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Univers it y of Washingt on Press

Daughter of
Good Fortune
A Twentieth-Century
Chinese Peasant Memoir
Chen Huiqin
With Shehong Chen
Introduction by Delia Davin
336 PP., 30 ILLUS., $30.00 PB

Sanyan Stories
Favorites from a Ming
Dynasty Collection
Compiled by Feng Menglong
Translated by Shuhui Yang
and Yunqin Yang
244 PP., $30.00 PB

Image Problems
The Origin and Development of the
Buddhas Image in Early South Asia
Robert DeCaroli
273 PP., 44 ILLUS., $60.00 HC

Imperial Illusions
Crossing Pictorial Boundaries
in the Qing Palaces
Kristina Kleutghen

Art History Publication Initiative Books

Changan 26 bce

Gods Little Daughters

An Augustan Age in China

Catholic Women in NineteenthCentury Manchuria

Edited by Michael Nylan

and Griet Vankeerberghen
656 PP., 110 ILLUS., $70.00 HC

Urbanization in Early
and Medieval China
Gazetteers for the City of Suzhou

JULY 2015
208 PP., $50.00 HC

City of Virtues

Chinas Transition
to Modernity

Nanjing in an Age
of Utopian Visions
Chuck Wooldridge

The New Classical Vision of Dai Zhen

Minghui Hu

JUNE 2015

JULY 2015

256 PP., $50.00 HC

304 PP., 10 ILLUS., $50.00 HC

The Scholar
and the State

South Koreas
Education Exodus

Fiction as Political Discourse

in Late Imperial China
Liangyan Ge
292 PP., $50.00 HC

Anthony E. Clark
248 PP., 18 ILLUS., $50.00 HC

Guolong Lai

Literati Storytelling
in Late Medieval China

Great Qing

Manling Luo

Painting in China, 16441911

240 PP., $50.00 HC

352 PP., 245 ILLUS., $70.00 HC

Tales from Medieval China

400 PP., $50.00 HC

Excavating the Afterlife

Claudia Brown

The Drunken Mans Talk

JUNE 2015

Franciscans and the Boxer

Uprising in Shanxi

320 PP., 81 ILLUS., $65.00 HC

208 PP., 11 ILLUS., $50.00 HC

Compiled by Luo Ye. Translated and

Introduced by Alister D. Inglis

Heaven in Conflict

Art History Publication Initiative Books

JUNE 2015

Translated and Introduced

by Olivia Milburn

400 PP., 112 ILLUS., $70.00 HC

The Archaeology of Early

Chinese Religion

Ji Li

Modern Language Initiative Books

The Life and Times

of Early Study Abroad
Edited by Adrienne Lo, Nancy A. Abelmann,
Soo Ah Kwon, and Sumie Okazaki

Center for Korea Studies Publications

JULY 2015
362 PP., 26 ILLUS., $45.00 PB

Market Street
A Chinese Woman in Harbin
Xiao Hong. Translated by Howard Goldblatt

With a new preface by the translator

160 PP., $25.00 PB

Swallowing Clouds
A Playful Journey through Chinese
Culture, Language, and Cuisine
A. Zee
With a new afterword by Linda Rui Feng
386 PP., $30.00 PB

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Univers it y of Washingt on Press

Calling in the Soul
Gender and the Cycle of Life
in a Hmong Village
Patricia V. Symonds

With a new afterword by the author

400 PP., 20 ILLUS., $30.00 PB

Verse Going Viral

Chinas New Media Scenes
Heather Inwood

Educating the
Chinese Individual
Life in a Rural Boarding School

Frontier Livelihoods
Hmong in the Sino-Vietnamese

Modern Language Initiative Books

274 PP., $30.00 PB

Seven Masters

Sarah Turner, Christine Bonnin,

and Jean Michaud

20th-Century Japanese Woodblock

Prints from the Wells Collection

MAY 2015

Andreas Marks

Gender and Chinese History

230 PP., 33 ILLUS., $50.00 HC

Distributed for Minneapolis Institute of Arts

Transformative Encounters

Wrongful Deaths

Mette Halskov Hansen

240 PP., $50.00 HC

Edited by Beverly Bossler

JUNE 2015
288 PP., 13 ILLUS., $50.00 HC

Building a Sacred Mountain

The Buddhist Architecture
of Chinas Mount Wutai
Wei-Cheng Lin

Art History Publication Initiative Books

344 PP., 61 ILLUS., $60.00 HC


The Han
Chinas Diverse Majority
Agnieszka Joniak-Lthi
JUNE 2015
198 PP., $50.00 HC

A Landscape of Travel
The Work of Tourism in
Rural Ethnic China
Jenny T. Chio

Selected Inquest Records from

Nineteenth-Century Korea
Translated by Sun Joo Kim
and Jungwon Kim

Korean Studies of the Henry M. Jackson

School of International Studies
280 PP., 7 ILLUS., $30.00 PB

Ploughshare Village
Culture and Context in Taiwan
Stevan Harrell
With a new preface by the author
262 PP., $35.00 PB

Searching for Modernity

Western Influence and True-View
Landscape in Korean Painting
of the Late Choson Period
Yi Song-mi

Franklin D. Murphy Lecture Series

232 PP., 135 ILLUS., $70.00 HC

Forbidden City
Imperial Treasures from the
Palace Museum, Beijing

Mapping Shangrila

Li Jian, With He Li, Houmei Sung,

and Ma Shengnan

Edited by Emily T. Yeh

and Chris Coggins
Foreword by Stevan Harrell
Afterword by Ralph A. Litzinger
348 PP., 15 ILLUS., $30.00 PB

208 PP., 310 ILLUS., $40.00 PB

Beyond the First

Emperors Mausoleum
New Perspectives on Qin Art
Edited by Liu Yang

Distributed for Minneapolis Institute of Arts

252 PP., 200 ILLUS., $49.95 PB

Painting Traditions of the

Drigung Kagyu School

David P. Jackson
With contributions by Christian Luczanits and
Kristen Muldowney

Distributed for Rubin Museum of Art

300 PP., 297 ILLUS., $75.00 HC

Textiles of Timor,
Island in the Woven Sea
Edited by Roy W. Hamilton
and Joanna Barrkman

Distributed for Fowler Museum at UCLA

252 PP., 303 ILLUS., $50.00 PB

304 PP., 26 ILLUS., $30.00 PB

Contested Landscapes in the

Sino-Tibetan Borderlands

JULY 2015

Distributed for Virginia Museum of Fine Arts

224 PP., 190 ILLUS., $55.00 HC

50 Years that Changed China
Edited by Craig Clunas
and Jessica Harrison-Hall

Announcing a new book series


Global South Asia will draw on human
ities and social sciences as well as
interdisciplinary approaches to examine
the ways in which South Asia is and has
been global and shaping the world.
Series Editors:
Padma Kaimal, Kalyanakrishnan Shivi
Sivaramakrishnan, and Anand A. Yang

304 PP., 250 ILLUS., $60.00 HC

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