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Choose the one alternative that best completes the statement or answers the
1) The cooling device that helps to cool a CPU is called a: 1) _______
A) thermostat. B) CPU cooling system.
C) heat sink. D) system fan.

2) When reporting the speed of a CD-RW drive as 40x12x48, the order of the speeds is: 2) _______
A) record rewrite playback. B) playback rewrite record.
C) record playback rewrite. D) playback record rewrite.

3) For a CD, a speed of 40x means: 3) _______

A) 40,000 bytes per second. B) 6,000 kilobytes per second.
C) 12,000 kilobytes per second. D) 80 megabytes per second.

4) Windows XP requires approximately ________ bytes of hard disk space. 4) _______

A) 100 million B) 3 billion C) 1.5 billion D) 500 million

5) In Windows XP, the amount of available memory that the system has at a particular moment can be found
in the: 5) _______
A) System Properties dialog for My Computer.
B) Task Manager's Performance tab.
C) System Information utility available from the Accessories programs.
D) Computer Management option from the Control Panel.

6) In Windows XP, the clock speed of your system's CPU can be found in the: 6) _______
A) System Properties dialog for My Computer.
B) Task Manager's Performance tab.
C) Computer Management option from the Control Panel.

D) System Information utility available from the Accessories programs.

7) A read/write head should never come closer to the disk platter than approximately: 7) _______
A) 0.5 microinches. B) the width of a human hair.
C) one millimeter. D) a quarter inch.

8) CAT 5, CAT 5E, and CAT 6 are all types of: 8) _______
A) connector jacks. B) network adapters.
C) Ethernet ports. D) UTP cables.

9) The main difference between the various 802.11 standards is the: 9) _______
A) maximum allowable cable length.
B) simplicity of installation.
C) collision detection rate.
D) data transfer rate.

10) Which of the following types of network adapter card is most likely to be pre-installed in a typical home
computer? 10) ______
A) 10/100 Mbps NIC B) HPNA adapter
C) Power line adapter D) Wireless adapter

11) Broadband Internet users are vulnerable to hacking risks because of: 11) ______
A) static addressing. B) network address translation.
C) IP addressing. D) dynamic addressing.

12) The most likely use of a router in a home network is to: 12) ______
A) allow multiple computers in the network to connect to the Internet.
B) establish client-server access to shared network resources.

C) allow two computers to communicate in a wireless network.

D) allow individual nodes of an Ethernet-based network to communicate with each other.

13) Which of the following is true of Ethernet-based networks? 13) ______

A) They require the use of cable modems.
B) They require the use of hubs or routers.
C) They require the use of wireless access points.
D) They require the use of HPNA adapters.

14) A firewall's ability to selectively allow logical port access to only a subset of users or computers that
request access is accomplished via: 14) ______
A) logical port blocking. B) packet filtering.
C) network address translation. D) network key distribution.

15) A purpose of network address translation is to: 15) ______

A) convert logical to physical port configurations.
B) hide user IP addresses from the Internet.
C) translate an IP address to a text-based URL.
D) dynamically assign IP addresses via an ISP.

16) The operating system of a cell phone resides in: 16) ______
A) virtual memory. B) the CPU.
C) volatile memory. D) read-only memory.

17) The purpose of a cell phone's digital signal processor is to: 17) ______
A) amplify and translate digital signals.
B) process signals by transporting them to a mobile switching center.
C) compress or decompress signals.

D) act as a modem by converting signals from analog to digital and vice versa.

18) Which of the following products is a CPU for tablet PCs? 18) ______
A) Crusoe 5800 B) Verichip
C) PEG-NZ90 D) Intel Xscale

19) Store-and-forward technology facilitates: 19) ______

A) portable MP3 file storage.
B) file transfer between PDAs and desktop computers.
C) cell-phone text messaging.
D) inexpensive walkie-talkie communications.

20) The Intel Centrino package includes all of the following components EXCEPT the: 20) ______
A) Intel Pentium M processor.
B) Intel-Pro wireless network connection.
C) Intel Xscale CPU.
D) Intel 855 chipset.

21) A fast flash card that offers encryption capabilities is called: 21) ______
A) SmartMedia. B) Secure Digital.
C) Compact Flash. D) Memory Stick.

