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ENTREGAR EN SEPTIEMBRE EL DiA DEL EXAMEN A TU PROFESOR INGLES CUADERNO DE VERANO 2° ESO rr al & & & & EL Look at the pictures, Then write the correct, B Complete the sentences with the words below. school subjects Use the Present Simple Oy ©, © a DG @ 18 Jack's favourite subject is technology i B Circle the words in the puzzles. Then complete the sentences with the correct words so2electron, iene, a ction scope pAtSlFFEOP Car sq quorh SeOMPAES 1. Do you know the answer to 8692 65 x 44301? Use a calculator 2 An has got thousands of words in it 3. You can make circles with a 4 You can take a to school or work. ‘A book of maps is an Artists often use ‘Small things Jook big with a ‘You read about school subjects in 1. Don gOS (go) to school in Rome 2 Kenny always (isten] to music on his MP4 player 3, The students (row) plants 41 (cook! dinner every night 5 You {study) at night 6 We never (read) books Decide if the sentences are true (T) or false (F} Correct the false sentences. Use the Present ‘Simple negative. F 1 Queen Elizabeth lives in California. Queen Elizabeth doesnt lve in California 2 Cats like fish 3, Rafael Nadal plays basketball at Wimbledon 4, Most people in Mexico speak Chinese. 5, Easter comes before Christmas Circe the correct answers 1. Do /@oes)your favourite teacher teach mathe? 2. Do / Does you enjoy school? 3. Do / Does you wear a school uniform? + Do / Does your best friend go to your school? 5. Do / Does your mother and father work at your school? Answer the questions in Exercise 5 Make the answers true for you Build Up 2 Photocopiable 6B Arlington Books PROP ROS RHEARAHRARRK ARKH RARER RCH Ae A ww & Name: GEAVIIND) Look at the picture. Then complete the B Complete the sentences with the words sentences with the words below below. Use the Present Simple not eat + teach » not walk « work » make 1 CherDave makes —tunch for the a students at our school “ 2 We to school, We ride our cel bikes ey 3 you at the supermarket on Saturdays? 7” at tomatoes because t hate i them! 5 the new teacher a history or science? Complete the questions according to the aa answers Use Who, What, When, Where, Why and How often = 1, When do you have an English = calculator + paints « lesson? On Friday at 10 o'clock : ‘multimedie-projeeKGr « electronic dictionary 2 teaches you drama? aa ‘Taptop computer + microscope Mrs Jones a 1. Mrs Webb has got a multimedia projector 3 does your best fiend live? and a laptop computer In Copenhagen = 2 Sam has got and an 4 do you do after school? [usually go swimming s 5 4do you and your sister Piet eo ‘walk to school? Because we live near the 4 Gail has got a anda school 6 do you play sport? 5. Joe has got a I play sport every day 5 write que the words below. 2 compet th puso wih to school ubjpets we gurstons wth ale 1 when /we/ goon holiday J 2 When do we go on holiday? ee where {your friend / live 3. what/ you and your family / ike / eating 4 how often f the students / have / ll a. | school trip tl FEES PPTet 5. who / use / an electronic dictionary f at school Build Up 2 Photooopiatle oO Bualngton Boks @ = oy om au a a a aa a » B shout smile feel shout know kiss hug touch wony ay think hold sing show hug B_ write questions with the words below. Use the Present Continuous 2 Look at the picture and write eight affirmative or negative sentences lo the Present your fiends talk to you / now ecpunbeate Are your friends talking to you now? ‘you / sit /in the classroom / right now you / read /a book / at the moment you and your fiiends /listen to the teacher / the teacher / ask / you / question / at the moment 4, Answer the questions in Exercise 3. Make the answers true for you. The teacher to music. Lisa a book John and Kate an apple water, in a notebook [Bui Up Phcopabc oD Butgion SPe2@eeeQetaGAGAARRAERAAGHHAAR BARB BSBGAEBABEEE SHPRPOAPDSOBCHHHBFGPIAGTIDIAIA A HA HGS FAIA IHS SSS Name: L Find ten words in