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Opposition Congress for Democratic

Change draws line from Cape Mount
senatorial candidate complaint to
Supreme Court












These are indicative rates based on results of daily surveys of

the foreign exchange market in Monrovia and its environs. The
rates are collected from the Forex Bureaux and the commercials
banks. The rates are not set by the Central Bank of Liberia.

VOL 9 NO.2


Research, Policy and Planning Department,
Central Bank Liberia,
Monrovia, Liberia





There is still danger. You see our problem mainly has to do with the little kids. For those older ones we can have some
control and things. You see when the children are sometimes not feeling well their parents cannot let them stay home.
They will bring them to school so thats our fear. We have other children that they will interact with so it will be whole
lot of problems, Moses K. Vah, Vice Principal for Administration, Effort Baptist Church School


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Mauritanian President Pays Two-Day

Solidarity Visit to Liberia; Witness \Signing
of a LD$37 Million Grant Agreement to
Assist Liberia in the Ebola Fight

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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

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The Liberian Senate is expected elect a new leadership when the

Legislature resume legislative duties.
Cllr. Sherman who has been having a sour relationship with President
Ellen Johnson Sirleaf was widely believed to be one of the forerunners
for the Senate Pro Temp position until the recent hurdles facing his
How Shermans Nightmare Started
Cllr. Shermans nearest rival, Dr. Fodee Kromah filed a petition
before the Supreme Court prompting a writ of prohibition against his
certification by NEC.
The Supreme Court in a January 2, 2015 order to the NEC through
its Chairman, Jerome Korkoya stated By directive of His Honor
Philip A.Z. Banks, III, Associate Justice presiding in chambers, you
are hereby cited to a conference with His Honor in his Chambers on
Monday, January 5, 2015, at the hour of 2:30 p.m., in connection with
the above captioned case.
Justice in Chambers, Cllr. Banks than mandated NEC to halt the
certification of Cllr. Sherman as senator of Grand Cape Mount County.
Meanwhile, you are hereby mandated to stay the certification of the
announced winning candidate pending the outcome of the conference.
A disobedience will subject the disobeying party to contempt of
court, Justice Banks ordered.
Maliciously Discarding Ballot Papers

Bettie Johnson,


mid widespread views that the complaint against the

Chairman of the ruling Unity Party, Cllr. Varney Sherman
by one of his opponents in the December 20 special
senatorial election is politically motivated. Some say it is
intended to keep Sherman out of contention for the Senate Pro temp
position, the waiting game for Varney Sherman, Morris Saytumah
and Jim W. Tornonlahto be certificated by the National Elections
Commission is unending as the Supreme Court of Liberia has reserved
ruling on the petition for a writ of prohibition.
Cllr. Sherman, Saytumah and Tornonlah of Grand Cape Mount, Bomi
and Margibi counties respectively were not certificated by NEC last
Saturday along other senators elect, based on a writ of prohibition
filed against their election before the Supreme Court of Liberia.
The high court set the ruling into the petition for Monday and it was
anticipated that the court would have made a final decision on the
matter only for the hearing to end in another round of legal delays.
Following legal arguments from all sides, Justice In-Chambers
Philip A.Z. Banks, III ordered the National Elections Commission to
inform the court on how returns can be constituted.The order from
the Chamber Justice follows a question raised to the commissions
lawyers on how returns can be constituted.
Said Cllr. Banks: NEC has 24 hours to furnish this court on how
returns are constituted and this is so ordered.
NEC Still Investigating
NECs legal counsel, Cllr. Joseph Blidi argued that no appeal has
been taken to the high court and the commission has not completed its
investigation into complaints and therefore could not inform the court
on the present status of the complaints as requested by the Chamber
We have 30 days to hear complaints and after the timeframe one
who is dissatisfied has 7 days to appeal to the Supreme Court, said
Cllr. Blidi.
Relying on section 6.2 of the National Elections law, Cllr. Blidi
argued that NEC is still looking into the complainants.
Portion of section 6.2 of the National Elections law sub caption
Investigation and Decisionstates: Investigation, and render a
determination as provided for in Paragraph 2 of this section.
The determination shall be accompanied by a summary of the
investigation and the reason for it. (2) Effect of determination. The
decision of the Commission shall have the following effects: (a) If
any person returned is declared not to be duly elected, but has already
assumed such office, shall cease to hold such office; (b) If any person
not returned is declared duly elected to an office, he/she shall assume
such office; and (c) If any election is declared void, a new election
shall be held. (3) Harmless errors not to vitiate election. No election
shall be declared void on account of any delay of nominations; the
polling or return of the writ, or on account of the absence or error of
any officer which shall not be proved to have affected the result of
the election.
In counterargument Counsel for Professor AnsuSonii, the Congress
for Democratic Change (CDC) candidate in Margibi County, Cllr.
Yarmie Gbeisay, argued that the just ended election witnessed
several irregularities citing current complaints before NEC and the
complaints before the Supreme Court.
Your honor currently my client has filed extra ballot papers which
numbers on them were altered, stated Cllr. Gbeisay.
Lawyers representing Unity Party and senators elect Varney
Sherman and Morris Saytumah- Cllrs. Gloria M. Scott and Fredrick
Cherue argued that the commission is not in error as stated by the
The NEC is in no error, lets view article 83C of the 1986 Constitution,

the complainants want the work of the commission to be stalled but

we believe that this honorable court will not allow such, stated Cllr.
The senators elect lawyers added that the certification by the NEC
was geared toward announcing the results officially and if the
complaints were heard the certificates could have been withdrawn
from the senators elect.
NEC Is in Error
Lawyers representing the interest of two of the complainants counter
argued that the NEC is in error.
Cllr. Theophilus Gould who represented the NPP mainly Lahai
Lansanah and Cllr. Thompson Jaba representing Dr. Fodee kromah
during arguments said the commission was in error on ground that
there was existing complaints filed before the electoral body but the
commission went on with the certification process.
Cllr. Jaba argued that in count 3 of their petition states that: during
the pendency of these complaints, respondent elections commission is
about to certificate a candidate of said e-lections on Saturday January
3, without determination for which prohibition will lie.
Banks Defends Supreme Court- No interest in interference
Meanwhile Cllr. Banks has declared that the court has no interest in
interfering into political issues as was stated by House Speaker Alex
Tyler and others.
We know the purpose of the three branches of Government; we
dont need to be tutored on our role in fostering the democracy of this
country, said Cllr. Banks
It can be recalled that Speaker Tyler during the certification ceremony
of 12 senators cautioned the Judiciary to avoid handling political
issues as the court is meant for constitutional issues.
Recent developments from our sister branch needs to be discussed
if Democracy must grow, we do understand that the court is part of
the democracy that we all have been yearning for but it is equally
important to say here that political questions must be left to the
politicians while constitutional and legal questions be left with the
court, said Speaker Tyler.
But Justice Banks at a conference hearing Monday into the petition
filed against three senators elect from certification by the National
Elections commission said the comments from the Legislature and
others must be condemned on ground that the court is not interested
in reviewing political issues.
The judiciary deals directly with legal and constitutional issues
and leave all political issues with the Legislature and the Executive
branch, stated Justice Banks.
He disclosed that the judiciary is not also interested in the complaints
filed before NEC as it is the commissions responsibility to decide on
the allegations.
The purpose of this conference is not to look into the irregularities of
Bomi, Margibi and Grand Cape Mount, we are to determine whether
the investigation can be ongoing while certificates can be given to
winners and they can be sworn in to work for their counties.
Justice Banks added that the court has never interfered into politics,
even me none of my opinions have been political but it has been
strictly in accordance with laws and not politics.
The conference Monday brought together several legal counsels
representing their clients on the petition filed against the NEC and
two senators elect on grounds that they should not be certificated
while there is a present complaint before the National Elections
With the high court decision giving NEC 24 hours to file returns, the
waiting game goes on for Cllr. Sherman, Saytumah and Tornonlah as
time flies.

In his petition, the petitioner, Alhaji Dr. Fodee Kromah of Cape Mount
versus national Elections Commission by and thru its chairman, Cllr.
Jerome Kokoya of the City of Monrovia outlined six issues for which
he prayed the court to halt the certification of Cllr. Sherman.
In the complaint, Dr. Kromah in his six count petition amongst others
stated -the printing of outdated (2005) voters registration cards, the
use of outdated 2005 voters registration cards, voting of non-eligible
persons, the outright and maliciously discarding of ballot papers in
favor of Dr. Kromah, person voting more than once, duplication of
voters registration cards with different names and codes
In the petition, the petitioner stated: That during said elections,
irregularities and fraud noted were reported to the Elections
Magistrate of Grand Cape Mount County, who assigned hearing of
said complaint for Friday, December 2, 2015 at the hour of 2:00 p.m.
Attached are a copy each of the compliant dated December 29, 2014
and the notice of assignment dated December 31, 2014 herein marked
p/1 in bulk to form a cogent part of these proceedings.
The petitioner further stated that during the pendency of the
complaints, respondent Elections Commission decided to certificate
a candidate of said elections on Saturday, January 3, 2015 without
determination for which the prohibition was filed.
Wherefore and in view of the forgoing, petitioner most respectfully
prays that Your Honour and this Honourable Supreme Court of Liberia
will grant the followings: that the preemptory writ of prohibition
be ordered and issued against the Respondent, staying all action of
certification of candidate from the Grand Cape Mount County Special
Senatorial Elections. And, to grant the petitioner all rights and reliefs
that Your Honor may see just and equitable in the premises stated
Thompson Jargba, Counselor-At-Law, legal counsel to Dr. Kromah.
Vexation and frustration-Shermans response
In response to Dr. Kromahs petition, legal counsel for Cllr. Sherman
declared that Dr. Kromahs petition is as a result of vexation and
frustration from the huge gap between him and Cllr. Sherman from
the election.
That respondent Sherman says that the protest is a product of
vexation and frustration; Kromah/CDC never expected that they
would have been defeated by such wide margin or that they would
have been defeated in Tieni, a place where Alhaji Kromah has lived
for more almost 3 years. What is important is that the protest is not
based on any fact that can be proved by the recount of the ballots,
declared Cllr. Sherman and his lawyers.
Cllr. Sherman through his layers also argued that the complaint was
flawed compliant and not in line with Article 4(2) of the regulations
on challenges and complaints arising before and during elections as it
had no date, time and location of offense or violation and information
about the accused and any witness.
Stated the argument That Article 4 (2) of the Regulations on
Challenges and Complaints Arising Before and During Elections
provides that the compliant should provide the date, time and location
of the offense or violation, and information about the accused and
any other witness if available. This compliant is deficient as it does
not give the date, time and location of any of the offenses or violation
complained of, it does not name an accused or an offender and it does
not name any other witness. For this failure of the compliant to comply
with Article 4(1) of the regulations on Challenges and Complaints
Arising before and During Elections, respondent Sherman moves the
Honorable Magistrate to dismiss the complaint consistent with Article
4(3) of the regulations on challenges and complaints Arising before
and during elections.
In further argument, the legal counsel for Cllr. Sherman stated That
the special senatorial elections all over Liberia were conducted on
Saturday, December 20, 2014 and that on the evening of the same
December 20, 2014, the ballots were counted at each polling place
and recorded on the Senate Record of the Count (commonly known as
tally sheet) at each polling place. The poll observer for Dr. Kromah/
Congress for Democratic Change, hereinafter Kromah/CDC, at each
polling place signed the Senate Record of the Count for the respective
polling place. A copy of the Senate Record of the Count for each
polling place was given to the poll observers for the candidates which
got the first and second highest votes. Respondent Sherman prays the
Honorable Magistrate to take administrative notice of these facts from
the records of the election of December 20, 2014.

