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The Bolt Hole

Story: The Bolt Hole

Category: Sherlock
Genre: Romance
Author: MrsMCrieff
Last updated: 12/02/2014
Words: 6395
Rating: T
Status: In Progress
Content: Chapter 1 to 4 of 4 chapters
Summary: A Sherlolly story set in Season 3 after Molly has broken up with Tom but before Sherlock gets together with
Janine. Sherlock needs a space to use as a Bolt Hole. Based on a prompt from Rocking the Redhead.

*Chapter 1*: Chapter 1

Well, here I am with my new story. I don't anticipate it being particularly long. I'm aiming to have it all written and
posted by mid-December so I have time to work on a Sherlollly Christmas story, so if you have any Christmassy
things you'd like included let me know.
This story came about thanks to a prompt from Rocking the Redhead. I hope this meets your expectations. It will be
rated T for now but will move to M rating later.
Disclaimer, I own nothing but my own hopes and dreams, everything else is ACDs, Moffatt's and Gattis's, So without
further ado, on with the story.
Chapter 1
Sherlock had approached Molly one wet, early summer morning enquiring about how many bedrooms she had.
She had looked at him in shock before swallowing and replying 'two, why...err...why do you ask?'
'I need somewhere private to do my work. I'm not going to be able to use Baker St for a while and I need somewhere I
can order my thoughts and keep my file notes. Would it be possible to use your spare bedroom?' He smiled at her in that
slightly insincere, 'I'm trying to persuade Molly' way that he had, but at least he had stopped using trite compliments on
'Oh, I suppose so. I'll get you a key cut, shall I?'
'That would be good Molly, thank you.'
The first time she'd noticed his presence was when she had come home from work a week later. There was no one in
the flat but when she'd walked in she had noticed the faint smell of his cologne in the air.
She made her way through to the spare bedroom, knocking lightly and calling his name in case he were still there. When
there was no answer she pushed open the door and stepped inside.
The smell of him was slightly stronger inside and she closed her eyes breathing him in. Then she shook her head at her
behaviour God how sad am I?
There were a few photo's and documents blue tacked to her wall, a couple of scrawled notes in his handwriting tacked
up as well. Other than that there was no sign that he had ever been there.
The following day when she came home it was to a similar situation, again the same faint smell of cologne, a few more
pictures and details tacked up on her wall. This time there was also a thin, light blue dressing gown folded up on the
She was tempted to pick it up and try it on or hold it to her face to inhale his scent but she resisted temptation. He would
no doubt know what she had done on his return and she didn't need any further humiliation when it came to Sherlock
The next time was almost a week later. She came home and went to make herself a cup of tea only to find her teabags
had disappeared. In their place was an expensive packet of tea made by Whittards.
She made herself a cup and when she went to throw out the tea leaves she found her bags of Tetley in the bin. She
scowled as she retrieved them but had to admit that the new tea was much better.
She put her old bags in the cupboard and resolved to use the new tea as long as Sherlock was willing to provide it.
Maybe there were some perks to this new arrangement.
She got so used to having a ghost lodger that it was a shock when she actually saw him.

