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His unexpected woman!
Ravelli Christ regretted the day he had heard the name "Brophy". No you
had missed his father had died leaving a brood of children
illegitimate, but to silence the scandal Christ must convince the tutor
children, the lovely Belle, to join their plans.
The only concern of Belle Brophy were his brothers and would do
out by providing the security that she had never had. So
when that handsome Italian proposed marriage could not say no. But
once the ring was on her finger Belle quickly discovered that marriage
It was much more to say 'I do'!
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Edited by Harlequin Ibrica, SA
Nez de Balboa, 56
28001 Madrid
2014 Lynne Graham
2014 Harlequin Ibrica, SA
An insolent girlfriend, No. 97 - October 2014
Original title: Ravelli's Defiant Bride Originally Posted by Mills &
Boon, Ltd., London.
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Chapter 1
Ravelli Christ looked at the family lawyer in disbelief.
'Is this a joke out of season? he asked, frowning
Robert Ludlow, Ludlow and Ludlow partner, did not react with gesture
fun. Christ, a leading investment banker specializing in
venture capital, and swimming in abundance, was not a man that is
should joking. Indeed, if you had a hint of humor, Robert still not
I had seen. Christ, unlike Gaetano Ravelli, his late and probably not
cried father took life seriously.
I'm afraid no joke -confirm Robert. Your father had five
children with a woman in Ireland ...
Christ was stunned by the news.
You mean all those years when he was fishing at his home
Ireland ...?
'That'm afraid. I think the eldest son is fifteen ...
-Quince? But that means ... -Christ squeezed her sensual mouth and
eyes flashed with anger before he could get to make a comment
intrusive and inappropriate for someone other than his brothers. He wondered
why he was surprised by a revelation about his father's womanizing. After
all, over his irresponsible life Gaetano had left a trail of ex
dismayed and angry wives and three legitimate children, so why should not he
have had a less stable relationship but also complemented with children?
Christ, of course, could not answer that question because
would never have risked having an illegitimate child and that affected him much
his father had done it five times, especially when never
It had bothered to show the slightest interest in children who had
before. The brothers of Christ, Nik and Zarif, they would be equally astonished and
frightened, but he knew that the problem would fall hard on his shoulders.
The breakdown of the marriage of Nik had sunk to his brother and that debacle to
that had been dragged him he still lose sleep at night. As to
his younger brother, Zarif, as the new ruler of a country in the Middle East,
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the last thing she deserved was the great public scandal awaken acts
Gaetano immoral and safely be unleashed if the means of
communication is made with history.
Fifteen years repeated thoughtfully Christ; with it was clear that the
Zarif mother was a woman deceived throughout her marriage to her
without father or even knowing it and that was not a reality that Zarif would like
out to the light. I apologize for my reaction, Robert. It has been a great
impact for me. The mother of the children ... what do you know about her?
Robert raised an eyebrow cana.
I've contacted Daniel Petrie, the real estate agent
Irish property, and I've learned some things. She said that since
time in the village see Mary Brophy as indecent and immoral woman said

almost apologetically.
But if it was the whore of people, Gaetano would know and be
delighted with the idea, 'said Christ before we can contain that reckless
review; her beautiful brown face and drew a stern expression; was not
no secret to the family of Gaetano that undoubtedly had preferred
shameless and promiscuous women rather than women living decently. What they
has left my father to that horde of children?
'That's why I decided to become a partaker of the matter said Robert
clearing his voice clearly uncomfortable with the conversation. As you can
imagine, Gaetano has not been mentioned in the will or the woman or the
Are you telling me that my father has not been considered in these
Children? Christ asked incredulously. Did five children with that ... that woman, and even
and it has not stopped them any money?
Nothing ... -confirm Robert embarrassed. I thought I would have done
some kind of private arrangement to deal with them, but it seems that has not been
well, since I have received a consultation of women on school fees.
As you know, your father always thought about this, never in the future, and I imagine
it was assumed that live well into their eighties.
But instead he died at sixty-two and got me into
this mess muttered Christ losing patience as was finding more
things-. I'll have to deal with this matter personally. I do not want that
newspapers appropriate the story ...
'Of course not,' said Robert. It is a fact that the
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media loves to tell stories of men with lots of women and
Well aware of this, Christ squeezed her perfect white teeth
and his dark eyes flashed with anger with a golden glow. His father had
Was a shame all his life and infuriated him that would generate more shame
yet even after death.
I hope you can put children up for adoption and we can
quietly bury this unpleasant affair pointed Christ.
He noticed that Robert seemed baffled by the idea and
after the man quickly recomposed his gesture to be reclined
'And you think the mother will agree?
If it's the typical woman who loved my father, he is delighted
do what you say in return for good ... said compensation choosing
word coldly.
Robert understood her meaning and tried unsuccessfully to imagine a
scenario in which a woman give up their children in exchange for a good
amount. I had no doubt that Christ had reason to know very
well what he was talking and suddenly gave thanks for not living a life that
I had become so suspicious someone was concerned as to the nature

human and greed. But then, after years of dealing with matters
Gaetano economic knew that Christ came from a dysfunctional family and
would certainly love and loyalty that many adults gave them their
Christ, already stressed by his recent business trip to Switzerland, was
straight and handed the phone to his personal secretary, Emily, he booked a flight to
Dublin. Solve that nasty issue and return directly to work.
-Los Hate! Belle exploded helplessly and her pretty face full of
angry passion. I hate all Ravelli!
Well then you're also going to have to 'I hate your brothers
He recalled his grandmother ironically ... and you know that's not what I really feel ...
With difficulty, Belle controlled his anger and looked at his grandmother gesture
apology. Isa Kelly was a small, agile woman with gray hair and eyes
Page 9
same green as Belle.
'That damned lawyer has not even responded to the letter
mom about school fees. I hate you all for making us beg something
that children should be rightfully!
It's a nasty business jabbed Isa regretfully. But what
we have to remember is that the person responsible for this terrible situation is
Gaetano Ravelli ...
'That I will never forget! He swore vehemently and granddaughter
jumping up and frustration to go to the window overlooking the
tiny backyard.
And it was true. Belle had bullied by the ratio of its
Gaetano Ravelli mother and the children he had with him; many people had
censored the spectacle of a woman who had had a
long and fruitful relationship with a married man. His mother, Mary, had given him the
label "slut" and Belle had been forced to bear the shadow of that
humiliating tag along with her mother.
-and He reminded Isa is not unnecessarily. And your mother either,
which is even sadder.
A familiar pain was removed under his chest for the loss of that
warm and loving presence in her house, and her expression of anger softened. Single
It had been a month since the death of his mother for a heart attack and even Belle
I had not gotten over such a sudden death. Mary had been a
Smiling and cheerful female forties who had never been
ill. However he had a weak heart and, apparently, the doctor
had warned that would risk not having one more pregnancy after giving birth to
twins. But had listened to common sense when Mary Brophy ?, is
Belle asked ruefully. Mary had done what he wanted despite what
it will be assumed, had chosen passion over commitment and
birth of a sixth child above what would have been a few years of life
calm and prudent.
Despite everything that had been said about Mary Brophy, and is that

There had been too many people in the village who had judged his relationship with
Gaetano, Mary was a hardworking and kind woman who never had him
directed a bad word to anyone and had always been the first to offer
help when a neighbor had problems. Over the years
some of the most vehement critics of his mother had finished
becoming their friends when they had finally appreciated and valued their
Page 10
gentle way of being. But Belle had never been like his mother; for she had
dear, but Ravelli Gaetano had hated him for his lies, his handler
selfishness and meanness.
As if sensing the tension in the air, Tag whimpered their
feet and stroked; It was a small black and white Jack Russell who was now his
and loving brown eyes fixed on her. She stood straight and colorful hair fell
on her slender shoulders; eyes turned from a wavy lock of her
mahogany hair and wondered when would find the time to go to cut it and
how on earth could afford when I needed the money for necessities more
At least caretaker's cottage situated at the beginning of the path
I wound up Mayhill was his house; Gaetano had yielded to his mother
a few years to provide a false sense of security. But what they
served to have a roof over their heads when Belle was unable to pay the
bills? Still, look on the street would have been much worse, I had to admit to
and softening despite the expression on his fleshy mouth. In any case, most
likely they were to sell it and find a cheaper place and small
to live. Unfortunately have to fight endlessly for children
received what was rightfully theirs. They were or not illegitimate, his brothers
were entitled to part of the estate of his late father and was his duty to wage this
battle for them.
You've got to let me take care of the children and she said Isa
tight to her granddaughter. Mary was my daughter and made mistakes. No I want to stay
idly by while I see paying the price for ...
-Children Would be too much for you protested Belle since,
much her grandmother was a strong and healthy woman, was seventy years and seemed
I would be very badly let endure such a burden.
You've gone to a university that was miles from here to
escape the situation that had arisen your mother and you intended to leave
work in London as he reminded Isa licenciaras you stubbornly.
So is life ... change without warning Belle said wryly. The
children have lost their parents in the space of two months and feel very
insecure. The last thing we need right now is that I also disappears.
-Bruno And Donetta go to boarding school, so they are only here in
Holiday said the woman, unwilling to yield to his granddaughter. The twins are in
primary. Franco is the one who is married and has two years and soon will also
at school ...

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Shortly after the death of his mother, Belle had thought
basically the same and had felt terribly guilty about having to
admit, if only to herself, she felt trapped by the existence of
younger siblings and their need for love and constant care. His grandmother
I had made a generous offer and Belle had saved most
Deep in his mind with the idea that he could become a reality. But
That was before I saw daily needs of their brothers and
finally valued the enormous effort and work involved in dealing with them; by
it understood that his grandmother had to deal alone was a
selfish fantasy. For Isa would be too much load when there were days in which to
Belle, with twenty-three, he was too burdensome.
Someone pounded on the back door so that the two women
startle. Brow furrowed Belle opened and relaxed when he saw there an old
friend. Mark Petrie and Belle had gone to school together and he had been one of his
few real friends.
Come in said inviting the slender dark-haired boy wearing
jeans. Sit. Fancy a coffee?
What will it going, Mark? Isa asked with a pleasant smile.
-Great. Belle is that I worry he admitted throwing her granddaughter
Isa a look of clear masculine admiration. Let's see, I'll drop
directly. This morning I heard my father speak by phone and must have
talking to someone Family Gaetano Ravelli. I think it was the largest,
Christ ...
Straining at the sound of that name who was it so
familiar, Belle put down the cup to Mark.
'Why did you think?
-Christ Is the executor of the estate of Gaetano and he was
asking about your mother but, of course, my father does not know that Mary
has died. Nobody has bothered to tell who died while he and my mother
were with my uncle in Australia ...
Well, is not that your father and mother were exactly friends
the soul 'I reminded Mark clearly. There had been a lot of tension along
the years between the agent Daniel Petrie and housekeeper Mayhill,
Mary Brophy-. So, why would tell anyone?
Ravelli Christ thought when resentfully. Banker
Page 12
elegant and outrageously handsome eldest son who also never smiled. In the
Over the years had researched online the tangled love life
Gaetano, in principle driven by curiosity and then go giving
Responding to questions and confident that his poor mother never dared to
ask. He knew about the other wives, sons and outrageous adventures
once he had seen that Gaetano was a liar man and driver
with women who kept the ruin and sorrow in its wake. And if that was

little, as Gaetano had only married rich women, their poor and
unfortunate mother had never had the slightest opportunity to
take it to the altar.
'Clearly the issue is that the Ravelli family has decided that
want to give their children up for adoption Gaetano had with Mary ...
-Adopcin? Belle interrupted him clearly stunned by this
proposal had come from nowhere.
'Clearly the family of this man wants to cover this relationship Mark said with a grimace. And what better way to do it? Thus the
History does not come to the press and there would be no stone unturned ...
But they are no loose ends, are some children with a family and a
home! replied consternation. For the Love of God, have to be together!
Uncomfortable to be the recipient of this emotional outburst, Mark
cleared his throat and said:
'Are you the legal guardian of the children?
I Well, who else is there? Belle asked defensively.
But is not written down in any legal document you are
tutor, right? Mark pointed ruefully as she looked at him with eyes
dismay laden green. That was afraid of. You should go see a lawyer
I take care of this as soon as you can and make every paperwork
claim custody of children ... Otherwise, you may end up
Family discovering that Gaetano has more rights over the children than you.
But that would be ridiculous! Belle objected. Gaetano did not just
relation to children even when he was here.
'The law does not say the same. He paid the college of the largest and handed the
caretaker's cottage your mother she reminded Mark with that devotion to detail
inherent in their studies of Law-. Maybe it was a horrible father in the deal,
but they took care of their needs, and it is possible that have your child
has much to say about the future of children.
Page 13
But Gaetano them off all of his will He pointed Belle
tilting her chin defiantly.
That does not matter. The law is the law. Nobody can take away their
-adoption ... Stunned -even before the proposal, Belle dropped into the
chair. It's crazy. They could not have done this if my mother were still alive! he exclaimed bitterly. No one could have said that his mother was not entitled
to say what should happen to them.
Mary I wish I had lived long enough to address this
Isa matter sighed regretfully. But maybe I have something to say as
caregivers of children.
I doubt 'said Mark. The children had not lived with you
never until after he moved here after the death of Mary.
'I could pretend to be my mother ... Belle said, sighing

-Hacerte Happen? Isa looked at her granddaughter in disbelief. Do not be

silly, Belle.
Why do you say I'm stupid? Christ Ravelli not know that Mom has
Deaths and if you think she's still alive, I doubt attempt to interfere in the lives of
Children Raising his head convinced that he was right to say that.
'It's impossible for you to pretend to be a woman over forty
years! Mark protested laughing at the idea.
But Belle was still spinning.
-No Need it look like I'm forty ... Only I have to
appear to be old enough to have a child of fifteen and
Judging by the age at which women have children lately, could easily
have thirties.
It would be crazy to conduct a farce like that 'I told her grandmother,
trying apaciguarla-. Surely Christ Ravelli discover the truth.
-How? Who is going to tell? Is a Ravelli, will not come until
here asking snooping neighbors. I would have no reason to
question my identity. I gather the hair, I'll heavy makeup ... that
help me ...
-Belle ... I know you're willing to do anything, but do
something like this would be a great deception Mark said gravely. Think about what you're
Page 14
The kitchen door opened and she appeared after a child with a
wavy dark hair sucking her thumb. He leaned against his thigh sheathed
in denim Belle and rose to his sister's lap.
- Teno dream ... stammered. Hug ...
Belle lovingly hugged his little brother. Franco was very
Cuddly and instantly curled his warm little body against hers.
-What going to take up for a nap she whispered
rising with difficulty because the child was heavy.
Belle put him in the crib next to your bed and lay a
moment looking out the window the picturesque views of Mayhill, nice
Georgian mansion installed in acres of parkland against the backdrop of
ancient oak. His mother was a widow and she a little eight years old when
Mary had begun working as a housekeeper for Gaetano Ravelli.
His father was a violent alcoholic famous for his abusive
harangues and his propensity for getting into fights. One night, very affected by the
alcohol, was planted in front of a car and very few had regretted his
death, and less Belle, which had always terrified temperament
and brutal fists of his father. Mother and daughter had believed that they would embark
in a promising new life when Mary became the housekeeper
Mayhill. However, his mother was madly in love with her new
boss and his reputation had been destroyed from the moment he had
Bruno born.
Someone like Christ Ravelli, Belle thought bitterly, could not

have no idea how they lived less fortunate mortals. Christ was handsome,
brilliant and obscenely winner. His mother was a very rich Italian princess and
famous among high society. His stepfather was a Hungarian banker, his house,
Venetian palace, and had gone to an exclusive school which had come
literally full of academic and athletic honors. It was quite
surprising that Christ triumphed in every aspect of his life, though of course he did not
knew what he was humiliated you, ignore you or make fun of you, and sure
never had to apologize for the origins of his family.
On the other hand, Bruno was only thirteen when Gaetano had
accused of being gay because that was the only way his father could interpret
his burning desire to be an artist. Belle's brother had been devastated by
destructive one comment from a father who had been
desperate to impress. Harassment he suffered at school had made
Page 15
attempted suicide. She even gave chills to remember, as there was
been awfully close to losing his brother forever. Bruno needed
the support of his family. Bruno, like his brothers, he needed love and
commitment to grow into an adult satisfied and balanced. Do Not
I had nothing to Belle had not done to ensure that his brothers
stay together and be happy.
When coming down the stairs Mark was about to leave.
I'll make dinner grandmother said Belle.
Not going serious about trying to pretend to be Mary, right? insisted
Mark on the door.
Belle put her slender shoulders straight.
If that's what it takes to keep the family together, you would not
I think about it.
The afternoon light was fading when Christ ascended car
by the road leading to Mayhill.
Never before had visited the Irish owned by Gaetano
because his father had never invited any of his relatives to visit him nor there
or anywhere else. His father had never bothered to maintain the relationship
with his family and what had been bored had gone in search of new
horizons forgetting everything else.
A woman followed by a dog was crossing the lawn
front garden. Christ frowned; not like intruders ... without
But the second I was contemplating these waves of intense color that
moved around a stunning heart-shaped face and looking at
how loose shirt he wore framed her lush breasts and a
flat stomach skinned, and how these short jeans hugged his
rear and accentuating her long, shapely legs. That image snatched the
breath and had him pounding the crotch. He gritted his teeth trying
remember when was the last time he'd been with a woman. In
Actually, always preferred sex work because the work is challenged and filled
energy while sex saw it as an exercise to relieve stress.

He opened the huge wooden door and approached a mountain

unopened letters perched on a lobby of black and white tiles. His team
Security, composed of Rafe and John, went before him.
Page 16
-Registraremos The house.
A thin layer of dust covered the furniture and Christ was not surprised
Rafe confirmed that there was no one. Although, of course, who would be there?
Mary Brophy and five children occupy the property? Yes, that was exactly what
than had been expected and why he had used the keys to enter;
to make clear that he was entitled to access to that place. He crossed the silent
rooms and ended up in the kitchen, with its open empty fridge wide and
dripping faucet. Her pretty mouth curled to see the phone on the wall. One of the
had buttons labeled "housekeeper". He picked up the phone and dialed with
exasperated force.
-Yup? -a subtle female voice answered when he had almost lost
hope that respond to his call.
I am Christ Ravelli. I'm in the house. Why have not prepared
for my arrival? he asked haughtily.
Across the line, Belle became alert to hear the vibrant tone
impatience in that dark and intense accent and suddenly, her green eyes
They flashed and glittered dangerously like emeralds under fire.
'And do not think you can be because the housekeeper did not receive their
salary as Mr. Ravelli crashed his helicopter?
Christ was not used to that kind of answers and gesture
his sensual mouth hardened immediately.
'I have not given orders for that to happen.
Well, now it does not matter, right? But unfortunately, no one works
Free Belle she said dryly.
Christ contained an expletive. He was tired, hungry
and was in no mood for a war of words.
I imagine that you are the housekeeper.
It was time for the truth and for a second Belle
hesitated. An image of his brothers in an orphanage waiting to be transferred
to a foster home made her make a knot in the stomach and had
Uh ... yeah ... he pronounced with tension.
Then come to the house to do his job. I can assure you that
will be well rewarded for their time-the Christ said briskly.
I need food and bed ready ...
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There are several shops in the village. It has had to pass in front of
them on the way to the house protested Belle.
With pleasure we will pay for you to take over these tasks for me
Christ he replied softly before hanging and wondering if it was successful

call a love of insolent keys to resume its work. Reminding

I had only planned to stay there a couple of days before putting the house for sale,
decided to forget about it. Also, you could really have on hand the
information that the housekeeper could give.
After the call Belle was much more nervous. After all,
it was either now or never. He could not stand as the daughter of Mary and then change
of idea. Or pretending to be your mother or rose to Mayhill and told that Christ Ravelli
it was housekeeper and lover of his father had died. But when he thought
that their brothers could come out ahead if posing as his mother,
doubts were dispelled and ran to the room wondering
desperately what to do to look more mature.
The first thing I did was take off his shorts and T-shirt and jeans,
After digging through your closet, found a tight skirt and a tank
long sleeves. Her mother had never worn or flat shoes or jeans and that
it was the only skirt that Belle had. Moreover, sticking to the habits of Mary as if
there were to be a talisman, took a pair of heels and dressed in a hurry. A
then went into the bathroom, hair face turned away and shuddered
to see her porcelain skin, and he suspected that made her look younger than
it really was. If the hair was collected and put a lot of makeup
seem older? Frowning recalled smoky eye technique
that a friend had convinced her to use a night out partying and
sought the necessary utensils in your makeup bag.
He applied the different shades generously, he blurred the edges
with nervous fingers and added eyeliner. Well, yes it was different, admitted
uneasily while mascara is applied before taking a
touch of blush to her cheeks and cover your lips with a pink glow.
I was going to call you for dinner ... Isa said Kelly staying paralyzed
in the tiny lobby to see his granddaughter down the stairs. Where
well hell are you?
Belle tensed.
-why? Is it weird that I see?
Well, if you bend a little could see your underwear commented
Isa disapproval.
Page 18
An uncomfortable silence interrupted for a few seconds
by noise from the rear door opening and closing. Voices were heard
some kids and when a boy and a girl eight years morenos entered the
lavishing lobby insults.
If you do not stop arguing, now you may go to bed early warned Belle
the twins, Pietro and Lucia.
The twins closed mouth, bowed their heads and disheveled
They ran up the stairs passing in front of his sister.
Now you can already tell me why wear that skirt insisted Isa.
-HA Called Christ Ravelli ... looking for a housekeeper Belle quickly explained what had spoken by phone. I have to

Apparently, at least ten years older.

