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Why are some people happier than others?

I believe that happiness does not depend on money, but of intelligence. We are also
satisfied if we can help others and gain their respect. And last but not least, we are happy
if we have cultural activities and make friends. I believe that the number of money they
can make you happy, you will be satisfied only if your friends and acquaintances earn
less than you. People with lower IQs are more unhappy and present more risk of having
health problems compared to those with a high IQ.
How can parents have a better relationship with their children?
First of all Kids really need to be heard and understood by their parents. Adults should
be available to children and listen to them carefully. All these require time. I think that
adults should ask themselves if offer their childrens all the time that they deserve.

a. 5. What useful things can you learn with this major?
I believe that this specialist gives me the chance to learn how we evolved from
politically. Also, the history and the actions that we have made as a nation. From my
point of view this faculty is seen more as a general culture. I think that because this
college help acquiring knowledge of numerous historical matters.
6. What do you hope to do after graduation?
Honestly I havent decided yet what I will do after graduation. But I would like
and I would love to work in the parliament. I think that is an elegant work, a respectable
job, and also a pleasant work. Besides this desire I wish I could do something with my
talent. I play the piano for twelve years and I sing classical music, I mean opera for 4
years. I dont know what happens in the future but I would like to combine these fields
totally distinct. So, I hope that in the future to become a singer politician.

Usually I wake up ar 7 or 8 oclock because I like to have more time for

me, but this happened only in weekday. Soon after I love to drink a cup of coffee, I
choose my clothes for about thirty minutes and then I go to college. In most cases I
come home at five oclock. After I get home, well, boarding school, I eat something
when I remember and then make some projects for school. Sometimes, in the evening

I like to watch a movie, read a book or I like to listen to classical music because it
relaxes me, have a shower, go to bed
I can say that I love the timetable because it is an accessible one, I think I
have enough free time to study and time for friends.
Weekends I get up when I want to and do whatever I want to or needs to be
done. That's been my routine for the last month
c. Michael : - The "Rosia Montana" captured my all attention in recent days. What do
you think about its progress?
Diana : - Well.. This project is a big problem. In my opinion in the Apuseni
Mountains, in the moment, hectares of forests being cleared illegally and there are no
jobs. Currently, for those people out there is no alternative. Do you think that the
project Rosia Montana isnt an advantage for population ?
Michael : - It seems to me, exploitation, at the surface and use of cyanide in huge
quantities referred in the project are strong arguments against the project. As i see it
approval of the Roia Montan Project will involve the exploitation approval of
adjoining Bucium and I believe that this is a disaster.
Diana : - Can you explain at the damage caused by the operation and use of cyanide
in huge quantities?
Michael : - Of course, the gold was extracted from over 2000 years by the process of
fire and water, and cyanide in recent decades, but cyanidation was made at Baia
Mare. Will be used 91.860 tonnes annually of hazardous substances, including
sodium cyanide 12,000 tons annually
I think that one of the most interesting periods of the history of Romania is the
communism. But I dont tell that this period is one of the best times.
I read things about Ceausescu who visited China and North Korea in 1971 and
returned home with the megalomaniacal desire to hear the names of thousands of people
cried. From then, parades have become a national pastime mandatory that people were
brought by bus all over the country. Shows like this have got to take place to any festivity.
For example, at the beginning of the school year, students were waiting in the sun for
Ceausescu up to nine hours, and most of the time he didnt come. Children selected for
the occasion were held in quarantine for many days because Ceausescu shouldnt
exposed to any virus. It was very difficult to find fresh bread outside Bucharest. Some
football games were not on TV, so people climbing on roofs to arrange antennas so as to
catch a Bulgarian channel. The cars had high prices and could expect seven years to buy
you one.

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