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Lopez, Anna Isabel D.

Entrepreneurial Management (EMC2)
English 102
The Fall of The Beatles
Over the generations, The Beatles was considered as one of the greatest bands this world
has ever known. In one of the biographies of the Beatles, Miles (1998) said that their story began
in 1957 when John Lennon invited Paul McCartney to be in his band. He also said that George
Harrison and Ringo Starr, later on joined the duo. At that time, little did they know that they just
made themselves the legendary band, The Beatles. These four boys from Liverpool, England got
all the fame and the glory they could ever muster. Then they conquered the world through their
music. They even received a Member of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire Award
from Queen Elizabeth herself. (“Beatles, MBE!”, 2005) To sum it all up, they had a total of 27
chart-topping hit songs which were compiled in one album named “1” that was released in 2000
by EMI Records.
At a very young age, their fame and success couldn’t get any better. But as the old saying
goes, if you are way up at the top, there’s nowhere to go but down. True enough, their pitfall
came around when John Lennon claimed that they were more famous than Jesus Christ. Maureen
Cleave, a writer for the London Evening Standard got hold of Lennon (1966) saying:
"Christianity will go. It will vanish and shrink. I needn't argue with that; I'm right and I
will be proved right. We're more popular than Jesus now; I don't know which will go first - rock
'n' roll or Christianity. Jesus was all right but his disciples were thick and ordinary. It's them
twisting it that ruins it for me.”
Soon after, there were a few more incidents wherein Lennon said bizarre things that
involved God and religion. One day, when he was drug-induced, he blurted out to his best friend,

Brian Epstein. (Holmes. their manager. Trying to redeem himself. Illinois in 1966. the states with the most furious protests were Georgia. With all these that happened. The first scenario he mentioned was that of probably the most popular photo on anti-rock protest. Ohio when the pastor said that members who agreed with John Lennon would be revoked. As Sullivan (1987) stated. He also mentioned that Christian demonstrators surrounded the Beatles coach and on a separate occasion. Georgia. To make things worse. the countries of Mexico. and South Carolina. “I don’t believe in Jesus…I just believe in me. (Stolzznow. as Miles (1987) narrates it. 2001) He even composed a song entitled God. he said: . exploded a firecracker on stage. Lastly. he said that the “Green Dragon” of the Ku Klux Klan in South Carolina nailed one album of the Beatles in a wooden cross. the band tried to patch things up with society. 1970) Lennon’s statements didn’t matter much in England as compared to the reactions he got from the United States. Spain. 2009) Criticisms and negative reactions came from left and right. 2012) That was when the rage started. (Davies. and South Africa banned their music as well.” (Lennon. It has already become a worldly issue. Zealots burned Beatles records in Birmingham. Then his second was in the New Heaven Baptist Church in Cleveland. a copy of “Meet the Beatles” was thrown by a boy in one of the “Beatles Bonfires” in Waycross. that he was Jesus Christ. Alabama. Five months after. the US teen magazine. Datebook published his statement as its cover story. Ohio. 2011) I also stumbled upon a video of John Lennon’s apology in Chicago. Part of the lyrics said. The events were getting disastrous that lives began to be at stake.Pete Shotton. Aside from being boycotted in two dozens of American radio stations. the “Bible Belt Region” in the US came attacking the Beatles through various protests. called for a press conference in New York to apologize. (“Brian Epstein Holds a Press Conference”. Moreover.

Come to think of it. Fast-forward to present day. they had some individual achievements but it never became as big as when they were together. Even my brothers nearly twice my age have playlists of the Beatles. This was due to the fact that its story revolves around the songs of the Beatles. They have made their legacy. I am amazed by how their unity created music so fine. If it passes. I came to know that there are two things that could not be taken back. for one. The Beatles has connected generations even long after they have gone their own separate ways. If there’s on thing that I’ve learned from the Beatles. and together they are a legend. San Francisco. Eventually. or I was taken wrong. Badman (2002) wrote in his book that the Beatles finally concluded on the 29th of August in 1966 in Candlestick Park. However. time and words. Lennon may be bold and courageous for stepping up and saying what is in his mind. the damage has been done. I would want to imagine that it was a memorable and emotional concert. Two members of the Beatles already passed away. In the course of the short life that I have lived. that is to be cautions of my words. especially John Lennon. My parents have also been avid fans of the band. I. Lennon had to learn it the hard way. That was the end of the Beatles. USA. Unfortunately. . Nevertheless. then it goes. their concert was a flunk. they decided to have their last concert.“I’m not saying that we’re better or greater or comparing us to Jesus Christ. got caught up in “Beatlemania” when the movie musical “Across the Universe” was released. I just said what I said and it was wrong. the music of The Beatles still lives on. The very controversial John Lennon was assassinated and George Harrison lost his battle to lung cancer. It caused him to lose relationships. it has only brought him to trouble.” Sadly though. Their die-hard fans turned their backs on them.