She'd come in as normal, smelling the scent as normal. She set the kettle going for a cup of tea and wandered into the
spare bedroom to see what additions Sherlock had made in her absence.
It was a shock therefore to find him lying on his back on the bed hands steepled under his chin. He was wearing dress
trousers and shirt with his dressing gown over the top but no shoes and socks, they were tucked underneath the side of
the bed.
He opened one eye as she entered and said, 'tea for me too please Molly.'
'Oh...sorry, I didn't know you were still here.' She almost fell backwards out of the room pulling the door too behind her.
She had her hand over her heart as she walked back to the kitchen, trying to get her breathing back under control. The
image of him lying in her bed, albeit her spare bed, was burnt into her memory and she was worried she might start to
develop a foot fetish now she'd seen his naked feet.
Contrary to public opinion she might have helped Sherlock to fake his own death but he hadn't come back to her flat after
and she hadn't seen him looking anything less than immaculately dressed. Seeing him so casual, at least casual for
him, was surprising as well as slightly arousing.
As she poured out the tea, using her best mugs, she heard him padding his way into the front room.
OhGodOhGodOhGod keep it together Hooper.
She made her way back out of the kitchen, hoping she wouldn't spill the drinks everywhere. She managed to put the tea
down in front of him, where he was sat on the settee, and then curled up in her normal chair holding her cup, 'so how's
the case coming along?'
'It's not,' he said irritably as he leant forwards, elbows on his knees as he used his hands to ruffle his hair in frustration.
Molly's mouth was suddenly dry, God he was sexy and she didn't think he had any clue that he was.
'I'm up against a monster, Molly, this man uses blackmail to manipulate people. He has data on some of the most
influential people in the country and I need to know where he's holding it. I've gained as much information as I can about
his businesses and narrowed it down to his central London office and his home both of which are impenetrable.'
He paused for breath and Molly marvelled at how fast he could speak. 'Well, there must be some way in? Is there anyone
he works with who could help you gain access? A security guard you could bribe?'
He sighed, shaking his head, 'he picks his closest staff very well, pays for loyalty. I haven't yet found a way in.'
'What about your brother, can he help?'
Sherlock scrunched up his nose in disgust, 'No'.
Molly knew that reaction well enough to leave it alone.
'There must be some avenue you haven't explored...'
Sherlock shifted awkwardly in his seat, 'well there is one but I'm not sure I'm entirely comfortable pursuing it.'
Molly leant forward, 'well, what is it?'
'Magnusson's PA...she was the bridesmaid at John and Mary's wedding. She made it obvious she was attracted to me at
the wedding, I thought about asking her out.'
Molly's stomach seemed to plummet. 'Oh', was all she could manage at first.
She rallied a bit before continuing, 'well, if you like her maybe you should.'
Sherlock looked at her as though she had gone mad. 'Of course, I don't LIKE her. Don't be ridiculous Molly. I meant ask
her out so I could use her to gain access to the office.'
'Sherlock, that's awful, you can't do that. I mean do you even know how to date a woman, I always thought you were gay.'
As she said the last line she threw her hand over her mouth. Yes, she'd always wondered but she had never meant to

'No Molly, for your information I am not gay but neither am I attracted to Janine. As for knowing what to do I'm sure I know
enough about relationships to fake it, I've unfortunately had to observe John going through enough of them.'
Molly wasn't sure how to respond. She wanted Sherlock to successfully solve his case, she knew how frustrated he
could get when he was stymied. On the other hand the thought of him being with someone else, even if he was faking it,
made her feel sick. It also seemed very morally wrong.
'How far would you need to go with her?'
'I'm not going to have sex with her, if that's what you mean Molly. I'm sure it can all be successfully resolved without
having to go to those lengths,' he smirked at her discomfort.
'Well then, maybe you should ask her out...if there's no other way.'
Sherlock nodded, put his cup down and made his way back to the bedroom. He emerged fully dressed a few minutes
later, 'thank you again for your hospitality. Good night Molly.'
She smiled at him, 'good night Sherlock and good luck.'
'Luck rarely has anything to do with it Molly but thank you.'
As he closed the door she let her head fall back onto the chair so she was staring at the ceiling, 'oh God, what have I just
advised him to do...' She closed her eyes and tried not to think about how she would feel if this fake relationship were to
turn into a real one.
As ever let me know what you think of this new scenario. We always make our Molly suffer before she gets her
man, don't we, but it should be worth it in the end.

