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Apex Circuit Design Ltd 2014

Who are Apex Circuit Design?

"A passionate and specialist automotive facility and civil engineering team

Proven to deliver commercially sustainable projects

Ability and know-how to design to FIA, FIM and CIK race circuit guidelines



Apex Circuit Design Ltd is an internationally
recognised multidisciplinary automotive facility
and destination design consultancy. Working
from the English countryside in Buckinghamshire,
our primary focus is on the design of FIA, FIM
and CIK approved motor racing facilities, working
in association with world-class architectural,
engineering, project management and business
evaluation consultants, to create commercially
viable motorsport destinations. We were appointed
as the FIA Institute Facilities Advisory Partner in
2010 to deliver consultancy in emerging markets for
the FIA Institute..
More recently we have been commissioned to
design facilities for the automotive sector. Original
Equipment Manufacturers globally are using our
specialist expertise to develop experience centres,
test/proving grounds, off road facilities and driving
schools to showcase and prove the capabilities of
their vehicles.

Apex provide a unique service to our clients

whereby the process of design is integrated with
the master planning process and commercial
feasibility analysis, working in conjunction
with the clients commercial decision makers
to maximise revenue opportunities and yield.
We also provide our clients with an operational
consultancy service for new motorsport circuit
facilities to ensure the preparation of the circuit,
capital plant, personnel and equipment meets
the needs of an operator once the circuit is fully
commissioned. This service is also offered to
existing circuit clients to review standards, business
models and facilities management strategies.
This document aims to summarise our expertise
and to outline the core services that we can offer
that can be tailored to suit your needs. We have
included some of our success stories to illustrate
how we have applied our industry knowledge and
experience to good effect over the years.

Clive Bowen is an engineer with nearly 30 years

experience of design and build of international
engineering projects.
Following graduation from Portsmouth in 1986
in mechanical engineering he trained with RollsRoyce and subsequently spent fourteen years
working in project design and construction and
project management. From 1991 he ran a design
and project management division of an consumer
goods manufacturer and then, from 2000 until 2006,
he was a member of the management team at West
Surrey Racing Ltd (WSR) to make a career change
to allow him to follow his passion for motor sport.
During his time at WSR Clive ran new business
development and managed all commercial and
engineering activities, including the management of
the design and build of race cars and the operation
of a satellite independent British Touring Car (BTCC)
race team, launching the career of future BTCC
champion, Colin Turkington.

Clive initially became involved in race circuit design

in 1997 through a project in Sharjah for a temporary
F3 circuit and then secured the Dubai Autodrome
project in 2001, his first major motorsport
commission. He established Apex Circuit Design
as a full time entitity in 2006. Today he continues
to contribute to every project from an early stage
in a project's design and master planning process
to establish the building blocks of a commercially
viable motor sport destination. He also supervises
the processes that ensure that the design and
operation of each circuit will meet regulatory
requirements set out by the FIA, FIM or CIK.
Clive also contributes as a member of the FIA
overtaking working group and leads our role as the
FIA Institute Facilities Advisory Partner.

Our Passion



At Apex, we practice what we preach and have

endeavoured to take a hands on' approach to
motorsport participation.

Since the company was founded in 2006, Apex

strived to develop relationships within the industry
to improve the knowledge of their staff to ensure
that our clients benefit from best practice principles
and secure active feedback from both the industry
and its regulatory bodies.

All Apex personnel have MSA FIA racing licenses,

allowing any member of the design team to race
competitively in MSA sanctioned motorsport
events. Apex staff routinely participate in track days
at circuits in the UK in the companys own track
prepared car and are active racers.
Clive Bowen raced in national karting championships
in the mid 1990s, owned and ran a privateer
Formula Ford team in that period and has six years
experience of operating within a British Touring Car

In 2010, Apex developed a relationship to embed

Apex personnel into the Carlin Motorsport F3 race
team which helped our design engineers learn more
about data logging and race team set ups at race
circuits across the UK and Europe.
In recent years, Apex has also had a close
involvement with SRO, the organisers of the FIA GT
(now Blancpain) championship, and with Dorna/
IRTA, the commercial rights holders and organisers
of the MotoGP championship, to embed staff
members into their operational teams to gain
hands-on experience in race event operations.

In addition, Apex have a very close working
relationship with the motorsport regulatory bodies,
the FIA, FIM and CIK, with circuit operators and
industry suppliers. These relationships allow for
regular review during the design process to assure
design approval and the application of contemporary
solutions, particularly with respect to electronics.
Apex currently consults for four major automotive
brands, providing design and engineering support
for brand experience centres and proving grounds.
Our passion and energy for the motorsport and
automotive industries manifests itself in the
function, commercial viability and detail of each of
our designs.

Apex recognises that our business operations,

albeit largely office based, have an impact on the
environment in terms of raw materials used and
waste generation from our design processes, as well
as emissions from our global travel. As a company
we take our responsibilities in environmental
matters very seriously and recognise that good
environmental management must be integral to our
business. It is our policy to ensure our environmental
impact is monitored and minimised and our staff
work as a team to implement such policies.
As part of this commitment to improve the
environmental impact of the company, Apex have
applied for accreditation from the FIA Institute in
accordance with the Environmental Creditation

Our Expertise






Any large site should have a core

attraction and our design philosophy
utilises automitve activity as that
core, helping to attract visitors to a
wider entertainment or commercial
destination on a day to day basis.

Our core competency is the ability

to design exciting and innovative
race circuits that conform fully to
contemporary safety standards set by
motorsports regulating authorities.

We always seek to ensure that a viable

business model is in place before a
project enters a detailed design stage.
This process is critical to evaluating land
use and to ensure that motorsport can
add economic value to a project, whilst
also ensuring that the maximum land
value from development surrounding
the motorsport destination covers all or
part of the capital cost required for that

Our team know that every project

requires the application of engineering
principles from the outset. for this
reason, our experienced civil engineering
personnel work with our motorsport
designers to evaluate potential sites
and provide engineering solutions from
the initial site visit through to project
conclusion. This approach has proven
invaluable on all of our projects, allowing
Apex to maximise function and efficiency
without compromising circuit safety.

Our clients come from all walks of life

and have varying degrees of knowledge
with regard to developing projects or
understanding the world of motorsport.
We are always available to guide and
advise clients in the realisation of
the design and construction process,
relationships as we go with our clients
and potential project stakeholders, such
as governments, local authorities, and
private investors.

