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On the path BAPHOMET:

G Publishing
Gabriel Lpez de Rojas
International Fraternity: Order Illuminati, Societas OTO,
G Publishing (imprint of the International Fraternity)
Printing: Printing Risc, Barcelona
Depsito Legal: B-8730-2004
ISBN: 84-923605-2-6
Printed in Spain
Printed in Spain
Any total or partial reproduction of this
work in any country in the world, unless authorized
the International Fraternity.
The author of this book, Gabriel Lpez de Rojas, is a
great initiative that has established international orders
and has the highest Masonic degrees in different
Rituals or systems. The curriculum presented below
display them.
-Founder and Grand Master of the Illuminati Order (Spain,
April-May 1995). Oho and founder of the Societas OTO
(Ordo Templi Orientalis) (Spain, February 2001).
-Creator of The Rite of Modern Iluminados of Bavaria (1995)
and the Rite of Memphis-Operating Misram (2001).


Ancient and Primitive Rite of Memphis-MISRAM
-1 -95 Egyptian Freemasonry of the Ancient and Primitive Rite
Memphis-Misram (Italy, May 1, 2003).
-96 and National Head of Spain's Egyptian Masonry
Ancient and Primitive Rite of Memphis-Misram, with authority
for grades 1 st -95 Spain (Italy, May 1, 2003).
-97 or Deputy Head of the International and Great Hierophante
Egyptian Freemasonry of the Ancient and Primitive Rite
Memphis-Misram, with authority for grades 1 -96 of
Spanish-speaking countries and Portuguese (Italy, from August 1
-97 or International Grand Master of the Masonic Order
Ancient and Primitive Rite of Memphis-Misram (Uruguay, 13
January 2004).
Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite
-Member of Honor and Sovereign Grand Inspector General (33 )
the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Independent College
Rites of the Lodge and Jano (Uruguay, November 2003).
Sovereign Grand Inspector-General (33) of the Scottish Rite
Ancient and Accepted by the Albert Pike Lodge (Spain,
Architect-Grand Royal Arch or (XX) of the Egyptian Rite of XXI
degrees of the Order of Memphis (Romania, February 2003).
Grade-Ra-Hoor-Khuit (XII) of the Egyptian Rite of Memphis
AOSCN (Arcane Order and the Sino Cuervo Black) (Brazil,
April 2003).
Honorary Grand Commander-in Spain and Europe of
Order Rosacruz eclectic (Chile, January 2004).

Venerable Spain-Commander of the Fraternitas

Rosicruciana Antiqua (Chile, January 2004).
Gabriel Lpez de Rojas has written several books: "Kabbalah
Magic "(1994)," Sex Magic "(1996)," International Directory
Secret Societies "(1998)," The Liber Zion "(2001),
"Templar Mysteries: OTO" (2001), "The Illuminati, Freemasonry
Occultism "(2001)," Satanism: the whole truth "(2002),
"Freemasonry: history, rites and mysteries" (2002), "Masonic
Apprentice, Companion and Master "(2003)," Rosicrucian Rituals
and Templar "(2003), being his last great novel publisher
"The Masonic Started" (Ed. Martnez Roca, 2003).
He has been a correspondent for the magazine Forum of Jewish
life in
World (1996-2000) and publisher-editor of Baphomet, the
After you have given interviews to various media:
Antena 3 TV, Tele 5, Canal 9, Telemadrid, the reason ....
Homo est Deus
Be started is to achieve this, awaken the Heart
Take the Golden Flower, to find the Lost Word.
These metaphors are one-way:
awaken the divine is in us.
The initiate who has completed the initiation
is the alchemical androgynous and divine, is God
The main objective of the two books is to present
known to readers as the initiation is carried out
systems or in the Rites of the Illuminati Order and the Societas

In fact, the book "Secrets of initiation, with the

Illuminati, the Freemasons and the OTO "and" On the road
Baphomet: Yoga, Tantra, Kabbalah, alchemy have been written in
autumn 2003 and winter 2004, when the system start
I've developed over years was ripe, the
Like the rites or systems that have served and will serve as
The book "Secrets of Initiation, with the Illuminati, the
and the OTO "addresses the trends and structure of the
cycles and order, the gnosis and the awakening of
obligations of the candidate for initiation, confusion
on the initiation ... and it is essential to
a basic guide in the initiation.
The book "The path of Baphomet: Yoga, Tantra, Kabbalah,
alchemy ...",
a sort of second part of the book above, addresses
traditional avenues of initiation: Yoga, Tantra, the cabal,
symbolism, alchemy, or systems in the Rites of the Order
Illuminati and the Societas OTO (Ordo Templi Orientalis), which
lead the individual to complete the launch. This initiation
it is transformed into the alchemical androgynous in
androgynous divine, in God, then being able to transform
its reality and all reality that surrounds them. The last
book is necessary for understanding the initiation process to
The two books in this prologue, in any case
show a very useful introduction to the man.
Do not leave unsatisfied.
Gabriel Lpez de Rojas


The origin of the various yogas remains unknown, although
cree is to be traced back to III millennium before
our time to find the source said.
There are many types of yoga, which are structured
and acquired forms over the centuries and millennia. There is
Karma-Yoga, the yoga of selfless action. In it the
action is the way to the inner god, the evolution anddevelopment
of Wisdom.
Another is the historical Bhakhi yoga-Yoga, which
is devotional yoga, is that yoga is based on the feeling
intense towards divinity. With many other yogas
centuries of history are NGMA-Yoga (NGMA means
Knowledge, discernment ...), the Radja-Yoga, the yoga of
mind, the Mantra-Yoga, the yoga which is to recite words
or phonemes that calms the mind, leading to the interior and
serve God
to evoke, invoke, call, Tantra-Yoga or Yoga
sexual, or Kundalini-Yoga, which refers to Kundalini, the
which discuss in depth later when we address
Tantra-Yoga and Tantrism.
Yoga has become widespread in the West since the nineteenth
a gym to feel better or on the contrary
a little deeper and start processing
when in fact its function is to transmit an initiation
allows the transformation started. In the rites or Systems
Masonic Order of the Illuminati and the Societas OTO, yoga is
a way that serves traditional initiatory to the website
their god is an internal one and the one who acquires
structure of useful work to advance the full and Tantrism
until the full launch. Yoga also

can be taken as a religion or a set of dogmas,

but as a method that leads to the goals mentioned.
Following this, it is interesting to add that the word yoga is
derived from the Sanskrit root "yuj", meaning "hook for
half of the yoke, join, unite "... We find similar
meanings in the Latin "jungere" and in French "jong"
(yoke), "joindre" (together) ...
Although it was stated that the Patanjali system of yogic steps
and these steps are part of Radja Yoga-yoga or mental
yogic these steps are taken as valid for practice
all yogas. The eight steps of Patanjali yogic are:
yama, niyama, asana, pranayama, pratyahara, dharana, and
These are the steps that are working on Rites
Order of the Illuminati and the Societas OTO, with the additionof
step of yogic pranayama mantrayoga after and before
pratyahara by the mantra that has the ability to calm
mind, driving inside and evoke the god-claim-call.
Another issue to consider is that the rites of the Order
Societas OTO Illuminati and given the value of yama and niyama,
"Moral qualities" and "good deeds" to the commandments
The Illuminati and the Liber Zion, so these steps are not
in the form of yoga.
Orders of
Illuminati and the Liber Zion meet paragraph of yama and
to perfection. So we have a yoga seven steps in the
Illuminati Order and the Societas OTO, almost identical to that of

