Școala Gimnazială "Aurel Sebeșan" Felnac

Aria curriculară: Limbă şi comunicare
Disciplina: Limba engleză
Profesor: Fereșteanu Bogdan

Aviz Director, Prof.
Aviz Șef Catedră, Prof.

Planificare calendaristică an şcolar 2014/2015
Clasa a II-a (1 oră/săpt)
Nr. crt.

Unităţi de învăţare


Nr. ore



Back to school




Good morning, teacher!




Fall fun




Fall celebrations:







Fall celebrations:
This is my family!




My lovely face


S8 Holiday


My body

Structures: What is this? This is a desk.
Sit down!/Open your book/ Raise your hand!
Vocabulary: Board, book, eraser, pencil, ruler
Structures: Good morning, Good afternoon, Good
Hello! My name is... What is your name?
How old are you? I am ...years old.
I am from ...
Months of the year
Vocabulary: Types of weather: Windy, cloudy, rainy
Leaf, apple, corn
Poem: Trick or treat
Vocabulary: Candy, witch, pumpkin
Vocabulary: turkey, bike, car
Members of the family
Structures: In my family there are...
I have/We have...
My name is/My mother's/father's name is...
Present Simple and Continuous
Modal verb "Can"
Vocabulary: Ears, eyes, nose, see, hear, smell
Parts of the body
Vocabulary: walk, stand, kneel




sad. 13. half 1 S26 2 .. Tell me your feelings! Tell me about your birthday! What colors do you like? 18. candle. hungry. quarter. He/She/Mary/Karl is. lamb 1 S10 1 1 S11 S12 1 S13 1 S14 1 S15 1 1 S16 S17 1 S18 1 S19 1 S20 1 S21 1 1 S22 S23 1 S24 1 S25 Past/to Vocabulary: O'clock.. 17.He/she is a/an. 16.. Vocabulary: Snowman. brush your teeth... basket. happy. 25.. present Colors Prepositions of place Wake up. sled. How many. What's the matter? 15. fever etc. headache. friends. Santa Claus etc. star. go to sleep Structures: What can I do for you?/Can I help you?/Can I take the order? Numbers Structures: There is/There are. Daily routines 19. snowdrop. Jobs Structures: This is. to eat Nouns. young etc. surprised Structures: How old are you? I am. afraid. Winter celebrations: Merry Christmas! What do you want to be? 14. verbs and adjectives Letter to Mommy Vocabulary: Easter eggs. Vocabulary: Cake.. Let's play in spring Short stories: Sly fox and red hen Spring celebrations: Happy Mother's Day! Spring celebrations: Happy Easter! What time is it? 23. Vocabulary: Angry.. 11. butterfly Listening Vocabulary: Sly.9. What are they like? 10. Structures: What's the matter? Vocabulary: To look/feel well. Adjectives describing people: tall. What do you want to eat? 20. Christmas tree... What is your number? 21. scarf Structures: I live in. bunny. short. Adjectives describing body parts: big mouth... 24. go to school. tulip. Here comes winter! Fantastic stories: Snow White 12. I like/don't like Vocabulary: Angel. 22. curly hair etc.. have lunch.. I have.? Vocabulary: Rose...

. Rooms in the house Structures: Where is he? He is in the.... zebra Sea animals: fish. Structures: Is it a . it is. villa Vocabulary: Reading. Is there/Are there. 33. 35. My house 28.. Happy children's day I travel Vacation planning Days of the week Structures: On Monday. 3 1 S27 1 S28 1 S29 1 S30 1 S31 1 S32 1 1 S33 S34 1 1 S35 S36 .. hedgehog./No.. listening to music Structures: What season is it? Future Simple Vocabulary: Swimsuit.. I am travelling by. My beautiful week 27.?Yes.. fox Wild animals: lion. I am happy/sad Means of transport Shapes Structures: I am going to.. At the farm 31.? Vocabulary: Castle. tiger. house. Summer feast 30. flat. octopus Sea Wonderland Structures: I am a boy/girl... playing football. shark. In the jungle Sea friends 34. In the forest 32... Wild animals: wolf. What day is today? Today is. My hobby 29. towel. it isn't.26. sunglasses Domestic animals Structures: A cow gives us milk.

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