Differentiating us from our competitors

is our approach towards infrastructure
development projects which focuses
on commercial viability and operational
flexibility to drive the success of a
Apex provides Master Plan services
for an entire site wide scheme or will
integrate as part of a larger project team
to focus on the specialist motorsport

We use computer simulation and design

tools throughout the design process
to ensure that we create a unique,
technically challenging, exciting and safe
circuit to drive or ride.
We have a proven record for designing
circuits to satisfy the regulating
authorities and have submitted dozens
of design dossiers to the FIA, CIK and
FIM, all of which have been approved
to be taken forward into detailed
design. Ten of these facilities have been
constructed and successfully licenced by
the relevant authorities and continue to
safely operate today.

We work with internationally reputed

financial institutions, such as KPMG,
to provide commercial feasibility
motorsport specialist knowledge and in
depth economic research and have been
used by many clients for securing private
and public investment.

Our range of engineering capabilities

include 3D terrain modelling, earthworks
analysis, sight line analysis and drainage
design. Our core skill is the specialist
design of the vertical and horizontal
alignment of FIA, FIM and CIK racing
circuits to maximise driver excitement
within the safety parameters required
for the construction of a racing circuit.

Motorsport Facility Design





Two of our internationally proven and recognised

competencies are the design of permanent race
circuits (or road courses) and the development of
commercially viable, attractive and exciting master
plans for motorsport
destinations. We work
closely with both the FIA and the FIM to assure
their design approval and our work in this field is
highly regarded. Much of the Apex design ethos
stems from our response to the industry requesting
new circuits to be more exciting and to feel closer
to 'classic' and 'organic' examples built in the era
before modern modelling techniques. We feel that
our interpretation of the guidelines and use of
topography, crossfall and corner sequencing with
varying apex locations has succeeded - and the
plaudits for our circuits confirm this.

Apex have secured the reputation as the World

leader in kart facility design and the construction of
'the world's best karting circuits'.

The ability to bring motorsport to the people on the

streets of a major city or town has massive benefits
to both the macro and micro economics of the region
in which it is based. However these benefits are only
seen when successful and comprehensive planning
is carried out in advance of the event.

Over the years Apex have diversified its knowledge

base to incorporate a detailed knowledge of the
following disciplines:

Good master planning requires not only effective

design for the circuit for drivers or riders, it also
requires good sightlines for spectators, TV cameras,
marshals and officials; our 3D modelling techniques
allow for optimised views for all stakeholders.

Apex are pleased to be contributing to both grass

roots development of the sport up to World
Championship standard through the provision of
high quality commercial karting facilities.

Apex have pionered the design process for karting

facilities that follows the same design principle as
for an FIA|FIM road course.
This includes the use of exciting corner sequences,
elevation changes, varying cambers, adequate run
off and state-of-the-art infrastructure.
It is widely known that, due to their accessibility
to amateurs, karting circuits provide a strong
investment case to developers in almost any
location worldwide.

Apex have provided design consultancy services for

a number of clients, all local or national authority
representatives, to ensure that the street circuit
track is exciting and offers a spectacle for visitors.
Our focus includes effort to ensure that the impact
of the event on the surrounding area is minimised,
managed and, where possible, complimentary.
This includes the planning of access routes, public
transport integration, road closures, event spaces,
spectator grandstands and minimisation of
negative impact to surrounding businesses. This is
inclusive of the civil engineering works associated
with the track itself, including permanent works to
surfaces, street furniture and kerbs, for example and
the temporary installations required.

FIM Motocross
FIA and Global Rallycross

This knowledge has been used to good effect on

a number of projects worldwide resulting in the
design and construction of safe and compliant
facilities that are being used to this day.

Automotive Facility Design





A successful driving experience centre can be an

invaluable tool for heightening brand awareness,
promoting new vehicles and allowing potential
customers to get out onto a purpose built track
to drive the latest models in a safe and controlled

Driver training experiences are a great way to

improve driver skill and confidence, to gain new
skills and to achieve a more advanced driving
ability. Driving schools are commonplace at many
of the larger racing circuits around the World and
experience centres and can be booked by individuals,
groups or as a corporate event. Driving schools
often incorporate a number of activities including
handling circuits, emergency stop areas, dynamic
areas and other activities which simulate loss of
vehicle control.

manufacturers or vehicle sports performance
companies to test their vehicles away from public
roads in a secure, controlled and safe testing

Off road vehicles are the most versatile means

of modern transport, capable of passing over the
toughest and most unforgiving of terrains, from
steep slopes and deep mud to soft sand dunes and
snow. The impressive nature of powerful vehicles
off road makes off-road experiences centres
very popular from both a driver and spectator

Typically, driving experience centres have a number

of professional instructors on site who sit in with
the customers to ensure they get the most out of
their experience, leaving them wanting to take home
the car they have spent the day in.
Apex have been involved in the development and
expansion of existing brand experience centres as
well as the design of new facilities, all of which have
proven to boost sales and interest for the client

Apex use their automotive experience to create

driving schools which provide easy stepping stones
for clients to become confident and proficient.
We also provide designs with more exciting and
challenging permutations to push the abilities of
the more advanced student. Good site organisation
is key allowing multiple activates to be used

Testing facilities often include a range of indoor and

outdoor disciplines which aim to emulate the most
extreme challenges a vehicle might face once it is
the hands of its intended customer.
Typically, because of the broad range and specificity
of the disciplines required to test a vehicle to its
limits, these facilities occupy the biggest land
Apex has assisted a number of clients in the
development and expansion of successful vehicle
test facilities for both on and off road vehicles.

Apex has worked with vehicle manufactures and

event organisers to design purpose built off-road
courses, comprising dramatic slopes, challenging
cross falls, seemingly impassable obstacles,
water pits and which also offer great spectator

Our Services

A Vision Plan is an initial design for a project
site which occurs prior to commercial feasibility
modelling. The purpose of a Vision Plan is to provide
our clients with a tool to prepare a business plan and
to generate an estimate of the likely construction
A Vision Plan identifies an initial, yet credible and
safe, circuit layout and demonstrates potential land
allocation for surrounding leisure or commercial
development patterns as well as suggesting a
potential phasing strategy for the project. The
creation of a Vision Plan can often be used to solicit
support from local authorities and/or prospective
investors by presenting the concept for the project
and associated commercial opportunities.


