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ney _ Linda Marks Lali Title | Ato Tel Ela Grammar ik hed arate] | + Seasons + There is / There are / quantifiers I @ “Sand, Sea and + Geogranhy | « to be/ have got + Meeting people _page 4 — = |The London « Sports * Present Simple * Giving personal | Triathlon * Daily activities | © Object Pronouns information I A 7 * Present Continuous * Expressing likes, E Summer in Paes © Conitrast Present Simple / dislikes and a i Present Continuous preferences page 20 | | * Past Simple + Talking about past { * There was | There were events + Comparative and superlative adiectives, | Describing things + Future with be going to ‘Present Continuous with future | + Making plans Theaning Nature * Expressing conditions * Making predictions * Future: will * First Conditional * Contrast Past Simple / Past Continuous page 60 LA Busca en la sopa de letras ocho palabras relacionadas con la geografia y escribelas debajo de la fotografia correspondiente. alta] fim r]«let djol[x oli lh |v) x/rla/nfulwlolo 0 u B Lee y escucha el articulo de una revista. OE bee. Glo Visiting the beach this surnmer? You can go swimming, boating, and fishing. Or for something really different ~ you can try sand sculpting At Long Beach Peninsula in Washington State, USA, you can do af these things and more, Long Beach has also got bird watching, golf and free sand sculpting lessons, Every sumtaer there is a sand sculpting competition at Long Beach, There are competitions for children, beginners and professionals. Anybody can enter the competition. There are only a few simple rules. You can work in a group:or on your own. All you can use is sand, water, some simple tools and your imagination. And the most important rule is: you must have fun! The judges watch for how much fun you are having, So, come and make a sand sculpture. But remember to take photo of your sculpture before you go home. Sand sculpture don't stay forevert G completa tas frases con palabras del texto. 1. Long Beach is in Washingtan. State, USA 2. Long Beach has got a ane . competition every summer. 3. It won't cost you anything to learn sand sculpting because the lessons are 4, The competitions aren't only for children and beginners can also take part in them. 5. The judges want everyone to have 6. It a good idea to take a of your sand sculpture, ID) Escribe tas estaciones del ato debajo de ta fotografia correspondiente. ‘Your sand ecullpture te nice. Tye got a dog ike that. oe ao jon't a dog. \ Ie a cat. A Rodea la forma verbal correcta. The sand am /(is)warm | isn’t / am not a good swimmer. Are / Is the weather very hot? Long Beach are / is a peninsula in Washington State. Are / Is the beaches open all year? The girls is / are at the beach. RWNGo Boe Completa las frases segtin el anuncio. Utiliza has got, have got, hasn’t got o haven't got. In Bookshops Now! Buy our new book Sandcastle Fun © Short and'clear explanations 9 Beautiful pictures m © List of tools Special offer this week only! Buy one book and get one fret 1. Bookshops .......-M@VE,09F......... the new book. 2. The BOOK. nescnee .. long explanations. 3, The book... alist of tools. 4. The new book .... beautiful pictures. 5, The bookshops .... ..n. a special offer next week. G Jane esta en la peninsula de Long Beach. ‘Completa la postal que le escribe a una amiga utilizando la forma correcta de to be o have got. Hilyn, Ucenunlfennnnn at the beach at Long : Beach, It 2rennnnennnnnns fun place. tt z 7 fun activities tke cand eculpting, horse riding and boating. | want to sattd coulpt but | arty tool, Many people ° here on holiday. VE rn 1 some new friends, i See you soon, | Jane isha Aastacaae ula D completa el cuadro con el singular o el plural de las siguientes palabras. singular Plural 1. child children 2. man 3._person 4 feet 5. ___mice 6. woman _7._tooth 8 fish 9 knives 0. fruit [3 Marca con un ¥ las casillas correspondientes. a | an [some 1. v island | 2. | beach [ 3. [ {sand 4 ocean 5 tool 6. people 7. [water sien There aren't many \ ople here. But there aman with a radio) [7 Rodea la palabra correcta. 1. Sand sculptures are ... attraction for tourists. aa ®an c. some 2. Thave got ... money. How much do you need? aa bo some can 3... windsurfing competition is on Sunset Beach. a Some —b. An «. The 4. ‘The island has got ... great beaches. aa b. the ©. some 5. There are many surfboards here. ... blue one is mine. a. The b. Some A 6, The Atlantic is ... ocean. a. the b. an ca © Mira las siguientes fotografia. Qué cosas interesantes hay en la peninsula de Long Beach? Completa las frases con There is, There are, There isn’t o There aren’t. There is. Beach, bird watching at Long an undenwater hotel. .. some fishing boat tours. .. any skiing competitions. A a nice golf course. WRWNn [id Escribe preguntas con las palabras de abajo y contéstalas segtin el horario. Utiliza is there, Are there y a, an o any. ‘Welcome fo Sunset Beecls {Windsurfing competition I [BEEITERD sand sculpting lessons for all ages i | | | t } | Exciting boat race [EERO Free ice cream for the first 100 people at the beach! 1. activities / Wednesday No, there aren’t, 2. free popcorn / Friday 3. windsurfing competition / Monday 4. exciting boat race / Thursday 5. sand sculpting lessons / Friday 1 Rodea fas palabras correctas. 1. How much (Gow many)restaurants are there on the beach? 2. Have you got much / many food in your bag? 3. Are there much / many competitions at the beach today? 4, Thaven't got much / many water. There isn't much / many ice creatn in the box. Listening ©) A Escucha fa conversacién y rodea las respuestas correctas. 1. Mark wants to .. a. teach kayaking b. kayak in a competition c. learn how to kayak 2. Mark can learn how to kayak in ..... a. a few hours b. a few days c. a few weeks 3. The kayaking lessons are a. every day b. every week c._ three times a week 4, Willapa Bay is... a, not at Long Beach b, near Long Beach <. at Long Beach 5. Students should ..... a, bring kayaks b. arrive 15 minutes early swim [B Escucha de nuevo y comprueba tus respuestas. Dialogue * Meeting People LA completa el didlogo con las siguientes expresiones. Thank you. It's a beautiful place. * Frank Gore. What are your names? Fm Iris and. my husband, Jack. Cite ass Thanks. We are BB escucha y comprueba tus respuestas. Bietation Escucha y escribe las palabras en Ja columna correspondiente. Geographical terms Seasons Willapa Bay. Wiiting QUICK CHECK - Rod i Nacionad a] de | AB tee anuni sobre a penisua de Happy Rea sts roves relaclonades con eluso de | oO ————-———— 1. hurry up! | 2. this is kate anderson. She and i are good | | Happy Beach Peninsula fetes teach | Happy Beach Peninsula is a great place for Ee a holiday. it has got beautiful beaches and many things to do. There is golf, surfing and kayaking. You can also go bird watching and you can see sorne amazing birds. There are also fishing boat tours around the peninsula | and on the many rivers nearby, There are many | restaurants and hotels along the beach. Happy | Beach has got something for everyone. It’s a | fun place to visit l B Lee el anuncio y escribe sobre Tiffany Beach. Utiliza el ejemplo del Ejercicio A como modelo. Tiffany Beach is. a areat place for.a holiday. Glass People use sand to make glass. To do this, you put sand into a very hot oven. The sand turns into liquid. Then you put the liquid into cold water and it turns into glass. Tinte Que Coloca las pegatinas en su lugar correspondiente. winter beach island peninsula Take Reading for Fun 7 a yy Fast-Foot Fiona (pat 1) “We'll lose the match unless we find a very 2 004 player,” the teacher told his assistant. | The players in Hilltop School's football team “71 put an advert for new players on the were training for their next match. Some school noticeboard,” the assistant said. students were watching and shouting, “Hilltop are number one! We're the best under the sun!” They were right, because Hilltop had an excellent team. This season, they were in second place in the league. However, Mr Brown, the sports teacher, was worried. Their next match was in three weeks, and it was against Benton School. Joc Davis was Benton’s star player. He was very big and one of the best young players in the country. How could Hilltop win? They didn’t have a chance! 10 Bo Ne Vocabulary 20 points AA busca en la sopa de letras las cuatro estaciones del afio y sels palabras relacionadas con la geografia. Luego escribelas en la columna correspondiente. (10 x 1 = 10 puntos) vfdie|sle{r[t]wla olelwin|{simic|fls s{ifilojofsfofu cfejalifsiulp|r[m afult{ulmin|{rle|m nftle|r|xitlilsfe r[rle{kialalt|r plelaic/hlilg|ils i}sjlfajnjd tf Seasons Geographical terms Aten 2. 3 4. Ouse WN [3 completa el cuadro. (10 x 1 = 10 puntos) Singular Plural 1. child Grammiar 30 points G completa las frases con la forma correcta de there is o there are. (5 x 1 = 5 puntos) some people on the any water in the dog's 3 seniinee sme sand in my shoe A, sissy many people in China? 5. 7 any surfing competitions in the winter. [D Rodea la forma verbal correcta. 46x41 =5 puntos) 1. His nome isn’t / hasn't got John. I's Michael. The island has got / is beautiful beaches Ihave got / am a tourist at Long Beach Peninsula The beaches are / have got clean sand. They haven't got / aren‘t any money. wo mes Completa las frases con la forma correcta de to be have got. (5 x 2 = 10 puntos) . two cats. .. Debra a clever girl? (not) any friends. (not) a good student. happy people. Rodea fas palabras correctas. (5 x 2 = 10 puntos) 1, How much / How many children have you got? 2. \ haven't got any/ some brothers or sisters. 3, Iwant'a/an apple, please. : 4, Don‘t'ga.into some / the water. 5. She hasn't got much / many time. ad AA Escribe los deportes debajo de la fotografia correspondiente. Ga seh B ree y escucha el texto, Busca tres actividades del Ejercicio A que se practiquen en el triatién. Do you like a challenge? This summer, why not try the London triathlon? It is one of the biggest sporting events in London and every summer more than 8,000 people participate. Me Frequently asked questions >} What is a triathlon? Its a race with three different sports ~ swimmit gydiing and running. > Do the athletes need special equipment? Yes, swimmers need a wetsuit because the water is often cold, and cyclists need a good bicycle and helmet. p Do the athletes rest between the events? No, as soon as they finish ane event, they begin the next. > How far do the athletes swim, cycle and run? The athletes swim 1,500 metres, cycle 40 kilometres and run 10 kilometres. p Must everyone do all three sports? No, they can be part of a team. One person swims, the next one cycles and the third one runs. > Why do people enjoy this event? One reason is because it’s a challenge. Aso, it’s exciting to race with many people. 1% i £ [D Relaciona las actividades con las fotografias. 2. do homework a b. brush my teeth dean my room d._ walk to school e. play on the computer fread a book a. every week b, every month: © every year 9. wash the dishes he listen to music . bicycle, a b. wetsuit « . helmet a. never b. sometimes alwa) “a. forty b. fifteen a. in the winter b. ina team © athome [3 écon qué frecuencia practicas las actividades del Ejercicio D? Sefiala la columna correcta con un /. Every day | Often | Sometimes | Never Fle ]eie [ele [ele Grammar swim every day. Do you like sport, too? AX Rodea la palabra correcta. Athletes (ove) loves sport Daniel play / plays basketball every day. We usually walk / walks to school, My friend live / lives over there. The athletes usually train / trains together for the triathlon. My parents clean / cleans the house every week. Completa el cuadro. ‘Lyou, we, they he, she, it swim swims run throw study Tide wash wear like watch S)ele|~lolals)w]rl- do 4 GS completa la ficha sobre el triatlén de Londres. Escribe los verbos en la forma correcta del Present Simple. © People participate (participate) in the London Triathlon once a year: © ‘The athletes (eerie, from all over the world.» Ee = Many athletes (take) Vitamin C before the ‘triathlon, A Some athletes (not do) all the sports. Athletes (not wear), new trainers for the tric mn Every athlete (get) certificate at thie end of the triathlon. D Escribe tas palabras en ef orden correcto para formar frases. 