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Spoiler Notes on Guilty Gear Xrd: SIGN

(From the PC of Blade Galewind a.k.a Mimeblade)

----------------------------------------TIMELINE OF EVENTS
The Dawn of Revival (Y2K????)
Worldwide Electronics Ban (Birth of Blacktech)
Collapse of Society
"Apostles" / "Original" Begins here
Teaching humanity Magic halts the collapse.
Sanctus Populi is formed.
UN declares Magic the new standard.
An initiative to dismantle old technology and weapons is done.
Magic uses a byproduct in every home called "Zeal".
This "Zeal" caused a new war...
A group of scientists under Vince Macdonnell complete their theoretical assessme
nt of Gear Cells.
Through magic they fused cells to the material world, allowing them to reproduce
and become semi-permanent.
[November 3rd, 2014 (Research Lab Courtyard) ??:??]
---Frederick and Aria have a conversation about becoming 'other animals'.
Frederick explains the unkillable quality of a Cockroach to Aria as an example,
despite its ugliness.
He explains that everything has a value and that humans can only see from their
own perspective.
"Transforming in to something else" is the equivalent of Death in some ways to h
He even goes so far as to theorize the world could be one big lie!
"That Man" counters and interrupts the conversation by saying it's narrow minded
to think that way.
He counters that Frederick's perspective might even be rather lonely.
Frederick says that if the world would end, he'd fight to protect it...
Though Aria argues he should spend his time with the one he loves.
Their breaktime over, Aria reminds them not to be late for Vince (Macdonnel's) m
"That Man" chides Frederick for being cold and choosing a lonely path, saying it
worries Aria.
Frederick says so long as he's got both of them as friends it's fine.
[MonthX DayX, 2015 (Laboratory Experiment Room) ??:??]
---The Gear Project is complete.
Stabilized Gear Cells infused with Magic... meaning an absolute prevention of an
y disease.
Frederick marvels over "That Man's" work, though he says he never could have don

e it without Aria or Frederick.

"That Man" fears not so much fame or political resistance to his creation... but
that it could be applied to weapons...
He plans to turn over all his research and theory publically to the U.S. Governm
ent, with several provisions:
1. Any benefits to this research must only be used to further Peace in the World
2. Everyone involved in furthering the research must have their physical and fin
ancial well-being guaranteed.
3. The Current Staff will retain their Jobs/Positions and be given a significant
Budget increase to keep the Research Facility intact.
4. These conditions MUST be publically announced to prevent the State from going
back on them once they've agreed to them.
Frederick says they may go for it, but even so, he warns "That Man" to be prepar
ed for the worst.
"That Man" says that if and when that happens he'll put a Contingency Plan in pl
ace to destroy all their research materials.
...The subject abruptly turns to Aria, but they are both interrupted when Aria b
ursts in to the room.
Aria chides them for slacking off... but has a brief flash of pain in her side..
. prompting Frederick to ask what the matter was...
Aria ignores his quesiton and says it's nothing, but "That Man" looks at her wit
h a concerned expression.
(Flash forward several years to see "That Man" as the Gearmaker...)
After negotiations, the theory and materials are turned over to the White House
for further study.
[September 10th, 2016 (Somewhere in the Laboratory) ??:??]
---Aria has confessed the truth of her "illness" to Frederick. She is crying as
she tells him the truth.
He demands to know why she didn't tell him...
She was scared... that he'd drop from the Gear Project in order to find a cure..
If he did do that, she was also afraid to be alone again... and she didn't want
Frederick says that if he'd cured her, they'd have all the time in the world...
She says she's contracted a TP infection ...supposedly a disease to which there
is no cure... and her time is running out.
She simply wished to spend the time she had left with him.
Frederick even suggests Cryosleep, but Aria says she'd just be alone again.
She says "Not dying isn't the same as living. And being alive is about having ne
w experiences."
Not being able to see her friends anymore would be like Death to her, especially
She wants him to see her off in the end... so that she can be happy.
Frederick is scared... he says if she just lives she can find her future.
She reminds him of the conversation she had earlier about "becoming a bird".
He said that "turning in to something else" would also be the same as Death.
She says "this world" is where she belongs... even for a short while.
She says she's the heroine of her own story, and he has no right to tell her wha
t to do.
She tells him to not be selfish and listen to someone else for once.
Frederick desperately doesn't want her to leave his "world", saying it's selfish
of her to think that way.
He says he'll keep fighting till he's dead, and he'll never give up, and refuses
to listen to her.

Even so, she says "that world" is coming to an end.

Aria reminds him that she never had family and always was alone until she found
For the first time she fell in love and began to live when she met him.
She begins to worry that he'll be alone once she's gone... and makes him promise
to make friends....
An experiment with the Gear cells went awry and several core members of the Gear
Project either died or disappeared.
All related projects were frozen, and classified Rank A+.
One of the scientists reported dead from the original Gear Project appears to ha
ve survived...
(Slayer tracks down this man to learn more about him.)
He was once named Frederick, but he does not use that name anymore.
His passion shone like the sun to illuminate Slayer's path.
So, Slayer gives him the name "Sol Badguy" as a gift.
U.S. Political and Military Influence begins to decline.
So they seek a military application for the Gear Project.
The First Gear is Activated, but it was ineffective in combat and of little mili
tary use.
Also difficult to control.
After several more tests, the first combat-ready Gear was unveiled.
Mass production begins and Gears are deployed to US allies around the world.
A Scientist only known as "That Man" creates "Justice" a Gear that can command i
ts kin.
[MonthX DayX, 2074 (United States of America -- Research Facility) ??:??]
---A woman cries out in fear.
Scientists scramble to determine the cause.
It appears "Something" is trying to make contact with Justice within the Backyar
"That Man" asks Aria to respond. All he can hear is her screaming.
It seems 'something' is trying to take form using Justice as its body.
The supervisor notes it's an "Intervention" from INSIDE the Backyard.
"That Man" says to terminate the experiment and retrieve Justice.
They state that Justice 'information density' is the equivalent of a Galaxy clus
ter in complexity.
Something begins to attack Justice' DNA and multiplies itself.
"That Man" observes that this could be the "Universal Will"!
He labels this "Universal Will" as "Variable X" for the remainder of this series
of data collection.
The Deputy Director says that "X" is materializing in the real world and could p

otentially destroy the world itself from the density of information.

He suggests shutting down Justice' activity, but "That Man" says it wouldn't wor
Gear Cells serve as a conduit to the Backyard, regardless of whether or not the
subject is alive or dead.
"That Man" contacts "Aria" once more...
He says something is trying to contact her from inside the Backyard and that she
must resist it.
Aria screams (as weird voices can be heard giggling around her).
"That Man" begs her to try, saying he believes in her, asking if she wants to se
e Frederick again.
A technitian says they cut the V2 line of information from this world...
It's no good however, as Justice' DNA is bridging the gap... and they can confir
m two physical bodies labeled X2 and X3.
The Lab Tech confirms the coordinates that these beings will appear will be in J
The "Two Bodies" appear to be materilizing in the next 183 seconds!
"That Man" says they'll have to use the "Saint Oratorio" and tells them to disen
gage the "OutRage Armor".
The female assistant says that would unleash tons of radiation... and they could
face sanctions.
The Director says they can use the Prototype Catapult if they have to!
They begin charging the "Saint Oratorio" but are running out of time.
They recieve a visual of X2 and X3... which appear almost "human" in appearance,
but much larger in scale (think Evangelion reference).
"That Man" says it's happening again... the Dawn of Revival of 1999.
The Deputy Director is shocked and asks if that event was only supposed to affec
t "Electronic Devices"...?
"That Man" says that in an hour the Earth will no longer be a Human World...
"That Man" tries to contact Aria once more, but no response...
He decides to obtain manual Override of Justice' controls...
Aria begins writhing... asking what's going on in her head and why she's losing
control of her body.
"That Man" locks on to the target coordinates of X2 and X3...
He prepares Justice' Gamma Ray... Maximum Output + 40!
Female Lab tech (Cecile) says "That Man" will vaporize Japan if he fires...
She can't do it...
"That Man" apologizes and says he shouldn't have asked her to do it... and does
it himself.
"That Man" fires the Gamma Ray... apologizing to Aria while doing so.
Aria demands to know what he's doing and what this light is...
She screams in fear of what she just shot at...
(Forward in Time to "That Man" holding an orb of light in his hand... possibly h
is memory of this event.)
He apologizes to Aria, telling her he'll free her very soon and to just wait a l
ittle longer.
Before long, Justice turns her wrath against humanity.
"That Man" (with little proof of his research) is labeled a War Criminal.
He had intentionally turned Justice against humanity.
Justice takes control over all the Gears across the globe, and war engulfs the p
Humans had no weapons against Justice, and she crushed all resistance during the
[September 3rd, 2187 (Assassins' Hideout) 3:36 p.m.] <<Venom Arcade Start>>
---Venom recieves Intel on the revival of his Master Zato=ONE and is later conta

cted by the Conclave directly

(who had circumvented using the Post-War Administration Bureau who work under th
em to mediate).
Distrustful of their offer, he decides to call on Millia Rage to help him get mo
re information.
[September 29th, 2187 (Assassins' Hideout) 2:35 p.m.] <<Millia Arcade Start>>
---Venom meets with Millia to discuss the offer he's been given by the Conclave
concerning Zato's resurrection.
Because of the nature of this raw deal, he has Millia work as an outside observe
r but states that if he should run in to her,
they would fight as enemies to prevent prying eyes from suspecting them as allie
[September 30th, October 1st, 2187 (Tea Room / The Cradle) ??:??]
---The Conclave has a lengthy Meeting which marks the beginning of their operati
on of preparations to activate the Cradle,
but also discusses plans on what to do with Zato=ONE now that he has been revive
d and put in a Dimensional Prison, as well as their future plans...
[October 3rd, 2187 (Downtown Illyria Kingdom) 3:07 p.m.] <<Faust Arcade Start>>
---Faust encounters Slayer's Bat Familiar which gives him a message regarding in
formation as to the whereabouts of the one responsible for Faust's Medical Failu
He agrees to go meet with Slayer to find out more.
[October 4th, 2187 (Downtown Illyria Kingdom) 12:44 p.m.] <<Bedman Arcade Start>
---Bedman captures Slayer's "informant", stating his purpose as an 'Elimination
Bed' against threats to his objectives
(though he had allowed the man to exist so long as he provided Slayer with misin
After a lengthy speech about roles, Bedman mercilessly kills his victim with a n
Witnesses merely see the man die after collapsing in the street with a twisted l
ook of fear on his face.
[October 5th, 2187 (Villa Vampir) 8:40 p.m.]
---Faust meets with Slayer to discuss the information concerning the ones behind
Faust's botched surgery... namely the Conclave.
Though Slayer wishes to have a bout with Faust first.
[October 5th, 2187 (Tea Room / The Cradle) ??:??]
---The Conclave has their Second Meeting, surprised at how smoothly their plans
are going.
[October 6th, 2187 (Villa Vampir) 9:35 p.m.] <<Slayer Arcade Start>>
---Slayer muses about intel he obtained several days ago from the missing inform
ant he'd lost contact with on the sudden revival of Zato=ONE.
The very fact this is possible gives him many questions, so Slayer decides to ta
ke Sharon on an investigation in to the matter.

[October 12th, 2187 (Tea Room / The Cradle) ??:??]

