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All Extra Credit Projects are due Feb. 23rd!

Extra Credit Project 4th Six Weeks

The Wheel of Theodorus
The Wheel of Theodorus is a spiral formed by constructing a series
of right triangles on the hypotenuses of preceding triangles.
For your project, you will need the following materials:

One index card

Ruler or protractor
Colored pencils or markers

Step 1: Choose one of the corners of the index card, and measure 3/4" (.75") on the
adjacent sides of the corner.
Step 2: Starting in the center of the paper (for best results, begin
with the corner of your index card, 6" from the top, and 3"
from the left side), use the unit markings on the index card
to trace the first right angle and to mark the lengths of the
adjacent sides of the angle.

index card

Step 3: Use your straightedge to draw the hypotenuse of the first

isosceles right triangle.

Step 4: Place the index card so that one side of the right angle lies
on the hypotenuse of the first triangle, with the vertex of
the right angle on the index card exactly aligned with the
vertex of the hypotenuse and leg of the isosceles right
triangle. Trace the segment for the unit leg of the second

index card

Step 5: Use a straightedge to draw the hypotenuse of the second triangle.

Step 6: Repeat steps 4 and 5, drawing as many triangles as you have room for on the
paper. When you get to the sixteenth triangle, the triangles will overlap. Stop
your pencil at the edge of the existing triangles so that the triangles disappear
under the first triangles and the shell pattern emerges. To receive full credit, you
must do at least 30 triangles.
Step 7: Once you have finished, color the triangles artistically, and mount your design on
cardboard or poster board.

This project will give you 2 points added onto your average.