to turn to describe.
Yoga Order of the Illuminati and the Societas OTO is studied and
works mainly in the first two grades of both
orders and not just begun to discover that their god
interior or to one union, but it is useful for
acquire a solid working structure, in order to advance
Tantrism and the Cabala to reach the full initiation.
Asana is the first step in the yoga of the Order and the Illuminati
Societas OTO. Pantanjali says, "Asana is that it is strong and
" Thus, any position is as comfortable asana,
on the basis of Hindu mystic. There are many cases of
people who have abandoned the practice of yoga forthepositions
extremely difficult to get that place
Hindu teachers to their disciples.
The three preferred positions for me are The God, The Dragon
and the originator. Paranayama is the second step of yoga. It
consists of abreathing very slow and controlled, where the air
enters through the nose, driving to the stomach and is expelled
slowly through the mouth. If asana calms the body, doing
thesame with pranayama body and mind.
To the Greeks, the word meant the speech, reason,
intelligence and deep sense of Being, the divine thought.
For the Stoics, the word was applied in the right order
the world. In Hebrew, Sanskrit, Phoenician, Arabic, each
syllableor letter of a word means an object or an idea and your
prayersare called mantras or Yantra. The word sacred has also
been of great importance in the yogic tradition.
Thus, the term mantrayoga shows the third step and yogic
sacred word in yoga. Mantrayoga comes from "man"
(thinking) and the syllable "tra" and "Trana" meaning liberation
of samsara.

The yogic mantrayoga step is to recite the mantra or word

sacred end of the body and calm the mind and lead
initiated towards the inner god, and to also evocarinvocar call the true God, Baphomet.
Pratyahara is the fourth step of yoga. In pratyahara the initiate
and should focus the mind on a subject of meditation and direct
mind all the attention in that direction by eliminating thoughts
ing annoying. Pratyahara eliminates annoying thoughts
and therefore can meditate on the god inside
selected topics and find plenty of answers.
In this step yogic arises Voluntad Superior, which is
Above the Will Sound. When initiated contact
with the god inside, meditate, find answers and also
initiates, develops superior will, a logic
God, above the ordinary logic.
Dharana is the fifth step yogic. Here, the focus
and powers of the mind in one direction, to prepare
begun to face the last steps of yoga. One possibility
Color is used as a support. Recall that the founders
of the Golden Dawn, Masonic fraternity rosacruz-created
in the nineteenth century within the Grand Lodge of England,
enormous importance to the altered states of consciousness
that, to provoke, worked with 25 or symbols tatwas
colored in the Hindu tantric tradition.
Los 5 tatwas principales
are Tejas (fire), a red triangle; Prithivi (earth), a
yellow square; Apas (water), half moon in silver
horizontal position, Vayu (air), a green circle, and
Akas (Astral Light), an oval, dark purple.
Dhyana is the sixth step of yoga. Dhyana is a state high
Being caused by work in the dharana. Is overcoming
dharana of images that can go into a phase

calmness, peace, calm and transcendence over the images. The

working with dhyana note on transcending images
and the rest of physical reality. About dhyana may be added
leading to the bridging of two polarities: male
and female, high and low, destruction and construction, life
and death ... and that, therefore, helps to transcend into the
of divinity.
Samadhi is the seventh step of yoga. Samadhi is a plane
than dhyana because it is above the own-beyond
tion of opposites or polarities. One is simply the union,
Primordial Principle, the Cosmic or Universal Mind, a
Baphomet, the All, which leads to the welfare, peace, absolute
and mystical ecstasy.
Described is a sufficient explanation in the yoga
systems or the Rites of the Order and the Illuminati Societas.
also the basis for moving towards and Tantrism
the Cabala, with which the initiation was completed.
Tantrism is an initiatory path that arose in the traditional
fourth century AD, although its principles and concepts
are ancient and are found in cultures of matriarchy
and the civilization of the Indus.
Tantrism gradually split into "the way white or
the right hand "(sexual union imaginary) of the School
Tantric, Vedic and the "red road or the left hand"
(union sexual practice) of the School-Tantric Hindus.
Tantrism was incorporated into Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism ...
and also affected several yogas. The Mantra-Yoga, the
Nada-Yoga, Hatha-Yoga, for example, are some of the
tantric yoga with various influences.

Tantrism is a term derived from the Sanskrit "mantra", which

means "the tissue", "system" ...
Tantrism emphasizes the cosmic energy, called
Shakti and adored as the Great Goddess. Followers of the path
red or path of the left hand (Vamacharias), so-called
experts who use sexual magic with women, because
this is lunar or the left, are illuminated by the
sex. The union of a man and a woman is not considered
impure by the Hindu tantric, but rather the celebrant
sees in women the feminine principle, the Great Goddess, while
that the celebrant in his notes to top male
the Great God.
A curious fact is that the medieval Templars practiced
the cult of the Great Goddess, customizing the Virgin, because
Tantrism of medieval Templars in the early
and esoteric teachings, worked with the Great Goddess. This is
coupled with the tradition of the Grail, the sacred chalice, which
is none other
which the symbolic representation of the Great Goddess of
Cosmic Cave, where he started in the tantric arts.
Another option is to play the roles or the principal findings
women as the "sacred prostitute."
All these practices awaken the Tantric Kundalini, the serpent
Fire coiled at the base of the spine, and
chakras, of which we will talk soon, trying to illuminate,
One to join in the ecstasy transform.
Tantrism operations are involved in "The Feast of
The Five Elements "(Panchatattva), which are on a plane
mystical. The five elements are: Fire, Air, Water, Land and
Ether, which are symbolized in the wine, meat, fish and grains,
The fifth element is the union of the couple, Shiva and
Shakti (union called Maithuna).
All bodies have energies that make them a body
moving. We feed of cosmic energy,
that enlivens, enhancing our energy centers, those
chakras. Yogic techniques lead us to discover and

utilize the energy centers we have in the body.