---The Conclave have a Third Meeting, with no problems coming up it seems...
[October 14th, 2187 (Dimensional Prison) 10:01 a.m.] <<Zato Arcade Start>>
---Zato is idle within his prison, speaking random words within his memories to
try and re-learn human speech and has a discussion with his 'other half' Eddie a
bout leaving his prison.
Upon sensing Millia's presence, he feels an urge to leave this world of shadows.
[October 14th, 2187 (Opera House) 11:27 a.m]
---Venom encounters Millia and stages a fight with her so as to distract any pos
sible Conclave observers from suspecting they were working together.
After the battle... it's learned that Zato has freed himself from the Prison on
his own!
[October 14th, 2187 (Opera House) 12:03 a.m.] <<Venom Arcade End/Millia Arcade
---Zato has returned... but his speech and mannerisms are odd and emotionless, s
o Venom and Millia test his capabilities to see if he is the genuine article.
Zato passes their test, much to their shock and amazement that he may in fact be
stronger now than ever!
[October 14th, 2187 (Opera House) 2:15 p.m.]
---Slayer seeks the whereabouts of Zato, but is confronted by Venom who says tha
t since he retired, he is no longer privy to that information.
Slayer, of course, does not relent...
[October 14th, 2187 (Opera House) 2:32 p.m.] <<Slayer Arcade End>>
---Slayer finally visits his old prodigy Zato=ONE. Though it appears that Zato i
s still struggling to speak normally as he is still speaking with random words.
Though he is in this state, Slayer tests his physical abilities and his recollec
tion of lessons he learned within the Assassins' Organization: The Three Rules
of Dandyism.
Once more, Zato passes Slayer's test to his happiness... but what Zato reveals n
ext catches even Slayer off guard.
The resurrection ritual was not soley for Zato's sake.
[October 14th, 2187 (Opera House) 3:21 p.m.] <<Faust Arcade End>>
---Faust soon confronts Zato=ONE whom he had thought to be dead...
Before ascertaining the reason for Zato's revival however, Faust wishes to exact
revenge for Zato's killing of the young girl once in Faust's care...
...It is Zato's wish that Faust kill him as he claims Faust has the right... but
asks first that before Faust does so,
he allow him to reveal the Conclave's intentions and redeem himself to Millia an
d the others he had killed as an Assassin.
[October 17th, 2187 (Cappadocia) 10:01 a.m.] <<I-No Arcade Start>>
---I-No ponders the coming days that will take place in this "current timeline"
she created and what roles "That Man" and Sol Badguy will play out in them.
She states that killing Ramlethal had no affect on timeline events in her previo
us attempts, so she is hopeful something will change.

[October 19th, 2187 (Tea Room / The Cradle) ??:??]

---The Conclave have a Fourth Meeting as a precaution to potential outsiders tha
t pose a threat (while Bedman works to support them behind the scenes, or so it
Libraria, one of the Apostle members seems to have doubts about being able to co
ntrol the Cradle... but their goals seem to surpass even this risk.
[October 21st, 2187 (Tea Room / The Cradle) ??:??] <<Ramlethal Arcade Start??>>
---The Conclave holds a Fifth special Meeting specifically with Ramlethal Valent
They must mentally prepare themselves for Ramlethal's mission of destruction.
Ramlethal states that backing out of this decision would be problematic.
They also discuss the existence of 'Ramlethal's Sister' which appears to be her
'Mother's' idea.
They have named the operation of activating the Cradle "Operation: Last Dawn".
[October 21st, 2187 (Japan's Ruins) 12:12 p.m.]
---Ramlethal Valentine introduces herself in a broadcast to the entire world and
declares war against Humanity.
[October 21st, 2187 (May Ship II) 1:05 p.m.] <<May Arcade Start>>
---May talks to April about her 'Mild headache' while April is more concerned ab
out Ramlethal's War Declaration. The ship heads East.
[October 21st, 2187 (Eastern Chipp Kingdom) 1:10 p.m.] <<Chipp Arcade Start>>
---Chipp Zanuff speaks with his subordinate Secretary Answer about the reason he
founded Chipp Kingdom despite the current threat.
To get some notoriety, Chipp decides he's going to do something about Ramlethal
if he can.
[October 21st, 2187 (Ky's Airship "Royal Fleet One") 8:32 p.m.] <<Ky Arcade Star
---Ky discusses Ramlethal and the threat of the Opus and Sanctus Populi. He nai
vely proposes offering Sol Badguy a sum of 300,000 World Dollars once they pick
him up for his services.
[October 22nd, 2187 (Tea Room / The Cradle) ??:??]
---The Sixth Meeting of the Conclave. This time they discuss the possible threa
ts of Slayer and Faust, knowing that by now they both have stumbled upon Zato's
They also mention that Sol and Ky have taken the bait for their trap.
[October 22nd, 2187 (Boston Seabed) 12:47 p.m.] <<Sol Arcade Start>>
---Sol discusses the Nature of Ramlethal's Declaration of War as a Threat with K
y Kiske via Magic-Phone and demands a bounty payment of 1 Million World Dollars
for taking her down.
[October 22nd, 2187 (Zepp Warship) 2:21 p.m.] <<Potemkin Arcade Start>>
---Potemkin briefs President Gabriel on the situation regarding energy detection
s from Ramlethal.
Gabriel states Zepp was requested for its Scientific knowledge on this threat an
d will be in contect with the U.N.

Gabriel asks Potemkin to act as a scout in Japan to note anything significant in

regards to why Ramlethal has appeared there.
[October 23rd, 2187 (Tea Room / The Cradle) ??:??]
---The Seventh Meeting of the Conclave, they mention briefly that it is very pos
sible that that the information Ky Kiske possesses at this point may prove a thr
[October 24th, 2187 (Illyria, A small Village in Eastern Europe) ??:??]
---Johnny of the Jellyfish Pirates appears to have finally tracked down Dr. Faus
Johnny remarks that finding Faust was NOT easy, since he moves around a lot.
Though Faust says he's busy, Johnny points out he's "very popular" (and wanted i
n every country).
Johnny reveals that for the person he needs treatment for, a simple hospital won
't do.
(After a short while of travelling) Johnny reveals to Faust that May is Japanese
Johnny mentions she's been having strange headaches lately... and wants Faust to
have a look.
Faust replies that if that is the case, a remedy must be found quickly, but John
ny says he wants May to stay with him.
Faust suggests taking her to the Colony, but it seems once you enter the Colony,
you can't leave... which would make May very sad.
And of course, Johnny would never do anything to make her cry.
Faust asks him which is more important, her tears, or her life...
Johnny replies that he may sound selfish, but he doesn't want her to leave his s
ight, because she's family to him.
Faust likes his reply and says, although this isn't his area of expertise, he wi
ll look in to it.
Faust even partially boasts of having treated nearly every ailment under the sun
Faust asks him to bring May to him for a checkup as soon as possible.
...Shortly after Johnny leaves, Faust looks in to his medical records on how to
treat Japanese... but is startled by his findings!
It appears that the cure is only a stopgap measure, but has been problematic for
Japanese for some time now.
[October 25th, 2187 (Nightmare Theater) 6:06 a.m.]
---Potemkin finds himself taken in to Bedman's Nightmare Theater.
Bedman says he doesn't want Zepp getting involved in the situation with Ramletha
l and plans to 'decomission' Potemkin.
The two square off, but Bedman holds back.
Potemkin, having been nearly defeated, asks the reason why, only to learn he was
just being toyed with as a delay.
His fists still shaking from the battle, Potemkin privately files a report on Be
dman for Gabriel for later.
[October 25th, 2187 (Tea Room / The Cradle) ??:??]
---The Eighth Meeting of the Conclave, discussing how much time is left before t
hings will truly begin...
[October 25th, 2187 (Neo Newyork) 10:42 a.m.]
---Chipp encounters Ky by some sheer coincidence and has a spat over getting fam
ous for taking down Ramlethal.

Ky considers the idea dangerous and tries to stop Chipp, but only ends up gettin
g lectured by Chipp for not having power to back up his leadership.
Chipp runs in the direction of Japan afterwards (with Ky wondering why he's goin
g on foot).
[October 25th, 2187 (Nightmare Theater) 6:06 p.m.]
---Axl Low finds himself in Bedman's Nightmare Theater, and ends up learning tha
t he is a great person of interest to Bedman.
Bedman fully intends to kill Axl and eliminate his threat (since he claims to kn
ow of the "Original Man's" plan to use Axl as a messenger).
But before Bedman can finish Axl off... Axl gets sucked in to another time frame
(by I-No's 'Time net').
Bedman is shocked to find out that someone was able to 'break in' to his theater
, but claims it's just a 'new possibility' he allowed to happen.
[October 26th, 2187 (Japan Colony*) 9:17 a.m.]
---May seems intent on confronting Ramlethal but Chipp stops her and makes a poi
nt of showing how much she's worried her ship-mates.
Chipp later agrees to travel on her airship with her to Japan (since it also see
ms he didn't know where Ramlethal was located).
(*The Japanese Colony may not necessarily be the location she meets Chipp in, as
they were en-route to the real Japan).
[October 26th, 2187 (Neo Newyork) 11:17 a.m.]
---Ky comes to pick Sol up, but Sol is spoiling for a fight, unwilling to wait f
or Ky's backup to arrive and help diffuse the situation with Ramlethal.
Afterwards, Sol mentions he 'feels something', which it seems Ky and Sin were bo
th able to sense as well.
Ky takes Sol and Sin to Japan to confront Ramlethal.
[October 26th, 2187 (Nightmare Theater) 6:06 p.m.*]
---Bedman drags Sol in to his Nightmare Theater as a means of delaying him from
his 'earlier than scheduled' encounter with Ramlethal.
This is so that the Conclave can finish their preparations for a trap they plan
to set for Sol.
But Bedman reveals he isn't working under the Conclave's orders... just who is h
is 'human' client?
[October 26th, 2187 (Nightmare Theater) 6:06 p.m.*] <<Bedman
---*Paradoxically, Bedman drags Ramlethal Valentine in to his
to inform her that she has a more important role to play than
but points out that making the world her enemy may not be the
hieve his plans (implying he has other plans for her, despite

Arcade End>>
Nightmare Theater
she realises,
right method to ac
his Client).

[October 28th, 2187 (Japan's Ruins) 11:01 a.m.] <<I-No Arcade End Part 1>>
---I-No confronts Ramlethal Valentine for what seems like one of many attempts s
he seems to have made on Ramlethal's life.
This time, however, it seems I-No cannot kill Ramlethal (much less stop Babylon
from being destroyed)...
This seems to indicate to her that 'something' has changed in the Timeline after
so many failed attempts to change the Future.
I-No decides to head to the year 2192 to wait for events to unfold...

[October 28th, 2187 (Japan's Ruins) 1:55 p.m.*] <<Chipp Arcade End>>
---Chipp confronts Ramlethal (along with May) but is too late to stop the carnag
Though he seems somewhat out of his depth, he isn't going to give up here!
(This ending seems to be non-canonical silliness. BUSHIDOOOO!)
[October 28th, 2187 (Japan's Ruins) 1:55 p.m.*] <<May Arcade End>>
---May confronts Ramlethal (with Chipp in tow) too late, only to be called Japa
Not only is this a startling revelation to May, but when she questions Ramlethal
's actions against humanity,
she learns that being Japanese is considered something like a disease to the res
t of humanity and therefore 'useful' to the Valentines.
(This ending seems more canonical than Chipp's.)
[October 28th, 2187 (Japan's Ruins) 2:03 p.m.] <<Potemkin Arcade End>>
---Potemkin finds himself in Japan only to wind up right where Ramlethal wanted
She wastes no time to tell him of the trap he was placed in.
While the chaos ensues in Babylon, Gabriel contacts Potemkin in order to retriev
e him.
(This ending seems non-canoncial with exception to Potemkin's extraction.)
[October 28th, 2187 (Japan's Ruins) 2:12 p.m.] <<Zato Arcade End>>
---Though Zato is late to stop what has started in Babylon, he confronts Ramleth
al briefly but then decides to leave.
Turning back, he questions her reason for calling all of humanity (except for hi
mself) a 'redundancy/imitation'.
She says it does not matter, but Zato has already confirmed his choice to protec
t Millia. (This part of Zato's story may not be canonical).
Once Babylon is destroyed, Zato realizes he may not be able to do anything on hi
s own, sinful though his past may be.
[October 28th, 2187 (Japan's Ruins) 2:35 p.m.*] <<Ky Arcade End>>
---Ky confronts Ramlethal (along with Sol and Sin) but learns everything was a t
rap to lure them away from the Cradle's activation.
Ky mentions knowing something about 'what that girl said to him was true' and wo
ndering what the Conclave's response is,
to Sol's surprise, wondering just what Ky knows...
[October 28th, 2187 (Japan's Ruins) 2:35 p.m.*] <<Sol Arcade End>>
---Sol confronts Ramlethal (along with Ky and Sin) trying to learn what Ramletha
l's true objective was with Babylon specifically.
Ramlethal soon reveals it was all a trap to lure him, Ky, and Sin away from the
Cradle, which destroys Babylon on cue.
Sol suddenly begins to sense 'Another Valentine' which prompts Ky's response and
Sol's query...
But before Sol can speak to Ky, Ramlethal attacks him with full intent on self-d
estructing, as she percieves Sol as a threat to 'Mother'...
(Canonical Ending that continues in Story Mode Proper).
[October 28th, 2187 (Illyria Castle War Room) ??:??]
---Leo Whitefang and a team of Operators monitor the chaos in Babylon, trying to
figure out what is going on.

