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March 2015

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1. Select the pair tht contains metals from group I of the periodic table
A Sodium and Magnesium
B Silver and Gold
C Gold and Carbon
D Lithium and Sodium
2. Which diagram correctly shows the arrangement of the ions in solid sodium chloride?

3. What would a chemist use to measure exactly 25.5cm3 of dilute hydrochloric acid?
A Burette
B Beaker
C Measuring cylinder
D pipette
4. Select an element from the following substances
A air B sea water C Aluminium D Milk
5. First shell of an atom can accommodate up to how many electrons
6. Which of the following is the noble gas?
A oxygen
B nitrogen
C Helium

D Hydrogen

7. Which elements exist as diatomic molecules at room temperature?

A hydrogen, oxygen, helium
B nitrogen, chlorine, neon
C nitrogen, oxygen, fluorine
D oxygen, chlorine, helium
8. Which substance will not conduct electricity at room temperature and pressure?
A Dilute nitric acid
B graphite
C mercury
D sodium chloride
9. What is the nucleon number of Chlorine atom?
A 34
B 35.5
C 53
D 36

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10. Substance X has a simple molecular structure and substance Y has a giant molecular
Which row is correct?

11. The diagram shows the structure of an ionic compound.

What is a possible formula for this compound?

A CaF2
B NaCl


12. 18 g of water contains the same number of molecules as

A 18 g of ammonia gas.
B 2 g of hydrogen gas.
C 14 g of nitrogen gas.
D 8 g of oxygen gas.
13. Which process will separate an ionic compound PQ into its elements P and Q?
A distillation
B electrolysis
C filtration
D precipitation
14. When the product of a reaction between two gases is added to water, a solution of pH7
is formed.
Which could be these gases?
A hydrogen and chlorine
B hydrogen and nitrogen
C hydrogen and oxygen
D oxygen and carbon monoxide
15. What is the percentage, by mass, of nitrogen in the fertilizer (NH4)3PO4? C
[Ar: H, 1; N, 14; O, 16; P, 31]
A 9.4%
B 18.8%
C 28.2%
D 37.6%
16. Ionic compounds have high melting points because of the strong attraction between
oppositely charged ions.

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Which compound has the lowest melting point?

17. Graphite shares some properties with metals.

Which property of graphite is not one of the general properties of metals?
A Graphite forms a gaseous oxide.
B Graphite has a high melting point.
C Graphite is a conductor of electricity.
D Graphite is a solid.
18. Which pair of gases are both non-acidic?
A ammonia and methane
C methane and nitrogen dioxide

B carbon dioxide and ammonia

D nitrogen dioxide and carbon dioxide

19. In which state of matter can the particles move freely?

A solid
B liquid
C plasma

D gas

20. A White substance that has very strong smell and used in mothball to keep insects
away from clothes.
A Naphthalene
B iodine
C phenolphthalein
D none of above
21. 1 litter (l) =
A 100 milliliters (ml)
C 1000 milliliters (ml)

B l0 milliliters (ml)
D 1 milliliters (ml)

22. Which substance contains the most orderly arrangement of particles?

A solid
B liquid
C plasma
D gas
23. An impure sample of X melts t around 90 oC. What is most likely to be the melting point
of X?
A between 80 oC and 90 oC
B between 90 oC and 110 oC
C below 80 oC
D cannot be determined
24. Which gas will diffuse at faster rate?
A Helium
B Neon

C Carbon dioxide

D Carbon monoxide

25. Which of the following measurements is indicating volume of gas?

A 12cm
B 12cm3
C 12g
D 12sec
26. Given the unbalanced equation: Al + O2 = Al2O3
When this equation is balanced using the smallest whole numbers, what is the
coefficient of Al?
27. . The gram formula mass (molar mass) of a substance is the sum of the atomic masses
of all the atoms in it.
H2SO4 = .. g/mole
A 98
B 89
C 100
D 99

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28. Under similar conditions, which sample contains the same number of moles of particles
as 1 liter of O2 (g)?
A) 1 L Ne(g) B) 0.5 L SO2 (g)
C) 2 L N2 (g)
D) 1 L H2O(l)
29. Find the percent by mass of oxygen in CaCO3.
A) 40.07%
B) 12.000%

D) 47.1 %

30. A compound has the empirical formula NO2. Find its molecular formula if the molar mass
= 92g.
A) N2O
B) NO2
C) N2O4
D) N2O
31. Which of the following is the most appropriate example of Substances that sublime turn
from a solid directly into a gas
B) CH4
C) N2O
D) C2O3
A) I2
32. Atoms of the same element that have the same number of protons, but a different
number of neutrons are?
A) ions
B) molecules

C) isotopes

D) dipoles

33. What would collect in filter paper if a mixture of NaCl (aq) and CaCO3 (s) were poured
C) NaCl + CaCO3
D) none of above
A) NaCl
34. Chromatography can also be used to separate
A) mixtures of liquids and mixtures of gases.
B) mixtures of liquids and mixtures of solids.
C) mixtures of solids and mixtures of gases.
D) none of above

Which element among the diagrams below is a noble gas?

36. Metallic bonding occurs between atoms of?

A) Copper
B) sulfur
C) carbon
D) chlorine
37. How many covalent bonds are found in a nitrogen (N2) molecule?
A) double covalent -bond
B) single covalent -bond
C) triple covalent -bond
D) none of above
38. What is the pH of a 0.00001 molar HCl solution?

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39. Which has the greatest atomic number?



40. Choose from the following household substance a solid substance.

B) wood
C) vinegar
D) oil
A) milk

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