Chakra means "wheel" in Sanskrit. Seven centers are
chakras or energy generally found
them in the spine from its base to the crown. The
famous fire of Kundalini or serpent coiled at the base of
spine ascends the chakras, feeding on
some form of them and causing the illumination of the yogi, the
transcendence, transformation ...
The chakras are:
Manipur navel Navel

Practicing yoga with the chakras

Tantrism in rituals
The very antithesis of sexuality and mechanics of the robot
"Men asleep," is conscious sexuality. In
opposite side of the profane sexuality, sexuality appears
initiatory. Where the man slept loses consciousness, the
Tantrism the awake and helps transcend. What for a
profane is compulsive, it is an initiation to the member of the
Order Societas OTO Illuminati and embracing the teachings
of Tantrism.
Thus, in systems or the Rites of the Order and the Illuminati
OTO, starting from the structure provided by the yoga, the
initiated ventures into Tantrism, using step yogic
of dharana. The first practice is tantric done automasturbacin
Magic, which helps you know, going
Tantrism after the pair, which further helps in
initiatory development. After the initiation of the high degree of
Order Illuminati and Societas OTO is evolving towards the use
of Sacramento (the semen). With this present Tantrism
at high degrees, begun to worship Sacramento: it consumes
so that it can not be revealed as having
enlivens and gives energy to create a mimic homnculo
the gods and nature of operations to transform
androgynous in the divine, in the alchemical androgynous person
in the
god, a being able to transform your reality and reality
that surrounds them.
The Sacramento is related to fire, namely the
one true god, Baphomet. Semen, in fact, the
Tantrism and the supreme mystery of the IO and SOTO.
The Brihad-Aranyakas-Upanishad, perhaps the oldest text
non-dualistic metaphysics of Vedanta Hindu on semen us

"The essence of man is the semen. (...) Who unknowingly copula

and sperm loses its merit to the woman. If a spill
small amount of semen should recover, and with it the
and brightness. You must pick with the index and thumb, rubbing
chest and recite ... ".
The English started Aleister Crowley (1875-1947), which we will
later stated that "the sages of India believe in
the existence of a particular Prana or force that resides in the
Bindu, or semen.
The Jews also gave importance to the semen and Aleister
Crowley, speaking of the extent of the IX OTO, said the matter
that "the Jews are educated in their initiatives
Qabalah maintained, like us, in terms of
Zraa or semen that it lies in an inherent creative power
that can not be wasted. "
And who Crowley says that "of the Oho
OTO says that the perfect medicine, with a single drop of
just spray, and it may be true. But in our humble
view believe that every drop that is generated (if possible)
should consume. Mainly to the most valuable of the
gifts of nature can not be profane. "
Tantrism of high degrees of the Order and the Illuminati
Societas OTO, in short, began to lead worship at a
Sacramento: it consumes a substance that gives life and gives
energy creates a homnculo to mimic the nature of the gods
and conducts operations to become the androgynous
divine, in the alchemical androgynous in their own god, a being
able to transform their reality and the reality that surrounds
Tantrism of high grade, near the cabal is Offline
Started more powerful.
Lift the veil of mystery in Tantrism, we will know
the other track initiation that also helps complete beginners:
the cabal.

of Kabbalah
The cabal is a traditional initiatory route which originates
at the beginning of time. The Grand Rabbi A. Safran says
in this regard: "The cabal was on the old revelation
sinatica. It dates back to prehistoric times. Moses did not
simply place it in the history of Israel ... The designation
the current cabal is chalchelet-ha-Kabbalah, a chain of
The cabal, so is the chain of Jewish tradition and
a traditional initiatory path.
The cabal was released to non-Jewish world from within the
Judaism in the Middle and Sepharose (Spain). And the figures
of this cabal were Sephardic and Middle ben Moses Najman
(Nahmanides, Rambo, Bonastruc Porta ...), prominent Kabbalist
Gerona who acted as chief rabbi, mystic, philosopher and
and writer; Yosef Caro (1488-1575), a great expert in
cabal that, after being expelled from Sepharose, led the school
cabal of Safed; Cordovero Moses (1522-1570), disciple of
Caro nicknamed Remak; Chelem Alkabets, brother of Caro, and
Isaac ben Solomon Luria or Haar, the sacred Leon "(1534 -1572), Kabbalist who led the community of Safed in Galilee.
Moreover, it should be noted that the main book of Kabbalah
Sephardic were or Book of Splendor Zohar and Sepher
Yedzirath or Book of Creation.
In the Middle Ages, also appeared the first cabalistic
Christians: Ramon Llull (1236-1315), Dante Alighieri (1265-1321)
which he wrote the Divine Comedy, and Giovanni Pico della
Mirandola (1463-1494), author of Philosophicae conclusions,
Cabalisticae et Theologicae.
The wake of the Cabala, medieval Sephardic was followed by
Rosicrucian and Mason. The Rosicrucian had their origin in

a mythical character, Christian Rosenkreutz, and a series of

works of the early seventeenth century: "Fame Fraternitatis"
"Confessio Fraternitatis" and "Wedding of Christian alchemical
Rosenkreutz. These works and character that caused the
emergence of the first Rosicrucian orders, of the Rosacruz
Rosacruz gold and the old system. And those surrendered
cult respectful to the full, although in the Christian side.
Moreover, modern Freemasonry was born when the Masons
became operational speculative, ie when
1717 four London lodges (the block, the pitcher and the bunch
grapes, okra and grilled and crown) formed the Grand Lodge
of London. The foundation of modern Freemasonry was
to see the light in 1723, the Constitutions of Anderson, with
Some Landmarks (standards) mandatory.
Well, the new Freemasonry, which had been curiously
founded by Protestant pastors never initiated as Freemasons
on a regular basis, like the Rosicrucian paid worship
respectful to the full, both in its Jewish and in his
Christian slope.
About this period, adding that the remainder had a Jewish cabal
major boost thanks to Rabbi Israel Baal Shem Tov "the
Master of the Good Name "(1700-1760), creator and promoter of
Hassidic. In a way, while the lodges
Masonic and its different trends (Templars, enlightenment ...)
spread through Europe to the Hassidic so in
Galicia, Ukraine, White Russia and Poland. The jasidim worked
the kind of cabalistic kavanot (meditation on the domain
of the Sephiroth), to seek greater membership god.
The Hassidic rabbis and had great women leaders as
Adel or odel, the daughter of Israel Baal Shem Tov, or Jana Rajel.
In the late nineteenth century, the cabal returned to a specific
rosacruz in a new order: the Golden Dawn. Thus,
Or Golden Dawn Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn was

founded within the United Grand Lodge of England with

to impart the lessons linked to the Rosicrucian
cabala, magic, alchemy ... In 1884, Dr. Wynn
Westcott, forensic and Mason London, acquired a manuscript
estimated containing a Masonic Rite and address unknown
an adept German Anna Sprengel. After
correspondence with the initiative, the foundation announced
Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn (Golden Dawn) and
the order, finally, began to teach the disciplines mentioned
The Golden Dawn gave great importance to the
cabal and they even are nested in eleven grades divided
into three orders, each with a connection degree
sephirah Tree of Life of the Kabbalah.
The English started Aleister Crowley, as above,
Born into a family ultracristiana was dedicated in his
youth to climb mountains, writing poetry and studying occultism
in the Golden Dawn, which was started November 18
1898. But in 1900 he had a discussion in the lodges of the
Golden Dawn and finished expelled, not resting until create
a new branch rosacruz, Thelema. In 1904, in Cairo,
Crowley was revealed the "Liber Legis" from Aiwass,
an entity. And since 1906, was the head
the Astrum Argentum, an order which was to supplant the
Golden Dawn and Thelema spread. Head of the OTO English
International since 1912 and responsible for the same from
the early twenties, and the spread Thelema unveiled
the world, as its motto "Do what you want, that
must be all the law. "
The descendants of the Societas OTO Crowley successor: Karl
Germer, Marcelo Ramos Motta, David Bersson ..., but
renewing or Rite Masonic system. For Crowley, like
Societas OTO for the Illuminati and the Order, the cabal is
in the initiation process, in order to complete their initiation.