We begin the Vision Plan process with a project

workshop held as part of a 2 to 3 day scoping visit
to the site where a detailed brief for the project is
developed with the various project stakeholders in
order to generate a well-considered design brief
and gain a greater understanding of the engineering
challenges that each site will ultimately provide. We
subsequently create images and a report, the vision
for the site outlining the design strategy, land uses,
circuit layouts, phasing and over-arching project

Commercial modelling is the process of testing the

financial feasibility of an early design proposal, such
as a Vision Plan, in order to build a credible business
case and a design strategy for the next phases of
the project.

The data from these studies informs the strategy for

future design stages by indicating a target budget
and providing an indication of the development
areas required in order to maximise returns based
on national, regional and wider economic data.

We work with various internationally renowned

business consultants, such as KPMG, to prepare
financial feasibility studies which calculate potential
project return on investment by evaluating the
estimated construction costs, project phasing,
estimated circuit revenue and facility operational

We always encourage our clients to carry out this

stage of work to obtain an early understanding of
the project and build a credible business plan as
the key to ensuring the projects financial success.
We define this stage as 'establishing the art of the
possible' and, we think, this is a key differentiator
between our approach to projects and that of others.



The aim of a Master Plan is to provide a

comprehensive set of guiding instructions for use
by the client to inform potential investors, local or
government authorities and other stakeholders of
the project elements. It also acts as a blueprint for
future work as the project progresses through the
detailed design phases.

The Master Plan culminates in a report that

combines high quality imagery with informative text
that presents an overview of the design process,
proposed circuit designs, architectural layouts,
3D architectural renders, land use strategies, key
information from the Commercial Feasibility study
and a project cost estimate.

We define a Master Plan as a well-considered

and commercially viable project plan for a future
development that draws upon results from the
Vision Plan and the key conclusions from the
Commercial Feasibility study.

We have provided our master planning services to

over 40 clients who have used an Apex developed
Master Plan, with supporting content, as a tool to
gain investor interest and answer questions raised
by investors, regulators and other stakeholders,
facilitating the project to progress onto future
stages of design work and into construction.

Every circuit that aspires to be officially licensed to

host international or national motorsport events
must demonstrate that the latest guidelines for
circuit safety and function have been respected.
This is done through the submission to the FIA,
CIK and FIM of a formal drawing dossier for design
review so that conformance checks against the
guidelines can be undertaken.
Apex have developed a Matlab-based vehicle
simulator which allows us to emulate the process of
review and refinement as the FIA undertakes when
analysing any new design for approval. We have data
sharing relationships with four Formula 1 teams as
well as with GT, V8 Supercar, BTCC, Formula 3, GP2
and karting teams, allowing us to create models of
those categories and to test their performance on all
iterations of a design during the process of design
development. Our motorcycle simulator is under
development at the time of press.

An Apex prepared dossier submission contains a

detailed 2D circuit plan, a 3D circuit centre line, a
circuit long section, track cross sections, runoff areas,
barrier locations, marshal post locations, service
road layout and motorsport building floor plans.
In addition we provide a design report to support
the dossier that describes the design approach,
as well as undertaking an in-house 3D analysis
to assess marshal and race control sight lines.
Although the drawings contained within a dossier
package do not constitute construction drawings,
the homologation dossier does contain circuit
engineering information which contributes towards
the detailed design documentation that a civil
engineering team or contractor would require to
prepare construction and tender documentation.

Using the latest in software design packages, our
qualified and experienced Civil Engineering team are
able to provide innovative engineering solutions for
a diverse range of clients and projects on a global
scale. Apex pride themselves on the application of
sound engineering knowledge and practices from
the outset of all projects from the initial site visit
through to project construction.
Our in-house team has the capability to develop
horizontal and vertical race circuit geometry to
conform with FIA, FIM or CIK guidelines, provide race
circuit or site wide drainage design and produce
detailed written and drawing specifications for all
race circuit safety equipment such as circuit barriers
or debris fences .


When detailing race circuit geometry, our civil

engineers and motorsport design team use inhouse simulation and speed data assessments to
refine the proposed track design to improve cost
efficiency and circuit safety.
Our use of industry recognised modelling software,
such as Windes Microdrainage, provides Apex with
the capability to design and develop Sustainable
Urban Drainage Systems (SUDS) and evaluate
historic rainfall events both in the U.K. and
internationally, producing accurate drainage models
for a variety of projects.

Apex can generate a virtual driving experience of

a proposed design, which has proven an essential
tool for presenting a concept for new motorsport

The virtual experience also provides a promotional

tool for the facility allowing a Client to generate
interest and investment in the developments

A virtual driving experience offers the opportunity

for the Client and relevant stakeholders to "drive"
their race circuit prior to spending any investment
in its construction. We've found this to be a fun,
interactive and useful way of presenting initial
concept designs or final circuit proposals to a variety
of clients.

This is why we have developed the ability to create

our 3D driving models for use in the popular
and realistic RFactor simulation engine. From
this software rendered images and videos can
be extracted to be used in presentations, viral
advertising and website promotions.

The virtual driving model allows users to experience

the feel of driving on the circuit, understand views
across the site, to review the safety infrastructure
proposed, to evaluate potential advertising
opportunities and to give racing drivers the
opportunity to comment on the design and propose
refinements to the track and facilities.

Apex can also provide photorealistic renders

of motorsport infrastructure through the use
of industry standard software such as Adobe
Photoshop, Autodesk 3DS Max and Google SketchUp.

The objective of this stage is to provide drawings
and design documentation suitable to engage a
local contractor for constructing the facility.
Our experience suggests that the use of an
Employer's requirements package to tender local
consultants is, typically, the most cost efficient
method of project delivery and we typically provide
design information for a local engineering consultant
or a building contractor to prepare full construction
documentation to local regulatory standards prior to
instructing construction.

Alternatively, we can provide a fully detailed
construction design service to support a project and
our services can be tailored to suit your procurement
strategy, budget and project schedule.

