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Argument Paper
Ms. Celestia
Could a future where flying robots are tools for industries and assist individuals really be
possible? Surprisingly, yes, it can, and to some extent is already around the corner. As
technological advancements only seem to grow exponentially over time, remote controlled
aircrafts, once little more than a dream to inventors, are now in possible with this eras
technology. Military drones are unmanned aircrafts, piloted remotely via radio waves that are
actively being used by the military for observations and even assassinations. Supporter of this
advanced technology are pushing to bring these flying gadgets to the United States for
commercial use, something that is illegal today. However, with the proper modifications and
regulations, military drone technology could grant industries with a useful tool that requires less
resources to utilize, helping entrepreneurs and large industries all around the nation. In addition,
these highly advanced aircrafts can be used to fight crime in a safer manner, seeing as damaging
a robot is nowhere near as horrid as injuring a human being. And of course, commercial drones
help conserve money, providing a simple alternative of labor, and at the same time, creating new
jobs in the field of drone engineering. All in all, there is an enormous potential for the use of
commercial drones, and legalizing them is a no brainer, considering all the help they will give
the United States of America and its citizens.
One way drones could affect the nation is by becoming utilized industries of all sorts,
where complicated jobs for humans could easily be replaced by the use of drone technology.

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Probably the biggest of these fields is agriculture. MIT Technology Review is a website
dedicated to reviewing all sorts of modern technology, and its potential uses. Chris Anderson,
one of the websites authors which has years of experience working in all sorts of technology
review sites explains in his article Relatively cheap dronesare giving farmers new ways to
increase yields and reduce crop damage how drones can help farmers analyze their crops like
never before thanks to unmanned aircrafts equipped with cameras. Anderson writes thatseeing a
crop from the air can reveal patterns that expose everything from irrigation problems to soil
variation and even pest and fungal infestations that arent apparent at eye level a drone can
survey a crop every week, every day, or even every hour. The technological advancements
offered by these devices can allow farmers to see faults in their crops, and possibly help get
issues fixed before they become of greater concern. However, a drones productivity in a farm
doesnt stop there. Anderson goes on to state that data gathered from these devices can in turn
lead to less use of unneeded watering, and even lower the amount of pesticides in the nations
food supply. More and better data can reduce water use and lower the chemical load in our
environment and our food. Interestingly enough, farming isnt the only field that would be able
to benefit from these devices so greatly. CBSNews, a national news company published an
article alongside one of its 60 Minutes newscasts titled Amazon Unveils Futuristic Plan:
Delivery by Drone. The article reveals a new plan put in place by Amazon, one of the biggest
online retailers on the internet, dubbed Amazon Prime Air, which would speed delivery speeds
exponentially. Octocopter drones that will fly packages directly to your doorstep in 30
minutes. Having internet orders delivered in that speed is something that no one would have
even considered up until now, and Amazon tells reporters that the idea will soon become a
reality. Agriculture and farming are only two of the many industries that will benefit from the

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legalization of commercial drones, and in effect help the countrys citizens that eat local produce
or shop online.
The legalization of commercial drones carries the potential to be used for the
enforcement of the law all around the country. According to the article More police departments
considering the use of drones, Jessica Anderson, a writer for The Balimore Sun news corporation
explains how local police agencies are looking to adopt drone technology sometime in the near
future. Law enforcement agencies in the Baltimore area and across the country are researching
drones, intrigued by their potential for high-risk tactical raids and gathering intelligence. The
benefits of using these gadgets are overwhelming, and its little wonder why the idea is being
pushed and considered. Anderson outlines a few of these when they argue that Drone cameras
can aid in search-and-rescue missions, quickly record crash scene images and provide officers
with critical information as volatile situations such as mass shootings and barricades unfold.
Drones are capable of allowing police forces to respond to cases quicker, and even have an eye
in a violent scene, without having to worry about putting the lives of officers at risk. In fact, the
technology has already been put to good use by United States police outside of the country,
where it is legal. William Welch of USA today published an article for USA Today titled At
nation's doorstep, police drones are flyin. In it, Welch explains how drones are being used to
successfully keep an eye on the nations bordering areas, when he writes police have begun
using drones carrying video cameras to patrol residential neighborhoods and watch over parts of
the city often visited by Americans the drones are effective at helping police keep an eye on
crime. The power of drones for the safety of United States citizens is already being employed to
efficiently protect United States citizens, and it is about time that the nation also used that
technology to keep its citizens safe within the borders of the country as well.

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It is no surprise that many activists are pushing for the use of commercial drones to be
legalized due to the fact that they will quite simply save money. There are a good amount of jobs
today done by expensive human operated equipment, which could be done by unmanned
aircrafts for a fraction of the cost. Ed Walters article Drones save money and American lives
published by elaborates on the fact that even the United States military is turning
to drones due to budget cuts to save money. They[drones] can also carry ordnance at a cost of
$4 to $5 million, which is lunch money to the U.S. government compared to the $2.5 billion that
go into the manufacture of the newest and fastest fighter jets. Furthermore, CNN Moneys
experienced author Steve Hargreaves wrote the article Personal drones: Fun toy or spying eye?
In it, Hargreaves argues how expensive hiring pilots is for farmers rather than using their own
drones when they write farmers pay $1,000 an hour for aircraft flyovers3D Robotics makes a
$500 drone that flies itself via GPS. There is an obviously large amount of money a business or
individual could gain simply by using this pilotless mini-plane as opposed to having to hire pilots
to bring out full size aircrafts; its simply more convenient. Jillian Donfro of Business Insider
debates in her article Why Amazon Needs Drones More Than People Realize how much money
even the average individual will save if Amazon will switch to drone deliveries. Amazon's
average shipping cost is $2 to $8. With drones, if Amazon prices it right, the cost could be as low
as $2 a shipment. Due to the company saving thanks to the use of drones, even consumers who
may not even have ever heard of a drone might save money, all because of the low cost of
owning and maintaining a drone. When analyzed, it becomes undeniable that the use of drone
technology will in fact save money, and as an effect would even lower product costs, benefiting
the nations economy as a whole.

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When all of the facts are analyzed, it becomes obvious that drones are the way of the
future, which is in fact beneficial for the United States of America. These tiny aircrafts are useful
in many broad industries, being a tool that no one would have deemed possible a decade ago.
Furthermore, the use of these for law enforcement would increase response time, and keep
officers safe. And finally, quite simply, commercial drones are cheaper than many alternatives,
and should be legalized in the United States of America to benefit not only single individuals and
industries, but the economy as a whole.

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