Școala Gimnazială "Aurel Sebeșan" Felnac

Aria curriculară: Limbă şi comunicare
Disciplina: Limba engleză
Profesor: Fereșteanu Bogdan

Aviz Director, Prof.
Aviz Șef Catedră, Prof.

Planificare calendaristică an şcolar 2014/2015
Clasa a II-a (1 oră/săpt)
Nr. crt.

Unităţi de învăţare


Nr. ore



Back to school




Good morning, teacher!




Fall fun




Fall celebrations:







Fall celebrations:
This is my family!




My lovely face


S8 Holiday


My body

Structures: What is this? This is a desk.
Sit down!/Open your book/ Raise your hand!
Vocabulary: Board, book, eraser, pencil, ruler
Structures: Good morning, Good afternoon, Good
Hello! My name is... What is your name?
How old are you? I am ...years old.
I am from ...
Months of the year
Vocabulary: Types of weather: Windy, cloudy, rainy
Leaf, apple, corn
Poem: Trick or treat
Vocabulary: Candy, witch, pumpkin
Vocabulary: turkey, bike, car
Members of the family
Structures: In my family there are...
I have/We have...
My name is/My mother's/father's name is...
Present Simple and Continuous
Modal verb "Can"
Vocabulary: Ears, eyes, nose, see, hear, smell
Parts of the body
Vocabulary: walk, stand, kneel




bunny. 22. What are they like? 10. What is your number? 21. curly hair etc. go to school.. Let's play in spring Short stories: Sly fox and red hen Spring celebrations: Happy Mother's Day! Spring celebrations: Happy Easter! What time is it? 23. afraid. present Colors Prepositions of place Wake up. go to sleep Structures: What can I do for you?/Can I help you?/Can I take the order? Numbers Structures: There is/There are... Here comes winter! Fantastic stories: Snow White 12. Jobs Structures: This is. tulip. sad.He/she is a/an. surprised Structures: How old are you? I am. Adjectives describing body parts: big mouth. 25. What's the matter? 15.? Vocabulary: Rose. I have... candle... verbs and adjectives Letter to Mommy Vocabulary: Easter eggs. Tell me your feelings! Tell me about your birthday! What colors do you like? 18. Santa Claus etc. sled.. snowdrop. short. Adjectives describing people: tall. butterfly Listening Vocabulary: Sly. half 1 S26 2 . happy. Vocabulary: Cake. headache.. star.. young etc. Winter celebrations: Merry Christmas! What do you want to be? 14. 17... 11. friends.. I like/don't like Vocabulary: Angel.. brush your teeth.. have lunch. What do you want to eat? 20. Vocabulary: Snowman. hungry. How many. Structures: What's the matter? Vocabulary: To look/feel well. He/She/Mary/Karl is. Christmas tree.9. quarter. basket. Daily routines 19. Vocabulary: Angry. 24. 16.. lamb 1 S10 1 1 S11 S12 1 S13 1 S14 1 S15 1 1 S16 S17 1 S18 1 S19 1 S20 1 S21 1 1 S22 S23 1 S24 1 S25 Past/to Vocabulary: O'clock. 13. to eat Nouns. fever etc. scarf Structures: I live in.

Is there/Are there. villa Vocabulary: Reading. At the farm 31. My hobby 29. Rooms in the house Structures: Where is he? He is in the. Structures: Is it a . 33./No. What day is today? Today is. fox Wild animals: lion.. 35. Summer feast 30. 3 1 S27 1 S28 1 S29 1 S30 1 S31 1 S32 1 1 S33 S34 1 1 S35 S36 ... towel. it is..?Yes. I am happy/sad Means of transport Shapes Structures: I am going to. house.. octopus Sea Wonderland Structures: I am a boy/girl.. it isn't. Wild animals: wolf.. hedgehog. zebra Sea animals: fish. playing football. I am travelling by. shark... tiger. In the forest 32.. In the jungle Sea friends 34. sunglasses Domestic animals Structures: A cow gives us milk. My beautiful week 27.. listening to music Structures: What season is it? Future Simple Vocabulary: Swimsuit. My house 28... Happy children's day I travel Vacation planning Days of the week Structures: On Monday. flat.26.? Vocabulary: Castle..

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