Site inspections with supporting visit reports

are essential to review the circuit and facility
infrastructure development against the design
proposals and against the motorsport regulatory
Following the Detailed Design phase, we provide
ongoing project support services in the form of
regular site visits and remote support to the client,
contractor and local engineering team during circuit

We also act as the liaison between our clients and

the sports regulating authorities to ensure that
construction of the circuit meets the safety and
functional requirements for homologation and work
with our partners to provide a cost analysis services
to our clients in order to ensure accurate cost
management for the project. We can also evaluate
tender submissions from bidding contractors, if

We work with internationally renowned circuit
operators, race teams, series promoters, organisers,
race drivers and motorsport engineers to develop
appropriate circuit operation manuals which outline
critical information and operating procedures for
new or existing circuit operators.
This may include the organisation of event calendars,
equipment procurement lists, strategies for
marshal training, circuit hire agreements templates,
personnel recruitment lists, job description
templates and a major incident plan template.

In addition to providing pre-operational services,
we can provide experienced circuit management
personnel, through Apex Motorsport Management,
who have experience of being integrated within a
new circuit (or existing) operations team to ensure
a smooth transition from contractor hand over to
operation, which is crucial in the early operational
months or years for any business.
Our extensive network of relationships with race
circuit operators allows us to benchmark any
facility, whether operating or planned, with others
to establish appropriate models for cost, income
and operation. This know-how extends with our coconsultants to include facilities management advice
and strategic planning for a commercial operator.

Over the years we have refined our services to

provide a comprehensive and cost effective solution
for our clients.
The nine services outlined in this document are
the result of that process and can be combined
to provide a turnkey solution for the design,
construction, regulatory approval and operation of
an international motorsport destination.
At the same time we appreciate that all projects are
different and sometimes require a more bespoke
approach. To this end any number of these services
can be tailored to provide a suitable team for your

Our Experience



Autodrome Nicaragua



Avalon Motor Park



Bankok Street Circuit



Bath & West showground



BIC karting



Bushy Park (upgrade)



Dubai Autodrome



FDM Sjaellandsringen



Hampton Downs

New Zealand


KYMI Motorsport Park





Apex and our partners have delivered in excess of
100 automotive design projects around the globe
including master plans for green field site, upgrades
to existing facilities for the following automotive

Permanent Circuits
Karting Circuits
Street Circuits
Other Motorsport Disciplines
Brand Experience Centres
Driver Training Facilities
Testing and Proving Grounds
Off Road

The table, shown above, demonstrates a small

selection of the projects delivered by Apex. As you
will appreciate, much of our work is confidential and
we take that responsibility very seriously. As a result
most examples of our work cannot be presented in
this report.

Details of the date, location and incorporated

disciplines can be seen in the table, allowing clients
to view past projects which relate most to their own
site ambitions.
The following pages aim to provide further
information on the projects listed above. For each
project we have also indicated what services
were provided to the client using a 'dot' system
that corresponds to the 9 core services described



Testing and Proving


Driver Training

Brand Experience

Other Disciplines

Street CIrcuit







Testing and Proving


Driver Training

Brand Experience

Other Disciplines

Street CIrcuit





Al Forsan Kart Circuit

M-Sport Evaluation Centre



Nutts Corner (upgrade)



OEM Test Facility






Sepang International






Singapore Street Circuit




Sydney Motorsport Park






Zhejiang Racing Circuit




Al-Forsan Kart Circuit | UAE

Apex Services Employed


Vision Plan
Commercial Feasibility
Master Plan
Homologation Design
Civil Engineering
3D Visualisation and Simulation
Al-Forsan Kart Circuit runs leisure karting activities as well as competitive racing
Al-Forsan International Sports Resort under construction

Detailed Design
Project Management
Operational Support


Commissioned in 2004 by Offsets, an Abu Dhabi
government investment body, Apex designed a
CIK-FIA approved Category B 1.2km kart circuit and
an FIM sanctioned motocross circuit as part of a
combined leisure, education and resort complex
around the Abu Dhabi International Shooting Club,
later renamed the Al Forsan resort. Construction
commenced in September 2006 and the circuit
opened in 2010 to wide local acclaim. the karting
facility remains, by some margin, the most lucrative
component of the development.

Autdromo Nacional de Nicaragua

Apex Services Employed


Vision Plan
Commercial Feasibility
Master Plan
Homologation Design
Civil Engineering
3D Visualisation and Simulation
Detailed Design

Aerial View from Lake Managua

2013 Master Plan perspective view

Project Management
Operational Support


Club Automovilistico de Nicaragua (CAN), the
National Sporting Authority for Motor Sport in
Nicaragua, secured grant funding via the FIA
Institute for Motor Sport Safety to develop a
master plan and to establish a commercially
and environmentally sustainable case for a new
motorsport facility in Nicaragua. Should the
project proceed to construction, this will be the
first permanent motorsport destination to be
constructed in Nicaragua.
The proposed development will provide the
nation with a new 2.5km circuit designed to FIA
International Grade 3 standard that will contain
integrated link sections to allow for kart racing up
to World Championship. The kart circuit is aimed at
obtaining CIK-FIA Category A homologation.
In addition, a 1/8th mile drag strip has been included
in the master plan, as part of a national campaign
to help reduce accident rates on public roads due to
illegal street racing.

A short motocross track for club level racing is also

proposed, allowing not only enthusiasts to start in
the sport but also experienced riders to hone their
A road safety centre is also included to utilise the
paddock infrastructure, comprising of a kick plate
test and a legoland type mini-road network for
Away from the track, the development has
been planned to include commercial properties
to contribute capital towards the motorsport
construction costs including a hotel, clubhouse,
apartments and a marina. Fundraising for this
project is underway with significant support from
CAN and the government of Nicaragua.

Avalon Motor Park | Australia

Apex Services Employed


Vision Plan
Commercial Feasibility
Master Plan
Homologation Design
Civil Engineering
3D Visualisation and Simulation
Detailed Design

Modular grandstand concept

2010 Master Plan

Project Management
Operational Support


CAMS, the FIA member club for Australia, has a
vision for a multi-purpose motorsport destination
that could be constructed at Avalon near Melbourne,
establishing a home for a variety of motorsport and
driving activities. Their vision called for a destination
to satisfy all motorsport users, both 2 wheel and
four wheel, in all categories of the sport. In 2009
CAMS contracted Apex, through the FIA Institute
Facility Improvement Programme, to develop a
master plan for the Avalon Motorsport Park as a
phased development allowing CAMS to implement
in a structured and strategic manner as funding and
demand allows.