the puzzle and write them 2 Complete the sentences with the correct under the correct picture Present Simple or Present Continuous form of the verbs in brackets ffalffelstetbit © 1, Atthe moment, Tom ifploisitjatcto is drinking (drink) cota Bfajipeiowesie 2 Tom (not tke) s[vld}i|mie|nig Football, elste|flalejetu 3 Tom and Betty r alelolcle eave} now. ojnth{s|k} a} 4. Tom sometimes califitife (wear) hat 5, Tom (not play) football right now. 6, Tom and his team never (win} football matches, 7 Betty (play! the saxophone now. Tom and Betty (not travel) in a car now. B Look at the picture and decide whether the sentences in Exercise 2 are true or false. Write T (True} or F (False) next to each sentence above Build Up 2 Phoiovopiable oB Buolingion Books & GED ‘T. Find six types of music and five musical instruments inthe puzzle. Then write them in the correct column below Name: B Write sentences with the words below. Use the Past Simple. 1. Dan {play /in dhe school band / lest year Dan played in the school band lest year 2. we J plan | the music J for the party 3. Lisa / bake / a cake | for my birthday 4. imy friends { visit { me / last week 5. 1 //clean | the house / yesterday =a Complete the chert with the correct form of nae the verbs. z E 1 walk walked 2 danced 7 3. study i 4 made 5 al 2 Circle the correct answers Bee | saw 7 say B. if thought 9. do Z aH) 0 came Latin / hard rock ® ® Ff AK & keyboard / electric guitar R&B Y classical drums / violin Complete the sentences with the verbs in brackets. Use the Past Simple. 1 Harry — kicked (Rick) the ball into the goal. 2 We (move) to France in 2004 3. The teacher (aive} us a lot of homework 4, Lucy (send) the e-mail 5. My parents {buy} ne an electric guivar 6. Beyoncé (sing) a new song at the concert Teas] THAUDDRWAAAAARARARRRERARRRRHEARe@Eeaeaee > ™ D ” SUTVTTVUTVVVVS VPP D DDS VD VIDDID BoD. dD ovVoVWodDeEVe F Complete the sentences with the words below. Then write the letters in the squares to find the name of @ famous rock band. expensive + popular + exciting + dangerous crowded + famous + delicious » strange loud + colourfut 1 tsawas ta olgle animal yesterday ithad a horse's head and a zebra’s body. 2. Many teenagers like [7] music 3. Don't ride your bike without a light. I's Oo ! 4, The food is O cant have some more, please? 5 T've got some 1 news! rm going to the Beyoncé concert! 6. Lynn has got a lot of friends. She is very 7 Julie tikes red, orange and purple. She wears vey O clothes 8 Madonna is a singer 9. There were 20,000 people atthe concert. ft was really Oo: 10. The tickets for the concert are £45 each! That's very Oo The rock band is 2 Complete the sentences with the verbs in brackets. Use the Past Simple. Yesterday, my friends! had (have) a party at my house. Ben and Betty i (make) delirious food and 1 (bake) two cakes We (danced, * (listen) to music and © (chat) with our friends. At 11.00, we (cat) cake and ice cream. Then at 12 o'clock, my mother 7 (come) into the room and 7 {send) everyone home. Build Up 2 Photocopiable =D Birilngion Rooks Mame: B Look at the picture. Then complete the sentences with the correct form of There was or There wore. LAST NIGHT There were some drums in the 2 any fish in the aquarium, 3 some CDs on a chair. 4 a dog under the table 5. a piano in the room, 6 a saxophone on the table 2 any violins near the drums Answer the questions according to the picture in Exercise 3. Use the correct form of There was or There wore 1 Was there a saxophone in the room? Yes, there was 2. Were there four guitars? 