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WWF International issued the following statement in reaction to
the submission of the US climate plan to the UN today:
“The US is one of the few major emitters to put forward its climate pledge on time. By
doing so it sets a good global standard for transparency and helps build trust in the
negotiations. going forward, we need to see how the US will support other countries to
do more on climate – to ensure global fairness and keep the world on a path to 1.5
degree Celsius,” said Samantha Smith, leader of WWF’s Global Climate and Energy
“Politically, today’s announcement is a big deal. It signals that US climate policy over the
next decade will begin to line up with growing majorities of Republicans, Democrats and
Independents, as well as key business leaders, calling for climate action now. By
developing this target based on existing authority, the United States is signaling that
countries should have confidence it can deliver. To maintain that confidence, a strong
final rule this summer to cut carbon pollution from new and existing power plants will be
critical,” says Lou Leonard, vice president Climate Change at WWF US.
“In fact the US must do more than just deliver on this pledge; the 28% domestic target
can and must be a floor not a ceiling. As the largest contributor to climate impacts
already here today, the United States has a responsibility to lead and do its fair share.
When compared to what scientists warn us is needed to avoid the worst impacts to our
cities, our food systems and water supplies, the US pledge falls short. The US should
come to Paris ready to join this new era of climate cooperation by adding to its domestic
contribution with an additional concrete commitment to work with other nations,
businesses and civil society to take a big bite out of the gap,” said Leonard.
For further information, contact:
Mandy Jean Woods / @MandyJeanWoods / +27 72 393 0027
Sam Smith / @pandaclimate / +47 450 22 149
Ian Morisson

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