1, read / every night / in bed /| [ead in bed every night 2. usually / My mother / healthy food eats 3. football / play / My friends / often 4. wash / sometimes /1/ the dishes 5, exercises / Linda / every morning at the gym 6. in the park / run / always / My brother and | EB Escribe tas preguntas de la entrevista utilizando las palabras de abajo. Luego escribe respuestas cortas segin el apartado "Did You Know?" de la pagina 13. 1, athletes / want / to improve / their speed Doathletes. want.te.improve their speed? Yes..they do. 2, what / athletes / rub / on themselves 3. oil /help / athletes / improve / speed 4, athletes / wear / wetsuits IP. una revista ha realizado una encuesta sobre las preferencias de los adolescentes. Escribe frases sobre qué les gusta hacer y qué no, utilizando las palabras de abajo. Ron | Ben | cindy [Kate] Ellen [Derek Beiening to ningtol s | a | 6 [6 | 5 | 4 washing “ee tafe ts feds oeing | 2 [6] 1 |6{s | 3 ming | fa |e {21s 1 =hate 4 = don’t mind 2 = dislike 5=like love 1. Cindy and Kate / listening to music 49. Cindy.and Kate love list 2. Ben / washing dishes 3. Cindy / cycling 4. Derek / running 5. Ron and Ellen / running Yea, and | can see his grandmother She's 70 but Tom ie behina| @ Escribe las frases de nuevo. Sustituye las palabras en negrita por los pronombres objeto correspondientes. 1. Do you see Roy at the gym every day? every day?... 2. I've got the tennis ball here. 3. Tell Ben to take the dogs for a run. 4, Tell Jane to call Mr Smith. 5, Can you help Jenny and me train? [fH] completa las frases de la nota que Emily le escribe a una amiga. Utiliza los pronombres objeto. Hi, Katie isn’t going Suiting Witt? 00M. today, But V'm coming, 50 please don’t 90 without pee Talk to Kevin and ask : +0 come to the pool. Linda and Terry might be there and we can 90 home with? 7 SEF sssrrrnrrereies $ODM, Ewail Listening A Escucha la conversacién y sefiala las frases con un / en T (verdadero) o F (falso). TOF 1, The triathlon office is in 7 Manchester. 2. Larry hates swimming. 3. There is an event without swimming. 4. The triathlon is on the last r weekend in August People can only register at the office. ] 6. People can pay by credit card. | B Escucha de nuevo y comprueba tus respuestas. Dialogue ©) * Giving Personal Information AA John se esta inscribiendo en el triatlon de Londres. Relaciona las preguntas con sus respuestas. What is your name? How old are you? Where do you live? ‘What is your address? Do you want to participate in all the events? 1 2. 3. 4, 5. I'm 16 years old Yes, | do. In London. its 33 Kingston Road, Stanmore, London. John Mallory. panse [B escucha y comprueba tus respuestas. 16 Dictation AA Escucha y escribe las palabras al lado de los niimeros. vRwna Seoaxrs B utiliza tas palabras del Ejercicio A para completar las frases. 1 lk... to school 2. to music 3 your teeth 4 books 5. Joos 0 the computer 6 homework 7. 8 9 0 in a pool . the dishes my room .. 40 kilometres titan eho eA SAR one cmiseain Writing QUICK CHECK Ajiade los signos de puntuacion que faltan. LA Jane, Patrick y Fran estén en el mismo equipo de triatlén todos los aftos. Lee como se 1, Rodney swims cycles and runs prepara Jane para la carrera. 2. Are you in a team 3. hate swimming Jane always runs in the triathlon. She usually starts training three months before the race. She runs ten kilometres three times a week and she eats healthy food. Jane eats chicken, fish, pasta, oranges, bananas and carrots and she drinks water. B Lee los planes de entrenamiento y escribe cémo se preparan Patrick y Fran para el triatlén. Utiliza el ejemplo del Ejercicio A como modelo. Patrick and Fran always San, oe < two kilometres three times a week trick, sei traling plan tring len oycle - 30 kilometres is k five times 4 wel ae , let ~ chicke 7 Cy icKen, dict - vice, Fishy HESS | brown bread, anges apples, bananas, , and tomatoes, milk and orange juide and wate water London is the capital city of England. About 7.5 million people five in London and millions of tourists visit it every year. One of the most famous places in London is Big Ben. Most people think the clock is Big Ben, but in fact, Big Ben is the bell inside the clock. Time Chuts Coloca las running Reading for Fun Fast-Foot Fiona (art 2) Fiona and her friend Jill saw the advert for new football players oni the school ‘noticeboard. You should be in the team, Fiona,” said Jil. “You play better than any of the boys:” Jill was right. Fiona loved football and she ‘was very talented. She spent a lot of her free time practising. She loved kicking a football and hitting it with her knees, ber head or her shoulders. The girls at the school called her Fast-Foot Fiona because when Fiona had the ball, nobody could catch her. “[ tried to join the team at the beginning of the year,” Fiona said, “but Mr Brown wasn’t finas en su lugar correspondiente. read a book listen to music ‘skateboarding his team.” But Jill said, “Come on. Try again!” Finally, Fiona agreed. 4 FOOTBALL | TRIALS! interested in me, He doesn’t want any girls in 18 Vocabulary 20 points AA completa el cuadro con tas siguientes palabras. (10x 1= 10 puntos) — nee aoe rim ican ue Sports activitis Other activities [5 completa tas frases con fas palabras y expresiones del Ejercicio A. (10 x 1 = 10 puntos) Te Lescssssnnnnemnenee in the bathroom every morning 2. Sometimes |e. o and sometimes my dad drives me to school 3. My sister loves to . new MP4. AL My brother and ¥en every night. 5. Hove horses and | go ‘every weekend. 6 We offen G0 oncnsogneen beautiful fish, 7. She skis in the snow in the winter. in the on her in bed to look at summer, she goes ... on the lake. 8. Lhave to because it’s dirty. 9. They have got néw bicycles and they're going VO, ives is my favourite sport because | love jumping. 4 Grammar 30 points G Rodea la forma verbal correcta. (5x2 = 10 puntos) 1. 1go/ goes swimming every Saturday. 2. Francis don’t walk / doesn’t walk to school on Mondays. 3. Dogs he / Do he Have breakfast in the morning? 4. Rob and Amy don’t run / doesn’t run in the triathlon every year: 5, The athletes never rast / rests between events. [ Escribe tas palabras en el orden correcto para formar frases. (5.x 2 = 10 puntos) 4. always / TV / on Saturday / Natalie / watches / . 2. usually / run / do / Cathy and Tony / in the morning /? 3. doesn’t / music / every evening / Harry / to / listen / 4, have together / lunch / we / always / 5, funs/ Rachel / in the rain / never / [3 completa las frases con pronombres objeto. x 2= 10 puntos) 1. Ted's car is always clean. He washes every week 2. I'm in this photograph. Can you find ? 3. Donna is lost! Please help us find 4, My friends walk home and I walk with 5, My father comes home late but f always waft for EB Relaciona las palabras con los simbolos meteorolégicos. Ejercicio A describe el tiempo que hace en verano i i t B Lee y escucha el blog de Hayley. 2Qué palabra del I en Alaska mientras Hayley esta alli? i i sunny snowy rainy cloudy windy stormy meeaoge Guess where we're spending our summer holiday this year. tn | ‘Alaska! We're having a great time! You can see my photos here. 7 This is Resurrection Bay. We're flying over itin a | helicopter, Its realy beautiful, Its summer here now. The | sum is shining, but its cold outside, ‘This is a photo of Godwin Glacier. 1's more than 10,000 years old! Can you believe it? Doesn't it look beautiful? Look at the amazing orca whales! People'don't usually see orca whales but today” a big group of orcas is. swimming in the bay. This cute Siberian husky isn't just a pet. Husky dogs work hard in cold, snowy weather. They fave got very thick fur. Their fur keeps them warm. 2 This team of huskies is mushing: Mushing » i is another way of saying pulling a sledge. In | Alaska, people use Siberian huskies to pull sledges in the snow. Itis a popular way for people to travel in the snow. GS completa la postal con palabras del texto. i Hi Suc, | au having a great holiday with any Family. We're co DASKA ve Earl today, we fle over hodwir itis more than sn Years ld People 0 around the glacter on sledges. Palling a dog sledge is called *. The dogs are Siberian | huskies, They con work in very |‘ weather because they have gor ‘thick 7 On the way back from ‘the glacier, we saw a @sroup of Swtisning in the bay. Alaska ts an amazing place! Look at eny blog for great photos. Talk. to you soon, Hayley [D Busca en Ia sopa de letras los significados ‘opuestos de las siguientes palabras y escribelos al lado de estas. big seaesinall light old young slow wet cold high BNAMRWNo a 2 alate le -|-|-l< ° a[aiel[ it) Grammnias We are having a great time in Alaska {ts sunny and beautiful. Are you enjoying your holiday in Florida? A\ completa el cuadro. Base Form ee 1. fly 2. work 3. shine 4, sit 5. swim Be 6. ride pene 7eat 7 BB Rodea ta forma verbal correcta. 1. You isn’t wearing /@ren’t wearing) boots. 2. It is snowing / are snowing today. 3. Paul am walking / is walking in the rain 4. Amy and Kelly is playing’ are playing in the snow now. 5, lam not going / isn’t going out at the moment. 6. The people is climbing / are climbing a snowy mountain. —<————— 7. My dad is flying / are flying the helicopter. 8. We are having / am having a lot of fun right now. 9. My friends aren't staying / isn’t staying at this hotel. 10. | am leaving / is leaving Alaska tonight. G completa las frases del e-mail con la forma correcta en Present Continuous de los verbos entre paréntesis. os ‘Sumimner holiday: Subject summer! Alaska 4 Te sla Dear Julia, 11. amwtiting........ (write) to you from a ship in Alaska. The ship? 7 (sail in Glacier Bay. 1°. (end) some | | photos with this e-mail. In the first photo, we sa sense (€yOR) in Anchorage. Look at the second photo. My dad 5 (fish). Look! He (hold) a salmon! (not fish} because 6 1 (take) the photos. : seeereaeennets YOU te eon (AVE) a good holiday? i See you, Justin / DD escribe preguntas sobre las fotografias con las palabras de abajo y luego contéstalas con respuestas cortas. Utiliza el Present Continuous. ‘the man / fish / in the ice the teenagers / sail / on the lake i 1 i ; the people / walking / across the glacier Lookl A bear te coming right now. f Hi Readers, Today | 1G weg) writing to you trom Alaska: Right now, |? sit / am sitting outside and the sun ? shines / is shining, It's'amazing! Why? Because = it’s 11 o'clock at night! In the summer, | the sun-*is shining / shines for, many houirs in Alaska, s +My fiend is on the trip, too, She:"loves’/ | {is foving visiting interesting places. 4 Every day, she ° is going / goes on a different adventure in the area. Right «Tia, she * stays /is staying with an “Inuit family. ‘ ~ Many tourists * visit / are visiting Alaska every year-and now | know why. ‘There is something for everyone to. | enjoy here. Come and see for yourself! Bye for now, : < Your Travelling Reporter: spr eon vmen ee = m TP completa las frases con los verbos entre paréntesis en Present Simple o en Present Continuous. 1. Harry . (clean) his room right now. 2. We (go) on holiday every summer. 3. Inever .. (swim) in winter. 4. Look, {rain) outside now. 5, Joe and MiK@ o..scree ... (not play) in the hockey team this year. 6. My brother usually seuss (taKE) photos on holidays. G completa las frases con el Present Simple 0 el Present Continuous de los siguientes verbos. 1. At the moment, we ......27@ Salli... on the lake ele letelded you always dinner together? 