*Chapter 2*: Chapter 2

Thank you for such a quick and positive response for chapter one. I always get a bit nervous with a new story that it
won't be as liked or as well received as my others.
We've got a lot of ground to cover in this chapter so let's get on. I own nothing as always.
Chapter 2
It was almost another week later before she saw Sherlock again outside of work. He'd called into the morgue with John
in tow but when she had seen him at Bart's she hadn't liked to mention either the case or his bolt hole in her flat. She
wasn't sure how much John knew and as Sherlock didn't mention it either she figured she was right to keep quiet.
It had been another long shift and she'd been sitting on the tube on her way home when she'd received a text.
Chinese ordered from your local. Should b e ready in 10 mins. Pick up on your way. SH
She rolled her eyes at his presumption, but then smiled at the fact that she was obviously spending at least some of her
evening with Sherlock. It reminded her of how pleasant it had been to have Tom to come home too. She didn't regret
breaking up with him, it had been the right thing to do given her unresolved feelings for Sherlock, but that didn't mean
she didn't feel the loss of his company and how lonely her nights had been since.
When she got home, ladened down with Chinese, Sherlock was lying across her settee with his feet hanging over the
side. Two plates and some serving spoons were on the coffee table.
They ate in relative silence until Molly couldn't bear it any longer. 'So how's the case going. Did she say yes?'
'Unfortunately, yes, she did. I have to be honest it's proving harder than I first thought.'
Molly blushed lightly at the unintended double entendre, 'how so?'
'Maintaining the charade of liking this woman. She is intolerable; all she seems to talk about is television and fashion.
I've had to start watching something called X Factor and The Apprentice so I can hold a conversation with her. So far
we've had coffee twice and I've taken her for a meal. She's coming round to Baker St tomorrow night so I think I may have
to get rid of some of my experiments.'
He looked so sad that Molly almost giggled, 'well if any of them entail body parts I would agree, and no, before you ask,
you can't bring them here. Maybe, if you bring them to Bart's tomorrow I can find some space for them, at least
'Thank you, Molly.'
They spent the rest of the evening discussing some recent cases that they'd both worked on together, Sherlock quizzing
Molly on some of the finer details of the autopsies and him regaling her with his deductions.
He finally left the flat about eleven, making his way back to Baker St with a genuine smile on his face for the first time in
months. He was surprised with how easy he found it to be in Molly's company. She didn't grate on him like other people
tended to, she was very like John in that respect. He looked forward to seeing her again outside of Bart's.
The next night didn't pass quite so comfortably. Janine had come round about seven bringing wine and snacks and they
had settled down together to watch the X Factor. She talked the whole way through it wanting to discuss the contestants,
the fashion choices, the judges, the songs until Sherlock thought he couldn't take it anymore.
He excused himself and went to the bathroom where he took his phone out and texted Molly.
I can't do this anymore. It's too much. SH
Of course you can. Think of the case. Stay focused. Mx
He closed his eyes and sighed before heading back out.

Another hour later Sherlock had been making out with Janine for nearly half an hour and he was starting to get
desperate. She'd finally succeeded in undoing his shirt against Sherlock's better judgement and he was busy trying to
protect his trousers. Janine meanwhile was still fully dressed.
It was as she was kissing his neck he surreptitiously removed his phone with one hand and texted Molly quickly behind
Janine's back.
Ring me
Then he put the phone down quietly on the coffee table. He started to escalate things with Janine safe in the knowledge
that he would be rescued soon.
When Molly hadn't rung within two minutes he was starting to panic a little but then with relief he heard his ring tone.
'Sorry, must get that.' He said as he tried not to push Janine off too quickly. He stood whilst answering, 'Lestrade.'
Molly caught on fast, giggling slightly, 'possible murder Sherlock, definitely an eight.'
'Who and where?'
'Mid thirties woman about to die in her flat from boredom.'
'I'll be there in ten minutes.'
Sherlock hung up and turned to Janine, 'I'm so sorry, I'm going to have to go, there's been a murder and as ever Scotland
Yard are too incompetent to deal with it themselves. This is probably going to take most of the night so let me call you a
'No, it's OK Sherly I'll keep your bed warm for you for when you get back,' said Janine as she came over to give him a final
kiss before she swatted his backside, 'go solve your crime and there'll be a reward waiting for you.'
Sherlock grabbed his coat and phone before buttoning up his shirt as he left.
Molly was giggling to herself at the conversation she had just had with Sherlock. She had assumed he would shuffle
Janine out of the flat on the excuse that he had a case, therefore giving him his flat back, so she was surprised when
she heard his key in the lock soon after.
'Sherlock, is that you. What brings you round here?' She called.
He entered the room removing his coat and jacket and throwing them onto one of the dining chairs.
'Who else did you expect it to be, or do lots of people have keys to your flat?' Molly just blushed in response before he
continued, 'Janine has decided to stay and warm my bed for me,' he rolled his eyes whilst he toed off his shoes and
Oh yes Molly thought I'm definitely going to get a foot fetish
He threw himself down on the settee, closing his eyes and sighing in contentment. Molly had been drinking a glass of
wine whilst reading. The lighting was subdued apart from the lamp behind her chair and there was a classical recording
playing gently in the background. Sherlock felt as if he had landed into a sea of tranquillity.
'Would you like a drink or anything to eat?' Molly asked, 'and I should warn you... I've had a couple of glasses of wine
myself so you may not be any safer here.'
Sherlock smirked at her joke, 'just tea if you don't mind...and Molly...' She stopped in the doorway and looked round,
'thank you.'
'You're welcome, anytime'.
By the time she returned he was deep in thought. She put the cup of tea on the table and returned to her reading.
An hour later she was ready to go to bed. She touched his shoulder lightly not wanting to disturb him too much.
'I'm off to bed now Sherlock. You're more than welcome to stay either here or in the spare room. Good night.'