Leo is put through to Ky Kiske to get more information on the situation but it s
eems things are turning for the worse.
---(Japan Ruins) Ky decides to deploy "Elphelt Valentine" at the last moment to
save Sol, circumventing Leo's position and objections.
Elphelt deploys from Ky's ship and uses a restriction to bind Ramlethal's powers
, preventing her from self-destructing along with Sol.
Sol prompty subdues her and the two are soon taken aboard Ky's ship for question
ing. Sol and Sin follow suit.
---(War Room) The Cradle disappears after its activation while more data is gath
ered by Leo and his crew.
[October 28th, 2187 (A Dream) ??:??]
---Bedman muses about Sol Badguy and his inability to escape 'being human' and t
he technology he used to stay human in form.
Bedman claims to know exactly 'what' Sol truly is... but is interrupted by his '
They muse about Sol's role as a 'Protagonist' but before that the Conclave must
His 'Client' insists he continue to act as the Director of this 'Farce' with the
[October 28th, 2187 (Babylon Airspace) 3:15 p.m.]
---News reports cover the resulting cataclysm in Babylon.
The events and resulting ashfall in the city seem connected to St. Elmo's Fire a
ccording to the report.
UN appears to be discussing deployment of O.P.U.S. units in to actual combat.
Opuses are Man-made Super Soldiers built under the instruction of the Sanctus Po
puli (being deployed mainly in Illyria).
After the events of the Baptism 13 Incident (Baptisma 13 / GG2) Opuses were deve
loped to contend with future Valentine / Vizuel attacks.
They were distributed under Maximus Ariels' supervision (the Holy Pope of the Co
Meanwhile, on Ky's Airship (Royal Fleet One) Ky, Sin, and Sol discuss the situat
ion and why the media can't know the truth...
The topic goes to Sin asking about what St. Elmo's Fire is, namely a Lightning B
olt Phenomenon that happens once every 13 years in Autumn (around Thanksgiving).
(For Timeline's sake, that's: 2174, 2161, 2148, 2135, 2122, 2109, 2096, 2083, 20
70, 2057, 2044, 2031, 2018, 2005, 1992...)
Apparently it saved the Sacred Order once by hitting a group of dangerous Gears,
killing them instantly.
In truth, St. Elmo's Fire has enough energy to destroy an entire city... it's be
cause of this that Illyria Castle was built as a Lightning Rod to protect its pe
---[Leo's Office] Meanwhile, Leo Whitefang has a discussion with U.S. President
Vernon, he expresses concern about the populace's awareness of the situation.
They discuss how the media has handled the situation, as well as the past Presid
ent (Erica Bartholomew)'s speech and how it empowered the people.
They also discuss the Cradle and what it is exactly... and how Ky Kiske is going
to handle the Valentines, given his unpredictable behavior of late.
---[Desert Wasteland] Slayer is with Venom and Millia (who seem to have parted w
ays with Zato for some reason),
and they begin talks about what to do with the information they recently obtaine
d on the Conclave... given the global threat it poses.
They discuss Leon Mining of the Post-War Administration Bureau (who apparently s
till has influence in Illyria) but he is ruled out due to his connection to the
America and the Federation of China are possibilities, but they decide the best
course is to contact Ky Kiske as soon as possible.
...Before that, however... they are suddenly attacked by Bedman!

[October 29th, 2187 (Royal Fleet One Guest Quarters) ??:?? a.m.]
---Elphelt awakens and says something really strange that sounds just like somet
hing Ramlethal was programmed to say.
She's shocked to discover everyone (Sol, Sin, and Ky) have heard her talking in
her sleep.
Ky explains to Sol that Elphelt appeared to him nearly a month ago (September) a
nd warned him of the coming events.
Her initial objective seemed to be a program ordering her to marry a Death Metal
singer, but her head reacted to the situation.
Her "self" awakened and she was privy to all the information about Ramlethal...
Seeing as she didn't want other humans to die (even though her would-be husband
ran away)
She sought out Ky Kiske because only he would believe she was a Valentine.*
(*Note this is a subroutine in Elphelt's programming meant to get her to blend i
n with other humans and get close to Sol*)
Elphelt seems to have a power that allows her to locate other people she's been
in contact with as per her mission.
Sol notes that Ky has a lot of patience for this sort of thing than he himself d
Ky confirms that he bio-scanned Elphelt to confirm she is not human.
Elphelt states that she cannot defy her programming, though she makes up a false
theory as to why that would be (which is a hint as to what lies ahead).
Sol suddenly harshly tells Elphelt to 'drop the human act'...
She responds that she can't help it as she was programmed to 'act human' to infi
ltrate society without causing problems.
Elphelt was the enhancement over the previous 'first generation' Valentine (of G
G2) who couldn't understand emotions.
Elphelt also states that Ramlethal probably has emotions too, but they are hidde
n away.
Ky states that the reason Elphelt is in his custody is because his security has
been compromised.
Ky then reveals that the Conclave is in control of the Cradle, the device that d
estroyed Babylon.
Elphelt says that at one point she learned of the Conclave's objective to take o
ver the world... but isn't sure of the details of that plan.
Elphelt restates that the Valentines objective is simply to activate the Cradle,
and she knows nothing further than that.
Elphelt regrets that no one believed her sooner, then she could've saved the peo
ple in Babylon.
Suddenly they learn that Ramlethal is causing a ruckus on the ship...
[Interrogation Room] Arriving on the scene it's clear Ramlethal can easily thras
h all the Opuses that were guarding her.
Ramlethal decides to destroy the ship and kill anyone on it... but is suddenly s
topped by Elphelt who halts her powers.
The two confront eachother for a brief moment, but Sol interrupts them with a th
reat of his own if they don't answer his questions.
Instead... they hit an impasse as Ramlethal is unwilling to speak to anyone...
However, Sin has plans to speak to Ramlethal and Elphelt on his own terms...
[Elsewhere, within a Dream]
Bedman seems to be excited, having to fight so many opponents at once.
His "client" says that smile reminds her of his sister.
Bedman's gaze grows cold as she mentions it... then she quickly apologizes.
Bedman says it's okay, and was surprised to know his client even cared about "De
She asks if Delilah is the force driving his actions...
He says yes, and the reason he must turn this world in to a world of absolutes.
His client says it's almost within their grasp.
Bedman talks about the pace at which his story will inevitably play out, accordi

ng to him.
He is very satisfied with the "current cast" this time (a possible reference to
alternate timelines?)
Bedman goes on to phase two of the plan...
[Illyria War Room*] (The Date May be an error for this event*)
A massive heat source is detected over the Black Sea... it's the Cradle.
Major Lyle of the Istanbul Battalion (along with the Cyprus Platoon) decides to
confront the Cradle directly... disobeying orders.
His and his men's lives appear to be forfeit for their actions, in order to obta
in more data on the Cradle.
It appears the Cradle is protected by Absolute Defense: Felion.
The price was high, but it appears there were survivors (namely the Opus).
Afterwards, it dawns on Leo that they were in fact recording all that data durin
g the incident.
He decides to strike it from the record, whiping out the main data, and personal
ly deliver it to Ky Kiske over a private channel...
It seems Lyle was under Ky's command at one point during the Baptisma 13 Campaig
n, which would explain his disobeying orders.
Ky apologizes, saying he hides nothing without giving it good thought.
Leo hands over the data he recorded, but also requests Ky contact Zepp.
It seems they need President Gabriel's full cooperation on this.
[Royal Fleet One - Interrogation Room]
Sin tries his hand at interrogating Ramlethal, but he isn't so good at it.
But in fact his goal is to get Ramlethal to laugh.
Sin creates a Magehound to keep Ramlethal company... but it bites her finger and
isn't exactly agreeable to her.
Outside the room, Sol says Sin should quit... his reason being that it wouldn't
be possible to reason with something that isn't human.
Sin replies to him saying there's nothing wrong with 'not being human' or being
Sol is concerned that Elphelt will betray them as well.
Sin says he's just being paranoid and that it'll happen when it happens, but so
long as "communication" is there, things can work out somehow.
Sin points out that being a grumpy, lonely, Bounty Hunter sounds just like Sol.
Sin chides him for not even trying to make friends and that his world view is pr
etty narrow.
Ky notes the situation and remarks that even Sin says remarkable things at times
Sol remarks that "That Man" said the same thing...
And then thinks back on the sad possibility that he's trying to turn Sin in to h
Ky tells him not to worry, that Sin understands him.
[The Tea Room]
---The Conclave remark that their pursuers haven't found them yet.
Because of their ploy to pull Ky Kiske away from the Capital, the country's mili
tary is having trouble responding to them.
They mention agents of Zato and the King are drawing near...
They remark that if this "plan" should fail, it would mark the End of Humanity.
Their goal appears to be to fulfill the requirements of the "Universal Will".
Libraria appears to feel guilt over their actions, but Chronus is concerned huma
nity will never "evolve" and cling to its roots.
The "Universal Will" deems humanity unfit for inheriting the next generation.
This appears to be why the "Universal Will" has created something else...
Humans have however earned the right to "escape" this elimination process... tho
ugh it be a battle with "God".
[May Ship II]
Johnny has just returned from his visit with Dr. Faust only to learn that May ha
s run away...
From fear that she might get everyone else sick from her "disease" of being Japa
nese that she learned from speaking to Ramlethal Valentine.

Johnny is more shocked that May fought that monster Ramlethal on her own...
April explains that Chipp Zanuff agreed to go looking for her in the meantime.
At first Johnny blames himself for leaving her alone...
But afterwards Johnny immediately sets out to go find her!
[China, Western Region --- Foothills]
Chipp is running across the landscape... he appears to be looking for a girl, bu
t is contacted by Answer.
Answer reveals he finished his report on the Cradle and wants Chipp to look at i
Babylon appears to be a Disaster Zone... but Answer hopes what Chipp is doing no
w is important.
Chipp reminds him of their objective to never overlook suffering (as his Manifes
[Suspension Bridge in the Mountains]
---May is lost and lonely, starting to regret her decision of leaving her family
The bridge begins to break, but just as she's about to fall, Chipp arrives and s
aves her.
Chipp takes her to a nearby forest and builds a fire... grumbling about wasting
his time when he has important stuff to do.
May is surprised to learn Chipp was asked to go looking for her... but more surp
ised he didn't go to Babylon like he said he would do earlier.
Chipp advises her that running away was a bad idea... saying that her world is h
er friends.
Even if she has a disease... it's not her problem alone to solve.
Chipp says no choice is without consequences, selfish or not... just being with
friends is more important.
He also says that everyone has a world where someone in that world is important
to them.
So choosing to be with whom you value most is just as important, and there's alw
ays a place for people.
When the topic goes to May's age... Chipp is shocked and replies "AMAZING GEISHA
It's getting dark, but May has yet to be found... Johnny decides to head in to t
he mountains despite lack of rest.
Chipp comes back with May and a happy reunion ensues.
May expresses her fears... but even so she doesn't want to leave the crew.
As it turns out, Faust was able to quickly find them...
As to the reason Faust sought them out instead of them going back to him is as h
e explains to Johnny:
He gives May a prescription and medicine and tells Johnny she must take it perio
dically in small doses...
If they run out, they are to take her to a legitmate doctor who can fix the drug
s needed.
Faust apologizes and says he was unable to learn the root cause of her symptoms
and could only come up
with a stopgap treatment.
Faust keeps what he knows a secret, but tells Johnny that if he tells him any mo
re it could put him in danger.
It appears the Japanese have a secret that no one would ever suspect.
Faust appears to be seeking out "someone" in order to learn more about this secr
He tells Johnny to not lie for his sake and simply say he refused to answer the
Last but not least... do NOT under ANY CIRCUMSTANCES let May near the Colony!
...Suddenly their conversation is interrupted... by Bedman...
And he appears to have carried an unconscious Millia, Venom, and Slayer with him
Chipp stares him down, but Slayer warns him that he's there to capture anyone wh

o has information about the situation.

