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United States Patent Arians et al (2) oy /ARCHABLE WER WHOIS (71) Applicants:Lambert Avians, Ashhurs, VA (US) Anirban Mukherjee, Kamataka (IN) Inveatorst Lambert Arlans, Ashburn, VA (US) Anirban Mukherjee, Karataka (IN) m (73) Assignee: Verisign, Ine., Reston, VA (US) (4) Notice: Suibjct to any disclaimer, the teem ofthis patent is extended of adjusted under 35 US. 1540 by 56 days, ey Appl. Now 13/675,766 (22) Filed: Nov. 13,2012 6s) Prior Publication Data US 20140101198 A1 Apr 10, 2014 G0) Forcign Application Priority Data 0et.9,2012, CN) F25/1984/2012(CHE or C1 Gor 1700 GosR 1730 G60 1008 cbc (2006.01) (2006.01), (201201) (2 G06F 17730867 1013.01); G60 10/08 201301) (58) Field of Classification Search None ‘See application file for complete search history. 656) References Cited USS, PATENT DOCUMENTS 5706265 A L190 Rangarajan eb 6125398 A 92000 Rosenberg ea s0SA30 BL 52005 Schneider 600136 BI 52008 Schneider 098808 BI 122005 Schneider 'US009026522B2 a0) Patent No.: US 9,026,522 B2 (45) Date of Patent: May 5, 2015 TINGLE BL 32007 Schacter T1948 BL ¥007 Schneier 73818 BL* 102007 Iasy eta 7asnavo Bo* ‘D008 Lone etal 7823181 B3* 4009 Swildens etal 7368302 B> 72009 Schneier Feeds BS 32010 Carmel et a 7890.602 BL 22011 Parons etal Joouss Bo 32011 Aen ea 7.962438 B2 62011 Adelman tl. 8036224 B3102011 Aschuon etal Sovi-68 B> 102011 Schneier S008:187 B2 112011 Adcom etal (Coutinved) FOREIGN PATENT DOCUMENTS EP. 2007s AL 12/2008 wo 2oosoio4ss AL 52004 OTHER PUBLICATIONS ‘Mark Goldstein, Who Was, Whol nd Who Will Be: Domain Name Ownership Research Tools, Online Magazin, vo. 27 No.3, May on. 2003, 6 pages (Continved) Primary Examiner — Bung Le (74) Attorney, Agent, o” Firm —MH2 Technology Law Group, LLP on ABSTRACT ‘Systems nd methods for searching domain names and owner information associated with the domain names in a web based Whols search tool. Systems including one or more databases and one or more text indexes may store data includ jing the domain names and owner information, and index text-searehable potions ofthe data, search request may be received from a user with user preferences such asa selection ‘of multiple or all top level domains. Search results may be ranked by relevancy, and may include the domain name With Associated owner information. 14 Claims, 19 Drawing Sheets US 9,026,522 B2 Page 2 (66) References Cited 20100299409 ALS 12010 Carmel eta so209 aoioo2v0dt0 AL+ 112010 Carmel eta 709 219 US. PATENT DOCUMENTS dorni00s7769 AI. “42011 Holmes etal Soiiinasi089 Als 020 Schneier 707770 fe eee roan 2o1U02s8237 AL* 102011 Thomas 707803 Bee a ae Fipdas —tdbosmNT AL "2012 Colo Fea enna OTHER PUBLICATIONS 52013. Sckneer 62013 Schneder 4 Sdera ee sancti 5. Gargano et, Whois an Network lnfemation Lookup Service oisiM0 BI 12018 Schneier Whose", RFC 183 Invomatina, hip. ‘www ie on zonz007so4s AL 62002 Duta HSS Aug. 1998, pp. 18 doDoLasea Al* $2003. Rislck etal 7073 Gonzalo Navao etal, "Moder Information Reteval Chapter 8 30080220003 AL 112004 Shaket al Indexing ant Searching”, Modem Infomation Reticval, Jan aonso2ioi Al "92005 Kimball” nee DID, posecleres At ans rae Autor Unknow, “Whois, from Wikipedia the ie eneylopein Dopacorsia7 AL 22006 Conedt a a ee ee eee seosonsiey AL tas came tal twice Fb. donw0s96o? AL 400% Schneier Swotssoels AL iaa008 alae Friend Fucopean Such Report ssied Ape. 11, 2014, Euwopean dongo2ioit7 AL R2009 ‘Bemet Application No 131898470 filed Oct. 23,2013, pp sonp0254845 AL 102009 Fisken SO1Oo1067H1 AL_—42010 Carmel eta * cited by examiner US 9,026,522 B2 Sheet 1 of 19 May 5, 2015 U.S, Patent oa — aus 4 seunp ono buptsie) le —| uoguieuiga | snemeiams | Snupees wansisnytons one penny|” | vemoaaney |" | sou) nenoy " 008s ‘008s ‘o0es ones | [ ‘Synsoy Youe|S Synsey yueeg | yopuy xeL OL | Spon sonves Gem.) | ysonboy eyoyeyy 81008 Guiycrey Asquap||*—]isenbey puemiog doig snowy ;senbey puemioy ypreag onieoey 0ges ses ‘00¢S Osis ools oss wag genwwosmorg O} oois: 2 by ee rt eseqaeg fe"S [aia] 28 ie -—{ sug ] 09 os ——_ By U.S. Patent May 5, 2015 Sheet 2 of 19 US 9,026,522 