He could still feel the pressure of her hand on his shoulder as she walked away and he had a sudden urge to go after
her and curl up asleep in her room with her.
He frowned wondering where that had come from. He knew this wasn't an urge he could act on, not without prior thought.
Molly was...what was Molly? He hesitated over the word friend. Once she hadn't even been that, she had been an
acquaintance, then a work colleague.
But she had long been a friend, since well before the fall, so why did that word seem wrong, not substantial enough. It
didn't seem to encompass all the things he felt about Molly.
Again he frowned, he hadn't expected that, he had feelings for Molly? But what kind of feelings? He'd never felt attraction
towards Molly...had he? A slideshow of images came to mind, Molly smiling at him, her hand on his arm, the smell of her
as he sat close to her looking at a Petri dish together, the curve of her neck as she leant over a corpse, her hair and the
amount of times he'd wanted to pull the band out and let it hang loose around her shoulders. Maybe, maybe but he
needed to be sure. Sanctuary was not attraction and he didn't want to do anything which might damage his relationship
with Molly, she was too important.
Oh I do like it when Sherlock starts to realise that he 'feels' for Molly. They are, and in my opinion, always will be
perfect for each other. She's the yin to his yang, the warmth to his coldness, the emotion to his logic.
As always please review, review, review.

*Chapter 3*: Chapter 3

I'm so glad you are all enjoying my little story. I love writing Sherlolly it just seems so right.
Have just seen the promotional picture for the Sherlock special (where are his curls) and live in hope that there is
another small Sherlolly moment to keep us going until Season 4. Just a shame they both seem so long off into the
Chapter 3
Over the next couple of weeks Sherlock found his thoughts turning increasingly towards his small, shy pathologist. It
started the next time he was kissing Janine when he started to wonder what Molly's lips would feel like, what she would
taste like.
He'd used the excuse of a case for as long as he could to reduce or cut short his time with Janine who was becoming
increasingly predatory. In the end he had had to tell her that he felt strongly about only having sex after marriage to which
she herself had joked that they had better get married quite quickly then.
He had taken to watching Molly as she moved around the morgue and the lab in a way that he hadn't before. He was
enthralled by the quiet calm manner with which she did her job. She always dealt with people in a kind, thoughtful
way...the complete opposite to himself but she seemed to get results. People wanted to do things for her. He found
himself making excuses to be there. She calmed him in a way little else did. He felt when he was with her that he was in
the eye of his own storm. Normally he was swirling around, driven on by his overactive brain, but here, with her was
It came to a head, almost literally, when Janine was being particularly hands on and he shocked himself by realising he
was hard, for the first time in months. What was even more shocking was because it wasn't due to Janine, no in his
head it was Molly who was touching him, kissing him. He stopped what they were doing immediately feeling...guilty, yes
feeling guilty was as though he were cheating on Molly.
He explained, feigning shyness, that he felt they were at risk of crossing a line and having sex and asked her to give him
strength to resist by leaving. She was so flattered by his 'reaction' that she complied.
Ten minutes later he was in a cab on his way to Molly's.
Molly had been enjoying her first night at home in four days. She enjoyed her job but the shift working was hard
sometimes. She stretched out on the settee remembering back a couple of weeks to when it was Sherlock lying here.
She smiled sadly to herself. Yes they were good friends now but she'd resigned herself to the fact that they would never
be more.
It was just hard at the moment, knowing that Janine was enjoying all the things she'd always wanted from Sherlock, his
touch, his kisses. Yes, she knew his feelings for Janine weren't real but that didn't make it any easier.
She opened her eyes in surprise when she heard his key in the lock. She hadn't been expecting to see him anytime