This phased approach extends also to the initial

proposed Grade 2 circuits which could, if required, be
upgraded to Grade 1 easily to host a Formula 1 Grand
Prix or other international or national motorsport
activities should this ever be a requirement in the
In addition to a proposed FIA Grade 1 circuit, the
Avalon Motorsport Park will provide a home for a
variety of motorsport activities such as karting, road
safety driver training and 4x4 driver training. The
facility was planned in close conjunction with CAMS
in order to develop a suitable strategy for developing
road safety and racing in accordance with Australian
state government policies and FIA initiatives.
The feasibility study resulting from this design
produced positive results and is currently under
consideration by Victoria state government and

Bangkok Street Circuit | Thailand

Apex Services Employed


Vision Plan
Commercial Feasibility
Master Plan
Homologation Design
Civil Engineering
3D Visualisation and Simulation
3D Visualisation of the riverside start finish straight and paddock complex
3D Visualisation of the proposed Turn 1 complex

Detailed Design
Project Management
Operational Support


In 2013 Apex were consulted by the Sports Authority
of Thailand to provide a technical study into the
feasibility of holding an FIA sanctioned race on the
streets of Bangkok.
The study provided the Sports Authority with
a concept design for the track layout that was
simulated using Apex's in house simulation
software, to ensure that the proposed design was
compliant with contemporary FIA safety standards.
In addition the study also provided the Authority
with a major event logistics plan that included
solutions on how transport the vast number of
visitors and from the event during the race weekend;
a plan for how to minimise disruption to the busy
streets of Bangkok during the circuits erection and
dismantling procedures, and; a summary of the
civil engineering works that would be required to
convert the streets of Bangkok into a fully fledged
race circuit

Bath & West Showground | UK

Apex Services Employed


Vision Plan
Commercial Feasibility
Master Plan
Homologation Design
Civil Engineering
3D Visualisation and Simulation
Apex worked alongside Xtreme Off road
The off road course being put through its paces at the Royal Bath and West Showground, May 2008

Detailed Design
Project Management
Operational Support


In December 2007 Apex Circuit Design and Xtreme
Off road were commissioned to design a new off
road facility proposed for the Royal Bath and West
Showground in Somerset, UK.
The track consisted of a number of route
permutations allowing both driver and vehicle to
be tested to their limits. The track was open for
business during the Royal Bath and West Show
in May 2008 and remains available for corporate
entertainment and vehicle manufacturer launch

BIC Karting | Bahrain

Apex Services Employed


Vision Plan
Commercial Feasibility
Master Plan
Homologation Design
Civil Engineering
3D Visualisation and Simulation
Views of the terrace and circuit
Henry Easthope (GBR) the 2012 U18 World Champion races at Viva Kart Circuit, Bahrain November 2012

Detailed Design
Project Management
Operational Support


In 2008 Apex were commissioned by Bahrain
International Circuit to design a karting facility to
complement the existing Formula One motorsport
infrastructure and to provide a facility which could
be enjoyed by adults, families and children alike whether they are spectating or competing.

Apex, working with URS Scott Wilson continued to

provide a post design contribution to the project
throughout 2010 in a project support, technical and
CIK conformance role to the BIC Karting team. The
facility opened for operation in 2011 and is operated
by Bahrain International Circuit.

The circuit layout has a length of 1.4 km,

topographically challenging, environmentally sound
specification that has over 4.7 m of grade change.

The design brief asked for the Worlds best in terms

of visitor experience and facilities and the circuit
is widely regarded as one of the most successful
karting venues in the world, proven by its hosting
of the CIK World Championships in 2012 and 2013.

The design conforms to CIK category A standards

whilst also providing a variety of interesting track
permutations for day to day users, ranging from
a simple bambino layout to more challenging
permutations for experienced kart drivers.

Bushy Park | Barbados

Apex Services Employed


Vision Plan
Commercial Feasibility
Master Plan
Homologation Design
Civil Engineering
3D Visualisation and Simulation
Lewis Hamilton chases Ken Block at the 'W's' hairpin during the Top Gear Festival 2014
Bushy Park circuit 2014 Top Gear Festival crowd

Detailed Design
Project Management
Operational Support


Apex were invited by Ralph Bizzy Williams to
attend the season finale of the 2005 Bajan saloon
car championship at Bushy Park, an event which
attracted 15,000 spectators, nearly 5% of the
countrys population.
As a result of this visit, Apex were asked to review the
circuits options to upgrade the track to FIA Category
3 status and in 2010 Apex were commissioned to
establish an engineered solution and master plan
to upgrade Bushy Park to a 2.0 km FIA Grade 3
circuit, with a commercially sustainable surrounding
This project is was very much a target for economic
regeneration and tourism and Phase 1 of the
upgrade was completed in May 2014, in time to host
the Top Gear festival and the first overseas round of
the Global Rallycross championship.

Dubai Autodrome | UAE

Apex Services Employed


Vision Plan
Commercial Feasibility
Master Plan
Homologation Design
Civil Engineering
3D Visualisation and Simulation
Apex consultant, Martin Baerschmidt, racing in the Dubai 24hrs
The Dubai Autodrome and surrounding development 2011

Detailed Design
Project Management
Operational Support


Clive Bowen, via his company MERS (which
subsequently became Apex), was commissioned
through WSR as the motorsport consultant to HOK
Sport, who were appointed in 2001 to design and
master plan the Dubai Autodrome and Business
Park, completed in October 2004. This project was
a US$100 million investment and included an
FIA, FIM and FOM sanctioned 5.4 km race circuit,
a CIK sanctioned 1.2 km kart circuit and multiple
commercial ventures all integrated into a 700 acre
site in Dubai, UAE.
The project required the provision by Clive of
detailed design and specification of various project

These included the design of the circuit topography

in three dimensions; the coordination of consultation
with drivers, riders, governing bodies, engineering
consultants, architects and local authorities; the
specification of all safety criteria; the definition of
the pit and paddock complex; detailed input into
the spectator facilities, VIP facilities, commercial
facilities and a major contribution towards the
project master plan.
Since its construction the Dubai Autodrome has
attracted over US$3 billion in property investment
in the area adjacent to the circuit, including the
development of the Green Community Motor City
currently housing 4500 people. The circuit hosts a
number of international events, including the nowfamous Dubai 24 Hours in January each year.

