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Airlines Case

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The number of staff numbers has increased from 13720 to 14254.7 million dollars to 8341. This project had an investment of a million dollars in R&D and another $100 million in its installation in 45 aircraft carriers. In exhibit 2 the total revenue has also increased by from 9229. Why they should proceed with the plan     According to exhibit 1. Their fleet has just increased by 1 from 92 to 93 which implies that the aircraft maintenance is good and in superior conditions. They can target the international business traveller. Most . They provide their consumers with a comfort that was provided only by British airways. however Singapore airlines can utilize this and target the fact that the airlines that were involved in the tragedy were domestic and not international.Singapore Airlines: Customer Service Innovation Singapore Airlines is a global airline operator based in Singapore and actively servicing routes in Europe. According to exhibit 3 the depreciation charges has decreased to -5. Considering the fact that all other airlines were not as profitable as that of Singapore airlines. However Singapore airlines also had other benefits such as gourmet cuisine.3 million dollars. Many companies made losses post September 2001. the revenues of the company have not fallen. Maintenance costs have also decreased. They were one of the pioneer airline companies in the world that changed the entire inflight experience and even customized the services depending on the location. This will also create a positive impact in their service innovation sector. “Creating new markets through service innovation”. In the case. they should proceed with the implementation of the plan. The number of passengers has also increased by a big number from 13782 to 15002 passengers. It has increased by 10. This implies that the company is profitable. post September 2001. If we refer the article. This was a market creating service since the competition was just 1. we can see the matrix Type of service vs Type of benefit. According to exhibit 8 they have been ranked the highest among the other competitors both in Asia and in the world.6. Singapore airlines did just that with their spacebed innovation. This cell describes service innovations that offer a new core benefit and that can be consumed apart from when and where they are produced. According to the team. The net margin has increased by 3. Asia and USA. brand loyalty and a never ending perfection towards service delivery. Singapore airlines provide a service which is separable and the type of benefit is based on its delivery. In conclusion they are cash rich and can proceed with the plan. they can leverage on their good financial strength and implement this factor fast.3%.1% and the operational revenues have increased by 12%. It focuses on a fundamental service benefit that can be experienced separately from the service provider. the company had a dilemma on whether to install the Spacebed project. after the terrorist attacks in USA. Hence they fall in the Flexible solutions category of the matrix.

This a highly visible changes at least in Asia and the travellers in Asia. They pioneered high service quality.importantly in chapter 4 of the prescribed text. . Major process innovations: They provided mobile alerts to passengers in case of delay and were undeterred of any crisis in any other country in which they operated. Process line extensions: They recognized that there was a shift in consumer behaviour from standard treatment to specialized treatment. Major Service innovations: They developed a new core product for their executive division with their spacebed program. Product line extensions: They had an entertainment system on board which provided customers 200 channels of television and music to choose from. Supplementary service innovations: They identified their key customers and always referred them by their name when they greeted them or served their food and drinks. firms need to improve and develop new services to maintain a competitive edge. This was a style change because many airlines provided a standardized service. Also they had a customized service staff depending on the kind of country they served. Every year there was a subtle change in their customer service which made it their strength. No other airline carrier in Asia had such a seat. There are seven mentioned changes that can be related to the Singapore airlines: Style changes: Their flight attendants had uniforms designed by fashion designers and they had a rigorous training school which updated them on the latest service quality. Modest changes: Singapore Airlines had their own surveys to analyse where the customers were not happy and how it can be improved.