While talking Isa Belle watched with dismay.
'You can not impersonate Mary ... it's crazy. Never
you will succeed.
Belle lifted her chin.
But worth a try if it means that Christ Ravelli
listen to what they have to say. Clearly not know what Mom. Do not even think
you know it was the housekeeper of his father.
I doubt that is so ignorant jabbed Isa thoughtfully gesture.
It could be a ruse. Obviously you'll want to know the mother of the children as soon
possible, but do not want to go up there to make the purchase, cook for him and
make his bed, much less dressed like that!
What's wrong with the way I'm dressed?
I could give this man a wrong idea.
I doubt Belle said stretching the elastic skirt over her
rounded hips. For all I know, it's not a sexual freak like his father.
Isa pursed his lips.
'That comment is very disrespectful, Belle.
It's the truth, not a nasty rumor.
-Gaetano Was the father of children. You may have not exercised as
such, but you should not talk like it when someone could hear chided
firmly grandmother.
Page 19
Aware that she was right, Belle blushed and stood
somewhat bewildered.
Lend your car will ya, grandma?
Yes, of course -dndose has something later that Belle was not him
given importance to concern about the farce that was to present Christ
Ravelli, Isa put a hand on the door before her granddaughter could abrirla-.
Think about what you're about to do, Belle. Once you try this trick
Man no return and then have every right in the world
angry with us when you discover the truth ... because in the end end
He added making nervous.
-Christ Is a Ravelli, grandma ... crafty, cunning and unscrupulous.
Need to take some advantage in dealing with him and the only way to do
is pretending to be a mom.
Page 20
Chapter 2
Belle drove to the village shop to buy basics with
what Mayhill fill the kitchen and was stunned to see the price.
Christ Ravelli expected to cook for him, but she did not know
cooking, at least nothing that would require more than a microwave and can opener.
He pondered the dilemma in which he was and decided to prepare an omelet, one
salad and garlic bread. Sure until she could make something so basic. Had

seen his mother and grandmother make tortillas many times and Bruno was also
very good at cooking; whenever he was home on weekends ate
very well.
Tight as a steel beam led to the back of the
Home noting that the lights were not on. The back door was
locked and with a grunt loaded with bags to the front,
He climbed the steps and rang the bell.
Christ was on the phone when the bell rang down the hall. With
frown was open and took a step back in surprise at the sight before him one
slender redhead rise to some high heels. Does the housekeeper? Definitely not
was what was expected, I had to admit as his bright dark eyes
slid down one of the best curvilinear bodies and legs
had ever seen. Legs that reminded him of the girl he had seen
across the garden. He looked at her face and noticed those big green eyes
full of anxiety and lost in heavy makeup and the voluptuous mouth.
It was not her type at all. It was too obvious, too little discreet
and too redhead. In fact, Christ knew very reluctantly seen it used
cold drawn petite blonde with big blue eyes. It was recalled that
particular image was banned for good reason. His stern look
He shielded by a thick black lashes deliberately dug in
strong breasts redhead. That and his legs yes they were a work of
Art !, had to admit.
Accustomed, unfortunately, to the effect that her breasts used
cause in men, Belle took time to observe Christ Ravelli.
There was no doubt it was gorgeous. Her short black hair and traits
impactful hard and coal black eyes enhanced by flanges
Page 21
ridiculously long. A little stubble gave him a rough look to your
jaw olive skin, accentuating even more presence
powerfully masculine.
Her pupils were dilated, her heart began to beat a
pounding and her stomach began to do stunts. Was nerves, he said, nerves and
adrenaline responding to the challenge of deception which was
embarking ... although he was not helping anything that Christ was also
extremely high enough to make her feel small despite its
Metro seventy-added of heels. Christ's shoulders looked
Taylor widths under his expensive suit jacket, had ample torso, a
slim hips and a long, powerful legs.
I -Llevar this to the kitchen and put me with dinner-le Belle said
raising his arms to show the bulging shopping bags.
Its rounded breasts trembled under the thin shirt and Christ
he wiped his mouth.
'Are you the housekeeper of my father? asked because it was not,
at all what was expected; what was imagined to find more
While it was a woman of jovial people, though sensible, and of indeterminate age.

Abandoning his attempt to go to the kitchen, Belle left the

bags down and lifted her head high to say:
I'm taking Mary Brophy announced chin defiantly.
Bewilderment and disbelief invaded Christ and intensity of
his dark eyes was increasing while peering.
'You was the ... lover ... my father?
Nausea Her stomach to hear that label, although
neither came no more accurate description for the position that their
deceased mother had occupied in the life of Gaetano. It's cheeks.
A second before Christ had been mentally undressing and
Now the idea was loath to seem an act of the most inappropriate. That was the
woman who had occupied the bed of his father for at least fifteen years
thus earning a permanence that no other woman had made in the
Gaetano boring existence. And, looking suddenly Christ was not surprised
it was clear that this woman was awesome. Even after
given birth to five children still had thin waist of a girl and under all
pasty layer of makeup that her skin looked smooth and supple. However, it was
Page 22
too young, I was too young looking for the woman who had
expected to find, decided furrowing his eyebrows puzzled ebony color.
'And it was also the housekeeper Gaetano? she asked.
'Yes,' Belle and with determination, bent to pick up the
bags. Is it okay omelet and salad? he asked quickly going to the kitchen.
"A very nice love keys' thought Christ dazed and still unable
to imagine her as the mother of five children. Five!
It must have been very young when she met my father remarked Christ
from the kitchen door.
Belle tensed as he put the food in the fridge.
Not much actually said wanting to tell him to get
in their affairs but not wanting to offend the other. After all
needed his help to assure a decent future for their brothers. Even Though,
What chance did he do it? In the worst case, Christ Ravelli
could reject and detest illegitimate children of his father and at best could
without causing indifference. Adoption ... "For the Love of God!" He thought
disbelief. How many people would dare to suggest such an option?
-Daba For granted that they would live in this house, 'said Christ noting
the slender thigh was visible when she bent to keep filling
the fridge.
I ... uh ... I've only lived here when he was Gaetano said
'And the rest of the time? he asked Christ because, for all he knew,
his father was only going to Ireland three or four times a year and had never been there
over two weeks.
I live in the cottage was next to the entrance gate admitted to

reluctantly and getting straight to put the lettuce and eggs on the
granite countertop.
Christ gritted his teeth at the news that she and her children
would have to leave the house before he could put Mayhill sale though,
of course, would have to pay for the inconvenience of having to find another
home. The woman's hair shone like a beacon under the lights showing
shades of gold, copper and mahogany and tiny curls adorned the
nape of her long, elegant neck. He had frizzy hair, like a
rag doll, he thought absently and irritated by the nature of that
thought. With a lingering sense of disbelief observed soft
Page 23
his jaw line and lush softness of her mouth painted bold
red. It had to be much larger than it appeared to be the mother of a
teenager, though perhaps I was being naive. It was perfectly possible
Mary Brophy looked so incredibly young because his father had him
paying a cosmetic surgery.
Belle opened the packet of garlic bread and placed on a tray
oven cooking. Hopefully this man leave. Standing there with his meter
ninety or more, made her feel nervous and awkward. I had to search through the
cabinets to find the tools I wanted because there was seldom visited
Mayhill since I was little. Indeed, he had always prevented Gaetano
I was there. Her green eyes darkened as he remembered how his increasingly
numerous brothers and she had stayed with her grandmother in the village to leave
her quiet mother while preparing for the arrival of Gaetano. Mary
Always, she had always prefixed to it.
He remembered the excitement of her mother when Gaetano was about
arriving, how he got to do gymnastics like crazy, going to the hairdresser and out
shopping to ensure you have the best look for your love. From
Belle had long ago decided that rather die than love
please a man that far, since it was clear that devotion and
pathetic loyalty Mary had done him no end.
Quickly prepared salad, put in a bowl and dressing him
better able to recreate his mother's favorite salad despite not
remember the proportions of each ingredient. Having done that, got down to
work with tortilla. Christ was gone by then and sighed with relief
as he prepared to set the table in the spacious dining across the
He had accepted without protest that was Mary Brophy and why not
I had to do? For him it meant nothing to her poor mother had died.
Mark's father, Daniel Petrie estate agent at the end end
Gossiping and finding out you would know that the woman he had detested
for so long I was dead and buried, but Belle thought it was not
Daniel likely bothered to mention it to Christ Ravelli, since no
I just feel like an idiot for not having well informed his client,
but also would assume that Christ had already heard the news.

Calming with those thoughts, Belle returned to the kitchen and tried to take
gas burners because I was used to the electric stove.
Page 24
Christ looked at his food with an appetite faded away.
He touched the tortilla with a fork; had the consistency of a solid rubber mattress.
The salad was floating in plenty of oil until the garlic bread was
carbonized despite several attempts to cut and remove the burnt pieces.
He swallowed hard and pushed the plate. Could not cook, so I guess
she and her father had always gone on eating out. Suddenly I was disgusted
He rose in one fluid motion; his thin face was hard and tense expression.
Do not want to be in Ireland. I did not want to deal with the horrible woman and
consequences of prolonged and sordid affair with his father. But he knew that
had no choice. Mary Brophy and his sons were not a problem that could
afford to ignore and there was nobody else who could handle the situation.
Belle was fussing in the linen closet of bed in the
landing above the stairs when he heard a noise behind her and, when rotated, ran
appalled at the tall, strong man leaning against the railing.
It looked like a brick wall.
'So that's the bedding was remarked.
-who Are you? Belle asked nervously.
Rafe is one of my two bodyguards' said Christ
moving closer. Rafe and John are going to stay here with me.
John and I need bedding, although we can prepare
Rafe said passing ourselves to it to browse the ordered and labeled
Belle just stepped shelves when the sheets needed for bed
master bedroom.
Mindful of Christ's gaze Ravelli and feeling down
somehow, down the hallway nervous. Damn the man! Why was
looking like that? Is that suddenly had grown another head? Why do not you
he said he had been accompanied? I had not bought enough food ...
which, incidentally, reminded him he had to tell me to pay the purchase
he had done. After leaving the sheets on the bed, looked for the ticket in his pocket and
he turned to give.
This is what you owe me.
Christ took out his wallet and gave him a ticket while looking with gesture
Strange furniture, mirrors and huge bed.
'Is this the room my father?
Page 25
I'll sleep somewhere else. The design of Victorian brothel does not attract me
anything she informed him sharply.
The decor was dark, ornate and horrible, and Belle felt like
I admit it. He picked up the sheets and down the hall to one of the few
Guest rooms they had bathroom inside. Mayhill needed reform

When I told him decoration, no insult intended Christ said standing by the window and thinking at that moment what
less appropriate was to offend. He swore that he would not comment on flights
its role as a lover of his father, especially since it was becoming clear
that this had not had a beneficial position, which was not
wonder when Gaetano had been known for his stinginess. Moreover, in each
one of his three divorces, had taken money to his ex-wives even though
in all cases they had been injured parties. So the
secret lover of his father had continued to work as his housekeeper and
dressed cheap and vulgar clothes it should not be a surprise. And the same
reason, had trouble believing that Gaetano had paid a plastic circua to
her lover look young but, of course, also had to remember that it was
perfectly possible that there had been no aesthetic improvement. Mary
Brophy could be a very lucky woman who looked much younger than
it was.
Not offends me. I had nothing to do with the choice of furniture.
About ten years ago Gaetano hired an interior decorator explained Belle
remembering how much he had hurt her mother that there was entrusted
that responsibility. But, of course, the taste was not the strong point of his
mother, pink was her favorite color and the house in which they lived was
flooded with all shades of pink existed.
Christ saw Belle put pillows on sleeves while his
slender figure moved from side to side allowing you to look at their
seductive curves of the chest and hip from all angles. Sensual
mouth of Christ was slowly taking an increasingly hard line as
watched her delicate blush Profile, thin eyebrows, small nose and that
pink fleshy mouth, and his body reacted altering inside until furious
punishing turned away for having watched his father's mistress as if
was the object of his desire. But then she remembered that she had dressed for
attract others with an outfit and shoes that accentuated her long
legs and her curvaceous figure. At the end of the day, he was a man with everything
this meant and could not help her.
Page 26
Belle glanced at him. His indifference and condescension will
They reminded his father, who had barely noticed their existence in the
rare occasions when he had seen. Suddenly regretted having decided to
impersonate the housekeeper because there was no doubt that made her feel
lower. Her soft mouth tightened to shake the quilt with unnecessary violence and
then took the towels to the bathroom. But unfortunately, brought with it the
Ravelli image of Christ, those piercing dark eyes, that innate sensuality
brought him as charismatic appeal. Deeply disturbed by the
reaction could feel her nipples harden against fabric lace bra
and a tight warmth between her thighs. There was no denying it: she was attracted
for him. Did that mean, basically, was as dumb as her mother had

'I appreciate it gave me the opportunity of a
private conversation with you tomorrow morning murmured Christ
softly when she returned to salir-. What ten for example?
Belle nodded.
When do you want to know the children?
Christ froze and tensed his gesture.
'I do not like ... Watch said calmly and with eyes
as black as coal.
Belle blanched, not sure how to take the answer. Does your
lack of interest was a good or bad news for his brothers? Did that mean
why the idea of adoption was just a stupid rumor? He noted their
slender and handsome features, unnerved by his coldness and inhumanity. Is
they did not care about blood ties? Many people have agreed to meet
children for very little had been interested in doing, but Christ
Ravelli had chosen to ignore this small gesture of education.
Belle felt real hatred and hostility toward the man by the
he had shown indifference toward his brothers. Was refusing to accept
children were part of the family Ravelli? Obviously. It was clear that the
Children of Mary Brophy were not good enough to stand up to
this family, like Mary never been good enough to
Gaetano marry. Her throat filled with bile down the stairs
running to pick up the kitchen and go home. I was just thinking that
Christ would be the height wait to go to go to make breakfast when
he found in the trash dinner. Seeing her face burned with rage, but he lifted
chin very dignified. Yes, he had not gone very well, but was the most he
Page 27
had deserved!
About twenty years ago, and after spending half the summer
Mary, Gaetano had confided that his was not a well-assorted marriage
causing increase his mother hopes that her romance
ended with a happy ending. But Gaetano had not asked for divorce from his wife
of Arab origin and even the separation. Over the years media
media had published several articles about his adventures
Extramarital her mother refused to believe, even after
she had shown more revealing photos online. Mary always
had been very quick to find excuses to defend Gaetano.
He feels trapped and alone in his marriage. It is no more than a
business deal. They were friends for a few years before marrying and not
loves. He needed a hostess who received his business colleagues at home and
she is a very old-fashioned country where women need
husband if they want some freedom had explained Mary. I can not ask you
separates, Belle. I even have studies. I could not do what his princess
made for him.
Mary Brophy had become infatuated with Gaetano Ravelli from

the time he had known and had not allowed anything to interfere
with pretty perception I had of their relationship. Therefore, the pain that
had invaded after helicopter crash that had claimed the lives of
Gaetano had come to consume.
I know you do not understand, 'he had said to his daughter, but Gaetano was the
love of my life. I know I was not interested in marrying me, but no
nothing perfect. I could not match me he nor money nor in education and can not
blame him. When you love someone, Belle, accept their flaws and he was
too presumptuous to want to marry an ordinary woman like me.
"An ordinary woman like me" Belle remembered pain. No you
surprised that Mary had had self-esteem issues. It had been a
marriage penalty in the seventeen years he had become one filled with
abuse to end up being the mistress of a married man. Life always
It was hard for her mother although as Isa used to remind you, Mary always
I had made the wrong decision with regard to the men
I had had relations.
When he returned home, Isa was waiting.
'Well? asked his grandmother. You really have believed that you are
a forty years?
Page 28
No, of course I should have started going out with his father when
Belle was very young said shaking his head in a gesture of contempt.
Although he looked at me a lot. I was invited to go tomorrow morning
to talk to him, so I guess we'll talk about the future of the
His grandmother let out a sigh sorry.
I do not like how you are handling this issue, Belle. Sincerity
It has always been the best choice.
'But I'm not dealing with a friendly and sincere man.
-Odiabas Gaetano, do not take it now with your child.
Belle pursed his lips at all well received that advice.
Not even want to know the children.
Her grandmother shook his gray head with palpable sadness at the
I wish your mother would have thought about what you did and how much
Gaetano Family offend children.
Christ spent a night a little restless. He dreamed he was chasing a woman
with the longest legs in the world by a garden full of fog and increasingly
he approached, the woman pulled away and laughed and made resistance opposed
he wanted more and lust will scour the veins as a burden
explosive. But when he finally reached, it was a different woman with a mane
blonde clear highlight was big blue eyes. He turned away
Instantly her and at that moment he woke up. It was covered with
cold sweat and invaded a furious frustration and guilt
the only woman who could not even take into dreams ... Betsy's wife

his brother Nik. Clenching his jaw, got out of bed and went to shop
With eyes tightly closed under cool running water thought
how he had not sought to ruin the marriage of his brother. There was
any intention on their part to do any harm, remembered pain. Betsy
He had come to him for support, sunk by what he had discovered
Zarif through, but unfortunately was Christ who had communicated to
Zarif destructive news that had ruined Nik relationship with his wife.
Page 29
He had broken the trust of his brother, but at no time had
Nik intended to hurt or snatch Betsy.
He compiled a list of the sins he had committed. He had thought
Nik a woman who did not deserve and Betsy had been watching
while his brother underestimated his wife without even warn you about what
I was doing. And a totally unfairly had housed
feelings for his wife. And that is why, he thought grimly, it was he
I had to clean up the scandal that Gaetano had ridden in Ireland.
Nik had enough of what Zarif deal and still suffering the aftermath of the
confession had ruined the marriage of Nik because since then the
three brothers had barely spoken to.
You look like a lady Isa said the next morning with an eyebrow
eyebrow to see what had become Belle. Is that skirt was your mother?
Belle paled.
-Yup. I put some things in memory of mom. I comes a
little big, but with the belt fits.
Which is more than I can say about that jacket and necklace
you've put so burdened with that blouse Isa growled disapprovingly.
You look like a girl trying to look older.
Yes, but that you say because you know the truth. Now we are full
daylight and I have to cause better impression last night pointed nervous.
Not even the daylight could traverse the amount of makeup
you've put her grandmother she said dryly. But you're right, yes you
Look, I agree that Christ will eventually discover the truth, but
first I want to put on the table the issue of adoption.
'Even at the cost of doing so infuriating? Isabella asked. Needed
very little to provoke Gaetano.
Whatever happens, I'll see to it.
'I do not know how Isabella replied dryly. You do not have much power
against their wealth and intellect.
Belle rose wearily by the rising path and heels
Page 30
trying not to feel like disguise. He did not have so little power against
it. The money was not everything, nor intelligence. She was not stupid. Had

a degree in Business and the advantage of surprise on his side. He believed

it was who told him it was and that meant that Christ would be fighting
disadvantage. And unlike her mother, who would have done what was that
I had said one Ravelli and over would have thanked you, she had thought
play dirty.
Christ saw her coming from the living room window. Today there was
miniskirt, but those heels adorned legs worthy of a prize. He pressed
hard her perfect white teeth and let out the thought of what
more inappropriate. Yes, it was an attractive woman, but it had always been: the
loving father had been real beauties while their wives
they had a current physical. Gaetano had always put wealth
and class appearance, and now Christ wondered how much money would it take to
that woman had just thinking like him. He was a skilled negotiator and not
had it out to have many problems because Mary Brophy had not been
benefited financially from his relationship with his father and was broke.
In addition, women could not be smarter and savvy world when he had
given an astute and much more five children that he could not have
never wanted and had continued working for him and letting the skin as a
humble housekeeper.
Surprisingly enough, a strange feeling of shame
Christ was struck by the idea and knew that when it came to Mary Brophy, no
wanted to abuse it. He would not threaten or intimidate to do the
he would simply wanted a solution to a problem
potentially embarrassing for the good of all.
Page 31
Chapter 3
Mr. Ravelli is in the room -the Rafe said.
Breathing deeply and slowly to stay calm, Belle entered
the ornately furnished room in which some ornate curtains and
blinds blocked the passage of light. Christ turned to face her and,
Instantly, all senses alert Belle stood; his back and
slender legs tensed and her soft pink lips parted to take
a breath more air.
Christ watched with sudden impatience. She wore a skirt
outdated and jacket that would have woven a spinster aunt and so
inexplicable, had accompanied the dress with makeup as
bold and worthy of a prostitute. And it was then that he realized that
there was something that was not looking, something that eluded him this woman, because
so far he had not found meaning to the fact that she and her father
they might have had such a lasting romance. Whatever
You could think about Gaetano, had been a connoisseur of the
Women and sophisticated man, and it was impossible that his father had returned to
Ireland again and again to take advantage of the charms of women who had
before now.
Sir Ravelli ... she said breathlessly and turning

head to look out the window with her hair dotted with color, delicate
profile outlined against the light, its soft and glossy lips covered in a tone
Pink Peach and long eyelashes beating against large eyes as
Irish green as grass.
And Christ clenched his perfect white teeth in an attempt to
contain sexual attraction aroused in him and recognizing that woman
had that indescribable virtue could mash the mind of a man and
excite him instantly. For a second I wanted to take her in his arms and squeezing
every corner of this impressive body hidden under an unattractive outfit
while discovering whether that full mouth tasted as good as it looked. He clenched
containing the erection fists and trying to think of something, anything, that will
did forget her mouth, her breasts, her legs and, even worse, what is
hiding among them. The fact that it was affecting both angered him
Page 32
every way.
Trying to avoid direct contact with those spectacular eyes
Black, Belle could feel how it was blushing uncontrollably. The
He looked breathless, paralyzed as someone cornered by a wild animal, and
at all times looking at the way his black eyebrows defined their eyes,
how hard and masculine angle was high cheekbones
accentuated how those dimples emphasized its wide, sensuous mouth.
Beautiful, gorgeous !, but that he had already noticed before, so I did
need to continue looking at the same thing. The atmosphere was recharged and silence the
It unnerved while every muscle in his body tensed as putting
defensive. It was as if the world no one else to them and what
I was feeling: an insidious warmth blooming in your pelvis and the sudden and
uncomfortable tightness of her nipples.
Face tight Christ sighed and took a measured step back
away from it and those treacherous thoughts that made him wonder
know what, how and why would smell would touch his skin. He was horrified that woman
I could wake him such a physical reaction against their will, but
further infuriated him that could nublarle thought when, for
generally had very clear ideas.
Miss Brophy.
Christ frowned.
Is it that she's married?
Years ago-I am a widow, he responded tightness approaching the
window and partially turning to him as he struggled to focus. The
deception in which he had embarked required absolute concentration. Was Mary
Brophy, Gaetano former mistress and mother of five of his children, was recalled
'I've invited here today to talk about his future and that of their
children Christ said softly.
Suddenly more confident, Belle had an injection of

Yes ... Gaetano has left us in a very difficult situation.
I imagine it will be referring to his economic situation. My father
was very negligent in not thinking about you in the event of death.
Page 33
Yes ... but it gave me the house pointed Belle trying to look
fair woman in defense of Gaetano because he could not allow hatred to
felt for this man to reveal his true identity in the presence of his son.
Christ stood very still allowing her to appreciate the
perfection wearing dark suit with matching white shirt and tie
blue silk. He frowned when he asked:
'What home?
-The Gatehouse ... he gave me years to ensure that
'I always home would have a voice trembled slightly at him stay
stunned by the news when in fact supposed to, as executor of
heritage of his father, should have known-. While taking into account the
maintenance costs and the current needs of children may be the
Excuse me one moment said hastily leaving Christ
Room to enter the next room and call Robert Ludlow,
counsel of his father. If you owned part of the property, he should
I have known.
The initial bewilderment when asked Robert Christ
prolonged while searching through the files and found Gaetano agreement
drafted legal fifteen years ago that apparently older brother
Robert had taken just prior to retirement. The man apologized
neatly by neglect but ultimately triumphant Christ showed for
Mary Brophy know something seemed unaware: could not sell the house
stored under any circumstances.
Ravelli aware that Christ had not been aware of
issue of ownership of the house, Belle walked nervously from one side to another
wondering why. I was trying not to remember the fact that the
lawyer who had dealt with the properties of his mother had
found the documentation to confirm their lawful possession of the property
and how the man had downplayed the issue and told already
take care of it later. By the time Belle had so much
of which deal he had not delved into the matter.
Christ came back into the room with elegance and pose a
man who was very sure of being in the strongest position.
I'm afraid that is not the owner of the house said guard
gently emphasizing the vowel sounds with his Italian accent.
Page 34
That's not possible Belle replied, raising his chin gesture
challenging-. His father told me it was mine ...

But only while he lived; then returns to equity Mayhill clarified.