FDM Sjaellandsringen | Denmark

Apex Services Employed


Vision Plan
Commercial Feasibility
Master Plan
Homologation Design
Civil Engineering
3D Visualisation and Simulation
Detailed Design

2011 Vision Plan perspective view

Existing FDM Sjaellandsringen site

Project Management
Operational Support


In 2012, Apex and its design team, which
form the FIAI Facilities Advisory Partner, were
appointed to undertake a Vision Plan for the FDM
Sjaellandsringen under the FIA Institution Facility
Improvement Programme.
The objective of the study was to provide a
design solution for a minimal upgrade to the FDM
Sjaellandsringen facility, which currently operates
as a driver training/road safety centre in Denmark.

FDM wish to undertake a re-branding exercise of

the facility to rekindle motorsport in the Roskilde
region, whilst also making upgrades to their facility
in 3 phases; the first phase would enable the circuit
to be granted an FIA Grade 4 license from the local
ASN and requires minimal works within the existing
boundary lines of the venue.
Future phases were also explored by Apex which
consider a longer term, commercially sustainable
vision for the site and include a circuit extension
to 3.1km, a new trackside exhibition building, a
technology park, hotel and extended areas for
further road safety training.
The project is likely to proceed in 2015, following
internal review and approval by FDM.

Hampton Downs | New Zealand

Apex Services Employed


Vision Plan
Commercial Feasibility
Master Plan
Homologation Design
Civil Engineering
3D Visualisation and Simulation
Detailed Design

Phase 1 under construction

Elevation change through Turn 5, National Circuit

Project Management
Operational Support


Clive Bowen was commissioned in 2005 through
WSR to undertake the detailed design and FIA
design approval/homologation for a new hill circuit
for V8 Supercars, A1GP and historic Formula 5000
race cars in New Zealand. The circuit commenced
build in 2007 and held its first international event
in February 2010.
The design philosophy was to incorporate the views
of the drivers, teams and the FIA into a sequence
of corners and straights to provide good racing,
spectating and safe use for all abilities.

The circuit, which has been voted as "the best

circuit in Australasia is overlooked by residential
apartments, which assisted in the commercial
viability of this project and allowed the management
team to launch the 2.8 km short circuit. The 3.8 km
circuit, once completed, will have nine corners, five
right hand and four left hand.

Kymi Motorsport Park | Finland

Apex Services Employed


Vision Plan
Commercial Feasibility
Master Plan
Homologation Design
Civil Engineering
3D Visualisation and Simulation
The Pits Building, 3D perspective render
2D photorealistic render of the Apex developed master plan

Detailed Design
Project Management
Operational Support


This 4.6 km FIA Grade 2/FIM Grade A race circuit
respects as much as possible the configuration set
out originally by Pohjola Racing in 2009, though it
has been revised by Apex to take into account FIA
and FIM guidelines, optimised land use, reduced
material quantities and to employ ideas to establish
greater commercial yield and revenue.
The 15 corner main circuit combines sequences
and straights to form an intentionally complex and
technically demanding experience for driver and
engineer alike.
The Finnish government and the regional
governments of Kuovola and IItti are committed
to construction of this exciting project and Apex
is leading the detailed design development with a
view to construction commencing in late 2014/early

The facility will include a dedicated road safety

driving centre and a kart circuit.
The facility is integrated into the new motorsport
park which includes a
A working relationship between AKK motorsport
association and Action Park has been established
to create a unique driving and visitor experience for
visitors to KYMI motorsport park.

M-Sport Evaluation Centre| UK

Apex Services Employed


Vision Plan
Commercial Feasibility
Master Plan
Homologation Design
Civil Engineering
3D Visualisation and Simulation
Detailed Design

Bentley GT3 in the testing and development phase prior to competition

The proposed design for the M-Sport Evaluation Centre

Project Management
Operational Support


In October 2013 Apex were contracted by Northern
Developments (on behalf of M-Sport) to assist
in the preparation of information for a planning
submission to the local authority in May 2014.
The focus of the planning submission was the
development of an automotive evaluation centre at
the M-Sport Headquarters, Dovenby Hall, Cumbria.
The Apex designed facility will primarily be used
by M-Sport engineers to evaluate vehicles that
have been developed on site, however there is a
commercial case to use the facility for corporate and
manufacturer experience activity. M-Sport currently
visit nearby evaluation centres prior to competition
and retail.

By bringing this activity on site alongside all the

existing manufacturing & engine testing facilities,
the organisation will create a unique facility in this
part of the UK offering complete R&D Testing &
Evaluation Manufacturing & production facilities
Whilst also benefitting from reduced testing and
logistics costs, the facility will also reduce otherwise
unavoidable staff down time due to travel time to
and from other facilities nationwide and improve
the facility's Carbon footprint.
In the short term this facility would directly benefit
its core WRC business, however M-Sport have
recently developed a very successful relationship
with Bentley that has led to the development of the
new Bentley Continental GT3 for competition. So,
with the development of multiple vehicles on site,
the requirement for a suitable private evaluation
centre is more evident..

The M-Sport Evaluation Centre design incorporates

the following key features:

2.53 km Handling Circuit

A straight of 750 m
A multitude of permutation options
A 70 m, low friction, steady state cornering pad
- Accessed via the track but could be separated
from the track to allow for independent
A variance of high and low speed corner
sequencing to allow for the testing of various
car setup parameters
Over 13 m of elevation change along the
track centre line challenge drivers and vehicle
capability alike

Nutts Corner | Northern Ireland

Apex Services Employed


Vision Plan
Commercial Feasibility
Master Plan
Homologation Design
Civil Engineering
3D Visualisation and Simulation
Corporate customer celebrates a victory on the newly developed circuit
Aerial view of the upgraded Nutts Corner Circuit

Detailed Design
Project Management
Operational Support


Apex were commissioned in 2010 to design an
improvement to the Northern Ireland circuit, in
particular with a request to improve the surfacing
and a requirement to extend and accommodate
contemporary CIK guidelines. This redesign included
re-surfacing the pit entrance lane, the creation of
a new internal track extension and replacement
kerbing which extends the original 1002 m track to a
CIK Grade B compliant 1270 m. Further re-surfacing
of the long track and paddock, was included in the
upgrade work, including the installation of a new
drainage system and duct work.

The finalised layout, with track construction

completed in 2011, increased the flexibility of the
venue by allowing the concurrent operation of
multiple circuit configurations including bambino
karting sessions. The new layout received approval
from the MSA (the motorsport governing body for
the United Kingdom) and now hosts sanctioned
national race meetings. Full CIK licensing forms part
of the circuits long-term strategy.