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

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Jefferson G.Togba,, Contributing Writer

iberia is the first independence nation state of

Africa and the second black republic after Haiti
in the World. It has a population of less than 5
million with over 18 embassies and more than 20
consulates serving its interest abroad(MFA, 2015). I think
it is time to move away from traditional officer post. First,
economic diplomacy is the commercial attach use of full
advancement and negotiation skills to achieve its national
interest through the investment, lending, aid, free trade
agreements at bilateral, regional or multilateral TO increase
economic productivity and meet national needs.

President Must follow New Years Days message

with concrete action, visible steps to unite Liberia

USHERING IN THE NEW YEAR last week, President

Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf made a rallying cry to Liberians to
reconcile, discard old habits, grievances and differences
and begin afresh.
THE MESSSAGE for many has been lost in translation
owing to what many perceive from past experiences that
the President has scored low marks in the court of public
opinion when it comes to delivering on many of her
professed statements and pronouncements in the past.
STARTING IN JANUARY 2006 when the then newlyminted Sirleaf sat on top of the world at her inauguration
with a string of stinging declarations Corruption pledging
to rid the country of what she described as the debilitating
cancer of corruption.
SAID SIRLEAF: Corruption erodes faith in government
because of the mismanagement and misapplication of
public resources. It weakens accountability, transparency
and justice. Corruption short changes and undermines key
decision and policy making processes. It stifles private
investments which create jobs and assures support from
our partners. Corruption is a national cancer that creates
hostility, distrust, and anger. Throughout the campaign,
I assured our people that, if elected, we would wage war
against corruption regardless of where it exists, or by whom
it is practiced. Today, I renew this pledge. Corruption, under
my Administration, will be the major public enemy.
We will confront it. We will fight it. Any member of my
Administration who sees this affirmation as mere posturing,
or yet another attempt by yet another Liberian leader to
play to the gallery on this grave issue should think twice.
Anyone who desires to challenge us in this regard will do
so at his or her personal disadvantage.
HISTORY SINCE those words have proven to the contrary.
The mechanics of change in auditing, concessions and
procurement and of late anti-corruption have all become
victims of a system that encourages corrupt officials to
discredit their work and leave them struggling for identity
and purpose in a post-war nation lacking precision in the
fight against graft.
IN HER 2006 INAUGUARAL address, Sirleaf acknowledged
that while issues of accountability, and transparency were
key to Liberias post-war resurgence, it would be difficult
to reawaken peoples faith in government if the urgent and
imperative issues of post-conflict reconstruction are not
quick fixes to national reconciliation and healing, Sirleaf
urged the nation to reconcile and heal with deliberate and
purposeful commitment, as she pledged her personal
involvement in the work of reconciling and healing our
BUT DESPITE those strong words, reconciliation has been
one of the neglected areas of the Sirleaf administration in
the past eight years. Particularly, many were taken aback
last week amid reports that members of the ruling Unity
Partys youths were reportedly driven away from the
Presidents farm residence in Bomi County by aides to
the president who accused the youths of not voting for the
Presidents son and for making derogatory remarks about
Robert Sirleaf during the height of the just-ended senatorial
WHAT BAFFLES US is that many of those so-called
members of the presidents inner circle are bent on using
the same tactics, the same methods and falling into the
same missteps that has the president in the bad books of
many who voted for her in 2005 and re-elected her in 2011.
SADLY, TIME is not on the Presidents side to reconcile the
country which makes it extremely important that she does
all she can to addressing the pressing disunity within her
ranks and especially within the party on whose back she
rode to attain state power.

Why Economic Diplomacy?

Liberia is at the verge accession to the World Trade
Organization (WTO) to become a full member after
observatory period working rules and regulations of members.
Liberia being fledged member of the WTO does not end its
negotiations are always at special forum, but the continuous
dealings trade between nations.
Besides, the WTO, economic relationship is expanding
rapidly among nations. The speed globalization today evolves
on economic interdependence amongst countries and trade
agreements and arrangements have opened new opportunities
at all echelons. And these negotiations have often generated
the need for better understandings in the trade and skill of
economic diplomacy.
Economic diplomacy develops from trade diplomacy.
Economic diplomacy has become a fundamental part
development and determinant of the process of formulating
and implementing a countrys foreign policy. Economic
diplomacy anticipates the promotion, creation of foreign
direct investment and increase exports and influences the
economic outcome of future economicpolicy regimes of
other countries. To some extent, your partners trade policies
take cognizance of you.
The continuous engagement through economic diplomacy
helps a country like Liberia in advancing its economic
interests and equally and importantly, those of its partners.
Since your partners are aware your interests. Economic
diplomacy pools skill personnel in government and the private
sector to understand and negotiate trade, investment and
economic issues from the national development perspective
of a countrys strength, limitations, opportunities and threats.
Economic diplomacy is in the context of initiating negotiation
and managing it, so that there is little or no ill will. In other
words, negotiation must end as a positive sum game. It rests
on the real world economic relations between nations to
implement principles and objective set out in the trade policy
and mandated by WTO rules. Liberia national economic
system in todays world depends crucially on the skill of
negotiators in forging effective its economic relationship.
The same may apply to managing her relationship with
international economic organization, like the World Bank,
International Monetary Fund or the United Nations Regional
Commissions and regional economic communities which she
is a member.

The benefit of Economic Diplomacy

Economic diplomacy is the use of internationalized national

companies to grow trade and investment nationally and
internationally. Embassies have a larger impact on trade than
consulate and at the moment, Liberia got consulates. Today
South Africa, Africas former number one economic practices
economic diplomacy. South Africa also has more companies
in other African countries than any African states as a result,
2011, Economic diplomacy training initiative conducted by
the department of trade and industry (2008).
Ever since, the department of international relations
and cooperation has developed South Africa Economic
Diplomacy Strategic framework to support South African
mission abroad. Dont get me wrong on the concept of
economic diplomacy. It has been practiced, but in modernity,
it is parallel to political diplomacy.
Economic diplomacy will help Liberian diplomats assigned
in other nations to mix political and economic diplomacy to
seek information on international potential companies and
wanting expansion in new markets. This is also relevant
for developing countries and Liberia is no exception. Even
national companies easily get partnership connection through
economic diplomacy. It also encourages an increase in firm
export within its existing trade relationship and reduces cross
border transaction cost for new products (S.J.V. Moon, 2014)
Another example, Slovenia a former Soviet Union state
significantly engages in economic diplomacy. Slovenia has 51
embassies abroad with each having an economic counselor. As
a result of economic boom gained for Slovenians companies
abroad and locally. In 2013, the Nation assigned economic
counselor at its embassies in New Delhi, Montenegro, Brazil,
Albania and Moscow.
These economic diplomats will advise government on opening
a mission in emerging market late in the case South Africa
and Slovenia. Economic diplomacy will provide support to
Liberians exporters and help them seek new opportunities in
foreign markets. These economic counselors help protect and
promote Liberias economic and business with governments.
Then develop Liberias multilateral economic cooperation
with regional target market and sectors.
In conclusion, permit me to complete by saying that
effective development of economic diplomacy without doubt
necessitates enhanced cooperation between diplomacy and
the business community.
This cooperation involves active engagement of both sides.
Business must regard diplomacy as an outpost which it may
rely on when undertaking activities in foreign markets,
whereas diplomacy must be aware of its responsibility to
the business community and the economy as a whole. The
welfare of citizens the final objective of any state activity
today largely depends on the power of the economy. This
is the reason why economic diplomacy must be at the core of
modern diplomacy. Economic diplomacy can aid technology
transfer, tourism promotion.

MOST IMPORTANTLY, perceptions in various parts of the

country suggesting that the President is favoring a candidate
outside her own party for the Senate President Pro Temp
position does not bode well for her quest to tackle the burning
issue of reconciliation in post-war Liberia.
TWO HIGH-PROFILE Liberians, Nobel Laureate Leymah
Gbowee the football legend George Weah have both had
stings at heading the herculean reconciliation commission
with mixed results. Both have cited lack of support and
seriousness on the part of the government as a key reason
why they stepped aside from the post.
NOW REPORTS ARE SURFACING that the presidency is
set to tap yet another reconciliation czar.
THE APPOINTMENT, FPA has learned will coincide in
the expected visit of U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry to
Liberia later this month in a bid to showcase the governments
readiness to address what is undoubtedly the single-most

important issue needed to be address in post-war Liberia

THIS TIME around we hope that the government will
approach this matter with urgency, precision and provide the
support needed to make it work.
TOO MANY LIBERIANS have died, scores of others have
been crippled and yet we find that many are still struggling
to atone with their past.
RECONCILIAITON MUST be treated with care as we
continue our journey to post-war stability.
THIS IS NO time for anyone to be proud, no time for anyone
to take their eye off the ball; no time for any close aide or
kitchen Cabinet folks to stand in the way of the bigger picture;
and no time for anyone to play lip service to this all important
issue standing in the way of Liberias past and its future as it
struggles to complete its journey from war to peace.