Belle suddenly felt as if the floor was opened under his feet
That's not what made me believe Gaetano.
My father knew how to speak and made him believe he was the
owner of the house when in fact he was only the usufruct.
A gust of anger through her like a thunderbolt. That hateful and manipulative
man her mother had loved frightening! How could he have cheated
with something so important? An intense blush splashed her cheeks as she parted her
dry lips to say:
And that right to live there as long as I live ... uh ... ... is
transferred to my children after my ... death? he asked weakly.
I'm afraid not replied with a compassionate Christ Ravelli
smile that he would not have been able engaar-. But for all purposes the house will
belongs to this, though, of course, you can not sell it or use it
as bank guarantee or modify it too. However, it does have the right to
live in it all the time you want.
Belle had paled completely when finished speaking.
It was a shocking news, the worst that could have heard. His mother was
life and the right to live in the gatehouse had died with her, which
meant that she and her siblings were illegally occupying the house. And what
it was worse, his intention to impersonate her mother could be interpreted as a
attempted fraud. He had assumed that they could live there and now
punished for it because, actually, I was about to see his family
was in utter destitution.
My father was very ... clever as money was concerned and
properties murmured seeing Christ standing there shocked and pale under that
garish makeup, eyes wide after he had revelators. But
I am ready to look for another property and put it in your name.
With difficulty, Belle tried to concentrate.
'Why would he do that?
Easier'd sell this house without it would be ... a tenant
Page 35
holder in the house of Christ saves admitted.
'That ... -Belle made a great effort to swallow the rage that was
by bubbling inside but failed for completo-: That ... bastard! How has
I could make something like their own children?
My father was not a sentimental man said dryly and has
left many problems behind. But I have a proposition that can
solve all your problems ...
Belle felt angry for insulting Gaetano in the face of his
son, but was unable to overcome the bitter resentment that threatened to consume
like a flame. He was so calm, so confident, so in control of
the situation she hated him with every fiber of his body.

Christ heard her gasp for air again with green eyes like
Emerald and literally burning with fury. It was very temperamental, a woman
with strong emotions that could not conceal and all that he had always avoided
in the opposite sex. But he was splendid and seductive vibration of their
lush and rounded breasts beneath the silk blouse increasingly moving
was strikingly attractive.
-Pro ... Proposition? Belle asked trembling and struggling
control his anger and that however bad news had given him, now had
to try it out. He stared Christ, that crossed a
Awesome dark gaze brooding intensity. In the silence that had
actually shut the throat and mouth went dry.
I want you to consider the idea of giving their children up for adoption Christ suggested softly. It would be best for them to leave behind their
questionable origins and have the opportunity to lead a normal life.
I can not believe I'm saying that I said that to face with Belle
clenched teeth.
I'd do that sacrifice for their sake Christ continued as if what
I was suggesting was perfectly normal and acceptably. My father should
having ascertained that it had a home and income, but because it did not
did, I myself take care of it.
-No Decent mother would deliver their children in exchange for a
economic benefit 'said Belle casting a look of disdain because
that would have suggested that-. What kind of woman are you accustomed
That's none of your business. Nor am my father nor my children, 'said
Page 36
with cold dignity.
'And neither deserve it! 'I replied. For the Love of God! These
Children who are talking are your brothers!
Nor recognize them as such and I will never, he responded icy
-why? Is it that they are not good enough to be
Ravelli? snapped resentfully. The children of the housekeeper ... that does not have
classy, right? Do not have the appropriate origins, am I right? Okay,
because let me tell you something ...
-Do Not. I do not want to say anything while it is so furious -the
Christ interrupted cutting it like the edge of a scalpel.
And you are proud to be an iceberg, right? 'I answered without
no fear and his fleshy lips puckered contemptuously. Well, I do not me
ashamed to be a person with feelings and willing to do what is right
however difficult or inconvenient it!
-A Sometimes comes to the important issue of a matter ranting
so much? she asked scornfully Christ.
Belle closed her slender hands into fists. He never wanted
hit another person so far and hit the fact that we could

do it without any problem. How dare this man treat their

brothers and it like superior to them? How dare he suggest that
his brothers separated from the people who wanted and take them to another house
with adoptive parents? Is he could not see that the children were some people
with feelings and emotional and needy security ties after
of the losses they had suffered? And I could not accept that although Mary
Brophy could have had his faults was concerned as to choose a good
man, had also been a wonderful mother every day lives of Belle and
his brothers?
-The Question is ... Belle said in a voice that literally shook with
the strength of his feelings. Maybe my mother was just a housekeeper and
his father's mistress for years, but it was also a very special person,
good and loving and, after having lost their children deserve the best that
I can give.
... 'Your mother? Christ repeated atnito-. Mary Brophy was his mother?
Belle And then froze, frozen, realizing
what had revealed in his passionate attempt to understand Christ.
Page 37
For a moment, and desperate to defend his memory, he had forgotten
Complete that was pretending to be her mother.
Then if you are not Mary Brophy ... where is she? And who
are you? he asked with tenacity and furious that he had
dared to deceive.
I'm Belle Brophy. My mother died about a month ago,
after his father. He suffered a stroke admitted Belle with a look of
pain and accepting that he could no longer continue the charade and indomitable
character had betrayed at least could afford. Unfortunately, the
indifference of Christ and his air of superiority were like pouring vinegar on
an open wound.
'I had no intention of telling me that her mother was
Still ... I lied to preserve the house -the Christ condemned without hesitation.
Belle was appalled by how quickly he'd get that
unpleasant conclusion and the fact that he had assumed that after sham
hiding a criminal motivation.
'I had nothing to do with the house. Until I got here this
Morning believed that belonged to my mother and as his children passed
us after death, but doubted it was to listen to what I want
for children if I knew it was only his sister and not his mother.
Christ had little tolerance towards people
lied and tried to deceive him. Now he was remembering the redhead long
legs was crossing the garden the night before and knew it was Belle
Brophy from the beginning. The outrage shook his powerful body and lit
anger forcing him to take a step toward her.
'Have you pretended to be his mother? Is he crazy or just being silly

Belle's heart began to tap very quickly to the dark

male fury that was reflected in his face and stepped aside to make a run
toward the door. You never was near a man enraged; his childhood he
had taught that anger brush used physical violence.
Christ grabbed her slender arm just as she opened the door.
Not going to go anywhere yet.
-Sulteme Arm! shouted angry feeling intimidated by Belle
the size of the man who had so closely. I made a mistake, but that does not
entitles you to mistreat!
Page 38
-No The'm mistreating! Christ said disgustedly. But I
owes an explanation for its peculiar behavior!
Belle's green eyes flashed with anger and pulled her arm
violently released.
Ravelli -Usted is a! The day will be something in the sky will leave two
For a second, Christ stared as she walked down
corridor with heels echoing, her slender stiff back and his red curls
letting go of that bun collected with inexperience.
-Vuelva Here! bellowed after losing patience.
Belle furious turned and saw him move her; after
He grabbed a heavy vase on the table beside him and raised as if it were a
-No Dare approach! she warned.
Is it normal for you to act like crazy? she asked Christ
controlling their anger and exasperation with great difficulty.
I -I'm to take him to court, will force you to recognize children! he replied defiantly. Are legally entitled to the estate of his father
and can not prevent getting what they deserve. And besides, I'm no
A shiver ran through Christ to the threat of a complaint
would make the dirty Gaetano lineage came to light and was aerated for about
Happy middle to publish the sordid details.
Calm down he advised dryly. And we'll talk.
-No I trust you! Belle yelled. Let me go or throw him
A moment later, Christ could not understand that there
I started walking after this warning instead of letting her go, especially
when it was clear he could not get a word until he calmed down.
Belle threw the vase shuddering at the sound of broken china falling
to the ground as he opened the front door and ran down the steps.
Technically it has been an attempt to rob him he told her
bodyguards, Rafe, from the stairs as she wiped Christ pieces
china costume with pursed lips and face covered by a dark,
grim mask.

Page 39
His aim leave much to be desired. Next time I will not take away me
said from the steps as he watched her walk down the road with heads
High as an offended queen. It was crazy, completely and utterly mad, as
a goat. How was he able to negotiate with a woman? But either did, or
would face a public and embarrassing complaint.
Is it that there will be a next time? Rafe asked surprised.
Christ's smile was so cold and menacing like a bear
polar hungry.
And while the will.
Page 40
Chapter 4
Now he knows everything and is much better and he said Isa Belle
trying reconfortarla-. Now we all know what position we are in.
Belle a lock of his forehead with his arm away, finished
clean the counter and wiped his hands. Since he had returned to the house had
put clean desperately needing an outlet, something
be able to burn off excess energy. His grandmother always reacted to the
stressful situations calmly and acceptance, and when Belle had her
mentioned the worst case scenario and how they could finish all in the street, Isa
It had reminded him that there were still weeks for Bruno and Donetta return
home to spend the summer holidays and had enough time to
find a place to rent. Belle had to swallow the spiny
question of how they would pay rent because neither she nor Isa had money.
Tag began barking loudly one second before
Belle bell rang and went into the hall followed by the dog, who was jumping
Ravelli Christ was at the door with his more than six feet
stature, remaining well above it and radiating its energy and power. His
thin, darkly handsome face was hard and threatening.
'Miss Brophy?
-Belle Corrected him dryly.
Christ lingered at her, from the mane of colorful curls
he fell around her shoulders to the delicate porcelain features
a perfectly framed intensely green eyes and a full mouth
Pink. So, without disguise or that regular makeup, it was absolutely
Belle blushed and parted her lips to ask what he and
He released the door, letting Tag exploited and out to attack the visitor.
Christ came down from the stage when the dog grabbed his ankles. Belle
he crouched saying without much intention:
No, Tag, no!

Page 41
A Christ gave the impression that the dog would allow him eat
alive if wanted.
-Para, Tag! abruptly said a woman from the lobby.
Belle grabbed the little dog.
-I'm Sorry. Beware of men.
Come in, Mr. Ravelli she invited Isa Kelly politely.
Belle, still crouched beside the dog, looked up with
eyes full of fury.
Not going to ask you ...
'Mr. Ravelli is a guest said his grandmother. You will go home and
will speak like civilized people.
Tag growled Christ from the safety of the arms of his mistress.
Your father was kicked ... and mine also added her
'That's why he does not like men. It is now too old to
change of attitude.
The woman watched Christ and, despite their civilized words a
hostile tone crept into his voice.
Christ entered into a hideous living room with pink walls, pink sofas,
splashy pink frilly plastic flower vases. It was as if his worst
nightmare had come true.
Never have liked dogs.
A curly-haired boy hooked his arms around her leg
before he could sit.
'No,' I scolded Belle Franco.
Nor children added without regret in the least.
Franco looked at him; Gaetano had the eyes of Christ and turned him so
disturbing to see the resemblance sat with the child still attached to his leg.
-Man Franco said with satisfaction, as if he had made a
great find.
He's in need of some male attention Belle said releasing the
dog to grab the child in place and take it to the kitchen amid protest.
Page 42
-Christ Take black coffee she told her grandmother from the doorway.
Belle gritted his teeth though he knew she was right; had
to talk to him.
Christ ignored the dog barking at him from under the table
coffee. It was small and gray muzzle and should have known better than to
embark on a battle that could never win. Christ never wasted his
time lost causes or challenges that were not worth it, but certainly Belle
would have been happy to know that the threat had thrown had
activated his powerful intellect more than anything else.
As he reached the tray of coffee and cookies, lifted feeling
suffocated between both rose.

I do not want you to take to court the issue of children.

Well going to be complicated Belle replied succinctly. It has been
ignored my brothers too many times and want them to have what they
A few years ago Gaetano sold most of his possessions and kept
gains in offshore trusts those who can not access
no Irish court. Except for the sale of Mayhill, there is little money
cash you can claim a share to your brothers.
I'm not looking for a fortune for them.
'I've got a better idea Christ said.
I imagine that you always have a better idea replied to
impotence, leaning in the doorway of the kitchen with arms crossed to the
defensive, wondering how a man could look so vital and
energetic I dressed with a suit tailor a monotonous boardroom.
She looked thin as a whip with his faded jeans and
and tight black shirt with a drop sleeve that revealed a thin shoulder
white divided by a black strip that Christ could contemplate while
freely watched her glowing beauty while speculating whether it would
so pale in the rest of the body and if your skin contrast with the bright tone of his
hair and eyes. But then, as he felt his erection, he regretted that
evocative thought.
-Les Give your brothers compensation in exchange for not
demand it their rights by going to court he said turning to look out the
Page 43
-We Do not want charity of Ravelli Belle replied looking up
But it would not be charity. Like you said, they are the sons of my father and
should benefit from the good of all. For my family it would be very
embarrassing to see their lives exposed in court admitted pursing her lips.
Belle was unfazed.
'Why would it matter to me?
-Advertising Is a double-edged warned -the Christ. At
media love the sordid subjects and your mother did not go well stop. To the
least three of their children were born while he was still married Gaetano.
Given this stark reminder, Belle blushed.
That's inevitable and, anyway, my mother and can not
hurt. I have to think about the future of children. I want to have
right to use the name Ravelli.
-No Court hearing has the ability to grant this
right to anyone when it has not concluded a marriage between parents Christ, exasperated by his stubbornly replied. You're not being reasonable. Yes
keep it outside the courts and let me take things
discretion, I will be generous. It's the best deal you will receive.
Excuse me for my lack of confidence, but as I saw today

same when I heard the question of ownership of this house, your father was a good
I will not allow you to take such a sordid matter to the said courts
Christ harshly. If you do, I'll deal with you every step you take and you
warning you ... I do not want to have an enemy.
-Enfrntate Me all you want ... but 'I will go to the courts
he replied simply. We have nothing to lose and everything to gain.
What would it take for you will give up that idea? Christ bellowed almost
trembling before the threat of immense damage a smear campaign will
cause his brother. Zarif's position was delicate in Vashir now
had just ascended the throne and the last thing his brother needed was a huge
scandal that too many people would give the impression that came from a
Family seedy and was far from being the appropriate ruling for
a country as conservative. As will be recalled with regret because he had taken a
great distaste for having revealed the great secret of Nik Betsy when the
first to reveal it was an oversight Christ himself.
Page 44
Probably you are asking the impossible admitted Belle with
regretfully, but I want my brothers have life that would have enjoyed if
Gaetano had married my mother. It is very unfair to have to pay the
price not marry her.
'You're being censored Christ -the rational impatient and out of
the room. You can not change the past.
I do not want to change the past. I just want to correct bad
that was done to my brothers.
Stop the past behind and move on with your life.
Easy for you to say, but not so easy in practice. And I'm not
being unreasonable ...
In the lobby Christ turned with surprising ease for the
tall and strong he was.
You are the most unreasonable woman I've ever met in my life.
Belle ran into his striking dark eyes and for a moment that
It seemed endless world stopped spinning and she stopped breathing.
And for some reason that I find incredibly sexy admitted he
with an accent as he went up the sleeve of his shirt to cover his
shoulder with a long and nothing delicate finger.
-A Me you can not coax me. I am not so naive as was my
Mother Belle 'I replied gruffly.
Wake up and espabila, face . You're a girl trying to play
Christ greater 'I replied with a pitch that was so intimate that
vibrating slid back to Belle.
Suddenly she gasped and looking at it with eyes open
wide and disdainful.
-Una Girl? Is the best insult you can throw me?
I did not mean to insult you-so close his dark eyes had a

tiny gold flecks like stars. The curved hand on his

shoulder and smelling clean and masculine warmth with a touch of cologne
He lit a spark inside Belle. When he noticed his gaze on the
yours and it was as if his feet had been sunk in cement and could not
move. He bent his head and kissed her with such burning desire that made
something overpowering the scour as an explosive charge. He was a passionate kiss
unlike any I had ever experienced. As his tongue sank
Page 45
inside of his mouth, Belle struck the violent jolt of desire and
then he was lost. His hands went to his broad shoulders to his thick
black hair as he reveled in its taste, in the sole and sexual taste of a
dominant and surprisingly passionate man. His arms tightened his
long fingers around and slid down his back to carry on his
erection. She stifled a gasp when he noticed his tongue and his mind flew to
recreate a more sexual image that ended longing with such force
which caused an intense feeling between her thighs.
But the intensity of what I was feeling panicked and withdrew from
his side.
-Do Not! We will not do this! she said angrily.
With his dark eyes veiled desire, Christ stepped back and
breath. maledizione! I was too excited to feel comfortable
feeling or the woman who had put him in that situation.
Seem to recall he was trying to convince you were not wearing
private family matter to court he murmured flatly.
Belle gave him a look of bewilderment, unable to believe that
could well show cold after that passionate kiss. It seemed that the passion was
Christ Ravelli lose control. And then, in an instant, she felt upset
that security he had in himself, felt insulted by her cold indifference
and furious for not having resisted it. But how to kiss! That humiliating
thought ran through much they tried to remove it.
While studying he had given many kisses and had not done
much else hoping to experience a volcanic reaction
will indicate that spark of real and overwhelming physical attraction. Now
destination was laughing at her to serve the kiss finally longed and
miraculously especially the less suitable man. He had no doubt
Ravelli that Christ was a bit right man in all respects. It was cold,
stiff and unresponsive while she was warm, sensitive and impulsive.
-I'm Sorry. I'll do my best for my brothers and take this
matter to court to fix Belle she said dryly.
'You can not replied coldly Christ. We'll do harm to another
people. Your brothers and you are not the only ones that you could see you affected by this.
I do not care no more admitted Belle. I want my
brothers can carry her head high and know who they are without feeling any

Page 46
Well then want the impossible and said mocking Christ
turning around.
No, I want justice.
"Justice!" Christ thought with disdain and invaded by a frustrating
feeling because he never backed down and always found a solution to the
problems. Limiting the damage was his specialty. In what sense could
Zarif be fair to lose his throne Gaetano's infidelities and the
revelation of his secret family? Zarif's opponents will taunt him with
comments like "like father like son." Mary Brophy had taken their
own decisions when choosing a relationship with a married man and have children
with him and his daughter Belle was too proud. Resentment towards the Ravelli family, or
more specifically to his father, he had convinced I could rewrite
history. But washing dirty linen in public family would not make such
children could go with their heads held high. No, you would likely than
ashamed to see his parents described in ways never forget. No
son of Gaetano had ever felt proud of him or his name. Gaetano
had been cruelly selfish father.
Ironically, Christ had always believed that growing up would be a
man better than his father, but now he wondered what had happened to the
sleep and when cynicism had killed this honorable objective. I knew
that at no time had considered the situation of the children of Mary
Brophy from a point of view that was not theirs. It was a pragmatic man and
I knew it was selfish, but even he admitted that Belle was too Brophy
Young and grandmother too old to bear full responsibility for the
Gaetano children. Suddenly he realized that those kids, from the greatest to the
small, were of the same blood as much as would not recognize it.
And then the answer to the problem came suddenly. Initially
He tried to ignore it, but by filtering the list of challenges was
face and see that this solution could solve them all, began to give
around the bush. It was not likely to fall in love again. Moreover, it was
surprising that it happened once for a man so
off and insensitive like him. The adventure of Gaetano and Mary could bury
decently and hide the roots of the kids in the media. And
As for Belle, would be perfect in the role in which he had imagined: lying on
London bed adorned only with a smile. That would be perfect,
she thought as she felt enthusiasm for the first time before the challenge would
sacrifice their freedom for a greater good.
Page 47
Belle spent a restless night. He revived the kiss again and again and,
troubled, spun in a constant confusion of guilt. Christ was a
Ravelli like Gaetano and the last man I want to kiss.
In the morning she prepared breakfast for children with driver
automatic put because your brain still worked too slow and confusing.
He had been suffering weigh whether or not the courts would go right for

children but had no choice. I had never had and under no circumstances
trust no promise that Christ Ravelli you do that, surely, would be
cheater in negotiations as well as delicate as his father had shown
being. It exasperated by the constant parade of disturbing thoughts, fired
the twins when they went to school and then told his grandmother that he would
Franco take to the beach.
When he reached the beach, Christ was pleased to see Belle relaxed
first. The breeze away from her face her wild mane of curls and made
his jeans and blue shirt is sticking to its light and curvy body.
He was about to throw a stone into the sea while the child was in the habit
to hook the legs of others jumping excited and the dog barking
circling around. Once I saw him, the little Jack Russell left
running across the sand to attack.
-Do Not! bellowed Christ while walking on the sand.
Tag shuddered, he threw down his back and lifted his legs in the air
with eyes full of fear.
Not needed to yell 'I criticized him running Belle bending
along a small animal-. Look how scared he is! It is very sensitive.
And I'm a little sensitive to bites murmured
Christ dryly.
-Man! cried the little and immediately hooked to
the left leg. Christ froze, wondering if he could ...
if I could take care of them all and survive with dignity and sanity
intact. It was a family man, did not know how to work a normal family
and did not want to find out.
Belle was looking at him with her beautiful face flushed and embarrassed;
clear green eyes peeled on her freckled nose and vibrant beauty
Page 48
emptied his head of any other thought. It made him think about sex a lot,
much, much sex, and at a level that bothered him on one side and excited him so much
on the other literally ached.
Belle rose. Tag, scary dog, huddled in their
lap and was now looking to Christ petulantly.
'Did Isa where he was?
Could be you've just come here for a walk.
Belle raised an eyebrow fine mahogany and watched his lean, powerful
body. He was amazed that a man dressed in a suit could be as well
formed, but there it was: wide shoulders and torso, slim hips, long legs
and no sign of chin or belly. It was clear that kept fit. And although
I had always thought that the costumes were boring, the Christ, dark,
perfectly made, spoke loudly of class and sophistication and fell
loosely on his hips and his powerful thighs turning their attention to areas
where it is not normally noticed a man. Increasingly blushing,
diverted the attention of prominent bulge in his crotch and fell to their
shiny shoes covered with sand, wondering why he could not admit that

He had come for her.

'You have come to stroll down here so dress.
-The Sand is removed with said shaking hands with indifference
as she let the dog on the sand and this was leaving bouncing.
Silently, Belle studied the slender and outrageously beautiful
features of Christ while heat bloomed in her pelvis and a butterfly
flitted through his stomach. It felt so awkward and silly as a schoolgirl in
presence of his idol, but of course, did you wonder who was
embarrassed? He had watched his body and had reveled in his
inherent shockingly strong muscles in your complexion. Could not
never remember having looked so a man, but the need to look to Christ
It was made as necessary as breathing. In reaction to this humbling truth is
He blushed to the roots of hair, embarrassed at being unable to control his
reaction to his physical and his dark and charismatic appeal.
Christ stooped to tear the small of his leg. "Needed
of male attention, "he recalled thinking I could truly understand.
Neither during childhood or as an adult Gaetano had approached him a single
time had not even asked him how he was.
We need to talk succinctly said.
Page 49
'There's nothing else to talk about. Last night as we said everything 'I
He said over his shoulder to take a small walk along the beach with the
outstretched hand. Franco, come here!
-Do Not! replied the little stubbornly clinging to the fabric
pants Christ and making this walk will prove complicated.
Christ snorted trying to control.
This morning I put on sale Mayhill snapped after
Belle rude gesture to give back.
She froze and suddenly his back stiffened; an
assaulted her sense of panic at the thought of losing the roof over living
because it was clear that all would not fit in a small apartment
Isa had room in the village. He stared at the sea, but the relaxing
sound of waves touching the sand even managed to work his magic in that
time. He turned his head and looking redhead with green eyes
resplendent said:
'Could not you have waited a few weeks?
Christ took time to cross the sand to get to it
while his little brother clung to him as he could until finally
hooked to one end of his jacket with hands full of sand.
-Do Not. I want to sell the property as soon as possible. I want life
Gaetano is kept secret.
'What about us? Where do we go? she asked
heated and increasingly furious. Moving takes time.
-Tendris At least a month to find somewhere else answered without
compassion as he watched the breeze clung cotton of his shirt to his

defining their voluptuous breasts and erect nipples. The pulse was shot
in the crotch and he gritted his teeth trying to control his excitement.
That's not much time. Bruno and Donetta soon return of
school to spend the summer here. Five children also take up much space ...
They are your brothers, so should you care what happens to them! 'he shouted condemning
his attitude furiously.
And so I came here, to propose to marry me and
we form a home where they can be together replied with emphasis while
wondered, possibly for the first time in his life, if he knew what was
Page 50
-Casarnos? repeated horrified Belle and wondering if you had
escaped some of the conversation. What the hell are you talking about?
You said you wanted your brothers enjoy Surname
Ravelli and lifestyle and I can only do it if I marry you and
I adopt.
Brow furrowed in confusion, Belle stepped back too
responding impacted.
-just Kidding? he asked when finally pulled voice to speak.
Why would joke about something so serious?
Belle shrugged.
'And I know? You seemed acceptable to propose to her mother that
'I will deliver in adoption recalled helplessly.
I'm not joking, 'said Christ with equanimity fair
when a ray of sun broke through the clouds and shone his lean, hard
Again Belle watched amazed because he had the dark beauty
a fallen angel. His bright black eyes were impressive under the thick
screen lashes and suddenly felt breathless, as if someone
I was crushing the lungs.
I am a practical man and only propose a practical marriage
that meets all our needs Christ continued in a soft tone. You know
I do not want trials and want to prevent history from Gaetano and his love of
keys in the public domain. You would have to agree not to talk about the origin of the
Children with anyone or tell no lie. For everyone, children will
your orphaned siblings.
Belle took a deep breath and slowly, but still not achieve clear
his head.
I can not believe me that I're proposing this.
Not you gave me no choice, right? The threat of a lawsuit has me
pressed. Are you determined to solve this outside of court?
Belle did not hesitate.
-Do Not.
Christ raised an eyebrow black as ebony.
So what's your answer?

