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Closing the Sovereignty Gap

To solve problems in social stability, wealth creation, and poverty, you need to have and build
effective and capable states (ok but not necessarily a causal factor could require other stuff, like
presence of democracy etc. Article does not give enough reasons to believe that creating effective
and capable states solves problems like this. There is widespread wealth inequality in the USA, or
even widespread poverty in India. Also who gets to define what a capable/effective state is and
under what definition ?)
However, the lack of coherence in international community makes it difficult for plans to become
reality (ok needs analysis)
Currently, either humanitarian aid is provided which doesn't reach the states, or if its not a
functioning state, no deal.
Reasons why sovereignty is important: a) address poverty and insecurity b) prevents creation and
exportation of terror and insecurity c) create opportunities for citizens to participate in the economy
d) state institutions will be able to decide whether aid is effective or not in an area.
Many states pretend to be sovereign but are not. Without rule of law, causes more poverty, and
investors to run away (makes sense ECW1102)
Aid system and the status quo for failing states is bad because diverts resources, energy etc. etc.
and different organisations deal with different things so difficult to coordinate ( OK analysis here)
Aim is to get international community to work together to enhance sovereignty of these states.
Therefore, they should use strategies which integrate all improvements {social, legal, economic
etc.} into one which is monitored over time. This had be done for Afghanistan before.
Most sovereign states display ten functions (this is good, but a bit generalised)
Next step would be to create an index which monitor how sovereign a state is, and if there are any
changes. From it, you will also see how the international actors or interventions affect sovereignty
(very good stuff here)
Next, need to agree on broad principles for governing and building sovereign states. Financing and
planning would have to be for a longer period of time like 10 years, rather than the yearly approach
current. Incentives would be changed to building credible and functioning institutions. (good stuff
here, like obviously states want to create it from the first place, but they aren’t. Need more analysis.
Basically, to build a sovereign state, need national and international cooperation.

or capital to do this. Maybe too much instability which would worsen if western forces come in. how would they track changes in sovereignty. Maybe there isn’t that much political will. Also. How does this affect its neighbouring countries etc. and what can the UN do about that ?) . and who would construct the index thing. Also what happens in the case states are unwilling to become sovereign. but it assumes that non-sovereign states want to become sovereign. decent article.(Overall.