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

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Benjamin Art Top Commenter
It is backward politics to drive one's self-political interest by inciting
divisive politics. Yes, it is backward to pursue politics on the primitive
basis of tribal, religious or regional factors. It is not a constitutional
requirement that is breached by the Pro-Temp hailing from Gbarpolu
County. This is the same kind of dirty politics that was used to undermine
the Liberian National Census, when the time came to draw the electoral
districts of the country. As a result, the Liberian constitution was violated,
where some electoral districts have only about 20% of the population of
other electoral districts. But this is in violation of the constitution which
calls for equal population for all electoral districts. I know Cllr. Nagbe
but do not know Sen. Jallah. However, I would be glad to see the winner
emerging out of a process that is based of factors other than tribe, religion
or region.
E Herodotus Payne Jr. Media Relations Consultant at RESH
The argument of geographic imbalance in the search of a new Pro Temp
is interesting. Since, 1997, with the exception of Kekura B. Kpoto every
Pro Temp has come from either Montserrado or south-eastern counties of
Grand Bassa, Grand Kru and Grand Gedeh. No Pro Temp has ever come
from the Western region of the country. Isn't there an imbalance here? But
in the first place, why has there not been emphasis on the issue of political
imbalance instead of the emphasis on regional imbalance? In the first nine
years Unity Party controlled the both houses and the executive. No one
needs to tell us that Gbehzongar was a de facto Unity Party man? Don't
we see how he became subservient and was so easily manipulated by the
executive? Do we need to heed to the argument of so called geographic
imbalance to allow another Gbezongar to become Pro Temp? Time for a
coalition of like minds to rise above the pettiness of regional and tribal
boundaries and support a critical and independent mind like Armah Zolu
Jallah who can not be remote controlled or arm-twisted by a powerful
Montgomery Tamba Saah Top Commenter Darby, Pennsylvania
Wow! Payne, Jr., how well do you know Senator Jallah, to suggest that
he is an independent mind? Well, make more research! I wished you had
ended your argument on the note of "Independent Like Minds" without
naming a particular contender, which becomes "Confirmation Bias"
on your part. This puts you in a situation of being a direct supporter of
Senator Armah Jallah, rather than an analyst of the issue. Thanks.
Harry Papa Mason Metropolitan State University
What's is the motivation of the stay order on the certification of Cllr.
Varney Sherman? It is discovered that the Office of the President is
involved, it will definitely be a big boost for Cllr. Sherman's political
sojourn. It means that he distance himself from the acts and failures of
President Sirleaf, whose vindictiveness will endanger her peaceful exit
as President.
Eworyonwon Harris Top Commenter University of Liberia
According to the article the senator speaking on condition of anonymity
states "we do not remove Findley to be replace by another yes sir" This
senator is not speaking the true,It was the gallant people of Bassa that
remove Findely not the senate
Blojay Nation Top Commenter Janitorial School of Good
These are some of the worst political analysis and commentary that keeps
our nation bakwards. Why should a democratic leadership be based on
a tribal formula about which region a person comes from? This is pure
insanity on steroids for socalled educated Liberians to continue this line
of divisive politics. Democratic leadership is foremost about likability
and popularity, based on competence, capability and dedication to the
public good , not which tribe or which region you come from. Any senator
making such bigotry argument about tribalism and regionalism should be
out-rightly rejected.
Sylvester Moses Top Commenter Works at Self-Employed
Allegedly all the maneuverings by Mrs. Sirleaf is supposedly to keep the
chair of her party from potentially becoming a Senate Pro Temp, because
Counselor Varney Sherman knows that she cant be trusted. But if she has
to use Dr Foday Koroma and the Supreme Court for that purpose, Liberia
has, without an iota of doubt, politically descended into an abyss of the
worst rot and filth.
Raymond Sumo Top Commenter Cuttington University, Liberia
My only concern is that whether these new bunch of senators are prepare
to receive brown envelopes instead of putting Liberia and the interest of
the people first? This new senate must deliver for the Liberian people and
not for themselves. If they don't 2023 is right around the corner for some
of them.
jsphdiggs (signed in using yahoo)
This is a senate activity. Tell the people of Liberia who wins the Temp
after your in-house election. The Executive and Judiciary branches are
isolated from this legislative funding.


The comments expressed here are those of our online readers and
bloggers and do no represent the views of FrontPageAfrica

The Reader's Page

Send your letters and comments to:


The Editor,

iberias 2014 Special Senatorial Elections were held on the

heels of daunting challenges, from the adjustment of the
elections timeline due to the Ebola epidemic, to separate
petitions filed before the Supreme Court of Liberia by political
parties, pressure groups and eminent citizens praying for the suspension
of the elections due to the health crisis and to a judicious opinion delivered
by the Supreme Court granting the holding of elections.
All of these moments were testing time for the nations fragile
democracy. The elections were finally held on December 20, 2014 with
139 candidates vying for 15 seats across the 15 political sub-divisions
of Liberia. Interestingly, 12 senators (senators Isaac Nyenabue, Federick
Cherue and Cletus Wotorson did not seek reelection) out of 15 senators
sought reelection; but pundits could only predict dismal elections results
for the incumbents due to their lack of leadership, poor representation
of their people and the peoples unselfish quest for change; thats why 2
incumbent senators (Jewel Howard Taylor and Prince Y. Johnson) out of
12 senators were reelected.
The people showed their arrogance and vented their anger at the ballot
boxes using their constitutional mandate that all power is inherent in the
people. The people were embarrassed with business as usual on Capitol
Hill. They were tired with the sale of oil blocks to finance current budgets;
a situation we have continuously frowned at and termed as selling the
future in the present. The people were also tired with false promises,
and needed change at the Senate with new breed of senators who will
formulate laws and policies, foster the peoples development agenda, and
ensure economic prosperity for all Liberians.
In Grand Bassa County, Hon. Milton Gbehzongar Findley, former
President Pro-Tempore of the Liberian Senate sought reelection but
was subsequently denied by the people of Grand Bassa. His dismal
performance in the senatorial race was largely due to his failure to deliver
on his earlier campaign promises in 2005, at which time he had promised
to foster unity, reconciliation, champion prosperity and development.
Findley instead sowed division within the Bassa Legislative Caucus,
dismantled the student community, and disintegrated the fabric of the
youth sector of the county. So, the Bassa people rallied and gave him
a resounding no vote, evident by his rivals absolute majority victory
(with 57.4% of the votes, out of 28,404 valid votes cast) and the results
in Grand Bassa County amplified Cllr. Charles Brumskines Liberty Party
entrenched popularity in the county over the years, since 2005.
Former President Pro-Tempore Findley saw his imminent political
demise, when the nation was pondering on the holding of elections in the
midst of the Ebola epidemic; he proposed the idea of interim senators,
a proposal that is unconstitutional and illegal since the restoration of
Liberias constitutional democracy in January 2006.
In the most populous county in Liberia, Montserrado, the results showed
a real disapproval of the Presidents son (Robert Alvin Sirleaf). Robert
Sirleaf (Independent Candidate) contested the election along with Amb.
George Weah, a renowned soccer icon and 9 other candidates.
Amb. Weah was overwhelmingly endorsed as the peoples senator in
Montserrado County, evident by his landslide victory (with 78.0% of the
vote, out of 127,238 valid votes cast) over Robert Sirleaf and 9 other
candidates; and this victory has delivered to Amb. Weah his first ever
elected public position in Liberia. Weahs victory comes with no surprise,
because his party, the Congress for Democratic Change (CDC), had won
more senatorial and representative seats in Montserrado County, since
Politically, the people were farsighted to put an immediate end to any
thought of a Sirleafs dynasty. A win for Robert Sirleaf in the most
populous county in Liberia would have given him the impetus, tenacity,
and extraordinary courage to contest as president in 2017; a thought the
people extinguished early in 2014 and sent out a strong caveat to President

Ellen Johnson Sirleaf about her level of governance in the country.

The Unity Party (UP) of President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf had earlier
denounced her sons candidacy and labeled him a growing monster, due
to the manner in which a Unity Party endorsed candidate for Montserrado
County backed out of the senatorial race as a result of immense pressure
from Robert Sirleaf. The situation brought to fruition an internal wrangling
in the party; made the party a pariah institution in Montserrado County
and the elections result has only shown Weahs growing popularity in
Montserrado County.
The results of the 2014 senatorial elections have definitely ushered in
new senators, as a result of the peoples power. But the major power shift
will come when the Senate finds a new President Pro-Tempore, since the
Bassa People had given their former senator (Findley) a no vote. But the
new President Pro-Tempore and new batch of senators will definitely be
a force to reckon with, since they have learned lessons from the past and
will want to inspire change and terminate business as usual on Capitol
But in the midst of all the electoral challenges, squabbles, and bickering;
we learned that the people are the primary custodian of power and not
the minority elite who can decide which candidate will win an election.
Rather, it is the people the masses, the suppressed, the oppressed, and
the impoverished.


The Editor,

llr. Varney Sherman may not be one of the best guys in

town, but he has bent backwards over to serve and please
Madam Sirleaf. Cllr. Sherman and other Members of the then
Liberia Action Party practically obliterated the name of the
Late Jackson F. Doe from our political history when they joined ranks
to dissolve the Liberia Action Party (LAP) and merged it into the Unity
Party. Today LAP is no more.... all because of Madam Sirleaf.
Cllr. Sherman did not stop there. During the 2011 Presidential and
General Elections, Cllr. Sherman did ALL he could to ensure Madam
Sirleaf's reelection. He spent his money, he used all his energies and other
available resources for said purpose. He was front and wholly involved;
he campaigned and even ensure she won Cape Mount County... his
stronghold. This is an open secret.
After all he did, what did she do? She shut the 'doors' on him. He did
not matter to her anymore. She has done everything to reduce him to a
political 'nobody'. She has effectively made him a limb duck Chairman of
the 'Ruling Unity Party' and left him running an empty 'vessel'.
She did not stop there.... during the just ended Special Senatorial Election,
she only did not support him in Grand Cape Mount County, she is said to
have undermined him and even supported another person against him so
as to ensure he did not win.
What did Cllr. Sherman do so much to Madam Sirleaf for her to reward
him with such conscienceless ingratitude?
Interestingly, this Madam Sirleaf had the nerve to mention the word
RECONCILIATION in her "New Year's Day Message"... when, on the
very New Year's Day she reportedly refused to welcome or shake hands
with some Youths of her Unity Party who did not support her son during
his recent senatorial bid.
My understanding is folks like Medina Wesseh, Musa Bility, Harry
Greaves and a host of others have been 'cut off'.... all for the same reasons.
Credible information available to me says a mass dismissal (in the name
of "RESCHUFFLE") is in the making. This action would be her way of
retaliating against some of those she suspects did not support her 'choices'
during the just concluded Senatorial Election.
This is indeed SAD!
Abraham Darius Dillon,


Rodney D. Sieh, Managing Editor, 0886-738-666;