At present, the vast majority of orders and obedience

Masonic, Rosicrucian, Templar ... West of the Tradition
is that the cabal is essential in the initiation.
Kabbalah in rituals
The cabal offers a path to human knowledge and
binding god. When initiated in the deeper way of initiation,
through it may even become the androgynous
divine alchemy, a god, then completing the
initiation, the same manner as in Tantrism. The Sephiroth or
divine emanations of the Tree of Life used to the initiated,
in principle, to discover God and progress to join
he. Then in the sephirah Kether (Crown), with support from the
sephirah Daath (Knowledge), launched the insight in the
work, becomes the god, and completes the initiation.
Along with respect, it should be noted that the cabal that
Working in the Rites of the Illuminati Order and the Societas
is based or, rather, is based on the structure
work of yoga, as with Tantrism and
that started in cabal enters cabalistic work using
The yogic way of dharana. Thus, the basis of
Yoga and the first steps yogic the initiate reaches dharana,
in which the Cabala, and Tantrism are developed and
allow complete initiation. Recall again that
is the one that started becoming the alchemical androgynous,
the androgynous divine, a god capable of transforming their
and the reality that surrounds them.
ORDER cabalistic
It is interesting to add here that the Tree of Life, its
11 Sephiroth and 4 are useful for sorting flat hierarchy
degrees or a Rite system, something happens in the Rites and
Systems of the Illuminati Order and the Societas OTO. Tree

Life, the Sephiroth and their planes are not a cosmic order
never lose sight of.
We now see the relationship between the 13 degrees of the Rite
The modern Iluminados of Bavaria and 10 degrees of the Rite
the Societas OTO, the Rite of Memphis-Misram Operating and
the Sephiroth and the Tree of Life of the Kabbalah.
Modern Iluminados The Rite of Bavaria:
Degrees and Sephiroth: Malkuth-Noviciate (England); minerval Yessod (Foundation); Lit Lit Major and Minor-Hod
(Gloria) and Netsah (Victoria), Mason Knight, which
degrees Apprentice, Companion and Master Mason-Tiphereth
(Beauty); Iluminado Dirigente, encompassing grades
Sovereign Prince of Rosacruz, and Sovereign Knight Kadosh
Inspector General Major-Binah (Understanding) and Chokmah
(Wisdom), Priest-Iluminado Kether (Crown), and grades
Prince later Iluminado, Philosopher and Magician Reyplanos Men
higher than Sephiroth (Ain Soph, Ain Soph Aur).
Grades and drawings Noviciate-level action (Olam-ha Assiah) minerval-plane formation (Olam-ha-Yetsirah);
Lit Lit Major and Minor-level training
(Olam-ha-Yetsirah), Mason-level Knight of Creation
(Olam-ha-Briah) and Priest Iluminadoplano Iluminado Dirigente
of Emanation (Olam-ha-Atsiluth). The remaining higher
(Prince Iluminado, Philosopher and Magician King Man) belong to
levels higher than Sephiroth (Ain Soph, Ain Soph Aur). The order
Internal Order of the Illuminati, The Luciferianos, is associated
with sephirah Daath (Knowledge) and a very veiled hidden

Diploma of

OTO T. Reuss
Operating Rite of Memphis-Misram:
Degrees, Sephiroth and drawings

1. Probation-Malkuth-level action (Olam-ha-Assiah)

2. Minerval-Yessod-plane formation (Olam-ha-Yetsirah)
3. Mage Minor and Major-Hod and Netzach-level training
4. Royal Arch-plane Tiphereth-Creation (Olam-ha-Briah)
5th, 6th, 7th. Masonic Degrees (Sovereign Prince of Rosacruz,
Knight Kadosh, Sovereign Grand Inspector General)-Binahplano
of Emanation (Olam-ha-Atsiluth)
8. Inspector General of the Illuminati-Chokmah-plane of the
Emanation (Olam-ha-Atsiluth)
9. Priest Iluminado-Kether-plane of Emanation (Olamha Atsiluth)

10. Rex Summux Sanctissimus-Ain Soph and Ain Soph Aur-planes

superior to Sephiroth
Broadly speaking, this is a valid means of ascertaining the
cabal, a traditional initiatory path with which the initiation is
Your message
The symbols are crossing a bridge between the external and
internal forms and essence, the profane and the sacred ...
They are therefore important in Masonic rituals or systems of
Order Illuminati and Societas OTO.
What would become of the traditional ways of initiation of the
fundamental to the initiation or the figure of the god of Light
in these rites or systems without a study and a contribution of
The symbolism is one of the forms of language
ancestral. Symbol, in fact, is a term that derives from the
Latin "symbolum" and Greek "symbolon" or "symballo" which
means "I together, I agree."
Operational and the Masons gave an extraordinary medieval
importance to symbols. Gothic cathedrals, built
by the medieval masons, were a chant of praise to
symbols. The language of the Middle Ages was the language of
Today, the symbols and symbolism are still present in
warrants initiation of the Western tradition, where they
a place of honor, but the symbolism is not exactly respected.

Also in our time, the symbolism is known

by its relationship to psychology, anthropology, art ... For
fashion of psychoanalysis shows that the man, but
can not get rid of the symbols, not respected
as before.
The symbolic forms allow the passage, voyage, from the
external to internal, forms the essence of what a profane
the sacred. They are therefore important to understand and
the process offered by the rites of initiation or Systems
Masonic Order of the Illuminati and the Societas OTO.
After the brief historical review, we will know the meaning
some of the main symbols that are in the
lodges, or more chapters, or the Rites of the systems
Illuminati Order and the Societas OTO, as an example of the
value of
symbolism in the process of understanding and assimilation of a
Rite or System and everything that contains it.
The temple is the place where non-physical or physical
cult of wisdom, knowledge, initiation. Is a
earthly replica of archetypes and a reflection of the celestial
divine. The word temple is derived from the Greek root
"template" which
means to divide, part. The temple has always been associated
mountains, a spiritual ascension, not the pure and profane
CHAPTER logic. The lodge is a temple where the Freemasons,
Illuminati, Templars, rosacrucres ... meet on certain occasions.

