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Miami Attorneys Roniel Rodriguez IV, Benjamin Raul Alvarez, James Miller & Erik Silver are conducting a

scheme that is effecting many individuals and businesses in Florida. These alleged crimes are being
conducted through a complex network of shell corporations operated by business partner Stuart Kalb,
See attached Criminal allegations complaints.

We are not alone. These attorneys have abused the law to steal from:
Retired City of Miami Police officer Darrel Keith Wilson
An elderly lady Chantal Gibon
an individual Karel Soucre
an elderly couple Walter & Marta Lista
Jasper Eanes
State Farm Insurance and multiple other property insurance companies
Inglewood Town homes Condominium association and various other condominium associations.
This is just a short list of the individuals that have been victims of this fraud

These attorney are falsifying records and creating a fraud upon the courts to obtain default judgement
against individuals and insurance companies.
Unfortunately Mr William Mulligan at the Florida bar is aware of these individuals activities dating back a
few years and has only slapped them on the wrist for committing white collar crimes. As such, we the
victims are bringing this matter to the attention of our politicians and media.

Remember the names of Miami attorneys Roniel Rodriguez IV and Benjamin Raul Alvarez. These
criminals, who are still practicing law, along with a few of their cohorts and shell corporations are
committing crimes. We, the victims, also strongly believe that these individuals are bribing our elected

We welcome any and all scrutiny of the allegations and documents we as victims are presenting to your

But do not take our word for it,

The Honorable Judge David Miller referring to Roniel Rodriguez IV states on the record "totally
unethical and somebody should be disbarred." See attached.

The Honorable Judge Eileen M. OConner granted motion for sanctions against Alvarez Carbonell in the
amount of $82,124. The sanctions against Alvarez Carbonell as detailed in the memorandum of Law were
for forged documents, lied under oath, submitted false affidavits, committed fraud upon the
courts, ignored court orders, violated the rules of professional responsibility and trampled upon
numerous criminal statutes. See attached. Broward County case # 11- 1157021.

The Honorable Judge David F Crowe once again sanctions Alvarez Carbonell. In his order Judge Crow
states plaintiffs [Alvarez Carbonel] failure to comply with Florida Rules of Civil Procedure and
Failure to comply with Orders of this Court. As indicated in previous orders of this court, it
seems to be a standard practice of this law firm. Once again, the court admonishes counsel...
Such indifference cannot be ignored. In the event that plaintiffs counsel, individually or jointly,
fails to appear and / or fails to show cause, the court will impose additional sanctions, which
sanctions may include coercive fines and/ or incarceration. Palm beach County case #
This is but a short list of sanctions these attorneys have received.

Expecting a reply on behalf of the above victims,