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SICAS Interview with Mr.

Ge Guowen -- Vice Dean of Weifang Medical

SICAS Study in China Admission System is an efficient, accurate and safe
authorized online platform to help international students directly get
admissions into China universities and colleges. Until now, SICAS has been
authorized by more than 300 universities, including Weifang Medical
On January 5th, 2014, SICAS CEO Ms. Zhang lu and SICAS School
Department staff members met with Mr. Ge Guo wen -- Vice Dean of Weifang
Medical University, during which he accepted an exclusive SICAS interview.
What follows is a transcript of the conversation which has been slightly
condensed, and edited for clarity:
Host: First of all, thank you for your time, Mr. Ge. Could you please give
us a brief introduction of Weifang Medical University?
Mr. Ge: Sure. Weifang Medical University is a state-owned medical university
with a hunderd years history. Weifang Medical University is recognized by
WHO, UNESCO, CSC, CMC, and teaches the whole course with
USMLE/PLAB based exam and preparation.
Host: How many schools and departments in Weifang Medial University?
Mr. Ge: Our University comprises 15 schools and departments, such as
School of Humanities and Social Science, School of Public Health &
Management, School of Nursing, School of Dentistry, Clinical Medicine
Department, Anesthesiology Department, Medical Radiology Department and
Preventive Medicine Department. We are also one of the universities which
are authorized to hold HSK.
Host: Ah, great! What about programs offered at Weifang Medical
Mr. Ge: Shandong University offers 16 English Taught undergraduate
programs: Clinical medicine; Dentistry; Nursing; Anesthesiology; Medical
Imaging and so on. There are over 14000 full-time 3 and 5-year- program
There are 24 English Taught postgraduate programs mainly enrolling
postgraduates in Physiology; Immunology; Pharmacology Anatomy;
Embryology; Pathology and Pathophysiology, ect.

Host: How many international students are there in WFMU and where are
they from?
Mr. Ge: Now there are more than 800 international students studying at WFMU,
including 612 undergraduates and 219 students in the short-term programs.
The students are mainly from India, Nepal, Pakistan, South Korea, Ghana,
Japan, Somalia, Zambia, Kenya, Tanzania, Zimbabwe, Djibouti, Bangladesh,
Nigerian, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and Sri Lanka.
Host: How about the school library and reseach centers in WFMU?
Mr. Ge: The university library holds a collection of over 2,100,000 books and
3,000 kinds of Chinese and foreign language journals. There are 12
comprehensive affiliated hospitals.
There is oneexperimental demonstration center at the provincial level. There
are 6 comprehensive teaching laboratories at university level.
Host: Is there any chances for internatial exchange?
Mr. Ge: Good question. Our university has established extensive
inter-relationships with many overseas universities such as Western State
College in California of U.S.A, Ukraine Haerkefu State Academy Ukraine
Haerkefu State Medical Academy, Ukraine Dnipropetrovsk State Medical
Academy; RMIT and La Trobe University of Australia College of
Saskatchewan of Canada, and University of Occupational and Environmental
Health of Japan. More than 160 foreign experts have been invited to visit or
teach at our university over 170 teachers have studied abroad and many staff
have been sent abroad as the medical succor. More than 60 famous
professors all over the world have been invited to be guest professors at the
university. WFMU recruits overseas students every year and there are nearly
600 overseas students from Nepal India and Pakistan at present. It is also one
of the universities which are authorized to hold HSK.
Host: Wow, splendid! It seems that Weifang Medical University really
stands in students` postition. Anything else?
Mr. Ge: WFMU has complete rules and regulations regarding security covering
an entire range of issues. There are also policemen patrolling for 24 hours
around the whole Weifang city. So students are very safe during their study
period. SICAS
Host: So, again, we appreciate your time with us today, Mr. Ge.

Mr. Ge Guowen -- Vice Dean of Weifang Medical University