soon. Maybe something had happened with the case, she sat up as he came into the room.
'Hi, do you need anything? What's happened? You look...' Molly was surprised, he looked, dishevelled. Normally he was
buttoned up, hair in place but his shirt was half undone and pulled out of his trousers, his hair looked as if someone had
been running their hands through it...oh.
'You've been with Janine, haven't you?'
Sherlock's heart physically clenched at the sad look in Molly's eyes. How had he not seen how this was affecting her? He
suddenly wanted to make it right, to never see that sad look in her eyes again.
'I..yes, I have, but that's not important. I wanted to see you...needed to see you.'
'OK,' Molly looked up at him expectantly.
He sat down opposite her on the coffee table and took her hands.
'Tell me what's wrong, Sherlock? You're scaring me now.' She giggled nervously, looking down at where their hands
were joined.

'I'm not good at this Molly, but, I've come to the decision that I...we...we should be together.'
Molly sat in shock, of all the things she expected him to say, this was not one of them. He continued, 'this isn't sudden,
I've been thinking about it for a while. And then tonight, I was with Janine and all I could think was that it was you I wanted
to be with, you that I wanted to kiss. May I kiss you Molly Hooper?'
Molly felt dizzy, 'oh...I...yes, yes you can.'
He leant towards her slowly cupping her face with one of his hands. She closed her eyes leaning into his hand slightly,
relishing the feel of his skin against hers. When she opened her eyes again his face was right in front of her, he was all
she could see. His eyes flicked down to her lips and she licked them in anticipation.
She could feel her heart beating in her chest, pounding away. As his lips touched hers she closed her eyes again and
lost herself in the kiss.
At first it was just the press of lips against lips but gradually he tilted her head deepening the kiss. She opened her
mouth to him, again feeling dizzy and almost disbelieving that this was real. That she was really kissing Sherlock and he
was kissing her.
She tentatively raised her hands to touch him. One hand feeling the curve of his cheekbone and jawline the other twisting
into those soft curls. The two textures, the soft curls and the sharp, angular features made heat flood down her body. She
groaned and clutched him closer to her, desire flooding through her.
She felt him react pulling her closer, one arm tight around her waist, the other still holding her face.
Eventually they broke apart both breathing hard, 'oh God, Sherlock, that was...that was...'
'Mmmmmm', was his only response before he pulled her back for another kiss.
Molly thought she could spend the rest of her life just kissing Sherlock Holmes. He was even more intoxicating in reality
than he was in her dreams.
Before she knew what was happening he was on the couch with her, his body covering hers as she lay under him. She
could feel him hard against her thigh and she squirmed against him. He broke off again, his forehead resting against
hers. 'I'm...I'm not ready for more...not yet. I..I hope that's...'
Before he could finish Molly had put one finger on his lips, 'it's fine, don't worry, I'm not going anywhere...there's no rush.'
Then she drew him back down for another kiss.
He ended up spending the night albeit chastely in Molly's bed. It was a completely different experience to the one he had
with Janine. On this occasion he wanted to be there.
Molly had tentatively asked whether he was still faking a relationship with Janine and he hadn't liked the answer he'd had
to give her.
He assured her it wouldn't be for very much longer. He was hoping to access the office by using a proposal. He just had
one more element of his plan to sort out first.
Again, he didn't mention the details to Molly because he didn't think she would approve.
He needed to be seen in and around some drug dens in order for Magnusson to think that drugs were his weak spot.
The only trouble was they still were.
Dun, dun, duuuun. OK not much of a cliff hanger but hey it's not that kind of story. Thank you for reading and giving
me such delicious feedback I get such a thrill when I see the messages ping up in my email account. The Christmas
story is also being written as we speak but I'll start posting it mid-December.
Keep giving me your thoughts and ideas and most of all be happy!