Wade C. L. Williams, News Desk Chief, wade.; 0880664793
Sports Editor, Danesius Marteh, danesius.marteh@, 0886236528
James-Emmanuel D. Cole, Jr, Graphics Designer
& Layout Editor,; 0886
211 390, 0777 027 030
Henry Karmo, henry.karmo@frontpageafricaonline.
Al-varney Rogers
com, 0886-304498

Sports Reporter, A. Macaulay Sombai,macaulay.sombai@, 077217428
Grand Bassa, Alpha Daffae Senkpeni, 0777432042
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Sinoe County, Leroy N.S Kanmoh, leroy.kanmoh@
Kadi Coleman Porte, 0886-304-178/ 0777832753, advertise@

Tuesday, January 6, 2015


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There is still danger. You see our problem mainly has to do with the little kids. For those older ones we can have some control and things. You see when
the children are sometimes not feeling well their parents cannot let them stay home. They will bring them to school so thats our fear. We have other
children that they will interact with so it will be whole lot of problems. Moses K. Vah, Vice Principal for Administration, Effort Baptist Church School
According to Vah even before
schools were shutdown, some
teachers had earlier tendered in
their resignation letters while
others left when schools were
finally closed.
Some of the teachers will not
come back. We believe that most
of them will not come back. If
school will open February 2
and we dont have all of these
teachers in place how will
we teach the children? he
Vah is worried about younger
children who mingle with others
while playing on campuses,
considering the fewer cases of
Ebola, that are being reported
daily by the Ministry of Health
and Social Welfare
He said proper ways to control
the interaction of these kids, will
be a major challenge, adding
that he foresees danger in the
coming months.
Continued Vah: There is still
danger. You see our problem
mainly has to do with the little
kids. For those older ones we can
have some control and things.
You see when the children are

of the anti-Ebola materials
would be completed by Feb
29, 2015, which means some
schools might open without
thermometers and hand washing
Appearing on the Truth
Breakfast Show Monday, on
Truth FM, the Head of the
National Principal Association
Dargbay Johnson noted that
while it is essential to reopen
schools across the country there
is a need for the Ministry of
Education to address prevailing
circumstances currently facing
many schools.
Our plans are to engage
the Ministry of Education
constructively. You see we are
concern about the parents and
the students. We have issues to
put on the table, he said.We
have a concept paper to deliver
in that meeting. Because we
believe if we want to help the
parents and the students we have
to do something for the private
President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf
announced in August the closure

At the St. Mathew Lutheran

High School in the old LBS
community near the Omega
market, there was no one on
campus including parents or

At the St. Paul Luther High

School and the St. Joseph
Catholic Schools only security
guards were seen on duty and
they informed FPA that the
principals were all out to see
the District Education Officer
for advice on the reopening of
At the Effort Baptist Church
the Paynesville City Hall,
authorities at the school were
just assembling for the first time
to host a faculty meeting, which
will decide their next direction
in response to the governments
Mr. Moses K. Vah, Vice Principal
for Administration at the Effort
Baptist Church School told FPA

not administer entrances to new

students before the closure of all
schools by the government and
does not have sufficient time to

do so.
Said Mr. Vah: Under normal
condition we used to close
school in June then July, we
give our first entrance, maybe
the sixteen and August we give
two entrances and normally
school can start September. sometimes not feeling well their
So by that time we shall have parents cannot let them stay
given sufficient entrances. We home. They will bring them to
need to evaluate the students school so thats our fear. We
well and we do that through our have other children that they will
interact with so it will be whole
Vah believes the reopening of lot of problems.
schools should be extended to With all the concerns raised
Feb 15, 2015 to give more room about the safety of students
for preparation, indicating that amid new cases of Ebola in
Montserrado and other parts
of the country the Ministry of
Education is yet to complete
the deployment of anti-Ebola
materials to various schools.
According to the ministry of

of all schools, while placing

Dolos town and WestPoint
communities under quarantine
in a bid to contain the spread
of deadly Ebola virus in the
Six months later the Liberian
leader announced the reopening
of schools on February 2, 2015
expected to begin o Jan 12,
2015. But whether all schools
would meet up to the deadline of
opening schools remains to be
seen as several school campuses
remains in dilapidated condition.

cleaning up has been carried out,
as the campus remains filthy.

that the timeline for reopening

of schools appears difficult to
meet. He said his school did

recruiting teachers is another

major challenge that needs to be

Stephen D. Kollie, FPA staff writer 0776329124


from the Liberian
government ordering
modalities to be worked out
to prepare for the reopening
of schools in the country in
early February, many schools
especially private schools,
appear to be finding it difficult
to meet up with the February
2, 2015 deadline set by the
Ministry of Education.
During a tour of several
high schools in Monrovia,
FrontPageAfricaobserved that
most school campuses were
in deplorable conditions with
classrooms completely filthy
and benches in dilapidated
On many school campuses, gates
were closed despite attempts
by some excited parents who
visited these schools to ascertain
the actual position of school
authorities on the resumption of
registration process, which was
halted in August due to Ebola.
At the David G. Barshell,
Sr. School System in the
commercial district of Redlight,
which comprises of Daycare,
Nursery, Elementary, Junior and
Senior high schools, there was
no sign of preparedness on the
part of the school to reopen its
doors.Benches were scattered
all over the compound of the
schools premises and chairs in
the various classrooms were seen
covered with dust with many in
deplorable condition, suggesting
that cleaning up exercises for the
school is yet to begin.
Schools buses were seen parked
in filthy condition with some
tires removed.

A group of men and women

who appeared to be residing on
the compound at the moment,
explained to FPA that members
of the school administration are
yet to show up on the school
We have not seen anybody
yet since we heard that school
is about to reopen. Maybe they
will come anytime from now but
we have not seen them, said
a lady on the compound who
pleaded not to be named because
she was not authorized to speak.

Mr. Moses K. Vah, Vice Principal for Administration

at the Effort Baptist Church School

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Tuesday, January 6, 2015




Cestos City, Rivercess Countyolice in RiverCess

County is facing
which may obstruct
ongoing efforts to combat crime
in the county and maintain a
courteous relationship with
locals in ensuring respect for
the rule of law. The tiny county
has several crime breeding
areas, which include Sand
Beach, Gataly and Gold Camp.
These areas police say are gold
mining areas where crimes are
committed on a daily basis.
But due to the help of the
community policing strategy,
crime rate has over the last few
months reduced significantly.
We are happy because people
are working with the police to
reduce crime in River Cess,
especially in areas where
there are lots of business
activities including mining but
to get to these places on time
is a problem for the police
because we do not have a
vehicle, a police source told
FrontPageAfrica in Cestos
Police in the county now have
to rely heavily on the UN
Police vehicles to help convey
them investigate incidents
in parts of the county where
crimes frequently occur. The
only police vehicle has been
down for a year.
The county police commander
told FrontPageAfrica that
they have opened up to the
given them reasons to value

The building leaks seriously during the rainy season and we often catch hell to keep our work going
on a very wet day because we have to move from one leaking office to the other, a police source

RiverCess County Police headquarters lies in ruins; RiverCess LNP chief, Douwue Goldoe took over in August 2013
the importance of reporting
criminals to the police, which
she said is working effectively
and has promoted a policecommunity relationship over
the last months.
Douwue Goldoe took over the
countys LNP in August 2013
and with her experience in
Margibi and Nimba Counties,
shes confident that if her
county is supported with the
needed logistics crime may

further reduce.But the lack of

transportation, low manpower
and other facilities are serious
impediments that may thwart
the polices efforts to maintain
a link with the community
in other to minimize the
occurrence of crimes in the
county.Police sources say
it has become difficult for
senior officers in the county
to inspect the five police
details across the county, due
to lack of vehicles, while the
deteriorating condition of the


police headquarters in Cestos

City is a concern.
The building leaks seriously
during the rainy season and
we often catch hell to keep
our work going on a very wet
day because we have to move
from one leaking office to the
other, the anonymous source
told FPA.
The county police headquarters
was built in 2010 and now
needs massive renovation.
Several parts including the
zinc and ceiling of the building




Monrovia ransport
Bush has disclosed
that the Ministry of
Transport that the Ministry of
Transport is working out the
modalities to automate the
vehicle registration and driver
licensing processes to improve
the Ministry record keeping
and avoid revenue losses due
to illegal vehicle document
The Minister said the new
computerized system will link
the various ports of entries in
Liberia to the Ministrys central
database and make the tracking
of vehicles in Liberia easier
to implement. The national
database, according to Minister
Bush will also be available
to the law enforcement arm
of Government to effectively
monitor vehicle activities in
Addressing the Ministry of
Information Regular Press
December 31, 2014, in the
Charles Gbeyon Press Wall
on Capitol Hill in Monrovia,
Minister Bush also disclosed
plans by the Ministry of
Transport to introduce new
designs of vehicle license plate
and registration stickers for use
in the country for the next five

According to the Transport
Minister, when the new plates
and registration stickers are
introduced in early 2015, all
vehicles in Liberia will be
required to change their plates
and stickers to the new design.
She said the new plates will
have reflective sheeting and
certain additionally security
features to avoid duplication.
She told the briefing that the
Ministry of Transport is also
collaborating with the LNP in

the rollout and enforcement

of the new vehicle license
plates and stickers and that
key stakeholders, including
the Ministries of Finance and
Justice have been consulted
as part of the process.
Touching on other activities
of the Ministry, Minister
Bush informed her audience
that in early December, 2014,
Her Excellency the President
forwarded to the National
Legislature, the proposed
Axle Load Law for its review,

deliberations and passage into

According to the Minister, the
proposed new law is intended
to enact certain measures that
will control the usage of our
streets and highways to avoid
the fast destruction of our much
needed road infrastructure. The
new law when passed, will stop
a certain kind of vehicle from
using certain roads and will
restrict the amount of load a
vehicle can carry based on the
number of Axles the vehicle
The Minister said certain
promulgated by the Ministry
of Transport immediately after
the passage of the new bill to
make the provisions of the bill
more effective. Minister Bush
said later during 2015, the
Ministry of Transport as part
of the national decentralization
process will be redesigning its
offices outside of Monrovia
in order to extend vehicle
registration services to Bong,
Nimba and Grand Gedeh
These offices, according to the
Minister will be fully equipped
to carry on the processes and
avoid people in the distant
counties having to drive long
distances to access the services.

isin ruin, while the two

holding cells are completely
dilapidated, a situation that
has forced the police to avoid
detaining suspects in the
building. The lack of electricity
and water facilities are also
serious problems affecting
the work of the police in the
countys capital. According to
several residents in Cestosthe
community and the police has
considerably improved over
the years.