The Order and the Illuminati Societas OTO, the lodge is

called a chapter.
The word logia meaning "house of wood or stone
the workers work away from the weather. " The
Ren Gunon loggia connects the word with the word
Sanskrit "loka" which means world, derived from the root "lok"
see, in clear reference to the word Light.
Symbolically, the masonic lodge extends along
East to West, the width from north to half 30
day and depth from the surface at the center of the earth,
its height to be the stars.
THE MOSAIC. The mosaic of the lodges and chapters, bricks
checkered black and white, symbolizes the duality to be
launched aims to overcome the divisions to join in the lodge or
chapter and himself.
Columns. The columns are supported by construction
at different levels. They are the symbol of union between
high and low. The columns of the Temple of Solomon was
cedar and bronze. The two columns of the Masonic Lodge and
Chapters (Jakin and Boaz), marked with the letters J and B
two principles: masculine and feminine, positive and
no, right and left ...
The Masonic Lodge also has four columns called
"Columns" command: the Corinthian, the Doric and Ionian,
ie the columns of Wisdom, Strength and Beauty. The
fourth column remains invisible, because it is the intelligence
The twelve columns. Masonic lodges have
twelve columns associated with the twelve zodiac houses. There
are five
columns in each of the walls to which are added two
input. The string or tape around the lodge is through
THE ALTAR. It is also called ara, table or sacrifices

podium of the prayer, and is the table of objects with

the sacred book (the Liber Zion), the image of Baphomet, the
incense, the roles of ritual. Represents the most sacred place
the temple and is situated in the East. Symbolizes the
capable of catalyzing the highest of the Universe.
The sacred book. The holy book symbolizes the Law
Christian Masonic lodges, opens the Bible (the New
Testament version of John the Baptist). Lodges in Muslim
opens the Koran. In Jewish lodges, opens the Torah. In

lodges and atheist liberals, there is no book. In the lodges of the

OTO or
cult of Thelema, it opens the Liber Legis (The Book of the Law).
Chapters of the Order and the Illuminati Societas OTO, opens
Liber Zion.
THE DELTA. Is the triangle with an eye on it, symbolizing
the Great Architect of the Universe, Baphomet ... Is between
the sun and moon, just behind the altar of the lodge or chapter.
SUN. It symbolizes the light and warmth of life-radiation,
the male principle. Is represented by the figure of Ra
(god of Heliopolis), Aton (sun god) Apollo (sun god
whose arrow is the ray), Vishnu (solsticial sun) and Janus (the
solsticiales doors), among others ...
The more secretive versed in the sun called Sol Black symbolic
that illuminates the adept in his union with the Creator. The sun
noon is the alchemical gold, while the Black Sun (the Sun
midnight) is the light that is hidden in darkness and
Lights from the other side.
In the chapters of the Order and the Illuminati Societas OTO, the
behind the altar and in front of the column Jakin.
THE MOON. The moon influences the tides and in all men

vibrates with it. The moon is a reflection of the sun and the light
middle of the night. Symbolizes the feminine principle, the
the sun gives light, periodicity, knowledge
intuitive, the subconscious, the imagination, so unstable, subject
influences. There are many lunar goddesses in ancient times.
In the chapters of the Order and the Illuminati Societas OTO, the
Moon is behind the altar and in front of the column Boaz.
THE STAR AND THE SWORD flamboyant flamboyant. The
Flamboyant star is the five-pointed star of the Masons
that, at its center, G is equivalent to God. In the loggia
Masonic can replace Delta. The five-pointed star
symbolized in Freemasonry Force, Beauty, Wisdom,

Initiation of the Mason Apprentice

Virtue and Charity. The flaming sword is a blade
form of language that symbolizes the spiritual power of the
of the Masonic lodge.
The letter G. According to the English Masonic ritual symbolizes
God (God = God, in English). When the word god is reversed
we find dog, is dog. Curiously, the first
god of humanity was a dog named Sirius, "the Sun
behind the Sun. "
THE EAST. Is the direction where the sun was born, and
where the light. According to tradition, there are two:

the Oriental and Occidental. In the East, the dominant

logic. In the West, separated from the logic dominates every
metaphysical. In the loggia, or chapters, the East is the place
the home of the Venerable Master, the Grand Master and other
degrees and Masonic authorities and where the Holy
of the Holy Temple of Solomon.
Eternal East is one that is home to the Freemasons who died in
a different level.
GABINETE DISCUSSION: In almost all the initiatives, there
overcoming a test consisting of a camera in the
(tomb, underground, of course ...), where a forest or overnight
which is going to be started. In the last launch of the Order
Illuminati, the tomb is very present. In Freemasonry, in the
apprentice, there is the Cabinet of Reflection,
next to the lodge.
The Cabinet of Reflection is a small room, painted
black, which has a skeleton, a human skull, a curb
three legs with a triangular seat and a small
table on which are an hourglass, bread, water, a glass
containing salt, sulfur and other mercury and an owl. Other
symbols are a rooster cabinet topped a banderole
that "Vigilance and Perseverance," a scythe, the word
The bread symbolizes the grain of wheat that is born, the new
born of initiation. The water symbolizes the manifestation of
life, birth. Sulfur, mercury and salt are known
in alchemy. The banner is to say that the initiated
must be attentive to the symbols. The skeleton, skull, scythe
and the hourglass are related to Saturn. Symbolize
death of the profane accessing a new life. The word
VITRIOL means. "Terrae Visit Interiorem, Rectifying
Invenio Occultum Lapidem "(Visit the interior of the earth and

find the hidden stone), is the philosopher's stone,
which is actually the initiation complete. We talk, in short,
the philosopher's stone or the alchemical transformation of the
that ultimately becomes the androgynous divine
in alchemical androgynous in god ...
Could deepen the other symbols of Masonic lodges
or chapters of the Order and the Illuminati Societas OTO
as stone, the ladder ... But after a brief symbolic
it is better to stop here because the next chapter
is devoted to alchemy and such symbols are treated as
Due to the depth. In any case, the above has
enough to appreciate the necessity of symbolism and its effect
illuminating systems or in the Rites of the Order and the
Societas OTO.
An accurate phrase Mircea Eliade served as the culmination of
chapter: "The symbols help identify the man with
the rhythms of nature, integrating in one unit
large, the society and the universe. "
Initiation is an alchemical process. Based on overcoming
various alchemical operations and phases, the changes initiated
and reaches full initiation, ie the condition is
of alchemical androgynous, androgynous by divine, of god.
A review of the history and mission of alchemy, we understand
their significance and their importance in rituals or
Systems and the Order of the Illuminati Societas OTO.
The word alchemy is derived from two Arabic words "al" and
"Kimiya. The first is a definite article and the other means
"Black earth". The "black earth" refers to Egypt.
Plutarch, in this regard, he said: "In Egypt, the land is black

end, the Egyptian-they-call 'chemie'.

Traditionally, in fact, it is argued that the founder of
Hermes Trimegisto alchemy was "three times larger and wiser"
Greek name of Egyptian god Thoth, legendary adept,
called the "father of all knowledge." The god Thoth
Egyptians taught the principles of alchemy, whose
Science might work as artisans. All knowledge
accumulated by the followers of Hermes-Thoth
metal alloys and stainings were compiled by
Bolos of Mendes in a treaty of the second century A.N.E. This
book is
considered the starting point of Western alchemy.
Alchemy china, the other great alchemical tradition, appeared in
III and IV centuries ENAs, ie at the same time it took
body alchemy West, although the Chinese alchemists
speculated about the generations and cyclic transmutations
of wood, fire, earth, metal and water. More
afternoon, alchemy china and the united Taoism is focused on a
but to be able to cure all ills and grant
immortality. His studies then gave priority to
search for the famed philosopher's stone, elixir of the principle
of immortality and the transmutation of cinnabar (sulphide
of mercury) into gold.
Taking up the thread of the history of Western alchemy, we
find prominent Alexandrian alchemists of size
of Zsimo of Panpolis (NE IV century), and Arab Alchemists
Christian alchemists. Zsimo of Panpolis was a big fan
and his "Memories Authentic" proves it. The alchemists
Arabs, meanwhile, proved the link between
alchemists of ancient and medieval, highlighting
Arabic Jabir Ibn Hayyan the Sufis, the famous Geber in the world
Christian, who introduced the double mercury-sulfur, and the
Al Razi, turned to alchemy practice. And the alchemists
Christians, finally, in a way represented the culmination
the evolution of alchemy. The most renowned were