22) A mobile switching center decides which cell your cell phone belongs in by: 22) ______
A) selecting the cell with the lowest current call volume.
B) using a GPS system to determine its geographical location.
C) locating the short message service on the Internet backbone.
D) monitoring the signal strength between the cell phone and a base station.

23) Symbian is: 23) ______

A) the brand name for a sophisticated PDA.
B) one of the leading two-way paging devices.
C) an operating system for cell phones.
D) a popular line of cell phones.

24) A durable, matchbook-sized flash card that holds up to 4GB is called: 24) ______
A) SmartMedia. B) Secure Digital.
C) Compact Flash. D) Memory Stick.

25) OMAP, Xscale, and Dragonball are all examples of: 25) ______
A) global positioning systems.
B) tablet computer operating systems.
C) MP3 devices.
D) PDA processors.

26) Blueboard is: 26) ______

A) a method for improving performance of Internet access for handheld devices.
B) the name of a PDA hardware accessory.
C) a technology that allows wireless connectivity between devices without line-of-sight.
D) PDA software that enables multiple users to simultaneously draw on a common "surface."

27) The portion of the CPU that coordinates the activities of other components of the computer is the: 27)
A) ALU. B) coordination board.
C) control unit. D) motherboard.

28) Volatile storage refers to: 28) ______

A) changes to data as updates are made to the storage device.
B) loss of data on the storage device when power is shut off.
C) the propensity for a storage device's quality to degrade over time.
D) the ability of the storage device to be dynamically installed and removed.

29) The time it takes a CPU to retrieve data from RAM is typically a few: 29) ______
A) picoseconds. B) microseconds.
C) milliseconds. D) nanoseconds.

30) The terms megahertz and gigahertz refer to the number of ________ per second that a CPU can perform.
30) ______
A) program instructions B) machine cycles
C) video updates D) arithmetic calculations

31) Another term for IEEE 1394 is: 31) ______

A) USB. B) IrDA. C) FireWire. D) Bluetooth.

32) The computer system's sound card will be located: 32) ______
A) in the speakers. B) in a USB port.
C) in a drive bay. D) on the motherboard.

33) Connecting to the Internet using a cable modem is best accomplished via a(n) ________ port. 33)
A) USB 1.1 B) Firewire C) Ethernet D) serial

34) Enabling true surround sound in your computer's audio system requires the use of: 34) ______
A) subwoofers. B) Dolby 5.1 sound cards.

C) 3D sound cards. D) amplified speakers.

35) The fastest download of a digital camera's pictures onto a computer's hard drive will be accomplished
via a(n) ________ port. 35) ______
A) serial B) Ethernet C) USB 1.1 D) FireWire

36) Although serial ports are being phased out, they are still adequate for connecting: 36) ______
A) external 56K modems. B) printers.
C) external cable modems. D) Zip drives.

37) Mathematical calculations and comparison decisions are performed by the: 37) ______
A) ALU. B) central calculation unit.
C) numerical calculator. D) control unit.

38) If your computer is memory bound, this means that: 38) ______
A) the CPU is performing too many fetches of data from RAM in a typical machine cycle.
B) there is not enough RAM for the processing demands.
C) it contains more RAM than is necessary.
D) the CPU needs a replacement SIMMs chip.

39) Pits in the medium and use of high-speed lasers are characteristic of: 39) ______
A) DVD drives B) RAM chips.
C) flash cards. D) floppy disk drives.

40) A 256-color mode monitor requires ________ bit(s) for representing each pixel's color. 40) ______
A) 1 B) 8 C) 256 D) 24

41) On a hard disk, a sector is a(n): 41) ______

A) pie-shaped wedge.
B) address identifying the location of a file.
C) concentric circle.
D) catalog used to keep track of files.

42) A subwoofer enables the speaker to better reproduce: 42) ______

A) low-frequency sounds. B) high-volume sounds.
C) low-volume sounds. D) high-frequency sounds.

43) ________ ports are used for connecting electronic synthesizers to computers. 43) ______
A) IrDA B) Bluetooth C) USB 2 D) MIDI

44) Some flash memory comes in a stick that plugs directly into a(n) ________, eliminating the need for a
separate card reader. 44) ______
A) USB port. B) DRAM chip
C) RAM reading device D) expansion card

45) The PF Usage portion of the Task Manager's performance tab indicates the: 45) ______
A) number of page swaps per second that are taking place.
B) total RAM that is installed on the system.
C) processing frequency of the CPU.
D) size of the page file in virtual memory.