The fact that Slayer says he cannot be defeated is surprising...
Bedman immediate grabs Faust and knocks him out... meanwhile Johnny and Chipp sq
uare off with Bedman, not very successfully.
Chipp reminds Johnny that his people are in danger, Johnny says the order and ta
kes Faust with him.
Chipp mentions Bedman knows techniques he doesn't recognize but warns Johnny not
to let Bedman find their location.
Before Bedman can chase down Johnny, Chipp uses his speed to get in Bedman's way
... stopping him for a moment.
Chipp calls on Answer and gives him his coordinates and a description of Bedman
(all while fighting him... which is amazing).
Chipp notes (while getting hit in the gut) that Bedman has markings on his body
to Answer.
Chipp gets grabbed by Bedman in a stranglehold, while Answer threatens Bedman.
Before Bedman can finish Chipp off, Zato appears and interrupts him by grabbing
him with his Shadow... saying it's easy to see his moves now.
Bedman addresses him directly in his dream mind (as if he knew of him and dreade
d dealing with him...)
He also notes the Conclave have erred in letting Zato loose.
Before Zato can confront Bedman, his "client" calls him back for more pressing i
It seems 'someone' in Illyria learned about the Cradle... and may prove to be a
Slayer apologizes for getting caught off guard, but Zato says if he had known he
wouldn't have...
It seems Zato also had plans to meet with Ky Kiske, but was unable to locate him
They appear to have ended up in Uighur (A nature preserve in China).
Venom and Millia have awoken, and Millia notes that Bedman didn't leave as an ac
t of mercy.
Venom notes that Bedman seems to be taking orders from somewhere and seems to ha
ve eyes and ears in many places.
Millia mentions that because they're so far out in the stix, Magic Coms are usel
ess... so contacting the King of Illyria wouldn't be easy.
Slayer notes that this is precisely the reason Ky is avoiding the Conclave for n
ow... which can give them insight on where Ky is headed (namely Zepp).
[Inside a Dream]
Bedman notes they've "deviated from the script" quite a bit and is quite tired f
rom running around.
His "cient" suggests he rest for a while.
Bedman notes that "one body may not be enough" for him if they keep deviating li
ke this.
Bedman mentions that Sol Badguy's "awakening" should be more important to his 'c
lient' than the concept of an Absolute World that Bedman wishes to make.
His 'client' insists that nothing is 'complete' until 200% amount of effort is p
ut in to a plan.
Bedman says that both he and his sister Delilah were born with "this curse"...
Because of the curse, since Bedman was born he's never had friends... up until n
ow he says.
Bedman says he already had a plan laid out... one that would risk his life in or
der for him to accomplish it... long before he met his "client".
Since he met his "client" he hasn't had to risk as much... so he appreciates the
agreement between them.
...for the sake of their Absolute World.
[October 29th, 2187 (Royal Fleet One - Ky's Office) 6:02 p.m.]
---Ky is reviewing Leo's "recording" of the events earlier that day, but notices
something odd.

Leo Whitefang suspects the Conclave are involved with the Cradle.
Ky notes in particular the use of "Absolute Defense: Felion"...
Felion is a specialized Magic technique that is exclusive to the Sanctus Populi.
Only those in the presence of Maximus Ariels (the Pope) and members of the Concl
ave can use the spell.
...This confirms Ky's suspicions that Leo is being watched and did not wish to s
peak to Ky directly about the matter.
It's also the reason Leo wishes for Ky to go to Zepp, where there can be no pryi
ng eyes or ears.
Ky connects a line to Zepp and orders the ship to turn around the double back th
[October 29th, 2187 (The Backyard) ??:??]
Axl Low has appeared in the "Integrated Point" that I-No sent him to.
She follows after him and directs him to speak to "That Man" (despite his timid
Axl describes being inside the Backyard like his body is "heavy" and his head "f
eels weird".
It appears "That Man" created a field within the Backyard so that humans can dwe
ll there without feeling particularly distressed in the density.
Axl is surprised to know that "That Man" is actually INSIDE the Backyard of all
things...though he admits the term "seems familiar somehow".
Not many people get to see "That Man" face to face in this place it seems, so Ax
l should feel lucky.
Axl wonders why when he spoke to I-No that the "message" wasn't delivered...
It seems the "Message" (from the "Original Man") was coded only for "That Man" t
o hear.
I-No says that only Axl can "say" the message, and only to "That Man".
Before I-No begins to lose her patience with Axl... "That Man" speaks to her, sa
ying that she has returned.
"That Man" politely introduces himself, apologizing for Axl's rough trip to get
there (though Axl is more nervous about it).
"That Man" says he already knows a lot about Axl and that he's broken many Laws
of Physics.
To the point, "That Man" asks Axl for the message...
Axl, fumbling for words... finally says the message... but a weird noise comes o
ut of his mouth, to his own surprise.
The words appear to be completely coded.
"That Man" responds to the message saying "So it's true... "
I-No asks him if he knows the Conclave's objective...
To which he replies "everything makes sense... even the farce of (unsealing Just
ice in the first GG)".
"That Man" says they've fallen a bit behind... swearing to stop Chronus (of the
Axl asks if he's allowed to go home now... but before that...
"That Man" wishes to show his gratitude for Axl's help.
Axl says he's in a bit of a hurry... but "That Man" insists on giving him at lea
st Tea and some Sweets.
He claims he made them in the Backyard... so their taste can only be "found" her
Axl stops him for a moment and asks him if he is the one who created Justice and
instigated the Crusades.
"That Man" is silent for a moment... but then admits it's the truth.
Axl's surprised that he doesn't look to be the "evil" sort.
Axl tries to apologize and runs away (yet somehow can't seem to find an Exit).*
I-No makes a comment that maybe The Gearmaker should be a little "scarier"...
"That Man" is surprised by the remark.
*It's assumed I-No showed Axl the way out... or sent him to another time???

[October 30th, 2187 (Royal Fleet One - Guest Quarters) ??:??]

Elphelt awakes from yet another "violent dream" (as Sin looks on to her embarass
Elphelt chides Sin for peeping on her while she slept.
Sin points out Elphelt has a lot more emotion than the last Valentine he encount
ered (from GG2).
Elphelt is surpised that he believes she even has emotions, saying Sol spoke of
her otherwise.
Sin remarks that sometimes Sol seems so smart he's actually dumb sometimes.
...Though it seems Sol overheard that last remark and is surprised Sin is so rec
kless with his comments.
Sol remarks that either way, Sin won't get info out of Elphelt or vice versa (be
cause Sin's an idiot).
Sin asks Sol about the situation with the Cradle, but it seems it's being dealt
with in talks around the world... but with barely any information.
Sol says their ship might be able to help but given the situation...
Telling the wrong person might warn the Conclave of their plans.
And not knowing the Conclave's plans makes the situation worse.
Ky steps in and reveals he's found a pair of powerful allies for the cause: Zepp
's President Gabriel and 2nd King Leo Whitefang.
Ky says that Leo has his own private line to Zepp that he can contact Ky there.
Zepp's communications system is uncrackable and extremely advanced, so Leo plans
to use their secure line.
Zepp never joined the UN and are not a part of the Conclave... their floating co
ntinent can move around to avoid observers as well.
Ky says he wishes to speak to Sol in private before they head to Zepp first thou
Sin notes how stubborn Sol is...
Elphelt asks Sin what his relationship to Sol is...
Sin talks a bit about his past...
Elphelt wonders why Sin doesn't call Ky "father"... which illicites a dithering
response from Sin.
Elphelt seems glad that although Sin is distant from his father... he doesn't ha
te him.
Sin notes he used to hate Ky though...once.
Sin reveals his mother and he are Gears... so they've had to live in hiding.
For a time, Sin blamed Ky for his situation... but he later learned the truth.
Sin says that although his mom is stuck in Illyria, Ky saved her...
Elphelt seems to be crying (after a nosebleed) *incoherent fangirling ensues*
Elphelt says that someday when the time comes... Sin should call Ky his "father"
To the point of parents, Sin asks Elphelt about her "Mother".
To Elphelt and Ramlethal "Mother" doesn't actually 'exist'. Not having a physic
al body.
It seems Valentines exist to obey the orders and rules and run errands for "Moth
er" (nothing more).
But it seems even those directives are memory implants given to Valentines befor
e they were ever born.
No physical being ever actually tells Valentines to do anything... they are simp
ly "programmed".
No Valentine has actually touched or seen their "Mother".
Sin apologizes, but Elphelt is actually happy to talk about this with someone.
Elphelt says she always wanted a real family.
Sin wishes Elphelt good luck with True Love...
Elphelt pauses and Sin asks what's wrong...
Elphelt privately states (Unfortunately for me... that's forbidden.)*
*Elphelt is forbidden from finding true love it seems.
Though she says to Sin that it's nothing, she changes the subject, asking Sin to
take her to meet with Ramlethal again.

[November 1st, 2187 (Royal Fleet One -- Office) ??:??]

---Ky says they've nearly reached their destination (Zepp).
In the meantime, he suggests they organize the information they currently have.
Sol thinks it would be easier if they interrogated the Valentines, but Ky sugges
ts Zepp is better qualified.
Ky confronts Sol about why he's only accompanying them so he can get revenge aga
inst "That Man".
Sol asks him why the sudden curiousity, but Ky wants to know if he really doesn'
t care about the 'rest of the world' at this point.
Sol says it's a dumb question, but Ky rebuts that even if the Gearmaker took som
e of Sol's humanity... it didn't take away his soul or mind.
Ky needs some convincing that Sol will still fight for the rest of the world.
Sol can't believe he's having this conversation.
Sol says he's a monster and here to do two things: Destroy the Gears, and destro
y "That Man".
If the world's in trouble he'll bust asses, but only because he needs the world
around to "do this task" (not unlike the Valentines and their objectives).
Sol says to rethink the idea of them being allies, that he has his own shit to t
ake care of.
Ky asks Sol an armor-piercing question: Why did Sol save Dizzy?
Ky asks why Sol saved Dizzy, and protected Ky's son Sin... they're both Gears.
Ky says that if Sol wanted to destroy ALL Gears... what makes them any different
Sol says this conversation is over... and never happening again.
Ky says he's running away from the truth.
Sol grabs Ky and tells him to shut up or he'll pound him.
Ky tells him to "try it".
Ky asks Sol what will happen once he's "taken revenge".
Sol says he never thought that far ahead.
Ky asks him if he'll hide away from the world like Sin said he would?
Ky says he doesn't know Sol's true history but... if Sol had friends or love at
one point, or why Sol hates "That Man" and the Gears so much...
Ky doesn't even know Sol's real name!!
Even so, Ky knows a great deal about the man named "Sol Badguy".
'Blinded by vengeance, he lost sight of himself, and now runs from the truth tha
t frightens him.'
Ky confronts Sol "Tomorrow always comes"
This illicits a shock from Sol.
If tomorrow promises to be cold and dark, Ky can't sit still... even knowing if
his efforts might come to nothing.
Sol calls him self-righteous...
Ky says he doesn't expect the world to change tomorrow, but he does HOPE that TO
DAY his words will reach Sol.
Ky says he'll be waiting for Sol... and so will Sin and Dizzy as well... once th
is is over... for Sol to come home.
Sol says he must've hit his head.
Ky admits that maybe someone who married the daughter of Justice, would be a lit
tle crazy.
On the topic of Justice... Sol pauses...
Sol says a few months ago he got in to a fight with the Conclave over one of the
Sacred Treasures (OutRage). [Events of GG VastEdge]
Ky chides him for pushing himself too hard as usual.
Sol points out that the Conclave were OVER-PROTECTIVE of the Sacred Treasures...
almost as if they "feared" them.
Sol points out that they weren't scared so much of himself, as much as the Sacre
d Treasures themselves.
This illicits a shock on Ky's part... as if Ky had come to a realization.
The conversation is interrupted by Ky's Guard saying they've arrived at Zepp.

[Royal Fleet One -- Interrogation Room]

Sin and Elphelt meet with Ramlethal again, this time with puppy nibbling on Ram'
s finger.
Sin says that since everyone else is meeting with big shots in Zepp, that he tho
ught he'd keep Ramlethal Company.
Sin is determined to make Ramlethal laugh... and this time he's enlisted the hel
p of Elphelt!
Ramlethal says she's not interested, but if it will take a "fake smile" to get t
hem to leave, she'll do it... but that's not their goal.
They want to see Ram smile for real this time.
Ramlethal says it's rediculous that "tools don't need emotions".
Elphelt asks Ram why she's still following her "Mother's" rules even though she
completed her mission.
Elphelt suspects it's because Ram doesn't want to feel like she betrayed Mother
at all.
Sin changes the topic, offering only questions that have nothing to do with Ram'
s duty/mission.
Sin wants Ram's opinion on a famous burger from Danny Missiles.
Ramlethal's reaction to biting in to a hamburger... so amazing!?
Ram has trouble analyzing it... but when Sin asks her what her first thought is.
.. she says "Salty" (with a small smile).
It seems Sin's mission is a success... and he's happy.
The rest of the day is spent trying different foods and discussing them.
Ram doesn't seem to like playing cards, though the others are having fun.
They also try cosplay much to Ram's horror.
Sin pours hot sauce on Ram's pizza... to her shock.
Ram later gets him back by pouring hot sauce on spaghetti.
Ram later asks why Elphelt "betrayed" them.
Elphelt doesn't really like talking about it, but she says it's because she "can
't love anybody"...
She doesn't know why but it was one of the rules "Mother" implanted in Elphelt s
Elphelt felt a rift between her self and the rule she was given...
Ramlethal concludes that she was just defective... but then asks what the purpos
e of that rule was?
Elphelt asks if Ram has any such rule... though it appears Ramlethal does not.
Sin says Elphelt is a mystery... but he also asks what that power was that broug
ht her here?
Elphelt says she is unsure of how she came here.
Elphelt aimed to find Sin or Sol first... but was surprised to find Ky first.
Sin points out that "No matter where he is" she has the power to find him (as to
the nature of this power).
Elphelt says she can't really tell "who is where"... just that she can appear in
places she needs to be.
Ram says she has no such function, therefore she is "more complete" (she declare
s, and gets bit by the puppy).
[Interrogation Room Hallway]
After leaving the room, Elphelt thanks Sin for having so much fun with Ramlethal
Elphelt asks Sin why he was being so nice to Ram, despite being his enemy.
Sin wonders why himself, then observes that Ram keeps calling herself a "tool"..
At first he thought the Valentines were machines... but then started to question
He realized that Ram is only behaving that way because so long as she "acts like
a machine" she'll be accepted and not be abandoned by "Mother".
Sin says he went through... something similar.
Elphelt asks Sin what will happen to herself and Ram once this is over...
Sin says he doesn't know... but to him they're friends "right now".
Sin says Ky will figure something out for their sake.

