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Gochar:Understanding & Evaluating Transits

The transits of the slow moving planets: Shani/ Saturn, Guru/ Jupiter and Rahu-Ketu, the North and South Nodes respectively of the Moon are important in the
application of Gochar. Gochar is to be combined with the Dashas or planetary periodicities in the radix to arrive at a clearer understanding of what is happening in the
chart. In this sense, the transiting planets are seen as delivery boys or postmen, who bring to fruition what is promised in the natal chart. The transit of Chandra/
Moon can be used to narrow down the day (s) on which an event comes to pass.
Gochar cannot be used independently, rather should not be used in this manner for it can lead to a lopsided and unrealistic picture, a result we are all keen to avoid,
as students, clients and consultants.
The Gochar of the Dasha Nath, the ruling planet of the Major Period/ the Mahadasha can be judged to judge the health of the person during the said transit in the
sign/ Rashi. The judgment is based on the relationship the Graha carries with the Rashi. Likewise, the Gochar of the Antardasha planet can be seen to understand
the sleep patterns of the native during the transit of the planet in a given sign. Such transits can be coupled with the delineation of the Tithi Pravesha Chakra for the
However, the main focus of the instant paper is on the transits of the major and slow moving planets at the present time. Shani has moved into Simha Rashi/ Leo and
will stay there till early January, 2007 at which point it will retrograde back into Karka/ Cancer. This has several implications. The people undergoing Sade-Sati,
especially Mithun Rashi might feel some relief in the interim as the Sade-Sati has temporarily abated; however, the trials will only end in July, 2007. For Karka Rashi,
the relief comes from the fact that the white-hot phase of the Shani Gochar over the Chandra Lagna. However, Kutumba and finances will continue to be stressed and
also which Bhava Simha and Karka Rashis tenant in the Rashi Chakra.
For Simha Rashi, the two months period will give an insight into the kind of psychological reorientation Saturn will command after July, 2007 as the Karmic planet is
directly atop the natal Moon. Also, for Kanya Rashi natives/ Jatak, these two months till January, 2007 will bring a pointer as to what sort of new, pressured and heavy
realities await during the course of the Sade-Sati. All these are Karmic and destined events and the native should understand that the reluctance, separation and
pressures are only devices to help her outgrow the emotional constructs that are no longer needed in the life-journey. In the same vein, new emotional tools and
maturity will be acquired during the time Saturn moves over the Bhava/ house preceding the Moon, tenanted by the Moon and succeeding the Moon.
The thing to note is that if the people undergoing or beginning the Sade-Sati are also beset by onerous transit placements of Shani from the Lagna and/or the Arudha
Lagna, then it can be quite stressing for health, decision-making, Dhi-Shakti and financial realities. In such a scenario, remedial measures will become quite important
to aid the native in getting along safely.
Jupiter/ Guru, the most benefic planet in any chart shows the blessings of God. This planet has moved into Vrishchik Rashi/ Scorpio on October 27, 2006. The best
benefits can be had if this transit is in the Kendra to the Arudha Lagna. A rider is that if Guru is in the Arudha Lagna itself in the Gochar, then the benefits will only
come after bringing to light the real truth about social and financial realities of the native, Guru standing for Satya in the life of the Jatak. This transit can offset and
mitigate some of the adversity coming from Sade-Sati and Kantak Shani. Therefore, for the Jatak having Arudha Lagna in Vrishchik, Kumbha/ Aquarius, Simha and
Vrishabh/Taurus, this is a good transit for Jupiter. Another important aspect relating to freewill is regarding those natives who are awaiting marriage. If Jupiter aspects
the 2nd House from the natal Upapada Lagna in the Rashi Chakra, it will provide a lot of binding support to the marriage. This becomes especially important if the
features in the chart relating to marriage show affliction. This Gochar of Guru is like pouring Ganga Jal over the said area and goes a long way in safeguarding the
The transits of Rahu and Ketu are to be judged as one would Saturn and Mars respectively. Rahu is currently strongly placed in its own sign Kumbha and Ketu is in
Simha. If Rahu happens to be in the Arudha Lagna or the trines to the Arudha Lagna and the native is running auspicious Dashas tending to Rajayoga, then this can
be the transit which shall yield the Rajayoga. Conversely, the Gochar of Ketu in the Trikona to the Arudha Lagna can deprive one of the Rajayoga as Ketu inherently
does not signify worldly things.
These instructions can be profitably applied to the other Arudha Padas. For example, Shani atop or in Trikona to the Rajyapada/ A10 can bring work-related
challenges and obstacles at office. Jupiter atop an Arudha Padas or in Quadrants to the same can bring auspiciousness and gains to the matters signified by the
Arudha Padas under scrutiny.
If a positive event appears likely, then the transit of the Moon in the trines or in the 12th House to the Arudha Padas relating to the event can help fructify the event.
Other transit positions of the Moon can help time the more challenging events, if the same should be indicated by other reference-points in the horoscope.