RiverCess County already has

vast infrastructure problems
including bad roads, posing
a serious challenge to travel
within the county and with
the existing problem police in
the county face it is becoming
difficult for them to work
effectively. Some residents of
Cestos City have attributed the
challenges the police is faced
with, to the inattentiveness of
national government to equip
all sectors across the country.
River Cess County is one
of the unluckiest counties in
the country; we are far from
Monrovia, so the government
cares less about us and worst
of all the county leaders are not
working in our interest so all
these problems will continue,
a resident said.
The Ministry of Finance
and Development planning
recently put national security
on top of the budget allotting
US$35 million to the sector
but remains to be seen what
percentage of the $35 million
will reach county like River
Cess. In Monrovia, the police
have fleets of vehicles parading
the streets while counties like
River Cess cannot boast of a
single one.


Monrovianternal Affairs Minister Morris Dukuly has congratulated

newly elected senators for their victories.
The Minister also thanked fellow Liberians for the peaceful
manner in which the election was held.
A release for the Ministry quotes Minister Morris Dukuly as
assuring the new senators of the ministrys willingness to engage
and work with them for the implementation of development
agenda of the 15 counties.
He said the County development agenda going forward; must
focus on using county resources to sustain and foster county
agriculture programs.
The Internal Affairs Minister has meanwhile promised to engage
members of the Legislature upon their return from their annual
break and the sworn in of the new senators to develop a County
Work Plan that will support the development agenda of each

Tuesday, January 6, 2015



Page 7

Is South Eastern politics playing well for a man who seems to be the choice of the executive?

Henry Karmo (0886522495)

MonroviarontPageAfrica has reliably learned

that Senator Joseph Nagbe is gradually
emerging as the lead man in the running
to replace Senate pro-Temp Gbehzohngar
Findley. The road to replace Senator Findley
who was defeated inthe December 2014 Special
Senatorial Elections is getting interesting and
the names emerging with the situation involving
Cllr. Varney Sherman and the Supreme Court
complicating matters and bringing in more unlikely
Reports say Senator Nagbe has accumulated support
from twelve senators who have agreed to support
his bid for the Pro-Temp position. On Monday
FrontPageAfrica gathered that 12 lawmakers from
the southeastern part of Liberia including Grand
Gedeh, Grand Kru, Sinoe, Maryland and River-Gee
counties have agreed to build consensus to support
a single candidate.
Legislative sources hinted that Senator Nagbe who
hails from the Alliance for Peace and Democracy
(APD- Sinoe County) has been tipped among his
peers in the region to fill the slot and contest for
the position to block what might be an all Western
government with the Speaker of the lower house
and the President hailing from Bomi County.
Legislative sources also hinted that in addition to
the 12 southeastern lawmakers, six others from
central Liberia; including Bong, Lofa and Margibi
Counties, have also agreed to pledge their support
to the candidacy of Sen. Nagbe.
Many fear the Sinoe County lawmaker would be a
reincarnation of the Findley era by being a puppet
to the executive. His critics say he is weak and no
different the man ho once held the slot (Findley)
and would be a fiddler of the executive if voted to
that seat thus thwarting any balance of power that
lawmakers might want to create. But Nagbe in
response to his critics has said that the senate is not
a place to wear gloves to fight the executive. He
claimed that he has been a very vocal lawmaker in
the past few years in the senate speaking against
bad government policies.In the wake of the
ongoing debate as to who would replace former
Pro-Temp Findley, familiar names are surfacing
in the corridors of the capitol building but for
some their geographical location could serveas a
stumbling block.
Senator Armah Jallah of Gbapolu County, Oscar
Cooper of Margibi County and new comer Sherman
as well as Sen. Jewel Howard Taylor and senator
Dan Morias are all names that have been surfacing
over the past weeks to contest for the position of a
Sources have told FrontPageAfrica that Sen.
Taylor, Morias, and Sherman whose election is still
in dispute have all withdrawn from the race.
It is also believed that in the other camp of eight,
Sen. Armah Jallah of Gbapolu County is the
preferred candidate.There are plans to lobby for his
election. The block compromising Sen. Geraldine
Doe-Sheriff of Montserrado County, Henry Yallah
of Bong, George Tengbeh of Lofa and George
Weah of Montserrado Counties believe that in the
spirit of continuity Jallah is suited for the post.
The other candidate senator Oscar Cooper appears
to be a lone candidate. Cooper is yet to convince
his colleagues on why he should be the next protempore.Senators who spoke to FrontPageAfrica
on condition of anonymitystated that Cooper hardly
attends session and he has proven to have less
interest in the legislature since his election as senator
of Margibi County.It has also been established that
President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf who has a major
unconstitutional role indetermining who becomes
the next senator is interested in the Candidacy of
Nagbe for smooth working relationship with the
executive and the senate.

Nagebes Geographical location gives him the

advantage over his opponentsjudging from the
current makeup of the government.Liberians from
Western Liberia are occupying most of the top
positions. Nagbe is also one of the longest serving
senators including Prince Y. Johnson of Nimba and
Taylor of Bong, the trio have been in the senate
since 2005.
Senator Nagbe is currently serving his second
term of office as senator representing Sinoe
County. He serves as the chairman on judiciary,
claims, and Petition and human rights. He has
traveledextensively around the world representing
not only the Liberian government, but the church
as well.
The Sinoe County senator besides being a
lawmaker is a lawyer by profession and a member
of the Supreme Court Bar since 1998.
Why not Nagbe
Nagbe as evidenced by thetwo-term tenure in the
legislature specifically chairman on Judiciary
of the senate, has presided over majority, if not
all of Liberias concession ratification. Of the 66
concession agreements that were ratified by the
government only 2 according to international
organizations met international standards.
He also has a history of rejecting a bill that
would have given the Liberia Anti-Corruption
Commission direct prosecutorial powers.
Senator Jallahs experience as co-chair on the senate


Mauritanian President Pays Two-Day Solidarity Visit

to Liberia; Witness \Signing of a LD$37 Million Grant
Agreement to Assist Liberia in the Ebola Fight

MONROVIAhe President of the Islamic Republic of Mauritania, His Excellency Mr. Mohamed Ould
Abdul Aziz says his government will work with Liberia to consolidate the relations
between both countries.
We will work and consolidate the relations between our two countries, he assured, urging
President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf to join him to further strengthen the bilateral relations as it was in
the past.
According to an Executive Mansion release, President Mohamed Ould Abdul Aziz made the
statement when he and President Sirleaf addressed a joint press stakeout in the Foyer of the Foreign
Ministry on Monday, January 5, 2015.
The Mauritanian President who is also the current Chairman of the African Union (AU) Heads of
State and Government was in Liberia on a solidarity two-day visit. He had arrived from the Republic
of Guinea on a similar visit.
His Excellency Mr. Mohamed Ould Abdul Aziz reiterated that this Ebola challenge being experienced
by countries in sub-region and by extension the region should consolidate our solidarity and our
mutual support to each other; noting that though it has been a serious challenge, this will help
countries in the region come out more determined to unite through our bilateral relations which had
been very strong in the past.
He expressed his countrys support to Liberia during this very difficult period of the countrys history;
and expressed the AUs commitment and support to President Sirleafs heroic fight shes leading and
the unyielding determination of the Government and people of Liberia in its fight against the Ebola
virus disease. You can count on the support of the AU and we are sure and certain that you will
defeat this epidemic, he said.
The Mauritanian President noted the serious losses that Liberia is experiencing in both human and
economic terms due to Ebola and used the opportunity to express his heartfelt condolence to the
Government and people of Liberia for the loss.
He also expressed his admiration for the remarkable and dignified attitude of Liberians in battling
the disease most especially the healthcare personnel of both Liberia and the AU who have come to

health committee and his academic background is assist their African brothers and sisters.
unsullied. Like Nagbe, he has a law degree. He The current chairman of the AU Heads of State and Government expressed gratitude to the
has proven to be one of the most participating international community for the support provided Liberia and the other worst affected countries in
lawmaker in the senate who debate issues.
fighting the Ebola virus disease.
Why not Jallah
He expressed profound gratitude to the government and people of Liberia for the warm hospitality
But Jallah unlike his Nagbe is from a Western accorded him and his delegation during the two-day visit to Liberia.
Liberia which has benefited from top positions Earlier, welcoming His Excellency Mr. Mohamed Ould Abdel Aziz to Liberia, President Sirleaf
in the current government including; the speaker,
recalled the relationship between both countries which predate Mauritanians independence. She
the Presidency and other senior cabinet position
indicated that Liberia and Mauritania Heads of State have exchanged numerous visits as well as
include; Justice, Foreign Affairs,Education, and
signed communiqus, cooperation agreements and protocols. This visit gives us the opportunity to
agriculture amongst others.
once again strengthen and deepen that relationship, she stressed.
The visit to Monrovia marked the first by the Mauritanian leader during her administration intended
Why Cooper
as a show of solidarity with the Government and people of Liberia in the fight against the Ebola virus
disease, she said.
President Sirleaf particularly thanked the Mauritanian President for the leadership he has exhibited
as current Chairman of the Assembly of Heads of State and Government of the African Union and
the personal effort made to mobilize resources to support the three countries worse affected by the
Ebola virus disease.
As a result, we now have 30 African health workers working with Liberia against the Ebola disease
as well as received financial that have been mobilized by the AU, she recalled.
On behalf of the Government and people of Liberia, President Sirleaf thanked the Mauritanian
President for the bilateral support his government provided Liberia through a Memorandum of
Understanding in the fight against Ebola. Thank you so much for the support, the Liberian leader
Senator Cooper like senators Jallah, Nagbe and As part of the visit, at the C. Cecil Dennis Auditorium, both Liberias President Sirleaf and
any other senator, has the constitutional right to
Mauritanian President H.E. Mohamed Ould Abdel Aziz, witnessed the signing of an agreement
contest for the pro-temp position by virtue of his
between both governments for the provision of LD$37 million grant to assist in the fight against the
membership as a senator, that is what qualifies him
Ebola virus disease.
for the post.
The Minister of Finance and Development Planning, Mr. Amara Konneh signed on behalf of the
Why not
But the odds are stacked up against him. Though Government of Liberia, while the Minister of Economic Affairs and Development, Mr. Sidi Ould Tah
he is fairly new, he has proven over the past few signed on behalf of the Islamic Republic of Mauritania.
years not to have interest in the legislature, judging Later in the evening, President Sirleaf hosted a dinner in honor of Mauritanian President, His
from the number of days he is absent from sessions. Excellency Mr. Mohamed Ould Abdel Aziz, at the Royal Grand Hotel.
Attendance records show that Senator cooper has He departed Liberia on Tuesday, January 6, for Sierra Leone in continuation of his visit to the three
worse countries affected by the Ebola.
the highest number of days absent from sessions.