The idea of being called Friends excites Elphelt... and she feels really happy a
t the idea.
[November 1st, 2187 (Zepp -- President's Office) ??:??]
---Ky meets with President Gabriel of Zepp and tries to introduce Sol, but it se
ems Gabriel knows Sol already.
King Leo seems to have already briefed Gabriel of the situation, and only his in
ner circle of people know of Ky's arrival.
It seems Gabriel has another guest he'd like Ky to meet, whom they may find... i
This person appears to have a message for Ky specifically.
Gabriel appears to know what Ky came here to discuss, and this message pertains
to that.
Because this is 'no ordinary guest' Gabriel states he wishes to be present durin
g the meeting (for security).
The Guest turns out to be none other than Zato=ONE... returned from the grave!
Zato says he did indeed die... but came back through the machinations of the Con
Zato appears to know what the Conclave intends to do with the "Cradle".
Sol questions why they even let Zato in to a place like this...
Gabriel says he is aware, but they let him in regardless...
The subject turns to Sol, as even more questionable... since only the King was i
nvited to this meeting.
Sol ignores the question and instead asks Gabriel to prove Zato's not working fo
r the Conclave.
Zato has no rebuttal, however, due to the time-sensitiveness of the situation, t
hat question will have to wait.
Instead, Zato states that they do not know when the Conclave's plan will be comp
Zepp apparently had intel that stated the Conclave were working on the Resurrect
ion Art for some time now...
But they do not know why Zato was chosen as the test subject.
Ky decides to listen to what Zato has to say... so Zato gets direct and to the p
The Conclave controls the Cradle with the intent of controlling the world in an
absolute sense.
...And inside the Cradle... the God of Destruction, Justice (Hakaishin).
Sol is surprised... and even Gabriel is surprised... though not shocked.
Zato considers that alone to be explanation enough, but Gabriel is not easily sw
Is the Conclave trying to start another Crusade?
The question goes to why would the Conclave do this, since they control much of
the world already...
The answer being: they wish to create a world devoid of free thinking... a world
of absolutes.
To standardize the world.
Culture and civilization will be unable to advance beyond a certain point by its
elf, so they intend to restrict all human freedom.
To do that they need Justice' power and omnipresence.
Gabriel argues that Justice should have been utterly destroyed...
Zato says she wasn't destroyed... but killed... of course Sol knows more about t
Sol glares at him... silent at first.
Sol concludes they used Zato as the guinea pig to revive Justice...
According to Zato, "True Resurrection" is not a recreation of Soul and Flesh.
Instead, it is the art of binding a soul to an object.
When Zato died... he was not the sole owner of his body... this is what they lea
rned... through his Forbidden Beast, Eddie.
Eddie took over as Zato's Soul...

Once the Conclave learned the nature of Zato and Eddie, it didn't take them long
to work out the method.
The goal seems to be that of binding a "new soul" to Justice' body.
This was the purpose of the 2nd Sacred Order Tournament...
When Sol destroyed Justice... he left an empty shell behind... a shell they coul
d use.
The Conclave wishes to rewrite history recast as Gods...
Gabriel states the possibility is frighteningly possible.
Sol stops him... if Zato is correct, how do the Valentines play in to all this?
Zato states that the Valentines believe that Justice' revival will lead to manki
nd's demise, so they facilitate that goal.
But he says he does not know the Valentine's full extent of planning.
Sol says its still impossible... but the conversation is interrupted by an Alarm
... Zepp is under attack by a lone foe: Bedman!
Because of all the havok Bedman is causing by himself, Zepp would be ashamed if
they asked their "guests" to confront him.
Instead, Gabriel confronts him on his own! (He notes this is the child Potemkin
noted in his report).
He unleashes the attack AGNI X! This appears to crack Bedman's frame.
Bedman tries to retreat, but is captured... and um... questioned... by Potemkin.
[November 1st, 2187 (Zepp -- President's Office) ??:??]
Ky gets a secure line with Leo Whitefang and they begin discussing plans for the
next step.
Now that the line is secure, Leo asks Ky to tell him everything... to which Ky l
Because of how difficult it was to keep things a secret from prying ears.
Not only this but the intelligence he got over such a short period has grown exp
Ky says maybe stepping out in to the light would be better.
He requests Leo to release someone within Ky's custody who may be able to help a
gainst the Conclave.
[Inside a Dream]
Bedman contacts Ramlethal and introduces himself as an agent of her "Mother".
Despite lack of trust, Bedman says that she is ultimately disposable.
To which she says that of course "Mother" only loves Tools.
Bedman laughs at the very idea that "Mother" would 'love' her.
Bedman asks why she didn't self-destruct, but learns that Elphelt stopped her.
It appears Bedman seems conflicted about disposing of Ramlethal on his "client's
" orders.
Bedman's concern is that she has vital information and must silence her...
But Ram says he can trust her... to which Bedman thinks she has the wrong idea a
bout trust.
Saying Trust is between friends... but to have friends, every individual must be
Bedman explains that she is a "copy of something else" and therefore a tool.
Ram asks him if she needs something to set her apart from others...
She asks if it's possible to be unique without emotions...
Bedman is taken aback by her "almost human" questions...
Bedman starts to wonder why he even bothered explaining it to her.
Bedman reminds her that this is her "Mother's will" that she be disposed of.
Ramlethal agrees to it, but has one last request: she wishes to take her dog wit
h her when she dies.
Bedman is shocked that she actually has an emotional attachment.
Bedman suddenly gets upset, wondering just why she ended up "just like a human".
He begins to ask why "Mother" asked him to kill her.
Bedman senses someone coming, so he goes to hide.
[Royal Fleet One -- Interrogation Room]
Sin returns to Ramlethal's room, seeing that she's asleep.

Ramlethal asks why Sin keeps visiting her.

He says he's just there to make her laugh.
She sees no benefit for him in this, and asks him why.
Sin says it's not about benefits, he just wants to see her laugh.
She doesn't understand these emotions... if they benefit no one, if the actions
taken benefit no one, why do them?
Ram says she needs to know what the right thing to do is... to her taking incorr
ect actions is pointless.
Sin says that everyone can be "right" in their own mind and actions... that's wh
at it is to be unique.
Sin asks her how she feels about the existence of God... though she thinks how o
thers feel about it...
She has difficulty thinking about it for herself.
Sin shows her the starry night sky... he asks her if it looks pretty.
She says she doesn't know...
Sin says she just doesn't have the words to describe how she feels.
He says "to him" the stars look pretty... and that's enough for him alone.
Sin says he doesn't want anyone explaining to him in big words how he feels when
he just "feels" a certain way.
He says "If God made the sky pretty and that's all he did" to him that would be
enough reason for God to exist.
He asks her if that's the right answer.
Ram says that's just what he wants... it doesn't make it reality.
Sin says not everything has to be defined... or shoved in a corner and told to "
be something".
Ram says if she doesn't... she won't be a good tool.
Sin says she's NOT a tool...
They turn to hear the cry of the puppy...
It's Bedman... and he appears to be hesitant to attack, but killed the dog inste
Bedman sends Sin and Ram in to a dream-like state to speak with them.
Bedman apologizes about killing the dog, but says this was the easiest way to ge
t her to understand...
Bedman says that since she's learning emotions, he may as well teach her the mea
ning of "replacement".
Bedman reforms the magehound while explaining how common they are... but it's no
t the same one that bit her hand.
Bedman notes her sadness... and explains what it means by replacement...
It dawns on Ramlethal... that even if she's a copy... everyone is still "unique"
This causes her to cry...
Bedman leaves in silence, but is confronted by his "Client".
Bedman wants HER to explain what she was thinking... knowing full well that he r
efuses to attack a girl.
At first he thought Ram wasn't human, so he was willing to act... but the fact V
alentines can gain emotions makes them "human".
He demands an explanation, saying it was a "miscast" for Ram's role... saying it
was her fault.
He then asks if this is her way of saying he himself is disposable... to which h
e says she should do the rest on her own!
His "Client" admits she was wrong... but still needs him and needs him to calm d
Bedman apologizes for his outburst...
His "Client" says they should prepare for the location of the Cradle to soon be
She asks if he has any means of halting their progress...
Bedman says he isn't doing this for fun... and will most likely risk his life to
make their Absolute World a reality.
(Chapter 6 Begins after this point)

[November 1st, 2187 (Illyria Castle -- Sealed Hallway) ??:??]

---Leo walks down a hallway with a Guard complaining that he shouldn't be doing
this as it's against the Conclave's approval, to which he ignores the comments.
Leo says it's not a problem since he has the Key.
He reminds the Corporal that he IS in fact one of the Kings of Illyria.
And this makes him VERY important.
Leo unlocks the door to find Dr. Paradigm...
Paradigm says he made a wise decision.
[Illyria Castle -- War Room]
---Leo introduces Dr. P to everyone along with the U.S. president...
He says Paradigm was one of the heroes who saved Illyria from the Baptisma 13 In
cident, despite being a Gear.
President Vernon notes that this must be the "collaborator" that Ky mentioned du
ring an earlier UN Conference.
Leo says he'll explain the details to Vernon later... but first, to business at
Right now they need Paradigm's help in locating the Cradle.
Vernon calls Paradigm a Bird, to which he is corrected... it's DRAGON... Paradig
m says he'll let this first offense go.
Paradigm refreshes their memory that the Conclave is the ones behind the Cradle.
They are working with the Valentines to unleash Justice who is inside the Cradle
Paradigm says the priority is locating where the Cradle will appear next and des
troying it.
****The first incident occurred at Noon on the 28th of October, when the Cradle
first appeared above Babylon.
All organisms died, but all inanimate objects were left unharmed... leaving behi
nd a mysterious ash just as the Cradle disappeared.
****Then... at approximately 8 p.m. the next day, the Cradle appeared again, thi
s time over the Black Sea.
Major Lyle and his forces attacked it but learned of Felion's Defense and were d
efeated, save for the O.P.U.S.
There are several facts from these bits of information:
"Where did the Cradle go to?"
"Why was only living matter affected?"
"How is it possible that some members of Major Lyle's Unit survived?"
It appears the Cradle is not only a vessel for Justice, but the Conclave as well
Paradigm suspects the reason they were undetected was because the UN weren't giv
en the ability to detect living organisms of this nature.
In fact, the Cradle did NOT attack Babylon:
Paradigm poses the question if it was in fact Teleportation?
"True Teleportation" requires a being to appear somewhere else within a short sp
an of time...
The Cradle was gone for over 32 hours.
Moreover there is no known technology that could "teleport" something of that si
... Babylon was just caught in the expansion of Backyard space!
Paradigm isn't surprised they doubt the Backyard's existence, but he says he's b
een there.
Normally it would be impossible to enter the Backyard, even with Paradigm's know
The theory behind entering the Backyard seems to be simple though...
A mere "exchange" of Real Space and Backyard Space.
Paradigm explains what happens to a normal being if it enters the Backyard: it g
ets crushed by the density... and becomes ash.
Even so it has no affect on non-living matter.
Paradigm reveals his 3rd point... as to why Lyle's unit had survivors... the O.P

