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About the company…
• Tata Motors Limited, formerly known
as TELCO (TATA Engineering and
Locomotive Company), is a
multinational corporation
headquartered in Mumbai, India. It is
India's largest passenger automobile
and commercial vehicle
manufacturing company. Part of the
TataGroup, and one of the world's
largest manufacturers of
commercial vehicles
About the company…
• Tata Motors is a
part of the Tata
and Sons Group,
founded by
Jamshetj Tata and
J. Baker. The
company was
established in 1945
as a locomotive
manufacturing unit
and later expanded
its operations to
commercial vehicle
sector in 1954.
About the founder…
Jehangir Ratanji Dadabhoy Tata
• J.R.D. Tata was
born on July 29
1904 in Paris,
France,as the
second child of
Dadabavo Tata
and his French
wife, Suzanne
Jehangir Ratanji Dadabhoy Tata
• J.R.D. Tata was inspired early by
aviation pioneer Louis Blériot, and
took to flying. In 1929 Tata got the
first pilot license issued in India. He
later came to be known as the father
of Indian civil aviation. He founded
India's first commercial airline, 'Tata
Airlines', in 1932, which in 1946
became Air India, now India's national
Jehangir Ratanji Dadabhoy Tata

• At the age of 34, he became

Chairman of Tata Sons, the
holding Company of the Tata
Group. For decades, J R D
directed the huge Tata Group of
companies, with major interests
in Steel, Engineering,
Power,Chemicals and
J R D Tata
• He was awarded the Legion
d'honneur, by the French
Government in 1954. He also received
the prestigious Guggenheim Medal
for aviation in 1988. He was
conferred India's highest civilian
award in 1992 for his service to
industry and nation building. He died
in Geneva, Switzerland in 1993 at the
age of 89. He is buried at Père
Lachaise Cemetery in Paris.

“best in the manner in which
we operate, best in the
products we deliver, and
best in our value system and
• Tata Motors constantly looks for ways to
offer the customer the best value for
money. Beginning with a single truck model
way back in the 1950s, today we have over
150 models and variants of vehicles,
designed to transport goods and
passengers. Our commercial vehicles can
haul loads ranging from 2 tonnes to 40
tonnes. Likewise we have mini buses that
can seat 12 people and buses that can
accommodate as many as 60. Tippers,
Tractor-trailers, 4x4 off road vehicles,
multi-utility vehicles-our range is vast.
Manufacturing units in India
• The company’s commercial and passenger
vehicles are already being marketed in
several countries in
• Europe
• Africa
• Middle East
• Australia
• South East Asia
• South Asia
• It has assembly operations in Malaysia,
Kenya, Bangladesh, Spain, Ukraine, Russia
and Senegal
• Board of Directors
 Mr Ratan Tata( Chairman)
 Mr N A Soonawala
 Mr J J Irani
 Mr V V Mehta
 Mr R Gopalakrishan
 Mr Nusli N Wadia
 Mr Ravi Kanth
Senior Management

• Mr Ravi Kant (Managing Director)

• Mr P M Telang (Executive Director)
• Mr Rajiv Dube (President)
• Mr C Ramakrishnan(Chief
financial officer
• Company Secretary
• Mr H K Sethna

• Corporate Communication
• Mr Debasis Ray
Passenger Cars
Utility Vehicles
Commercial Vehicles
Military Vehicles
Alternative Propulsion
Tata Motors Subsidiaries
• Tata Technologies Limited (TTL)
• Telco Construction Equipment
(TCE )
• Tata Daewoo CV
• 1945:Tata Engineering and Locomotive Co. Ltd. was
established to manufacture locomotives and other
engineering products.
• 1961:Exports begin with the first truck being
shipped to Ceylon, now Sri Lanka.
• 1971 Introduction of DI engines.
• 1977 First commercial vehicle manufactured in
• 1986 Production of first light commercial vehicle,
Tata 407, indigenously designed, followed by Tata
• 1989 Introduction of the Tatamobile 206 - 3rd LCV
• 1991 Launch of the 1st indigenous passenger car Tata
• TAC 20 crane produced.
• One millionth vehicle rolled out.
• 1992 Launch of the Tata Estate.
• 1993 Joint venture agreement signed with Cummins Engine
Co. Inc. for the manufacture of high horsepower and
emission friendly diesel engines.
• 1994 Launch of Tata Sumo - the multi utility vehicle.
• 1995 Mercedes Benz car E220 launched.
• 1996 Tata Sumo deluxe launched.
• 1997 Tata Sierra Turbo launched.
• 100,000th Tata Sumo rolled out.
• 1998 Tata Safari - India's first sports utility vehicle
• 2005 Tata Motors rolls out the 500,000th
Passenger Car from its Car Plant Facility in Pune
• Tata Ace, India's first mini truck launched
• 2006 Tata Motors and Marcopolo, Brazil,announce
joint venture to
manufacture fully built buses and coaches for India
and markets abroad.
• 2008: People’s Car, Nano, unveiled at the
ninth Auto Expo.Tata Motors signs definitive
agreement with Ford Motor Company to purchase
Jaguar and Land Rover.
Corporate Social
• True to the tradition of the Tata Group,
Tata Motors is committed in letter and
spirit to Corporate Social Responsibility. It
is a signatory to the United Nations Global
Compact, and is engaged in community and
social initiatives on labour and
environment standards in compliance with
the principles of the Global Compact. In
accordance with this, it plays an active
role in community development, serving
rural communities adjacent to its
manufacturing locations
NANO... The People’s Car
• Tata has developed a
car, named Tata Nano,
that aims to sell in
2009, It is the least
expensive production
car in the world: the
price is about Rs.
100,000 (USD $2,500).
The company unveiled
the supermini car
during the Auto Expo
2008 exhibition in
Pragati Maidan
Ford & Jaguar
• As of March 27, 2008, Tata Motors reached
agreement with Ford to purchase their
Jaguar and Land Rover operations for
US$2 billion. Tata will also gain the rights
to the Daimler, Lanchester, and Rover
brand names
• In addition to the brands, Tata Motors has
also gained access to 2 design centers and
3 plants in UK. The key acquisition would be
of the intellectual property rights related
to the technologies.
Ford & Jaguar
Recently in news.. .
• As has been seen in the month of October
2008 across the industry, unavailability of
finance, coupled with high interest rates, is
forcing customers to postpone purchases.
Different segments of the automobile
industry have been impacted to different
Total vehicle sales at 39,729 nos. 2 Nov
2008 : Tata Motors reported total sales of
39,729 vehicles (including exports) for the
month of October 2008, a decline of 20%
compared to 49,354 vehicles sold in
October last year
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