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A dog once took large piece of meat from the butchers shop .

the butcher did not give it to him . he took

it him self. He stole it.
The bad dog ran away with the meat between his teeth. He run quickly .because he did not want he
butcher catch him and take the meat away from him .
One this way he came to a river . he went near it and looked into the water . of course he saw him self
with the piece of the meat in his mouth.
But he did not say (know) that is my self in the water .oh , no ! he said to him self this another dog
with a nice piece of meat . I want that meat and I will have it too
He opened his mouth to take the other piece of meat of caurse , when he did so the piece of the meat
fell into the river , and so instead of the two piece s, the foolish dog got none.

Suatu hari ada seekor anjing mencuri potongan daging yang besar dari toko penjual daging ,penjual
daging tidak memberika daging tersebut.anjing tersebut mencuri daging tersebut
Anjing jahat lari dengan daging yang berada diantara giginya . anjing itu berlari dengan kencang .karena
dia tidak ingin ditangkap oleh penjual daging tersebut .
Dalam perjalananya dia singgah di sebuah sungai .dia pergi dan mendekati sungai . dia melihat dirinya
sendiri dengan potongan daging di mulutnya.
Tetapi dia tidak mengatakan itu adalah diriku di air itu.oh tidak ! dia mengatakan pada dirinya sendiri
ini adalah anjing yang lain dengan potongan daging yang lezat di mulutnya . aku ingin daging dan aku
mengingkan daging itu juga
Dia membuka mulutnya untuk mengambil potongan daging yang lain . ketika dia melakukan potongan
daging yang dia miliki terjatuh ke sungai.dan jadi dua potongan daging dan anjing bodoh hilang
A hungry fox was once walking by vine yards . he looked up and saw some bunches of grapes . the
grapes were large and black . those grapes are nice said the fox to himself : I must eat some
He jumped up to get the grapes but he could not reach them they were to high . he tried again and yet
again . but each time fell. Back without the grapes.
At last fox turned and walked away .As he was going the said to him self : well , what does it matter ?
the grapes are sour!
Now, were the grapes sour ! we do not know ,and the fox did not know.then why did the fox say that
they were sour ? he said so because he could no get them
Many people are like this Fox . and so,if we hear some one say that thing good ,when he can not ge t it.
We say it is a matter of sour grapes.

Suatu ketika rubah lapar bejalan di sekitar kebun anggur .dia melihat setangkai anggur .anggur besar
dan hitam anggur itu enak rubah berkata pada dirinya sendiri : aku harus makan beberapa
Rubah meloncat untuk mendapatkan anggur tersebut tetapi dia tdiak pernah mencapainya karena
anggur itu sangat tinggi dia kecapaian lagi dan lagi . tetapi setiap dia terjatuh kembali dia tidak
mendapatkan anggur
Rubah berbalik dan berjalan jauh dan dia berjalan dan berkata padad dirinya sendiri baik apa
masalahya anggur itu masam!
Sekarang , anggur itu masam ! kita tidak tahu dan rubah tidak tahu .kenapa rubah mengatakan anggur
itu masam ? dia berkata begitu kerana dia tidak mendapatkan
Banyak orang yang seperti rubah ini dan jadi jika kita tidak dapat mendapatkan itu .kita mengatakan
masalanya adalah anggur masam

Hungry fox went out. He walked along the country roads and came into to vine yards .of course he
wanted to get inside , but he could not do so because the was hgh wall all around the palace . he tried to
climb over the wall . but it was high.
He walked round the wall and at one part saw hole ahhe thought now I can get inside he began to
push himself through the hole,but he could not get the thorught because his body was to fat.
the is only one thing for me to do he said at last I must become thinner .for whole day he did not
Any thing and then he tried to get the through the hole ,but he was still to fat .he ate nothing for
another day and still he did not become thin enough .At the end of the third day he found that
he could het thourgh the hole
At last was inside the vine yard and could eat the fruit the grapes were sweet and he ate as many as he
could .he ate and he ate until he could eat no more then went back to the hole and tried to get
through .but alas! He could not do so he was now too fat
Poor fox ! there was only one thing for him to do now . he had to stay in the fine fruit all around him
and be hungry for three wole days . at the end of the time he become thin enough to get
through the hole
When finally he was walking away from the vineyard he looked back and said :oh vine yard ! how fine
your are and how sweet is your fruit but what use are you I went in hungry and I came out