3. Was there a cat in the room? 4 Were there two chairs in the room? Was there any food in the room? ‘TL Circte the correct type of film Guitiedy comedy drama / western romance / crime documentary / fantasy science fiction / biographical 2 Use the code to write the types of films. Then match the types of films to the pictures below. Complete the sentences with the verbs in brackets, Use the Past Simple negative 1 James and Ethan didnt play (play) in the band last week 2. Rose James Bond film yesterday (enjoy) the 3. Tracey and Dave (do) their homework yesterday 4. Andy (buy) tickets for the jazz concert last night 5. My friends (move) 0 France last year Jenna went on holiday with her parents to Hollywood. Write sentences about the things she did and the things she didn’t do there. TO DO visit a film studio meet Brad Pitt x ride in a limousine X 1 see the new Harry Potter film 7 Ajel[c[plele [ela] « [a] efi] y ihatstalstelz te loll is pe eee ee wiotrtole sti tulviw 7 ge to Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills ¥ 7 : buy T-shirts ina souvenir shop X {x ]15|16] 07 [18] 19[20] 21 [22] 25 26 1 13-21-19-9-3-1-12 musical 2, 8-9-19-20-15-18-9-3-1-12 3 B15-18-18-15-18 4 114-913 20-5-4 5. 1-4-22-5-14-20-21-18-5 [Jenna visited o film studio. Build Up 2 Photocopiable oO Burlingion Books ARAMRAAAARAARARAARAG AnOHnnnannan APAHRAAR A 9 SBSSSSSSSFSRFSVQDSVO a ~@ a a = ca.) a = = 2 VOCABULARY.) Unscramble the words. Then write them under the correct pictures, 1. deg fridge 2. lawl 3 kins 4 rolof 5. vimercowa 6. incusa 7 ba 8. cafetiper 9. ratpee 10 ginshaw hemcain Mame: 2 Look at Erin’s list of things to do Then complete the questions and answer them THINGS TO DO feed the dog J call Donald x moke spaghetti for dinner / do homework 7 water the plants in the garden x clean bedroom X 1 Did Brin feed the dog? Yes. she did 2 Erin Donald? 3 she spaghetti for dinner? 4 she her homework? Erin the plants in the garden? 6 she her bedroom? Complete the questions in the dialogue. George: Where! did you go yesterday? Jodi: 1 went to Universal Studios George: When? ? Jodi: 1 arrived at 10.00 in the morning George: * ? Jodi: Yes, 1 liked it a lot! George: What * 2 Jodi: I went on rides, had Junch and met a film ster George: Who * ? Jodi: 1 met Will Smith - and he gave me his autograph! George: Wow! What © 2 Jodi: He wrote, “To Jodi ~ Be good! Will Smith” ® ‘T Find the words in the puzzle. Then match ‘them to the correct pictures. Be Bo %66 2 Complete the chart with the words below. hot + gett« stormy + dry + sunny * snowy wet 3 Complete the sentences with the verbs in brackets. Use the Past Continuous 1. At 9.00 last night, the students were studying (study) maths. 2. Dave and Pete (play) tennis an hour ago 3 AL 800, Kim (dance) 4. My parents (work) at 4.00 5, Debbie (get) dressed for school at 7.15. Mame: Cirele the correct answers. The TV was on because my father ‘Gwas watching)! wasn't watching a football match. I don't like sport, so 1? was sitting / wasn't sitting with my father. was in the kitchen. There was music because my sister was singing / wasn't singing a song My | brother ‘was doing / wasn’t doing homework. He was at the cinema with his friends My mother *was playing / wasn't playing with my hamster. She hates animals. = A (OP fe *3) ) adil ad apa ea Wer ela Use the Past Continuous. ‘Ann: OK, everybody. I've got some questions Paul, what? — were you — ¢0!Ng_—_ (do) at 7 o'clock last night? Paul: J was with my brother. We 2 (play) computer games Ann: And you, Donna? Donna: 1° (do) homework My sister * (listen) 0 music. Ann: * ‘your mother (cook) dinner? Donna: No, she wasnt She ¢ (ovork) in the library ‘Ann: What about you, Gary? Gary: 17 (run) with some friends in the park. Ann: Thanks, everybody. { Build Up 2 Photocopiabio oD Burlington Books ai 8) a & g anaaaeeana PDRBRDVPBRBVBBVDDRR BBB B ‘LT. Circle six emergency words in the puzzle ‘Then write the three jobs on the lines below ; police 2 Circle the word that doesn't belong, 1. cut «(Ge} blood « injury 2, cars ambulance « bus + accident 3. cool» warm + sink * hot 4. stormy + sunny + rainy + snowy B Complete the sentences with the words below. Use the Past Continuous cook » shop + study + wateh « rain 1, Yesterday at 9.00, it Was raining 2. Athalf past four, | al the supermarket. 3. We a horror film at 11:30 last night 4. Nina dinner at 7.00. 