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

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Tuesday, January 6, 2015


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Page 10 | Frontpage



Cibotoke (Burundi) (AFP) ebels in Burundi,

who have suffered
heavy losses in
recent battles with
the army, had planned a major
offensive to destabilise the
country ahead of elections later
this year, the army said Monday.
Over 100 fighters were killed
last week by Burundi's army
in forests some 50 kilometres
(30 miles) north of the capital
Bujumbura, where documents
were found that showed the
rebels had plotted "attacks
throughout the country before
elections" due in May and
June, army spokesman Gaspard
Baratuza told reporters.


auline Cafferkey's health

has taken a turn for the
worse in recent days, the
Royal Free Hospital said
in a statement.
"The condition of Pauline Cafferkey
has gradually deteriorated over the
past two days and is now critical,"
the Royal Free Hospital in London
said in a statement.
On Wednesday, doctors had said
the 39-year-old Scot was sitting up
in bed, reading and talking to staff
from inside her isolation tent in the
They said Cafferkey, who was
working with the charity Save
the Children in Sierra Leone,
had agreed to have blood plasma
treatment and take an experimental
anti-viral drug.
However, they were not able to
give her ZMapp, the drug used to
cure fellow British volunteer nurse
William Pooley, because global
supplies had run out.
The plasma was taken from the
blood of a patient successfully
treated in Europe, in the hope that
the antibodies it contained would
help her fight the virus.

Vatican City (AFP) ope Francis named

20 new cardinals, a
majority of them from
Africa, Asia and Latin
America, increasingly key areas
as the Roman Catholic Church's
support shifts from its traditional
European stronghold.
Fifteen of the new cardinals
-- considered "princes of the
church" -- are under the age of
80, meaning they are eligible
to join the conclave which will
elect the pope's successor.
In announcing the new voting
cardinals on Sunday, Pope
Francis said they come "from 14
countries from every continent
(and) manifest the indissoluble
links between the Church of
Rome" and churches around the
The list of newly named cardinals
includes three from Africa, five
from Latin America as well as a
combined total of five from Asia
and the Pacific.
Bishop Soane Patita Paini Mafi
of Tonga becomes the first
cardinal from the Polynesian
archipelago. At 53, he will also
be the youngest.
John Dew, Archbishop of
Wellington, who also made
the list, described Mafi's
appointment as "great news" for
the region.
"Although we are geographically
far from much of the world, Pope
Francis has gone to the periphery
of the world to name new
cardinals," he said in a statement.
Daniel Sturla, only the second
Uruguayan to be appointed a
cardinal, said he was "shocked"
by honour, which comes less than
a year after he was appointed
archbishop of Montevideo.
The pope's choice of a Haitian
cardinal in February was also a
first for the church.





Despite the variety of nations

represented in the pope's
new choices, Europeans still
accounted for the single largest
group with seven, including
three Italians.
- No Americans or Canadians Francis, who has undertaken
a reform of the Vatican's
administrative body known as the
Curia, named only one cardinal
from within it: Archbishop
Frenchman. He used to serve as
the Vatican's foreign minister.
No American or Canadian
cardinals were named on Sunday,
which Vatican spokesman Father
Federico Lombardi said was
because "their numbers are
already consistent and remained
Once these new members of

the College of Cardinals are

officially installed on February
14, there will be 228 members,
including 125 who can vote in
The new cardinals reflect a
change in church demographics,
which have shifted toward
Africa, Latin America and Asia
in the past century.
In 1910 about 65 percent of the
world's Catholics lived in Europe
with 24 percent in Latin America
and the Caribbean, according
to a 2010 study from American
think tank Pew Research Center.
By 2010 Latin America
accounted for 39 percent of the
church's followers while 16
percent were in Africa and 24
percent were in Europe.
Archbishop Ricardo Blazquez
Perez of Spain at a press

conference in Madrid on March

12, 2014 (AFP Ph
Despite the new nominations,
the overwhelming number of
cardinals named during this and
the previous two papacies have
been Europeans. Over the three
papacies, 57 are from Europe, 19
from Latin America and 15 from
Africa, 14 from Asia and three
from the Pacific.
These are the 20 new cardinals,
grouped by region:
Mamberti of France
Montenegro of Italy
Archbishop Luigi De Magistris
of Italy (Non-voting)
Archbishop Ricardo Blazquez
Perez of Spain
Archbishop Karl-Joseph Rauber

farmer parents, younger sister

and brother. She had reached the
final year of primary school and
enjoyed singing.
But after her abduction, Kade's
days became filled with cooking
maize and beans for men who
starved their captives.
Jane Kade (L) works on a
loom next to her adopted sister
Josephine in the Ugandan town
of Entebbe on
- Still afraid She lugged heavy bags during
the night as the rebels moved
from place to place to avoid
being caught. When they ordered
Kade to kill her own friend, she
refused. He punishment was to

be shackled to a tree, doused in

petrol and burned.
"I thought I would die," said
Kade, who was helped and
cleaned up by another hostage.
"My life was miserable."
Nearly a year later, when heavy
fighting erupted between the
LRA and the Ugandan army, she
Freedom, however, proved
bittersweet. First, Kade's left
side of her body, mainly her arm
and leg, was scarred. Then she
discovered that her family had
most likely been killed by the
During her six-month recovery
in an Adjumani hospital, Kade
met a friend of her mother's and
went to live with her. But she
never returned to school.
Jane Kade (C) poses for a
photograph with her adopted
family in Pakule village near the
central Ugan
"I feared it because people would
have abused me and called me
a lemur (meaning 'lame' in the
local dialect) because I'd lost
some toes," said Kade. "It's hard
to get used to normal life after
In 2011 a tailor friend in
Entebbe, about 40 kilometres (25
miles) southwest of Kampala,
suggested she move in with her.
Kade completed a diploma
Entebbe-based NGO Mindset
Development, and now sells the
brightly coloured kitenge dresses
and bags she makes at the

of Germany (Non-voting)
Mamberti of France at the
opening session of Interpol's
81th general assemb
Archbishop Edoardo Menichelli
of Italy
Clemente of Portugal
Bishop Arlindo Gomes Furtado
of Cape Verde
Bishop emeritus Julio Duarte
Langa of Mozambique (Nonvoting)
Demerew Souraphiel of Ethiopia
Archbishop Charles Maung Bo
of Myanmar
Archbishop John Atcherley Dew
of New Zealand
Archbishop Francis Xavier
Kriengsak Kovithavanij of
Bishop Soane Patita Paini Mafi
of Tonga
Archbishop Pierre Nguyen Van
Nhon of Hanoi
Latin America:
Archbishop Daniel Fernando
Sturla Berhouet of Uruguay
Archbishop Alberto Suarez Inda
of Mexico
Bishop Jose Luis Lacunza
Maestrojuan of Panama
Archbishop Jose de Jesus
Pimiento Rodriguez of Colombia
Hector Villaba of Argentina




Entebbe (Uganda) (AFP) hen Jane Kade

saw a story on
(Reuters) the news eight
orth Korea was hit
months ago about

with more sanctions
schoolgirls kidnapped by armed
on Friday designed
men from a boarding school on
to impede access to
the other side of Africa, their
the U.S. financial system in the
plight resonated with her deeply.
wake of a cyberattack on Sony
"I had nightmares that night,"
Pictures Entertainment, which
the soft-spoken 25-year-old, who
the Obama Administration
has shrivelled hands and a scar
has said was supported by the
running up one arm, told AFP.
reclusive country.
"They are also suffering, like
The U.S. government named
three entities, including North
Korea's military intelligence
Nearly two decades before Boko
agency, and sanctioned 10
Haram abducted nearly 300
people with links to weapons
schoolgirls from the Nigerian
sales and proliferation.
town of Chibok, 139 other girls

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

were snatched from St. Mary's

College secondary school in
Aboke in northern Uganda.
#bringbackourgirls was trending
on Twitter, about 16 others,
including Kade, were taken from
the Redeemer Children's Home
and Orphanage in the northern
town of Adjumani.
They fell into the hands of
warlord Joseph Kony's Lord's
Resistance Army (LRA) rebels,
a puritanical and ruthless militia
whose leader has claimed to be
a prophet.
Before she was kidnapped in
June 2003, Kade, then 16, lived
in Manyola village with her

markets. She is even planning

to set up her own business back
home in Adjumani.
"Even if I feel scared, it is still
my home," said Kade, adding
she often fears walking in the
bush alone. "I think that I'm with
the rebels, or they're coming to
capture me."
She still wonders about the fate
of her siblings, and the two
Redeemer abductees who never
returned home. And now she's
praying for the 219 Nigerian
schoolgirls who are still missing.
"Let them be strong," said Kade.
Jane Kade, who was abducted
by the Lord's Resistance Army
(LRA) in Uganda, displays her
foot whi
- Kony at large Grace Achan, one of the
Ugandan schoolgirls kidnapped
Secondary School in 1996, is
also thinking of the Nigeria's
missing schoolgirls.
"When I was being held by the
LRA it was my dream to go back
to school," said Achan, taken
when she was 15. She is now
aged in her mid-30s.
Shortly after the raid, most of
the St Mary's girls were released.
But about 30 were held, the
majority of them not escaping
until 2004. Four were killed and
one is still missing.
Some of those who did return
are today medical, science and
agricultural students; others are
only finishing secondary school.