OEM Experience Facility | UK

Apex Services Employed


Vision Plan
Commercial Feasibility
Master Plan
Homologation Design
Civil Engineering
3D Visualisation and Simulation
Detailed Design

Apex staff inspecting the handling circuit

View on handling circuit and straight and level areas

Project Management
Operational Support


In 2010 Apex were engaged by a world renowned
manufacturer to undertake a feasibility study for
extending an existing driver experience centre in the
The existing centre operates as a brand and
customer experience centre for a manufacturer
and is designed to allow potential and existing
customers to experience a range of vehicles in a safe
Apex worked directly with the manufacturer to
develop a design brief for an extension to the
existing track and building facilities to include a
handling circuit, acceleration and braking zone and
a central dynamics area.

The project required close liaison with experienced

driving consultants in order that the design
proposals were developed to test the varying control
systems across the range of high performance
vehicles on offer with the aim of providing a new
and unique experience for customers.
Apex delivered the feasibility report in February 2011
with positive feedback. The detailed design process
was ongoing through 2013 with construction
commencing towards the end of the year. The
facility has recently been completed, on schedule,
and has received high praise from the client.

Primring, Vladivostok | Russia

Apex Services Employed


Vision Plan
Commercial Feasibility
Master Plan
Homologation Design
Civil Engineering
3D Visualisation and Simulation
An aerial image of the Primring development today showing the kart and motocross circuits
3D rendered aerial image of the 2011 Master Plan

Detailed Design
Project Management
Operational Support

The PrimRing project in the Primorsky Region of
eastern Russia, is situated on 78 Hectares of land
under the control of Sumotori Machinery Group
and has been selected by the Russian Automobile
Federation (RAF), its satellite member club the
PAF and by Sumotori as the location for the first
integrated multi-purpose commercial race resort
destination for Russia.

The 3.7km race circuit design was granted FIA Design

Approval in May 2011, the 1.7km FIM standard
motocross track opened later that year and the CIK
kart circuit was opened in 2013 for its first racing
events. The main paddock was completed later
in 2013 and now hosts regular drift and corporate
events. Detailed Design of the 4x4 course and
obstacles is expected to be completed in 2014.

Apex were commissioned in early 2011 to undertake

the detailed design to accommodate FIA and FIM
guidelines for a 3.7km circuit, a CIK Grade A compliant
kart circuit, a 1.7km FIM compliant motocross circuit
and a 1/8th mile PAF compliant drag strip.

Apex and our partners Ridge, URS, KPMG and

the Sustainable Hospitality Group were also
commissioned to design a master plan for the
PrimRing site to accommodate these motorsport
facilities and to develop a strategy for a commercially
and environmentally sustainable destination with
road safety driver training in support of the many
national and regional current education and driver
training programs being a particular feature.

Sepang International Circuit | Malaysia

Apex Services Employed


Vision Plan
Commercial Feasibility
Master Plan
Homologation Design
Civil Engineering
3D Visualisation and Simulation
Secondary paddock buildings from 2010 Master Plan, perspective render
Extract from 2010 Master Plan, plan view

Detailed Design
Project Management
Operational Support


Sepang International Circuit (SIC) is the home of the
Malaysian Formula One Grand Prix and Malaysian
MotoGP events and it also plays host to rounds of
the Japanese GT Championship and Asian Festival
of Speed.
The Vision Plan by Apex sought to identify how
SIC could utilise the existing site to develop this
purpose-built government-funded Formula One
facility into a commercially and environmentally
sustainable destination for the long term.
This vision was tested with a KPMG feasibility
evaluation and adjusted to the final Master Plan to
provide a commercially sustainable outcome.

In addition to design services, Apex provided SIC

with templates for key operational documentation
which allowed the management and operations
team to consider more efficient staffing structures,
day to day operational procedures and major event
As part of the final Master Plan design, Apex were
responsible for design proposals for a new business
park, secondary paddock area, F1 team huts, a
driving school, retail outlet, education facilities,
hotel, country club and plaza and design upgrades
to the current Kart circuit. An ongoing relationship
will develop new facilities for SIC in 2014.

Silverstone | UK

Apex Services Employed


Vision Plan
Commercial Feasibility
Master Plan
Homologation Design
Civil Engineering
3D Visualisation and Simulation
Caterham driving days already prove popular at Silverstone
Extract from 2011 Master Plan submitted for planning

Detailed Design
Project Management
Operational Support

In 2010 Apex were engaged through the FIAI
Facilities Improvement Programme to undertake a
feasibility study and master plan design for a new
kart circuit and road safety driver facility on the
infield of the Silverstone National circuit.
The area in question was formerly the pit and
paddock area during the British Formula One
Grand Prix and other major events however,
following construction of the new pit and paddock
development at Silverstone, the space can be utilised
for other developments and revenue streams.
Apex worked directly with the Silverstone
management and operations team to develop the
design brief and prepare realistic design proposals,
carefully considering the existing site infrastructure.

Proposals include a new 1.2 km CIK kart circuit

and a driver training facility which includes a Skid
Pad, Kick Plate, Slalom and Braking test, Advanced
Manoeuvring area, a Handling Course and an area
for undertaking Motorcycle CBT tests and advanced
rider training.
Apex delivered the feasibility report in line with the
existing planning brief for the site and in accordance
with the MSA Driver Development Initiative and
Road Safety Initiative.
The study was completed in 2011 with positive
feedback and it is hoped that the project will
commence into detailed design and construction in

Singapore Street Circuit| Singapore

Apex Services Employed


Vision Plan
Commercial Feasibility
Master Plan
Homologation Design
Civil Engineering
3D Visualisation and Simulation
One of the original concepts proposed by Apex for the Singapore Street Circuit
Photograph of the start finish straight during the setup process in preparation for the F1 Grand Prix

Detailed Design
Project Management
Operational Support


Clive Bowen was appointed by Motorsport Asia in
2005 to assemble a consortium of consultants.
Through MERS UK Ltd. (Subsequently renamed
Apex) he invited HOK Sport London, Meinhardt
and Faithful+Gould to prepare a formal tender for
the government funded Singapore Street Circuit
feasibility study and preliminary design.
The bid was won by a rival consortium and
Singapore hosted the first night-time floodlit race
in F1 in Autumn 2008 along a circuit configuration
not dissimilar to the MERS proposed configuration
shown here.

