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Content Case Summary Main Issue Problem Statement Analysis Recommendation .

Selling the Washlet in Japan: a bidet toilet 1968 Only 18% of homes in Japan had flushing toilets connected to a sewage sytem. Flushing Toilet .Case Summary Year 1917 Toto was established with a “vision to disseminate new hygienic living customs throughout the country” by introducing flush toilets during an era when most of Japan still lacked a sewage system. The company quickly gained a dominant position and grew aling with the industry as the government invested in developing a sewage infrastructure. Visi TOTO 1964 TOTO began selling a bidet toilet made by American Bidet Inc.

TOTO’S opportunity 1989 TOTO focused on the mid to high-end segments. TOTO entered the U. and management felt that American Bidet was not responsive enough. A bidet toilet sales growth slowly 1980 When people connected to the system. TOTO gained a foothold. The product had technical problem. so TOTO decided to develop its own bidet toilet.S. 1992 Leveraging water efficient technology already developed for the Japanese market.Case Summary Year 1979 Sales had reached only 500 units per month. TOTO Is the only player initially able to meet the constraints of the regulations . most purchased a Western-style toilet. which accounted for 77% of the market.

.S. Washlet sales grown in U. TOTO had offered Washlet seats and provided maintenance and service for Washlets.S.Case Summary Year 1980-2006 Bidet-toilets accounted for the vast majority of the growth in the overall Japanese toilet industry. 2001 TOTO had a 15% share in its target market TOTO 2003 Both sales and profits TOTO USA had been growing at about 20% a year since then. TOTO’s products inovation in the U. TOTO’s USA first profitable 2005 TOTO had announced its own “Eco-product certification system”. Sales increased almost tenfold. The Washlet as a major component of TOTO’s growth in Japan 2000-2007 Washlet sales had grown at a double digit rate.

2007 TOTO launched “Clean Is Happy” marketing campaign. TOTO developed into the leading Japanese manufacture of bathroom and kitchen products . TOTO developed a product line. TOTO had opened Galleries in New York.Case Summary Year 2006 TOTO had a tradition of design excellence. TOTO opened a Washlet kiosk at The Galleria Mall in Fort Lauderdale. Chicago and Boston. 2 player with 28% share in its target market after Kohler. TOTO launched unique holistic 2008 25% of toilets were sold bundled with a sink and bathub. Los Angeles. where people could see a product demonstration. billboards. which had 34%. TOTO was the No. and print ads. Fort Lauderdale. Consistent with its high end positioning and commitment to design . which incorporated multiple media including websites.

Competition had helped create consumer awareness of the bidet toilet category. • In Japan. and 41% of TOTO’s toilet business in Japan from Washlet. but in the U. bidet toilets were instaleed in 63% of houses in Japan. toilet sales.S.S.Main issue: Competition • TOTO had experienced tremendous success since entering the U.S. In contrast. competition was just beginning to emerge. .. market in 1989. but the vast majority of these sales were traditional toilets. Bidet toilets made up less than 5% of TOTO’s U.

Flushable moist wipes . as an alternative traditional toilet paper. the bidet toilet concept which faced competition in the U. based in San Francisco. had kaunched an attachable bidet toilet seat in 2007.Main issue: Competition Inax. in 1990-2000. NuWay Corp introduced Moist Mate. Prices ranging much lower than Toto’s Kohler. was start-ups in the space.S. market in 2010 Brondell. Toto’s primary Japanese competitor. had entered the U. Kimberly Clark with Cottonelle Fresh Rollwipes and Playtex’s Wet ones Fresh n’ Flush and Georgia-Pacific’s Quilted Northern Moist Ones.S. .

S.S.? • What should Sako be doing promote the washlet more effectively? • Should Sako just be happy with TOTO’s overall success and not continue promoting Washlet sales aggresively in the U.? • How could TOTO better reach possible target for American tourist and business travelers who visited Japan ? • How’s to positioning TOTO’s brand ? • Why Sako was just focus on traditional toilets for the foreseeable future? . yet struggling to achieve any significant penetration in the U.Problem Statement • Why was the Washlet so successful in Japan.S.? • How’s the plumbers network played such a role at the Washlet in the U.

. • TOTO had tremendous influence with the country’s network of 50.000 plumbers. who played a major role in influencing consumers purchase decision for home renovations.Analysis: Washlet so successful in Japan • TOTO took advantage of its dominant position in the toilet industry to push the product.

Analysis: Promote the washlet effectively • “Clean is Happy” campaign included print ads. • TOTO sent demonstration van. enabling consumers to return the Washlet if they were unhappy with the experience. • TOTO had achieved some penetration in the residential sector. equipped with a Washlet and invite people in the community to see and experience the product. and golf clubs to install Washlets. .com). including one mounted in Times Square. The campaign. and billboards throughout New York. asking public venues such as hotels. department stores. restaurants. • TOTO aldo conducted a “trial period” promotion. which featured “the bottom line” of men and women. promotional events. • Unusual nature of TV commercials generated strong word of mouth communication and high levels of awareness. stores. • TOTO Washlet launch began airing TV commercials. brochures. a website (cleanishappy.

they don’t have any influence on the purchase decision. so the concept of cleansing with a stream of water was unfamiliar. .: • Lack of infrastructure.S.S. Consumer who wanted to install an integrated bidet toilet had to pay an eletrician • Influence on the distribution system. If TOTO could influence the plumbers.S.S. • Perception of the toilet category In the U. people didn’t associate toilets with high technology or electronics.Analysis: Challenges in the U. There are four factors to exposure the bidet toilet in the U. • Consumer culture / behavior Bidets had almost no adoption in the U..

In Japan.S. • One option was significantly shift the marketing strategy from consumer demand creation to aggressive selling by somehow developing network of “change agents”. . as in Japan.S • Sako was concerned that if he continued to use the same approach to marketing the Washlet in the U. it might never be successful. the plumbers network played such a role at the Washlet launch.Analysis: Plumbers network played such a role at the Washlet in the U.

• TOTO Cut prices OR TOTO Create a low-end product .Analysis: Possible target for American tourist and business travelers in Japan • Begin distribution through the Do IT Yourself (DIY) channel.

VP Sales for TOTO USA explained TOTO was a prestigious high-end brand image given the superior quality of our products. Chicago. • Positioning TOTO was “clean” product changed to a “green” product. interior designers.Analysis: Positioning TOTO’s brand • Consistent with its high-end positioning and commitment to design. and contractors. and Boston. • Katz Nojima. • Employees focused their efforts on establishing a good reputation with architects. network of TOTO Galleries are in New York. Los Angeles. . Fort Luderdale.

Analysis: Focus on traditional toilets • TOTO had a tradition of design excellence which established a Universal Design Research Center as pasrt of its R&D center in Chigasakai. .


. TOTO should more aggressive selling Washlet in the U. there were treats the toilet differently.S. Change the positioning of the Washlet from a “clean” product to a “green” product so that TOTO could leverage the fast rising “green” movement in the U.Recommendation • • • • • If we could compare Washlet in Japan and the U. . Make some new innovations Expand sales in other countries.S.S. by somehow developing the network of “change agents”. as in Japan to reach successful sales. TOTO should use different approach to marketing the Washlet in the U.S.