Tuesday, January 6, 2015



Page 11

he club's former
been sacked as
sporting director
after more than four years in
the role
Barcelona have terminated
the contract of sporting
director Andoni Zubizarreta,
the Catalan club announced
on Monday.
Zubizarreta took up the role
in 2010 as Sandro Rosell
succeeded Joan Laporta
as president, but was an
unpopular figure among
many of the fans following
the side's troubles in the
transfer market in recent
"The president of FC
Barcelona, Josep Maria
to rescind the contract of
sporting director Andoni
Zubizarreta," the Blaugrana
announced in a statement on
"The president, in the name
of the club, would like to
thank Andoni Zubizarreta for
his contribution, dedication
these four years as sporting
Zubizarreta played for Barca
between 1986 and 1994,

he World Cup winner

has been vocal about
his desire to either play
more this season or
leave and has secured a chance
to try his hand in Serie A under
Roberto Mancini
Arsenal have confirmed that
Lukas Podolski has joined Inter
on loan for the remainder of the
The Germany international has
been vocal about his desire to
either get more game time or
move on this term and flew into
Italy on Friday ahead of his
temporary switch.
Despite becoming a World Cup
winner in the summer, Podolski
found matches hard to come by
in London this term following
the arrival of Danny Welbeck
and Alexis Sanchez.
He scored three goals in his
two starts and 11 substitute
appearances for Arsene Wenger's
side in 2014-15.
"Everyone at Arsenal would like
to wish Lukas the best for his
time in Serie A," said a statement
on the club's official website.
Inter coach Roberto Mancini
revealed his excitement at the
capture of Podolski on Monday,
adding that he would like to
partner the striker with Bayern
Munich star Xherdan Shaqiri.



he former Spain
centre-back has quit
his post following the
sacking of sporting
director Andoni Zubizarreta
earlier on Monday
Former Barcelona defender
Carles Puyol has announced
that he is leaving his post as
assistant director of football.
Puyol had only been in the role
for just over three months, but
has decided to follow sporting
director Andoni Zubizarreta out
of the club after the Basque was
relieved of his duties earlier on



appearing more than 400
times for the Catalan club.
The Basque had been in a
precarious position for some
time, but his public criticism

of Bartomeu on Sunday
appears to have been the final
straw for the Barca board.
Asked - after Luis Enrique's
side had lost 1-0 at Real

Sociedad - about the club's

transfer ban for irregularities
in the signing of young
players, Zubizarreta said:
"I take full responsibility

for my duties. [But] Mr.

situation better than anyone
as he was sporting vicepresident during that time."



to lose out to
Leicester City in
the race for Rijeka
striker Andrej Kramaric, Goal
Goal reported at the start of
December that Leicester had
tabled a bid for the Croatia
international but Chelsea,
who were prepared to pay up
to 10.2 million (8m) for the
forward, appeared to be in a
commanding position during
negotiations before Rijeka
stalled the deal by demanding
a higher fee for the player.


iverpool are heading

the queue to sign
James Milner on
a free transfer this
summer if the Manchester City
midfielder fails to agree a new
contract at the Etihad Stadium.
The Reds are understood to
have expressed a strong interest
in Milner as the England
international remains locked in
negotiations over a new deal
when his City contract expires
at the end of the season.
Liverpool were rebuffed in
an effort to sign Milner last
summer and are ready to make a
move if the opportunity presents
itself, especially following
the announcement that Steven
Gerrard will leave Anfield this

6a| Frontpage
Page 12

n Du-Port Road, Cecelia

Varney wakes up every
morning with a big black
and red record book,
flapping pages to remind herself
about the money taken as loan
from her saving club by women
in her community to engage in
Since the Ebola, getting back the
money lend to these women seem
to be a challenge for Cecelia
newly birth village saving and
loan club.
Cecelia runs the Wada (we
will make it) women village
and saving loan club that lends
money to market women.
But due to the slow pace in
payment of the loan Cecelia
routinely takes her phone to call
those indebted reminding them
to pay their loan.
2015 March could see the Wada
Village Saving disbursing profits
accumulated over the year to
share holders but with the delay
in payment of money loan out,
the club might just not realize her
2015 dream.
A year ago, the Wada saving club
could boast of over a million
Liberian dollars as both its
capital and profit but today it is
slowly draining down owing to
the huge amount loan out.
From zero we became hero and
because of this Ebola, we left
from been hero to zero, Cecelia
The Wada head feels due to
losses incurred by the women
during the outbreak, it makes the
possibility slim for the payment
of debt owes.
With the huge liabilities the club
has, Cecelia is bent on finding
ways to generate money to loan
to these women in order to put
them back on their feet.
involvement could play is
pivotal role in getting women out
of the huge debt owe adding that
loaning money to saving clubs
could be one of the solution.
These women never pray for
Ebola and it came on all of us so
I cannot push them to the wall,
so Im begging the government
and International partners to
rescue us by loaning us money
to put these women back on their
feet, Cecelia said.
The Central Bank of Liberia
Governor Mills Jones said all
sector of the economy has been
affect due to the outbreak adding
that the CBL is working with
partners to mobilize financial
We already have some progress
with the IFC which has made
some funding available for trade
financing, he noted.
Cecelia said, prior to the



Tuesday, January 6, 2015


Al-Varney Rogers 0886304498

outbreak the women used to take

over hundred thousand to do
business adding in no time they
(market women) repay the loan.
I was giving money to these
women and they were paying
back on time but since this Ebola
came, things became difficult
for the women, Cecelia said.
Women who used to travel
could not do so due to Ebola.
Cecelia continues: Women
who took our money to buy dry
meat were put out of business,
those who used to sell cook bowl
(local dish) people stop buying it
because they were afraid.
CBL Governor Mills Jones
acknowledges the difficulty
credit unions and village savings
are going through in generating
income due to the Ebola
Members of credit unions
and VSLAs who took loans
for business purposes are
now generating income far
below subsistence levels or
are not generating income at

Individuals who were
previously engaged in some
income generating activities are
now unemployed and without a
means of income, Jones said.
people we have with income
above the subsistence level the
better it will be for our ability to
generate and sustain economic
growth from within; hence, the
importance of access to finance
for those outside the formal
sector of the economy.
Jones added that the economic
recovery effort must be a
recovery effort for all Liberians.
Our farmers, petty traders,
transport union members, tailors,
teachers, furniture makers, and
Wada member Helena Tisdell
who sells juice and cool water
said the outbreak makes the
repayment of the loan an uphill
task. It is difficult for me to pay
back the money I took.
When this Ebola started
spreading it became difficult for

people buy our market, students

who used to buy my juices and
water were not going to school
Madam Tisdell said, the
government and NGOs should
see reason to help them by
working with saving clubs
in finding way to solve the
challenges women are facing in
paying back loans.
The Ebola crisis, Governor Jones
said, has had a dampening effect
on the microfinance sector and
those who live and work in rural
The health crisis has led to a loss
of markets for goods and services
arising from travel restrictions
and quarantine measures. The
microfinance institutions have
been constrained to limit their
operations. Loans have ceased,
resulting in the inability of many
Liberians to access capital,
Jones said.
Jones continues: Report from
the field is indicating that in rural
Liberia, many farms were not

harvested. Farmers have missed

out on their income from the
harvest season and will likely not
have the finances to prepare for
a new farming season if nothing
is done to remedy the situation.
The CBL boss said, marketers
all over the country have
experienced difficulties and
significant loss of income.
Most cross border traders have
been unable to travel to obtain
The head of Wada said the idea
behind the establishment of the
saving and loan club was meant
to empower women financially
adding with current situation
at hand women condition has
worsened. This Ebola really put
the women behind.
Cecelia recall that the opening of
the Wada village saving and loan
club took the commitment of few
women who sacrifice their all to
get it started.
One day a lady called Tetee
met me and explained to me
about this whole idea about

village saving and from there I

started mobilizing women and
we started generating our own
money and loaning it to each
other, Cecelia recounted.
Cecelia added that the money
was generated by the purchasing
of shares by each member. we
are twenty five, 200 LD per
share, the maximum is five share
per person.
Cecelia continues: We were
twenty five in the group which is
25,000LD and we give it to one
person to start business to repay
it in three months, we will stay
be saving and buying shares at
the end of the month we give
that money to the next person
that was how we generated our
Cecelia said, women started
getting empowered adding that
some of them began engaging in
cross border trade.
Our twenty five women had
business that we could boast of,
in two months we were able to
generate over 200,000LD.

will only be given to those with

confirmed Ebola.
With every possible treatment
comes hope, and we are very
excited that we may be able
to help Our patients beyond
symptom management and
routine supportive treatments
like IV fluid therapy
Says MSF medical coordinator
Brett Adamson. But this
treatment, even if shown to
be effective, will not end the
epidemic. To continue pushing
case numbers down to zero, we
must remember to keep washing

our hands, avoid touching people

we dont know, and to seek help
when someone becomes sick or
Ebola has not gone away and
we all have a lot of work still
to do. The trial is running with
the approval Of the Liberian
Medicines and Health Products
Regulatory Authority (LMHRA),
and ethics committees
From the University of Liberia,
MSF and Oxford University. It
is expected that the first results
will Be available in February
MSF has been responding to
the Ebola outbreak in Liberia
since July 2014. Currently the
organization Has some 1400
national and international staff
on the ground in Liberia and has
treated more that 1600 Liberians
confirmed to be Ebola positive.



clinical trial for a

possible treatment for
Ebola began on the 1st
of January at ELWA
3, MSFs EbolaManagement
Centre in Paynesville, Monrovia.
Led by Oxford University from
the United Kingdom, and funded
by the Wellcome Trust, the Trial
aims to determine if the anti- viral drug brincidofovir is an
effective treatment for Ebola.
Taking part in the trial is
completely voluntary and the
trial is designed without a
control group (a group that does

not receive the medication) in

order to include as many Ebola
positive patients As possible.
brincidofovir might reduce
deaths from Ebola, it must be
stressed that it Is not a miracle
cure and it is still not known
whether it will help patients
survive the virus.
The drug, brincidofovir, will
not be available at the medicine
store, only under the specific
conditions Of the trial at ELWA
3 says Dr Jake Dunning, Trial
Clinical Lead from Oxford

We know that is has been taken
safely by over 1000 people in
clinical trials for other viral
infections and We know that is
has been shown to be effective
in laboratory tests that use
Ebola--infected cells.
What we do not know yet is if it
will be effective against Ebola in
humans -- this is why we must
Do a trial.
All new patients confirmed to be
Ebola positive by blood test at
ELWA 3 will be informed about

Trial and can decide whether

they would like to participate or
Those who do not wish to be
given the new treatment will
receive the same standard
supportive care As those who do.
Standard treatment includes
oral and IV rehydration therapy,
antibiotics, and
Specific treatment for symptoms
of Ebola, like nausea, diarrhea
and vomiting. The drug will
not offer any benefit to people
who do not have Ebola and it

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Page 6a

Monroviahe Liberian American
(LACOSC),in the USA, has
donated a 40-foot container
of medical supplies, mainly
government of Liberia as support
to the fight against the Ebola
Virus Disease that isinflicting
havoc on their fellow citizens in
The action by the Community
according to Mr. Samuel Hoff
head of the organization in
a statement is in
support to
the Liberian Government and
the international communitys
effort to contain a virus that was
sprawling out of control.
The container contains 713
cartons of supplies that included;
liquid bleach, gloves, surgical
towels and body bags amongst
others and is worth over hundred
thousand United States dollars
Hoff said the container also has
in it two (2) used EKG equipment
units in excellent condition.
Hoff said: These donations
are the work of concerned
Liberians in Southern California
pulling resources together and
soliciting help from friends and
organizations in the Community.
Many Liberians donated sacks of
supplies, while others made cash
donations. Few who work at
major hospitals solicited medical
supplies from their employers.
He further said the two major
hospitals that contributed to the
Liberian community were the
Long Beach Memorial Hospital
and the Cedar Sinai Medical