3, My dog z the snow! 4, This is a picture of me. | ‘ona glacier. 5. Paul. : to buy a new bike. 6. Why you ata sweater today? [7] completa el anuncio con el Present Simple o el ientes verbos. you ..../99KING..... ook) for a special holiday? 2 you Bae . (like) snow and ice? Visit Alaska with us! We # sonstnnseeon (Plan) great holidays every year! * This year, the Snow Tour company (offer) special holidays : ese YOU vows (want) your holiday to be an adventure? Our special adventure guides «....... .. (wait) to hear from you right now! Listening AA Escucha la conversacién y rodea fas palabras 1 x ~ IB escucha de nuevo y comprueba tus respuestas. correctas. Linda is getting ready for ...... about Alaska, a. a test Number of people: 126,000,000 « Capital Gity: Tokyo (12 million people) « Size of country: 377,865 square kilometres + Language: Japanese + Climate: Spring and autumn are the best seasons, with nice, warm weather. Summer is hot and rainy and winter is cold. 1 ‘ico. City... is the biggest city. 2 . is smaller than Japan. 3 vv iS the hottest of the three countries. Aw asus. i5 the biggest of the three countries. 5. and .... are the best seasons in Japan. TP contesta las preguntas sobre las fichas del Ejercicio E. 1. Which capital city has got the biggest number of people? Mexico. ity teat atte . 2. Which country do you think has got the best climate? 3. Which is the second biggest country? 4. Which country has got the most dangerous imate? 5. Which country is the rainiest? © contesta las preguntas. 1. Is England bigger than Japan? No, itisn't.. oeeed 2. Jssummer drier than winter in Japan? 3. Is Mexico the biggest of the three countries? 4, Is England smaller than your country? 5, Is the weather in your country colder than in Mexico? 6. Is the summer in your country rainier than in Japan? Listening EA Escucha el didlogo y rodea las palabras correctas, 1. Chichén Itza is a famous ...... in Mexico. a. pyramid b. place c. food 2. Yucatan is a... in Mexico a. hotel —b. beach c. state 3. The Mayan people....... the pyramids at Chichén za. a. built found c. climbed 4, The Mayan people were one of ...... civilisations in the world. a. theoldest b. thelargest ¢. both aandb 5. The pyramids are more than ...... years old. a. 150 b. 1,500 c. 500 6. The largest pyramid at Chichén tz a. is called Yucatan b. has got 365 steps is 365 years old IB escucha de nuevo y comprueba tus respuestas. Dialogue © Describing Things AA Lee el didlogo y completa las frases con las siguientes expresiones. ceria Pee fis beautiful i its te biggest) PRaaedee Did you travel this summer, Anne? Yes, my family and | were in Mexico City. That Yes, it was great fun. We toured Mexico Gity for a week. Thear it is? .. place. 7 nnn city in the world. Is it a nice place? Yes, # What was the weather like? s ! Hot and sunny — just the way I ike it! [B escucha de nuevo y comprueba tus respuestas. Dictation A Eseucha y escribe los adjetivos. 10. IB 2Qué dos adjetivos del Ejercicio A no pueden describir las vacaciones? Escribe los nimeros. 40 | | | i | Writin, 7 QUICK CHECK Completa las frases con la preposicion de AA tee la descripcion que hace Lisa de Playa tiempo correcta. del Carmen. Soe iat in « at eon FP 1. We are meeting... Saturday. 2. The festival is ..... the winter 3. We are leaving ...... midnight. f : ican food. THe Caribbean Sea “clear and-blue and ‘there are fun water. Playa del Carmen. 5 ‘ue of the prettiest ‘fowns-in- Cancun: It has got the: best = weather aind t most beautiful beaches in Mexico. There are many restaurants at The beach, with excellent “playa del Caren “a fantastic place » FOvisit. BB Mira las fotografias para describir Acapulco. Utiliza el ejemplo del Ejercicio A como modelo. one of the most exciting cities in In the 19th century, Texas was part of Mexico. Most of the people there came from the United States. in the middle of the 19th century, Texas separated from Mexico and the Mexican- American war began. The most famous battle was the battle of the Alamo. The Americans lost this battle. In the end, the United States bought Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and California from Mexico, for $15,000,000. Time Out Coloca las pegatinas en su lugar correspondiente. Fur Fast-Foot Fiona (Part 5) Fiona waited for the teacher to call the k When he finished, she said, “It isn’t fair! “Oh, OK,” Mr Brown said. “Show us what you can do.” But when Fiona started to run with the ball, he tured round to talk on his mobile phone. boy. “Wow!” the boys shouted when they saw Fiona move. She kicked the ball with her knee and then her foot. The teacher turned round. “What's all the excitement about?" he asked. Then Fiona kicked the ball and it flew into the goal Fiona was standing very far from the. goal “Did you kick that ball into the goal?” Mr Brown asked, underground : 4 “Yes, I did,” Fiona said. “That's impossible,” said the teacher. “No, it isn’t,” Fiona said. “P'll show you Test Yourself Vocabulary 20 points EX Rodea los adjetivos correctos. (10 x 1 = 10 puntos) 1. I'm wearing a sweater because its hot / cool today. fee 2. It was a boring /an exciting party. We had 4 great time! 3. Our new baby is very cute / safe. This film is so Felaxing / boring, Let’s watch something else. These toys are cold / safe for babies Basketball players are usually tall / scary. Some people like adventurous / old holidays We had a light / relaxing weekend. This is a very scary / wet film! That car is very expensive / high. B @ se8evaw ‘Completa las frases con las siguientes palabras. (5 x2 = 10 puntos) Wises 1. People walk across the ... over the river. 2. Stand on the .. 80 that the people will see you 3. The is hanging from the tree. 4. The .. hold you and stop you from falling The walk is exciting because it is 10. My jeans'are .... Grammar 30 points G Rodea las palabras correctas. (10x 1 = 10 puntos) 1. That actor is more popular than /_ the most popular actor in Hollywood, 2, The trip t6 Mexico is more expensive than / the most expensive the trip to England. "3. Its better than / the best band in the world. 4, My brother is shorter than / the shortest me. 5. ‘English is more difficult than / the most difficult subject at school. 6. Canada is bigger than / the biggest the ‘United States. 7. Lafty |S worse than / the worst student in the class 8. Playa del Carmen is prettier than / the prettiest town in Cancun. 9. The Zip Line Jungle Tour is more exciting than / the most exciting tour in Mexico. 10. Horses are heavier than / the heaviest dogs. [D completa las frases con la forma correcta de los adjetivos entre paréntesis. (10 x 2 = 20 puntos) 1. The Caribbean has got (beautiful) beaches in the world. 2. My mother is (young) my father. Bo TIS ee eetceeescnensnces (pretty) dress in the shop! 4, The Zip Line Jungle Tour ig... nn ee (adventurous) the Viking Splash Tour. 5, The food at that restaurant is (tasty) the food at home. 6. Hels (famous) actor in America 7. Sutmmer is ._ (dry) winter. 8. You are (thin) me, 9. December 21st is (short) day of the year. «» (dark) yours. io juan A Relaciona las palabras con las fotografias. DT [B zQué esperarias ver en una cueva? Sefiala las fotografias del Ejercicio A con un 7. [Gj Lee y escucha el texto. Luego comprueba tus. respuestas del Ejercicio B. Welcome to Aillwee ve ~ one of the caves |. under the Burren. How far are js we going to Don't worry! We're not: going Look! Can you beltewe ite Awaterfall ineide a cavel Where's the water ) coming From? It coming from an underground etreara. ‘That's why the water's 30 cold. [D Relaciona A y B para completar frases sobre el texto. be A Bt ; ‘There are caves . { The Burren is the name of There is a The water is cold because it A stalagmite points up and There aren't any B an area of rock waterfall inside the cave. bears in Ireland today under the Burren. a stalactite points down. cores from an underground stream auawne | aul stalagmites. hey are water and minerals mixed together The stalactites are-the ones coming down There are also stalagmite They ate the ones going up. A really amazing, >eangce [3 completa las frases con la preposicién de lugar correcta. | don't think 50, The last time anyone saw a bear Dad is sitting ....2PPOSItE..... Mum iin Ireland was more than L Deepa ia - 000 years ago! So these Se eee ‘are REALLY old bones! 3. Fluffy, the cat, is ensue the > picnic table. 4. Theo is sitting .... Mum 5. The food is soe the table. 6. Barky, the dog, is sitting smonn Dad and Dave. 7. There is coffee .... cups. the Grammar A Rodea la forma verbal correcta. 1, Brandon is tited. He are going to sleep / all morning 2. It’s hot today. Tam going to swim / are going to swim in the sea this afternoon. 3. Molly and Betty don't like rock music. They isn’t going to listen / aren’t going to listen to the rock concert. 4, Its cold in ireland. Shannon and Brady is going to take / are going to take coats. 5. Colleen doesn’t want to play golf. She aren't going to play / isn't going to play golf next week. IB scribe frases sobre los planes que tienen las personas de los dibujos. Utiliza las siguientes palabras. ema Bazar They .are going to swim, in the sea. . They .. across the hills . He golf, They .... their bicycles in the park. | | G mira el horario de Greg y contesta las preguntas sobre sus planes. unser factivity Activity o at visit tilleee Cave th Monday j>-—— fo ‘the Burren Listen To wusic i Wednesday; —— 6 ~ Play gait ‘ Thursday [——~ gory “| Hect lise i Rilke OY G0 with Mice T0 Wish | Friday FTO festival a 1. Is Greg going to visit Doolin on Monday? No,.he isn't. He's going to visit Aillwee. Cave. 2. What is Greg going to do on Tuesday? 3. Is Greg going to swim on Wednesday? 4, Who's Greg going to meet on Thursday? 5. Are Greg and Alice going to go to the trish festival on Friday? 46 Describe las palabras en el orden correcto para formar preguntas. 1. you / going to/ shop / are / in Ennis ‘Are you going to shoo in Ennis? 2, the boat / us / to Limerick / is / take / going to 3. going to / am/ work /1/ at the festival 4, teach / the tourists / he / going to /is / Irish dancing 5. we / visit / are / going to / an old castle / in County Clare [completa el e-mail con los verbos entre paréntesis. Utiliza be going to en afirmativa, negativa o interrogativa. © Subjects... Birthday Party Te ian | Hi Diane, ) Next month, it's my birthday and 1 cen M.GOING.1O, have... (have) a party. 1? in | Giwite) six girls but | any boys! So, what *... : (eat)? We (have) pizza, ‘not DUE We 8 buy) the pizza, My mother pe .. (make) it! It ora tata .. (be) a great party! | hope you can come! Lindy Present Continuous with future meaning having a parsy and inviting all ry friends) [F completa fos planes de Janet para esta semana. Utiliza el Present Continuous de los siguientes verbos. (zal ta 1. Janet and Laura .........af8.fiding, horses on, Monday. 2. Janet and John .... toa film on Tuesday. 3, Janet . in the sea on Wednesday. 4. Janet . .--« tennis on Thursday. @ Escribe Ios planes de Janet para el domingo utilizando el Present Continuous. On Sunday ... 1. 1/ not play / sport Lam not playing sport. 2. 1/ not go / swimming 3. 1/not run /in the park 4, 1 /sleep / all day! Escribe preguntas con las siguientes palabras utilizando el Present Continuous. where / you / go / tomorrow Where ate you going tomorrow? .. what / he / do / later . where /1/ sit / in the next lesson when / the boys / come / home Listening LA escucha la conversacién y rodea las palabras \ Escucha las siguientes frases y complétalas con las palabras que faltan. correctas. 1. Brad is going to Thurles because he wants to 4. The ball is on the see 2. The forest is on the a. pots 2 gold c. Sandy 3, The river is in the a f . Peete EE 4, The tree is. the rock 2. Leprechauns wear green : 7 aeons be dresses. shoes 5. The cau is between the trees. 