Every one of the survivors fought alongside Ky Kiske during the Baptisma 13 inci
To protect Ky's men, they were each given a "blessing".
As it turns out the O.P.U.S. themselves are actually Gears!!
This blows Vernon's mind.
It seems the Gears were able to fight Valentine's forces even without the Blessi
ng, and the Conclave noticed this.
The OPUS were dispatched worldwide, so they may not feel scrutiny immediately, s
o there's little to be concerned about.
According to Paradigm "subjects that are properly prepared" (human or otherwise)
can survive the Backyard for a short period of time.
(***GP Note: "That Man" gave the 'blessing' enchantment to Sol first when he con
fronted Valentine.)
Eventually everyone must return to the real world for a "breath" (same as living
in Space or Under Water).
Vernon and Leo eventually learn that Paradigm is the Gear Ky sought to have them
meet with to see the whole picture.
They both agree they judged Ky too prematurely.
Paradigm reminds them that their objective is to destroy the Cradle... to do thi
s, they must locate where the Cradle will appear next.
[Illyria Castle -- Mission Preparation Dept.]
---Paradigm gives a rousing speech on where and when the Cradle will "come up fo
r air".
They plan to surround this point and tighten the circle once the Cradle is locat
ed and attack it from all sides from all nations.
Leo compliments Paradigm but he says it's because Leo encouraged cooperation bet
ween species.
Leo says he'll redouble efforts of coexistence at the next UN Hearing.
Leo says it would be great if Ky could make it to help but there may not be enou
gh time for that.
The next problem is Absolute Defense: Felion...
But Paradigm has an ace for that... precisely... "That Man".
Leo points out Paradigm is awfully informed... but it seems he had another visit
or before Leo came ("That Man").
Paradigm says he's worried how Frederick will react.
Paradigm has Vernon set a series of beacons which will attract the Cradle (10 km
Paradigm says their plan HAS to work, because there are no landmarks there to sp
eak of (meaning no people live there so no danger).
[Zepp -- Hangar]
---Sol grumbles to himself that the "Bird" is keeping him in the dark and must b
e out of his mind.
Sin is of course is worried... wondering if Sol can even do this mission.
Sol says "this job has his name all over it" and it could be worse.
Sol says he's just mad "The Bird" hasn't told him what he's planning.
A Zepp soldier presents him with his "transport" (A HUGE-ASS ROCKET!?!?) to whic
h Sol remarks he may as well enjoy his "trip".
[November 1st, 2187 (Illyria Castle -- Leo's Study) ??:??]
---Leo closes Eripmav D Yraid's Diary... thinking about Justice.
Leo says 'she wasn't supposed to have a mind of her own' but gained a conscience
Afterwards she led a rebellion.
A rebellion that nearly pushed humanity to the brink of destruction.
The 'Tower of Babel' as designed by "That Man".
It was humanity's arrogance and prosperity that brought down God's hammer.
If that happened again... would humanity stand a chance?
He says they HAVE to win, whatever it takes!

[November 2nd, 2187 (Zepp -- Outer District) ??:??]

---All 420 targeting beacons have been placed...
ICBM "Vagilanda" is ready to fire (with Sol getting ready to ride on top of it).
Gabriel contacts Sol and tells him the mission objective... to hitch a ride on t
he ICBM.
Gabriel notes that what Sol is about to do isn't something a normal human can do
They removed the payload, but that won't make the impact any less deadly for Sol
if he screws up.
Sol's tired of the lecture, but Gabriel says just remember his superhuman nature
is the key to this mission.
Vagilanda is fired... with Sol running after it in a blaze.
Sin and Ky wish Sol luck... but Elphelt seems to have gone missing.
[Northern Black Sea -- Projected Target Area]
---Leo discusses preparations with Paradigm.
It seems all the nations are gathering in one spot for a once-in-a-lifetime even
Leo asks if they'll make it in time...
Paradigm notes humanity's ability to face up to adversity, and has no doubt thei
r allies will do their part.
[The TeaRoom]
---The Conclave appear to be fully aware of the Ambush being prepared for them u
pon re-entry in to real-world space.
They already suspect the countermeasure has Dr. Paradigm involved.
Axus notes they made a mistake, planning on the assumption that no one could sto
p them.
Even so he is confident in Absolute Defense: Felion.
Chronus challenges Paradigm to a battle of tactics.
[Northern Black Sea -- Projected Target Area]
---Leo marvels at the flight pattern circling around the projected target area.
Though they have hopes for a successful plan, Paradigm assuades doubts due to ha
ving narrowed down the possible entry points.
Once the beacons determine the Cradle's location, they can converge on it with e
verything they have.
Leo wonders if Sol will be able to make it in time...
Paradigm teases Leo for having weak nerves, despite being a strong King.
Paradigm tells Leo to remind his troops not to move from their points unless an
order is given.
Paradigm tells Leo to relax, saying this plan is PERFECT...... just as something
goes awry!!!
Bedman appears to be destroying the beacons, and thus any hope of determining th
e exact location of the Cradle.
It appears that the missile Sol is riding on requires at least one Beacon or the
general area to locate the next point.
Paradigm talks to Gabriel about the situation... not sure what they can do about
Paradigm asks if it's possible to even steer the Vagilanda...
Safety protocols are set to "space" as the target if the Vagilanda cannot find a
The ICBM changes to the next Beacon point... but it gives Sol a headache worse t
han a hangover.
---Leo squares off against Bedman, and is somehow able to fend him off.
Paradigm says a lot of beacons got destroyed, so if they miscalculate it could b
e bad...
Vernon contacts Paradigm, offering to use a floating vessel nearby as a possible
Gabriel says it would be too dangerous and put friendlies in the line of fire.
Even then, part of the real world gets taken in to the Backyard as soon as the C

radle appears, so they could get caught in it.

Bedman keeps teleporting and confounding Leo, meanwhile heat sources detect the
Cradle is coming in the next few seconds.
The nearest beacon appears to be 60 kilometers away... making contact with the C
radle difficult when it appears.
Suddenly the May Ship II appears above the airspace... April and Faust at the he
Faust appears to be willing to teleport the Beacon closer to the Cradle's entry
Bedman is surprised to learn that Johnny is now confronting him once more...
Leo asks if Johnny is part of the Jellyfish, but he says that can wait for later
Leo figured out that the bigger the teleport for Bedman, the longer it takes to
wind up...
Johnny uses this to cover Bedman's movements, effectively cornering him.
May asks Faust if they're close enough, but he says he just needs to be a bit cl
oser to teleport the Beacon...
Leo finally manages to crack Bedman's frame...
Faust grabs the Beacon and falls into his door teleport, planting it right at th
e point X3 they need.
Bedman's mission having failed... he teleports once more...
At last... the Cradle appears in the projected area as if on cue.
---Chronus appears, noting the situation... but is surprised to learn who has ju
st arrived...
[Northern Black Sea -- Projected Target Area]
---Leo gets impatient, wondering where Sol is, Paradigm tells him to just watch.
Suddenly "That Man" appears in front of the Cradle!
Leo wonders if this person is the 'trump card' and says he shouldn't stand there
due to the danger.
Paradigm says he's not what you call a 'normal person', he tells Leo it's the Ge
ar Maker.
"That Man" greets Chronus, though it wasn't how he planned on meeting him.
Chronus is shocked that the Gear Maker has shown up...
They try to shoot "That Man" down, but it's ineffective...
Chronus notes the Cradle was never equipped for combat, so it won't kill him.
Just as Chronus is about to boast about Felion... a large impact hits the Cradle
, shaking up the Tea Room!!
"That Man" says that he may not be able to dispel Felion, but he can in fact "DE
STROY" it!
"That Man"....... and SOL!!!
Just as he says this, Sol comes spinning out of the sky from the exposion, and i
s caught gently in "That Man"'s spell glyph.
Chronus recieves yet ANOTHER shock...
Sol says he had a FEELING it was "That Man"...
The Gearmaker reminds him to focus on the mission at hand...
"That Man" creates a spell 'target point' on Felion, and Sol heads to it to PUNC
H it to pieces!
"That Man" explains that Magic comes directly from the Backyard, with him servin
g as the mediary.
Frederick's fist will contain more energy than this world is capable of producin
"That Man" converts that energy in to matter... then he contains the energy with
in the Schwarzwald Limit (pocket dimension).
Then they just destroy the physical space occupied by the Barrier (Felion) creat
ing a spontaneous microverse.
The rest just involves preventing the world from getting destroyed in the proces
Paradigm wonders how he can make the process sound so simple?
With one final push, Sol shatters the barrier!

Chronus is dumbfounded...
Leo gives the order for everyone to unleash their fire on the Cradle!!
The Cradle sustains massive damage in the ensuing fire fight...
Chronus says they've done it now... saying "That Man" would always be his greate
st enemy.
But because they survived the attack... he says they WON...
Suddenly a "body" materializes where the Cradle used to be...
In a single moment Backyard Space begins enveloping the area... ships scramble t
o escape getting caught in the spatial shift.
"That Man" says they won't escape and begins forming a spell... but is suddenly
ambushed by Bedman who teleported in front of him.
Bedman teleports "That Man" to parts unknown... (possibly his Nightmare Theater)
Sol tries to get up but is too wiped out from his last attack...
Paradigm calls out to Frederick not to get swallowed up in the Backyard.
Sol says he'll gamble and see if he can survive in there...
But before he can take that gamble, Elphelt grabs him and spirits him away from
the incoming blast of Backyard space.
Sol tells her to let him go, but she refuses... even if Sol beat Justice, he'd h
ave no way of escaping the Backyard, she can't let him do it.
Elphelt refuses to let him go despite protests, if he did so, he'd never see his
friends again... and she couldn't bear that.
[November 3rd, 2187 (Illyria Castle -- War Room) ??:??]
---Leo reports that everyone is here for the meeting to Paradigm.
Paradigm reviews: The Operation was a failure and they are back to square one.
Leo says they know how the Cradle travels, so all they have to do is try again.
Paradigm says this type of ambush won't work a second time...
They could just adjust their coordinates again and they'd be left high and dry.
What's more they'd never be able to gather up that many beacons again.
Vernon is convinced that WAS Justice... the same as he had seen during the Crusa
Vernon wishes to know where they plan to activate her.
According to Paradigm, Justice has not yet been activated...
He suggests they'll probably move Justice to a facility capable of activating he
Sol remarks they need a lot of energy to power her up.
Paradigm asks if Sol is feeling better...
Sol says if they hadn't stopped him he could've destroyed Justice within the Bac
Sin chides Sol for not thanking Elphelt for saving his life.
Sol wasn't entirely sold on the idea until he saw Justice for himself...
But if they did find a way to revive her... they'd need a facility and energy to
activate her.
Leo realizes this makes it easy then...
The Facility has to be within range of their movement AND capable of producing t
he necessary power.
Paradigm corrects him... nothing in this era is capable of generating that much
Sin asks how they plan to turn Justice on in the first place... which stumps the
entire room.
Elphelt goes to leave, but Sol questions her.
Elphelt says she's going to try talking to Ramlethal once more.. to get anything
Sol has his doubts... but if she doesn't try it really might be the end of the w
Sol asks her what that even means to her?
Sol argues she was just born, so how could she know the nature of this world?

Sin gets mad, but Sol wants his question answered.

Elphelt thinks on it and says maybe she can't really say she knows...
But even so... but to her, her world is her friends and Ramlethal.
She doesn't want to lose that... since no one became her friend before.
Sol says that's "good enough".
[Illyria Castle -- Interrogation Room]
---Elphelt meets with Ramlethal once more... to ask her what she knows.
Ramlethal asks Elphelt if she likes these "things" (called people).
Elphelt replies that she does.
Ram wishes to know what it feels like... to like someone.
Elphelt's first emotion was that of wanting to do something good.
That was part of her programming.
But humans had complete freedom... they could like and hate things, be close or
far away from things.
Something Elphelt couldn't even begin to understand.
It was horrible to see humanity hurt themselves... but that was even a 'freedom'
they had that Elphelt didn't.
Elphelt started to wonder if there was any good to all this... and she couldn't
put it in to words.
Even so, she was convinced everyone is able to Smile.
She realized she wanted to see many smiles... and that's what it meant to like s
Ram wonders if her desire to smile means she likes herself as well...
Elphelt thinks so...
Ram is still unsure and may be considered a narcissist...
Elphelt totally agrees its okay.
Ram says Sin wanted to see her smile... does that mean he likes her?
Of course Elphelt thinks so as well!
Elphelt explains that if you like someone, you want them to be happy.
Ram asks if "liking someone" or "being happy" is the same as being unique?
In a way it might be so... when you want to like a certain someone.
Ramlethal wanted "Mother" to think she was unique... and therefore be appreciate
[Illyria Castle -- War Room]
---Ky is wondering what the Conclave have planned...
The scars of the Crusades are still fresh in people's minds... even after 12 yea
Even as things were getting fixed... wars over resources are now unheard of.
Following one's dreams didn't have to come at the expense of others.
Sol has no idea what they're planning either.
To Sol however... the world isn't that great.
Good is good, while bad is still bad...
While things may be getting better and people live better lives...
The cost is that they begin to lose their freedom of choice.
Ky asks him if he'd rather have anarchy and chaos... but Sol replies that's not
what he means.
Sol says you don't have to work for anything... it's just given...
They may go from appreciating it to merely expecting a handout.
And eventually, they get scared of losing the things that makes their lives good
Sol wonders if that's the proper way to live.
Ky replies that... not everyone has the strength to stand on their own.
If life was simple and laid out, perhaps, but it is never so clear cut.
Even so, some would leave such a life, or struggle living in it (as simple as it
may be)... such being human nature.
The truth is, no path will ever be "right" for everyone... Some paths are only s
uited to some... while to others no path exists at all.
This is something Ky learned from Sol.
Ky still says he sees in Sol a man who is afraid of the future.
Ky says it became clear when he saw Sol taking care of Sin.

