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Watch, order and draw a mince pie decorations a Christmas tree . 3 zy 4 a a v0 2 g > Uv o Cc 3 a stocking a cracker a Christmas pudding a Christmas card Father Christmas presents Listen and sing ~ S We wish you a Merry Christmas g We wish you a Merry Christmas, We wish you a Merry Christmas, We wish you a Merry Christmas, And a Happy New Year! Good tidings we wns} 7 To you and your king, La AS We wish you a Merry Christmas Ww And a Happy New Year! — €@wiuzasast” —> Look and write 1 a __ (? ea 24th | It’s Christmas Day 25th | Decembel It’s Christmas Eve December —_———— ig _ It's New Year's Day She It's Boxing Day — It’s the of __________. It's New Year's Eve of Ic’s : 26th Ist | December |, January P| line 'f _—lanuary Watch and order Mum: Now, put the big circles in the tin. Now put in the mincemeat. That’s good. Put the small circle on top. Now the next one. Jack: Is this OK, Mum? Mum: OK.We've got pastry.A jar of mincemeat. Some flour and a rolling pin and a spoon. First, roll out the pastry. Mum: All right. But be careful. Put on the gloves. The oven is hot. Read and answer CHRISTMAS A Ba SAME? Yes (V) No (%) When do people open their presents? Do people decorate a tree? Do people sing carols? Do children hang up stockings? Do people eat roast turkey? Do people send Christmas cards? Write and draw Special things we do at Christmas

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