late, until,
before, and after
Jobs, workplaces, and school
Daily schedules
Clock time

Daily Schedules
UNIT 3: How much is it?


Pag. 16 - 29

Demonstratives: this, that, these, those; one

and ones
Questions: how much and which
Comparisons with adjectives
Shopping and prices
Clothing and personal items
Colors and materials
UNIT 4: Do you like rap?

Yes/no and Wh-questions with do

Question: What kind
Object pronouns
Modal verb: Would
Verb + to + verb
Music, movies, and TV programs;
entertainers; invitations and excuses; dates
and times

Music, movies and TV programs

Unit 5: Tell me about your family


Noun changes
UNIT 9: The Movies
Reported Speech - Past Perfect
Wishes in the present
Wishes in the past

UNIT 9: What does she look like?
Pg. 58-63
Questions for describing people
What . . . look like, how old, how tall, how long, and what color
Modifiers with participles and prepositions
Appearance and dress
Clothing and clothing styles
UNIT 10: Have you ever ridden a camel? Pg. 64-69
Present perfect yes/no and Wh-questions, statements, and short
answers with regular and irregular past participles
Already and yet
Present perfect vs. simple
past; for and since
Past experiences; unusual

A Snapshot of Asking about and describing

peoples appearance
UNIT 11: Its a very exciting place!
Pg. 72-77
Adverbs before adjectives
Conjunctions: and, but, though, and however
Modal verbs can and should
Cities; hometowns; countries
UNIT 12: It really works!
Pg. 78-83
Infinitive complements
Modal verb: should for suggestions
Modal verbs: can, could, and may for requests
Health problems; medication and remedies
Products in a pharmacy

A Snapshot of Talking about health problems

page 30 - 43

Present continuous yes/no,Wh questions,

statements, and short answers
Quantifiers: all, nearly all, most, many, a lot
of, some, not many, a few, and few
Pronoun: no one
Families; typical families
Unit 6: How often do you exercise?

Adverbs of frequency: always, almost

always, usually, often, sometimes, hardly
ever, almost never, and never Questions:
how often, how long, how well, and how
Short answers

UNIT 13: May I take your order?

So, too, neither, and either
Modal verbs: would and will for requests
Food and restaurants

Pg. 86-91

UNIT 14: The biggest and the best!

Pg. 92-97
Comparative and superlative forms of adjectives
Questions: how far, how big, how high, how deep, how long, how hot,
and how cold
World geography and facts; countries

Sports, fitness activities, and exercise; routines.


Fitness activities
Unit 7: We had a great time!

page 44 - 57

Simple past yes/no and Wh-questions,

statements, and
short answers with regular and irregular

A Snapshot of describing countries

UNIT 15: Im going to a soccer match. Pg. 100-105
Future with present continuous and be going to
Messages with tell and ask
Invitations and excuses
Leisure-time activities; telephone messages

Past of be
Free-time and weekend activities; chores; vacations

Unit 8: Whats your neighbourhood like?

There is / there are

One, any, and some
Prepositions of place
Questions: How many and how much
Count and noncount nouns
Stores and places in a city; neighborhoods;
houses and apartments


UNIT 1: A time to remember

Pg. 2 - 7

Past tense; used to for habitual actions

People; childhood; memories
UNIT 2: Caught in the rush



Pg. 8 - 13

Adverbs of quantity with count and noncount

nouns: too many, too much, fewer, less,
more, notenough
Indirect questions from Wh-questions
Transportation; transportation problems; city

UNIT 16: A change for the better!

Pg. 106-111
Describing changes with the present tense, the past tense, the present
perfect, and the comparative
Verb + infinitive
Life changes; plans and hopes for the future

UNIT 9: Back to the future

UNIT 10: I dont like working on weekends!

Short responses
Clauses with because
Abilities and skills
Job preferences; personality traits; careers

Transportation; transportation problems; city


Abilities and skills

UNIT 3: Time for a change!

UNIT 11: Its really worth seeing!

Pg. 16 - 21

Evaluations and comparisons with

adjectives: not . . . enough, too, (not) as . . .
Evaluations and comparisons with nouns: not
enough . . . , too much/many, . . . , (not) as
much/many . . . as
Houses and apartments; lifestyle changes;
UNIT 4: Ive never heard of that!

Pg. 58 - 63

Time contrasts
Conditional sentences with if clauses
Life in the past, present, and future
Changes and contrasts
Pg. 64 - 69

Pg. 72 - 77

Passive with by (simple past)

Passive without by (simple present)
Landmarks and monuments
World knowledge
UNIT 12: It could happen to you!

Pg. 78 - 83

Past continuous vs. simple past

Present perfect continuous
Information about someones past; recent past

Pg. 22 - 27

Simple past vs. present perfect

Sequence adverbs: first, then, next, after
that, finally
Food; recipes; instructions; cooking methods

Food; recipes; instructions; cooking methods

Success Stories

UNIT 5: Going places

Pg. 30 - 35

UNIT 13: Good book, terrible movie!

Pg. 86 - 91

UNIT 14: So thats what it means!

Pg. 92 - 97

UNIT 6: OK. No problem!

Pg. 36 - 41

Future with be going to and will

Modals for necessity and suggestion: must,
need to, (dont) have to, better, ought to,
should (not)
Travel; vacations; plans


Two-part verbs
Will for responding to requests
Requests with modals and Would you
mind . . . ?
Complaints; household chores
Requests; excuses; apologies

Participles as adjectives
Relative clauses
Entertainment; movies and books; reactions and
Modals and adverbs: might, may, could, must,
maybe, perhaps, possibly, probably, definitely;
permission, obligation, and prohibition
Nonverbal communication
Gestures and meanings
Signs; drawing conclusions



Travel; vacations; plans

Entertainment; movies and books

UNIT 7: Whats this for?

Pg. 44 - 49

UNIT 15: What would you do?

Pg. 100 - 105

UNIT8: Lets celebrate!

Pg. 50 - 55

UNIT 16: Whats your excuse?

Pg. 106 - 111

Infinitives and gerunds for uses and

purposes Imperatives and infinitives for
giving suggestions
Technology; instructions

Relative clauses of time

Adverbial clauses of time: when, after,
Holidays; festivals; customs; celebrations

Unreal conditional sentences with if clauses

Past modals
Money; hopes; predicaments;
Reported speech: requests
Reported speech: statements
Requests; excuses; invitations