3. Each leprechaun has got a 6. THE serene is very big. a. pot of gold c. green garden 7. The is very high. b. red scarf 8. The... is very cold. 4, The man put a...... in the tree. 9. The caris .. the bridge. a. scarf b. jacket. rope torent you | 5, The leprechaun... a. took the gold b. tricked the man €. took the scarf siguientes fotografias. BB escucha de nuevo y comprueba tus respuestas. ya Dialogue * Making Plans \ completa el diélogo con las siguientes cexpresiones. rere Pere ‘My parents '. next weekend. I'm alone. CB Really? What are you inviting? (258 All my friends. BD- 't sounds great! [B escucha y comprueba tus respuestas. atrip = Who are you 48 Writing QUICK CHECK Carol llega a Dublin mafiana por fa mafiana, Numera sus planes en el orden en que creas ZA connor esta de vacaciones en Irlanda. Lee la cota ue ha escrito sobre sus planes para la que los va a llevar a cabo. Afiade los conectores semana. de secuencia first, then y finally. sey im going back to my Brae hotel for dinner, | | Bo ecsssscscesneny Lam going to get up | | Pee me i and tour the city, i | ry caste . Simmeeting some | L avvived int Ireland yesterday. Toraarron, Lani driving friends for lunch. | £8 Conny Clare verging nk cled Lough Deg a 7 | amt. meeting friends there and they have. yet a boat Fleet, welre going 2s sai “ : BB imagina que estas en la Isla de Wight, Escribe i ging 2 salt ad fish on de. tae. Ther, una carta a un amigo sobre tus planes para Were geing 60 have a picnic, Finally, welre going to las vacaciones. Utiliza el siguiente folleto y et visit Hely Idan for a day. There are many Hinge to | | ejemplo del Ejercicio A como modelo. |e tere Php te des ind NN Talk to you, soon, ey ei sar EN rari secure Conner Sy seats Dhorse riding Sy aiae) Feeus, On taycusce Irish Most people think the official language of Ireland is English, but it isn’t. The official language of Ireland is called Irish or irish Gaelic. English is Ireland's second language, but it's the language everyone speaks. Only 260,000 trish people can understand and speak Irish Time Out Coloca las pegatinas en su lugar correspondiente. tundor noxt to Reading for Fun @) Fast-Foot Fiona (art 6) Fiona ran with the ball and Mr Brown watched her. He couldn't believe how fast she moved with the ball. Then she kicked the ball into the goal. The teacher was amazed but he tried not to show it, “Well, that was quite good!” he said. “OK. You're in the team, but only for our next game.” Fiona trained with the team every day. Finally, the day of the big match arrived. A bus took the players to Benton School, and everyone was very nervous, They were worried about Benton’s star player, the amazing Joe Davis. But Fiona knew she was better than Joe, and her team could win. She looked out of the window as the bus drove to Benton and she smiled. ‘opposite Vocabulary 20 points LA Busca en la sopa de letras seis palabras relacionadas con |a naturaleza y cuatro preposiciones de lugar. Luego escribelas en la columna correspondiente. (10x 1 = 10 puntos) fulnjaje[r{tfali)jb biclalviele|finfe elylolrljolulnlajal tlz/niilil{riole|rt wlaltijelriffalilt elolp|/plolsli,tle elals{t|rje|a[mlul ninfe|xjt|tlo}b]z Nature B completa las frases con las sigt (5 x 2 = 10 puntos) 1. These’are the of a dinosaur. 2. There is a house at the tp of the ~ 3. Debbie lives .... me, on the other side of the street. 4. The water in the panes iS cold. 5. We can't go into the... It’s too dark inside Grammar 30 points GS completa las frases con los siguientes verbos en la forma correcta de be going to. x2 sisren Il play. 1. We our aunt tomorrow, 2 Jiu @ coat because its cold. 3. Later, my brother and I... football. 4. My’sister secs tO Irish music tonight. 5. My mum and dad .in.consns tienen dinner this evening [Describe las palabras en el orden correcto para formar preguntas. (5 x 2 = 10 puntos) 1. you/ going / explore / the Burren / to / are 2. Gary/ is /t0./ going / watch / TV / later 3, walk /1o the cave / going / are /to/ they 4, she /on the Internet / is / chat / to / going 5, buy/ for the concert / im / tickets / is / going / to [2 Completa jas frases con ta forma correcta del Present Continuous de los verbos entre paréntesis. (5 x 2 = 10 puntos) 14 vw (leave) at 5 o'clock. 2. Next Wednesday, we : sevens (GO) ‘on a trip. 3. My parents... . (arrive) soon. 4. you (come) to, the match later? 5. Kelly . . (not play) in the concert tomorrow. Sm AA scribe las palabras debajo de la fotografia correspon Eu El Rae Be sien ~Eaerse Ifyou dream about fying to the moon, youll love the Space and Rocket. Center space camp in Alabama, USA.The camp offers summer courses for young people, If you come to the camp, you will learn about stars, planets and the solar system. You will also learn how to fly a space shuttle and you will build your own racket. if youre lucky you'll even meet some famous astronauts, ‘The Space and Rocket Cenier has also got an interactive indoor | and outdoor museum. There's an amazing virtual tour across Mars, Outside the museum, you can explore the Rocket Park. There's a collection of NASA and military rockets and you can stand next io a real space shuttle. The camp organisers say,"‘Well be happy if some of our young campers choose to study science. Maybe in the future, some of them will be space scientists or even astronauts” Between 1982 and 2007, thousands of young people completed the summer courses, Some of them made space travel a career, BB scribe M (hecho por el hombre) o N {natural) al lado de las fotografias del Fjercicio A. Dee TE .qué palabras son? Utiliza la clave como ayuda. als file |s blQ [kfe@ |t <|m [1 je ju | d|2 [mlo |v e{[m [n|[m |w # [2 [fo [me [x g|% [pie ly hfs ja fo fz [i be Trice | Beto hasesk astronaut 2, ReSmMe ..... 3. Seopee amon For more details, visit our website at ODBve WODeH es! om yen ant, eSeilLeoexsm .. em om omratem eX ane a Relaciona las palabras del Ejercicio E con las definiciones. BD Rodea las palabras correctas. 1. Asubject you study at school sgience, 1. The text is about a summer trip /€amp) ence. ; 2. Thi a scienti | 2. According to the article, students learn to build a pasaeelg peer space, space shuttle / rocket. : 3. tt sends pictures and phone calls to | 3. Famous campers / astronauts visit the space camp. ean | 4. At the Space and Rocket Center museum, you will 4. tpulls things to Earth. . explore Mars / a military rocket. 5, Outside the museum, there is a collection of rockets / mountains. 6. The camp organisers will be happy if some campers, become organisers / scientists. ‘The Earth is one... 7 itis the ar around the Earth. 7. You use it to look into space. 8. Itis the name of a plant. Grammar REMEMBER! | ‘One day, {will fly to thi es fi Good, but will you ‘tidy Be your room firet, please? Jig AA Gina ha predicho qué pasaré dentro de 50 afios. Completa las frases con will y las siguientes palabras. Gia Ea Wey Ed 1. Computers ..will. be... the teachers, 2. Cars .. 5. People «ree a f0 space for their holidays. I | | os BB .Qué crees que hards dentro de 20 afios? Completa las frases con will 0 won't. | think: be an astronaut, ... be a computer scientist. speak three languages. .. live on another planet. be famous. Ieee have the same best friend. sevnnstenne Have children, \ serene 0 Tih, eNONAUWNE G Escribe preguntas para las respuestas. 1. Will evervor No, everyone in the world wort speak English 2, When, In20 years, “robots will do all the jobs in the house. Yes, people will live in space. No, aliens won't live on Earth. 5. Méhat., Every family will have a space shuttle, iFyou go to that camp, S| you will meet people from all over-the world ‘Yea, bub if I don’t go to that camp, Ml be with my friends all summer! BD Rodea la forma verbal correcta. Luego relaciona las frases con las fotografias de abajo. 1. If build a rocket at space camp, | fly /@ill fly) it. 2. If Shawn likes horses, he enjoys / will enjoy horse riding camp. 3. We will dance, act and sing if we go/ will go to theatre camp. 4. Glenda will have an adventurous summer if she joins / will join the circus camp. 5. Ifyou go to art camp, you visit / will visit museums and galleries. 6. You will do exciting activities if you come / will come to adventure camp. The horse will be your friend if you sit straight, The horse will stop Riders will feel safe if lam afraid, If we don’t listen to the teacher, B a. you won't fall. ©. Iwill ride a smaller horse. c. if they ride in a group. d. we won't leam how to ride. e f 1 2. 3. 4. 5, 6. if you give it some sugar. if the teacher raises his hand. [F completa el folleto con la forma correcta de los verbos entre paréntesis. Res ta] Camp .... (love) this camp if (like) adventure. You". you . enjoy) the . (have) a Ifyou?.. outdoors you . wonderful time (register) now, . (give) you a 20% Ifyous we’... discount. We’... bag and T-shirt ifyou ® now. (give) youa free 5S Listening Dictation AA Escucha la entrevista y sefiala las frases con 7 un 7 en T (verdadero) o F (falso). A tscucha las palabras y escibelas. travel to space. 2. A ticket to space will cost a lot of money. 3. Space Shuttle Two will have its first trip next year. 4. The trip to space won't take a long time. 5. Space tourists will be able to visit the moon. In the future, only astronauts will TOF BB mira ta ilustracion y relaciona cinco palabras BB escucha de nuevo y comprueba tus respuestas. del Ejercicio A con los siguientes elementos, Dialogue Expressing Conditions + Making Predictions ZA Completa el didlogo con las siguientes expresiones. Ti tin mE you will find a kit with a model rocket. ID tow: rocket by ourselves? instructions, you'll be able to build it. EBB wow, these instructions look hard. them hard if you rea Let's wait and see. BB Escucha el didlogo y comprueba tus respuestas. wos the the youl find 1em carefully. . the rocket Writing B itian esta pensando en ir al campamento de aventura. Mira el folleto y es¢ qué piensa que haré alli. Utiliza ef ejemplo del Ejercicio A como modelo. | AA Brian esta pensando en ir al campamento en eter espacial. Lee lo que piensa que hard alli. 1 think it will be exciting to go to space |“ Rdwentare Summer Camp | camp with my friends. We will learn how | Adventurous Outdoor Activities | to fly a space shottle and we will go on a virtual tour in space. If I build my own rocket, I'l send it into space. If I succeed, P'll feel great! IF | i | | think it, wi camp. this Il be exciting to go.t9.adventure.. © amex cueck Sustituye las palabras en negrita por los pronombres correctos. 1, My friends and I hope to go to space camp. Sa 2. The interactive museum is amazing. Epeus On science Space : Here are some amazing facts about space: Planet Earth is not perfectly round. Space shuttles travel at about 17,000 miles per hour. There is no sound in space Ayyear on Mars is almost twice as long as a year on Earth. The first spaceship went to the moon in 1959. More than one million Earths can fit inside the sun. Time Out Coloca las pegatinas en su lugar correspondiente. oT stars ~eatelite telescope ‘solar system ‘gravity ‘space shuttle ‘astronaut ‘atmosphere planet Beading for Fun anything to help! She watched the match with Fast-Foot Fiona (Part 7) 5 : tears in her eyes, ‘The Hilltop team arrived at Benton School, and the players went to their places on the field. “Sit on the bench and watch,” Mr Brown said to Fiona. “I'll call you if I need you.” “But why?” asked Fiona. “I can help the team win!” But Mr Brown didn’t hear her. He watched nervously as the Benton team walked onto the field. Joe Davis was first. He was huge! The match started and Hilltop’s star player, Billy Green, ran with the ball. But Joe Davis quickly took it from him and ran towards Hilltop’s goal. Nobody could stop him, and Benton scored three goals in the first half. Hilltop were losing the match, and Fiona couldn’t do Test Yourself Vocabulary 20 points AA Escribe las letras en el orden correcto para formar palabras relacionadas con el espacio. (x 1 =5 puntos) 1. esepeotic 2. enseice 3. rgityva 4. pecas uhstlet 5. Eraht [B completa las frases con las palabras del Ejercicio A. (5 x 1 = 5 puntos) Bese Students study We live on ... ... travels in space at school. _ makes things fall. to look into space. yawn You use a .. a ‘Completa la adivinanza para encontrar la palabra escondida. Utiliza las siguientes palabras. (5 x 2 = 10 puntos) Gimospiere pa stars 1 De ccee sue shine in the dark, 2. Marsisal_t. mr 3. AnLI : flies in a space shuttle: aa . flies very fast. 5. A space shuttle leaves the id and goes into space. The hidden word is .... Grammar. 