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According to the teachings of the Upanishads, the greatest way that

a student can repay the kindness of a teacher is to share the Dharma
with others. It is in this spirit that I offer my humble gratitude and
pranams to my original teachers in Vedic chanting and mantra:
Bhavani, of Mount Madonna Center- who was the first to share the
Sanskrit alphabet with me in 2003;
Kofi Busia- who has remembered so many precious wisdoms
embedded in these chants to so many fortunate Yogi/nis;
Mataji (Sadhvi Abha Sarasvati)- who I have gratefully studied with
for years and who gave me permission to share what I have learned
Dr. Sarasvati Mohan- my honorable and continuing teacher in
Sanskrit language

The sacrifice and dedication of these remarkable Yogacharyas to

uphold the impeccable transmission of Sanskrit and Yogic
wisdom have made it possible for me to share, in whatever small
way I can, these sacred teachings with you.
I encourage you to study with them and learn more about their
teaching at:

Ganapathi Prarthana

Om Gananam tva ganapatigm havamahe

Kavim kavinamupamasravastamam
Jyestharajam brahmanaspata a nah
Srnvannutibhissida sadhanam
Sri Mahaganapataye namaha

Salutations to Ganapati, chief of the hosts of attendants of Shiva.

Wisest of all, abundantly glorious, the only true reflection of the Supreme
May your blessings be upon this (ritual, practice, undertaking)
Please be happy with us, give us your protection and Grace
and be in our hearts.
May our efforts be pleasing to you and be blessed.
I bow to the great Lord Ganesha (Ganapati).

Vaidika shanti Mantra

May our practice be protected. May our learning be fruitful and nourishing.
May we join our strengths together for the good of humanity. May we never
disparage one another. Om Peace, Peace, Peace!

Pratahsmarana sloka

May our ears hear that which is good for our growth.
May our eyes increasingly become aware of the beauty of the divine
in all things.
May we use our voices for praise, and to promote unity among ourselves.
May we have strong and healthy bodies with which to experience our
human form.
May there be Auspiciousness in this practice
(May Indra, the giver of auspiciousness bless this practice)
May there be Knowledge in this practice
(May Pusa, the Sun Lord, bless our practice with illumination)
May there be a removal of obstacles for each of us in this practice
(May Garuda, the remover of obstacles, bless us)
May each of us connect with our inner Teacher
(May Brihaspatih, the Guru of Devas, bless us)
Om~ Peace, Peace, Peace

Gayathri Mahamantra

Salutations to OM which pervades everything (the three realms- that

which is below, that which is earthly, that which is heavenly). May we
meditate on the splendor of the light of the Sun. May the Sun stimulate our
intellect and set us in the right direction so that the right learning can be had,
for the benefit of all.

Mantra addressing the

planets and celestial bodies
Atharva Veda Ch. 19

Om ashtavinshani shivani shagmani saha yogam bhajantu me

yogam prapadye-kshemancha kshemam prapadye
yogancha namo-aho-ratrabhyam-astu

Salutations to the twenty-eight celestial bodies, in night and day,

who are like radiant jewels. May they, who are the givers of
auspiciousness, bless me--and may my efforts be in harmony and
cooperation with them. By this blessing may they through me
reveal wisdom and understanding. May my achievements be
protected, and in that protection may I become established in Yoga.
May all of my actions be offered in the fire of that jewel of Yoga.

Vaidika shanti mantra

Om sanno Mitra san Varuna

Sanno Bhavataryama Sanna Indro Brihaspatih
Sanno Vishnururukramah
Namo Brahmane, Namaste Vayo
Tvameva pratyaksham Brahmasi
Tvameva pratyaksham Brahmavadishyami
Rtam vadishyami Satyam vadishyami
Tanmamavatu tatvaktaramavatu
Avatu mam avatu vaktaram
Om shanti, shanti, shanti

Om~ I salute Mitra, the Sun (aspect of friendliness/ compassion)