46) There is an economic advantage when upgrading your computer to purchase: 46) ______
A) an entirely new motherboard.
B) a CPU slightly slower than the fastest on the market.
C) the fastest CPU on the market.
D) a CPU with multiple arithmetic logic units.

47) The minimum amount of VRAM recommended for serious computer gaming is: 47) ______
A) 128 MB. B) 64 MB. C) 16 MB. D) 24 MB.

48) Which of the following portable storage devices is likely to have the greatest storage capacity? 48)
A) DVD B) Flash card C) Zip disk D) CD

49) If a CRT and an LCD monitor are both stated as being 21 inches, then: 49) ______
A) the CRT's viewing size is equal to the LCD's viewing size.
B) the CRT's viewing size is larger than the LCD's viewing size.
C) the relative viewing sizes of the CRT and LCD depend on the manufacturer.
D) the CRT's viewing size is smaller than the LCD's viewing size.

50) Low-level formatting of a hard disk will: 50) ______

A) defragment the disk.
B) initialize the file allocation table.
C) create tracks and sectors on the magnetic surface.
D) reallocate data in order to make disk access more efficient.

51) Read/write heads are located on a hard disk drive's: 51) ______
A) sector. B) platter. C) track. D) arm.

52) The spin rate of the hard disk drive will affect ________ time of a read or write. 52) ______
A) seek B) transfer C) latency D) cycle

53) The ratio of speed between accessing data from virtual memory vs. accessing data from physical
memory is approximately: 53) ______

A) 1,000,000 : 1. B) 1,000,000,000 : 1.
C) 100 : 1. D) 1,000 : 1.

54) The device contained within the system unit that converts binary data into the images that display on the
monitor is called a: 54) ______
A) video card. B) image processor.
C) VRAM device. D) CRT.

55) CPU usage refers to the: 55) ______

A) percentage of program instructions that use the CPU.
B) number of CPUs that are installed on the computer.
C) percentage of time that the CPU is actively working.
D) amount of time during a machine cycle involved in CPU activities.

56) Increasing the resolution of a monitor will: 56) ______

A) increase the size of the images. B) result in a faster refresh rate.
C) decrease the size of the images. D) result in a slower refresh rate.

57) Radio wave transmission is a feature of ________ ports. 57) ______

A) USB 2 B) Bluetooth C) MIDI D) IrDA

58) The terms SIMMs, DIMMs, and RIMMs refer to different types of: 58) ______
A) processing units. B) disk drives.
C) memory cards. D) motherboards.

59) Which of the following is a magnetic storage device? 59) ______

A) Zip disk B) DVD C) Flash card D) CD

60) Bit depth refers to the: 60) ______

A) density of pits in an optical storage device.
B) allowable range of values that a byte can represent.
C) space allocated for representing pixel colors.
D) data transfer speed of a video card.

61) IDE and SCSI refer to different types of: 61) ______
A) memory cards. B) hard disk drives.
C) data ports. D) RAM chips.

62) ________ speakers do not require an external power source. 62) ______
A) Dolby B) Plug and play
C) Amplified D) Unamplified

63) According to Moore's law: 63) ______

A) CPU capacity will double every 18 months.
B) hard disk space will increase into the terabyte range within a decade.
C) computer prices will decrease dramatically every year.
D) memory storage size will double every year.

64) ________ time refers to the amount of time that it takes for the read/write head to position over the
correct track. 64) ______
A) Seek B) Access C) Transfer D) Latency

65) A separate expansion card containing a CPU is called a: 65) ______

A) CPU supplement. B) chip frame.
C) piggyback card. D) daughterboard.

66) The portion of memory that is used for the operating system, and that represents the minimal possible
RAM that must be available in order for the computer to run, is called ________ RAM. 66) ______
A) physical B) task C) kernel D) operating

67) The main advantage of an SCSI drive over an IDE drive is: 67) ______
A) speed. B) ease of use.
C) cost. D) storage capacity.

68) Which of the following is the fastest magnetic storage device? 68) ______
A) Zip drive B) Flash card C) DRAM D) Hard disk

69) Which of the following is an optical storage medium that allows storage of data multiple times? 69)
A) CD-RW B) DVD C) Flash card D) Zip disk

70) A virus that executes only when certain conditions occur is called a: 70) ______
A) stealth virus. B) conditional virus.
C) worm. D) logic bomb.