30 points [ completa tas frases con los verbos entre paréntesis. Utiliza el futuro con will. (5x2 = 10 puntos) 1. People .. (travel) to space in the future, 2. People vee (Day) a lot of money to travel in space. 3. Space travel ... (not be) for everyone, 4, Thopeit .... _. {not rain) today. 5. Some people (not want) to travel to space. [ Escribe preguntas para las respuestas. (5 x2= 10 puntos) Yes, we wil see om later. No, Shia won't come tothe fm ths evening Yes, they wil study before dinner. Yes, | wil phone you in the evening. BW ella egllellteettettae Mrs White will teach English next year. [F Rodea ta forma verbal correcta. (5x2 = 10 puntos) 1. if you look / will look through the telescope, you will see Mars. 2. If she doesn’t like science, she become / won't become an astronaut. 3. They won't travel / travel to space if they aren't rich 4. You love / will love this camp if you are adventurous. 5. If she will save / saves some money, she will buy a car. ie ummm AA Escribe las palabras debajo fotografia Sorespondientes 7 eis a Presi Dear Diary ‘The sun wae shining when (Glasto) Festival. “Great” we arrived at the Glastonbury I thought. “it'll be a dry feotival this year!” We watted for an hour bo gat In but Temas fun pn vce we alked to, people wiie.we. were walting nals wre envorea a iarge area wit taousande of ama peaples ro ciual people were wearing jeans, furny hats Penis and poschos. The Arctic Monkeys. were playing and people ee dancing when suddenly tt. karted £0 rain, Luckily wae vwnaring my boot rained all weekend and we WET? ¥=ry et put we had a great ime, The Who wasethe ast: band vind wale they. were einging..we danced ihe FA «r= ewae brilliant 7. 8 Seisicineaicasroneinent —‘vaeseunnniimnwenand Fun Facts about Glasto * The first Glastonbury Festival was in 1970 on a farm and it was called the Piton Festival. A total of 1,500 peopie came and each ticket cost £1 The farmer gave everybody free milk. FRex were the main band. * In 2007, there were 177,500 peopie at the Glasto Festival. Each ticket cost £145 and nobody got free milk. «In 1970, the favourite footwear at the festival was platform shoes. In 2007, it was boots. G Contesta las preguntas sobre el Festival de Glasto 2007. 1. What did Emily do while she was waiting to get into the festival? She talked. fo. people. Fate te telat atta 2. What do people usually wear at the festival? ——3.What happened while the Arctic Monkeys were performing? 4. What did the audience do while The Who performed? 5. Did Emily enjoy the music festival? ét D completa las siguientes fichas. GLASTONBURY THEN AND NOW FACT FILE Year: 1970 Name of festival: Name of band(s): Number of people: Price of ticket: Favourite footwoar: FACT FILE Name of festival: Name of bandi(s): Number of people: Price of ticket: Favourite footwear: [3 completa las siguientes palabras y escribe el numero al lado de la fotografia correspondiente. 1. jacket 2 Bw ts BS nt AL SMBS Be Dene Mane Mane 6 cua 2 ba c é Grammar REMEMBER! | Post Simple /Past Continuous ’ id tran at i +o rain while the bande were playing, Everybody got wet! | i ‘Yes, it started b- | : ZA completa las frases con la forma correcta de los verbos entre paréntesis. Utiliza el Past Continuous en afirmativa. 1. The musicians ...... Were. playing... the Glasto Festival (play) at 2. The boy .. .. (wear) a funny hat. 3, The fans (listen) to their favourite band. 4. She (dance) to the music. 5. They (wait) to get in. 6. People . (sing) with the bands. B completa el articulo de periédico sobre el festival de musica. Utiliza el Past Continuous de los siguientes verbos en afirmativa negativa, Music Festival 2008 | ‘Yesterday's Music Festival was wet but wonderful! Everybody loved the music. Well, nearly | ‘everybody, While the bands *.....were.playing.. , some people * cies different things. The man behind me was a great example Of this, He 9 nr ecseenne 10 the music and he. ...on his mobile phone. The other problem was the weather: Some people’s feet got very wet because they * boots. But even with these problems, everyone had & wonderful time! pre ernie 62 G Escribe preguntas sobre el festival de misica. Utiliza el Past Continuous y las palabras de abajo, Luego mira el dibujo y contesta las preguntas. Four o'aock vesrenDay. 1. Kate and Liam / listen to music Were, iam. liste ‘Yes, they. were, 2. Tom /sell cream 3. Dan and Ben / drink / coffee 4, the girls / give / flowers / to people 5. the singer / sing / on stage DB Rodea la palabra correcta. 1. People were singing @hile/ when the musicians were playing. 2. Everybody was having a good time when / while suddenly the music stopped. 3. Everybody was standing when / while the band walked on stage. 4. One of the musicians fell when / while he was getting on the stage. 5. When / While the singer was singing, people were walking around. 6. When / While the rain started, people were putting up their tents. [3 Rodea las formas verbales correctas en la carta, December 2007 I Hi Joe, 1m back from the Meredith Festival ard it was brilliant. was thinking about you while 1! listened /(@as listening)to the music. The weather was great. The sun? shone / was shining all day. While the musicians 5 performed / were performing the fans * danced / were dancing. Andrew WK. was great. People * loved / were loving him They © didn't stop / weren't stopping clapping and cheering while he” sang /' wes singing, He * promised / was promising to perform again next year. Talk to you soon. Pete [B completa el texto con la forma correcta de los verbos entre paréntesis en Past Simple o en Past Continuous. Last week, we... .. (have) 2 spring festival at school. All the students (work) hard. White some of the students * (plan) activites, others * ... (prepare) a song coe Bn, (not want) to be in the competition, but in the end | sang a song While | (perform), one of my guitar strings * : (break). | don’t think anybody Pfetetotef=lela vu (Se) because all the students ® . (sing) and clapping. In the end, |" (not win) the competi G mira los dibujos y completa las frases con el Past Simple o Past Continuous de los siguientes verbos y tus propias palabras. ig Beer While Dora was singing, people were sleeping \n, but had fun! While Benny and Pam were having lunch, The students were practising their song WhEN esse The twins were fighting while Wile Dac was paying the © piano, .. | 1 Listening © AA Escucha la conversacion y sefiala las frases con un ¥ enT (verdadero) o F (falso). TE 1, The Edinburgh International Festival is only a music festival 2, The festival starts in August and ends in Septernber, 3, Emily was at the festival for ten days. B Emily went to a jazz concert. v It was Emily’ frst visit to Scotland. 2 Emily visited Edinburgh Castle twice Brian broke his arm while he was playing basketball. OO BB Escucha de nuevo y comprueba tus respuestas. Dialogue © Describing Past Events AA completa el didlogo con las siguientes expresiones. EEE EEA ee aceon (Qiao 2B Grandpa, did you go to music festivals when you were young? Yes, I went to *.. in the 1960s - Woodstock. 22 —_ Wow! That's one of the most famous festivals ever! GEIED Ves, some of the most popular musicians appeared there. We had 2 We and smiling the whole time. id It sounds great. How many people y “ atthe but there were 500,000 people at Woodstock. It was amazing! BB escucha y comprueba tus respuestas. Dictation AA Escucha y escribe las palabras. feta 6 7 8 9 10. los niimeros de tres prendas del io A que suele ponerse la gente en invierno. Writing QUICK CHECK AA Lee el biog de Alex, donde cuenta su Rodea el pronombre correcto. experiencia en un festival de missica inglés. 1. Please give this book to Jane when you see him / her. ene Maes 2. ‘There are Mike and Lyn. Did you invite Aes Bon them / us to the party? | 13th July 2009 navamunigamuinmminsasaRicitineinns — 3. I'm throwing the ball! Catch me / it! | returned from Tin the Park last night. Its a big, “S*="eerrenememreeeernerrenrenrene music festival in Scotland. The festival went on for three days. There were many great bands. | really ‘enjoyed watching thom perform, On Friday night, the Arctic Monkeys were playing in the main tent [ || while the Kooks were performing in the Radio 1 tent. I went to see the Arctic Monkeys because | they're my favourite band, They were fantastic! LB Rosemary ha ido a un festival de miisica en Gales. Mira el anuncio del festival y escribe sobre su ‘experiencia en el blog. Utiliza el ejemplo del Ejercicio A como modelo. Rosemary's blog Pues Best festival in Wales) Three days of great mu: 21st August ~ 23rd August ‘Star Performers Robert Plant — singer The Strange Sensations ~ band cus Or jx Woodstock Woodstock was a very big rock music festival. It took place on a farm near the village of Woodstock, New York in August 1969. Some of the most famous musicians of the 1960s performed at the festival. The organisers expected 50,000 people, but almost half a million people came to the festival! Woodstock was one of the greatest moments in popular music history. 65 = Time Out Coloca las pegatinas en su lugar correspondiente. Oo i Fast-Foot Fiona (Part 8) _ Fiona took the ball from one of the Benton players and ran fast. “I can do it!” she said to After half time, Billy Green took the ball. For herself, and she believed it. a while, things looked good for the Hilltop i (eam. They had the ball. Then Joe Davis ran in front of Billy. Billy fell over Joe’s leg and hurt his arm. “Ow!” shouted Billy. “My arm!” Mr Brown called him to leave the field. Then the teacher looked at Fiona. “Hurry up! Go and play!” he shouted. ‘When Fiona ran onto the field, the Benton School players started laughing. Fiona felt very uncomfortable and neryous. Suddenly, she heard Jill’s voice. “Come on, Fiona!” Jill shouted. “Show them your moves! You can do iw” Poca cee ae Vocabulary. 20 points pistas. (5 x 2 = 10 puntos) AA Escribe las palabras correctas al lado de las, ere 1. You wear it on your head. . 2. They keep your feet dry in the rain 3. When you wear these, you look taller. 4. It keeps you warm when it's cold outside. 5. Women and girls wear this. [B completa las frases con las siguientes palabras. ( x2 = 10 puntos) 1. Lots of teenagers like wearing a and jeans 2. Take a... fs It’s cool today. 3. My father always wears a tie for work. 4. This shoe shop has got lots of nice ee on sale, 5. You're growing so tall! Last year's are too short for you. Grammar 30 points G completa tas frases con el Past Continuous de {os verbos entre paréntesis. (5 x 2 = 10 puntos) At eight o'clock, people svivnsistsnees (Wait) for the show to begin. 2. Agid _ (give) flowers to the people. 31 (n0t wear) a raincoat when it started raining, 4. They ... (tand) outside and talking to people. 5. Three bands .. (play) when we arrived Z D Escribe preguntas con las siguientes palabras. (Sx 2= 10 puntos) 1. doing / you / what / were / at 12 o'clock 2. in/ who / singing / was / the big tent 3. selling / what / they / were / at the festival 4, wearing / boots / you / were 5. was/ the sun / Glastonbury / shining / at EB Rodea la forma verbal correcta. (5 x2 = 10 puntos) 1. While | was listening / listened to music, the doorbell rang. 2. Yesterday, he was buying / bought a CD of his favourite music: 3. The festival was starting / started lest night. 