5. At 230, the students in the library. [Bud Up Preocopaie 20 Bargin Book] Name: 4 Look at the picture Then complete the sentences with the verbs in brackets. Use the ‘mative or negative ‘At quarter past two yesterday afternoon 1. Tina and Tom Were Watching (watch) TV. They werent cleaning tean) their rooms 2. John (read) a book. He (feed) the dog. 3. Sam and Jake (eat) pizza. They (omake) rice. 4. The dog {stand) near the wall. It (steep) on ihe sofa Write questions with the words below. Then answer the questions according to the picture in Exercise 4. Use the Past Continuous. 1. Sam and Jake / wash / the dishes / at 2.15 Were Sam and Jake washing the dishes af 215? No, they weren't 2. John J sit / near / the fireplace 3. Tina and Tom / eat { popcorn 4. the dog / play / in the garden 'F Circle the food items in the puzzle. Then write ‘them under the correct picture. seafoodtuitha, iovegetny ey yogi re eb f064 0 Oe @ flour we 2 Circle the correct answers Which of the items 1. is often in soup? ahoney — pudding vegetables 2. isn’t a liquid? a. oll b. noodles e. soup 3. Isn't meat? a. ham b.lamb salt 4 is usually in bread? a seafood b flour yoghurt 5. Is sometimes in ice cream? a. fruit bo beans ©. tomato sauce Complete the questions with can. Then answer the questions 1 Can ek balls? Yes. they can football players ram and an elephant sing opera? 3 whales fy? 4 an astronaut walk in space? A: Answer the questions. Make them true for you. 1 Could you do the homework yesterday? 2. Could you play the saxophone last year? 3, Could you end your friends speak French in B50 1? 4 Could your dad drive a car a year ago? 5 complete the sentences with should o shouldn't 1. The carisn'telean.1 should — wash it 2. Its cold. We wear sandals. 3. Ben is ill. He stay in bed 4 You eat unhealthy food. © compete the sentences with must or mustnt. 1, You must feed a dog every day. 2. You throw rubbish in the street 3. You shout ina library 4. You do your homework Build Up 2 Photocopiable of} Rurfingion Books Aas anaan a@ aanaa AaRADRAAT apaoan an Name: S Complete the sentences with must or mustn't RULES FOR OUR CLASS I We must listen to our teacher 2 We shout in class 3 We use mobile phones in class 4 We always do our homework 9 5 We always J put our rubbish in the bin \xf| a 4: complete te sentences with shou or shouldn'. a 1. Is cold today. You should weara jacket a i : 2. Pm hungry 1 make a a sandwich a 3. Ben is studying. We talk quietly a a 10 tablectoth £ plate + You ‘at your soup with a fon >. knife ass a s a 5. The dog sleep on the bed fork bh cup Mum doesnt like it spoon i candles a napkin j bow! 5 Circle the correct answers. a 1. Dan play tennis because he hasn't got his trainers s a.should @)eant could 2 Complete the paragraph with can, can‘, could a Dae emer eerste 2. Is Dad's birthday. We bake cake for , or couldn't iad a Alexander Graham Bell invented the acant b must should 2 telephone in 1876 Before that, people 3. Children go to schoo! + eouldn i ew ‘ , 3 call their friends. H a. must. shouldn't c mustn't 2 they contact them? They 4. Fish swim a write leters. Today, we a. should b. can © couldn't a always visit our friends, but 5 You. eat alot of pudding. it's not good we® send e-mails 10 them. But for you a in the 1800s, people ¢ send acan't —b must. shouldn't Z ‘e-mails because there weren't any computers 7 " you think of any other a inventions we use today for communication? a 1 [ Bala Dp 7 Phaoconibe oi Brnpion @ 1 Match the words in A to their opposites in B A B 1 fast 2. ugly 2. heavy b tiny 3. preity . stupid 4, strong } a stow 5 huge . light 6. young {weak 7. intelligent @ old 2 Circle the correct answers 1 Lhate horror films. They're young / ten 2. My father is very intelligent / light He knows everything! 3. Dan won the race. He can run huge / fast 4, I've got eight books in my schoolbag I's heavy / weak. 5. Look at the colourful / old butterfly It’s yellow and orange B complete the chart with the comparative form of the adjectives. 