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Non-Government Securities are defined as securities issued by public limited companies or other legal
entities permitted to publicly issue and trade securities in the Kingdom of Cambodia in compliance with the
law, including:
-equity securities, including shares;
-debt securities, including bonds or debentures;
-interests in a Managed Investment Scheme;
-derivative instruments in relation to the abovementioned securities; and
-other financial instruments which are determined securities.

A security is an instrument representing a freely transferable and salable

investment, which includes the risk of loss in value. Securities include assets
such as stocks, mutual funds, government bonds and debentures. Non-securities
include assets such as art, rare coins, baseball cards, life insurance, physical
gold, diamonds and bank guarantees. Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs)
restrict some investments with this classification

Mutual fund
Direct equity


Many mutual funds like a sector fund offer investors the chance to buy into a
specific industry, or buy stocks with a specific growth strategy such as
aggressive growth fund, or value investing in a value fund. People find that
buying a few shares of a mutual fund that meets their basic investment criteria
easier than finding out what the companies the fund invests in actually do, and if
they are good quality investments. They'd prefer to leave the research and
decision-making up to someone else.

ex: hdfc mutual fund

Direct equity investment can be very rewarding. We must also remember that
direct equity investing is very risky. In order to negate the associated risk,
considerable research of individual stocks is required. Without doing stock
research, we should not invest directly in equity. In equity investment timing the
market is important. Needless to say that timing market is not easy.

Compared to any other asset class direct equity is more risky. Investment skill is
required to make profits here. Direct equity is risky but it also opens doors for
higher returns.
If we invested in a index furn in year 1983 our CAGR would have been close to
11% per annum. It means in last 20 years our principal amount would have
multiplied by more than eight times.
As mentioned in the table the amount invested is 25000 reason behind of
investing small amount is high risk .

Life insurance is income protection in the event of your death. The person you
name as your beneficiary will receive proceeds from an insurance company to
offset the income lost as a result of your death.
Insurance provide us with fixed rate of return irrespective of market and other
condition. It provides safety and security against any uncertainty.
The amount invested in insurance sector is 1 lakh as it is a highly secured
investment and provides with fixed annuity so investing in insurance is
At the end of the maturity we also get many bonus such as interim bonus,
preliminary bonus etc.