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Dream Cast

Eadlyn's Selection!
Leeland Alberts Nolan Carr
Hometown: Dominica Hometown: Ottaro

photo Description: Brawny with jet photo Description: Dark messy hair
here black hair here and glasses
Fun Fact: Not afraid to show Fun Fact: Class clown
his emotions

Apsel Berry-Denning Blakely Cork

Hometown: Fennley Hometown: Carolina

photo Description: Quirky style with photo Description: Bleached blond

here blond hair here curly hair with baby blue eyes
Fun Fact: Loves a good piano FunFact: Only has eyes for
duet Eadlyn

Edwin Bishop Gunner Croft

Hometown: Denbeigh Hometown: Columbia

photo Description: Brown hair and photo Description: On the short side
here blue eyes here Fun Fact: What he lacks in
Fun Fact: Always up for a fun height he makes up for in heart

Ean Cable Harrison Driver

Hometown: Hansport Hometown: Sonage

photo Description: Classically photo Description: Sweet-faced boy

here handsome with caramel- here with freckles
colored hair Fun Fact: His dimples have
Fun Fact: Not here to make gotten him out of many tricky
friends situations

Winslow Fields Henri Jaakoppi
Hometown: Zuni Hometown: Sota

photo Description: Has a great photo Des cription: Wild blond curls
here personality here Fun Fact: Loves to bake
Fun Fact: Seriously, has a great

Paisley Fisher Brady Linker

Hometown: Hudson Hometown: Dakota

photo Description: Skinny with curly photo Description: Broad shoulders

here brown hair here and messy blond hair
Fun Fact: Always the first to Fun Fact: Knows all the good
get the ball rolling hiking trails

Hale Garner Linde Lockwood

Hometown: Belcourt Hometown: Atlin

photo Description: Clean-cut with photo Description: Indian with kind

here blond hair here brown eyes
Fun Fact: Has an eye for Fun Fact: Can’t get enough of
fashion his mom’s saag paneer

Alex Hardie Holden Messenger

Hometown: Calgary Hometown: Bankston

photo Description: Curly red hair and photo Description: Glasses perched
here freckles here on a distinguished nose
Fun Fact: Prefers indoor sports Fun Fact: Proud to be a mama’s

Julian Henry Arizona Packer

Hometown: Bonita Hometown: Baffin

photo Description: Pale with photo Des cription: Movie star looks
here dishwater blond hair here
Fun Fact: He’s more than just a
Fun Fact: His mom always says pretty face
he’s the handsomest boy on the

Jamal Piles Burke Renn
Hometown: Labrador Hometown: St. George

photo Description: Tall, dark and photo Description: bulky with dark
here handsome here brown hair
Fun Fact: Knows how to woo Fun Fact: Willing to fight for
a girl what he wants

Ivan Plays Connor Shannon

Hometown: Waverly Hometown: Allens

photo Description: Gangly photo Description: Rosy cheeks and

Fun Fact: Anyone up for some here kind eyes
hoops? Fun Fact: Hoping to make a
good first impression!

Tavish Plowholder Pauly Shelves

Hometown: Midston Hometown: Honduragua

photo Description: Dark brown hair, photo Description: Ebony-skinned

here medium build here with hazel eyes
Fun Fact: Has a twin sister Fun Fact: Loves long walks on
the beach

Issir Quiller MacKendrick Shepard

Hometown: Tammins Hometown: Likely

photo Description: Tall and skinny photo Description: Well-built with

here Fun Fact: Won’t go anywhere here cropped hair
without his hair products Fun Fact: Rules the dance floor

Jack Ranger Raoul Silo

Hometown: Paloma Hometown: Panama

photo Description: Pale-skinned with photo Description: Tan with dark

here dark hair and intense blue eyes here hair
Fun Fact: Likes a strong woman Fun Fact: Fluent in Spanish

Kesley Timber Lodge Wheaton
Hometown: Whites Hometown: Lakedon

photo Description: Kind eyes and a photo Description: Brown hair with a
here warm smile here baby face
Fun Fact: More likely to be Fun Fact: Likes to play board
sipping hot chocolate than out games
on the slopes

Baden Trains Kile Woodwork

Hometown: Sumner Hometown: Angeles

photo Description: Dark skin and photo Description: Blond hair and
here dark eyes here blue eyes

Fun Fact: Guitar guy at the Fun Fact: Has known Eadlyn
party since they were both in diapers

Jamie Turning Calvin Write

Hometown: Kent Hometown: Yukon

Description: Buzz cut with photo Des cription: Long messy hair
here auburn hair here
Fun Fact: Likes giving high-
Fun Fact: Doesn’t always know fives
the right thing to say

Fox Wesley
Hometown: Clermont

photo Description: Sun-kissed skin

here and platinum blond hair
Fun Fact: Is a lifeguard