Page 51
'It's not as simple protested Belle.
-Ah, No? I'm offering you everything you told me you wanted.
She batted her eyelashes. He felt cornered and trapped.
Well, yes, but ... marriage? That was something that I could not
look forward!
Christ enraged. It was his first proposal of marriage; never
had been raised before even trying any woman. Separate vanities,
knew he was rich, handsome and a good game and yet she was hesitating and
irritating him to do ... which Christ was strangely funny.
Look, I think it overnight Belle murmured uncomfortable.
- Di niente ... Christ said no problem squeezing her
sensuous mouth. By the way ... I mean a real marriage.
-for Real ...? Belle muttered before wet his lips. The
Christ intense gaze landed on that tiny movement and she blushed
grasp the meaning of his words with growing disbelief. Do they expect
I sleep with you?
'Of course he murmured Christ with indolent security and
suggesting that it was a perfectly normal and acceptable-idea. I have not
no intention to emulate my father and having affairs while I'm married, and
I do not want a woman to be playing with other behind my back. That kind of
life do not provide a home to children.
Belle understand it, I really do, but suddenly very aware of
their lack of experience in the sexual arena, blushed intensely at the idea of
sharing bed with him. As a teenager he had to fight
expectations of local boys who saw her mother as a free woman and
easy and he had to prove again and again that was different. Saying 'no' had
been a matter of pride, a protective instinct, but, as had been
growing, that along with other needs and insecurities had influenced and
fact trust a man enough to drop their guard and make the
love with him had supposed him more of a challenge.
Christ put a card in his languid hand and she's
He stared stunned.
My private number. Call me at seven o'clock this evening, beauty mia he said with complete coldly. So I can get away with preparations.
Page 52
Chapter 5
Do not ... do not .... " The constant refrain of Isa was
ringing in their ears like a knell as he lowered the car
Christ was sent to pick it up and climbed the steps that led to the
Shrine of St. Jude. She wore a simple dress elegant vintage style
boat neck lace. It was the wedding dress of her mother.
Had attracted the idea of taking a symbolic gesture and the three
weeks he'd had since the last time he had seen Christ had

I would lengthen to suit your height. Mary had never managed to bring the
Altar your Ravelli, but now his daughter was succeeding there where she had
failed, Belle thought with satisfaction dotted with guilt. I knew I was not
feel good because Christ was not Gaetano and had not committed the sins of
his father, but could not help it. It had become the topic of conversation
neighbors, because no one understood how he could catch a man
Ireland had walked for the first time only a month ago, and even door
old church had gathered a group of people waiting to give them the
Congratulations though Christ had requested that it was a private event.
Of course, Christ had known how to win the support and respect
local, had to recognize Belle. He had decided not to sell Mayhill and,
Instead, assign the historic home to the village to turn it into a social center. Money
mattered; certainly mattered in an area where incomes were low and
work was scarce. Mayhill would put the village on the map making it a
attraction for tourists and their maintenance and business prospects would offer
many job opportunities. And so, of course, receptor
extraordinary magnanimity of Christ understood that the adventure of his father
Mary Brophy and the birth of their children were issues that would
buried in the deepest, darkest corner and never again see the light
His sisters, Donetta Lucia thirteen and eight, were
smiling from the front bench. His brothers Bruno, Pietro and the small
Franco were at his side. Bruno frowned, was too smart
to be fooled and was suspicious of what was happening to her
Page 53
'Do you really want to marry the son of Gaetano? 'he had
asked the night before when he had returned from school with a Donetta
special permission to attend the wedding.
'It was love at first sight There was lied Belle determined to
clear gesture of his brother and those worry lines that look
anxiously. And how can you ask me that?
I'm not saying do not believe you ... but I think everything is very
appropriate under the circumstances. I mean, we are ruined,
virtually destitute and sinking faster and faster and then
Ravelli Christ comes to the rescue and suddenly our dream comes true. No me
seems real, it's too good to be true. How is that eventually you
I buried the hatchet?
-What ax?
Have you always hated the Ravelli family and now suddenly you'll
marry one of them?
It's your brother, 'I reminded the teenager.
It's a very rich and outsmart a fox banker. You worry me.
What do you know how you can be a marriage with a guy like that? 'he had
asked worriedly. He lives in a different world.

But now Christ was in the world of Belle, she thought

finally allowing look at the tall, muscular man waiting at the altar.
In her slender and darkly handsome features not captured none of the
Traditional voltage boyfriend. Indeed, judging by his expression, might well
having gone through a simple guest at the wedding of another. Unconsciously Belle
He lifted his chin as if he had challenged; heart pounded under the
ribs and his back was straight and full of tension that was missing from it. After
all, he had barely slept since he had sent a message with a
single word, "yes", the same day that had proposed at the beach.
OK had supposed him an impressive amount of value and
had met just thinking of the advantages we gain him his marriage to
Christ and avoiding the drawbacks. At last his family would be safe, fully
safe and secure, and that was all that mattered, the only thing that would focus.
What she supusiera to her personally unimportant and worthless
compared to everything else.
At the end of the day, I had never been in love and was now more
sure than ever that no one wanted to fall in love. Their memories
Page 54
misery of his mother during long absences from Gaetano still fresh in
his memory. Mary only had felt really alive when he had been
close. Every time we had left had broken her heart and left her
lifeless and waiting occasional brief call while she counted the
weeks and days until your next visit. Belle had saved
one of those calendars painstakingly marked and numbered
reminder of what a so dedicated, loyal and devoted love could give life
of a woman. Mary had lived for Gaetano. She just wanted to live for
Family and ensure that children enjoyed a much happier and more
stable than she had.
Isa was spending the summer in the caretaker's cottage and insisted
where Bruno, Donetta and the twins to stay there with her and that Franco was the
only to leave with Belle, as it was too attached to it as
to be separated.
Clarifies your situation thoroughly before you take children to
London and have to change schools and everything that entails' I had
said its clearly-grandmother. You know you do not approve of what you do and if there
some risk that this marriage only lasts until you enter reason,
You should drag the kids with you.
Belle had argued with her until she had finally seen
forced to admit he was right. Of course there was the possibility of Christ
and she did not take out out their 'practical' marriage, but would have to make your
relationship a success before risking life altering their brothers and
take them to London to live permanently. But that was much
ask if he had agreed to marry a complete stranger.
Thinking Belle and decided he must be crazy to have
done without thinking further. Not that I had not thought anything about it,

I had just avoided considering the negatives. Sleeping with Christ

had to be one of the most daunting negatives, but merely
a fact of life with him, or any man actually not that be the greatest
the challenges.
With a glacial dark eyes punctuated by the golden sun that
crossed the window, Christ observed the bride down the aisle while this.
It was absolutely amazing dressed in white, with those red curls falling
around her narrow shoulders and his shiny head crowned by a simple
crown of seed pearls. Lust devoured and reacted by squeezing their
sensual mouth. maledizione! I was convinced that I had never desired
both a woman and was still equally convinced that the end
Page 55
resulting end as disappointing as its predecessors. Of course
I would, thought impatiently and reluctant optimism and fairy tales,
but at least we knew the worst of that woman who was practically a
blackmailer and a gold digger. "Better known evil than good to know"
is said wryly because it was well versed in the habits and needs of
mercenary women like her.
Belle's hand trembled in his when he put his
alliance. "Good representation" thought cynically but could save the
image of him nervous bride, who was the only man who does not let
impress or moved by such farces. But on the other hand it was
winning a beautiful and desirable woman, she reminded stubbornly, and thus
well he was avoiding the threat of scandal be fulfilled. Even
his brothers knew what he was doing, because the last thing I would have wanted
was bringing to the stage of reckless raids Gaetano in that
small Irish village.
Belle virtually ignored during the short ride to the house,
where a small buffet for family and friends poured few guests. A
Belle had not missed the fact that Christ had not invited one
person and that bothered him, made her question whether she was embarrassed and
his humble origins and his lack of elegance.
While in the lobby, Bruno came to Christ.
-can We talk? asked pale and tense gesture.
Bruno was the picture of teenage Zarif and the like and
Christ had disturbed in their first meeting the night before. It seemed that
Gaetano had stamped the Ravelli genes strongly in all its offspring.
Is there a problem? he asked, raising an eyebrow fine
ebony color.
The teenager walked to the small hole at the foot of the stairs
and responded sharply:
If you hurt my sister like your father did to my mother,
I swear I'll kill you.
Christ almost laughed but a splinter stuck in his compassion
fun to remember his turbulent teenage years. In any case these

words had all the characteristics of a speech prepared and, having

pronounced, Bruno drew back quickly and looked uneasily as if
I was expecting a physical attack. Before the boy could leave,
Page 56
Christ spoke to him.
Now we are family and I do not look like my father in anything 'I
He answered very quietly. I have no intention to hurt any woman.
From a discreet distance, Belle watched. Although there was
heard the conversation, suspected that Bruno would have been very rude in their attempt
to protect and had to recognize unfamiliar warmth Christ
seemed to have treated his brother with surprising compassion. Brother
both corrected. Although Christ was not prepared to admit that loop
blood, yes that had held his sharp tongue and his character when dealing
with the boy and that was something that he was very grateful.
Once Bruno hurried away your goal accomplished,
Christ noticed the thin man whose gaze was fixed on the vibrant
Belle's face while you talk to the friends of his grandmother. He tensed to
recognize the child Realtor. Mark Petrie's son, was attracted
by his wife. His wife. The impact that supposed to call it through him like a
beam. I was focused on Belle and saw her become paralyzed when he saw what
looking, allowing you to clearly see the tension and insecurity that
The golden power of Christ's gaze was almost magnetic in
Belle intensity and could only drink hit the rest of the wine.
Eat something Isabella 'I said. You have not breakfasted anything.
Belle took the sandwich to please his grandmother because, although
had an empty stomach, that feeling had nothing to do with hunger.
I'll go change my said uneasily and stroking the curly hair
Franco was at his side.
Christ was in the lobby paragraph small crowd.
'It's not very sociable, right? she whispered in his ear his sister
Belle forced a smile cursing the indifference of Christ and his
clear reluctance to take the opportunity to meet his brothers
It's being shy.
I -Tmido? Donetta asked surprised.
Very Shy Belle lied wanting to save this concern to
her sister. It will be different when you know well at all.
Page 57
And now weighing on his shoulders the pressure to ensure that
really changed everything and the challenge was launched herself with it.
Christ had grown up as an only child and family size hers had to
be an impact for his reserved way of being. Franco was pulling him from the

jacket and looking adoringly and Christ was merely tolerating

attitude of the child; Belle wondered if that was the best that could be expected of him
as children were concerned. And in what concerned her? Do you also the
tolerate no more? A shiver of disgust her spine until the
warm memory of how he had treated Bruno consoled.
Where are you going? he asked Christ when he passed it on
toward the stairs.
I'm going to go change ... for the flight and hiding uncomfortable answered
with its green eye lashes concern.
It was her husband, for the love of God, and had ordered to take
a flight out of Ireland just hours after the ceremony. It was
raised argue with, but had not seen any sense to discuss what
inevitable. He had given up his life to enter it, and leave home
It was the first step.
-Do Not. I like the dress. Do not take it off.
Stunned by that order, looked.
'I can not go through an airport well dressed.
I have a private plane and not have to cross any
Airport. Do not take off your dress, beauty mia he ordered posing a finger under
her chin to lift her and force her to face him. I want to be the one to take it off you.
With his face burning and shortness of breath, Belle rose
downstairs barely able to believe what he had said. Had
read some things about male fantasies and he had to confess the
you without any shame. I was already fantasizing take the dress
Bride and it gave him a good idea of how to work the arrogant mind
Christ. While she was concerned that knew and came to love
younger siblings, he was only thinking about sex. Was that the only thing
marriage meant to him? Does sex and eliminate the threat of a large
And if it was, what could I do about it? At that time all
warnings and predictions of his grandmother raided his mind. What if proved to be
a cruel man? Infidel? She swallowed trying to control their tumultuous
Page 58
emotions. "You alone you got into this and now have to pay the
consequences, 'he said as he checked he had in his luggage as
essential for Franco and her.
Franco cried for him to pull out of his chair on the way to
Airport. Aware of irritation that Christ could not hide and hoping
on the floor for leaving your home and everything behind for you know how much
time, Belle tried to distract the child.
Why did your mother with my father so many children? she asked
Christ soon.
She always wanted a large family and believe children
were his compensation not see much your father replied Belle and hesitating
added: Although Gaetano wanted nothing to do with them. When it was

Here, the children stayed with Isa and maybe they saw only occasionally
for about ten minutes everything was done very uncomfortable. He was not interested.
It was just me and my brothers.
-Lo Hated! Belle admitted. And I felt guilty about it when
died in the crash.
Well you should, face . He was a very selfish man who lived alone
for their own benefit and pleasure. He did not care any more.
Belle sat in the opulent seat jet after putting a
his little brother to cast nap, and that was when Christ
reported that he had hired a nanny who would be waiting when
reached their destination.
And what fate is that?
-Italy. I bring to my house in Italy.
-Venice ... Are we going to Venice? she asked excitedly.
No, that's where my stepfather and my mother live. I inherited a
Umbria house that has belonged to my mother's family for generations.
Feel than Venice.
Isn't going to disturb your mother for not being in your wedding? 'I
he asked with a look of wonder and curiosity.
-I Doubt it. Anything that reminds you Gaetano Giulia puts
Page 59
a bad mood she admitted pursing his lips. It has never exceeded all at
that passed. You can not be with her more than five minutes without you start
tell how he stole the best years of his life and lay down, among others, with its
best friend and her maid ...
-for Blessed God ... 'said Belle haltingly to
such confidence.
During the flight, even with the laptop on your lap, Christ
He saw how his attention did nothing to deviate from the financial report
I was referring to. He watched the delicate profile under her lashes Belle
marveling at his constant samples of innocence and vulnerability. Is
that perhaps should impress that? How stupid I felt? After
However, the daughter of Mary Brophy was quite smarter than her mother because there was
hesitated to use Gaetano's children as a weapon to get rich. But that
concept that it had vanished every time he looked at and appreciated the
intensity of her red curls against her porcelain skin, the clarity of its
beautiful green eyes and feminine elegance of the fingers and nails unpainted
that adorned the slender hands holding a magazine. It was always
incredibly natural, he said while pondering the depth of his
fascination and hastily took up the report trying to find image
Betsy and failing in the attempt.
The nanny, Teresa, a middle-aged woman with a warm smile
received them at the airport and scooped up enough affection for Franco
Belle convince your little brother would receive the best care.
Although what was intended Christ did while someone else took care

his brother was something unknown. After driving kilometers of land

growing the sun began to fall when the limo started climbing a
mountain roads with hairpin bends that were forced to slow
Looks like we're traveling to the end of the world Belle said.
'As far as my mother, Palazzo Maddalena, which receives its
name of one of your ancestors, it could well be. It has never been his style.
And as the car slowly along the route to the
impressive stone building presiding over the hilltops, Belle knew
nor was his, and his heart and courage sank into the depths. By
I first knew for sure what supposed to be married to Christ and the small
whose previous home was a tiny house was ready to resurface
Page 60
again because adult women had been subjugated by the size and
grandeur of the property in front of him. Some were of old stones
the three-story palazzo was stylish wings extending on either side. About
elaborate terraced gardens stretching down hill in front of it, and
behind the huge building towering snowy peaks rose
Monti Sibillini.
Pale as a ghost, Belle left the car with her beautiful face
paralyzed and her wedding dress eerily glowing in the twilight.
Christ looked with satisfaction that puzzled him. His wife and his home, where
I was free to be himself. However, the voltage was no Belle
surprise because Christ was convinced he knew very well why would
preferred Venice. What was marrying a billionaire if you could not
enjoy the luxurious benefits that went with the wedding ring? In Venice could
have gone to parties with the rich and famous friends of her mother shopping in the
more expensive boutiques and jewelers. An ancient palazzo in the mountains was nothing
It's a great place for a honeymoon -the Christ reported with
certain gesture of amusement in his penetrating gaze.
Honeymoon? Okay, yes, they were married, but why is
He was laughing at her? Is he too saw the ridiculous gap between a boy
raised in a Venetian palace and the daughter of a housekeeper? How would not
I do it? A deep flush of shame dyed his skin to enter the huge palazzo .
He knew that time was running out. They had dined on the plane, so that even the
need to eat could prolong the wait until the evening that lay ahead.
"Wise up, 'he said. That was the deal that had been reached, was the agreement
ensure that their brothers receive everything that should be theirs by right.
Grow safe and protected members of the family and no one could Ravelli
tease and taunt them. Receive the best education and the best
opportunities to face adult life, and I never would have
worry about where to get the next meal. While enumerating
the many benefits of being married to Christ Ravelli, his breathing was

Franco grabbed her dress as they climbed the stairs and the servant
that he had received showed them first child's room, where the nanny
He tried to hold him. But small does not like strangers sites
began sobbing and clinging to her sister until required that Christ
-Kiss Franco stammered half sobbing and almost ready to smile
Page 61
Christ until he handed it to the nurse and the little reached out to
Belle desperately.
Belle did intend to approach, but Christ stopped laying a
hand on his arm.
It's our wedding night 'I reminded strongly and dryness
of his tone was puzzled.
In his opinion only people who should have loved you wedding night
but that was not what they had committed, he reminded himself as Christ
driving down the hall and opened the door to a huge bedroom. Seeing as
Despite his nervousness, an immense desire began to take shape inside.
It focused on the huge four poster bed and there
He stood motionless as if they had secured with a padlock. Suddenly he was
regretting the timidity and distrust that had kept away from the
bed other men because some experience in the sexual arena will
would have been good at that time when ignorance was more like a
Christ surrounded his rigid figure behind him and aroma devoured.
What good smell, a citrus and masculine blend that was like a bomb to their
senses. Her heart raced as he departed hair and shoulders
he bent to kiss her neck. He felt his chest against her back as solid
rock and further down, against her buttocks, he was beginning to grasp
his excitement. And although it was increasingly nervous, he could not help feeling
pleased to exert much influence on a man who used to express as
little that was and had been on the altar of the chapel like a mere
spectator died of boredom.
'I enchant with this dress, gattina mia whispered against her skin and
He buried his face in a place she did not know it could be so sensitive. Each
cell in his body tensed as he bathed her skin with the tip of his tongue and
caressed with the edge of the teeth in an incredibly sexy gesture or
much less could be expected of Christ Ravelli. He was already trembling,
I felt a tingling sensation in the nipples and a slippery warmth was increasing
between her thighs. A pinch of fresh air brushed his back and when her dress
Wedding slid down his arms without notice. She gave a little cry of
surprise and ten seconds later the dress huddled around their
feet. He turned and quickly took her hands before Belle could do
any attempt to cover her lace panties underneath. His
dark eyes dotted with a blazing golden hue toured the voluptuous

