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38 ART IS CALLING FOR ME (The Prima Donna Song) from The Enchantress Music by VICTOR HERBERT Lyrics by HARRY B. SMITH [Allegretto] MINA: and pa - paisa kings and omen sigh at = my —feet; #7) et - i - queve ot much use Copyright© 1998 by HAL LEONARD CORPORATION Iinerhatonal Copyright Secured All RightsReserved 39 uure’s just like in “Bo - héme;” sang in “Faust,” 40 [ve rou - Girls would poco meno ( —== lades and the wills that would send the cold chills down the | be on the brink = oofshys ~~ ter ~~ fics, T think, even f poco meno esante bw. bs (er) (ad lib.) my of all. hear - ers of omy men would have to go out colla voce