San Alberto Magno, the employer of chemists, who lived

between the twelfth and thirteenth centuries and was able to
prepare the potassium hydroxide
and discovered the chemical combination of the mineral
minium and cerusita; Roger Bacon (thirteenth century) which
was treated
interest; Ramon Llull (XIII-XIV century), who prepared the
baking soda and Arnau de Vilanova, adept in the same
time. In the fourteenth century, Nicholas Flamel was also
Petrus Bonus and Bernard of Treviso, Count Bernardo de a
small Italian state disappeared. In the fifteenth century took the
baton George Ripley, Isaac the Dutch and Spanish Enrique de
Villena. Appeared in the sixteenth century and the famous Basil
Paracelsus. And finally, in the seventeenth century, stood out
Alexander Seton "cosmopolitan," Michael Sendivogius "the
German Hermes, the Dutch philosopher Spinoza and Helvetius.
It seems that a demonstration of Helvetius-transmuting
The operative Masons who built the medieval cathedrals
Gothic, comprising experts in the quarry masons
working of stone, likewise was closely related
with alchemy. The operative masons have left us a
legacy of his wisdom in the proportions of alchemical symbolism
of Gothic cathedrals. In this regard, the cathedral
Gothic Notre-Dame de Paris is an excellent example. Even,
known to the alchemists of the fourteenth century it met all
week, and there, under the colors and symbols alchemy,
outlining the results of its work towards the Great
Work, ie the transformation through the alchemical work.
The modern or speculative Freemasonry, which took shape in
London in 1717, when the El Manzano lodges, and the jar
Bunch of Grapes, The Goose and Grill and The Crown and joined
founded the Grand Lodge of London, has lost much of the

alchemical wisdom of the Masons, operators will not understand

and removing some of what was conveyed to them so
irregular. It should be noted that modern Freemasonry
was founded by Protestant pastors never initiated logia,
ie by laymen. Following such an irregular situation, other
Obediences Masonic orders or returned at a later date
true Masonic tradition.
Thus, the May 1, 1776, the German professor Adam
Weishaupt founded the Illuminati of Bavaria, as order
with the intention of leading members and society
to a higher state. Weishaupt, who had been initiated
in the Mysteries, he believed that the Freemasons "unaware of
the significance
Freemasonry and the occult knew nothing of its symbolism, "
Michael Howard has told us in "The conspiracy
hidden "; Weishaupt also knew the importance of alchemy
Operating between the Freemasons. In the Masonic Rite or
which developed along with Adolf von Knigge, and talk of

Alchemists in the laboratory

Rite of The Illuminated of Bavaria 13 degrees of initiation,
traces of alchemy is undeniable. One of the initiatives
of high levels of the Illuminati led the candidate to
a room where there were traditional symbols of royalty: a
scepter, a sword and a crown. Then the candidate was
in a black camera, which had a black altar with
a cross and a red Phrygian cap similar to those used in
Mitraicos mysteries. You will then be delivered to the candidate
red Phrygian cap, saying: "Put this on, because that means more
the crown of kings. " The ritual was not only similar to the
mitraicos in the Mysteries, but that connected with the
alchemy of the Freemasons operational. In the cathedral of
Dame, for instance, there is a staircase that
leads to the upper parts of the building. When you reach the
medial axis
majestic building is perceived in the incoming angle of the tower
northern relief of a large old stone, the adept
Notre Dame, which appears with a Phrygian cap hit. The
Phrygian cap, red of course, symbolized in this case and that of
The initiation of the Illuminati, the last phase alchemical, the
red, at which time the initiate becomes the
alchemical androgynous, androgynous in the divine, the god
(Baphomet). The phrase of the ritual of The Illuminati of Bavaria,
also in The Modern Rite of Bavaria Iluminados
develop between 1995 and 2000 for the Illuminati Order, please
This therefore means more than the crown of kings, "is fully
Moreover, in the same time, another true initiate,
of the celebrated Count Alessandro Cagliostro created
Egyptian Freemasonry. Cagliostro is not to be identified with

the mystifying Giuseppe Balsamo, Palermo enlisted by the

Jesuits to personify and throw discredit on the real
Count of Cagliostro.
Of Alessandro Cagliostro was initiated into the secrets of the
Egyptian Freemasonry Altothas by the mysterious Master of the
1776, year of foundation of the Order of the Illuminati. And there
Experts say that the top of the order of the
Illuminati was founded by six members: four known
(Weishaupt, von Knigge, Goethe, Herder) and two secrets
(Franklin and Cagliostro).
Napoleon Bonaparte also Cagliostro was initiated by the
Egyptian Freemasonry. Masonic Rites of Memphis, in
Misram and Memphis-Misram descended from Freemasonry
Egyptian Cagliostro. The primary goal of the Freemasons
back was the Freemasons in modern or speculative Freemasonry
operational worshiped respectful alchemy. To do this,
Cagliostro used alchemical operations.
Finally, the history of alchemy is complete with the latest
generation alchemists, divided between those that are
orders and rites of the Western tradition and those
follow a more independent line, as was the case of adherent
Fulcanelli, author of works "The Mystery of the Cathedrals"
and "The Philosopher Moradas. One afternoon in 1937, Jacques
Bergier, coauthor of "The Return of Brujos" by Louis
Pauwels, believed to be in front of him Fulcanelli. And it seems
The fan gave him the key to alchemy, we expose key
in this work, saying: "The essential thing is not the
of metals, but the experimenter himself. Is
an ancient secret that many men find all
centuries. We are. Therefore, with simplicity, let's count
what is alchemy, after reviewing their history.

The fundamental tenet of alchemy is the existence

a "stone", the philosopher's stone with which the metals
unclean or vile (lead, zinc, copper, iron, mercury), through
various stages of alchemical and operations, they become
precious metals (silver, gold and above). This "stone" can
also be liquid, so it becomes the elixir of life.
Adepts of alchemy draws a parallel between
above process and the transformation of the operator. Stages
alchemical operations and affect it, since it passes through
them both internally and ultimately becomes the
alchemical androgynous, androgynous in the divine God
(Baphomet). The leading alchemist and operations phases
it is an alchemical adept, because he has transformed himself
God and being God. Angelicus Silesius says: "Lead
is changed to gold. The chance is lost when, with God, I am
god in god. "
In Western alchemy, the elements of the Great Work in
principle, sulfur, mercury and salt. The salt symbolizes the
physical body, sulfur and mercury soul spirit. The ATANOR,
as melting furnace, is the operator's own body,
while the crucible is the embryo. Mercury also
symbolizes the fluid, dynamic, female, dual ... And also the sulfur
symbolizes fixed, stable and male. Salt is the moderator
and stabilizing the two trends. Salt of the Philosophers
appears as the union of two principles. The Salt of the
alquimista aid to become the alchemical androgynous,
It symbolizes the union of opposites, to be an adept.
Systems or in the Rites of the Illuminati Order and the Societas
initiated through the various degrees, associated with
alchemical phases,
to become the alchemical androgynous in
The androgynous divine, God, completed phase alchemical Work
red, then have the capacity to transform their reality and