Page 62
curves of her breasts covered by her bra and was sliding to his sharp
strong waist and hips before reaching those long, shapely
No doubt the wait has been worth-le Christ said with burning
conviction in each of the syllables pronunci-. You're beautiful face .
Belle took a breath and then he kissed her with a warmth and strength that
consumed. He stroked the edge of his lips, and sank off between them
causing a shiver of excitement and will impact the scour. Yes, as
I had seen before, Christ knew how to kiss, and have your mouth on hers was
something deeply addictive and intoxicating. He led with his tender
tongue and she had to admit that the stretching banker who had detested the
I was seduced by more than efficiently. He laced his fingers through dense
black hair on his neck and he let out a moan of pleasure. Instantly
He rose from the ground and carried her to bed.
Belle looked increasingly nervous as he undressed
stripping off his tie, jacket and shoes with a delicacy that
flattered. With that burning golden gaze fixed on her as hard as
if the same Helen of Troy, he realized that he must find it very
attractive and, when Christ took off his shirt, revealing perfect abs
and a worthy torso on the cover of a magazine, he wiped his mouth because of
first time was with a male body. Every move he made his
muscles flexed under a gentle golden skin. A thin line of hair
Dark ran under his navel and disappeared behind the waist of his pants, which the
time began to take off revealing a prietas buttocks and ... one
impressive bulge in the front of the pants.
In that instant all your worries regarding the issue of
virginity surfaced. Did he have to be so big? Was it normal?
Christ was asked why he had become so red. Never
I had seen anything so beautiful and more satisfying than the image of the woman on
bed adorned only with a delicate lace lingerie. He removed the
underpants; I was prepared for the climax to his body craved.
Shocked to see him, Belle backed toward the headboard
while he did not seem to have the slightest inhibition about letting your
body. She lowered her lashes to hide her expression as a warmth and
intense desire not immediately recognized snaked up the corners
secrets of her body.
You're very quiet Christ 'I said taking her into his arms and
Page 63
unfastening her bra.
'And you're so ... I decided to said choosing the word
carefully because it seemed he was rather a bullet pointing his
I've had three weeks to think right now he whispered

gravely. Three weeks too long ... I've wanted since the first
I saw you.
'When you thought I was my mother? He remarked incredulously.
You were crossing the lawn with dog and being exactly you
same 'I answered an almost reverential raising hands to the pale
breasts he had discovered and scrolling with long fingers. You are
absolutely gorgeous, cara mia .
She was breathing hard as he fiddled with his
terse nipples, pinching them and causing flares of fire descended
to his pelvis. He slid his hands over his trembling body.
You got cold? he asked surprised.
-Only he said'm a little nervous voice strangled
when he put his hand on the inside of her thigh and hooked a finger
under the edge of her panties lace. He began to caress her, making a
stream of warm tingle scour the veins.
He raised his face with his other hand and his golden eyes assaulted.
Why are you so nervous?
'I have not done this ever before.
-With Me.
-With Ads!
Christ was paralyzed half to take his last garment
covered it.
Are you trying to tell me you're a virgin?
A deep flush of shame dyed her fair skin like a flame and at
unable to gather enough voice, I was forced to nod.
'And it's not a joke? Could it be an invention because you think so
you'd be giving me a fancy wedding night?
Belle looked puzzled trying to imagine how he could reach
Page 64
think of such a thing.
Christ ran into those bright green eyes and scrapped plans for a
sex marathon for her wedding night. No, Belle could not stand it. An
virgin. He was now convinced that he was not lying to him, besides
impacted tremendously because it was not what was expected of her and not
know whether or not he liked the idea.
No, I see it's not a joke, face said to himself.
You're disappointed, right?
No, I'm not. You're my wife pointed to a sudden sense
satisfaction at the fact that she could not reach never compare with
no other man in bed, that there could never know anything but not him
He had shown him. I know it caused a sense of ownership than ever before
You had to walk through it.
I do not know why that changes things. I'm not what you expected Belle protested.
Tense with excitement, Christ got tired of talking. He kissed the delicate bone

his jaw and took up her fleshy mouth desperately before lowering
to her breasts and kissing her go through her waist and down to your
innermost zone. He dipped a finger inside her and she lifted her hips. Christ
He smiled and spread her thighs to continue the caress.
No ... not started to say she trying to pull away.
After seeing the dismay of his gaze green, Christ issued a
comforting sound that was sure had never before done in a
dorm room.
-trust Me. I'll look after you.
Belle leaned his head against the pillow and closed his eyes tightly
trembling with a mixture of shame, tingling and sexual desire. When the
touched, she let out a loud groan and the more nibbled, licked and
tormented, Belle became excited over losing control and moving into a new
and frenetic as an instrument played by expert hands. Their
lips came incomprehensible sounds and moans as she writhed. That
unbearable longing was in crescendo and his whole being was desperate to reach the
And that was when Christ rose and walked into her slippery and
wet body. She opened her eyes wide at the shocking sensation
suddenly filled.
Page 65
-This May hurt she said gently.
I know ... she replied breathlessly. I'm not a baby.
For the first time in his life Christ was more concerned about his
companion for himself, which made him feel weird.
You're very tense she said flexing the hips and bending
before sinking deeper into it causing a stabbing and shooting pain that made
Not hurts too pointed trembling. Do it and you're done.
Do it and you're done?". Christ laughed out loud and smiled at the gesture
of concern. She looked shaken by her dark beauty who now wore a
bright smile I had not seen before. And then he turned away and went back inside
in it until a strong feeling erupted inside Belle as if they were
fireworks. The delicious friction as her hips brushed and
speed of his movements the excitation consumed. It was a feeling
electrically intense and passionate ... as he was. That's what I thought Belle
when his body tensed and closed around Christ while a waterfall
of pleasure led to a powerful climax that is fully felt
empty after, but also filled with a sense of wellbeing.
Well, definitely worth married by this beauty mia 'I
Christ whispered in her ear. You may're a blackmailer and a gold digger, but
you are fabulous in bed.
Belle opened her eyes wide and suddenly was away from his
side those muscular and tanned shoulders not believing what he had just heard.
He got out of bed and ran to the bathroom in search of a weapon

mass destruction, but there were no guns, no whips or anything with what
to attack him as much as he was claiming his pride. Desperate filled a
glass of water, returned to the bedroom and threw it over.
Astonished, he sat up in bed, but seeing as extraordinary
and irresistibly handsome with that golden skin, those eyes bright and the black hair
tousled did nothing but infuriate more.
'What the hell ...? Christ asked, wiping the water from his face.
Do not you dare talk to me like, pig! shouted his wife as a
harpy in their worst nightmares.
-Hablarte ...? Oh, is that not you like to be honest?
-No'm Not a blackmailer or a gold digger! 'I replied angrily.
Page 66
How dare you accuse me of that?
Christ gave him a quizzical look.
I hate the female thespians.
You think I care? You think I'm getting back into the
bed with you after you called me? he cried in the bedroom as
indignant that barely get the words out.
Christ slumped against the pillows apparently nothing
concerned about the threat.
I think you will, because if not, I will ask the divorce 'I said without
Well well ... I want a divorce! he shouted before returning to
go into the bathroom and close the door by latching.
"Wow, what good has handled the situation, eh?" Christ thought
quite shocked at himself for having shown their views. After
all is not that way naturally sincere. It is more, was a man of
Briefly they kept their opinions, but somehow something in that
fantastic sexual experience had disagreed with the view I had of her and the
end had finished throwing his judgments aloud. You really had wanted
I knew what I was thinking ?, he asked. Had he wanted her to show him
he was wrong and he tried to change to find it more acceptable?
And why he was asking now all that? He had said exactly what
I had thought and was not going to retract or apologize for telling the truth as the
Page 67
Chapter 6
Nearly two hours later, Christ watched the empty bed as if
make it out to magically conjure the presence of Belle. He was squeezing
both her perfect white teeth jaw ached. He had gone to
shower to another room to give him time to calm down, but Belle, thereby
impulsive and impetuous he was, he had evidently left the bathroom and had
I left. But where? It was eleven o'clock at night and the palazzo was at
several kilometers from the main road.

Christ exhaled an audible hiss. He had ruined everything

dramatically and for being a man so secretive and rarely
miscalculated with women, admit it was infuriating. Why he had
I said what I thought of her and in those terms? Unable to answer the question
did nothing but infuriate more. It was her wedding night and his girlfriend had
I fled; not that it was a very promising beginning for Christ, who was a
hopeless perfectionist, it was like a slap in the face and a reminder
nothing pleased that it was merely a human and humans make mistakes.
In the last level of the terraced garden Belle Hill raised
legs on the stone bench trying to find a comfortable position in a
so hard surface. Unfortunately he had not occurred anywhere else to go
much less would go to the big house at the top of the hill with its immense and
ornate rooms where she had felt like an old maid
wandering illegally outside the housing of the servants. "Oh, Grandma, why
I did not hear you? "he thought with febrile sorrow and hating herself.
She had married a man who clearly hated and worst
of it was that she had slept with him and that was the worst way
betraying herself. Tears streamed down her cheeks trembling because
He had never felt so alone, at least not since his teens, when he
victim of horrendous jokes. Now she felt trapped by marriage and
by the promises he had made to his brothers on the wonderful new
life that awaited them. He could not leave there without more; was not so simple.
Tell him she wanted a divorce had been a pure swagger and chances
was that he would have recognized.
Ravelli Christ. No other man had sunk so deep into it,
Page 68
none had awakened feelings, thoughts and reactions
beyond their control. It was besotted with him, physically and mentally, and as
result had acted with him as his mother Gaetano, unable to keep
distances and without considering the consequences of the relationship. How would
have a serious relationship with Christ? It was light years ahead of it within
sophistication. It was a Ravelli, taught from birth that was a superior being. Are
He hugged his knees and rocked her hips against the stone in motion
unconscious with which he calmed down as he gathered hands and contained
Well, that ended infatuation. He had annihilated
root. I hated, hated him for what he had said after using his body to
his own pleasure. Although yes, okay, she had also received pleasure, thought
with guilt. He could not pretend to have been a reluctant partner or shortly
arranged in what had happened, but not that had been prepared
for that degree of passion and pleasure. She had imagined that in the bedroom the
waiting for something much less exciting.
Fortunately it was a clear night, he thought Christ poor
Wins and down the many steps of the gardens. He was in a foul mood
dogs. Having to tell Umberto that his wife had gone so

There was embarrassed, but if I could not find Belle knew to call the police
would be much more embarrassing. On the other hand, did not know what was going to say if
finally located. Should I lie and pretend he had not wanted to charge her
that? Should he apologize for telling the truth? It damned if
had to apologize when he was forced to record all your property
middle of the night to find her. Dio mio! It was clear that he was concerned. What if
I had stumbled and fallen down the hill? What if he had reached the road
county and had climbed into the car of some rapist or pervert? His
temperament could get to make her do something dangerous, he thought grimly,
and suddenly his imagination took him to places he had never been before.
And then he heard a noise, the sound of shuffling feet in the sand.
It dismayed to hear the voice of Christ, turned to stone bench
pressing her lips tightly, but he kept calling and silence began
be childish and selfish until finally parted her lips to shout:
Page 69
A feeling of relief invaded Christ. He was safe and undoubtedly
would live many other fights, he thought with satisfaction that surprised him and shook
strong and tall body. He kept his voice to the place where he came from: the gazebo
Located at the foot of the garden next to a steep waterfall built in the century
XVII. Around the corner from one of the many paths I saw there sitting on the
darkness with his long legs stretched out on the stone bench and shine
moon reflected in his eyes.
I was worried about you, 'he said, stopping a few feet from the
Arbor steps frightfully sure of himself. You have not replied to
Not take it up and sure were not so concerned
He commented about my welfare Belle sharply to look at how amazing it was
with those faded jeans, shirt and sandals that leather-. Do Not,
after what you told me.
I have said this in the wrong time and the wrong place Christ admitted climbing the steps to lift the lighter wall and
turn the thick candle in the center of the stone table.
Nothing comforted by his return, Belle lifted her chin when
Candle lit beautiful and dark features of Christ, who watched from the other
side of the table.
But clearly I was what you thought ... Blackmail?
'I told you that they would be terribly others
embarrassing you to take a story to court for the sake of your
brothers reminded him stubbornly Christ. You said you did not care.
"Your brothers," he said without considering, and Belle was
exasperating because it was clear that continued to deny the links.
Why would I care? Or your brothers or you will import

Nik and Zarif not even know of the existence of your brothers pointed. A Nik does not like kids anyway and Zarif news that
throughout the marriage of his parents Gaetano was sleeping with another
woman and having a lot of children with her would be very destructive and harmful. Is the
Vashir new king.
Belle turned her unimpressed look or at least trying not
display it.
-I Know.
Page 70
-Vashir Has a very conservative society and behavior
Gaetano cause a huge scandal there would end with your image
consider that it could be like his father. Every ruler has its opponents and
that would use it against him to remind people that his father was a foreign
with a style of sordid and wicked life. And it does not deserve. Like all
We have paid the price of having to Gaetano as father when he was -the child
reported with adusto- gesture. I offered to marry you and take these children
precisely to avoid this.
But that did not tell me, so now you can not expect it to be
compassionate 'I replied flatly. Not only is misplaced to call me
blackmailer, but also is very unfair when that did not you tell me a
first time!
Faced with such a strong response, Christ gritted his teeth again and
remained silent.
'And I have not blackmailed! Belle exclaimed, rising to lower
steps before turning around and catch him looking at her, looking at her slender
these proportions adorned with denim shorts and camisole she wore. It is
clear that my plans to go to court put you between a rock and a hard place,
but it was you who decided to propose to me!
With its strong features under the candlelight, Christ looked
threatening gesture.
Yes, I did, but even now I know that your plans to go to trial them
they would have done to these children more damage than you could imagine.
-No Know what you mean!
you know very well what I mean, it's nobody knows better! he replied
with unexpected harshness and eyes shining like stars. Gaetano dragged my
mother to court in an alleged attempt to keep my custody
when I was little but, of course, he wanted to get more profit
the divorce. I do not want to me, never loved me. All Dirty Secrets
my parents' marriage came to light during the trial and filled covers
throughout Europe. In fact, you can even find online holders. What
Do you really think that these children would thank you now or in a few years
see the private lives of his parents exposed in all the newspapers and websites
Belle had not thought about it and swallowed hard.
'Clearly not want your charity when children are entitled

Page 71
legal to you.
It would not have been charity.
No, but you would have been buying my silence and yours! 'I
responded angrily. I saw what you did in the village. All uploaded to shopping
The Ravelli to shut down their mouths and do not say nothing about Gaetano, nor on
Mary nor on children.
'Do not you uploaded you the same car with a wedding? 'I
Christ asked scorching derision.
No, of course I did not! 'I replied burning with anger. Why
regardless of what you think, I'm not a gold digger or a
upstart! I married you for the sake of my brothers to never
have to go through what we went Bruno and me!
'Why you passed? Christ she asked impatiently.
When my mother started her adventure with Gaetano and then gave
birth to Bruno, I think people turned a blind eye because everyone knew how much
he had suffered with my father until he died took a deep breath while the
pain and shame ran over her slender body. By that time, the
people felt sorry for her because my father was an abusive drunk.
And then? -Christ Attention was fixed on her beautiful face and
the gleam in her big green eyes.
And then it got ugly because my mother continued her adventure
Gaetano and continued having children. Everyone knew that Gaetano had a
wife and mom decided that was a shameless and a fresh and stopped
speak and attend to some village shops recalled sadly. How Come
lived in the gatehouse outside the village and bought elsewhere, that
hostility did not reach it at all ... but I went to the local school with children
of all those parents so critical ...
His voice trailed off momentarily, but regained it when
to share with him a memory; was staring as he spoke, as
if you'd kilometers away and somehow was because he felt as if
I was there, entering a class as a vulnerable teenager
supporting how a handful of girls called her "bitch" just because all
knew that his mother had just given birth to two children over her lover
married to another. Nobody had intervened when harassed because it was to spare
known and accepted that Mary Brophy was a wicked woman raising her
degenerate children in a household where the basic rules of morality and decency
Page 72
they broke as usual.
-Quitando Mark, I've never had friends admitted shortly.
Other mothers do not let their daughters to get together with me or come to my
home. It got worse as I got older because then further insulted,
the boys tried to approach me ... well, you know for what purpose ...
Christ, raised from an early age in a city where they lived in the

anonymity, remained truly shocked by what he was telling. Do Not

He had come to suspect the extreme moral rectitude of a small community
country in which those who defied public opinion and breaking the rules could
be punished with exclusion.
I did not want my brothers to go through the same thing.
He's clearly not, face murmured regretfully Christ and suddenly
He understood a very good reason why his wife was so inexperienced: obviously
had denied herself any relationship because unleash the desire
He could have labeled as the successor to his mother. And Bruno?
-and I'll tell you later, but he also harassed. By
That's why we sent him Donetta and boarding.
Are you going to go back home? asked Christ in the silence that had
befallen them both. It's two o'clock.
Belle prayed remain calm as he left the gazebo.
You've been very offensive and insulting ... and you also missed me at
- Yes, beauty mia , but may be the absolute sincerity
best way to tackle a marriage like ours' I replied Christ
Belle turned it over to those words as he climbed another flight
endless steps. All the excitement and activity of the day were happening
invoice and exhaustion could with it.
But you have not forgiven hastened to say, there was going to be that he
be thought that all was forgotten when it was not.
After seeing a slight wave the banner of peace, Christ surrounded her
slender back to guide her up the steep hill.
He was surprisingly upbeat as he led the
Page 73
turn your bedroom. Under the light, I could see the marks of her tears on his
face and he stirred the conscience. She was much more sensitive than him and that he
uneasy. Never forget the look of pain when he had told him of
bullying. In his opinion, his mother had been so selfish as his father,
knowing full well that thought should not share it with her.
At the same time, could not fail to impress how protective
was with his brothers. He had never known the family union, had never seen
that love could unite both a family and could not help wondering what
other than that he would have lived a similar experience. Despite the pain
Gaetano had caused the children of Mary Brophy, all remained very
'I will not get into the same bed Belle said after stepping
inside the bedroom.
'I'm so insensitive. No thought close to you.
A Belle eyes stung by the warmth of the tears
struggled to contain.

I know, but I need my own space for a while he replied stiffly.

Christ saw her pallor and sadness of her beautiful face and clenched
knowing lips did not want her away from him and, worse, having the
unsettling need to have it close.
I'd prefer you to stay with me.
Few minutes later, and having won the last battle, Belle
it flopped in the comfortable bed in the next room and down the
lashes over her moist eyes. He had wanted to be with him, but he refused
that option because common sense told him it would be wrong. It would be wrong
let Christ thought he could do and say whatever he wanted without
consequences, it would be wrong to let him hurt and then act as if
I would not have anything past giving rise to think I could do it again no more.
Racketeer, gold digger? Could refute those suspicions? What should want
I do it? Do you really care? After all, theirs was a marriage of
convenience and simply had to learn to better control their emotions and
stop looking for answers that probably would not receive. He could not afford
start worrying about a man who did not care, but,
regardless of any other factor, was fully determined that,
at least, Christ respected.
Page 74
Christ could not sleep and grunted. I knew I was Belle
treating it as she tried to Franco, with that approach "is not" and withdrawal
privileges until he behaved better. In the darkness, she suddenly surprised
when he ran away laughing. He had issued a challenge. No woman
I had done that and never really bothered him admit that he admired her
The next morning, when something woke Christ bounced
force on the bed and opened her eyes to the light of dawn through the curtains.
-Beso! Franco crooned at him expectantly under his mop of
blacks curls. Belle?
-Belle Is asleep, 'said Christ holding more strongly
sheet around her naked body while little was put on him.
- ? Detayuno asked the little hopeful and leaning
over him with wide eyes.
Wondering where the nurse was, Christ promised that
desayunaran and Franco smiled. He was astonished when the little surrounded him
by the neck and planted a kiss on his face sticky. The boy led him to the
bathroom chattering nonstop and using very few recognizable words.
Christ showered and shaved while the child played with the contents of the drawers,
cabinets putting together a good stir. While dressing, playing under Franco
bed while repeating " Detayuno , kiss'.
The little shook hands out of the bedroom and in the same
altered time nanny appeared several doors down the hall.
I am very sorry, sir Ravelli. I've been looking for all

parts. Gone while I was in the bathroom Teresa 'I said.

Relax. I'll make sure to eat breakfast.
- Detayuno he repeated endlessly without releasing Franco's hand and giving
jump for joy. Seeing him, Christ had no choice but to recognize that affection
and vivacity of child had its charm.
In the dining room, Umberto prepared an old wooden chair
Franco and Christ asked him to make sure to buy a new harness because
the child was very naughty and had gone several times from the crib. All that
Christ ate it wanted to eat Franco also putting together a great disaster in the table.
Page 75
When he pulled a piece of tomato, Christ scolded and Franco began to mourn just
in the instant Belle entered the room.
Oh my God, did not know it was you! said dismayed.
He's a very stubborn little guy commented Christ above
din was organizando-. I have scolded by throwing food.
Well then there 'I embrace Belle said when the child stretched
arms to her for that reconfortara-. You know you can not throw food.
Franco sulked to see that their complaints were ignored and end
finished eating.
Belle smiled Christ.
Thanks for watching him.
The natural splendor of her smile snatched his breath and he shook
his dark eyes in gratitude for his words. It was early in the
morning, so I could see, despite not wearing any makeup, Belle
was impressive with a translucent porcelain skin flushed and
freckled, bright green eyes and a mane that coiled
around her slender shoulders as if each curl mahogany was alive.
-Also Is my brother muttered wryly. And what a piece
it's done.
Yes, it's true ... too Isa Pleased that finally
had admitted that Franco was also his brother, looked trying not
do, but unable to resist the temptation. He traced the line of its high
cheekbones, nose perfectly straight and wide mouth. They were the perfect features
a fallen angel that always captivated. A blast of heat tightened her
nipples and fell to his pelvis in a gesture of betrayal that could not stop.
I had to admit to their chagrin that still finding it irresistibly
The sound of the blades of a helicopter near the home made
Christ be surprised and immediately got up to go to the window. Yet
chewing his toast, Belle followed.
-what's The matter?
I think it's time to introduce you to one of my
brothers whispered tensely. Nik. Do not take into account if it is abrupt
you. It is going through a tough divorce and is very upset.
-I Do not bother you guys put up while she said taking a

Page 76
Franco old highchair.
No, now you're here, you should know, mia gioia he said without
hesitation. You are my wife. I'm not ashamed of you and I'm not going to hide.
Page 77
Chapter 7
Christ went to meet his brother Nik and the two men
arrested on the terrace to speak. Belle was in the room listening to
talking in another language. There seemed Italian and wondered if it could be Greek. To the
the other man heard loud arguing repeatedly assumed that Christ was
telling him his mother and children and shuddered feeling ashamed.
Nik Christakis was a big man, taller even than his
husband, but was much like Christ. He looked at the back of the room where
she was and her eyes darkened even more to see the child at her side.
My wife, Belle, and our little brother, Franco said Christ
calmly in response to questioning look of his brother. My brother,
I -Nuestro? NIK corrected him. The child has nothing to do with me.
And five? Should you be mad I made it all by Christ!
Gaetano is dead and buried. Who cares what you tell him now?
-A Zarif would care much 'I answered frankly.
-how That matters to me! 'I said, putting his hand Nik
inside his jacket pocket and pulling out a document happened to her
brother. Read it and weep. See what happens when you get married without a contract
'We have no contract said Belle uncomfortable with stress
flowing between them and to Nik's reluctance to address her even for
courtesy or politeness.
Christ raised her dark eyes slowly document for
I must admit I'm surprised.
I -Lo you? You're so naive yet? Clearly, Betsy married
me for my money and is now trying to steal half of everything
I have! he declared with undisguised bitterness.
Not married you for your money, 'Christ contradicted much
confidently. Fell in love with you.
Page 78
Do not be innocent. I give to you, your wife and small troop of
Ravellis illegitimate two years long before step down and try to let
broke! said mockingly.
Belle blushed and lifted her chin.
I would not do that. Look, I'll let speak privately snapped

Franco grabbing hand.

When he left Nik heard Christakis say something that could be recognized
in many languages and instantly realized that I had much luck
not have married a man like him. The hard face and cold eyes Nik,
not to mention that bitterness that escaped from his mouth every time I mentioned
his wife, Betsy, left her cold. Nik was clearly a stubborn man,
furiously hostile and difficult, and suspected it was also the kind of man who
would be an implacable enemy, one who only saw the worst in anyone
crossed with him.
Christ was more reasonable, more civilized, right? And respected by
have spoken in defense of her sister. Furthermore, the night before had
surprised and impressed, in spite of her when she told him that the
complete sincerity could be the way to make your marriage work. And
had to admit that was a rational and mature attitude. He liked and respected the
sincerely hated the lies and people pretending things to persuade
Moreover, as Gaetano had to have pleased his mother and live
Two hours later, after Nik finally leave and
second helicopter had arrived and deposited its cargo, Christ went to
Belle search and found her sitting under the shade of a tree with a book
You have a giant library heard it said come and lift the
Mahogany head with her hair gleaming in the light-shadowed, but only
I have found a couple written in English.
Christ took the book and looked at the back. It was a take on history
family of his mother written by one of his ancestors and translated by another
'I'll ask some books in English. I would suggest you to start
studying Italian, but I think it worth investing your time on that.
She tensed to capture the reminder that their relationship had a
strictly temporary nature and suddenly assaulted images of how
Page 79
They had made love last night and destroyed any thought
reasonable making it impossible to concentrate as a wave of heat
touring his slender body. With the red face looked intently book
as he returned it with these elegant hands. The same night
earlier had caressed with a breathtaking erotic expertise and had
extracted from his weak body more pleasure than she thought capable of experiencing.
However, he could not forget what happened during the heated discussion
they had then. It was clear that he seemed to think that everything was
solved and forgotten, but Belle felt as if their reactions, emotions and
thoughts were spinning on a wild whirlwind.
'Are looking for? she asked curiously.
Yes, face . It is time for you to enjoy your wedding gift.
I -Regalo wedding? repeated rising with bewilderment. What

hell are you talking about?