Sol works "very hard" to keep everyone at arm's length.

Sol thinks of his Gear blood as unfriendly... and thinks of himself as nothing b
ut a weapon that could destroy everything if he wanted.
The only way he feels he'll get some closure... is by beating answers out of "Th
at Man".
And if he doesn't have those answers...
Then to Sol there probably isn't any good way to live.
Ky concludes that's why Sol closes his heart.
Ky says it may be too late to protest... but considering Sol's relationship with
himself and Sin...
Sol thanks Ky for reminding him of his own personal hell.
A servant calls to Ky.... and his eyes widen.
It appears Ramlethal is willing to speak.
Ramlethal says they already had most of the answer:
Justice needs power to awaken... and even though this power is not from this wor
It can still be obtained here.
Sol teases Sin unconvinced why Sin's touchy-feely nonsense worked...
They still can't think of any facility short of "That Man's" lab.
Ram says it's something that can be harnessed... and asks what time it is...
Sol starts to gripe, but then it dawns on him...
The power they intend to harness... St. Elmo's Fire!!!
They start to ask what sort of facility would be ideal to harness St. Elmo...
But Sin butts in... mentioning that Illyria Castle is one big Lightning Rod... t
hough Sin doesn't know much about it.
It dawns on all of them... and they all point at Sin!!!
[November 3rd, 2187 (Illyria Castle -- Downtown) ??:??]
---Rain begins to pour in the streets as people begin to evacuate.
Leo has all personnel save for Opuses evacuate.
[November 4th, 2187 (Illyria Castle -- War Room) ??:??]
---Paradigm says this may be their last chance.
Ramlethal explained that they'll probably harness St. Elmo at the Castle.
Justice will likely appear on the West Side of the Castle...
Sin suggests smashing the tower... but that would only cause more problems.
Since the Tower is what protects Illyria in general from being struck.
Ky suggests destroying the system syphoning power to Justice...
Doing that would put them all at risk from St. Elmo's Fire as well...
Paradigm intends to forgo Justice' physical activation...
Ky is rather nervous, but Paradigm calms him down.
Chronus' ultimate goal is to activate Justice and bind his soul to the body.
Paradigm thinks they may try to do the binding and activation at the same time..
Especially since Chronus' body is already inside Justice.
Paradigm proposes to overload Justice' power systems from the energy her body co
Sol explains they plan to barbecue the Conclave from inside Justice' body.
[November 5th, 2187 (Illyria Castle -- Downtown) 12:00 a.m.]***
---(The Reporter Kate erroneously states it's the 1st of November, and the date
marked says it's the 4th, even though it's Midnight and should be November 5th!)
Reporter Kadooki states he just learned the Cradle's next destination appears to
be right here at Illyria Castle.
Illyria prepares for St. Elmo's Fire and though the weather has gotten worse, th
e entire city has been evacuated.
Unlike the previous operation, this one will be performed by a small elite group

The Commander appears to be none other than Ky Kiske himself!
Kadooki says their backs seem to be up against a wall... and wonders how the Kin
g will get us out of this mess! (lol exposition)
No matter what happens, they'll continue reporting... so don't change the channe
---Sol speaks with Paradigm, saying he's probably the guy who has to do everythi
ng here.
Paradigm says he would if he had the luxury, but he needs Sol to take care of pu
lling Chronus out of Justice.
Instead, he must rely on Dizzy.... though he had not hoped meeting with her unde
r these circumstances.
[Illyria Castle -- Underground Passage]
Dizzy is revealed!
Ky is surprised... saying the seal has already broken.
Dizzy was hoping for a happier reunion though.
What matters to Ky is that they were able to meet again... even if only the last
Dizzy says his hair has gotten long, Ky says it just kept growing no matter how
much he cuts it** (Signs of a Gear?).
Sin comments that this doesn't seem as happy as it should be for a reunion.
Dizzy is surprised... and asks to get a good look at Sin.
Sin says he grew 3 feet in the last two years...
Sin says he'd rather not have this be the last time he sees his family... he wan
ts to WIN!
He says he'll definitely protect his mom.
Then it dawns on him... something Elphelt told him...
Sin asks his "Dad" to take care of her (addressing Ky properly).
Ky is very surprised... and Dizzy smiles.
[November 5th, 2187 (Illyria Castle -- West Tower) ??:??]
---Paradigm reviews everyone's positions and roles for this mission.
Dizzy, Elphelt, and Paradigm will be in the Control Room in the basement, in ord
er to prepare the amplification procedure.
Meanwhile, Sol is in position at the top of the Tower.
Ky, Sin, and Leo are to defend any entrances or exits in the area... and elimina
te any obstructions to this task.
Elphelt will serve as a backup in case things don't go to plan.
Paradigm warns that Illyria wasn't built to withstand an amplified strike of St.
Elmo's Fire...
So if the structure explodes, everyone has to try and make it out safely!
[The TeaRoom (inside Justice)]
---Chronus says the time has come at last.
Axus says these 5 days have been the longest, even though they've planned this f
or so long.
Chronus says new experiences give life depth and meaning, as he learned from thi
s task.
Chronus says even if Paradigm has a plan, nothing they do can stand in their way
Axus is surprised that he is declaring victory.
Chronus says they were prepared on every level, and even if nothing else works,
they still have one final ace.
Axus offers to assist in order to assure that victory, but asks if he were to di
e, that he'd be forgiven for leaving this task to Chronus.
Chronus reminds him that they've all taken an oath... and to enjoy some Tea with
Baldias in the afterlife should that happen.
Axus apologizes to Libraria for not always being an ally to her... and having he
r bear witness to... everything. (WHAT IS EVERYTHING!?!?)
Library admits that she too is an Apostle, even if not the best one... and is pr

They swear to all meet again in the next life.
[Illyria Castle -- War Room]
---The Operator has detected a Heat Source... Justice has materialized!
[Illyria Castle -- West Tower]
---Justice appears,in her massive form and attaches energy-like tendrils to the
tower in order to syphon the Lightning from St. Elmo's Fire.
Paradigm is surprised... Justice' activation appeared sooner than predicted.
[The TeaRoom (Inside Justice)]
---Chronus summons a control device inside the room and merges with the nerve ce
nter of Justice' body.
[Illyria Castle -- West Tower]
---It dawns on Paradigm that they've already begun to store energy in Justice vi
a the Capacitor.
Paradigm goofed... it seems they didn't need energy to merge Chronus' body with
Justice after all!
They already planned on merging with Justice BEFORE activating her!
Sol stares down the massive body of Justice... amazingly dwarfing him in size (c
ompared to their last encounter).
Sol says "Figures..."
[Illyria Castle -- Plaza]
---Ky notes that the enemy moved faster than they expected.
Leo suggests trusting the Doctor and trying to stay calm.
Leo says he never expected to be back to back with Ky on the battlefield once ag
Since the Crusades ended... their paths seldom crossed... yet here they are.
Leo asks if that's fate... or just that they never learned how to grow up? (Joki
ngly of course).
Sin asks if they were once friends...
Leo says Ky was less a friend and more of an Inspiration to him.
Leo was the best at everything... until he met Ky.
Just the fact that Ky went on and on about being JUST and RIGHTOUS, Leo didn't k
now what was going on with him.
It was inconcievable that someone was better than Leo.
Leo was self-centered and looked down on everyone when he was younger...
Even so, Ky kept pushing Leo to hone his skills even further... just to piss him
So, to cheer himself up, he wrote "Bambino" next to Ky's name in his dictionary!
Ky finally learns... a decade later, the origin of that nickname.
Leo says he can't exactly call him that anymore though.
After training hard and bettering himself... Leo ended up a decent fellow.
A decent guy who can compliment himself.
He still calls himself C, maybe C- though.
After laughing... Leo asks Ky what he meant when they said the Conclave were goi
ng to bind with Justice before activating it...
Does that mean that the Conclave's will merges with Justice' will?
It dawns on Ky that the possibility might happen!
Ky mentions that Justice was able to control all other Gears through sheer willp
More specifically anyone who was engineered with Gear Cells.
Leo asks him how many Opuses there are in Illyria and the Capitol...
Ky says nearly 1200... 80% of the world has Opus Units deployed to it, Illyria b
eing the first!
The three turn to look in the darkness...
A scuffling can be heard... followed by the drawing of swords...
The Opus have come in a huge wave...
[November 5th*, 2187 (Illyria Castle, West Tower -- Control Room) ??:??]
---Paradigm notes that the O.P.U.S. were the Sanctus Populi's idea...

By herself it would be impossible for Justice to subjugate the entire world... b

ut with the Opus armies worldwide!!
Paradigm wonders why he didn't realize it sooner!
He tells everyone to man their stations!
[Illyria Castle -- Plaza]
---Leo is seen fending off the first wave of Opus...
Ky follows suit... Sin says they just keep coming!
The three split up... with Ky heading to the East Gate, while Sin goes to the Pl
aza, with Leo fending them off.
Paradigm expresses his concerns, but Leo just says to do his job.
[Illyria Castle, West Tower -- Control Room]
---Elphelt speaks to Paradigm, saying she'll act now, otherwise the plan will fa
ll apart.
Paradigm is too slow to stop her.
[Illyria Castle -- Plaza]
---Leo squares off with yet another Opus, but is soon assisted by Elphelt who ha
s shot it down.
Leo is surprised she can fight, and Elphelt offers to serve as backup.
She reminds him that she IS a Valentine.
Leo says it's good enough for him... and they continue...
Using her power... Elphelt wipes out the entire room... to Leo's surprise.
Something inside her head activates.... and she starts saying "she doesn't want
to do this!"
[Inside a Dream]
---Bedman sits with his "Client" who says "Just as Planned".
Bedman notes they had to improvise a bit, but Justice activating and the Opus ob
eying is according to plan.
Soon, St. Elmo's Fire will ignite.
[Illyria Castle -- Center Plaza (Eastern Gate)]
---Ky overhears Leo scream on the com... he appears to be attacked.
He notifies Paradigm that he's going to see what happened to Leo.
Paradigm tells Ky to focus on his own mission, saying Elphelt is supporting Leo.
Ky says he's taken care of all the hostiles in the area... so he might as well g
o check.
Paradigm says "as expected of Ky"... so he might as well...
Just as Ky turns to head to Leo's location... a gunshot is heard.
Ky looks down to see a bullet hole in his chest... and blood...
Ky turns and is shot three more times in the chest and shoulders...
...Ky collapses in a pool of blood.
Axus appears, with blacktech gun in hand...
It seems the High King was not prepared to get shot in the back.
Ky... barely speaking... looks at him.
Axus says it pains him to kill the King.
He says Ky would be a big threat to the new world that's about to begin.
Ky reaches out a twitching hand...
Axus says it's nothing personal... they just need him dead for the 'greater good
Axus shoots him once more (I assume in the head).
Ky's hand lands motionless on the ground.
[Illyria Castle, West Tower -- Control Room]
---Elsewhere... Dizzy has a sudden bad premonition.
Paradigm hears an alarm which says the time has come...
He tells "Frederick" that it's coming!
[November 5th*, 2187 (Illyria Castle -- Center Plaza (Eastern Gate)) ??:??]
---Axus stands before a dead Ky Kiske...
Regretful that Ky's idealism for the people didn't come to pass... giving him cr
edit for his efforts.
Axus begins to walk away... but then he hears Ky's trembling voice... saying "th

at's not true"...