all reality that surrounds them. Its purpose must be a

more just and free world. Although the fan does not operate with
the instruments
of alchemy, it appears in Tantrism and the cabala
of high grades.
It should be noted that the last phase alchemist, works at the
Red and
Consequences for the operator is reflected in the
play "The green dream of the alchemist and the adept Bernardo
Trevisano, Count of Brand Trevisana, small Venetian state.
Recall that the last phase alchemist, works at the Red
is associated with the alchemical androgynous. He says "The
green dream":
"After seeing all the sights, I was informed
how marriages were celebrated among the people
of the island. As the knowledge is Hagacestaur
very perfect for men and temperament of all its
subjects, from the largest to the smallest, meets the
closest relatives and has a girl and pure
clean with a healthy and vigorous old man, and then purged
purifies the girl, wash and clean the old man, offering his
hand to the girl, it takes the hand of man, then they
leads to one of those homes, seal the door with
same materials that the house is built, it must
and remain locked together for nine months,
at which time all the furniture they built me
had taught. After that time, leaving the two together
bodies into one body, and not having more than one soul,
From this moment are one and its power is very large
on earth .... "
But not only the Bernardo Trevisano addressed relate the latest
stage of the alchemical Great Work, did Zsimo of Panpolis
own. In his aforementioned "Thoughts authentic," says:
"On the Water God: Behold the great and divine mystery, the
search for excellence. Is everything. Its nature, one essence;

as a drag and drop them from the other. Silver is the liquid
(mercury), the androgynous, which is always in motion.
Is the water that all Divine ignored. Its nature is difficult to
understand: it is neither mental nor water, nor a metal body.
You can not tame, it's the all in all, life is
encouragement. One who understands this mystery has the gold
and silver. "
Finally, we are reunited with Fulcanelli, including citations to
alchemical androgynous. Eugene thought his pupil Canseliet
find it kind of turned into a transvestite in 1954, in
Seville, Spain. In "The Fulcanelli Mystery", by Kenneth Rayner
Johnson, says: "Canseliet was to turn around to return to
their rooms, when, passing in front of women
where he was one of them turned, looked at him and smiled.
Issue was a brief moment. The woman turned back
their partners and together they continued their way out of their
visual field. Canseliet was stunned. Swears he's face
the 'woman' he had seen was that of Fulcanelli. Strange
seems to be the story, Canseliet states that saw him and,
only had a few close friends confided.
What should I infer from this strange episode? We can only
presumed. But this presumption can be influenced at least
by some knowledge of the darker and mysterious alchemical
there is a possible explanation may be less incredible
it seems at first sight.
Among the many symbols of the Great Work, one of the most
remarkable and mysterious is called androgynous or
alchemical. In the classical texts of alchemy, is frequently
to him as symbolizing the dual nature of fire
secret of the various salts compound employed, the rebis or
thing twice. But sometimes it is presented as a symbol of
own finished work. There are many different versions pictorial
This androgynous figure in the alchemical literature. "

The alchemical work has three main colors: black,
white and red, with some variations like green and yellow
Rillo. The three main colors of the alchemical work remain
associated with three alchemical stages: Nigredo (Work and the
of putrefaction), Albedo (White to work associated with the
silver) and
Rubedo (Obra red associated with gold). And those three-phase
of the alchemical work, together with other two-color phases are
systems or in the Rites of the Order and the Illuminati
Societas OTO Masonic Rites and some as Masonry
Egyptian Ancient and Primitive Rite of Memphis-Misram
Italy. The three colors of the alchemical works are also
in the three branches of Tantrism (black, white and red) in the
kinds of voodoo in Lucifero or designed in the French flag
by David Mason Louis.
The structure of the Rites and Systems and the Order of
the Societas OTO understand how we will meet the
stages and grades. The Rite System, or Societas OTO 10
Operating degrees is the Rite of Memphis-Misram. 10 degrees
Rite 6 are associated with alchemical stages. The first three
grades correspond to the Status Brown, 4th grade
corresponds to the Black Work, grades 5, 6 and 7 correspond
to the White Work, including the Green stage, the
8th grade is eligible for the scheme to Amarillo, and grades 9 th
-10 th
Work to correspond to the red. In the Rite of the Order or System
Illuminati, The Modern Rite of Iluminados Bavaria 13
degrees of initiation, alchemical phases are associated with
very similar. Grades 1, 2 and 3 correspond to the

Status at Brown; grades 4, 5 and 6 correspond to the

Work at Black; grades 7th, 8th and 9th are at the Work
Blank, but included the Green Stage and the Regime
Amarillo and the upper grades are at the Work
Resta said that the Egyptian Freemasonry of the Ancient and
Rite of Memphis-Misram includes the following association
alchemical stages and grades:
1.Condicin to Brown: 1 -3
2.Obra to Black: 4 -33
3.Fase to Green: 34 -42
4.Obra to White: 43 -63
5.Rgimen to Amarillo: 64 -74
6.Obra to Red: 75 -95
What to serve for the above understanding of the alchemical
grades associated with them, the purpose of alchemy and
ancient history. Alchemy is the art of music "for its
affinity with the universal rhythms, as teachers hermetical
Renaissance, and we have demonstrated.
BAPHOMET, the god of light
I have left to the last chapter referred to as god
Light Baphomet (Lucifer, Prometheus, Iblis ...). Review your
history and his figure is to discover its status god
Light, Knowledge, and especially the start. Without it,
Indeed, initiation can not be completed. He is handing over
Knowledge, free of dogmas and raised to the altars of the

There is a god of light, called Baphomet, Lucifer, Iblis,

... Prometheus, which appears throughout the time between
Templar, the Rosicrucian, The Illuminati and the Freemasons,
Knowledge, Light and initiation.
Thus, the medieval Templars were present and have
as god of Light Baphomet, the "talking head". And that
God of Light was the one who guided them in their great
The occult teachings of the Illuminati Order has shown that
according to the mythological story of the Illuminati, Adam
Weishaupt, to 1774, came into contact with the Danish mystic
Kolmar, who had traveled to Egypt, Middle East and
East and received the esoteric tradition. As a result,
Weishaupt was able to contact a "talking head"
Baphomet, later found by the Illuminati of Bavaria
warrant it. As founder of the Illuminati Order, I
Baphomet also got revealed by the Liber Zion in the years
1999 and 2000, which was vital for the Illuminati. The
Liber Zion proclaims the start of the New Era of Zion, was
equality, freedom, love, tied at the end of slavery religious
political and economic.
The Rosicrucian, moreover, part of a mythical character,
Rosenkreutz Christian, and a series of early works
seventeenth century: "Fraternitatis Fama, Confessio
Fraternitatis" and
"Wedding of Christian alchemical Rosenkreutz. These works and
quoted character caused the emergence of the first orders
Rosicrucian in the eighteenth century, the Gold and Rosacruz
Old System Rosacruz, and the subsequent birth
other two branches Rosicrucian inspired them: the Golden Dawn
and Thelema. Well, some of those orders and branches not only
knew the God of Light, Baphomet or Lucifer, but in
some cases, we worshiped. The English started Aleister