-The Wedding gifts are required when you marry 'he replied
gently and with a hand resting on the small of her back to guide
to the villa.
But not among us, not our kind of marriage 'I
he replied arrests.
I promised my wife treat you like and that's what I try to do.
And ... he murmured stiffly. Is that gift ...?
'I is waiting in the ballroom -the reported nodding at
Umberto for opening the double doors.
Belle slowly crossed the hall and peered into the large room
amazed to see the walkway that bisected.
My God, but what ...? He started to say confused.
Every woman wants to renew her wardrobe. I requested that we
send a selection along with models to introduce the designs. The
All you have to do is choose what you want.
Is every woman wants to renew your wardrobe? That's probably what
He would like most blackmailers and cazafortunas, thought Belle with
unavoidable gesture of disgust at the fact that he had assumed that
It was the kind of women. But neither had given her choice. That's what
Christ thought I wanted and seemed to grant it and liked nothing
would seek a confrontation with him and deny him the opportunity.
Page 80
As he entered the room he was introduced to Olivia that,
amazing speed, began to measure it and say that any model
chose him would be sent ready made-to-measure for the next day.
An energetic music started when Olivia took Background
one of the three seats awaiting them and encouraged her to define him "his style
staff '. Belle had to control himself not to gape with
question because I had no idea how to answer. Although it did not matter because,
Anyway, Olivia had already been commenting on the first design sporting a
model with mahogany hair and wore a purple thing and as a
lampshade. While a very high and very short hair with blonde paraded
in swimsuit, Olivia tried to determine what fashion preferences were
Belle, but she had never had any budget to develop a taste for
luxury. While studying he had taken in winter jeans and shorts
in summer plus occasional skirt or dress cheap if he left any
night. In his life had always been scarce money and clothes had acquired
with the salary of his works part time as a waitress and always in chains
economic clothing.
Do not you like one? Christ 'I asked her looking woman
staring to see silent.
When Belle met his look awesome heart gave
a beat.
It's a bit overwhelming ... this ... admitted with voice

'Then I will choose for you.
And Belle could not help but laugh out loud because, of course, all
short skirts, dresses with open back and deep neckline received
an enthusiastic vote of approval by Christ. In that sense it was very
predictable, very human man and encouragingly. Fun by
basic masculine characteristics was revealing under his facade
sophistication, Belle began to gain confidence and to give his opinion, away from the
most spectacular outfits for the simplest and insisting that his
Her hair was not pink either.
'I like the pink Christ said without hesitation. Though as
Olivia got into the conversation immediately recalled the horror that had
been to many shades of pink scattered his small house in
Ireland. But his wife Rose ... that was different.
-Only there are certain shades of pink that you should avoid Olivia assured him,
Page 81
expert selling.
Just then the blonde appeared before a captivating
set of turquoise lingerie and Christ approached the runway.
Want-what he said flatly and security.
Belle blushed as she noticed how leggy blonde
I was posing for Christ as a stripper, delighted with the
attention was waking her breasts while wiggled under the
bra rhythm of the music and turned to show her nearly naked ass in
panties that were little more than a thong. He seemed bewitched by the
show with his dark gaze evening and sinfully seductive
bronzed features tense as if he was trying hard to hide what
I was was going through his head.
He was attracted by the blonde, Belle thought glumly, and could not
hide it.
Thank you, Sofia said aloud when rising trade fair
when the music stopped and left behind an awkward silence. Olivia
dismissed and left through the back door of the room.
Well, that was very instructive, right? Belle remarked with
chill when Christ returned to his side.
He furrowed his eyebrows ebony in a gesture of surprise.
'And that?
'I liked the blonde' I replied dryly.
Christ frowned.
Oh, do not bother to deny it. I've seen you. You could not take the
eyes off!
Christ walked with a slow, stealthy movement that was
ridiculously sexy. Belle looked at him with determination and stared into those eyes
gold so intense that made it wobble slightly back. It was as if
all oxygen had gone and had to separate the lips to drink

I only have one thing to say. It was she who saw ... I saw you
he said in a hoarse voice and her with a captivating strength. It was you who
I imagined wearing well.
Incredulous, gave him a hard look of disdain.
Page 82
-how To me I'll believe it when you had fooling around in front
you to a half naked beauty!
Believe me ... insisted in a tone that vibrated safely in half
the silence. I am a real woman like you, why would I want one with
less curved than a coat rack?
He stood with his mouth open before this unflattering description of
the model.
'Is not your type?
You're my kind she confided. The erotic image of you filling
Generously those little pieces of blue fabric has excited me greatly.
A real woman? Bella almost laughed at that.
After all, strict diet that I had tried in adolescence not you
nothing had served to sharpen the solid bone structure that provided it with a
boldly rounded hips and voluptuous breasts. At that
then he would have given his right arm for being one of the thinnest on the
school, but was not so stupid as not to know that some men
preferred curves before a thinner and thinner proportions. But until
then or had entered his head that Christ was one of them.
He brushed a lock of her cheek and placed behind the ear with
as close and intimate gesture that puzzled and which he said he had
right to touch, a right that she had already denied. A loud alarm
jumped into his brain warning to back off and re-establish the
limits, but he was close, so tantalizingly close, he could smell her evocative
scent of cologne and masculinity. It smelled so incredibly good it felt almost
dizzy. His knees trembled while a warm feeling snaked
from her breasts to her most intimate areas, leaving immersed in an intense burning and
unsatisfied. Just the fact stand under these conditions was quite a
He touched her face with a long tan finger traced the line of his
jaw to the Cupid's bow on his upper lip as thumb
stroked the fleshy lower. Belle trembling, barely able to breathe on
the excitement that had emerged out of nowhere. His body reacted with a
temperature rise accompanied by a pounding pulse. Squinted
as she watched silently as he had no words to describe what
was causing. How beautiful it was, so devastatingly handsome he could not
blame the models have focused attention on him. Not only was the
buyer, but also a handsome man who made that women
Page 83

will look on while trying to understand what had those slender and dark features
exercising such power and magnetism about them. Belle did not know, I only knew
that once kept looking at him, I needed to look at it again. It was an impulse
I could not control.
-You Can wear that blue set for me murmured Christ
while his eyes lit up with the idea.
Nor even dream she said without hesitation thinking it would have to wait
long time if you expect to see in provocative lingerie for their own
enjoyment. Was not doing it of playing a femme fatale and, in his opinion, he did not
will encourage much needed.
Do not tell me you do not have the same dream 'I replied Christ
standing in front of her to rest your hands on your hips gesture
Belle was about to hit him, to shove, of
foot stomping and protest did not want physical contact of any kind. For real
I was willing to do any of those things, but then the mouth
Christ fell on his and could only pose hands on the hard,
warm contours of your torso and make a fist around the fabric of his shirt
while fighting with itself and with the desire that he caused her.
In that second happened between thinking and acting, he slipped his tongue in
her mouth to taste her and she was lost when he began to nibble
lips. The burning and throbbing between her legs increased in intensity
until he began swinging her hips against him, wanting more,
needing more, with an urgency that made her uneasy. He felt his long and smooth
arousal against her belly and could not withstand the intrusion of clothing while
an overwhelming desire invaded his body trembling with unbearable force.
Christ lifted her beautiful face; her eyes bright and injected
in an intense sexual heat, tousled hair fingers she had sunk
in its exquisite strands and a blush that accentuated her sharp cheekbones.
Are we still in this top? 'he whispered.
Belle's lips was a 'no', but in his heart was a 'yes'
because his body craved his. He inhaled slowly and struggled
clear his head fighting the urge with all his might.
'I wish ... I wish, face Christ said dryly. What problem
there are? Still wary at that model? Do you really think it would be so
Page 84
No, 'said Belle reluctantly because that would have employee
as an excuse if I had to. Unfortunately his brain was still in
freefall. He had told the truth: the attraction between them was explosive and,
also not have felt strongly attracted to her at first
probably would not have offered marriage. Still, the link was
It created between them only on a physical level was too shallow to
she accepted it. He wanted more.
Christ raised a thin black eyebrow.

So? Still judging me like my late father? 'I

he asked impatiently. Or is there something in your past that makes you wary of
Belle stiffened.
I do not know what you're talking about ...
I think so you know. Gaetano saw what you did with your mother and
hated him for that, but I'm not him.
Belle was indignant and gritted his teeth.
I know and I have not said you are.
'Why, otherwise, going to accuse me of insinuate to that model
before you? 'I replied; tension was visible in the hard line of his cheekbones and
in the angle of his strong jaw. What kind of man would behave like that?
I've overreacted. Sorry -Belle turned his head
feeling guilty and ashamed; his criticism was partly true. It was true that
distrustful of men, but not all. During his college years he
they had boyfriends offended by his refusal damage to get into bed with
even before they could get to know them. These guys had
tricked out with other girls and had left, but no more than any
of her friends, who had suffered similar disappointments by young
that all he wanted from a woman was relieved physically.
If you want this marriage to work, this is not the way 'I
Christ said measuring long tone.
You said that honesty was the best choice he reminded Belle
few steps away and then turning to him with her pretty face
flushed and tense. Then I'll be honest. For this to work want more
I only sex with you. I want to get to know us. You can not build
a relationship based solely on sex.
Page 85
I've never known anything else.
Do you have a girlfriend?
When he nodded, frowning, Belle smiled.
Well yes then you have met otherwise.
Why do not you ask me this before we got married?
Not as previously thought, he responded honestly.
Was desperate to seek the safety of children and marrying you was the
price they had to pay. I did not think beyond that. I did not think about how I
feel ...
"Marrying you was the price I had to pay." It was not a
phrase would have expected to hear from Belle, nor one that
I was sure I believe, Christ thought grimly ducking his dark gaze.
She wanted more. Why do women always want more than you were offered?
Were scheduled birth to want more? All that plus five
children, he thought overwhelmed ... You really had stopped to think about what was
The stern look to tighten his dark features removed the

Belle consciousness.
I understand you have a right to be irritated by this.
'It's not the word I would have chosen Christ' I replied
Belle was prepared to be more sincere than I wanted to be true.
Yeah I thought things I should not have thought when I agreed to
marry you admitted abruptly and with her pale skin suddenly lit
of shame. But none of these things was associated either with the
staff or the fact thrive socially enriching -sintindose
more uncomfortable than ever, hesitated and said: Although I would not go so far as to
say Gaetano thought revenge for what he had put her through my
family all these years, yes I felt an inappropriate satisfaction when I
you offered me got married and dress my mother deliberately. Now I
ashamed of it. After all, it was very unfair that you had to pay
for the mistakes of your father, but now we're both doing that he finished with
Christ was strongly felt bewildered by her complete
sincerity. He had not expected that, I had been prepared for her
Page 86
admit their motivations for marrying him. Bring to the altar to a rich and
powerful Ravelli had met briefly but had admitted and that you
had impressed a man who used to be impressed with women
- La via dell'inferno Lastricata di buone intenzione ... the way to
Hell is paved with good intentions' I tradujo-. Ever do something
because, no more?
Not admitted more strained Belle. And this does not have to be a
Hell, we can make the best of the situation. You said you wanted to treat me like
really your wife, you wanted to show respect ...
Reminder stood there like a dark cloud hanging between
Christ finished them and acknowledging that his inclination towards this group of
Lingerie obviously he had offended. The previous night had become
her first lover and she had been amazing, recalled still excited. Was
it expecting too much too soon. Gritting his perfect teeth
I'll try, I try harder.
I too will try Belle said with a tempting smile.
But it was too late because Christ had already turned and
he could not see her smile; a smile that had combined both regret at the
inability to be purely sexual object he had wanted so clearly
as the hope that in the future reach a better understanding. With the
dejected, went upstairs to fetch his little brother and
to bring Teresa. The warm affection of Franco and his confidence that she
return the same affection was a wonderful balm for troubled
mental state. He played hide and seek with the small and together filled the plant

house of laughter.
Umberto stopped at the door of the office of Christ to say:
It's a joy to hear a child playing around.
Well there are four more, a boy and a girl of eight and a pair of
Teenagers' I trusted Christ as servant knew the kind since he was a
-Los Children of his deceased father? Umberto asked.
Christ laid gesture of surprise.
How did you know?
Page 87
I've heard rumors over the years. My cousin flew the
Mr. Gaetano helicopter to the place of removal 'I gently reminded the
Let's hope those rumors have been buried commented
Nobody in my family chismorrear about it he assured the
man proudly. But Mr. Gaetano had other employees who may
are not so discreet.
A current concern assailed Christ, who had ensured
employees of his father received a good compensation for his years
service. Could have married at the end at all? E
then inexplicably thought of Franco, who showed much
need for male attention. No doubt he needed a figure
father, sternly thought as her mouth softened as he heard laughter
Little echoing from above.
No, no, no, Franco! cried Belle, dismayed to find it
fingering soon all that Christ had on the table of his bedroom. Do Not
touches anything.
Shaking his car keys in hand, Franco threw the wallet
had been investigating. When he fell, Belle knelt to pick up
notes that the child was wrinkled and stretched before returning them to the
purse with credit cards, a pair of cards and ... one
tiny photograph. He lifted the picture and looked surprised to recognize the former
Nik wife, Betsy. She was a petite blonde beauty and delicate features and
big blue eyes. Had fallen photo portfolio or was lying and forgotten
on the ground? But you could tell was freshly vacuumed carpet, so
it could not be the latest and, assuming that the photo had been inside
portfolio of Christ, what was her husband taking a photo up woman
his brother?
And why would you ask? The covered a cold sweat at the thought of
embarrassing conversation. Having misjudged his attitude to the
model, he does not believe that the picture had been found by chance and
think that he had been snooping. Would assume it was one of those
jealous and distrustful women who always walk with tricks to read
mobile messages from their husbands and their pockets for evidence of a

infidelity. Shuddering at the possibility, again save the picture and left the
wallet on the table. No, thought not make you more uncomfortable questions.
Page 88
Things were pretty tense between the two and there were many
important things that depended on the success of their marriage because otherwise
managed to pull it off, what would happen to his brothers? He had done
promises, not to mention that he had in the chapel and at least had
to try to meet. Unless it was ready to let go
Christ had to make more of an effort.
But please, no ... That the only way to success of your marriage
not depend sassy lingerie sets.
Page 89
Chapter 8
Belle, one on the terrace and sitting at the breakfast table overlooking
the wonderful gardens and behind them, the beautiful and idyllic passage of Umbria
decided that no one could ever imagine how depressed and insecure he felt.
There it was, in a delightful setting and married with a man still delicious and
had already ruined everything! Although, to be fair, expected to be put
provocative lingerie for your pleasure is not to go to appease his exact
"Do you ever do something just because, without more?" He had asked
Christ. And the real answer would have been: "no, never". So, how
hell was in that marriage without thinking of everything that was
doing? He had not yet found a satisfactory answer to that question. Is
the treacherous attraction she felt for him had destroyed all their neurons?
Why had not heard the warnings of his grandmother? After all,
no one knew better than she that relations between men and women used
be complicated and prone to misery.
The precipitate marriage of his mother with his father drunk
followed by long affair with Gaetano Ravelli had been taught to be Belle
very cautious and sensible and reason every step that each when it came to the
men. However, when it came to marry Christ, had launched
head and still could not understand. Now, however, his cautious attitude to the
intimate time was crendole friction with her husband. Could you blame him?
At the end of the day, what had earned him his marriage? His silence,
no demand-five precious and needy children who had promised
Ravelli incorporate the family. She wrinkled her mouth as she had suspected
she sacrificed much and that few people feel shame because it
I had given up their freedom to return, live in luxury and wardrobe
full of designer clothes. That thought made her to tears because I had
little interest in the luxury and the wide selection of new clothes that had
come to your bedroom even before he had time to rise. Moreover,
if you had put that set of silk blouse and skirt, had been only
that Christ did not think it was a thankless.

But unfortunately, Christ was not even there to

Page 90
look at her outfit. That was the problem of sleeping in separate bedrooms
a house so huge and the case of two people who were not familiar habits
other. Christ had not shown up for dinner the night before and now again
absent. Was he avoiding her? Was he tired of his immature attitude? She saw
very clear she was making mistakes and that was happening as soon
indicated that had formed some absurd expectations about what would be
married to him. Christ had considered a gold digger and after having given
turns to that accusation, now Belle was not sure she could blame him for his
distrust. After all, did not know and it was possible connection to a
physical level was the only way that Christ had to get a woman. By
So she got in prudish plan had hurt his feelings because no
I was helping at all ...
And worst of all was that Belle knew he could not call his grandmother.
Wise advice Isa Kelly would have been very well received even
I would not have to mention the old lady's affairs bedroom. Actually
just the sound of his voice and his brothers would have sufficed to
comfort her. Terribly missed her home and her dog, Tag, but I knew
if called as a few days after the wedding her grandmother suspect that
Things were not going well and it would be very very selfish of her to give it a
concern over women.
Disgusted by his way of self-pity and its lack of
activity, suddenly pushed back his chair and stood up. Sit there
It lamenting the possible mistakes he had made was not going to solve
nothing, right? It was time to go to seek Christ.
When asked, Umberto smiled and pointed to a door
beginning of a small hallway leaving the main lobby.
'Mr Christ has worked in his office since he has
received news of the banking crisis ...
What banking crisis? Belle had since the morning of your wedding without
view or a newspaper or television; He had noticed that the nanny had a tele
in his room, but he had sought one for her and I had not found. Nervously
He knocked on the office door and opened it.
After raising his dark gaze laptop screen, Christ
He turned in his chair. You see there Belle hit him on two levels. Dio mio , had a wife and
He had forgotten her; That was the first thing he thought, and the second was that
forget it should have been impossible when she was a real beauty:
a slender figure wonderful legs adorned with a set Color
Page 91
Peach contrast to the torrent of vibrant red hair waves his
mane. Huge green eyes assaulted him when he looked.
I wondered where she said you were paralyzed as
always was when he contemplated his dark hair tousled, his perfect and

tanning profile and striking eyes. The fact that no shaving would not
masculinity was merely add to its appeal charismatic, and could feel
how her face lit, how the stomach was spinning and how the heart
quicken; all typical reactions to Christ, and then Umberto I have
told that there has been a sort of crisis. I'm afraid I have not read the newspaper
since I arrived and had not heard me. Need help?
-Help? Christ asked, raising his eyebrows in surprise.
How can you help?
I am a graduate in Business and practices have worked for
a year in a bank in Dublin she said hesitantly.
Christ blushed at the thought that I should have known some data
so basic about the woman he had married and was crossed by a
intense embarrassment.
-I Had no idea.
To her eyes lit up with a glow of fun and a
involuntary smile spread across his fleshy mouth.
'So you gave it for granted that you had married a peasant
uneducated Irish?
If you want to help, I appreciate it, mia bella she admitted
Christ with gentleness and wanting to ignore the subject. I'm trying to work
from here with my staff in London and is complicated, but it is assumed that
We're on our honeymoon.
'I have nothing else to do' I answered politely and
convinced that a pair like yours could not wait
behavior of a normal marriage honeymoon.
Christ saw that answer a charge over their behavior
as new husband and hurried to evade giving Belle laptop and
Umberto ask that takes them another chair. His conscience reacted as if
someone had punched. He was learning to slow steps and
painful that marriage will require much more than I had imagined and
that would take into account the needs of Belle besides theirs.
For the first time understood that it had had no right to
Page 92
Nik judge his brother by the mess that had become her marriage
with Betsy. After all, he knew only one side of the story and the cries of the
fragile and tiny Betsy over his shoulder he had been obliged to abide by the
appearances. He pursed his lips as he watched the beautiful and serene face
Belle and almost smiled with relief. She was no helpless woman and, at least not
I was crying hysterically, complaining, criticizing.
Yes, it's amazing Christ said in Italian to speak to the manager
Finance from the London branch of your bank investment-. If it were not
married to her, would hire!
He looked at his wife with an involuntary feeling of pride. Belle
I was sitting in an armchair with laptop over, with their incredibly long
legs in sight and his mane spiraling around her shoulders and

highlighting porcelain skin freckled as her fingers

flew over the keyboard. It was the crucial moment when he realized
I had a jewel next door that had underestimated when they married. A
woman of her beauty was so modest and natural was extraordinary. Further
he was intelligent, witty and very hardworking. In the past three days, there was
never once complained about the long hours they had worked and had
kept his pace throughout. Now she shuddered with shame
remember the episode of the lingerie fashion show.
Belle got up to stretch and let the laptop. The banking crisis
had passed and almost felt disappointed that it did because I had them
served as an antidote to tension between the two. They could now
work together and talk. He had stopped treating her like a kind of doll
sexual than he expected to receive entertainment and Belle, for their own satisfaction,
I had discovered that Christ was highly intelligent and also as stubborn and
impatient as she.
The closely watched as he sat on the edge of
desk with his powerful thighs clad in denim and strong and
tanned neck covered by a collar of lemon. He looked at his
sensual lips and felt a little dizzy to remember his passionate kiss. He wiped
mouth, hungry with desire as he had often happened in the past
days whenever his body reacted to his presence. He leaned slightly
forward and encouraging him to grab her, touch her, kiss her ... what
Page 93
-Ponte Something nice. I'm taking you to dinner, mia bella 'I said Christ
through it with its spectacular dark golden eyes framed by
thick black lashes.
Belle blushed, embarrassed by what he had been thinking and
surprised by the unexpected invitation.
Only if you want.
- Dio mio! Of course I want 'I answered him somewhat puzzled.
'You have to thank me for helping you' I said Belle
Christ snorted slowly.
-Tanto Cost you accept who desires to dinner at my beautiful
woman to show her?
Belle laughed at the idea.
Not when you express so flattering! he teased.
Christ grimaced in disgust.
Do not call me that ... reminds me of Gaetano.
Belle wrinkled her nose.
Well I do not remember him at all.
- Grazie a Dio ... thank God, 'he said, visibly relieved.
Upon leaving, Belle collided with Franco, heading to the office, and
little brother stepped aside to pounce on Christ with a cry

of joy. Although they had been incredibly busy in recent days,

Christ had never neglected Franco, and was grateful for the gesture. To the
look back, I saw the little tickling and playing as a child
liked while answering a phone call.
Then he noticed something was wrong and went back into the
office to see the face of Christ adopt a tense gesture and his eyes darken
when he finished the answered call in Italian. He released Franco and the small left
into the hall in search of new diversions.
Christ laid his dark gaze, now accusatory in her and asked
You've been talking to the press?
No, of course not! atnita- said. What the hell
Page 94
are you talking about? he added quickly on the defensive.
-Un Journalist friend who lives in London just called for
warn that the story of Gaetano, your mother and children appear soon
published in a British tabloid! he shouted angrily.
Belle blanched at the news, but he pulled himself together immediately
because I had a very clear conscience.
Why, it is very inconvenient.
Christ stood; over six feet powerful
-Inoportuno? Do you think that's all it is?
Furious at his attitude and wounded by the speed with which it had
come to distrust her, Belle straight against the wall stood, with its beautiful
face flushed and very tense.
Not crazy things serves Christ, and try to be reasonable.
-Razonable? bellowed as if he did not recognize the word. I married
you to keep this sordid story away from the newspapers!
But Belle did her no need to remember it.
'I always thought it would be very unlikely that you could avoid
Forever she admitted. My mother was with your father almost twenty years and all
the world for hundreds of miles around who enjoyed gossip
knew about their relationship and children. With one person talking to the
wrong person and that it saw a chance to get benefit to the
information, the secret would come to light!
With her tanned tight on both sides fists shook Christ
his arrogant head to nod reluctantly because he knew that what he said
Belle made sense.
She lunged forward like a tigress and grabbed his shirt
But how dare you think I could have leaked the
story to the press? shouted her green eyes flashing with indignation. I do not
they do that to my brothers. They have already paid a high price for the sins
their parents and the last thing would be to make them suffer more!

'I have not accused.