4. My mother was working / worked late when | called. 5. What were you doing when the car was stopping / stopped? 9 Maat Treasure Hunt A ZA\ Relaciona las palabras con laiustracion [B Lee y escucha el folleto sobre cémo se pueden correspondiente. . encontrar diamantes auté . diamonds = STATE PARK spade 1. 2. treasure hunt 3 uct CRATER OF DIAMONDS : ; Imagine going on a treasure hunt and finding a real diamond! It sounds impossible, but at the Grater of Diamonds state park in ‘Arkansas, USA, your dream can come true. ‘This unusual park has got many different kinds of diamonds. Visitors can find diamonds of all sizes and colours. When visitors find real diamonds, they are very excited because they can take the diamonds home! How much does it cost? Tickets are cheap — adults $6.50 and children (6-12) $3.50. ‘What should you bring? You cat-being buckets and spades from home, but you can also hire tools at the park for $2.25 a day. [D Rodea fa palabra que mejor describe cémo te sientes en estas situaciones. ea een aN 1. You lose your friend's notebook. — Guilty proud 2. You've got an important test tomorrow. - worried / angry 3, The teacher tells you to leave the dlassroom. — embarrassed / popular 4. Your friends are busy and you haven't got anyone to talk to. - lonely / afraid 5. Your parents give you a lovely birthday present. — excited / disappointed Te cia aL ‘What should you wear? In the winter, the weather is wet, and cold, s0 you should wear warm clothes and boots. In the summer the sun is hot, so you must put on B sunscreen and wear a hat. Can you camp in the park? Camping is a great idea and there are 59 campsites in the park, with electricity and water, for only $17 a day. Escribe las palabras del Ejercicio D que, en tu opinién, corresponden a jentos de las personas de ray appy visitors go home with more than Cote escry et 1. Emma feels guilty Check out our website for more details. G Sefiala las frases con un ¥ en T (verdadero) o F (falso). 2. The man is 4, The Crater of Diamonds is in 7 America. 2. All the diamonds in the park are the same. 3. You must return the valuable stones, 4, The price for an adult’ ticket is $3.50 a day, 5. You can hire buckets and spades at the park. 6. You should wear sunscreen on a sunny day. 3. Kim feels 4, The tennis player feels 7. There are 17 campsites at the park. 8. All the visitors find diamonds at the park. 65 Grammar REMEMBER! F wiodais Oh, look! | found a AA Lee la sefial y luego completa las frases con can 0 can't. Bre ne cn mee at Cee ne tet See a Ce eres CRU Cee ei 1. You find a diamond. You an, take it home. 2. You .. hire a tent in the park. 3. Ifyou havent * oot buckets and spades, you . .. hire them at the park. 4. Visitors ... buy maps of the park. 5. People look for diamonds after dark. BB completa las frases sobre la biisqueda del tesoro con can, can't, could o couldn't. 1. We were excited because we .. Keep the diamonds we found. 2. Celine was disappointed because she is find a diamond, 3. Celine’s brother .. goon the treasure hunt today because he is ill. 4, They haven't got buckets and spades, but they ._ hire them at the park, 5, The family is happy. They all look for diamonds together. 70 G Mira tos dibujos de esta familia que esta de camping y completa las frases con should o shouldn't, always have a torch near you. 3. You... 4, You put out your leave open food campfire. boxes outside. 6. You. 5. You. : look inside your walk alone in the shoes before you forest. wear them. BD vuelve a escribir las frases con must 0 mustn't. Luego relaciona las frases con los dibujos de abajo. 1. Don’t smoke here. You mustn't smoke here. 2. No parking on this street. 3. Cross at the lights. 4. Don't walk on the grass. 5. Turn off your mobile phone. 6. Be quiet. ®O 1 [Lee ta nota que ha escrito la madre de Liam y luego rodea la forma verbal correcta en las, frases de abajo. Good morning Liaw, There is food in closed boxes for you in ‘the fridge. The mobile phone is onthe kitchen table for you to take. It's really cold so take your jacket and don’t wear your sandals, And, most important — don’t forgct your sleeping bag! Have a wonderful timc. 1. Liam can't /(nusitake food in closed boxes. 2. He can / mustn't take the mobile phone. 3. He should / shouldn't take a jacket. 4, Liam ean / shouldn't wear his sandals. 5. Liam can / shouldn't forget his sleeping bag. 7 EF Lee of texto sobre un viaje a Kenia. Escribe preguntas y respuestas utilizando los modales y las palabras de abajo. fac? tie poole} te weatier i Safe] County oo Take < trip to safari country and have a wonderful adventure. Watch hipoos, elephants, zebras and lon. | The Peopie z | Vist a Masai vilage and | _ spe how the peopl ive Where to Stay___| The Weather — kenya is warm and sunny. It gets rain all year. 1. watch / animals Can. | watch animals? . NPS, YOU.GAM ee 2. take/a camera 3. see / a Masai village 4. sleep / outside 5. pack / warm clothes 6. take /a raincoat Escribe frases sobre las siguientes cosas. 1. Something you can do. 2. Something you can’t do. 3, Something you must do every day. 4. Something you mustn't do at school. 5. Things you should sometimes do. Listening A Escucha la conversacion y elige las palabras correctas. 1. There is a treasure hunt every a. month b. year c. week 2. Each pair gets . a. amap ob. therules c. a treasure 3, The people on the treasure hunt ..... bring mobile phones. a. should b. can mustn't 4, They must find the treasure in ...... hours. a. four b. three five 5, When they find the treasure, they must use the a. map b. bell hunt 6. Every pair should have ..... a. a mobile phone b. a treasure c. a pen and paper IB escucha de nuevo y comprueba tus respuestas. Dialogue * Talking About Possibil Obligations * Asking for and Giving Advice ; and AA lige la expresion correcta para completar el didlogo. eee mares snoane 0-8 Camping trip. a OK. Where We can go to Lake Placid. . What should we take? We need lots of things. We A alist. . check the weather forecast first. BB Escucha y comprueba tus respuestas. Dictation AA Escucha las palabras y escribelas. 1 6. 2, 7. 3. 8. 4, 9. Bee 10. IB Relaciona las palabras del Ejercicio A con las siguientes pistas. a. You feel this when you are scared .b. You use these to do a job or fix things. .¢. You feel this when you do something bad. d. You feel this when you haven't got any friends. ‘You can use these to make jewellery. You can put sand or water in this. People try to find a prize in this game. When you do something very well, you feel this. Fee Writing LA Tom ha estado de viaje en el parque Yellowstone, en Estados Unidos. Su amiga Paula va a hacer el mismo viaje la semana que viene. Lee el e-mail de Tom en el que le dice a Paula qué debe llevar. = Camping in Yellow i From: Tom Subject: Camping in Yellowstone Park To: Paula Hi Paula, How are you? Yellowstone wes great It’s a huge park and there are many things to see, so you should take your camera. was very lucky ~ | saw a big bear! ‘The weather can get very cold at night so you must have a warm sleeping bag. You should take clothes for warm and cold weather. Ym sure you'll have a wonderful time. Call me when you get back, QUICK CHECK Rodea el conector de secuencia correcto. 1. After / Before we began looking for diamonds, we hired spades and buckets 2. After / As soon as an hour, we ate our pienic. 3. Before / Later, we found some stones, It was a fun day! iitisstinisnnansanaanabosummoassisad [B tmaginate que has estado de viaje en los Alpes suizos, Escribe un e-mail a un amigo para aconsejarle qué llevar al viaje. Sigue as siguientes recomendaciones y utiliza el ejemplo del Ejercicio A como modelo. _List for Trip to the Swiss Alps + Summer weather = can be wet: very cold at right + Sleep in tants = need sleeping bog and torch + Sun is strong ~ fake sunscreen and sunhat + Forests, waterfalls, lakes ~ don't forget camera! 5S Loe mpg mies Z Hi a Bi How are you? ... Diamonds carbon ~ Earth's most common element, different shapes and colours. Most diamonds are over three billion years old. They come from Diamonds are the hardest substance in the world. They have got many Time Qué Coloca las pegatinas en su lugar correspondiente. angry ‘treasure hunt tools ‘embarrassed Reading for Fur Fast-Foot Fiona (Part 9) Fiona was running with the ball and the Hilltop fans were cheering. Joe Davis tried to take the ball from her, but Fiona was faster. She passed the ball to another Hilltop player and ran towards the goal, A Benton player tried to get the ball, but the Hilltop player retuned it to Fiona. She kicked the ball and it flew towards the goal. The Benton goalkeeper jumped bat he couldn’t stop the ball. Fiona scored three more goals. At the end of the match, the score was 4-3, and Hilltop were the winners. Mr Brown even said, “Fiona, you're the best player in Hilltop’s history! Please stay in the team.” Hilltop School bucket lonely celebrated the victory for weeks. Fiona was their champion and she was the most popular girl at school. 74 Test Yourself Vocabulary 20 points AX Rodea la palabra correcta, (5 x 2 = 10 puntos) 1. I got the best English mark in the class! | fee! guilty / proud. 2, My sister has got many friends. She is lonely / popular. 3. | studied very hard but | failed the test. | am disappointed / excited. 4, Everybody saw me fall. | was worried / embarrassed. 5, I don’t want to walk alone in the dark. | am angry / afraid. [B completa las frases con las siguientes palabras. (5 x2 = 10 puntos) ei Ca) Boe Ei Gee 1. Ineed my to fix these chairs. 2. Did you make a map for the .. 3. We forgot to take the dog for a walk and Mum was very iS 4. We need a bucket and a sand castle. 5, Ann's husband gave her a beautiful _ fing, 2 to make Grammar. 30 points G Rodea la forma verbal correcta. (5 x2 = 10 puntos) 1. Can / Should you help me later? 2. You mustn't / can ride a bicycle without a helmet! 3. He looks tired. He could / should go to sleep’ 4, Could / Can people go to Crater of Diamonds Park 10 years ago? 5, [must / couldn't go because I was ill DD Escribe preguntas y respuestas cortas. (5x2 = 10 puntos) 1, 1/ should / warm / clothes / wear Yes, : 2. visit (we / can / you / after 4 o'clock NO, a 3. money /take / we / should Yes, 4, answer / could / in the test / you / all the questions No, 5, Harty / make / can/a campfire Yes, LB completa las frases con los modales. Puede haber mas de una respuesta correcta. (x2 = 10 puntos) 1. My mother ... drive when she was young. She learned to drive last year. 2. Her friend..... speak three languages. 3. David ......... .. eat SO Many sweets. He'll feel il. AL YOU sseernnnsnese feed the dog right now! Its very hungry. 5. You _ make a noise ~ the baby is sleeping! English in Context © Mira a tu alrededor y comprueba cudntas cosas en inglés puedes encontrar. 1. Think of a British or American TV programme, Write the title in English 2. Find a food label with English on it, Copy or stick the label below. 3. Write the name of a popular book in English 4. Find three items in your home with English on them. What are the items and what are the English words on the items? Items: English on items: * Utilizamos to be para hablar de hechos generales y dar informacion personal. Afirmativa Negativa Interrogativa _| Respuestas breves Lam @'m) Tam not _[Amr..? Yes, | ain You are (You're) | You aren’t ‘Are you..? No, you aren't z He is He’) _ He isn’t she 7 Yes, he is. She is She) She isn’t [isshe 7 No, she isn’t Tt (its) itisn’t Isit 2 Yes, itis, | ‘We are (We're) We aren't ‘Arewe..? No, we aren't. You are (You're) _| You aren't ‘Are you 2 Yes, you ae. They are (They're) _ | They aren't [Ave they? No, they aren’t, ‘+ Utilizamos have got para hablar de lo que poseemos Afirmativa Negativa Interrogativa _| Respuestas breves Thave got Thaven't got Havel got...? __| Yes, | have. [You have got You haven't got___| Have you got No, you haven't. He has got Hehasn't got | Has he got Yes, he has. ‘She has got She hasnt got Has she got ..? | No, she hasn't | tthas got It hasn't got Hasit got ..? Yes, ithas. We have got Wehaven'tgot___| Have we got..? | No, we haven't. You have got You haven't got___| Have you got .. Yes, you have. They have got They haven't got | Have they got..?