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Steel frame

Loadbearing steel framed systems


Steel frame

Steel frame loadbearing steel framed systems using

lightweight cold-rolled galvanised steel sections

Metsec SFS and MetFRAME are high precision, loadbearing steel frame


solutions which are suitable for all types of buildings. When used in
conjunction with British Gypsum drylinings and Isowool insulation

Office / commercial






products, they provide total fast-track solutions for whole buildings or

separate elements external walling, internal loadbearing elements and
high bay separating walls. Metsec provide a full pre-contract service,
including structural calculations which are underwritten by Professional
Indemnity Insurance. This guaranteed performance is underpinned by
full technical support and project back-up.

Sudbury Arts - performing arts centre

Key facts

High precision, loadbearing systems

Indemnified by structural certificate

Proven fast-track construction

Complete pre-contract service

Total design flexibility

Full technical and project support

Metsec Framing Division Support Team

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Steel frame

Metsec SFS - Introduction

Metsec SFS fast track building systems are specified to construct
infill and continuous walling, low-rise stand-alone buildings and
high bay separating walls.
SFS has all the benefits of cold-rolled sections; supreme
versatility, buildability, high speed construction and significant
reductions in dead loadings. The warm frame approach achieves
excellent thermal performance and the system is ideal for low
ground bearing pressure situations.
The precision-engineered components facilitate reduced building
maintenance and reduce site material wastage. The net effect is
a reduction in programme timescales and project costs.
Metsec SFS is the ideal partner for British Gypsum linings. The
two combine seamlessly to achieve the fire, acoustic and thermal
performance levels required within the built environment.
Apartments at Gainsborough Studios
High precision, loadbearing systems
Proven record in fast-track construction
Warm frame achieves excellent
thermal performance
Reduced maintenance
Ideal for low ground bearing pressure
Less material wastage

BRE Certificate - August 2004

MetFRAME/SFS Building System

Apartments at Gainsborough Studios

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Metsec SFS - The system

Metsec SFS is a lightweight, galvanised, cold rolled, fast-track
building system with a proven track record in external wall infill,
high bay separating walls and low-rise stand alone structures.
It is specified extensively in projects where speed of construction
and/or a lightweight frame is a requirement. Application areas
include schools, apartments, student accommodation,
commercial developments, hospitals and other public buildings.
It is a proven solution which provides a quick external weather
proof envelope.
The Metsec SFS system is also ideally suited for sub-division of
buildings where its lightweight nature usually means that
additional foundations are not required.
Stand-alone structures, particularly roof top extensions, stick-built
or pre-panelised, are yet another application of this robust,
lightweight building method.
Metsecs technical support team are able to provide an
immediate response to enquiries where their in-house engineers
prepare initial calculations in order to establish structural zones
and determine a budget costing.

On receipt of an order, full structural calculations and standard

details are produced. All designs include structural calculations
and are underwritten by Professional Indemnity Insurance.
The installed system will need to meet specific fire, acoustic and
thermal performance criteria. British Gypsum installation and
lining specifications are available to meet the most onerous
performance requirements. They are fully substantiated by
extensive, independent tests carried out at British Gypsums
Building Test Centre - a fully accredited UKAS testing laboratory.

Steel frame

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Metsec SFS relies on high quality, purpose-designed components.

The design of sections draws on Metsecs extensive cold rolling
knowledge to maximise strength to weight ratios. Stud/joist
sections and channel runners are manufactured from pre-hot
dipped galvanised steel G275 coating, guaranteed yield strength
390N/mm2 and Quality Assured to BS EN ISO 9002:1994.
Sections can be supplied in lengths up to 16m to minimise the
need for cutting and splicing on site. In practice, maximum
lengths will be dictated by transportation and site handling

