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Dear Sir/Madam

Please find following my application for the position of Gallery

Services Officer within the Queensland Art Gallery and Gallery of
Modern Art in South Bank, South Brisbane (Job Ad Reference
My professional work experience, tertiary training and a passion for
the Arts allows me to possess all the necessary attributes, skills,
understanding and knowledge to support my application.
Since 2002 I have volunteered and been employed in the Arts sector
within community art galleries, local council youth groups, state
government department, secondary schools and higher education at
State and Commonwealth levels in Western Australia, where I
completed my education and training in a Bachelor of Visual Arts.
From curating, workshop facilitation, teaching, lecturing and
administrative roles, I excelled in the delivery of the art program in a
team environment as well as independently; most recently and
significantly performed as Technical Media Officer at the School of
Contemporary Art, Edith Cowan University, Mt Lawley, WA from April
2007 until July 2011.
It was there that I was required to work in a space which negotiated
vastly different working situations, autonomously carrying out duties
to prepare the studio for lectures and workshops, assessing any
maintenance required for OSH in regards to equipment as well as
materials for the students and lecturers including photocopying,
replacing tools, purchasing sundries, as well as chemicals and
ordering materials over the phone. Purchases were made with an
entrusted corporate credit card and included electronic reconciling
and acquittal of purchases. I was also responsible for negotiating
prices in order to offer lower income students affordable use of the
I underwent professional development in financial systems such as
ORACLE, Occupational Health and Safety specific to various studios
including Print Media, Painting, Textiles and Sculpture. I was also
trained as a Fire Warden, responsible for the safe and orderly
evacuation of students, staff and visitors and First Aid.
An example of my strong work ethic and organisational skills
contributing to the success of a project in a team environment
for given tasks from a supervisor is my work as (ROLE) in the
annual Art Graduation Exhibition and the Graphic Design Graduation
Exhibition at Edith Cowan University, undertaken on an annual basis
between 2007-2011, and for which I entrusted the responsibilities of
this role on each of these five occasions. Directed by the Curator

and Third Year Coordinator to document graduating students final

work and organise student artist statements for the catalogue to
promote the exhibition, I began this onerous task by scheduling 35
students in a short two-week timeframe before the catalogue went
to print. This also required communicating and working
together with my team members and individual students to
display work for photographing, as well as organising the collection
of Artist Statements and contact details. In some cases, I was also
required to follow up on individual students who failed to submit
written material, professionally and firmly encouraging
delivery for deadline through email or telephone. Submission of
photographs and statements were my sole responsibility, and were
filed for each student in a data DVD package,. The DVDs produced
were subsequently distributed to the Curator and the catalogues
Graphic Designer within 24 hours of finalising the last images. This
resulted in a professional booklet representing the graduating
cohort and Art School, which acted as the primary promotional
material for the exhibition, and was sold on the night of the opening
of the Graduation Exhibition and throughout the run of the show.
The product I developed was also distributed locally, nationally
and internationally. It acted to both enhance the reputation of
the university and to attract prospective clients, while also
becoming a visual record of achievement and keepsake for the
graduating students and their families.

Supports Strategic Direction
You follow work from your supervisor to provide high quality
customer service and you recognize how your work contributed to
the achievement of team goals. You adhere to strict daily and
weekly rosters to maintain staffing requirements. You know where
to find information and ask questions to ensure better
understanding of issues.

Directed by the Curator and Graduation show Coordinator to

document the graduating students work and organise student artist
statements for the catalogue to promote the exhibition.
Scheduling 35 students in short timeframe with a two-week deadline
for pre-ready work. To hang and display work for photographing and
organising the collection of Artist Statements and contact details, in
some cases following up on individual students who failed to submit
a written piece before the photo shoot.
Submit photographs and statements that were filed for each student
in a data DVD package to Curator and the catalogues Graphic
Professional booklet representing the graduating cohort and Art
School which were sold on the opening night of the Graduation
Exhibition and throughout the duration of the show.
The booklets were also distributed locally, nationally and
internationally to attract prospective students for the following
semester intake.
Achieve Results
You maintain a high level of customer service as part of front house
profile. You respond positively to change, share information with
others and be adaptable and flexible when required. You work
within procedures and independently on tasks required for the role
The organisation of 25 artists and students showcasing the ECU
contribution week long show Thinking Print for the Global Echo
International Print Making Exchange and touring Exhibition between
eight international universities and their respective Print Media
Studios in partnership with the Printmakers Association of Western
Australia (PAWA) and Edith Cowan University, at the iconic Heritage
listed Moores Building in Fremantle in conjunction with the PAWA
Printmedia Awards.
Establishing communication via email and phone with the eight
international art school Global Echo representatives, PAWA
coordinator and Gallery Curator as well as organising student