71) A wireless access point serves a function similar to a(n): 71) ______
A) Ethernet port. B) hub.
C) gateway. D) router.

72) A white-hat hacker is likely to: 72) ______

A) break into a computer system for the purpose of identity theft.
B) claim to provide a social good by identifying vulnerabilities in a computer system.
C) build a firewall to protect a computer from unauthorized access.
D) release a Trojan horse on a home computer in order to launch a DOS attack.

73) In network terminology, the word gateway is most closely synonymous to: 73) ______
A) wireless adapter. B) router.
C) Ethernet port. D) hub.

74) In an Ethernet network, the component that acts like a traffic signal and amplifies/retransmits data
signals within the network is a: 74) ______
A) hub. B) network interface card.
C) packet. D) Category 5 jack.

75) A computer program that attaches itself to another program and spreads itself to other computers via
replication when files are exchanged is called a: 75) ______
A) backdoor program. B) Trojan horse.
C) virus. D) cracker.

76) Which of the following is an example of a network node? 76) ______

A) NOS B) Printer
C) Twisted pair cable D) Client-server architecture

77) A common method used by firewalls for maximizing computer security is: 77) ______
A) blocking access to logical ports.
B) detecting and removing viruses.
C) closing physical ports.
D) disabling Internet browsers.

78) The purpose of a wireless transceiver is to: 78) ______

A) modulate digital signals for transmission along telephone lines.
B) control traffic of data packets in an Ethernet network.

C) convert electrical signals into radio waves.

D) connect different networks together.

79) Operating systems such as Windows XP periodically provide security ________ to overcome their
vulnerabilities to invasion from hackers. 79) ______
A) sentinels B) patches C) white hats D) worms

80) The transmission medium with the highest bandwidth is: 80) ______
A) fiber optic. B) infrared wireless.
C) twisted pair. D) coaxial.

81) The term peer-to-peer refers to a category of: 81) ______

A) network control. B) network transmission media.
C) network packet routing. D) network node distance.

82) The ________ virus is an example of a logic bomb. 82) ______

A) Trojan B) Michelangelo
C) Melissa D) Code Red

83) An ISP will assign a ________ to a user's computer when the user logs in. 83) ______
A) logical port B) static address
C) physical port D) dynamic address

84) A hub is a type of: 84) ______

A) network navigation device. B) network transmission medium.
C) network operating system. D) network adapter.

85) Script kiddies are: 85) ______

A) youthful entrepreneurs who develop software to protect computer resources.

B) computer experts who create computer programs for the purpose of cyberterrorism.
C) marketing specialists who obtain consumer information by searching the Internet.
D) amateurs who obtain easy-to-use software in order to hack into someone's computer.

86) The Melissa virus is distributed to many computers primarily via: 86) ______
A) floppy disk. B) e-mail.
C) FTP. D) Web pages.

87) Which of the following is most likely to be configured as a client-server local area network? 87)
A) Ten or more nodes in a business office
B) A wireless home network
C) All the computers in a multi-national corporation
D) Two computers connected together

88) ________ viruses will be loaded into memory immediately when the computer starts up, even before
virus detection software can load. 88) ______
A) Master system B) Startup
C) Boot sector D) Logic bomb

89) A program that appears to perform a useful task but, in addition, does something malicious in the
background is called a: 89) ______
A) backdoor program. B) firewall.
C) Trojan horse. D) packet sniffer.

90) ________ viruses are typically attached to document files, such as those used for word processing or
spreadsheets. 90) ______
A) File B) Document C) System D) Macro

91) The act of bombarding a system with such a high volume of requests that it results in an inability to
allow legitimate users to access the system is called: 91) ______
A) a Trojan horse. B) hacking.
C) denial of service. D) zombie creation.

92) Hardware firewalls are typically built in as components of: 92) ______
A) Ethernet cables. B) routers.
C) device drivers. D) NIC cards.

93) Which of the following actions is LEAST likely to cause your computer to be infected with a virus? 93)
A) Opening an e-mail message
B) Downloading and executing an e-mail attachment
C) Downloading and executing a file from the Internet
D) Sharing a floppy disk

94) A virus's signature is: 94) ______

A) a combination of its size, memory location, and creation date.
B) a unique portion of its program code.
C) its file name.
D) the name of its author.