1 young younger than 2 ugly than 3. bad ‘ : aa than |. beautiful than | 5. good than 6 sad than 1. exciting ed than Name: AL Complete the sentences with the adjectives in brackets Use the comparative form 1 Jeannie is older than (ald) Amold 2 Beauty is Beast (pretty) the 3. The girls are the boys 4. Brian is Kevin 5. Alice's cat is (fat) Peg's cat 6. My fish are (dangerous) your fish {young) 5 write sentences about the picture, Use the ‘comparative form of the adjectives below. thin « strong + happy sbig? frightening 1. The grey boat is higger than the white boat ® @ @ 3 8 2 3 e e es s oe 2 2 @ 2 2 Be 2 BS @D Ba = 2 2 oa 2 2 7. ysoes ‘L_ Unscramble the words. Then match the words to the pictures 1 woe cow 2. rede 3. Wf 4. flow 5. igp 6 lettur 7. drizal 8 bibart 9 stoopuc 10. omoquits 1 shelfifly 2 Complete the chart with the words below Laits honey + leg eye «knife» elephant fur lizard octopus + soup » animal = ents ld Up 2 Photocopsbe oD Bina Books] Name: Circle the correct answers We saw any / some /(@a}cagle in the park Do you want to see a {an / any snake? There are an | some | any tees in front of the house 4 There aren't a / some / any tigers in the safari park, 5. There wasn't much | many / a homework yesterday. 6. Are there much f many / an animals in this film? Complete the sentences with a, an, some, any or the. 1 Arethere any jizards on the wall? 2. There are birds in the park 3. Do you want pet dog? 4, There is eagle in the sky eagle is huge! 5. There's ambulance near your house 6. There isn’t water on the table Complete the questions with How much or How many. 1. Howe many people were there at the party? 2 sugar does Bob put in his tea? 3 answers do you know? 4 oil is there in the tomato sauce? rabbits have got white fur? ‘T. Circle the correct answers. 1. Put your mouse on a(mouse pad)/ screen 2. YouTube is my favourite computer game / website 3. You should clean your instant messaging | keyboard can’t see the letters 4 Mave you got the new printer / virtual reality game? 5. Bill takes his homework to school on @ ‘webcam / flash drive. 6. I need a joystick | scanner to play my new computer game 2 what are Adam and Michelle going to do tomorrow? Look at the diary entries. Then complete the three affirmative and three negative sentences below Use be going to. ADAM 900 Do homework 1200 Buy sunglasses and flip-flops 300 Meet Mum ot the museum | 630 Get dressed for party 730. My birthday party at the beochl! MICHELLE 900 Go to the library 1200 Play bastetbal with Sim 300 Make seafood salad for Adams party 630 Get dressed for party 730 Take salad and new computer game. fopariy Affirmative 1. Adam 15 going to de 9.00 2. Michelle salad at 3.00 3. Michelle and Adam to Adam's party at the beach at 7.30. homework at seafood Negative 1 Adam sunglasses and flip-flops at 9 00 2. Michelle basketball at 3.00, 3. Adam and Michelle Adam's mum at the museum at 6.30. Name: B complete the questions. Use be going to 1 Ara Brenda and her parents going to fly (ny) to Egypt? 2 they (visit) the pyramids? 3 Brenda (Fide) on an elephant? 4 Brenda and her parents, (eat) pizza? 5. Brenda's Father (buy) souvenirs? & Look at Brenda's plans for her trip to Egypt ‘Then answer the questions in Exercise 3 according to the picture below. 5 Complete the sentences with the verbs in brackats. Use the Present Continuous with future meaning. 1. My friend Js working {work} in the library later. 2 Bradley and Sam (drive) to London next week? 3. Hemy (not meet) me later today. 4 we (leave) soon? 5.1 (not watch) TV later tonight, [Buia B Pine 3 Brn fs] seer Re ee See eisest eee am ete eet tae ia B ay 4 compete the words with the missing vowels. : Then match the words tothe correct pletures a | sdnglasses 6h thr sh te 2m p at thp st ado ths 8 mb (pf ps 9m vig d St wl it tbr sh GIT 2 Write sentences with the words below, Use be going to. 1 we / buy / a webcam / for our computer } tomorrow We are going to buy a webcam for our computer tomorrow. 