_| No, they haven't. Utilizamos there is con: — nombres contables en singular. There is one dog. (Hay un perro.) = nombres no contables. There is some water. (Hay aguo.) + Utilizamos there are con nombres contables en plural. There are two dogs. (Hay dos perros.) Nombres contables Nombres incontables : “Thee is a sandwich. i There i , Afirmativa hake dre sonnel hayes here is some food, Negativa pee ee There isn’t any meat. There aren't any eggs. Is there an apple? Are there any hamburgers? Interrogativa Is there any food? a, an, the, some, any * Utilizamos a y an delante de los sustantivos en singular: =a delante de los sustantivos que empiezan por consonante (a bank) ~an delante de los sustantivos que empiezan por vocal (an aunt) * Utilizamos the delante de sustantivos en singular o plural cuando hablamos de algo especifico (I've got a bag. The bag is blue.). * Utilizamos some delante de los nombres contables en plural y de nombres no contables en frases afirmativas (some computers). * Utilizamos any delante de nombres contables en plural y de nombres no contables cen frases negativas e interrogativas (There aren’t any apples. is there any water?}. Los cuantificadores. * Utilizamos many y How many con nombres contables en plural. * Utilizamos much y How much con nombres no contables. There were many people there. How many pencils are there? (Habia mucha gente alli.) ({Cuantos lépices hay?) There wasn’t much time. How much sugar is there? (Wo habia mucho tiempo.) (Cuanto azicar hay?) Los pluralesirregulares. ee = * La mayoria de los sustantivos forman el plural afadiendo -s 0 -es al singular, pero ‘otros no siguen ninguna regla y hay que aprenderlos de memoria. man ‘men (hombres) tooth teeth (dientes) woman women (mujeres) foot _feet (pies) mouse mice (ratones) child children (niioslas) Unit 2 El Present Simple : oe Utilizamos el Present Simple para hablar de rutinas y habitos. Adverbios de * Las expresiones temporales suelen ponerse al final de la frase. Frecuencia ‘She watches TV every afternoon. (Ella ve la television todas las tardes.) always * Los adverbios de frecuencia se colocan delante del verbo pero, si se trata del verbo an to be, se colocan detris. usually z 7a never Afirmativa Negativa Interrogativa | Respuestas breves , walk} ldon't walk Dol walk ..? Yes, | do. | You walk You don’t walk | Do you walk ..2 No, you don’t Expresiones Hewalks | He doesn’t walk Does he walk. Yes, he does — Temporales She walks She doesn't walk | Does she walk ..?7 |] No, she doesn’t boo talks It doesn’t walk Does it walk Nes, itdoes, | Mon c We walk ‘We don’t walk Do we walk ..? No, we don't, eRe eer | You walk ‘You don’t walk Do you walk ..? Yes, you do. "They walk They don't walk Do they wale..? No, they don’t we Grammar Appendix La tercera persona del singular '* Afiadimos es a los verbos acabados en -s, -0, -x, ch y sh (wash - washes). «© En los verbos acabados en consonante + -y, quitamos la y para afiadir ~ies (cry - cries). Pronombres objeto | Pronembres et) ee eee © Utilizamos los pronombres objeto para sustituir un sustantivo.Normalmente se colocan detrés del verbo. Pronombfes sujeto | Pronombres objeto {yo See este him. her it us you you they ‘them Unit 3 | El Present Continuous ee ee : Utilizamos el Present Continuous para hablar sobre cosas que estén sucediendo en el momento en el que hablamos. * Las expresiones temporales pueden ir al principio o al final de la frase. We are watching TV at the moment. (Estamos viendo la television en este momento) At the moment, we are watching TV.(En este momento estamos viendo la televisién.) + Reglas ortograficas a tener en cuenta antes de afiadir -ing: - Siel verbo termina en -e muda, pierde lae (live - living). ~Siel verbo tiene una silaba y termina en consonante + vocal + consonante, dobla esta| {ltima (run - running). ~ Si termina en -ie, cambia estas dos letras por una y (aie - dying). Expresiones Temporales now at the moment today right now Afirmativa Negativa Interrogativa | Respuestas breves [Tamwatching | 1amnotwatching | Amiwatching ..?__| Yes, Lam. You are watching | You aren't watching _| Are you watching ...?_ | No, you aren't He is watching __| He isn’t watching Is he watching Yes, he is. ‘She is watching | Sheisn’t watching __| Isshe watching ..?_| No, she isn't. {tis watching Itisn’t watching sit watching Yes, itis. [ We are-watching—| We aren't watching __| Are we watching ..? | No, we aren't You are watching | You aren't watching _| Are you watching ..?_| Yes, you are. “They are watching | They aren't watching _| Are they watching ...? | No, they aren‘t a a _| Presta atencion | : ‘We play tennis every day. | [a las expresiones| | Afirmativa ‘They are playing football now. : temporales } Naa He doesn’t practise on Mondays egativa. She isn’t practising right now. Respuestas breves Do you run every day? Yes, do. Interrogativa Are they running now? No, they aren't en ee ee * Utilizamos el Past Simple para hablar de cosas que ocurrieron en el pasado. =| Afirmativa Negativa Interrogativa | Respuestas breves visited didn’t visit Did | visit... | Yes, I did. He een You visited You didn’t visit Did you visit ..? No, you didn’t. | expresiones |] | He visited He didn’t visit Did he visit? Yes, he did }| Temporales a She visited [She didn’t visit _| Did she visit No, she didn’t. yesterday Itvisited Wdidn’t visit Did it visit. Yes, it did, | Jlast week / month] We visited We didn’t visit Did we visit ...? No, we didn't. |] anhourago } You visited | You didn’t visit Yes, you in the past [they visited They did No, they didn’t a * Cuando un verbo de una silaba termina en consonante + vocal + consonante, dobla la titima consonante (stop - stopped). ‘* Cuando un verbo termina en consonante + -y, suprimimos la yy afiadimos -ied (cry- cried). * Cuando un verbo termina en -e, afiadimos una -d (like - liked). ‘= Muchos verbos tienen una forma irregular en el pasado y, por ello, es importante sabérselos de memoria. ‘* Normaimente afiadimos -ed al final del verbo (walk - walked). Intenta aprenderte unos cuantos cada semana. 1 Para ver los verbos irregulares ve al listado de la pagina 84. i [ Where was/ There were © * Utilizamos There was y There were para ofrecer informacién sobre el pasado 0 para describir un lugar enel pasado. * There was va seguido de ao an y un nombre contable, o de some y un nombre no contable. * Normalmente There were va seguido de some (o any en las formas interrogativa y negativa) y un sustantivo en plural. 3 ‘Afirmativa There was a concert, There was some music There were some pop stars. ; Negativa There wasn't any music, There weren't any pop stars ] Interrogativa | Was there any music? Were there any pop stars? Grammar Appendix parar dos personas 0 cosas. David is taller than John. (David es més alto que John.) The sofa is more comfortable than the chair. (El sofé es mas cémodo que la silla.) 9's Superlatives para comparar tres o més personas o cosas. The kitchen is the biggest room in the house. (La cocina es la habitacién mas grande de la casa.) Julia is the most beautiful girl in the school. (Julia es la chica més guapa del colegio.) * Para formar correctamente el comparativo y el superlative debemos fijarnos en la longitud del adjetivo que empleamos: — Sitiene 1 silaba 02 y termina en -y, el adjetivo es corto y le afiadimos la terminacién -er (comparativo) 0 -est (superlativo), ~ Sitiene 2 silabas 0 més, el adjetivo es largo; entonces le ponemos delante more (comparativo) 0 the ‘most (superlativo). * Los adjetivos cortos siguen las siguientes reglas ortograficas: Reglas ortograficas Adj. Comp. Sup. ‘Acabado en -e muda: solo ahade -r(comp,) 0 -st (sup). nice nicer than | the nicest De 7 sflaba, acabado en T consonante + 7 vocal + T consonamte: : thi ebived coichchia in thinner than} the thinnest De 2 sflabas, acabado en consonante + -y. cambia la ypor una i. | lucky luckier than | the luckiest Acabado en una -I: se dobla esa letra. cruel [eweller than | the cruellest Unit 6 * Utilizamos be going to cuando hablamos de planes futuros. * Las expresiones temporales pueden ir al principio o al final de la frase. Expresiones a ‘Afirmativa Negativa Interrogativa __[Respuestas breves|.| Temporales | | 7 | tomorrow Lam going to visit I'm not going to visit ‘Am going tovisit..?__| Yes, lam. iat You are going to visit _| You aren‘t going to visit_ | Are you going to visit ..? | No, you aren't. p Lat Heis going to visit | He isn't going towisit__| Ihe going tovisit..?7_| Yes, he is B inanhow She is going to visit___| She isn’t going to visit | Is she going to visit..? | No, she isn’t Itis going to visit Itisn’t going to visit Isitgoing tovisit..? | Yes, itis. We are going to visit | we aren’t going to visit _| Are we going to visit ..? | No, we aren't You are going to visit_| You aren’t going to visit_| Are you going to vist ..? | Yes, you are. They are going to visit | They aren’t going to visit | Are they going to visit ..?[ No, they aren't es El Present Continuous con valor de futuro * Utilizamos el Present Continuous para anunciar acciones planeadas con antelacién que ocurriran en un futuro cercano. + Cuando hablamos de estos planes podemos utilizar tanto be going to ‘como el Present Continuous. Afirmativa 1am playing tennis tomorrow. Negativa He isn’t going to the concert on Friday. Interrogativa ‘Are you leaving at six o'clock? Unit 7 Futuro: will © Utilizamos will para hacer predicciones, expresar decisiones repentinas y anunciar g oe acciones o hechos futuros. Expresiones * Las expresiones temporales pueden ir al principio © al final de la frase. Temporales Afirmativa | Negativa interrogativa | “Respuiestas breves ee # - at Twill go. Twon't go Will | go? Yes, Lil I ead You will go. FYouwon'tgo ___| Will you go? No, you won't Wanhour He will go. He won't go ‘Will he go? __[ Yes, he will Aba wced She will go. She won't go Will she go? No, she won't L— twill go Itwon't go Will it. go? _[ Yes, it wall . ‘We will go ‘We won't 90 Will we go? No, we won't. | You will go ‘You won't go. Will you go? ‘Yes, you will mat They will go | They won't go Will they go? No, they won’ S 3 ‘© Utilizamos el primer condicional para hablar de acciones que ocurrirén si se cumple la condicion sefialada. + Las oraciones condicionales tienen dos partes: la condicién que se expresa con if + Present Simple y el resultado, que suele ir en futuro con will. ~ Cuando la condicién (if) va primero, se separa de la oracién principal con una coma. — Unless equivale a if not. If you pollute the air, the plants will die. (Gi contaminas et aire, las plantas moriran.) The water won't be clean if you throw rubbish into the river. (El agua no estaré limpia si tiras basura al rio.) Unless we keep the water clean, all the fish will die, (Si no mantenemos el agua limpia, todos los peces moriran.) a Grammar Appendi Unit 8 El Past Continuous * Utilizamos el Past Continuous para hablar de acciones que estaban en progreso en un momento concreto del pasado. Expresiones r z > : Temporales Afirmativa Negativa. Interrogativa at five o'clock Twas waiting wasn't waiting Was I waiting? ten minutes ago You were waiting | You weren't waiting _| Were you waiting? last night. z [ He was waiting ‘He wasn't waiting | Was he waiting? 