95) With a pass-through connection to a phone line network adapter, there is no need for a: 95) ______
A) telephone. B) HPNA adapter.
C) jack splitter. D) telephone line.

96) Anti-virus software should be run to check the hard drive on your computer: 96) ______

A) about once per week.

B) whenever you log in to your system.
C) every day.
D) whenever you receive a warning message via the Internet.

97) A software program designed to prevent unauthorized access to a computer system is called a(n): 97)
A) anti-virus program. B) firewall.
C) portal. D) backdoor program.

98) The network architecture used in most home networks is: 98) ______
A) client-server WAN. B) client-server LAN.
C) peer-to-peer WAN. D) peer-to-peer LAN.

99) Unlike viruses, worms do not: 99) ______

A) rely on host files.
B) have identifying signatures.
C) cause damage to computer systems.
D) replicate themselves.

100) A numbered communication gateway that is assigned for a commonly used network service such as
SMTP or HTTP is called a(n): 100) ______
A) protocol. B) Internet portal.
C) packet filter. D) logical port.

101) The sharpest degradation in bandwidth as distance between nodes in the network increase will occur in
a(n) ________ network. 101) ______
A) Ethernet B) wireless C) power line D) phone line

102) The 802.11 (or Wi-Fi) standard pertains to: 102) ______
A) Ethernet cables. B) connector jacks.
C) wireless networks. D) cable routers.

103) The category of virus that disguises itself by rewriting its code is called: 103) ______
A) multipartite. B) rewriteable.
C) stealth. D) polymorphic.

104) If computers in a wireless network are unable to communicate with each other, it would be useful to
install a(n): 104) ______
A) cable modem. B) router.
C) Internet portal. D) wireless access point.

105) If you want to maximize the data transfer rate in your peer-to-peer network, your best option is: 105)
A) Ethernet. B) power line. C) phone line. D) wireless.

106) Hubs are required in order to enable local communication between nodes in a(n) ________ network.
106) ______
A) phone line B) Ethernet C) wireless D) power line

107) A network interface card is a type of: 107) ______

A) network adapter only for a P2P network.
B) network operating system.
C) network adapter.
D) network transmission medium.

108) Windows XP assists with configuring home networks via a: 108) ______
A) wizard. B) disk drive.

C) CD. D) network hub.

109) When a PDA is turned off, battery power is used to: 109) ______
A) make the CPU continue executing instructions.
B) execute programs in the background.
C) keep the ROM from erasing.
D) maintain the contents of RAM.

110) Wireless file transfer without the need for line-of-sight is accomplished using: 110) ______
A) flash cards. B) USB. C) Bluetooth. D) IrDA.

111) A flash card is an example of a: 111) ______

A) volatile memory chip. B) non-volatile magnetic disk.
C) volatile magnetic disk. D) non-volatile memory chip.

112) The satellites that comprise the Global Positioning System are run and operated by the: 112) ______
A) GPS Consortium. B) United Nations.
C) U.S. military. D) National Weather Service.

113) All of the following are true about a desktop computer compared to laptop EXCEPT: 113) ______
A) laptop computers offer fewer expandability options.
B) desktop systems are more reliable.
C) laptop computers typically last longer than desktop systems.
D) desktop systems are a better value.

114) ________ is a technology that allows a PDA to obtain a subset of web site information, often
eliminating unnecessary graphics and links, in order to reduce bandwidth and storage requirements. 114)

A) Page reduction B) Wireless access protocol

C) Microbrowsing D) Web clipping

115) A laptop operating system's ________ settings support such functions as automatically shutting down
the hard drive and putting the computer into hibernation mode. 115) ______
A) battery configuration B) power management profile
C) hardware control profile D) auto-stop management

116) The success and popularity of the MP3 site called Napster and its clones was made possible largely
because of: 116) ______
A) large storehouses of centrally located MP3 files.
B) direct links to the web sites of major recording studios.
C) approval of the music industry and recording artists.
D) use of peer-to-peer file sharing.

117) Execution of the operating system instructions within a cell phone is accomplished by: 117) ______
A) a ROM chip. B) the transceiver.
C) the CPU. D) internal memory chips.