*Chapter 4*: Chapter 4

So my fellow Sherlollians you find me in a state today. It appears that his royal gorgeousness Lord Cumber of Batch
is down my neck of the woods filming his Hollow Crown series between now and the 10th Dec.
Do I try to act like the grown up I'm supposed to be and shrug it off or do I go hang out on the barriers like a squeeing
fan girl? The downside with the latter would be that I would have less time for writing the upside is I might be able to
describe him in real life detail. Oh decisions, decisions!
Back to the story though, as always thank you for your reviews and favourites and follows. I own nothing, not one jot!
Chapter 4
Sherlock had spent a week so far in the drug dens that his homeless network had directed him to. He had befriended a
couple of other users and had started to get a feel for who the dealers were, who were vulnerable and who he should
stay away from.
So far he'd gone through the motions of drug use rather than actually injecting but he had to admit he was starting to
struggle. He remembered only too clearly the feelings the drugs gave him, the bliss and the euphoria, the way they
calmed his brain taking him away from the mediocrity of life.
It was after one such night that he found himself in Molly's flat. It was still early morning and he'd sat on the settee with
his knees tucked up to his chin, arms wrapped round his legs, almost rocking himself in his efforts to control the craving.
He must have sat there for longer than he'd realised because he heard Molly's alarm going off, heard her pad her way
into the minutes later she went through the darkened front room making her way into the kitchen where she flicked on
the light and switched on the kettle. Sheobviously wasn't expecting to be observed and just as obviously hadn't seen him
observing her.
She was dressed in a short, pale blue, silk and lace night dress. It fell to just below her bum and didn't leave much to the
imagination. Her hair was down and tussled as it would be after a night's sleep and Sherlock had never seen her look
more beautiful.
As she leant back on the kitchen side waiting for the kettle she suddenly caught sight of him, letting out a short scream of
He stood quickly making his way towards her, 'it's OK Molly, it's just me.'
'God, what are you doing here? And why do you look such a mess?'
Sherlock chuckled at her brutal honesty, 'just part of the case. I didn't feel like going home to an empty flat, I hope you
don't mind?'
'No, of course I don't. I haven't seen much of you recently, is everything OK?'
'You know, I'd rather not talk about the case. I'd rather talk about why I have never seen this before.' With that he slid his
fingers under the strap of the night dress playing with the lace.
He moved closer to her before picking her up and balancing her on the kitchen counter in front of him.
She opened her legs so he could move closer to her and he bent his head to kiss her.
Her kiss was the next best thing to drug use he decided quickly. He could feel his jagged nerves of a short while ago
smoothing out and relaxing. The feel of the silk and her skin under his fingers made his mouth water. He was also very
aware that there was next to nothing between her and his burgeoning erection. He pressed himself against her wanting
In the end it was Molly that drew back, her nose scrunching delicately. 'Sorry Sherlock but you stink. I'm really tempted to
ask you if you'd like to shower with me but that might move things on a bit quicker than you'd like.'
She smiled shyly at him and he was so tempted to take her up on her offer. Instead he pulled back, 'I should get going,
still have work to do, I'll see you soon.' He gave her a quick kiss in her cheek before lowering her back to the floor and
Molly was left feeling just as confused and frustrated as ever. She really needed to sit him down and find out what 'this'