Our team have an appreciation on the complexities

of constructing a street circuit in the Singapore
business district and gathered data as a result of the
work regarding the project such as road resurfacing,
traffic diversions, circuit routing, street lighting and
track infrastructure.
Since the inaugural race in 2008 Apex have been
consulted to design and plan of a number of changes
to the original circuit layout. The latest of these
design changes was proposed to be incorporated
into the track design ready for the Singapore Grand
Prix in 2014.
Further information regarding that study can be
obtained upon request.

Sydney Motorsports Park | Australia

Apex Services Employed


Vision Plan
Commercial Feasibility
Master Plan
Homologation Design
Civil Engineering
3D Visualisation and Simulation
An aerial photograph of the upgraded circuit
The return of the V8 Supercars to Sydney Motorsport Park

Detailed Design
Project Management
Operational Support


Sydney Motorsport Park, formerly Eastern Creek
International Raceway, has remained over the years
one of Australias premier racing venues with its
fast flowing corners, excellent spectator experience
and picturesque parkland setting.
The popularity of the circuit was such that the client,
The Australian Racing Drivers Club, had the facility
booked to full capacity year on year and had the
aspiration to increase annual revenue potential
and the need to accommodate additional business
resulting from the closure of the nearby Oran Park
Apex were contracted to explore various methods by
which the circuit could increase operational capacity.

Two significant track upgrades were proposed and

subsequently constructed to allow the independent
and concurrent operation of both the north and
south circuit permutations.
In addition to these track upgrades, Apex proposed
a wider site development that includes industrial
parks, a museum, tuning shops, entertainment
zones, corporate hospitality and a road safety driving
school. These additional developments all increase
daily footfall to the site and provide a greater value
experience for all who visit Sydney Motorsport Park.

Yvelines | France

Apex Services Employed


Vision Plan
Commercial Feasibility
Master Plan
Homologation Design
Civil Engineering
3D Visualisation and Simulation
Detailed Design

2009 Master Plan

3D perspective view of the Master Plan

Project Management
Operational Support

The French government proposed a new national
Formula One Grand Prix circuit on an 85 Hectare site
in Les Mureaux, Yvelines, approximately 1 hour by
car or train, north west of Paris. The site was ideally
located to attract a high density of spectators and
provided a unique setting for the proposed new
home of the French Grand Prix and for French
motorsport. The department of Yvelines is home
to much of the French automotive industry, with a
significant Renault facility situated adjacent to the
project site.

Apex provided circuit design and master planning

services, with Ridge and Partners and URS Scott
Wilson on what was a challenging site location in
terms of environmental constraints.

Zhejiang Race Circuit | China

Apex Services Employed


Vision Plan
Commercial Feasibility
Master Plan
Homologation Design
Civil Engineering
3D Visualisation and Simulation
Aerial view of the Zhejiang Racing Circuit Master Plan
3D render of the Zhejiang Racing Circuit Master Plan

Detailed Design
Project Management
Operational Support


In 2011, Apex were commissioned as lead consultant
to undertake the detailed design and engineering
of a luxury, multi-use motorsport destination in
Shaoxing, China. As part of this commission, Apex
appointed International Group, URS Corporation
and Ridge & Partners LLP as co-consultants
for operational planning, civil engineering and a
mix of architecture, cost consultancy and project
management support respectively.
The master plan for the 51 hectare site includes
a design for a 3.2Km FIA Grade 2 race circuit and
infrastructure including medical centre, an 800m
FIA-CIK compliant kart circuit, a mutli-use pit
building & conference facility, a private members
club, a five star hotel, 22 exclusive apartments
overlooking the circuit, a 9 storey office tower and a
multi-storey car market.

Following completion of the master plan, Apex

worked with KPMG to undertake a business
feasibility model of the project, which provided
crucial information to inform the later design stages
by the design team.
The project has seen Apex and its co-consultants
working closely with the clients appointed Chinese
Local Design institutes HHG and SMEDI, to
ensure that the design meets the Local Authority
regulations for approval.
In December 2013, the groundworks contractor
commenced work on site to commence the
intensive 2 year phase 1 construction programme
for the main circuit, the kart circuit, the pit/
paddock infrastructure and over 100,000 m2 of
building development. Phase 2 is forecasted to
commence immediately upon completion of Phase 1
construction and will add the car market, the hillside
lodges and the office building.

Much of our commercial success can be attributed to a sympathetic master plan which sought to work
with the existing topography, minimised unnecessary cut or fill, enhanced the racers experience and
provided fantastic viewing for spectators. We can thank Clive and his team for a lot of this success
Tony Roberts | Managing Director | Hampton Downs
Hampton Downs, New Zealand

Sydney Motorsport Park Upgrades - From a V8 side, the track also looks good...
....I think you have a great layout

Craig Lowndes | 3 times V8 Super Champion

Apex developed with me a commercial strategy for the project, which is as relevant today as it was 10
years ago and maybe more so...
...The business which resulted from the Autodrome project resulted in $3 billion in development and homes
for 4,500 people on the 400 Hectare site...
...I would recommend the services of Apex Design to any City, State or Country looking to develop a
motorsports facility.
Paul Michael Queyssac Berger | Union Properties
Dubai Autodrome, UAE


What we really like is their focus on value engineering and quality and for finding ways for us to exploit
commercial opportunity. They have not simply accepted responsibility to design motorsport facilities, they
are helping us create a destination, with many areas for revenue and capital generation.
Would I recommend Apex and their co-consultants? I would. I am totally satisfied and, apart from their
professional approach, like very much that all members of the Apex team work as one and have become
good friends to Sumotori and the PRIMRING team.
Vitaly Verkeenko | President | Sumotori Machinery Group

PrimRing, Russia

This Master Plan work of Apex has been invaluable to us.

Jani Backman | Director General | AKK Motorsport ry
Kymi Motorsport Park, Finland

Apex proved to be professional and meticulous in their approach and application to the job in hand...
....We have absolutely no hesitation in recommending the Apex team to any prospective client.
Geoff Arnold | General Manager | Australian Racing Drivers Club
Sydney Motorsport Park, Australia

Hampton Downs - Without doubt the best in Australasia

Greg Murphy | Four times winner Bathurst 1000 V8 Supercar Driver


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