2. Bruce and Tom | visit / friends J after school 3. Tf not do J my project f on the computer 4. Tina | finish / her homework on Friday 5. you / not play / computer games / tonight od Up Phaacpiane oB Big Bos] ve FFTSTFTTSFETCIFCIGTCFCVVGHRPVUIIIIBS Mame: B Look at the survey in a teen magazine. Complete the questions with the verbs in brackets. Use ‘be going to @® Are you going to travel (travel) in the summer? ® you (study)? e your parents (g0) ona trip? @ you and your friends (plan) a party? you (have) a birthday in the summer? L Answer the questions in Exercise 3. Make them ‘rus for you B complete the sentences with the verbs in brackets, Use the Presont Continuous with future meaning. Thon choose the correct time expression 11 am baying (buy) a new scanner a. yesterday @ tomorrow © every day 2. We (sail) to the Canary Islands aim April c._last week b twice a month 3. Tom with his grandmother (not have) junch a. aweek ago. nan hour every Monday 4. We {meet friends at the restaurant 2 at600 cin 1985, I bb every evening E 5 Alice (wear) her new skirt at the party .. ? a. last Friday c. next Friday bon Fridays @ | T_ Complete the puzzle and find out what Jenna wants to be. Jenna wants te bean 2 Match A to B to make sentences. A 1. A graphic artist 2 Avet 3. Achef 4. A fashion designer 5. A newspaper reporter 6. An athlete 7. A nursery school teacher a, works with young children b cooks food at restaurants cc. does a sport well writes articles. makes clothes. £ helps animals, 1g. makes art on a computer. & Name: B complete the sentences with the correct form of wil. 1 Greta will meet (meet) an astronaut 2. The chefs, (spend) many hours in the kitchen, 3. My friend {mot hecome) a fashion designer: 4, Toni and Pete (not work) ten hours @ day 5. In ten years, | (not go} to school. Complete the questions with wilf and the verbs in brackets 1 Will pm have a Chinese restaurant? (have) 2 you by aeroplane? (travel) 3 Andrea a good mark in the maths test? (get) 4 the photograph a prize? (win) 5. the new boy at your party? (be) ‘Answer the questions according to the word in brackets. Use short answers. 1 Will you win the race? (yes) Yes, | will 2. Will we sell our car? (no) 3. Will Paul meet a famous film star? (no) 4, Will visit Japan one day? (yes) 5, Will Betty and Arnold have seven children? (n0) Build Up 2 Phoiocaplable oD Burlington Books % aa @ a @ PP APACER AB an o a nn SSPAIPIVDODS STI BODITVTHHBH HTH H EK HHSS Build Up 2 Photocopiable of Burl Look at the pictures and complete the sentences with the adjectives below. eee teaser Onn 1 Hes messy 2. She's 3. They're 4. He's 5. She's Complete the sentences with the words below. lazy + hard-working + powerful brave clever 1. Jimmy is good at maths and science He's very clever 2 Those children never help their mother They're 3. Debbie goes to university and has got a job. She's very 4. The job is dangerous but Ben will doit He's 5. Kings and presidents are people. Mame: B_mateh A with B to make sentences A I leave now, 2. If Danny wants to talk {0 me today, 3. IFour neighbouts have a party on Friday 4. I'my parents agree, 5. Ifthe sports centre is closed, 6. I'she gets good marks at school, a. they will invite us. b. we will have pizza for dinner. ©. Brad won't play tennis. 1d. Lwon't be late © Emma will study at university fhe will phone me Complete the sentences with the correct form of the verbs in brackets 1. tfthey ask them 2. If she doesn't get a ticket, Sherry {not go) to the concert. {ask) me, I will help 3. I the film [start) at 8.00, ‘we will have dinner at 6.30. 4. Diana (be) late, we won't wait for her 5. If you don’t call them, they (not come) Complete the sentences so they are true for you. 1. IFT get good marks, 2 If travel in the summer, 3. Ifit rains tomorrow If go to the cinema this weekend, 5. If my parents agree,