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G321: AS Foundation Portfolio 2014-2015

6th January 10th April 2015

It is vital that blogs are kept up to date and that progress is posted regularly.
Posts on weekly reflection and target setting/evidence of work being created
must be included as work is being completed e.g.: jpegs of each stage of
Tuesday 6th Jan - Friday 16th Jan
Complete Preliminary task. Carrying out research and planning.
To include:
Examples of other texts-generally and also within genre
3 x Analysis of magazine covers, contents pages and double page spreads
Analysis of colour palettes, fonts 10 examples of each
Language register-read magazine articles, interviews and reviews as part
of research. Decide on style you wish to adopt.
Decide on style of music magazine based on research carried out
Analysis of existing Magazine titles- within genre
Decide on title of magazine
Research relevant fashion/styling associated with genre
Mood boards
Audience research (use must be conclusive and you
must show evidence of responses from at least 10-15 people
Audience profile
Research relevant photographers, graphic designers, magazine creators
Analysis of institution that would publish your magazine
Preparation of a 25 word pitch
Compose 20 song playlist of tracks that have inspired you (extension task)
using soundcloud
Read and comment on peer blogs (extension task)
Look at examples provided for guidance.
Teachers to regularly check and leave comments on blogs as part of rough draft
marking of R&P.
Monday 19th Jan - Fri 30th Jan
Lessons to pitch idea to class and receive feedback
Evaluate class feedback
Gain further feedback from initial audience feedback sample on your mock
Test shots of artist/band
Complete flat plan of cover/ contents page/ double page spread (1 lesson)
Write draft article
Begin composing cover/contents page/ double page spread (draft version)
Friday 30th January = Research and Planning DEADLINE
Marks may be deducted for late submission
Students to be placed on Post 16 intervention list if work not completed.

Mon 2nd Feb - Fri 6th Feb

Finish composing cover/contents page/ double page spread (draft version)
Work to be printed out and submitted to the English office AND posted on blogs.
Names and Candidate number must be clearly indicated on submission.
Marks may be deducted for late submission
1st draft marks and feedback to be returned to students w/b Monday 9 th
Monday 9th Feb - Fri 13th Feb
Conduct audience feedback for magazine based on draft version (use
same audience sample)
Peer assessment and evaluate feedback. Update blog with feedback.
Update blogs with 1st draft teacher feedback.
Make plan of action for necessary improvements and begin making
Monday 23rd Feb-Friday 13th March
Complete cover/contents page/ double page spread
Print out all pages
Submit in plastic wallet clearly labelled with name and candidate number
Post onto blog
FINAL DEADLINE FOR COURSEWORK = Friday 14th March 3.10pm English Office
All work to be printed out submitted to the English office.
Marks deducted for late submission
Pieces to be marked and marks submitted to NEF Friday 26 th April.
Monday 16th Mar-Friday 20th Mar
Evaluation questions introduced by class teachers (1 lesson)
All lessons and homework spent writing responses to ALL 7 questions
By the end of the week all draft responses must be posted on blog
Sign in at English office to indicate submission
Monday 23rd March-Friday 27th March
All lessons devoted to Audience and Institution/ Textual Analysis and
Deadline for ALL DRAFT Evaluation questions - Friday 21 st Mar 3:10pm.
Marks deducted for late submission
Teachers to mark and return evaluation feedback by Monday 31 st March

Monday 30th March Friday 10th April

Deadline for final evaluation questions following advice posted on teacher
All lessons will be devoted to this vital work.
Deadline for Evaluation questions - Friday 11th April 3:10pm.
Evaluation to be marked and marks submitted to NEF by Monday 27 th April for
moderation W/B Monday 27th April.
Marks to exam board by May 13th.