'I've wondered if I had been talking to the press. How Come
Page 95
you can ask something your wife? What reason have I to expose
all of that nasty public attention?
-Venganza? You may Gaetano dead, but I hated to rage
and never had a chance to tell him. What's more, I suspect distrust and
detest anyone who calls Ravelli! 'I replied sharply.
Belle-but I've changed so wanted to slap the hand you
itched. Just know that before I met had that attitude filled
shame because he had since learned that the hedonistic lifestyle
Gaetano had damaged almost all the lives he had touched, including those of
all the children who had and who had not busy-. Why, because
then I will have a serious problem with myself, right? 'I answered
scornfully. For now I am Ravelli too.
Yes, and my wife, cara mia 'I replied savoring soon
that reality and contemplating as rage was transformed into another
Testosterone also conditioned by the reaction. He spent watching her beautiful
challenging her throbbing breasts under the thin blouse she wore face and it
were exciting and making it roar like a engine speed.
-Aunque Now is not that makes me very excited to be your
woman! Belle cried for just a second before Christ's cornered against
wall, closing his hand around her locks and silencing with the warmth of his
mouth any objections that could launch.
Belle placed her hands on his chest to push him away, but it was a
halfhearted protest something because however angry he was could not fight
the overwhelming rush of sexual desire that assaulted her as Christ touched. Their
kisses were greedy while holding her hair with both hands and powerful
body cornered against the wall as his tongue explored her mouth with a
intoxicating force. A Belle let out a moan as he pressed a tender
nipple through her clothes and feel like dynamite ran to his corner
more sensitive. Desperate, owned and needy She was never in his
He grabbed his shirt trying to undo the buttons up
finally pull them to fly out causing frustration, the
open shirt, and he back off instantly. It was left shocked at what
I had done and blushed, but nevertheless succumbed to the overwhelming desire
posing hands on his hard torso covered hair and feel the warmth and wild
so masculine strength of his body.
I-never wanted any woman as I want you, 'said Christ
Page 96
away to close the door, bolt and go back to her with
overwhelming determination in his eyes devouring.
And Belle had never known what it was like until I had

known and though baffled his primitive instincts, passionate

desire was stronger by visible erection hidden under his chinos.
Take off your shirt, 'he said.
'Do you go to now put bossy with me? she asked the
pull the shirt down.
Nor do you imagine he murmured reveling in the image of his
muscular torso and abs impressive and impatient while
hooked his fingers into his belt and pulled him closer.
At that time Christ threw back her beautiful head and laughed before
stooping to kiss her again as he lifted her silk blouse up
get it out of his head awkwardly, indeed, to be a man
so sophisticated as him. She wore no bra and he covered her firm breasts
reverent hands while his fingers caressed her swollen cusps.
I adore your curves' I said emphatically sliding hands
admiration about the dizzying softness of her hips before casting a hand
under her skirt and put it down on the hot skin of her thigh. Lost in desire, Belle
He moved closer to him, longing for him, inviting him, needing his touch.
He closed his eyes as he fiddled with his swollen, hot, and
wet skin and with a small sound of impatience, knelt to lower the
underwear and pamper the delicate area with his tongue and his skillful mouth.
I -Cristo! he said haltingly.
-The Last three nights I've been in your bed and I in mine I
I been dreaming of doing this, 'confessed boldly and with a passionate
vibrating whisper down the back of Belle.
He tasted like the finest wine and a heady
waves of sensation ate until he was trembling and only the wall and the
Christ arm on her hips kept standing in front of that seductive
Rush. Only when he could no longer resist the delirious pleasure he did not leave
progress to its natural conclusion, Christ lifted her into his arms and sat on the
edge of the desk.
Once she was in position himself between her thighs and kissed
again with an insistence that consumed like a shot of adrenaline
directly to the veins.
Page 97
Not imagined we were going to end up doing this ... here Belle murmured trembling.
I do not know how I could be the last days without touching, beauty mia
he confided panting Christ and pressing her cheek against his long, slender neck.
But I did not want to bother.
-Pues Molstame! Belle-what encouraged breath as he
sank within that initially protested its firm and resolute
entrance, but then he slowly surrounding it with a delicious sense
of fullness that made her moan delighted.
With his hands firmly on her hips, threw Christ
back and re-enter his body with a power and impatience

They were the most exciting for so excited body. He retired and returned to
enter shaking with excitement that ran like a river of fire
reaching all the erogenous zones owned. Belle was racing heart and
whole body begged climax as he increased the speed
their movements and deeper and deeper depths, uploading them to two to one
rollercoaster of infinite joy. Belle's body tensed before shaking and
writhe in pleasure as if they were inside exploding fireworks
extending an overwhelming ecstasy through her body.
Christ was not sure he could stand as the
Climax also enveloped him and gripped Belle, moaning to pour their
essence inside until the feeling I reacted and alerted.
- ! Che diavolo exclaimed in dismay and imagining immediately
possibly worse scenario. I have not used a condom!
Puzzled, Belle looked around as he with his two arms.
Oh ... cried against his chest, feeling the pounding of his heart
against his cheek and capturing the masculine scent of her perfumed skin and you
It was so wonderfully familiar and extraordinarily comforting.
'Never I forgot Christ assured him wear one. Me
had so excited ...
'It's all she murmured hiding a smirk
knowing that he had been able to excite him to the point of forgetting their
autodisciplina- usual. I started taking the pill before the wedding, so do not
should have consequences.
Franco Christ envisioned as an example of what could be those
consequences and was astonished to realize that he had felt certain
Page 98
disappointment after she had assured him that there was no risk of that
it could happen. He shook his head as if to clear beautiful ideas by
such madness and seriously concerned about where he would find out.
I did not want a child, never had wanted, but something about Franco ...
You're amazing, beauty mia whispered trying to block these
preferring as disturbing reflections and kiss her forehead, on the tip of the
nose and finally in her seductive mouth. Have the passion and the ability to excite
that most men dream of finding a woman.
Slowly and carefully lowered to the ground before putting her blouse.
Dazed, she leaned back against the desk cheeks burning and
trying to assimilate that last sentence with pleasure, but also bemused by
the time so wild and intimate they had just shared.
Two hours later, and once appeased those tumultuous
feelings and emotions, Belle studied his reflection in the mirror with a critical
look. It was a beautiful dress and her little sister would have said it seemed
a princess because Lucia, like her late mother, loved the costumes
very feminine. Pale and long to toe pink, left shoulders
air and is molded to her figure in the chest and hips. Will was too
busty? He pulled the fabric body and almost laughed fully expected to

Christ would love.

Betsy telephoned Christ just as he came out of the shower in his
dorm room. He listened as always, but this time felt strangely out
his sister and their problems. He understood that he had never wanted woman
his brother as much as he wanted now to his and marveled at the new
actually wondering if some sort of censor button would have enabled on your
inside or if he Betsy did not appeal much.
Still listening while telling the past and hostile
movements of his brother in the battle of divorce when Belle appeared and at
her, his head went blank. He ended the call apologizing between
With whom you spoke? Belle asked noticing that unusual
distracted expression.
Page 99
With Betsy.
Nik -La woman?
Christ tried not to get defensive.
We are friends.
Must be something strange. Ye were friends before they were married?
Christ tensed.
-Do Not. It happened about how broke.
As a hound on a tip, Belle refused to comply
less than you wanted to know.
'Why they broke?
-for Very intimate reasons. But something that escaped me when
should have stayed silent, having gotten my own business
contributed tone guiltily admitted. Sorry I can not tell you more, but
I caused many problems to reveal a secret that Nik had shared
me and ... I regret not stopped since.
Belle wanted to pry the whole truth right there and in the same
time. What exactly meant his "friendship" with Betsy?
Limo waiting outside.
Where are we going? asked to fill the awkward silence that
confirmed that there had to be a very good reason why Christ was so
cautious and discreet and feel as uncomfortable as he left the issue of ex-wife
his brother. Are your suspicions would be just an imagination? Is the reaction of Christ
was simply the result of his guilt, which made him sure
that he had contributed to the breakup of the couple? But if true, why
carried a picture of Betsy in the portfolio? That gesture endowed relationship something
too intimate that could only make you feel concern.
Come to Assisi. There's a very special restaurant answered
Christ relieved that she had left the thorny issue of rupture
Nik marriage.
-Ass ... San Francisco as the place where he was born?
Christ gave him a sympathetic look.

Page 100
-Only there is one.
-Go There makes me weird. The dream of my mother was always visit
Assisi. Believer in the power of San Francisco Belle explained somewhat embarrassed to
confess the simple dream of his mother and sad for his memory.
Gaetano 'And never brought Mary to Italy? she asked Christ
Are you kidding? He never took Mom to Nowhere answered
pressing her lips to the sadness of memory. Their relationship only existed
behind a locked door.
'And your mother had no objection to that?
No, and what is worse still seeing him as if he were a god. Gaetano
did not steal her money, did not match up and not get drunk, so for her it was the
Right. Not that he was very intelligent and had not said studies
with guilt because he felt unfair to make such comments about his beloved
mother, but it was a very loving, loyal and good person.
-Also Have been very tolerant and compassionate. Probably
why their relationship lasted so long remarked wryly Christ.
A Belle was a lump in the throat and swallowed
'Sometimes I miss you so much it hurts admitted quietly.
Christ tensed as he appreciated the sheen of tears in their
cheeks. He breathed deeply, relaxed his powerful body with difficulty and was forced to
lay your hand on the fingers that had supported in his lap.
'I can tell you that I can not imagine because I can not. Do Not
is that is especially close to my mother and I had not sufficiently related to
Gaetano as to mourn when he died. You're lucky to be part of
a family so close.
Silently, Belle contracted fingers under the warmth of their own and
He marveled at this unexpectedly regarded gesture of comfort.
They dined at a table for two in a stunning balcony surrounded
amazing views of the picturesque hillside town. The streets that
had led were an explosion of flowers and color and had seen
medieval alleys and piazzas decorated with ancient sources.
Where are the other guests? Belle asked, looking at the
empty tables around them.
Page 101
This evening we are the only customers and one of the most famous chefs
Italian cook just for us, bella mia .
'And all that I have prepared you? he asked in amazement.
It's the first time I've been somewhere and we've been married one
week, so I owe you one night as God intended. And I owe you something
change everything you've worked for me without protest.
I like to work. I like being helpful he said sincerely with

gleam in her green eyes and full mouth touched by a warm smile, because
sitting there with that beautiful dress and her handsome husband made
feel ridiculously pampered and happy.
Invaded by a voracious desire that burned again in his crotch,
Christ observed his wife marveling at the explosive effect he had on
your libido. Although not considered a sentimental man, the natural warmth and
vividness of Belle will proved immensely attractive.
The waiter brought the menu and the chef came out to greet them and offer
its recommendations. By then it was already dark and the candles were
lit. Belle took a sip of wine rejoicing in the fact finally able
relax in the company of Christ.
-even Has not explained why Bruno and commanded the Donetta to
boarding school.
She tightened her fingers around his glass.
-Bruno Was never an athletic guy and eventually confessed to Gaetano that
the only thing that interested him was art. Your father asked if he was gay ... and in that
time was only thirteen she finished in a tone of disgust.
Christ cursed.
And then Gaetano decided to wedge it as a joke Belle added, and
every time I saw him after what he called "sissy". Eventually someone
finished listening to him and told Bruno and began to harass him at school, although
not told us what was going Belle explained ruefully and having to
stop and take a deep breath before continuing telling the harrowing
truth. Bruno attempted suicide, but luckily for us and for him,
met on time and recovered.
Christ was truly touched by the confession while
reminded that skinny kid who had cornered the wedding day.
Well it seems that I was very lucky to be rid of what
Page 102
Gaetano considered exercise good father.
-After That, Donetta finally mustered the courage to tell
what had been happening at school and why we sent to boarding. The
experience with Gaetano Bruno is the main reason why I hated your father.
And by the way, my brother is not gay.
If I were, I would have said the same thing just as they
the first dish served with great deference. Poor guy.
He's a very talented artist and that change of scenery was what
much needed implying that the two have to be separated from the
When they move to London, and not be separated anymore reminded Christ. They can go to school there or also to boarding and return to
home on weekends, which prefer ... they decide.
-I Know. He wanted everyone back together, but may
you feel that there are too many at home and you have the feeling that we
to be squeezed.

Christ gave him a sly smile with all the passion that boiled to
the surface of his seemingly controlled exterior.
I think I will enjoy very much being squeezed to you.
Page 103
Chapter 9
Overwhelmed, Belle looked at the pictures of the latest property
London had sent the consultant hired by Christ, who had him
said he chose a house since his attic was too small for all
family. He had little interest in what would be the new home provided that
I had a room to install his office and ample space to receive
people. Belle was stunned, not only by the exorbitant prices and qualities of
houses, but also the responsibility that Christ had hoped.
At the same time should have been the first to admit that
in recent weeks in Italy their relationship had changed. The
Most mornings Christ helped with office work and after
spent the day visiting sites, eating out, swimming, and generally
no more relaxing and often accompanied by Franco. And with the same
often stayed up late chatting on the balcony to the candlelight
where they used to dine. A look of his eyes clouded dream promoted by the
sense of security I was feeling in her new life. Nothing seemed
daunting with Christ. No, not even his mother, Princess Giulia, who had
arrived with his stepfather, Henri Montaldo, the day before and almost without
heads up. Belle's mother had screamed in horror when he learned the
identity of the woman who had married her only son.
What you have to do that Irish children without
scruples? had asked angry princess, a haughty and petite
brunette dressed in the latest fashion.
They're my family 'I had answered him calm tone and Belle
he had swelled his chest with pride because I knew it was the great achievement now
he saw children as his brothers.
And the battle between mother and son had spent some downloads
incomprehensible words in Italian while Belle offered to Henri, a man
Very peaceful, a cafe and tried to pretend it was not aware that his wife
was attacking his dead mother by imprudent choices which had
fact of life.
-Gaetano Is the weak point of Giulia There was commented Henri with
Although under discussion between mother and son. It was the love of his life.
Page 104
'And despite that you've been together since ...? There was begun
Belle asked.
-From Christ 'I was little Henri had confirmed. Do not
worry about this. Christ will fix it. Know how to deal with his mother.
For when they were serving coffee, the discussion had become
much less tense thanks to the appeasers comments Henri, and Belle

He could see immediately that Christ liked and respected her stepfather. And,
Indeed, when the temperamental princess left had already happened the
anger to the point that there was affectionately tousled goodbye to
Franco while commenting how handsome he was and had kissed cheeks Belle
welcoming family. And so the threat of ill feelings
and although Belle had feared that remain after the visit had been avoided with
As you have seen this afternoon, shame us all things
Christ our families' I had commented in bed at night while she
lay exhausted, weak and satisfied in his arms. My mother jumps to the minimum and
riding antics.
But calm down quickly and bears no grudge 'said Belle. That is
very positive.
I did not want to bother you, beauty mia . More than a quarter of
century Gaetano divorced and, admittedly, what to do next and
who was not his business.
But it is clear that there was a time when your father cared
Belle much said, resting her head on his shoulder and soft tan
breathing in her scent in a state of relaxation-absolute. And his infidelities and their
lies had to do much damage. A woman would have to be so hard
rock or be blind as my mother to be with someone like Gaetano
without collapsing and end shattered.
I always will be honest you, 'Christ told him aside from the
wisps against his long fingers as he watched with bronzed
this attractive golden look under a breathtakingly negras- tabs. That
I promise.
That really was a great promise and a greater temptation yet
Belle thought sleepily. I knew I should ask for the picture he had in his
portfolio, but, right now, when she was so happy and comfortable, it seemed the
wrong time and pushed the idea with relief. No man had
I actually feel so safe, admitted cheerfully. Soon he would ask and then
Page 105
discover that I had been mortifying for no reason; perhaps he had taken the
photo above for some reason and had simply forgotten that even after the
had ...
Recalling that and now back to the present, in the pool and lying to
the shade with a book, found Christ at her with a look of amusement.
He seemed you were thousands of miles.
It's sometimes said daydream unable to avoid looking
with admiration: he was a god sun tan, slender, powerful and imposing
his black jeans and white shirt. Still arresting presence
captivated, but, well, she was not the only one looking, expressed satisfaction
as Christ walked her curves.
You will ya looking for something?
Yes, 'replied hesitantly Christ. This afternoon will bring here your

Surprised, Belle sat on the chair.
'What are you talking about?
'I have warned that tomorrow will come out history
Gaetano and the children he had with your mother, so I'm going to bring me here to your
grandmother and
your brothers so no one can disturb them.
Puzzled by the explanation, Belle said,
'And that when you have decided? Do you also my grandmother? Do not want
coming on such short notice.
-Bruno Is boring and wanting to come home. I talked to
Skype him and think you will like the Umbrian countryside, he responded decision.
-What Have you talked to him on Skype? she asked completely
-The Last week alerted to your grandmother about the situation and now only
He is waiting for your call to confirm that you will not bother us.
But he said nothing when I spoke to her ... she said, although it was
silent because he could barely remember what they had talked during the last
call; while its concentration was not as good as before and each time
his whole world seemed more defined by the small world that lived with
Christ and where not seem to matter any more.
I did not want to worry, so does the call to ensure that
Page 106
are welcome and we have plenty of room for them? Experience
having the paparazzi on the doorstep would be traumatic for children.
Pale and dismayed by the threat that his family saw
exposed to such humiliation, Belle rose from the lounger jumped and
He entered the house.
When she called her grandmother, Isa was so calm and sensible as
Whatever happens, we'll get through as we have overcome everything. Do Not
you have to take to Italy he said firmly.
'I can not wait to see you all. I know it's only been a
weeks, but it seems as if they were months and Franco keeps asking for
-The Newly married couples need privacy and five boys and one
Grandma make a dent in your relationship.
'You are my family is different protested Belle. And I've missed
And it was true, very happy to be with Christ lately.
Moreover, the time it took away from her family had taught him that there had
valued their presence enough before marriage and how much since then
missed the clutter from your house and comforting support of the grandmother.
Once confirmed the family visit was to consult with
Umberto where everyone went to sleep and found out that Christ had spoken of

issue with him the previous week. Isa had arthritis in the knees and sometimes he found
challenging climbing stairs; Belle was taken aback to discover that as you
had prepared a room on the ground floor.
'When you have prepared the room for Isa? she asked to
Christ with curiosity to stop at the door of his office.
'As I learned to come, beauty mia . My grandmother also
preferred to settle down.
Belle ran into her spectacular look and the heart started
Do you still live?
-Do Not. He died the following summer I graduated, but when I went
small occupied a large place in my life admitted Christ.
Page 107
'What does your brother Zarif on which it is to publish this
Article? he asked worriedly. I know how it could affect feared.
-Zafir Never gets nervous and says he always knew that one
so juicy story would end up becoming public domain. He says he will weather the
At that, Belle was a little less tense. I wanted to ask
Christ if he now felt that he had married vain because, after all, is
was married to bury this story and end it had not helped.
-I Am glad.
Christ stared at the melancholic gesture of Belle, the brightness
their eyes and the curve of her mouth.
You're happy that your family will come, right?
Belle got rid of their insecurities and a smile managed to relax your
-Yup. I've missed you so much.
'I had not realized how close they are. I grew up
basically only child because I met my brothers when he was a teenager and
just because my stepfather promoted the meeting.
A few hours Christ received by email a copy
Article to be published in a tabloid the next day.
-Te Been immortalized on the cover! Christ bellowed from the door
the bedroom where Belle was placing a stack of fashion magazines for
Sister Lucia. Her cheeks flushed and eyes full of fury.
Belle turned to him and when I saw the papers held
How you say?
In the Affirmative, looked the extended printout on
table. The headline read "The Irish Ravelli family secret" and was accompanied
multiple photos, many of which appeared with her wedding dress and
seemed taken with the camera phone in the chapel. However, the picture
principal was her pregnant mother and siblings during a local fair
shortly before the birth of Franco. And so there was a small picture of her

Then yes it will publish ... I'm sorry. I know how you
Page 108
feel about all this she said breathlessly.
But how dare publish a picture of you? he asked Christ
with rage and noting the offensive post an accusing finger at.
Connecting with the squalor of Gaetano as if you had something to do with
the election of your mother!
Puzzled by his anger, Belle asked,
Who has spoken to the press?
-The Former chauffeur Gaetano.
Belle read the article hastily and was somewhat relieved to see
who referred to his grandmother as a woman "well respected" and that she only
mentioned as the "newly married daughter Mary."
'Luckily nobody seems to have made the connection that I have
married a Ravelli He pointed in amazement. Moreover, no reference is made to you ...
-Do Not? he asked, surprised at the news and crouching to see
the printer paper. Well, at least it's something.
And also says nothing that is not true. I mean, Gaetano
He was married for much of the adventure he had with my mother and
mother was not the only woman in his life at that time he took a deep breath
while staring at him and felt his stomach was jumping in
reply. What I mean is that I think the article could have been written
with a much nastier tone.
'But I do not like you relate to the sordid life
Gaetano admitted Christ as he slid a finger over her adoringly
fleshy mouth. But I guess you're right and that if Zarif can with this,
Almost voluntarily Belle's lips parted and she
He stroked her finger with the tip of his tongue. Christ looked down and his eyes
half hidden shone with an intense, dark golden color against her skin
tanned as he took her in his arms and kissed her hungrily. Excitation
toured the Belle slender body like a storm that swept a gust
between her thighs.
'I said' I want Christ to his lips swollen and taking
to his body with one hand on her hip to make sure to note
of her arousal.
Belle lifted a trembling hand to her face and stroked the
Page 109
Well, I have nothing to do ... whispered burning with desire
He took it as an invitation and, lifting her up,
led to the bedroom. The burning skin Belle enjoyed the fresh feeling of

sheets when he's away. The excited to feel the crushing weight of her lover
about her and her strength as he stretched his arms above his head,
held her wrists with a strong hand and mouth devoured erotically.
Between the sheets Christ was dominant and she enjoyed. He could hear the beating of his
own heart as he caressed her between her thighs taking the sweet
moisture of your skin.
When Christ lay face down, she made a sound of surprise
and, before he could say or do anything, he was already deep into his body,
with intensity and speed, filling and retreating in a perfectly
Stepped to give you the most pleasure. Devoured intense excitement
like fire that consumed any possibility of thinking. It was out
control, lost in the sensations, a slave of desire. His body ran
towards the climax and shouted pure ecstasy to hear the groaning response of Christ.
Then he fell on the bed with muscles quivering like jelly and
still trying to recover bated breath as the reason and speech.
'Have I ever told you how great you are in bed, bella mia ?
he whispered taking her against his hard, wet body while his broad chest
still pounding after the passionate encounter.
'Perhaps you mentioned me once or twice-a smile
curved mouth Belle flushed because it made her feel good that he could
think that although it was much more expert in sexual matters.
With his tousled black hair, Christ slid his chin cover
a thin beard against her soft, thin shoulder as he whispered:
'I can not keep his hands on you ... You're killing me.
Belle gave a soft laugh and hugged him possessive desire.
I was happy, very happy that this horrible article had not destroyed his
relationship as he had feared, but still a sense of unease
hanging over his head because doubt that housed on the relationship between Christ
and Betsy buried refused to stay longer. Wanted, nay,
needed to know the truth, surely the end would not be anything
Page 110
Why do you take a photo of your brother's wife in the portfolio? he threw the question, so daring and instinctive on his lips as he had been in his
Page 111
Chapter 10
The large and powerful body of Christ was paralyzed and in the same
Belle instantly knew he had made a grave mistake to assume that no
had nothing to worry about.
A deep blush covered her cheeks Christ so very
revealing. Its spectacular bone structure had tightened showing stiffness
a fierce self while keeping bowed look.
'What are you talking about?