I salute Varuna, the ocean
I salute Bhavatvaryama (the Keeper / preserver of the holy names
and words of power)
I salute Indra, the giver of Auspiciousness, and Brihaspatih, the
Guru of Devas (the Gods).
I salute the wide-striding Vishnu, (the one who walks through all
appearances); the all-pervasive force of continuity and preservation
of existence.
I bow to Brahman the Supreme Being(ness)
I bow to Vayu, the five airs which animate everything that is
manifest and yet to be
May I have correct understanding
May that understanding be secured in that which is eternal
May my speech emanate from that which is truthful
Please protect the speaker!
Om~ Peace, peace, peace

mrtyunjaya mahamantra

We offer our respect to the three-eyed omniscient Lord Shiva, (that

energy of transcendent compassion) who (/which) is all-pervasive
and fragrant like flowers. May we be liberated from the bondage of
our attachments and the fear of death just as a ripe cucumber/fruit
detaches itself from the vine upon reaching maturity. May we never
forget our source in the Divine.

Vaidika shanti mantra

This is complete Wholeness, that is complete Wholeness. From that

Wholeness, all things complete in themselves emanate. Taking
away anything from that Perfection, Perfection yet remains.
Om~peace, peace, peace.

Pratahsmarana sloka

samudra-vasane devi
vishnu-patni namastubhyam
pada sparsham kshamasva me
Salutations to the Earth who is the fullness of Goddess Lakshmi.
As I rise to begin this day please forgive me for touching You with
the base of my feet. May I have humility and generosity like Yours.
Om~Peace, peace, peace.

Sarasvati namastubhyam
Varade kamarupini
Siddhirbhavatu me sada
Salutations to Saraswati, the Goddess who has a beautiful form.
May She who is the bestower of knowledge and learning bless our
sadhana (practice) and bring forth siddhi (success/accomplishment).

Pranayama mantra

OM~ We salute Prana, the life essence present in the breath,

which mediates between all of the sheaths of consciousness.
May that Prana protect us, like a Mother, blessing us with health
and wisdom in our practice.
Om~Peace, peace, peace.

Dhyana mantra

Om~ May the mind become absorbed in natural wakefulness. If

the mind is distracted, call that awareness back with some effort
(focusing on breath). Remain established in that effort until the
mind has attained equanimity. Om~Peace, peace, peace.

Visvakalyana mantra

Lead us from the unreal to the Real; from darkness (of ignorance)
to the Light (of knowledge); from Death (the sense of limitation)
to Immortality (limitlessness, liberation). Om Peace, Peace, Peace!

Yogasana mantra

Yoga for purification of the mind, grammar to elicit right speech,

medicine for the health of the body---he brought these things for
the good of all, that most illustrious of jewels. I offer my humble
respect to that Divine being, sage Patanjali.

Mangala mantra

Om~ May there be auspiciousness and prosperity for all

May leaders of the world lead by the principles
of Divine Law and Balance
In doing so may all levels of creation benefit (from cows to men)
May good things befall those who appreciate
the sacredness of the Earth.
May everyone be happy and free. Let our thoughts and actions
contribute to that on all levels.
Om~Peace, peace, peace.


Om dyauh shantir-antariksham shantih

Prithivi shantir-apah shantir-oshadayah shantih
Vanaspatayah shantir-vishve-devah shantir-brahma shanti
Sarvam shantih shantireva shantih
Sa ma shantir-edhi
Om shanti, shanti, shanti

Om~May there be Peace in the heavens. May there be Peace in

the sky (atmosphere). May there be peace in the Earth. May there
be Peace in the waters. May there be peace in the herbs (plants).
May there be peace in the Trees (forests). May there be peace in
the Gods, peace in Nature. May there be peace in all
May that, the true Peace, be mine (ours) also.
Om~Peace, peace, peace.

Sayana mantra

I pray to Mahadeva Shiva, whose mercy is infinite like the oceans.

I ask forgiveness for any errors born of my eyes, ears, mind, and
speech; or done by my hands and feet; the omissions and errors
done in my duties either enjoined or forbidden. May any misdeeds
borne of my ignorance be corrected. Victory to Lord Shiva who is
the embodiment of compassion.