Ky is once more on his feet... having tied his hair back...
Axus is shocked... he shot Ky several times... Ky should be DEAD!?!?
Ky says "The people know that his idealism is a dream... that could never come t
rue alone...
What people expect from him is not a 'Perfect' or 'Just' ruler... but something
No matter what monsters or demons stand in their way... (Ky) has sworn to NEVER
give in...
THAT is what 'his people' believe (in).... THAT IS WHAT HIS PEOPLE BELIEVE!"
(Ky's Left Eye is now CRIMSON....)
Axus says it's impossible... How could he be....?
"(Ky's) promise to (his) people is to never bow to EVIL... no matter what it may
cost (him)!!!"
Ky readies his blade... and runs Axus through!
Ky covers his face... the crimson in his eye has left... so he sets out to rescu
e Leo.
[Illyria Castle, West Tower -- Control Room]
---Paradigm warns Sol that the Lightning is about to strike... and tells him to
pull Chronus apart as soon as he gives the signal.
[Illyria Castle -- West Tower]
---Sol finishes kicking Opus off the side of the Tower...
The Lightning strikes and collects in to the Tower...
Power begins to syphon in to Justice' body... and it cries out...
[Inside Justice -- Control Room]
---Chronus starts laughing... claiming victory is all theirs... (as his body is
fused to Justice)
He wonders if the Universal Will is watching him, as well as the Gear Maker.
Chronus says all that has been demanded by the Universal Will will be done by th
eir hands.
He glares with his eyes ablaze in madness... that absolute power is now his...
[Illyria Castle, West Tower -- Control Room]
---Paradigm gives the signal.
Dizzy generates a massive power influx of her own in to the power feed.... overl
oading Justice' power cells!
[Illyria Castle -- West Tower]
---Justice appears to be writhing in the sudden power surge... with massive ener
gy coming from her mouth.
[Inside Justice -- Control Room]
---Even Chronus is starting to feel the shock of energy... and curses Paradigm.
It seems Justice was overloaded... but just as Chronus is about to wonder if it'
s the end (if his body hit its limit)...
Libraria says they've lost...
She hates to think they are wrong, but this is retribution.
Chronus says only the Gear Maker can prevail now... it seems.
Libraria says they should've talked more...
Chronus tells Libraria to go find the Gear Maker... and somehow preserve humanit
Libraria instead tells him that this is HIS duty! And begins casting a spell...
Chronus asks her what she's trying to do...
[Illyria Castle, West Tower -- Control Room]
---Paradigm gives the signal to Sol!
[Illyria Castle -- West Tower]
---Sol dives down past Justice's grasp and then proceeds to run along her arm an
d kick her straight through and hard in the back of her throat... effectively da
maging the "control room".
---The rest of the group seems to be making their escape from the tower, Paradig
m saying it worked.
After seeing things begin to crumble, they try and brace for impact.

[Illyria Castle -- Downtown]

---Kadooki reports that Justice has stopped moving... but has she been defeated?
Justice stands up once more and begins moving...
Justice tries to stand but ends up breaking the tower in half and falls with it.
Kadooki starts screaming that he has to GET OUT OF HERE NOW!!
[Illyria Castle -- West Tower]
---Meanwhile, Sol stands by, watching as Justice falls to the ground.
[November 5th, 2187* (Central Organ Tower) ??:??]
---Dawn has come, and Sin, Dizzy, and Ky pick themselves up out of the rubble of
the fallen tower.
Dizzy is unconscious, but she's okay...
Sin starts to look for survivors... after a while he starts yelling for Sol and
gets worried...
He starts yelling real loud... that's when Sol busts out of the rubble telling h
im to SHUT UP!
Paradigm is glad to see everyone's made it out...
Sin suggest splitting up to look for Elphelt and Leo...
Elphelt seems to have appeared... but is not herself...
Sin spots her and asks her if she's alright... Leo gets out of the rubble and wa
rns Sin that it's not the "Elphelt" he knows...
Elphelt fires a warning shot at Sin...
Elphelt states that with Justice' awakening... her mission is complete...
Sol says he figured as much.
Elphelt's eyes appear to be transfixed and unnatural.
Sin asks her what's going on, but Sol tells him she can't hear him.
Sin demands to know why nobody explains anything to him.
Elphelt says it's not that difficult to comprehend... she has completed her obje
It seems Elphelt's original directive was to monitor Sol Badguy's activities...
Elphelt says she had to make sure Sol wouldn't interfere with their plans of rev
iving Justice or destroy Justice.
Elphelt also says she had to ensure that Sol would never "awaken"... 'EVER'.
Sin can't believe his ears... and asks her if everything she said was a lie?
Elphelt says her true mission was concealed from her "other self", to prevent he
r from activating too prematurely.
Sin wonders if they mean anything to her any more now?
Elphelt says everything she's experienced has been recorded... an 'important pie
ce of the puzzle'.
But to the 'Elphelt now' it's only a record... though she seems to be struggling
with saying this.
Sin sees she is able to possibly resist it...
Sol confronts Elphelt by slowly walking towards her.
Sol yells at her... GET BACK HERE! (In order to shock her back in to a sound min
Sol says that now he's convinced that Valentine's HAVE emotions!
Sol tells her to PROVE it!
Elphelt struggles to obtain herself... but ends up transforming in the process..
She cannot disobey a direct order from her "Mother" and must eliminate all redun
She now has a black appearance with white hair and red eyes...
...Sol tries to ask her one more thing... is there anything left of the old Elph
elt in her?
Elphelt says she will always be 'herself' and her memories are intact, so the an
swer would technically be 'yes'.
Sol says "Good, now bring her back."
Elphelt says she's behaving according to her will... and says it's pointless sin
ce she's 'already here'.

Sol says 'this Elphelt' is not the same as she once was and not the same thing.
Elphelt questions why he would say newer memories or experiences are invalid...
She says by that logic, no person would remain the same from moment to moment...
Biologically speaking (she says) she is the same original Elphelt.
Sol calls her an idiot for stating the obvious...
He says by HER logic... they can't draw lines anywhere and there would be no dif
ference between anything.
Elphelt states that with no clear boundary, she has no problem with that view...
Sol says there is a line... it's just hard to draw and define.
Sol says there's a line between who Elphelt was and who she is now... and they a
re conflicted.
Elphelt draws close to Sol... saying his words are poison to her mind... thus sh
e thinks of him as a threat.
Her "Mother's" orders prevent her from destroying Sol, but she requests that he
be silent.
Sol says 'bring it on'...
Elphelt fires her "Rain of Judgment" a massive salvo of gunfire around the rubbl
Sol stands silently...
Then rushes her with his sword... cutting apart her weapons in a massive explosi
on... to her shock.
[Inside a Dream]
---Bedman's "Client" says this seems to be a good a time as any...
She says a part of her wanted Sol to awaken... but perhaps it was too early.
She says she may still be able to use him though...
Bedman says he'll get to work on the "Next Phase" of the plan...
[Central Organ Tower]
---Justice' body rises limp out of the rubble... and gets transported back in to
the Backyard.
Meanwhile, Elphelt collapses on the ground... her body starts to rise once more,
this time a barrier having surrounded it.
Sol punches the barrier... but Elphelt says it's Absolute Barrier: Felion (which
appears to have been re-formed).
Sol tells her to shut up.
She continues to ask him to stop, saying it's pointless.
Sol says all he knows is he's trying to hit loose some of those memories she see
ms to have forgotten.
Sol says NOBODY tells him something is impossible!
Sol points out that, even if her stopping him from going in the Backyard to dest
roy Justice was 'part of the plan'...
But the "reason" she gave him for saving his life (about not being alone).... if
that WASN'T a lie...
Sol wants her to PROVE IT...
...Elphelt thanks him... and would love to do just that... (and reverts to her o
ld self).
[Inside a Dream]
---The "Pope" is surprised that Elphelt's emotions have awakened...
[Central Organ Tower]
---Sin asks if Elphelt has come back to her old self...
Elphelt says she can't fight her "Mother's" will...
She did indeed enjoy her time with Sin.... and to prove her feelings... she inte
nds to self destruct...
Sin tries to stop her, but she says it's the only "Freedom" she has left...
Sol calls her an idiot...
[Inside a Dream]
---"Mother" says she can't do this!!
[Central Organ Tower]
---Elphelt says that if things were going to be this way, she wishes she'd never
been given emotions.
...but before she can destroy herself.... her power fades...

Ramlethal stopped her power... and says that she finally understands the importa
nce of emotions.
Ramlethal concludes that "Mother" is mistaken... the Valentines are NOT tools...
Ramlethal says Elphelt is unique to herself ....and to Sin.
She swears she will find a way to save Elphelt...
Elphelt promises she will wait... as long as it takes...
(Elphelt disappears in to the Backyard after Justice at this point.)
Sol turns... and begins walking... Sin asks him what he's doing.
Sol puts his blade on his shoulder, telling Sin that they're gonna go get her ba
Sol swears he's not gonna lose anyone else...
......After the credits...
Chronus rises from the rubble... having somehow been teleported from Justice' bo
dy by Libraria...
Chronus wonders why he's the only survivor...
...Suddenly Dr. Faust appears in front of him... asking him where he plans to go
from here.
Faust says he has a lot of questions to ask...
Chronus says the battle is over... so what could he possibly want to know...?
Faust says 'lying' is bad for his body.
Chronus says he's hardly in a position to fight back, whether Faust is here for
atonement or revenge.
Faust says he should deal with his 'Death Wish' on his own time... but now Faust
really must ask him questions.
Faust asks him what he plans to do with the Colony... with the Japanese...?
Chronus isn't sure what he's talking about...
Faust is surprised... thinking he'd be more honest after what he'd just been thr
In fact, Chronus does NOT know... only that they treat the Japanese medically wi
thin the Colony for a certain condition.
Faust can't believe he really doesn't know...
Faust says those 'orders' came from the highest levels... meaning someone outran
ks even Chronus of the Conclave!
But who.... who could it be...
Chronus is taken aback by the question... more power than he himself!?
[A Dream]
---Bedman laughs and says he's glad things ended well.
His "Client" says it went just as planned... despite a small number of deviation
Bedman asks if they are finally ready to make their 'Absolute World'?
His "Client" says she must return to her own affairs...
[Illyrian Capitol]
---A man is giving a speech about how mankind was saved from destruction for yet
a 3rd time...
and eventually says they must give thanks to their leader.... Sanctus Maximus Po
puli Ariels!!!
[October 22nd, 2192 (Babylon in 5 Years) 5:23 p.m.] <<Axl Arcade Start>>
---Axl Low finds himself stuck in a future era, wondering how to get out.
He encounters someone known as the "Original Man" who gives him a coded message
to deliver to "That Man".
[October 26th, 2192 (Babylon in 5 Years) 6:20 p.m.]
---I-No summons Sol Badguy five years in to the future, pointing out Ramlethal's
destruction, but more specifically to have him look at a certain "Huge Somethin
g" in this Timeline.
She asks Sol if he felt any 'changes' at all since he arrived... but Sol doesn't
seem to notice anything and gets irritated, which irritates I-No just as much.

(It appears as though I-No was hoping Sol had somehow 'awakened' at this point t
o some unknown ability or a reaction of a sort.
The 'Huge Something' is not known specifically but could be related to the Cradl
After realizing Sol can't be killed in this manner, I-No sends him back to his o
riginal time frame.
[October 28th, 2192 (Babylon in 5 Years) 6:?? p.m.*] <<I-No Arcade End Part 2>>
---I-No notes to herself that as many times as she entered the "Integrated Point
" nothing changed... until now.
It appears the fact the future has not been altered has been affecting her train
of thought (possibly memories of the future).
Soon after, I-No discovers Axl Low has been 'caught in her net' within the times
[October 28th, 2192 (Babylon in 5 Years) 6:48 p.m.*] <<Axl Arcade End>>
---Axl gets taken from the Nightmare Theater where he wound up and ends up caugh
t in I-No's time net.
Here he claims to have to deliver a message to "That Man", but I-No is distrustf
ul of his statements at first.
Afterwards he explains the message is from the "Original Man" which I-No is surp
rised to hear... and very excited that things are changing.
Afterwards Axl comes to the dawning realization that I-No could send him back to
his home time of [May 14th, 1998].
I-No states that the future impact of Axl's heading back in time at this point i
s uncertain...
Instead, however, I-No sends him back in to the "Integrated Point" (most likely
to meet with "That Man" and deliver his message).