Working after hours and in between classes and workshops with

teams of volunteers and staff to install work.
Communicating and negotiating with gallery Curator regarding
installation restrictions to heritage building walls.
Purchasing installation equipment.
Attending the gallery space for the duration of the show to check on
artwork and answer visitors enquiries about the work and selling.
Morning maintenance as restrictions to hanging caused works to slip
over night.
Creating advertising brochure for distribution for opening night.
Organising Art School brochures and course information for
visitors/prospective students interested in the University course.
Successfully promoted the Global Echo Project.
The show evolved and ran for a second time in conjunction with the
opening of the new Spectrum Art Gallery space at ECU for a onemonth duration.
Stimulated more student numbers for the Print Studio.
Brought national and international recognition to the Project, Artists
and Studio.
Supports Productive Working Relationships
You build relationships with team members and a range of clients.
You respond to changes in clients needs and expectations and
report all relevant information through appropriate channels. You
operate as an effective team member and work closely with team
members to achieve results.
Technical and Co-lecturing position with sessional staff in Print
studio in alliance with Print Media Course and Graphic Design
Course to incorporate and develop the hand skills of Students at 2nd
and 3rd year level for a bookmaking project to develop an edition of
nine prints showcasing different techniques taught.
Working with Sessional Lecturing Staff, Course Cooridnators, and
technical staff manager to develop lesson plans for local students,
international students and disabled students/ preparing class
examples, Fee payment forms
Develop and update OSH induction forms and material orders

Schedule workshop timetable to organise students from three

different course streams (Graphic Design, Photography and Art
Education) to fit into limited time frame for six-week workshops
Direct and develop individual student requirements for personal
topic and learning level
Demonstrate/Question time during class
Extra focus and monitoring OSH protocol for students in a high risk
Created a diverse and unique dialogue at the university between
courses, opening the studio to students from different course
backgrounds, stimulating more numbers for the studio and its
Students kept original prints and incorporated prints into their end
of year graduation show.
Keeping Print Media tradition alive in computer age of Graphic
Displays Personal Drive and Integrity
You act professionally at all times and operate within the boundaries
of organizational processes and legal and public constraints
To document The West Australian Music Industry festival which runs
for nine days. It requires a photographer to document workshops,
lectures, public performance, live performance, venues, sponsorship
and awards night.
Prepare Equipment, ensuring my responsibilities at the University
were fulfilled for the day.
Schedule myself from 5pm until 1am from one location to the next
throughout various locations in Northbridge.
Negotiate and interact amongst crowds, bands, staff and
international record label speakers.
Deliver photos by 8am the next morning to be updated and
circulated online for audiences, sponsors and to encourage new
crowds, as well as online and magazine reviews.
Judge the Photography competition for local live music and band
photographers showcasing the diverse talent within the music scene

Photos document and show the atmosphere of a growing music

scene and the professional running of the festival. Images were
published in brochures, magazine articles and online to entice more
interstate and international visitors within the industry to become a
part of the event for the following year and attract an increase in
sponsorship deals.
My professionalism has resulted in being invited to document the
festival three years consecutively, as the youngest photographer to
cover the proceedings. This also led to larger festival opportunities
with Sunset Sounds and working for Fox Interactive, Levi, Warner
Music, Universal music and EMI Sony.
Communicates with Influence
You communicate clearly and in a manner that is easy to follow, you
listen and adapt your communication to ensure you address the
needs of different people and audiences. You report relevant
information through appropriate channels.
Produced premier promotional photos with Super Group Basement
Birds members including Eskimo Joes Kav Temperly, Bob Evans
Kevin Mitchell and Josh Pike for Catherine Haridy Management.
Fulfilled technical requirement for Label advertising.
Supplied digital imagery with tight deadlines for syndication through
the internet and magazines.
Respectfully negotiated requirements firstly with the Record Label,
then with Artists Managers and the musicians directly. Ensured each
persons needs were met and satisfaction was achieved in respect
to how the band was represented. Each view slightly differs and I
mediated between the different opinions.
To prepare for clear and effective communication, I researched the
individual members of the band before the shoot, listened to their
music and sound, read interviews and looked at previous imagery.
Professional quality images were syndicated for band promotion,
advertising and reviews to be used in National and International
magazines (e.g. Rolling Stone Magazine), websites and television to
stimulate the bands formation amongst fans from each members
existing band and new fans.