Not feeling as relaxed and comforted in his arms, Belle

He pulled away and sat up against the pillows pulling the sheet to cover their
breasts with a clumsy hands.
-Franco Was playing with your wallet one day and fell picture of it.
I was not snooping, swear not, but it is normal to ask me why
you had.
-Franco Bellowed Christ passing a long, tanned fingers
by the hair and sitting on the bed while trying to make time and consider
your options. I forgot that kept the damn picture! He could lie, for
course, but the memory of the frequent lies and deceptions of Gaetano what
I had left a lasting desire not to follow the footsteps of the man.
In addition, lying was a weakness and his wife deserved the truth, however much
it was a truth that had really wanted to share. But where there was
sincerity, there should be no misunderstandings or muddy areas.
He breathed deeply and exhaled slowly and with an impatient
I whistle.
Betsy came to me for help after he broke his
Nik married ... and for a while I thought I was in love with
it ...
Belle and felt uneasy because their visible reaction to the question
had shown immediately that this was a sensitive issue. She had a
head for the intensity of stress, and thoughts and found
incipient panic caused only heard what he wanted. "I fell in love
it "was all that caught his confession speech and it generated the same
Page 112
impact of sudden death. "I fell in love." Her mouth was
dry, quickened pulse and felt sick to her stomach. "I fell in love."
He felt his own blush and sore knuckles by the force with which it was
clinging to the sheet. For a terrifying moment he feared getting to vomit there
same, but then luckily nausea happened while his brain was put in
action frantically.
Christ was in love with the little Betsy, who was so exquisite
Belle was sure she would appear beside the character of a comic book.
She was taller, curvier and physically larger in every way, and
a garish red hair, compared with its subtle and elegant blond. Do Not
They could not have been more different. Did Christ fantasize that was with
It betsy in bed while I was with her? This cruel suspects went through as a
knife while his mind was still looking for more offensive and shocking connections.
Christ had dared to marry her when she was still in love with
another woman! Frightened by the idea that he was snatching all the joy and
satisfaction he had felt before, got out of bed and wrapped with
sheet awkwardly because its members still seemed to be part of their
Why the hell did you you married me? -the rage ran
like a giant tidal wave that drowned all rational thought and controlled

each of their reactions-. I mean ... if you were in love with another woman,
Why the hell you asked me to marry you?
Stunned by his behavior, and increasingly less understanding their
overreaction to what he now understood as a confusion and an error
meanwhile he had not come to harm anyone, looked puzzled.
'Why should I bother you that?
Not bother me. It does not bother me one bit! he proclaimed proudly and
vehemently. But clearly I do not like what that says about you. Which class
man has a relationship with the wife of his brother?
An unmistakable expression of distaste crossed the face of Christ.
'I have not had any sexual relationship with Betsy. No di one step
beyond the limits of friendship.
Are you trying to tell me you have not had an affair with her?
he asked incredulously. You think I'm stupid?
Christ first thought that sincerity could become
a poisoned chalice. Sincerity who had offered him their best intentions not
Page 113
He had done more than remove serious suspicions. He got out of bed and put on
Cowboys quickly while unflinchingly faced look
Belle accusatory.
-In No time has there been a hint of adventure. First
Instead, I told never Betsy what I felt and clearly not physically became close.
Dio mio , is the wife of my brother. I never cross that line.
'But are divorcing! interrupted him furious.
Nik always be my brother and from the beginning it was clear that
my feelings for her would have no future.
'But still you married me loving it! 'he recalled
pain and barely able to utter the words between clenched teeth.
He felt cold and wanted to vomit. He had never felt so hurt and rejected
in his life, it was as if a huge pit was threatening affliction
with deep swallow. Suddenly the world seemed very dark and empty future and
full of threats.
Why I should not have married you? I thought that
He felt for Betsy is now irrelevant. Under no circumstances should anything with it
other than friendship and do not forget that the two agreed to marry by
purely practical reasons.
That was brutally unpleasant reminder. Belle closed
fists and felt her nails were digging into the skin. A practical marriage.
How had been unable to forget? When he had hopes of something
more emotionally satisfying than a marriage of convenience? E
no matter what was the answer to those questions, not now
matter when I felt so much pain I could barely look at him. He was too
altered to argue with him and desperate to get out of there, there were to be
finished putting in evidence saying something wrong.
Excuse me said haltingly and dodging Christ

enter the bathroom.

The door swung shut and latch with an audible click.
Christ cursed in frustration. Why was he so angry? Why
what the hell was so angry with him? "Damn relations", he said ruefully.
They had never been good. He had always made with sex and had
away before they could require more complex. But he could not get away
Belle, just so he could not escape the consequences of what
appeared to be a disastrous mistake on their part. Belle's face reminded when
Page 114
I had answered your question truthfully. It had been white as
snow, staring and tense face. He had been in his arms,
smiling, happy, loving, and second he had been angry, distant and ...
hurt. Its sensual mouth pursed realizing it while it was said that
should have lied and have invented an excuse for the photo of your portfolio.
But even told her about Betsy, was not the right time to
tell the rest of the story because as I was furious never would have
I believed.
Trembling, Belle cold water on his face. Tears
sprouted and it was washed with water cooler until finally buried her face
in a soft, warm towel. Christ was in love with Betsy and the
discovery had hurt more than anything else in your life. Why
would be heartbroken ?, he asked. Why was taking too bad the news?
Why I was taking it personally?
They had been married for convenience and its main motivation before
Wedding was the welfare of his brothers and that goal was achieved with
success because Christ was already accepting his brothers were also family
yours. He would not turn away children because I knew it was too
honored for that, and so far had also fulfilled all the promises
had made her and treated her with affection and respect.
Is she'd expected him to feel something more than that? Are
He chewed his lower lip, afraid to see your own look in the mirror because
for her relationship itself had become intensely personal both within
and out of bed. She had forgotten exceeded limits
convenience within a few days after the wedding. He had learned to appreciate Christ,
enjoy his company, his sense of humor, his affection for Franco, what
considered it and how trying to make her happy. In short, he had spent
an initial fall in love madly in her husband admiration reason
I hear you loved another had caused him such pain. Stupid, stupid ...
But why is it said? And worse, why he had looked as if
I was crazy to react with that anger? Do not you understand women? What
it? Maybe I should have raised their feelings in terms he
I could understand ...
I -Cristo! he shouted to leave the bathroom door while still trembled
its aggressive output.
Christ left the dressing buttoning a shirt and stared

and exaggerated education.

Page 115
Will ya have called, bella mia ?
Belle blushed fiercely.
Yeah, okay, I cried. Sorry. But it is, as you do not understand how
I'm sorry, was I happened to give you an example.
He raised an eyebrow.
-Un Example?
Try to imagine how you would feel if I told you now
I'm in love with Mark Petrie.
In their own eyes, Christ froze like a statue
I -Lo you?
'Now you understand? No, of course I'm not in love with
Mark, but what it did not you like the idea?
Of course not ... you're my wife, despite her expression
showed that now understood everything, stubbornly silent by
I fear putting it back furious.
-A No woman would like to hear your husband loves or has loved
another woman pointed Belle with dignity. It's nothing personal, it is simply
of ... of what it is or not ... acceptable. You are my husband and I'm possessive you. Do not
I can avoid.
They both are possessive by nature, mia bella she said in a voice
hoarse and relieved to see calmer, the storm had passed.
But Belle was just pretending because he had his pride; I did not want
I knew what I felt for him. Determined to act normal, gave a
bright smile before returning to her bedroom where she still had all her clothes.
While dressing for lunch, decided to think that his family would come after
a few hours. The family, that was what really mattered. No use
sink for whatever was going through the complex head of Christ because that
not change things.
However, he had no doubt that Betsy had a pedestal.
Betsy always be perfect and unattainable woman while she would have to
settle for being the one most suited, more accessible and mundane, wife
it would help diligently to raise their orphaned siblings. Well, but she
I could live with that reality so little romantic, right? "Sure!" He said
desperately as his mind absolutely refused. Being the second course
Page 116
It was a demeaning label and would go crazy if I started seeing herself
as a kind of martyr. "Do not give more laps, 'he said sternly.
She loved her husband. How had he been able to spend? Before meeting
had feared falling in love and hurt him, but then, as if by
magic, those concerns had been overshadowed by the powerful
Christ emotions aroused in her. He was very generous, very attentive and

absolutely fascinating in bed. How was not going to like ?, he wondered

accusatory tone. Want or expect more than it already was receiving was
greedy. He could not help what I felt. Should respect his privacy, he said,
and should not worry your emotions. Also, tell him he could not return to
Betsy see or speak to her would be more appropriate, right?
Christ watched Belle sitting across the table without relying on
all of his calm expression as he fed his plate to Franco,
breaking its own rules and using the child as a distraction ever
he spoke. Franco, of course, was delighted with the bonus of care and
Now the next time you refuse food dish is pillara another good
tantrum. He was torn between the strong desire to sift Belle
react and still stronger desire to take her to the bed and make it yours
again. Suspecting that should drop it, decided to throw in the towel. Longer
moodiness would happen, but I was exasperated by how it was
behaving and the gap was opening between the two. He dragged the chair
on the tiled balcony to rise.
I have to make a few calls. Until then he said
Under a dark, sly look, Belle blushed and lips parted
to say:
This evening he planned to sleep in my bedroom. If tomorrow
publishes the article, I want to be very restful to be with my family he muttered uncomfortable.
Christ gritted teeth. Neither would keep whole nights
wake up! Was it too demanding in bed? And if so, would not have been
she complained before? Furthermore it could be said that Belle would not put anything
Meanwhile, because he had a repertoire of delights calculated to awaken the
breaking dawn. That was now a sad reminder when their most basic instincts
called for the resumption of the physical connection they shared. With her pretty mouth
Page 117
tight in a stubborn line, Christ left.
Now Christ is angry with me while he whispered to Franco
stroked her hair over her lap. Never say anything, just look at me with disdain and
That upset me a lot and makes me sad, though for some reason it makes me
want to run after him and apologize.
-Kiss Franco said with emphasis nervous before moving to lower
the floor.
Belle saw him running after Christ and discouraged. The evening promised
very long and lonely.
In the lobby of the palazzo , Tag out of his box and transport
He lunged Belle with her pink tongue hanging out and wagging his tail. But as
had greeted and received a few more hugs, the animal looked at
Christ and growled.
No, Tag! Bruno said sternly, and looking at her sister
reproach, took the dog in his arms and carried him to the door to come out to play.

Pietro and Lucia, the twins of eight, too restless as not

They move after hours of detention during the trip, ran after the dog. Be very firm with him, Belle. He does not understand anything.
It's the same with Christ Franco commented wryly. Always lets you
get away with it.
Why, thank you both for that vote of confidence answered
while his grandmother laughed and gave her a warm hug. What are you, Grandma?
'I've missed you she confided Isa looking strangely pale
and the circles of his granddaughter. And I've missed that little imp
Franco. All we have done.
-Bruno Says no shops around here sighed and said Donetta
with desazn-. And I have nothing to wear in this heat.
We'll go shopping -l promised Christ.
Well do not expect you go, and less if you also going Lucia said Bruno
that, looking to Christ, he added, just likes the color pink and does not get otherwise.
Put school uniform will be a nightmare.
'It's just a phase. 'I'll get over Belle said.
Page 118
Well mom never got over it reminded him with irony and Bruno
somber and mournful expression that could not hide and that forced him to get to
look at the ground with focus.
Belle stiffened and tried unsuccessfully to think of something to say. Isa will
He grabbed her hand to get his attention.
-You Can start teaching us all taking me to my room. And
I would great cup of tea.
Isa showed tireless as he questions about the Palazzo
Maddalena and amazed when told that Christ's mother did not like
his former family home.
The princess grew up here and prefers life in the city -Les explained
Belle. Christ alone is occasionally on vacation, so this site
needs a good overhaul, but I did not want to intrude even begin to
talk of reforms when just got married.
You looked so happy when you called me to sit with Isa commented
a sigh into a comfy chair and grab the terrace tea had him
Umberto served. What has happened since?
Belle forced a smile.
Nothing said determinedly. I am very happy with Christ.
-For A man and woman living together can assume all
challenging at first commented Isa gently. Being part of a couple
is a commitment, a mutual agreement.
-Christ Is very very good to me muttered hastily
intended to dispel any concerns you might have your grandmother.
I have nothing to complain about.
You -Pues then why are not you happy? I see that something is wrong.
But it's not something we can talk ... it's something I have to

talk to recognizing Christ declared then that this should be so. By

Much as he would, he could not avoid the subject of Betsy and it was something that had to
will speak to overcome it and assume he admitted ruefully. The worst that could
do was resent to Christ by what he felt and poisoning their entire relationship
with that bitterness, although it was also very hard to contain resentment,
jealousy and pain bubbling inside every time I looked.
'I think very wise of you,' said his grandmother
approval before changing the subject to put his granddaughter abreast of what was
Page 119
been happening in the family since her wedding.
Dinner is served on the terrace on a large table that Umberto had
out of the attic. Dinner was very shocking to all children talking to the
instead, insulting and making funny faces at Franco manners at the table, and
Belle could see that Christ was baffled by the liveliness of his restless
brothers. Pietro and Lucia just ate before leaving to explore Tag
the gardens again with Franco desperately trying to follow and
throwing to mourn when he stayed behind. Christ was to raise the child, not
mourn stopped on the stairs.
I think it's Bedtime muttered silently. I'll call
No, I climb 'said Belle extending his arms to take
his younger brother. A bath is calming.
-and Christ led him I said flatly and daring with
gaze. I turn now ...
Not worry about us, 'interrupted Isa looking at Bruno
and Donetta-. All three have a date with the TV installed Umberto us
so kindly.
Belle went upstairs after Christ, wondering what was wrong and
still flushed from such a harsh and impatient that he had thrown it look.
Teresa greeted on the landing and Franco raised his arms
Poor thing ... is exhausted. I'll put directly into the tub.
Belle turned, but a strong hand grabbed her tanned
arm to prevent him go running down the stairs.
I'd like to talk to you privately.
Annoyed, Belle gave him a warning look fierce.
'But you do wrong?
You've been avoiding me and ignoring me since this morning.
Belle's face burned with rage.
-Only Try to be educated for the good of the family.
'Then you do not have any idea of acting she said
briefly sliding his hand on her arm to grab the fingers and take
toward him. And we have to clarify things.
Page 120

I do not want to talk ... I'm not ready yet cried more
sincerity than he had intended because he had not yet reached the stage where
I could tolerate what he felt for Betsy without letting resentment slinks
in all his thoughts and reactions.
Well it's a shame because I'm ready concluded opening
bedroom door and urging her past him.
Is that why you're suddenly acting like a caveman? 'I
he asked angrily.
No, that's all your fault 'I replied without hesitation. If you want
argue with me, argue with me, do not go around in aggressive plan, but
hiding behind a fake smile.
'I do not I have been doing that! protested very angry.
It's exactly what you've been doing and I'm tired.
I made the mistake of admitting that at one point in my life thought I had
love with Betsy ...
No, you said you were in love with her! -what contradicted.
Not were supposed to be listening Christ 'I replied brusquely.
For a while before I met you I thought I was in love with her, but
once I knew I quickly realized that I had misunderstood what
Belle stopped walking from side to side and lay still.
I -Malinterpretado? he asked, turning to look your beautiful
Christ snorted ruefully.
You've got to understand how I felt when the marriage broke
Nik and Betsy. I felt guilty and responsible for ...
'I told some secret Nik to Zarif and told him when no
should have done 'said impatiently. Now, I remember ...
And Betsy remained depressed and took refuge in me as a brother Nik
thinking I might know or understand why Nik had done what she had
done. So he came to me. Unfortunately I neither knew nor understood nothing and could
help her, but he felt sorry for her. For whatever reason, Nik had
treated very badly. I felt I wanted to protect her and I was really upset with Nik and
honestly, I assumed that these feelings were love.
Page 121
While listening to what Christ had to say, Belle started
notice a cold sweat of relief that at last she was acknowledging that there was
jumping to conclusions. Christ had also misinterpreted his
Betsy feelings and then had acknowledged his error. Belle could understand
how confusing it must have felt, torn between guilt and
responsibility for the breakdown of the marriage of Nik while at once
felt disloyal to his brother and compassionate with Betsy.
-What can understand. You felt responsible and tried to help and
give your support.
He was still thinking he loved her when I asked you to marry

me even though I had never felt so attracted to Betsy and me

I felt for you admitted. It sounds ridiculously naive, right?
Belle furrowed his brow in surprise.
'Do not you felt attracted to her?
-Do Not. I assumed it was because that was watching the
wife of my brother, but I think more was because he was not my type and not me
attracted to that level.
But ... I've seen pictures of him and is incredibly beautiful! 'I replied.
But I have discovered that high and curvy redheads are much
more my style, amata mia . Particularly those that are strong and with character and me
They can challenge intellectually.
Haltingly, Belle asked:
Are you talking about me?
'Who else? -those golden eyes fixed on his face.
After all, was to fall in love with you when I realized I never had
been in love with Betsy.
With dry mouth and eyes wide, Belle suddenly felt no
encouragement and even a little dizzy, as if the ground was shaking under his
feet. It seemed that he had been wrong with all its pessimistic suposiciones-. Tea
you've fallen for me?
And it was almost love at first sight 'I answered him with a charismatic
smile. Before you decide to try to convince you were your mother and
a woman in her forties, I saw you across the garden with pants
short ... and that have curves and legs of Death 'I said with a
mischievous smile.
Page 122
'How shallow are! 'I replied with an amused tone. "Very
superficial, but mine, "I was thinking delighted.
Not at all. I love your legs, but I love your brain and
further your labia 'I confessed without hesitation. There are actually a lot of things
I like you that have nothing to do with your attractive.
... I 'Like for example? she asked cheekily.
Your loyalty and your love for your family, your kindness, your lack of
greed 'was listing as he approached her as she continued
gazing in wonder.
Loved her, not to Betsy, and was trying to assimilate. It was not a
second course; it was his first choice and really wanted. A heady
feeling of happiness through her like a rejuvenating drug.
-A I too like many things about you, but I fell for you
unknowingly. I realized how I feel about you when I thought you wanted to
-The Great minds think similarly murmured Christ
stroking his face gently. You love me and I love you. We partner
No, we are imperfect, but nothing happens ... we are only human -

he whispered shakily and heart racing when Christ wrapped

his arms and carried her to her comforting, wonderful and powerful body. Oh,
I can not believe me. As bad as I've had today!
If you had not been so angry, I would have told, but feared
that you were not believe me. Admittedly, neither was looking or
hoping to find love in this marriage, but have proven to be the best
that happened to me and I think the family that we have will be the icing on the cake.
Belle looked nervous fearing that he was being too
But the family can also bring many glitches.
And together we will overcome assured him he hoarsely as
slid his mouth very gently over hers and looked with a tenderness
and a love that softened its striking look. You're mine, my love, my wife,
future ...
I like the sound of that much he admitted Belle curling
against his broad chest with a sigh with happiness. But when I said no
Page 123
worth to learn Italian thought I saw our relationship only
short term.
- Ma no ... of course not. All I meant was that
lately I do not spend much time in Italy.
But I would learn anyway.
'I love you' he said in Italian and she repeated the words with a chuckle
Christ as her toward the bed with very clear intentions.
The next morning, Belle greeted his family with a
glowing smile. Isa smiled and said nothing. A Franco scolded by
try to remove food dish Christ and Tag by nibble ankles.
Pietro and Lucia were arguing as usual. Donetta wanted to know when they would go
Bruno stopped shopping and not comment on the wonderful quality
Below the table, Christ Belle grabbed her hand and said:
So are the families, amata mia . Many things my father was lost.
Page 124
Four years later, Belle was in front of a mirror
stretching the dress on the little belly that looked.
You're pregnant. That's how you have to have, 'said his
Grandma reprovingly.
'But I'm getting very fat she complained observing the
generous curve of her breasts and hips.
Not a big deal. You are very active and need to eat. At least not
got so sick as your mother when she was pregnant with you.
That is true Belle admitted reluctantly. Well, are you sure
that you will be well while we are away?

-Belle Christ and you just estaris out five days, of course
we'll be fine, 'he said cheerfully. Stop worrying so much.
Christ and Belle were to celebrate their fourth wedding anniversary
Venice where he would visit the princess and Henri in his palazzo on the Grand Canal, but
be housed in a small, intimate hotel that Christ had chosen especially
for them. Belle could hardly believe it had been so long since
wedding and that was to become the mother of truth.
Christ had bought a fabulous house in Holland Park. Now,
Bruno was studying fine arts in college and was planning Donetta
study fashion design. Pietro and Lucia were in high school and discussed some
least now they were almost teenagers. Franco was a sturdy child of six
who insisted they cut the curls as he saw them grow and imitated
all to Christ, to which he and the twins called "Dad."
Although they had started their life together with a family already formed
to which both had formally adopted a few months after his first marriage,
Christ had wanted to give more importance to their relationship and had insisted
back to hold another ceremony in an Italian church shortly before the first
Christmas they had shared; both had felt the need to
exchange vows with utmost sincerity and excitement than the first time.
Furthermore, enjoyed little weekend trips and vacations as
significant other.
Page 125
It was during his last romantic getaway when Christ
had admitted he would love to have her own child and finally it was over
happening sooner than we had expected that Belle had been
pregnant one month of the decision.
Smiling with hand resting on her belly as she thought the
small it was on the way to join the Ravelli family. Both his brothers
as she were looking forward to the new family member.
Actually, Belle was happier than he had ever imagined
Christ be with your family. And busier. They had refurbished the palazzo ,
where they used to spend the summer and the family circle had joined more. Nik
Christakis, the brother of Christ, even a little intimidated, but his life had
given a surprising turnaround from the first time they had seen and finally
I had left a little side to this workaholic who had once been.
He also loved to visit Zarif in Vashir with its colorful and
vibrant culture and its fabulous history. The little brother of Christ had
weathered the storm of scandal secret double life of his father because
rumors of misconduct Gaetano had become so
scandalous for a while in the end the truth did not find it so shocking
the people, who could not but be astonished that would result Zarif
a man so conservative.
Belle got into the limo that would take her to the airport to meet
with Christ and smiled looking forward to the promise of all be fulfilled
care for her husband to herself for a few days. Half an hour later,

climbed on board the private jet and saw the tall, muscular figure of her husband
laptop aside and rising to greet her in the hallway.
You look beautiful, amata mia she said in a whisper.
Belle ran his hands over her breasts and her hips as
taunting size and said:
Every month that passes I'm fatter ...
And I love Christ answered stooping to kiss with great
I wish her mouth peach-painted. I think you're incredibly sexy.
Tell me more 'I asked when he helped her sit beside her and
he fastened the belt.
-After. Now is the time for putting this ... said slowly
a ring with emerald. It is the same color as your eyes and symbolizes my
gratitude and love for four so happy years of marriage.
Page 126
Thank you, absolutely beautiful. But unfortunately I can not
teach my gift now, so you'll have to wait.
-what Is it? he asked curiously.
Maybe that is turquoise and the kind of things you like,
but you'll have to wait and see he warned with a smile. It must be
love Christ. It must be love that I feel for you.
I adore you, amata mia murmured Christ giving his hand. And if you're
I talk about what I think, I'm dying to see it.
Belle rolled his eyes with funny gesture and blushed.
'You have to wait. I'm wearing. Have you ever practiced
I sex on a plane?
You can learn the history of Nik in the second book of the miniseries
Men of power next month entitled: A rebellious wife

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