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Gaddafi ?
Why Gaddafi
Al Malik Afaq Ali Jr

Why gaddafi ?

Most ask me about gaddafi death fact's so i decide to write and short story and few
blogs that why they killed gaddafi who's was anti gaddafi ? their brutality against
gaddafi and his family is he' d something wrong with libya people's ? no never he
always defend actually gaddafi death was inside job like 911 world trade center new
york city terror attack done by mossad jewish intelligence and zionist inside agenda
big zionists like rockefeller and rothschild's these few cult involved in 911 even all
conspiracy arab jewish help them example al saud kuwait royal family qatar royal
family dubai royal families etc anyway so who's killed gaddafi when how and where
99% news network report that gaddafi killed by some groups they attack gaddafi
home gaddafi was ready to escape but he couldn't survive and became big victim i
watch couple's videos so i notice 3 things those killing videos are fake that death is
total fake yes all knows that gaddafi died but how we don't know and don't even
know when they catch gaddafi only one channel report and shows videos that
channel is cnn some became notorious after false flag agendas and false reporting
cnn paid by gov and others guys who promote conpiracies and agendas oct 1975
gaddafi release his book green book after 4 years he release another green books
what's he mention in his green book ? i' ve read those books he mention nothing he
only mention two things that either i' ll die in sea either i' ll die in desert either i' ll
survive either i' ll die shocking and strange lines same happen with him illuminati
occult freemasonary and zionist jewish powers exposed by playing cards yes mr
jackson cards shows clear truth about past and parents 911 olympic shooting terror
nuke handshake and other stuff if you haven't checked jackson playing cards then
please check and view his cards truth everyone should check his cards first time
president george bush didn't accept 911 now he accept that they' d 911 and 911
new york city attack was inside job gaddafi had visit washington dc to meet first
jewish president barak obama when he try to handshake he ignore his hands and
laugh on gaddafi dame stupid president why i dislike him because he is conspiracy
man he isn't american his family is fully jewish and his dna is jewish new york
magazine delcare that obama is first jewish president and some newspaper and
magazine's declare that obama is strange in white house so how obama'd war nuke
obama is peace prize winner ah fuck peace prize for biggest war criminal in history
he is expert in drama and war activity he's threat bashar al asad syria president but
slam by syrian and finally asad escape from war agenda fool syrian bashar al asad
killed his own nation and his country then obama move eye on libya and he's
passed in libya false flag war and bloody war acitivty he killed 89% american
soliders many mothers and soliders families cry for their sons and husband etc but
mr barak obama ain't care about anyone he care about office chair and funny and
joy trips he complete his time he ain't gonna resing like presidnet richard nixon well
president richard nixson was natural born american citizen and cool president
everyone respect and remember richard nixson and his good relation's with

everyone he forced by one dude then he resign and left white house boom so how
obama play his bloody mind he and other's celebrate gaddafi death gaddafi was
wise and brave person he expose false flag agendas and dark nwo plan's this is why
they killed gaddafi and burried his green book forever libya riots were anti gaddafi
but who's behind libyan riots and terror nuke in libya 2010 2011 libyan riots
destroyed their own country and killed their leader so sad,

Libya riots 2011

Libya riots planted by someone's who decide to murder gaddafi because gaddafi
expose their real evil agendas war deals and war plans nwo yes new world order
mass war and war nuke etc backstabing knife in gaddafi back some libyan offical
and government workers involved in gaddafi murder gaddafi murder was mass
victory for war criminals so how' s they throw libyan and libya into war battle
ground via fake teror group isis mossad and israeli bassed isis who's oppreating
their activties in iraq iraq war syria libya etc they run by mossad fund by mossad
and created by israeli mossadi people's used to call gaddafi gangsta yeah libya boss
people used to love him he defend his contry why some groups turn into gaddafi
hate yeah gaddafi responsible for mass war crimes in libya and libyan citizen killings
but he doesn't kill his country he had beef with some democrat union and
democracy because he's was military man gaddafi write famous poetry and
interesting quotes in his books green book part 1 green book 2 us version gaddafi
says if you can't defend then kill yourself simple if you can't survive then comit
suicide simple and if other's force you then run away strange quotes gaddafi had
plan to run away plan and jet were fully ready but groups and anti gaddafi group
blow plans and killed pilot gaddafi bodyguards gaddafi family even gaddafi 1 month
and 5 month grand daughter's what sad story group steal gaddafi stuff and blow
gaddafi homes in desert gaddafi guns gaddafi stuff steal by anti gaddafi riots and
riot groups gaddafi group riots created by hate scam they kill many world class and
high level leaders via tricks they use main trick to destroy and blast top level
leader's example gaddafi president jfk social rights and social activist martin luther
king jr pakistan prime minister benzair bhutto and other leader's goerge bush ignore
911 world trade center new york city attack and now he accept that they' d 911
who'd ? he ain't mention their name he say that 911 was inside job yes true bush
tell reality gaddafi death was part of nwo and threat most news network release
reports that gaddafi is dead 100% most believe that gaddafi escape whatever
happen to gaddafi we don't even know gaddafi death videos and death pictures
were fake like sadam hussien death etc why anti gaddafi and evil guys celebrate
gaddafi murder and gaddafi murder victory ? libyan people's get silent forever most
president's used for puppet servies like former president george w bush i won't say
anything about barak obama aka obama is non american non citizen and first jewish

president and stranger in white house so ignore him gaddafi death is worst mystry
in history second mystry and strange case after sadam etc some brutral murder
brutal riots and ugly nightmare in libya .