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Front End Developer

M 646 334 1920

I am an extremely considerate and open-minded individual when
it comes to input and suggestions, which makes me pleasant to
work with. I believe I am a team player who communicates well
with others but am also comfortable at working independently. I
am capable at following orders as well as being a team leader.
Thinking creatively is also a strong skill set of mine and it shows
within my work.

Junior Developer , PINCHme
NY, New York Mar 2014 - Dec 2014
Redesigned our flow for surveys and reviews on samples


which increased the amount of member engagement




Redesigned our rewards page (screenshot)


Created a way for coupons and ads to be displayed on

Linux/Unix systems

our detail and sample listing pages (screenshot)

Built a gamification system to replace Gigya which
rewarded members when they completed various actions
Helped with building out the new API web service on rails
and started a new Marionette app improving our workflow

Technical Writing

by using CommonJS modules and implementing a better

Wireframes and UI mocks

build system for the frontend


Load tested and optimized queries with n+1 lookups.

Figuring out bottleneck features in our system.
Normalizing databases and implementing redis +
memcache for caching and member targeting.
Setup ElasticSearch to do Sentiment Analysis ( Naive
Bayes ) on different buzzwords surrounding PINCHme
and brands. This allowed us to automate the process of
measuring the overall feeling towards brands socially
before and after campaigns. (video)
Building a mobile app with marionette + cordova for IOS

Open Source Involvement

Co-organize meetups
surrounding the Backbone
and Marionette
Evangelizing paradigms
and best practices for

Improving the frontend workflow - Took the lead for all high
priority or architectural issues on the frontend. Improved the TTD
workflow and reduced the backend dependencies. Also acted as
a conduit reflecting the voice of the frontend community back to
the team.

JavaScript and
programming in general
on my blog
Contribute to
which enforces best

Moving towards SOA ( Service Oriented Architecture )

As we shifted towards SOA I took the lead on decoupling our
frontend application from our backend. The main problems were
We used the asset pipeline from rails for the frontend.
This would transpile all of our coffeescript files and create
source maps which took up a lot of the page reload time.

practices by notifying
developers of problems
within their app and also
allows developers to
inspect the UI, data, and
events being emitted

( I compared this to watching paint dry )

We stored a lot of things globally that we shouldnt have.
This caused a lot of dependency issues within the
application which were more noticeable in our tests.
We needed some sort of module system to help build

Where You Can Find Me


more flexible orthogonal code. Browserify and Webpack


were the options I looked into.


We were still depending on some ruby gems for our

frontend build process.

Took the lead on redesigning the user experience for

member reviews - The redesign for how members complete
ratings & reviews, allowing for strong peer to peer endorsement
of products on users. Added a new Product History region which

keeps users engaged by providing them an infinite scroll of their

product history.
Moved a lot of the existing logic that was inside the Router to a
Controller so we can maintain orthogonality between business
logic and routing.
Implemented CSS grid to reduce the amount of duplicated CSS
we had for layouts. This helped us support mobile more quickly.

Load Testing - I took the lead for handling load/stress testing on

our ec2 instances with the goal of measuring the performance of
instances during different peaks of traffic to help determine
bottlenecks within the application ( queries, 502s, buggy features,
etc. ).

Front-End Developer, Bratton Technologies

NY, New York Aug 2013 - Jan 2014
I initially worked on the first public release for BlueLine
which is a social network for law enforcement. I worked
with the backend Java team crushing over 200 bugs
before the release
Built a Video Conferencing feature which allowed users
within the network to start conference calls, invite friends
to meetings, and message each other.
Curated responsive email templates that looked pretty on
all browsers and mobile displays
Analyzed key metrics (calls per day, joins per day,
requests per day, etc.) and created charts to represent
the data
After the initial release I worked with the UI/UX team to
prototype different reusable components ( avatar/image
management, modals, charting, and news feed filtering )
Cleared bad practices where we loaded 8 JS files and
multiple CSS files by implementing Grunt for
concatenation/minification. Switched everything to SASS
and created separate SASS files for our components and
layout using Scalable and Modular Architecture for CSS
(SMACSS) which helped clean up base css, layout
blocks, behaviors, and states

I created a Git wiki pages documenting reusable CSS

classes and features within the app. The goal was to omit
duplication of functionality and enforce standards.

Eradicated component dependency issues - Implemented

Require.js to establish clear abstraction and enforce separation of