was but a small part of her was afraid that if she pushed him on it he'd back off. It still hurt that he was officially going out
with Janine, although John hadn't mentioned anything so she wasn't sure how in the public knowledge it was.
She made her way through to the shower eager for once to get rid of the smell of Sherlock from her skin. What on earth
was he up to now, he'd looked like a homeless person?
A few days later she got the answer to that question when John dragged him into the lab for a drug test.
Molly was shocked and hurt, she had had no idea that he was using again. She knew his history, of course, three stints
in rehab funded by Mycroft until he'd finally emerged clean. She'd witnessed him on drugs a couple of times and it hadn't
been a pleasant experience. Lestrade had nearly arrested him the last time and that threat still rang true if Greg ever
found him using again.
It was for that reason John had brought him to Molly so they could run the tests in private.
He explained he hadn't used and that it was for a case but she knew the risks he was running even being near drugs
and it was fear that made her slap him repeatedly.
She saw his anger flash and heard his cruel retort about her failed engagement and all she wanted to do was apologise
and kiss him and ask him just what the hell he thought he was doing but she couldn't. John, Mary and some other tramp
were in the room and she knew that whatever 'they' were it was a secret. So she turned away from him before she said
or did anything she would regret.
Just over 24 hours later at three or four o'clock in the morning her phone rang repeatedly waking her up. She blearily
'Molly, John...its Sherlock, he's been shot.'
Molly had never woken up so fast in her life. She was already out of bed and searching for clothes as she asked the
question she wasn't sure she wanted to hear the answer to, 'is he...did he...'
'He's alive, just. We're at Bart's, he's in surgery. It's bad Molly, you should get down here.'
'OK, th..thanks for letting me know. I'm on my way.'
She threw the phone on the bed and dressed as fast as she could. Ten minutes later she was in a cab on her way. She
suddenly started to shake and couldn't stop. She squeezed her eyes shut, hugging herself.
'Are you alright Miss?' Called the cabbie and she realised she'd been repeating 'please don't die, please don't die...' Over
and over again to herself.
' friend...he's been...badly injured...I'm scared.'
The cabbie was silent for a minute, 'well, he's lucky to have a friend like you who cares about him so much. I hope he
pulls through.' He even kindly knocked some money off the bill when they got there.
Molly made her way through the familiar corridors. Normally being in Bart's was a good, happy place for her, her comfort
zone, but right now it suddenly seemed like what it was, a place people came to when they were ill, a place they came to
to die. She was desperately trying to hold it together.
When she finally found John he enveloped her in a big hug. Mycroft was already there and his PA had brought coffees for
them all. Molly took hers gratefully and sat down asking John if there had been any news.
'No, not yet, he's been in about an hour. We almost lost him in the ambulance. God, Molly it was all such a mess.'
'Tell me everything.'
And so he did. He told her about Janine, the proposal, finding the unconscious bodies in the office and then finding
Sherlock shot and unconscious. 'I have no idea who did it. Sherlock was facing them so must have known but me...I saw
nothing. I never see anything.' He hit his hands on his knees in frustration.
Molly leant over and covered one of his hands with hers, 'hey, you did what was important. You saved his life.'

John just looked despairingly at her, 'I hope I did, Molly. I hope I did.'
It was another hour before the surgeon came in to confirm that Sherlock was indeed alive and should pull through. Molly
had to sit by and let Mycroft and then John go in to see him. Once again the secretiveness of her relationship with
Sherlock working against her.
When John came out he looked a bit happier, 'he came round momentarily. Would you believe, his first word...Mary! He
must be worried about the baby. I mentioned you were here Molly, he said you could go in for a bit if you want.'
Molly nodded and made her way into Sherlock's room. As she went in he turned his head and gave her a small smile.
She leant over kissing him lightly on the lips, holding his face between her small hands. 'God, Sherlock, I was so worried
about you.'
As she flicked her eyes across him she took in the bandaging to his chest the morphine drip attached to his arm. His
eyes were unfocused, tired.
He tried to speak but she shushed him, 'no, just rest. It's OK, I'll still be here when you wake up.'
Again he tried to speak, his voice a mere whisper. She leant in close, ' saved me Molly...I'm so sorry...for Janine,
for you.'
Tears sprang into Molly's eyes, 'I...I love you too Sherlock, now rest.' As he closed his eyes she kissed the back of his
hand and watched over him.
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