Commission on Higher Education Director General long Corruption tale

US based Liberians Donate Ebola materials to GOL

Center in Los Angeles. Special

recognition goes to Dr. Grace
Dinkins, a Liberian Medical
Doctor at the Long Beach
Memorial Hospital for engaging
the hospital management to
donate generously. We also
applaud the efforts of Ms. Bintou
Sanwon, a Nurse at Cedar
Sinai Medical Center, who was
also instrumental in having
her hospital donate additional
supplies as well, stated.
disclosed that the organization
has a membership of about 2,000
Liberians in Southern California,
from Bakersfield to San Diego
and has
been in existence
since the 70s, serving to bring

Liberians as well as friends of

Liberia together, to socialize
and assist one another in time of
The organization according to
its President Hoff currently has
many students on scholarships
both in Liberia and in the United
He said, the group in July of
2014, under the administration
of President Samuel Hoff III,
assembled an Ebola Task Force
to solicit preventive gears and
raise funds to assist the fight
against the Ebola Virus plaguing
their beloved country.
For his part Mr. David F.
Beyan, the man charged with
the responsibility to Coordinate

and lead the LACOSC Ebola

Task Force in the US state of
California said, as the Ebola
Virus intensified in Liberia and
claimed international attention
and brought panic to the
American public, the Task Force
seized the opportunity to create
awareness and solicit donations
to help in this fight against the
Beyan said: The People of
Southern California responded,
not only by donating supplies
and cash, but by volunteering to
assist with packing, labeling and
transporting hundreds of boxes
from storage facilities to the
container. The Administration
and the Task Force salute

Liberians and their friends in

Southern California for this spirit
of compassion.
He paid special commendation
to the LACOSC Administration;
Samuel L. Hoff, III, President,
William Thomas Bernard King,
Vice President, Paulyn P. Beyan,
Treasurer and Jartu McConnell,
Advisor, for their unflinching
support to the Task Force. All of
whom also served on the Task
Special thanks to LACOSCs
Board of Directors for its
blessings and cooperation with
the Task Force.
Although, former LACOSC
Executives, Mr. Lewis Free,
former President and Mrs. Emily

suspected or confirmed Ebola,

Fanta believed her death was
imminent when she tested
positive for the virus. Thanks to
a combination of early treatment,
strict adherence to her treatment
plan, and sheer determination,
Fanta recovered from the
virus and is now providing
psychosocial support to Ebola
View Fantas survivor story
video here: A Pillar of Strength
and Support for Fellow Ebola
Victims: Fantas Story of
Survival and Solidarity:https://
The mobile app is the
which leverages survivor stories
from Liberia, Sierra Leone, and
Guinea to deliver vital public

health information about Ebola

to affected populations, and to
reduce the stigma faced by Ebola
survivors. A key way in which
the campaign does this is by
documenting survivor stories in
video, audio, and print formats;
then disseminating these stories
broadly via local, national, and
international media, online
platforms, and other distribution
channels. Educational radio
dramas that tell fictional yet
reality-based stories of survival,
and radio call-in shows that
feature Ebola survivors as guests,
are among the equally important
campaign activities.
Funded by Paul G. Allens
Vulcan Productions in response
to the Ebola crisis in West
Africa, #ISurvivedEbola is part
of the #TackleEbola initiative
and the Paul G. Allen Family
of at least $100 million for
Ebola relief. The campaign is
implemented by PCI Media
Impact in collaboration with
Carole Tomko, General Manager
and Creative Director of Vulcan
Productions, states, The mobile
app really changes the face of
this campaign by empowering
the people of West Africa to
share stories about Ebola and
survivorship with each other
and the world. The app gives
a human face to survivorship
and has the potential to create
a sense of community in which
the survivors, rather than being
stigmatized, become leaders
and heroes in this fight. The
new digital components of the
campaign extend our reach

beyond West Africa, allowing

these very moving, personal
stories to be seen and heard
Currently, campaign staff in
Liberia, Sierra Leone, and
Guinea are providing each
survivor who has shared
his or her story through the
campaign with a smartphone
installed with the app, thereby
enabling these individuals to
use the technology to share
information about their lives
after recovery. The smartphones
and the app were provided and
developed with support from
the charity fundraising website
GlobalGiving. Campaign staff
expect survivors in all three
countries to begin utilizing the
app within two weeks. The
mobile app updates will be
shared globally on the newly
With the release of the app
and launch of the website, the
#ISurvivedEbola campaign has
completed Phase I of its roll-out
in Liberia, Sierra Leone, and
Guinea. With active distribution
of campaign products across
radio, print, digital, and video
platforms in West Africa and
beyond, the #ISurvivedEbola
campaign is also continuing to
add stories of hope and resilience
to the worlds focus on the Ebola
outbreak. These stories include
two additional survivor story
videos from survivors in Liberia
and Sierra Leone, respectively.
The latest Liberia video
introduces the world to Decontee
Davis, a 23-year-old who
overcame Ebola but lost her
fianc to the virus. Decontee now

Guegbeh-Peal, former Vice

President have both relocated
to Liberia, they continue to
lend support to worthy projects
undertaken by LACOSC. The
Community is delighted by their
help, Beyan said.
Presenting the items on behalf
of the organization, Mr. Lewis
Free a senior member of the
organization now residing in
Liberia caution the Incident
management team on Ebola to
use the items to save lives and
permanently eradicate the virus
from the country.
James DorborJallah, Incident
Manager for Support Services
at the National Ebola Command
Center in response to the donation
commended Liberians in the
US state of California for the
thoughtfulness and challenges
other Liberians in other part of
the world to emulate the example
of the group in California.
He promised to use some of
the mattresses in regular health
centers and not Ebola treatment
unit (ETU) because according to
him there are numbers of beds
now empty in various ETU in the
country making the mattresses
useless in those centers.
Mr. Jallah promised to be as
transparent as he can be with
items received through donations
intended for the fight against the
deadly Ebola Virus.


Yes, I Survived Ebola

Says Guinean Woman in
First-Ever Message Sent
Through the Interactive

CONAKRY, Guinea, January 5,
2015/African Press Organization
org), the groundbreaking West
African multimedia campaign,
has launched a new, interactive
mobile app that allows Ebola
survivors to connect with each
other, share public health advice,
and update the world on the
challenges they still face during
their post-recovery lives.
The innovative digital tool
debuted in Guinea on January

5. It is being piloted by the first

Guinean survivor to share her
story with the #ISurvivedEbola
campaign. The updates from the
app appear on the newly launched
#ISurvivedEbola website (http://, which
also houses the stories of a
growing community of Ebola
survivors from Liberia, Sierra
Leone, and Guinea.
In the first-ever message sent
via the mobile app, Camara
Fanta Fantaoulen of Guinea
stated in French, Yes, I survived
Ebola, thanks to the help of the
brave healthcare workers who
treated me. And Ive learned that
together, we can defeat this virus
and protect our families and
After losing her father and
five other family members to

works in an Interim Care Center

for children who have come in
contact with Ebola patients and
are under 21 days of observation.
Many of these children have
lost one or both parents to the
disease. In the new Sierra Leone
video, audiences meet Aminata
Kargbo, a university student
who, after surviving Ebola, has
arisen as a leader in efforts to
educate her fellow countrymen
and women on the benefits of
early treatment.
The multiple #ISurvivedEbola
campaign products and activities
are reinforcing the existing work
being done by organizations
like UNICEF in Liberia, Sierra
Leone, and Guinea to spread key
messages on Ebola to the public.
While treatment of Ebola
patients is critical, the best way
to end the Ebola outbreak in
West Africa is to cut the chain of
transmission and prevent further
infections, said Rafael Obregon,
Chief of the Communication
for Development Section at
UNICEF. As the global UN lead
for the Social Mobilization Pillar
of the Ebola response in West
Africa, UNICEF is at the helm
of efforts to stop transmission
by working with national
governments and partners to
educate the public in Liberia,
Sierra Leone, and Guinea about
how to protect themselves, their
families, and their communities
from the virus. #ISurvivedEbola
is reinforcing our efforts by
providing this information in
multiple, highly entertaining
forms, including through the
testimonies of actual survivors.




VOL 9 NO.2


LFA lifts ban on football to pave the way for BYC and Fassells continental quest
~ Danesius Marteh, ~

LFA president Musa Bility

A league match on a bumpy D. Tweh field last season

he Liberia Football Association (LFA)

has lifted the suspension it imposed on
all football activities in July.
According to LFA president Musa
Bility, all [football activities] should now go
ahead giving the level of improvement in the
fight against Ebola.
However, the LFA has, meanwhile, stressed
the need for all to observe the basic protocols
to prevent Ebola, said a January 3 post on its

facebook page.
The decision may come as welcome news to
Barrack Young Controllers (BYC) and FC Fassell
as they prepare for continental assignments.
BYC were drawn against The Gambia's Real
de Banjul in the Caf Champions League while
Fassell are paired with Guineas Horoya in the
Confederation Cupon December 22.
The first leg will be on the weekend of February
13-15 with BYC in Banjul while Fassell are in

Monrovia on the weekend of February 27-March

But there could some added expenses for clubs
from countries worst-hit by Ebola if Caf dont
lift an August 12 ban, which it said was "a
preventative measure to avoid mass gatherings
that could facilitate the spread of the virus".
There have been no words from Caf on a measure
that should have lasted until mid-September as
Guinea used Morocco as home ground while

Sierra Leone twice played their

opponents in their home during
the 2015 Africa Cup of Nations
Liberia werent affected because
it were either eliminated or
withdrew from all international
competitions and had their
national league completed in
March rather than in June or
But BYC president Sekou
Konneh is hoping for a change
in fortune in time for their home
We are aware of that and
we are hoping that before
the commencement of the
competition in February, we are
certain that the ban will be lifted
by that time, he said.
Does BYC have an alternative
venue if the ban isnt lifted in
time for the return leg?
Well when we get to that stage
we will cross it but we are very
hopeful of the ban will be lifted.
Otherwise, the alternative will
be to closely work with the LFA
determine [our next course of
action], he answered.
BYC will make their second
successive appearance in the
competition although their
junior team debuted in the
Confederation Cup in 2013
where they eliminated FC
Johannes of Sierra Leone in the
preliminary before bowing out
to Tanzanias Azem FC in the
first round.



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