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Ghost Words and Music by Ella Henderson and Noel Zancanella, = 104 Anthemic Pop ‘Ra. hh osm . i i bs | some-thing that can wash out the pain and at mest sleep-ing all these dem-uns a = wae ° A Fim gE > Ee = Ne but your ghost, the ghost of yumi it keeps me = woke 1 Myfeierds had ye sonar O Ptr canes Slatrnaut ung rd Copriah Coto obo Muse Pubs and Cope Cons ‘hema ee iy dol o | (1) igure ou, (22h you ther se der ony akin Fim inthe sade de-sene yeahhey saw whats in = side of you 1 turn arveundandyoutve ceep-ing i, Bie your ¢ = sil sas om-ing through eo. Te lene living “In ne ~ cone they watch eR mme T meke true xe was gunna ur = vSicold beartmakesmy sp At shake ‘uth that never eared STutricd hid = ing and lee ya an These eyes sitting Ob, you neve bright Tight ein tue pain oT dont Fomie2” ro to pre Tin Fim 2 = & ain and at Fin E bg Ef im sleeping all these de -mone a 2 A Fin esse > A » Es Ee = Ea) Tim sheep = ing allthese de =mons a= way. butyour ght, the Fin 7 3 A wo Hine if il sho of you, it keeps me a- wake 2. Eachtime that | Gincup the shes, 5 heup the ght wheup the gn stop the haune-ing. = By. = ° A Fim E ca fl = Ei Gicup the ghost siveup the ghost, sivcup the ghost romerehaunt-ing, ba 1 oep sing to the rv er ~~. eae o A Fin gus D A some-thingthor can wash out the pin and at Fin ease 2 A Fim esse = & Se mcemin sleep = ing allthese de mons a way, but your gst, the ghost of you, it eps me awake