Crowley, the founder of Thelema, chose the name of initiation

of Baphomet, the Liber Legis was revealed by a
entity next to the god of Light (Aiwass) and edited the journal
"Lucifer", and its libertarian motto "Do what you want. That
must be all the law. "
Finally, modern Freemasonry, which has its origin in the
Grand Lodge of London (1717) and in the Constitutions of
Anderson (1723), also joined and incorporated its rituals
and teachings, but increasingly, the god of light, low
names Iblis, Baphomet, Lucifer ... This god is shown in
degrees of the Rite of Memphis-Misram, inherited by the
OTO, and the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite, of which the
Illuminati takes six degrees: Apprentice, Companion, Master,
Sovereign Prince of Rosacruz, Caballero and Kadosch
Sovereign Grand Inspector General.
For example, General Albert Pike (1809-1891), one of the
leaders Mason (Scottish Rite, Southern Jurisdiction) of the
the United States and author of one of the treaties
Masonic most famous, "Morals and Dogma of the Ancient and
Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry ", was very important
the god of Light, in his version of Lucifer. Lawyer, scholar
of religion, the army general of the Confederation
during the Civil War, Sovereign Grand Commander of the Rite
Scots in the Southern United States jurisdiction since 1859
until 1891, Pike was the undisputed authority of the Masons,
writing in his famous "Morals and Dogma": "LUCIFER,
The Bearer of Light! Strange and mysterious name given to
Spirit of Darkness! Lucifer, the Son of the morning! He is
who bears the Light, and its intolerable glares blind
Souls weak, sensual or selfish? Do not hesitate, because
Traditions are full of Revelations and Inspirations
divine inspiration and is not an age, or creed.
Plato and Philo also inspired. " And at another point,
Pike said it rounded to recognize Lucifer as "the instrument

of Freedom and free will, "a message back

of freedom and equality of the god of light and in
other orders of the Western tradition.

Albert Pike

In summary, one can say that there is a god of light, called

Baphomet, Lucifer, Iblis, ... Prometheus, which appears between
The Templar, The Illuminati, the Rosicrucian and Freemasonry,
Knowledge wearing, light and initiation, and also offering
freedom and equality.
The figure of Baphomet has been subject repeatedly
has little rigorous interpretations. The late Montague
Summers, alleged expert on demonology and witchcraft,
word of the Greek word BAPh Metis, baptism of Light.
Conceals Madeline Montalban, founder of the Order of the
Star of Tomorrow, defended the theory that the name is
derived from the exotic Bfmaat word, meaning "the
Opener of the Gate. " And concealment French Eliphas Lvi
In his work so secret that the mysterious name
discovered by investing his lyrics. I will not enter the

controversial. For me, the more accurate assessment is that

Baptism means Light and Wisdom.
In any case, continuing the excellent drawing made
Eliphas Lvi, are symbols that show that
Baphomet is no doubt the god of Knowledge, Light and initiation.
Levi drew Baphomet goat head, androgynous traits
and symbols of initiation, sitting on a bucket. Between horns
the entity, and drew a pentragrama a torch. And, in his
body, added a few feminine breasts and a phallus-shaped
rod of Hermes, an arm and a male and a female
hand up and down the other hand, drawing a moon
growing and shrinking. Each arm had a word in
Latin: solve and coagula.
Let the symbols above, from the symbolism. Stone
symbolizes the Mason Gross in their raw state. The six-sided
(squares) represents the state in high Mason. Square,
which is related to the cube is the symbol of the world and the
nature. In it we find the name of God in Hebrew,
YHVH, the four elements, the four seasons. We have,
therefore, a sitting on the world Baphomet, god of
The torch symbolizes the divine light and that which is carried
carries the light to mankind. Baphomet is therefore as
symbology, the god who carries the light. Is not this explanation
is consistent
on the condition of the initiation of god Baphomet?
The pentagram or five-pointed star has been used since
the dawn of humanity. The Pythagoreans called it
Pentalfa and some link it to Syria, the first god
that, perhaps, known mankind. Kenneth Grant, head of the
OTO English and last disciple of Aleister Crowley, has noted
"For the Egyptians, Sirius was expressed by the hieroglyph of
teeth and the snake, it is essential that the mother

gave birth to the seven planets known as the specific

time. You could add that Syria is also represented
by the dog and is the "morning star", the star
leads to the creation ... Baphomet is therefore, presents
with a symbol linked to the first god, the Primordial Light.
The state law of the pentagram symbolizes the triumph of spirit
on the matter, the reverse state, by contrast, symbolizes the
contrary. The staff of Baphomet appears in your state
right, because his figure is divine and initiatory, no material
as is the case with Satan. In fact, the current satanic cults
use the investment in staff.
The remaining symbols of Baphomet, however, be noted
Hermeticism and the Hermetic principles 7. The
Baphomet symbols are shown linked to the 7 principles
airtight. This proves once more that this is the god of the Co 53
tion, light and initiation.
The hermeticism invites you to discover all the mysteries of
Baphomet has its universe and science, revealing symbols.
Consider the relationship between the 7 principles and tight
Words solve and coagula of Baphomet, alluding to the ease
to dissolve and create, symbolizing "everything is mind,
Universe is mental. "
A hand up and down the other hand Baphomet,
symbolize the "as above, so below."
Those hands and the rod of Hermes in vibration ... symbolize
the "nothing is static, everything vibrates.

Both directions of the hands, the moon and the moon black
female breasts and male phallus Baphomet symbolize
the whole double.
Lunar phases that represent the two moons symbolize the
"Everything flows and refluye, moving back and forth, up and
Words solve and coagula of Baphomet symbolizes the whole
cause leads to effect and effect of a cause. "

Female breasts and male phallus, the two types of arm
of Baphomet, symbolizing "everything is male and female."
Culminated when the initiation primarily
through full and Tantrism, becomes the androgynous
divine, in the alchemical androgynous in their own god,
that can transform your reality and all reality
that surrounds them. That is when he has exceeded all
stages of alchemy and the last stage work to Red. We can say
that is when, through a route already initiation Baphomet
united to him, discovered his real power. And that is without
Baphomet, the launch can not be completed because they lack
Knowledge, Light and an initiatory path that exalts man to

their status as God.

For all these reasons, we have initiated the high-grade
duty to exalt the figure of the god of light in the initiation
leave any doubt about that. Remember
Pike and his famous phrase about Lucifer, to Crowley and his
Pan, "the poem that best describes the start in a few lines;
or the good of Adam Weishaupt.
In this book, with a clear and understandable, I tried
translate the idea of initiation. Now, for the
readers understand and develop, wherever your wish.

- Author's Preface ................................................................7
- Chapter One: The Yoga ................................................... 9

Chapter Two: Tantrism ............................................15

- Chapter Three: The cabal ................................. 21
- Chapter Four: The symbolism and message ....... 29
- Chapter Five: The alchemy ...... 37
-Chapter Six: Baphomet, the god of Light.... 49


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