118) The type of pager that includes a keyboard is a(n): 118) ______
A) numeric pager. B) two-way pager.
C) alphanumeric pager. D) voice pager.

119) The ________ rate of digital conversion of music content will affect the size and quality of the MP3
file. 119) ______
A) data transfer B) synchronization
C) flash conversion D) sampling

120) Unlike SMS, MMS provides capabilities for: 120) ______

A) audio and video transmission.

B) call forwarding and call waiting.
C) cell phone text messaging.
D) cell overlapping.

121) Each cell in a cellular network is centered around a: 121) ______

A) mobile switching center. B) base transceiver station.
C) cellular central office. D) signal transmission line.

122) The Intel Pentium-M series is particularly well-suited for mobile computing because of its: 122)
A) hot-swapping features.
B) wireless networking capability.
C) PDA and cell phone compatibility.
D) low power consumption.

123) The type of laptop battery that is NOT subject to memory effects is: 123) ______
A) nine-volt. B) magnesium alloy.
C) nickel based. D) lithium ion.

124) Unlike typical desktops, a typical laptop computer has an externally visible slot into which you can
insert a(n) ________ for external devices such as modems or wireless adapters. 124) ______
A) battery B) flash card
C) PC card D) expansion card

125) By placing your PDA in a ________, you can connect it to the USB port of a desktop computer in
order to synchronize files. 125) ______
A) flash card B) cradle
C) Bluetooth synchronizer D) microdrive

126) The main characteristic of a tablet PC is its: 126) ______

A) ability to fit in a person's pocket.
B) portable keyboard and mouse.
C) advanced handwriting recognition.
D) use of nanotechnology.

127) The operating system in a PDA is stored in: 127) ______

A) flash memory. B) read-only memory.
C) magnetic disk. D) random access memory.

128) The advantage of a FireWire port over a USB port for file transfer to MP3 devices is: 128) ______
A) storage capacity. B) speed.
C) security. D) size.

129) WML is a: 129) ______

A) wireless Internet service provider.
B) language for displaying web content on handheld devices.
C) format for representing wireless multimedia files.
D) special browser for cell phones and PDAs.

130) In order to support mobile web browsing, phone companies offering cell phone calling plans usually
double as: 130) ______
A) wireless ISPs. B) microbrowsers.
C) FTP sites. D) servers for pagers.

131) The ________ text system requires special input notation when you hand-write your input to a PDA.
131) ______

A) Blueboard B) Palmcode
C) Graffiti D) MS Transcriber

132) Adding storage capacity to most PDAs requires the use of: 132) ______
A) floppy disks. B) flash cards.
C) internal hard drives. D) expansion slots.

133) Which of the following notebook upgrades will be most likely to improve battery life? 133) ______
A) Adding more hard disk capacity
B) Adding more RAM
C) Installing a zip drive
D) Switching from lithium-based to nickel-based batteries

134) In the future, computing technology will be woven directly into our clothing via flexible synthetic
"yarns" called: 134) ______
A) textile processors. B) yarn chips.
C) electrotextiles. D) digital threads.

135) The type of rechargeable battery used in newer PDAs is typically a(n): 135) ______
A) AAA. B) AA. C) lithium ion. D) nine volt.

136) Unlike a desktop or laptop computer, most PDAs do not include: 136) ______
A) a central processing unit.
B) an internal hard drive.
C) wireless networking capabilities.
D) an infrared port.

137) In terms of pager communication, the word channel refers to a(n): 137) ______

A) receiver. B) frequency.
C) pager ID. D) unique code.

138) Translating the voice input from the microphone into signals that the CPU can understand is
accomplished via a cell phone's: 138) ______
A) analog to digital converter chip. B) digital signal processor.
C) RAM chip. D) base transceiver.

139) Which of the following statements about Tablet PCs is FALSE? 139) ______
A) They have processing power comparable to desktop computers.
B) They can run any Windows XP application.
C) They typically include built-in CD drives.
D) They support speech-recognition.

140) The standard used for enabling handheld devices such as PDAs to connect to the Internet in a wireless
environment is called: 140) ______
A) WAP. B) 802.11. C) WiFi. D) FTP.
141) All of the following are advantages of the Palm OS over the PocketPC operating system EXCEPT:
141) ______
A) lower cost.
B) lower memory requirements.
C) internal support for MP3 and video clip processing.
D) more support of third-party application vendors.