2 She was waiting She wasn't waiting | Was she waiting? Respuestas ‘twas waiting Itwasn’t waiting Was it waiting? reves, | We were waiting | We weren't waiting __| Were we waiting? Yes, I was. You were waiting | You weren't waiting _| Were you waiting? No, we weren't They were waiting | They weren't waiting | Were they waiting? | _ Past Simple / Past Continuous — * Utilizamos el Past Simple para indicar que la accién ocurrié y terminé en el tiempo especificado en la frase, mientras que el Past Continuous habla de acciones prolongadas que estaban ocurriendo en el pasado. Presta atencién a las expresiones temporales. Hinished my homework last night. (Terminé los deberes anoche.) They were listening to music at seven o’clock. (Estaban escuchando musica a las siete en punto.) * Cuando una accién interrumpe a otra, utilizamos el Past Continuous para hablar de la accién ‘en curso y el Past Simple para hablar de la acci6n que la interrumpe. We were having dinner when they arrived. (Estébamos cenando cuando llegaron.) She heard the news while she was watching TV. (Oy6 la noticia mientras veia la tele.) * Utilizamos when con el verbo en Past Simple para hablar de acciones pasadas ya terminadas. When the guests arrived, we were sitting in the living room. {Cuando Hlegaron los invitados, estébamos sentados en el salén.) Iwas sleeping when you arrived. (Yo estaba durmiendo cuando llegaste.) * Utilizamos while con el verbo en Past Continuous para hablar de acciones prolongadas en un momento concreto del pasado. You arrived while | was sleeping. (Liegasteis mientras yo dormia.) We were playing while they were talking. (Estébamos jugando mientras hablaban.) Unit 9 Los modales * Utilizamos can + verbo para expresar habilidad, posibilidad y permiso. * Utilizamos should + verbo para hacer sugerencias y dar consejos. * Utilizamos must + verbo para expresar obligacién. * Utilizamos mustn't + verbo para expresar prohibicién. * Utilizamos could + verbo para expresar habilidad y posibilidad en el pasado. Afirmativa Negativa Interrogativa _ | Respuestas breves He can run He can’t run Can he run? No, he can’t, _ wuld wait | Ishouldn’t wait | Should | wait? ‘Yes, | should, Yourust listen | You mustn't listen = = She could run She couldnt run Could she run? Yes, she could. 83 Irregular Verb List BASE FORM (V1) _PAST SIMPLE (V2) PAST PARTICIPLE (V3) CASTELLANO be bi vwashwere /wo2/w2/ been /bin/ set, estar beat 7bis/ Bet 7a a an a Become 7bi'km 7” became /brkeimn7 Begin /br'gin/ Began /bigen] ET Bend /bend/ bent /bent/ Bent bent Bet /bet/ bet They bet bet Bite /ban/ “bit 7bit/ uf bleed /titd7 bled /blea/ : ‘Bled /ited/ blow /biso7 ‘Blew /blu:/ Ey Blowin /flon/ break /breik/ Droke /bravk/ “broken /brackn/ bring /bray/ Brought /brxt7 Brought /brat/ build /bild7 built /bat7 Bult bat constriie burn /bsn/ burnt/umed /bxnt/band/ burnvourned /bant/bsndy quemar buy /bai/ bought /boxt/ bought /boit? comprar catch kee caughit /lext/ ‘aught /kat/ eouet, aitapar choose /juz/ chose /tou2/ chosen /'*Jauzn/ eleait come /kain/ ‘came /kes/ come /kam/ venir est /kost/ cost /kost/ Cost 7Kost/ costar cut /kat/ cut /kat/ cuit /kat/ cortar dig /dig/ dug /dig/ dug /tso/ cavar do /au:/ did fed done /dan/ acer draw /drx/ drew /drw:/ drawn /aram/ dibyjar dream /drism/ dreantidreamed /averni/drizmd/ dreamt/Greamed /dremt/drima/ sofiar drink /deink/ drank /dregk/ drunk /dragk/ beber drive /araww/ drove /draww/ driven /drwn/ @onduicr eat /it/ ate /en/ eaten /iun/ comer fall fot fell /fel/ fallen /‘faloi7 caer(s8) feed /fid/ fed /fed/ fed /fea/ alimentar feet /F1/ felt /ielt/ felt /felt/ sentir) fight /tait/ Fought /6t/ fought /t30/ fuchar find /fama/ found /faond/ {ound /faond/ encontrar fy /flar/ flew /us/ flown /Alaon/ volar forget /fo'get/ forgot /f'9pt/ forgotten /fo'gnin/ ‘olvidar Forgive /fo'qw/ forgave /fo'gen/ forgiven /fo'gwn/ perdonar Freeze /Sriz/ froze /frov7/ frozen /‘rocen/ congelar(se) get /get/ ‘got /got7 Got /got/ conseguir; legar give /aw/ gave /gew/ given /gnn? dar 96 /g20/ went /went/ gone /gon/ ir grow /gre/ grew /gnt/ Grown /groun7 racer; ciltivar hang /hvey/ hanged*hung /haewl/hay/ hanged mung /haend/han/ colgar have /hzew/ had /heed/ Thad /had/ ‘ener; haber hear /h/ heard /had/ eaid /lixd/ ofr hide /had/ fiid hud hidden /‘hidn? esconderlse) hit /hat/ hit /hat/ Tit /hit Golpear, pegar hold /hovld/ held /held/ held /hetal/ sujetar hurt /hoet/ flurt /bat/ hurt Rist Fer, hacer dao koep /kip/ Kept /kept/ Rept /kept/ Know /ria0/ Erie Zine? ‘Kilov /Aiooni? tay /lex/ Taig /leid Tid /ievd/ Tead /lid/ Ted 71ed7 “Ted Fled/ Tearn /lzn/ learnteamed /tsnt/iend? “Tesiniifearried /Asni/tand BASE FORM (V1) leave (liv/ lend /Tend/” ket, t let? PAST SIMPLE (V2) PAST PARTICIPLE (V3) Tent /ient/ et et Tain /lew CASTELLANO dejar; ise, salir prestar peri Eas | ride /raic/ fing Jean? | ise Zraue/ ron /ran/ say /ser/ See /si/ sell /scl/ send /send/ set /set/ shake /lcik/ shine fan | shoot 7st show /Jo0/ shut /Jat/ sing /s1y/ sink /sink/ sit /sit/ sleep /slip/ smell /smel/ speak /spik/ spell /spel/ spend /spend/ stand /staend/ steal /stil/| stick /stk/ sweep /swip/ sivim /svim/ take /teik/ teach /tit!7 tear /tca/ tell /eel/ think /0igk7 throw /®rau/ understand /ande'ste'nd7 wake Up /weik 'ap/ wear /wes/ iain /win/ write /rartZ “paid /petd? put /por/ read Tred rode /raud/ rang /ran/ rose /ravz/ ran /can/ said /sed/ Saw /sx/ sold /ssuld/ sent /sent/ set /set/ ‘shook /Jok/ shone /fon/ shot /fot/ showed /Jacd/ shut /Iot/ sang /se)7 ‘sank /seenk/ sat /sact/ ‘slept /slept/ ‘smeltsmelled /‘smelt/smeld/ spoke /spauk/ speli/spelled /speli/speld/ ‘spent /spent/ stood /stod/ stole /staul/ Stuck /stak/ swept /swept/ swam /sweem/ ~ took /tak/ Taught /txt/ ‘ore /es/ told /tauld/ ‘eat oo “wrote /raoyy Bs “meant 7ment7 trade /meid/ ‘sold /soold/ sent /sent/ set /sct/ shaken /Jeikn7 shone /Jon/ shot /lot/ shown /Joon/ shut /Int? ‘sung /svq/ Sunk /sank/ sat /set/ slept /slept/ smelt/smelied /smelt/smeld/ spoken /spackon/ speltspelled /spelt/speld/ Spent /spent/ stood /stud/ stolen /‘stavlon/ ‘tuck /stak/ ‘swept /swepi7 ‘swum /swamn/ “taken /terkn/ taught /txt/ fom /on/ told /tookd/ “thought /exi7 ‘thrown /@raun/ “Understood /ande Reh up /waukon ‘sp/ worn /woin/ nf Twaitter /'run7 iod/ encender ‘perder hacer, fabricar signficar, querer decir ‘Comocer a; reuniise con pagar ‘poner “eer montar Tamar (por telefono} levarse, alzarse comer decir ver vender enviar colocar, poner agitar brilar disparar mostrar cerrar cantar undies Sentarse dormir(e) ler hablar deletrear Gastar, pasar (tiempo) estar de pie robar pegar barrer nadar “couer, levar ensefiar romper, desgarrar decir, contar pensar artojar, tirar compiender, entender despertarise) llevar puesto, ponerse ganar escribir Glessary Unit 1 autumn /'xt2m/ otofio beach /bixl/ playa bird watching /‘bad wotfin/ observacién de aves boating /"bootin/ ir a pasear en barca / barco desert /‘dezat/ desierto fishing /"filuj/ pesca (go ~: ir a pescar) forest/‘forist/ bosque, selva free /fri:/ gratis, gratuitola fun /fan/ diversién; divertidola (have ~: divertirse) glass /"glas/ vidrio, cristal island /‘attand/ isla lake /letk/ lago match /mext]/ partido mountain /‘maontan/ montafia nearby /mia'bar/ cerca; cercanola noticeboard /‘naotisbad/ tablén de anuncios oven /‘ayn/ horno peninsula /pa'ninsjolo/ peninsula sand /send/ arena sculpture /'skalptf2/ escultura spring /sprmy/ primavera summer /'samo/ verano tool /tuxl/ herramienta, utensilio turn into /txn ‘mta/ convertir(se) en unless /an‘les/a no ser que, a menos que volcano /vnl'keina0/ voleén winter /‘wmta/ invierno Unit 2 agree /o'gri:/ estar de acuerdo as soon as /ez ‘sun az/ tan pronto como, en cuanto brush my teeth /braJ mar 'ti0/ cepillarme los dientes challenge /‘tixlands/ reto, desafio clean my room /klin mar ‘rusm/ lit habitacion cycling /‘saikly/ ciclismo, ir en bicicleta do homework /du: ‘haomwsk/ hacer los deberes enjoy /m'dsoi/ disfrutar de ‘equipment /:’kwipmont/ equipo event /rvent/ evento, acontecimiento helmet /“helmrt/ casco high Jumping /"har égamprp/ salto de altura 36 horse riding /“hats ran equitacion join /dsomn/ unirse a, entrar en listen to music /lisn t» ‘mjuzik/ escuchar mésica play on the computer /pler pn 9 kem'p juto/ jugar con el ordenador read a book /risd 9 'bok/ leer un libro rest /rest/ descansar rub /rab/ frotar running /‘raniy/ correr shoulder /‘Joolda/ hombro skateboarding /'skertbxdin/ montar en monopatin snorkelling /'snakeliy/ bucear con tubo swimming /‘swmmm/ natacién, nadar train /trem/ entrenar(se) trainers /‘reina2/ zapatillas de deporte walk to school /wark ta ‘sku:l/ ir andando al colegio wash the dishes /wnJ 39 ‘diltz/ fregar los platos water-skling /‘watoskisy/ esqui acuatico wetsuit /'wetsnt/ traje de buzo Unit 3 big /brg/ grande cloudy /'klacdi/ nublado/a cold /kavld/ friofa (Its ~: Hace frio) dark /dak/ oscurofa dry /drau/ secofa envious /‘envias/ envidioso/a fast /fast/ rapidola field /fild/ campo fur /fx/ pelo (de animal), pelaje goal /gavl/ gol; porteria goalkeeper /goulkip2/ portero/a (de deporte) guess /ges/ adivinar high /hai/ altola hot /aot/ caliente (It’s ~: Hace cator) light /lan/ clarofa low /la0/ bajola mushing /malig/ mushing (deporte que consiste en deslizarse por la nieve sobre esquis 0 un trineo tirados por perros de tiro) new /nju/ nuevo/a Old /avld/ viejo/a, antiquola pull /pol/ tirar rainy /‘reini/ lluviosola shine /lam/ brillar sledge /sleds/ trineo slow /slao/ lentola small /smai/ pequefiola snowy /‘sovi/ nevadola, de nieve stormy /'stemi/ tormentosofa, de tormenta sunny /'sani/ soleado/a (It's ~: Hace sol) wet /wet/ mojado/a windy /‘windi/ ventoso/a, de mucho viento young /jxy/ joven Unit 4 all over /x1 's0¥0/ alrededor de bicycle /"baisikl/ bicicleta boat /bact/ barca bus /bas/ autobis car /ker/ coche castle /*kasl/ castillo. church /t)xtf/ igiesia duck /dsk/ patola helicopter /‘helikupts/ helicoptero lorry /“lori/ camién motorbike /‘mavtabatk/ motocicleta, moto mud /mad/ barro, lodo plane /plein/ avién river /'rwa/ rio ruins /’rusnz/ ruinas sailor /‘seslo/ marinero/a score /skx/ marcar (un gol, un tanto) statue /‘statfur/ estatua taxi /‘teksi/ taxi tea room /'ti:rum/ salon de té throw /trav/ tirar, echar, lanzar tour /1u2/ viaje, recorrido, visita train /trem/ tren Viking /‘vasksy / vikingo/a warrior /‘wori/ guerrero/a Unit 5 a adventurous /ad'ventforas/ aventurero/a boring /‘barmy/ aburrido/a bridge /brids/ puente cable /"keibl/ cable climb /klam/ escelar, trepar, subir coo! /inut/ frescola cute /kjuct/ bonito/a, mono/a exciting /ik’saran/ emocionante expensive /1K'spenswv/ caro/a Glossary fair /fe2/ justola hold /havid/ sujetar, agarrar hurricane /‘hartkan/ huracén kick /kik/ dar una patada long /Iny/ largo/a platform /‘pletizxm/ plataforma relaxing /rrlacksty/ relajante rope /raup/ cuerda, soga safe /seif/ seguro/a, sin riesgo scary /‘skeari/ aterrador/a small /smal/ pequefiola tall /txl/ altofa turn round /txn ‘raund/ darse la vuelta underground /‘andagraond/ subterraneofa, bajo tierra Unit 6 amazed /o'merzd/ asombrado/a bear /bea/ oso/a behind /byhamnd/ detras de between /br'twin/ entre bone /boon/ hueso cave /kerv/ cueva, caverna ground /graund/ tierra, suelo hill /nl/ colina in /m/ en, dentro de next to /‘nekst t2/ al lado de on /on/ en, sobre, encima de opposite /‘npazit/ enfrente de rock /rpk/ roca stream /stri:m/ arroyo, riachuelo under /"sndo/ debajo de waterfall /watafal/ cascada, catarata Unit 7 astronaut /‘xstranxt/ astronauta atmosphere /‘ztmasfia/ atmésfera bench /bent{/ banco, banquillo career /ka'r19/ profesién, carrera profesional collection /ka'lekJn/ coleccién Earth /x0/ Tierra fit /fit/ encajar en, entrar en gravity /‘grevati/ gravedad huge /hju:ds/ enorme, inmenso/a Mars /maz/ Marte moon /mu:n/ luna planet /‘plenit/ planeta rocket /"rokit/ cohete round /raond/ redondo/a satellite /‘setalait/ satélite science /saions/ ciencia scientist /‘sarontist/ cientificola solar system /'soolo sistam/ sistema solar space shuttle /“spers jacl/ lanzadera / transbordador espacial star /stai/ estrella succeed /sak'si