B2 "ERS: ors New Domaine FRS loader | [DIS loader Deletions ° |... cy Addins Medications 2 a> MYSQL Database 30. fk — f mer, 0 ras [ aun Sr ingerer 40] [Inder 47 o \ a sep] ~ PB} 72) ‘BrowserWeb Client {Query AIAK 10 Fig. 3 U.S. Patent May 5, 2015 Sheet 3 of 19 US 9,026,522 B2 Etastcsearch 105 2 aN Loader oe = Soni | 1, | Comvne Leia FRS, DTS CoN 01 wt er ct FRS, DTS a! ‘BrowserWeb Client 10, Fig. 4 U.S. Patent May 5, 2015 Sheet 4 of 19 US 9,026,522 B2 300 150 United States ~ Welcome Bert Arians, VIS | Sign Out Searchabie Was cam Wes 512 510 Sowa, @Danans =] [Andy] Seah] [ChatWity tv Whois (@Domain ORegistrar O Contacts OName Server, ‘Advanced Search Support binations of exact and partial matches (eg. “fest AND Inter net” matehesfestinterneteom., The system may also support IDN Unicode partial, fll, and Boolean searches. GUT 500 may allow users to perform a grouping search “brand search” (feature not shown in figures). grouping search would allow users to search a term across logial grouping of TLDs, For example a “core” grouping may be pre-programmed that includes com, .ne, and edu TLDs ‘When the user selects the “core” group search from link, drop-down list, or check box, the search term would be scared aeross the TLDs associated with the group. Like- ‘wise, other groupings may be pre-programmed for searches, sveh as groupings to search for particular brands or types of ‘companies. Once a group is selected for searching, the ass0- ‘ciated TLDs would automatically be searched. Seageh results ‘woud then ince the TLDs in the chosen group. Referring sill to FIGS, 54 and SB, a majority of the GUL 00 soceupiedby the ranked search results 820, Large search results without arbitrary limit are paginad, and the user may flip betwcen pages of results by selecting page numbers $30. Bach search result may include owner information $40 rel- 0 o 8 evant tothe typeof search performed, such as a domain nan \With ovner information about the nameserver and registrar when domain search is conducted. Region 880 provides clickable links which the user may select to filler search resulls, and display search resls rom selected TLDs. Alter atively clickable links i region $50 may be programmed t0 initiate @ new search limited to the TLD specitied by the solectod TLD link, or in all TLDs when the “Searchable ‘Whols" link is selected. In some embodiments, users may Jogin to an aecount with the Searcible Whols wrilty using the account login portion $60, to enable atonal features and search preferences as willbe discussed below In some embodiments, the GUL $00 may also provide a listing of domain name tiggestions 870 that are available for ‘istration based on the search tems and selected TLDs. Certain embostiments may also allow a wer to limit searches ‘oa panicular location or geographical region. Location indi- «ator $80 may display the location ofthe logged-in user seh as country, pion state, zipcode, et., and the search results ‘maybe limited to that loeationeither automatically, orby user input of a search preference such as selecting the location indicator S80, Search results may be limite to location by ‘claim 1, wherein the one of more networked databases and ‘one or moce text indexes store domain names and owner jnformation with the domain names for multiple top Tevel ‘domains, and the received search request is processed with respoct tone oF more of the stored top level comin “4 The computerimplemented Whols search method of ‘luim 1, wherein the atleast one Search preference received fom the user includes selection of ane or more tp level dons '. The computer-implemented Whols search method of ‘claim 1, wherein the minimum length of characters is thre. 6. The computer-implemented Whols seareh method of ‘lsim 1, father comprising scoring the search results with relevancy scores based at last in part on relevancy of the mateied search result to the search request, and wherein the search results are displayed inorder of decreasing relevancy "7. The computer-implemented Whols search method of

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