Twelve Quays - Birkenhead

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Steel frame

Metsec SFS - External walling

The Metsec SFS external walling provides infill or continuous
frame panel support for the majority of exterior cladding
materials including brickwork. It is suitable for both low-rise or
high-rise construction.
Stud size, spacing and anchorage are determined by the floor to
floor heights, deflection criteria and lateral wind load pressures.
The system combines high performance with fast, dry
construction techniques. The building can be made weather-tight
at an early stage in the construction programme by fixing rigid
foam or Isowool Hi-Therm insulation.
Centre for Life - Newcastle upon Tyne
If required, Isowool insulation, from British Gypsum-Isover, is
fitted into the stud cavity to enhance the thermal insulation
performance. The use of lightweight steel sections avoids the
problems inherent in the use of timber sections.
Early weather protection to the building
Lightweight, dry construction
Pre-fabrication on or off-site
Achieves high thermal and acoustic performances
55 Degree North - 165 bed apartments

Wind posts not required

Gives lateral support to most external cladding materials
Minimises wet trades on site
An unlimited range of project solutions is available using either
infill or continuous external walling. Whatever the project, the
design flexibility of Metsec SFS external wall options will enable
the challenge to be met.

Colchester Hospital

Heaton Manor School - Newcastle upon Tyne

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Metsec MetFRAME - Introduction


The Metsec MetFRAME system, using cold-rolled, lightweight,

galvanised steel sections in bolt-together pre-fabricated panels,
provides a fast-track solution for medium-rise loadbearing

Design flexibility
Rapid, dry construction
High thermal insulation

Every project is structurally designed in-house and underwritten

by Professional Indemnity Insurance. Sophisticated software,
developed for MetFRAME, is used by technical staff to model
and detail all structural elements of the building.
MetFRAME structures are fabricated and erected on site by
approved installers who assemble panels within their own factory
environment in accordance with sequencing and procedures
approved by Metsec.

Superior acoustic performance

Steel frame

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Quality Assurance

Firhill student accomodation, Glasgow - 400 bed, 7

storey MetFRAME construction with single-storey
parking underneath. Brickwork external skin and
curved Metsec steel roof.

Firhill student accomodation - Glasgow

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Steel frame

Metsec MetFRAME - The system

Based on an excellent track record and proven engineering
principles, MetFRAME is specified for medium-rise building
MetFRAME uses lightweight, cold rolled, galvanised steel sections
in bolt together pre-engineered panels to form storey-high walls.
These, combined with structurally efficient concrete floors,
provide the stability and integrity to the building, eliminating the
need for a steel or concrete primary frame. External wall panels
are highly insulated and their design allows for architectural
flexibility in the size and location of window and door openings.
In-house detailing ensures that, following approval of the
detailed model, electronic transfer of details of individual
components to the rolling mills is fast and accurate including
dimensions, bolt hole locations and any counter forming
British Gypsum works closely with Metsec in a continuous
programme to develop drywall construction methods to satisfy
all of the latest statutory fire, thermal and acoustic requirements.
Independent test data is available to substantiate these solutions.
Travel Inn - Southampton
MetFRAME is used for a diverse range of medium-rise structures.
Successfully completed projects include hotels, hospitals, nursing
homes, apartments, schools and student accommodation.

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Steel frame

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Installation overview

To ensure safe and proper fixing of loadbearing systems on site,
Metsec recommend the use of approved / recommended Installers.

Further information
For further details on Metsec systems, contact Metsec direct.

For details, contact the Metsec Framing Division Support Team.

Metsec Steel Framing Systems

Contractors can obtain information and guidance on the

installation of Metsec systems by contacting the Metsec Framing
Division Support Team. For details of fixing British Gypsum linings,
refer to the relevant section of The White Book or contact the
British Gypsum Drywall Academy Advice Centre for specific
guidance. For installation notes on fixing boards to metal framing
refer to the British Gypsum SiteBook.

Metsec Framing Division

Support Team
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West Midlands, B69 4HE
Tel: 0121 601 6000
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Sector applications

Student accommodation

Student accommodation - Lincoln

Waverley Point, Shawlands - Glasgow


Nursing homes

Express Holiday Inn - Glasgow Airport

Nursing home - Wallyford